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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Sep 1 1920, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - September 1, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia I. A a tax notice to the tax payers of acco Maok county notice is hereby Given that the state tax and county Levy for the year 1911 Are now due and in pursuance of Law we will be at the following named places in said districts at the times herein sped bed for the purpose of collecting said taxes and levies Viz appointments of a. Lilliston. Pungoteague oct. 14th, nov. 4th, afternoon. Belle Haven oct. 30th, afternoon. Painter oct. 6th, afternoon nov. 2d, morning. Keller oct. 4th, nov. 11th, after noon. A a Wachapreague oct. 21st, afternoon nov. 3d, afternoon. Harborton oct. 24th and 25th, afternoon and night oct. 28th and 31st,nov 1st and 18th, afternoon. Savig Eviller nov. 6th, afternoon. Ohesconnes6ex, n. . 10th, afternoon. Oab Hville nov. 15th. 11 to 4. Onley oct. 16th, nov. 16th, afternoon. Locustville nov. 17th, afternoon. Melfa nov. 14th, afternoon Finney nov. 20th, alter ooh. Tangier nov. 8th, 9th and 10th. A Accomac oct. 2d and 3d, nov. 27th, 2sth, 29th and 30th. Appointments of w. H. Pruitt or. Parksley sept. 30th and nov 24th and 25th. Bloxom oct 20th and 21st. New Church oct. 27th and 2sth. Tempera Ceville oct. 30.h Aud 31st, and nov. 27lh, 28th, 29th and 30 the. Hailwood nov. 1st, afternoon and night. Modes town nov. 2d, afternoon. Hopeton nov. 4th, morning. News town nov. 4th, afternoon. A Argatha nov. 4tb, 6 30 to 7 30 p. Mears Villez nov. 6th, morning. Poulson nov. 6th, afternoon. Horntown nov. 8 a 10 a. To 2 p. Greenbackville nov. 8th, afternoon and night. Wohinc Oteague nov. 9th, 10th and 11th. Marsh Market nov. 16th,morning. Saxis nov. 16th, night and 17th, a morning. Sanford nov. 17th, afternoon and 18th, morning. Hunting Creek nov. 20th, morning. Leemonte nov. 20th, afternoon. Buatis Villez nov. 22d, afternoon. Accomac 0. Day of every court those failing to pay their taxes before december 1st, 1911. Will have 5 per cent added to their tax Bills As the Law directs. All tax payers Are requested to pay before december 1st and thus 6ave the penalties. Those who have not paid their 1909 and 1910 taxes Are requested to do boat the appointments most convenient for them. All 1910 capitation tax unpaid by november 15tb, 1911, will be returned delinquent. The payment of capitation tax for 1911, will be required six months be fore the november election in 1912 in order to vote. Yours very truly a. Lilliston treasurer. W. H. Pruitt Deputy Quot Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Davis amp bro., Laurel del., or seeing our local agents t. G. , Onancock. W. H. Pruitt Temperance Vule go. W. Abdell Belle Haven. T. N. Do Noinin c. S. Waples Witham. Waterall amp co., front and Mechanic sts., Camden n. J., manufacturers of. Combination and Universal mixed paints White Lead roof paints Etc. For Sale by j. W. Rogers amp bros., Finney Boggs amp Powell amp Wamplea. Matut Mason co., Rogers bros., Rogers amp Boggs. Melfa. A. Marsh amp bros., Chesconessex a. Q. F. Byrd. . Baltimore office 14 amyl Siuw building Martin amp Mason co. Call attention to their Large Stock of. A Sash doors. Blinds. Mouldings builders hardware. Shingles laths. Lime. Bricks and building material generally. Paints oils and painters supplies. We Are prepared to Cut House Bills to order also to manufacture barrel braves and Heads of Good Quality. Our grist Mill will run every saturday notwithstanding reports to the contrary. We shall at All times be pleased to show our goods and invite you to Call and inspect our Stock before making you purchases and we will save you phoney. Martin amp Mason co.,. Harborton notice. Persons in Accomac and adjoining counties wishing to Mark the grave of a relative or Friend with Monument Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now do so a a very Small outlay As we keep in Stock a Large collection of finished work of Modem designs of the beat workmanship and at the very lowest Proee. 116 n. Liberty st. Near Lexington also 314 s. Charles Brothers established seventy five Yean l Baltimore my Best time to mow Alfalfa. Wait until a a buds of new crop 8how. Then get it in per opt storage. First get your Alfalfa and then store it away with painstaking exactitude if you wish it to come out in a Fine Green color when the time comes for feeding it to the Stock. The old Rule was that Alfalfa should be Cut for Hay when the blossoms began to appear or were about one tenth in Bloom but one cannot rely accurately on this principle. A better guide is to begin getting Alfalfa hat in barn. Mowing whenever the buds or new boots at the Root crowns Are Well started. These shoots Are the beginning of the new crop and indicate that the other