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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - October 27, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia His Christmas j caller by Annas. Richardson a a a a a a a a a a Ltd a a a a a a a a a the store fairly radiated the Christmas spirit. Crimson Bells swung from every chandelier. Ropes of Evergreen draped All the shelving. The counters were strewn with Christmas cards booklets and favors. The Man who had dropped in to buy Lead Points for his pocket Pencil remained to pore Over a stack of gift books bound in rare leather. The a heard the voice. After that Only his gaze was on the books. His interest was concentrated on the possessor of the voice. A a but you said such things were in great demand around the holidays and of a Quot i should like to take a look at. Those oabd9.�?� i have taken infinite pains with these. Please please Tell me what is wrong with there was a note of tragedy in the Rich contralto tones which together with a beseeching glance from wonderful Violet eyes put to rout the rules and regulations of the astute buyer of Christmas novelties. His iwas a smart shop and had never vouchsafed explanation to struggling Young artists whose work declined to sell on commission but now picked up the Little packets of plate1 and score cards Gay with Holly Santa Claus Heads Etc. A let me explain a said. A these Are not novelties. They Are the same style of cards used in the past Twenty years with the same decorations. Women who can afford to pay the prices demanded for hand painted novelties want something new. See this Poinsettia blossoms not painted on a card but Cut in the shape of the Blossom itself and this funny bulging stocking overflowing with faces of pretty girls for a Bachelor. They Are Catchy the sort of things my customers want. Your work is neat but not a. A thank you a the girl said bravely. A a understand now and it is too late for me to try my hand at novelties. But perhaps you will keep my cards and in Well your novelties might not go around and then perhaps some late customer might buy mine after a certainly. I will be glad to keep them in Reserve. Your name and address of yes i be member miss Sylvia Leigh the Grant studios. I will do my Best for nevertheless As the girl slipped through the door opened a deep drawer under the counter and dropped the cards out of sight. It would never do to display those old fashioned bits of pasteboard among the novelties which appealed to his fashionable Trade. And then very suddenly., the Man who had been engrossed in leather bound gift books stepped up to the counter. A one minute please. I should like to take a look at those cards you ju3t bought from the Young the astonished manager of the store glanced from the Well groomed Man with Fine Brown eyes and Iron Gray hair to the More expensive novelties in the showcase. A the ones you just bought from the Young lady a repeated the customer serenely. A a certainly a responded the manager hastily and spread Forth the despised bits of pasteboard. The work was Dainty but utterly commonplace. A just what my sister would like conservative sort of woman my sister is done to go in for newfangled ideas. Ill take those three dozen. Not enough do you suppose the girl could do two dozen More by the Day before Christmas if she can Send Mem to me James Macy at Marquette. Ill take these with and almost before could realize what had happened the manager was actually gaping open mouthed after this eccentric customer whose sister was to give a dinner party of sixty covers on Christmas Day and entrusted the buying of such important articles As dinner favors to an obviously inexperienced Bachelor brother. Christmas eve was frosty and starlit. James Macy coming Home from his office smiled somewhat grimly at the Holiday preparations made. Holly and evergreens there were in plenty great wreaths with massive bows of Satin ribbon a bowl filled with Scarlet Poinsettia blooms and on one table an orderly stack of parcels evidently sent by express mail and messenger to the popular but elusive Bachelor for elusive was dubbed by matchmaking mothers. A a Young lady to see you sir a remarked his Man impassively. James Macy took the card. A miss Sylvia Leigh a ran its legend. She came to him looking taller than the Day in the shop for her head was held High. You will Pardon my coming Here on Christmas eve and a chaperoned. I could not leave town without seeing the Violet eyes had turned almost Black the contralto voice was a bit too even in its tones. A i am honoured a replied James Macy gravely and offered her a chair which she declined with a wave of her gloved hand. A it was hard enough to know that the Man who bought my foolish Little paintings did it through a sense of pity but to Hearn #1� by Man who