growth is matured. When Cut better Hay is produced the new growth starts quickly Aud the next cutting will come on speedily. Delay in harvesting the first crop especially May mean one less cutting in the season for if the oncoming shoots Are Cut off growth is checked and the maturity of the following crop delayed. On the other hand if Cut before the appearance of these shoots the experience has been that injury will result. It is preferable to Cut Alfalfa when the Dew is off although Many Cut whenever most convenient. Mowing in the late evening is favored by not a few who claim that the night s Dew on the fresh Alfalfa has no effect. In the drier climates and sometimes elsewhere in dry seasons the curing of Alfalfa is comparatively simple. Then the struggle is to prevent it becoming so dry that the leaves will drop for it should be remembered that the leaves Are by far the most valuable part of the Plant Well cured they Are Worth More than wheat bran in the feeding ration. Hence it is imperative that the Hay be raked before the leaves shatter and put in Large Cocks if possible. Bunching with rakes and then stacking or stacking direct from the windrows is not uncommon in the West in order to save time and economize labor where Alfalfa is extensively grown. Another important reason for raking Early is that it is through the leaves that the moisture in the Plant is evaporated in curing. If dried up they will not perform this function and the result is poor Hay. Doubtless for the highest Quality of Alfalfa the kind that would bring top prices curing in the old fashioned Way of putting into Cocks after raking into windrows and then storing when fit is the plan to be commended. A reasonably Good test of its fitness for storing is to take a Wisp of the Hay from the inside of the cock and twist it. If no juice exudes it is ready. The greatest problems in Hay making Are presented by a Rainy country. Here Alfalfa should be put in narrow Cocks the same Day preferably As Cut rain coming the following night will do Little or no harm and the Cocks of Green Alfalfa will turn off water quite Well. By opening and turning the Cocks the next Day provided the weather is suitable the Bay May be ready for stacking in the afternoon. Of course under right conditions it May be left in the cock longer. When Alfalfa has been once dried and then rained upon the greatest damage is done. Also it should to exposed to Dew As Little As possible. Some consider the Tedder useful in curing especially where the crop is heavy but it must be employed with judgment or Many leaves will be kicked off. On Small areas or where Hay is dear the use of Hay Caps will be found profitable and were Rains Are abundant the first cutting especially is often nowadays ens led which saves the entire crop for practically no curing is required when intended for the silo. Shelter is always a consideration and to provide it is one of the Best investments that can be made where the Hay crop is an important feature. A barn is the Best and a Hay shed the next Best place for storing. Great quantities of Hay however Are stacked in the open which brings to the fore the Art of stacking. It May be said Here that there Are less waste and loss in the same Quantity of Hay in a Large stack than if it were put in smaller ones. It is desirable to provide some sort of foundation for the stack in order to keep the Alfalfa off the ground and at the same time permit the free circulation of air underneath. There is too much loss from moldy and Rotten Hay in the Bottoms of stacks built on the Earth. A rather narrow High stack with Good sized uniform bulge properly drawn in and topped out with wild or other Hay is Well adapted to shedding rain. Remove useless horns. May adorn cow but often Load to serious damage. Since Pietertje maid Ormsby made the great record that won first place in the thirty Day division and had her picture so widely published Many letters have come to me in regard to her says superintendent m. H. Gardner of i the Holstein registry at Delavan wls., in. A letter to the american cultivator. Several breeders show curiosity As to her Lack of horns one or two commenting unfavourably. As an individual proposition a neat pair of Short nicely curved waxy horns on a cows head May be something to be admired. As a general proposition the cow of today has no need of such weapons and if she has them will surely Uso them on her mates in the Herd and cause More or less loss to the owner. Ages ago when the ancestors of Pietertje maid Ormsby ran half wild in the forests of Europe it was necessary for the cow to protect her calf from the depredations of wolves Aud other beasts of prey and the horns which nature had provided for that purpose were a necessity hut such conditions no longer exist and our breeders May Well ask themselves As to what useful purpose Cau be served by Boms on the head of a cow. Pietertje maid Ormsby never had any horns because their growth was prevented. When a Elf of about three weeks old As soon As slight swellings showed where the horns were to be she was Laid on her Side and the hair closely clipped front both swellings. Then the swellings were moistened with water and carefully rubbed with a stick of caustic Potash and the work was done with absolutely no pain to the Little animal. A duty. Quot look Here Ben what did you shoot at me Fer i ainu to got no quarrel with you.�?�. Quot you had a feud with Jim wombat did no Tye Quot a i did but Jim a a a in a his . Diplomatic. She coldly a i hardly know How to receive your proposal. You know i am Worth a million of course Jack diplomatically a yes Worth a million other girls. She rapturously a of Jackl it is a miserable thing to live in sus tense it is the life of a ?u8nt.1i due to a disordered. E Stoma cd it chamber mlle .8 Are essentially a stomach Medicine intended especially to act on that Organ to cleanse it strengthen the a r 6 an3 it to regulate a5d�t0 bani8h bilious Ness a dadis811 to Aily for 88,8 by Lime wet lands in fall caustic forms Are Best and cheapest if spread Whan finely powdered. The period of late july and August affords the Best time for the drainage of Many wet areas of land a Kich Are so saturated that they Are fitted with water at other seasons says professor e. O. Fippin of the new York state College of agriculture. Particularly a it desirable to Drain heavy Clay land at this season in order that the soil which is thrown out May have an Opportunity to thoroughly dry before being returned to its position Over the tile. This period of Slack work is also Worth considering for the drainage of those other wet areas on the farm which show themselves in the Field by the dwarfed crop and the distress which it suffers during these dry periods. Those places which suffer most from drought Are often the same areas which have had an excess of water in the Early Spring. The application of Lime on old Meadows and upon other land which is to be slowed for a crop next Spring should now be considered. Caustic forms of Lime which Are generally most economical in this state Are Best applied in the fall provided they Are distributed in the finely powdered form. Fall applications followed by late fall or Early Spring blowing Are preferable. Post lifter that lifts. Costs practically nothing but no Patent device can beat it. Take an old solid Eom planter wheel and set it As closely against the Post As the Chain will allow. Put a Hook a on the end of the main Chain using a Shorter Chain to go around the Post no Post can stand this. Just at the top of the ground. Hitch a horse at a with a Long Singletree. This is the Best Post lifter Ever and can be rigged up in the shortest time. The upward pull on the Post May be increased by placing a triangular Block in front of wheel. A a seed Corn observation. 1 a f a Michigan Farmer vouches for this method of improving his t Corn. He says a i always choose a a he top ear from a stalk bearing 4 two or More ears and after do j ing so for the third or fourth a time i have been successful in 4 growing four to six ears on at x least half the stalks in the a a Junji 4� general farm notes. Oats Are the Best single Grain food for a horse and the Best for read purposes. A Good Colt bred for a purpose and fed and trained for a purpose is never a drug on the Market pure feed plenty of air and regular exercise Are Best for the Mother horse. But done to overdo the work. The individuality of each horse should be studied and the feeds supplied to meet individual requirements done to shut up a Little Colt in a Ding place by himself. Give him companionship. A calf will do if there Are no other Colts on the farm. If the Lawn is weedy and the Gross does not seem to make a Good growth apply of soda at the rate of 150 to 200 pounds per acre. Scatter broadcast lust before a rain or before watering. Nitrate of soda May be used on spinach and other Leaf crops to advantage. Quite contrary. Gibbs your wife seems to be a contrary sort of woman. Dibbs contrary Why whenever i ask her to darn my stockings she knits her transcript the Snake Stone. In most accounts of Snake charming in India the Snake Stone plays an important part when the charmer is bitten the Stone is applied to the bite and is supposed to Aid in his recovery. Writing in the London Field lieutenant l. Mackenzie gives some notes on two of these stones which he had the Opportunity of seeing. They were triangular in shape Flat and rounded with smooth polished Black surfaces. They Are said to come from the Hills of Tibet and to he the solidified saliva of the Mokhor. This animal is spoken of in lieutenant Mackenzie s note As the a persian Snake its saliva is thought to contain an antidote to Snake Poison. The Mark Hor is a species of wild Goat found in India Tibet and Kashmir. We invite you to our Range demonstration v we will have coleus hot blast Range in operation and want you to see the Many Handy. Convenient features which Are embodied Only in this new improved family cooking apparatus. 