wrecked toy mothers life that that was too much. I have come to return your Money and ask the return of my cards if you have not already destroyed _ a my dear girl a expostulated the Man who had turned strangely White. Quot please do not interrupt me a continued the girl passionately. A my mothers brother perhaps you remember him Henry Johnson is. went to the shop and found out where my cards had gone and a hit is such a miserable Little farce to you a successful Man i thought i could be an artist. They told me so at Home. Against uncles wishes i came Here to Lee won his love. A Federal soldiers change of heart of Gettysburg Battlefield. I was in the Battle of Gettysburg myself and an incident occurred there a which largely changed my views of the Southern people. I had been the most bitter anti Southern Quot Man and fought and cursed the confederacy desperately. I could Bee nothing Good in any of them. The last Day of the Fligh t i was badly wounded. A Ball shattered my left leg. I Lay on the ground not far from cemetery Ridge _ aug Das general Lee ordered his Retreat make my Little flight and failed. When and his officers ride near me. As you bought those things i thought per a they came along i recognized him Hapsy but Uncle who wanted me to go Home sifted the Story to the Bottom and found you. I am going Home with him a miss Leigh 1 want to beg a favor of you. This is Christmas eve and x am a lonely desolate Man. If Ever the Christmas message of peace and Good will Means anything it is tonight and i want your Good will. Those Little Christmas cards you painted Are the Only touch of real Christmas that has come into my life and i want to keep them and Tell you Why i want to keep them. Will you seated a you say i and though faint from exposure and loss of blood 1 raised up my hands looked Lee in the face and shouted As loud As i could a Hurrah for the Union a. The general heard me looked stopped his horse dismounted and came toward be. I confess that i thought meant to kill me. But As came up looked Down at me with such a sad expression upon his face that All fear left me and i wondered what was about. extended his hand to me and grasping it firmly and looking right into my eyes said a my son 1 wrecked your mothers j a Ope you will soon be if f live a thousand years i shall never forget the expression of general Leeds face. There was Defeated retiring from a Field that bad Cost him and his cause almost their last Hope and yet stopped to say words like those to a wounded Soldier of the opposition who had taunted him As passed by. As soon As the general had left me 1 cried myself to sleep there upon the bloody Gamaliel Bradford jr., in Atlantic. Life. Well then know that hers was not Long. My season of regret and penitence has lasted longer than you have lived. I loved your Mother but i did not understand her. I went out into the world to make a Fortune not for myself but for her and i thought that the Fortune must come first and loves dream afterwards. With women it is different. The dream must come first the Fortune is a secondary consideration. Your Mother god bless her memory thought i had forgotten a that i did not care and so she passed out of my life and into your Don t blame the gook if your bread and pastry is the foggy indigestible misery making kind. Its dollars to doughnuts that the flour is guilty of the offence. Our flour makes Light White delicious bread and pastry always. A poor Luck is unknown where it rules the cooking. It insures Good results because it is uniform i in Quality monday tuesday wednesday and every Day in the week the Best. Candidly can you afford to go on using Hap Hazard flour when our Mill to consumer system puts our Superior product in your Home at less expense we Cut our the retailers profits. We Bell you flour direct at wholesale prices. We will save you All those dollars that the retail dealer has previously pocketed. Try our method. You la never go Back to the old Way. Write us for prices. Of comot City a a. I chinese Art. Fathers. A but she had you. I had nothing materials the Painter uses and Hie nothing but Money and the memory of methods of work one Happy summer of her life. I never chinese painting is very frequently expected to know what peace and Hap described As calligraphic that is to piness meant again until that Day in say closely Allied to or derived from the store when your eyes your voice handwriting. Inasmuch As chinese i thought it was the other Sylvia my handwriting is Brush work of a High order it follows that every chinese Sylvia come to life. And 1 bought those cards because you painted them. A and now you come to me in anger and take from me my one Christmas up a i am honoured a replied James mac7y. Happiness the work of your hands. Sylvia Sylvia Haven to i paid my debt of repentance can you not extend forgiveness Christmas forgiveness in your mothers name a Sylvia turned toward the door. A i must go now. We Are leaving on the 9 o clock train. Uncle is waiting for me downstairs in a cab. We Are going a Home a the Man echoed the word mechanically dully. The girl hesitated then held out her hand. A yes Back to dear old Hustonville. Why done to you come too Why done to you run a out tomorrow for dinner a a Sylvia child do you mean it do you understand that if i come it will be to see you a bravely the Violet eyes were raised to meet the searching look in the Brown ones. A is it peace and Good will for me Sylvia a a a yes and merry Christmas if you come Maeterlinck s first play. Maurice Maeterlinck began his literary career with three apparent failures. His first literary Endeavor was to found a review la Pleiade which soon ceased to appear. His second was the publication of a volume of poems a Serres thaudes a which fell stillborn from the press. Then came his play a la Princess it was printed by hand by the authors own hands in fact and the edition consisted of exactly Twenty five copies which were Given away. For a year it attracted no attention. Then however one of the Twenty five copies fell into the hands of m. Octave Mirabeau. wrote a resounding article about it in the Figaro and the author like Byron woke up and found himself Gazette. Origin of the curfew. In the year 10g1 after King Henry a death in a Synod by the Dukes authority and attended by Bishops abbots and Barons it was ordered that a Bell should be rung every evening at the hearing of which prayer should be offered and All the people should get within their houses and shut their doors. This Odd mixture of piety and police seems to be the origin of the famous and misrepresented curfew. Whatever was its object it was at least not ordained As any special hardship on Williams English . A. Freeman a history of the Norman conquests Tho widows might. A i hear you Are engaged to marry the Lovely widow mrs. a a it a a let me congratulate you. Why i Hadnot any idea that you were thinking of a neither had a i had been troubled with constipation for two years and tried All of the Best physicians in Bristol tenn., and they could do nothing for me a writes Thos. E. Williams Middleboro by. A two packages of chamberlains stomach and liver tablets cured a a for Sale by All dealers. Who can write Well has the making of a skilled mechanical artist in Black and White. has a Fine delicacy and flexibility of touch so that if possesses any Bent for transferring to paper representations of objects of iia Ture or the imagination would be expected to produce work having a special character. The nature of the material used such As slightly absorbent paper and sized silk and thin water color also leads to work having a special character. A member of any Western race would have great difficulty in painting a picture on a kind of blotting paper with a chinese pen filled with thin watery pigment. These characters however give the chinese painting its chief Charm. Birds and Flowers and landscapes and figures Are put in once and for All with no possibility of subsequent touching up. They Are painted with unerring strokes of the Brush and the result is a clean vigorous and living picture. The chinese artist As a Rule spends a Long time thinking out his picture and then rapidly dashes it news. Tavern and loan office. The time honoured London tavern the Castle at cow Cross and Farring Don streets enjoys the unique distinction of being also a fully licensed pledge shop. Any one May Here negotiate a loan upon his personal belongings without being under the necessity of first calling for refreshments. This strange combination of business dates from the reign of George in. Who after attending a cockfight at Hockley in the Hole applied to the landlord of the Castle for a temporary accommodation on the Security of his watch and Chain. By Royal warrant a few Days later invested that obliging Boniface with the right of advancing Money on pledges and from that time Down to the present a Pawn brokers License has been annually granted to the Castle. This hostelry is mentioned once or twice by Dickens in his answers. The North pole. The class was just beginning the study of geography. A James a said the teacher to the Small boy in the front Row a Tell me All you know about the North a the North pole is up at the end of the world and the Earth turns around it and eskimos live there and and a a Well James is that All you know about the North pole what about the climate a i James was embarrassed at being a a called in front of the class and grasped at the suggestion. A Why Why the eskimos try to climb Indianapolis news. 1 powerful effect of pure saccharin. Saccharin should never be taken in a pure state. Some idea of its