4 come and bring your friends. We want you to see a a a the wonderful hot blast combustion which saves fuel. A see How the gases in the fuel Are saved which Are wasted in other ranges. A see the clean Bright fire resulting from coleus hot blast combustion when using common soft Coal making it equal to hard Coal for see How evenly the top of Range is heated by flame from the burning gases making it possible to Cook on the two Back lids. \ a see How uniformly the oven is heated How easily regulated making it unequalled for baking and roasting and remember a Cole s hot blast combustion is the fuel saving feature which has caused the Cole s original hot blast heating stove to be sold at the rate of 60,000 stoves per year. This is one of the Many special new features we want to show you in this wonderful Range. Come and see the Cole s odourless and smokeless broiler attachment built into the Range not equated by charcoal broilers which sell for $20.00 or More. A child can Broil any kind of meat or game equal to the work done by High priced hotel chefs. Date of demonstration. 10 a. To 4 p. M., oct. 23 to 2 there Are 14 special features embodied in this Range which will interest you. Come in and allow us to show them to you. Y Burns soft Coal Slack Lignite hard Coal Wood or cobs. 70 Parksley Coal amp Supply co.,, free cooking exhibition and t blame the gook if your bread and pastry is the foggy indigestible misery making kind. Its dollars to doughnuts that the flour is guilty of the offence. Our flour makes Light White delicious bread Aud pastry always. A a poor Luck is unknown where it rules the cooking. It insures Good results because it is uniform in Quality monday. Tuesday wednesday and every Day in the week the Best. Candidly can you afford to go on ubing Hap Hazard flour when our Mill to consumer system puts our Superior product in your Home at Lesb expense we Cut our a the retailers profits. We sell you flour direct at wholesale prices. We will save you All those dollars that the retail dealer has previously poem Etc. Try our method. You la never go Back to the old Way. Write us for prices. Pocomoke City 14. Clifton amp Woodland co., general commission merchants. 217 s. Charles Street shipping letters c. Amp. W. Bail timbre. Sole agents for e. S. A. Produce Exchange for Baltimore. Eagle Mills can cancer be cured it can. The record of the Kellam Hospital is without a Sveller in history having cured to stay cured permanently without the use of the knife or a Ray Over 90 per cent of the Many hundreds of sufferers from cancer which it has treated during the past fifteen years. We have been endorsed by the Senate and legislature of Virginia. We guarantee our cures. Physicians treated free. Kellam Hospital 11617 West main Street Richmond Virginia Geo. Vav. Tull amp co., wholesale produce commission merchants,95 Park place .-0 new York. References a Aetna National Bank new York Farmers amp merchants National Bank Onley a. Bradstreets and dunes agencies Belling agents e. S. Produce Exchange also Southern produce company Norfolk a. Fifteen years experience. V. A. Stewart with Robt. T. Cochran amp co. Commission merchants. Southern fruits and vegetables 290 Washington Street shipping number 23. New York. References Aetna National Bank n. Dunes and bradstreets. We represent the Eastern Shore of a. Produce Exchange. G h. Raven bub. Established 1869. H. . H. Rivenburg amp co.,commission merchants and dealers in All kinds of fruit amp produce poultry calves and egg3 168 ref de Street new 1�rk. Selling agents for the Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange produce Exchange of Maryland. References Irving National Exchange 1. W. A. Burton Onley a. And the Trade generally. Nge and Peninsula i a r Bank n. Y., t Frade generally. Shipping no. 153 established 1887. W. Hutchinson amp co., wholesale commission a fruits and merchants produce. 315 Washington st., shipping into. 1 04 new York. References Peoples Safe Deposit and Trust co., Jersey City. Aetna National , new York Bradstreet a and done a mercantile agencies. William s. Ashby a with Luces Berwanger amp co., clothiers 8, 10 amp 12 e. Baltimore st tailors Baltimore my. Furnishes fire you in hurry in o or doors windows blinds Cement Lime hair flooring ceiling facings siding or moulding of any kind if so write or Phon Ashburn amp King Pocomoke Flary Larnid. They have a full line of every things thoroughly seasoned and ready for shipment. Your Trade solicited. Y a s

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