Power will be conveyed when it is understood that one part of it will give a very Sweet taste to 10,000 parts of water. Tasted in too Large a Quantity it acts upon the nerves in such a Way As to paralyse the sense of taste just As powerful music stuns or Deaden the auditory nerves or a Bright Light acts upon the optic nerves. Fully prepared. Jack when i asked Ethel if she would be mine she fell on my breast and sobbed just like a Little child but finally she put her arms around my neck and Maud of yes i know All about that. I rehearsed it with her Boston transcript. Experience takes dreadfully High school wages by teaches like no . Suspicious. A How about this fare a demanded the stranger in new York. A i Haven to overcharged you sir a declared the Cabman. A i know you Haven to. And Why Haven to you what sort of a deep game Are you up to answer me Herald. J when Art failed. A and so your Young wife serves you As a Model. How flattering she must be immensely a Well she was at first but when we had a spat and i painted her As the goddess of War she went Home to blatter., Safe. A is there any Safe Way to Tell the edible from the poisonous mushrooms a. A a yes done to eat any of . There is not a moment without some Eagle Mills highest Grade i of Kins a flour. Ask for it when you want the Best. R. E. Mccosh amp Bros. 1 Baltimore. New York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. R. In effect november 26, 1911. Leave a a new York 9 00 Philadelphia 1117 a. M. Wilmington 2 02 Baltimore 10 00 South bound trains. No 49 no. 07 no. 45 no. 41 no. 47 p. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. A. M 1238 300 5 35 a a 6 47 4 10 3 38 5 67 800 10 00 3 44 10 44 9 00 leave Delmar Salisbury a. M. 3 co 3 10 Tasley 4 39 Cape Char Lek 6 15 old Point 8 00 Norfolk arrive 9 05 . . 10 40 7 02 10 50 7 10 p. M. 1 01 9 21 4 30 10 40 6 20 7 25 p. M. 10 15 1027 p. M. 136 148 4 80 620 7 25 North bound trains. A no. 44 no.48 no. 50 no 80 no. 40 leave a. M. A m. . P. M. A. M Norfolk 800 6 15 800 old Point 8 45 7 15 8 45 Cape Charles 11 05 9 30 600 1125 . Tasley 10 4� a. M. 7 31 1 02 Salisbury 7 34 135 12 25 9 42 8 19 Delmar 8 01 200 12 54 1015 8 59 arrive a. M. P. M. A. M. P. M Wilmington in 22 p. M. 4 35 4 05 7 41 Philadelphia 12 08 522 500 8 26 Baltimore 12 40 7 03 6 01 9 50 new York . 2 48 805 7 32 1118 trains 49 and 50 daily. Trains 37, 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, so and 46 daily except sunday a. B. Cooke a. V. Massey. Trawl Man Ajmer. Removal. The Public will please cake notice that i have moved Back to my old stand next door to Bell harness go. John t. Robinson at. Singer sewing machine co. And dealer in pianos organs and sewing machine supplies. The patronage of the Public solicited. Registered Stock for Sale. My fall litters of Berkshire pigs Are now ready for shipment and can furnish pairs or trios not Akin 3 Large gilts will weigh about 150 lbs., very Good individuals one male will weigh 260 to 300 lbs., a Good Type Berkshire with very fancy head. Will furnish registers and ship subject to examination if not satisfactory can be shipped Back to me at my expense. Large Strain barred Plymouth rocks male and female. Also Nice pair Bay mares 5 a and 6 years old weighing Between 1,100 and 1,200 pounds each sound and Good workers. A Gray gelding 4 years old sound and Good Driver. Everything in the Best of condition. R. S. Young Onley a. Can cancer be cured it can. The record of the Kellam Hospital is without parallel in history having cured to stay Cdr a permanently without the use of the knife or a Ray over90 per cent of the Many hundreds of sufferers from cancer which it has treated during the past fifteen years. A we have been endorsed by the Senate and legislature of Virginia. We guarantee our cures. Physicians treated free Kellam Hospital .1617 West main Street Richmond Virginia fall goods. Save Money by buying your fall goods of us. New line now open bought direct from factory and offered at lowest margin of profit in dress goods notions shoes for men boys ladies and children matting in All grades agricultural implements All kinds of Mill feeds american steel wire Fence 39, 41, 47 and 53 inches High &c., amp a. Flour a specially. Call and let us save you Money. W. Rogers bro., Onley. A. We wish to say that we keep at All times for Sale at the lowest possible margin of profit the following goods feeds Corn Oats Hay and middling. Flour we Are now working on on second ear Load since february. Building materials shingles lathes Lime bricks and Cement. Farm implements planet or. Cultivators and Standard sprayers. We have a Complete assortment of sizes and value in screen doors and window screens and screen wire. On Stock of general merchandise is Complete and Well selected. T. S. Hopkins a amp co., Tasley a. Sash doors blinds. Parksley manufacturing co., dealers in j hardware paints oils and varnishes the great Mantric Range cast ranges Cook and heating stoves farming imply ii its Mill feeds middling com and Oats bran and Chick feed bricks Lime Cement laths &c., Sash doors blinds mantels Cabinet mantels Stair rails and All kinds mouldings special attention Given to anyone going to build. Will see you in person or furnish estimates on application. Parksley manufacturing co., Parksley Virginia. An insurance policy is As valuable As a deed. And it is a guarantee against misfortune what n backed by Large assets. It costs no More to get the Best i protect your Home and business against fire by a policy in one of the following companies assets. Surplus to policy holders. Home insurance co., n. Y. $30,179,913 $15,329,613. Aetna insurance co., Conn. S?l,023,554 12,369,016 Hartford insurance co. 24,363,635 8,923 967. Fidelity Phoenix n. Y. 12,790,298 5,734,08i Phila. Underwriters 24,768,966 10.89l086. A n. Y. Underwriters 24,363,635 8,923,967 Germania fire n. Y. 6,648,971 3,021,740. Petersburg saving amp ins. Co. 3,100, .47 822,926. Saint Paul fire amp Marine 7,028,704 1,908,712. Hamburg Bremen fire 1,985,139 663,443. Williamsburg City n. Y. 2,844,451 917,548. A file amp Marine ins. Co. 1,590,315 798,288. London Assurance corp. 3,665,813 1,195,075. Caledonian insurance co. 2,078,920 579,736. Queen of America. 9,025,889 4,389,126. American surety company 2,500,000 2,500,000. Represented by Kelly amp Nottingham agents Onancock Virginia family Fina Ciering. They Tell me you work for a Dollar a Day How is it you clothe your boys on such pay i know you will think it conceited and queer but i do it because i am a Good financier. There a Pete John and Jim. Joe. William and Ned a half dozen boys to be clothed and fed i buy for them All Plain victuals to eat. But clothes i buy Only for our son Pete. When Peters clothes Are too Small for him to go on my wife makes them Over and gives them to John when for John who is ten they have grown out of Date she just makes them Over for Jim who is eight when for Jim they have become too ragged to fix she just makes them Over for Bill who i it six. And when for Young Bill they will no longer do. She just makes them Over for Ned who is two. So you see if i get the Good clothing for Pete the family is furnished with clothing Complete but when Ned got through with the clothing and when has thrown them aside what do you do with them9 Why once More we go round the Circle Complete and begin to use them for patches for Pete. But where dear Friend can you buy clothes that Wear from Pete Down to Ned without a rip or tears go Down to Glick so his Stock is the Best can suit the whole family my wife and the rest. Glick amp co., the new Busy Corner Onancock Virginia. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made. Are you thinking of building this fall if so come to see me and save Money on doors windows blinds paints and oils Cement plaster Paris Terra Cotta piping of All sizes plastering laths shingles of All grades and sizes building material of All kinds we also carry in Stock at lowest prices furniture 8toves, Hay and Corn hog and poultry wire Best in world flour at $5.25�?everything in fact usually kept in first class country store. Save Money by coming to my store. Ben g. Johnson Marsh Market a. Established 1887. W. Hutchinson amp co., wholesale commission # fruits and merchants produce. S George l. Doughty jr., at Tomey at Law. Offices Accomac and Belle Haven. Practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. P. Aylett attorney at Law. Office Accomac c. Practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Abbott Byrd attorney and Gas amp ilor at Law. Offices Accomac j. H., Phineo Teague Island a 3 me Tompkin a. At Chincoteague Island 4th week in every month. Will practice in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. A John w. West attorney at Law. Practices in All the oorts of the Eastern Shore of a. Offices at Onancock and Accomac o. Stewart Powell attorney at Law offices a Accomac o. And Onan it cock a. Practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of . We soot. S. Jas. Turlington. We8cott Al tar Lino ton attorneys at Law office a Accomac o. H., Mapps Borg and fair Oaks a. Practice m �11 the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. G. Walter Mapp. Brooks Mapp Mapp a Mapp. Atto Meys at Law. Offices Orangeville Keller and Accomac o. H., practice in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Otho f. Mears at Tomey at Law offices Eastville Northampton Donn to and Accomac court House practices in ail courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. John 8. Parsons attorney at Law Accomac courthouse a will practice in All courts of acco Mac and Northampton counties. Jno b. And j. Harry Rew. Attorneys at Law. Offices Accomac o. And Parksley. At Accomac o. H., every w de mesday. W ill practice in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Ben t. Gunter at Tomey at Law Accomac of. A. Will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton counties i. Floyd Nook a attorney at Law a Accomac o h., a. Practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Warner Ames attorney at Law offices Accomac c. And Onancock at Accomac g. Every wednesday and Friday. Will practice in All the con Rob of Accomac and Northampton counties. Johnjr. Nottingham Jbv a attorney at Law a. Franktown. A practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. De. D. Lilliston dentist. A Accomac court House offlcehoursfrom9a. M. To5 p. M. Will be at Parksley every tuesday. Or. John a. Turlington veterinarian. Graduate United states College of veterinary science. Fair Oaks Virginia. Via Melfa office hours 7 to 9 a. 6 to 8 p. M. Will practice in Accomac and Northampton counties. Or. W. M. Turlington veterinarian fair Oaks a. Reference past patrons. Oan be called by phone Day or get. W. G. Emmett notary Public Balle . Fred. E. Ruediger county Surveyor Accomac c h., a. Thoroughly equipped with latest and Best instruments owners his services to in citizens of Accomac con nov. Or. Has. F. Turman dentist. I will be at Bloxom to practice my profession on the following dates december 11, 12, 13, 14. Main office Chincoteague a. Automobiles. Air Cooling that cools. The Cameron air cooled cars of 4 and. No a 6 cylinders and Cameron patented 315 Washington st., a transmission. Shipping no. 1 04. New Prest-0-Light Gas tanks in a references _ Stock for Sale and Exchange. Peoples Safe Deposit and Trust co., Jersey City. Aetna National bang new York brads treets a and dunes mercantile agencies. Parksley Marble is manufacturers of Marble and Granite monuments headstones Tate lets amp a also dealers in Iron Fence. C. C. Perdue Painter a. A. Howard Luther t. Lewis Sailmaker at f. C. Lewis store Hunting Creek a. Proprietor Barkeley a May want to Exchange one mule 1,000 Labin his teens but a Good worker and a three year eld general Max Colt broken in double buggy harness can Trot for a pair of Blocky mules 3 to 6 years old Good weight gentle to All farming implements. For Sale 6 horses about 4 and 8 be old. Hay fertilizer and Mill Fei kept constantly on hand. We handle most everything came by the retail dealer direct fro manufacturers. Glad to have a share of your patronage at lowest Price. Harry t. White amp son wholesale grocers brokers and manufacturers agents Lakomie Park. A. A. Kernodle practical Tinner a slate and Sheet Metal Quot worker and sanitary plumber now located at Parksley and respectfully solicits the patronage of the Public. Stove repairing of All kinds done at a big saving Heaters of All kinds rebuilt and lined with Best of material at a great saving to owner. Estimates cheerfully furnished and satisfaction guaranteed. Martin amp Mason co Call attention to their Large Stock of. Sash. Doors. A lands mouldings builders hardware. Shingles laths. Lime bricks and building material generally. Paints. Oils and painters supplies. We Are prepared to Cut House Bills to order also to manufacture barrel Staves and Heads of Good Quality. On grist Mill will ran every saturday notwithstanding reports to the contrary. We shall at All times be pleased to show our goods and invite Yoh to Call and inspect our Stock before making your purchases and we will save you Money. Martin amp Mason co. Hard Norton a c. S. Waples with. We. Waterall amp co., front and Mechanic sts., Camden a. J., manufacturers of combination and Universal mixed paints White Lead roof paints Etc for 8ale by j. W. Rogers amp Broa Finney Boggs amp oo.�. Powell amp Wamplea Martin Mason co., Rogers Bros.,. Rogers amp Boggs. Melfa. Vat. Marsh amp Bros., Cheston Nesses vie g. F. Byrd. Me Songo a. Baltimore office cemetery notice persons in Accomac and adjoining Coon tie wishing to Mark the grave of a relative or Friem with a Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now do so at a very Small outlay As we keep in Stock a Large collection of finished work of modern designs of the Best workmanship and at the very lowest prices. 115 n. Liberty st. Near Lexington also 814 s. Charles st. Gaddess Brothers established seventy five Yean. Baltimore my. Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Davis amp bro., Laurel. Del or seeing our local agent re t. G. Kellam Onancock. W. Pruitt Temperanceville Geo. W. Abdell Belle Haven. I. To. Diann rond Ort Reviue. R. L. Colona bricklayer and plasterer Accomac c. H., a. Work done by Day or contract and satisfaction guaranteed. Dead taken up and removed to Ceme Terv. See me for Low prices a before

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