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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Oct 13 1920, Page 4

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - October 13, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Volume c. H., a. Saturday december 16, 1911. Number 23 remember the big closing out Bale at the big department store Pennville va., began monday december 11th, closes. Saturday night december 23d, in order to dispose of our entire $33,781.16 Stock of goods on or by december 23, we have decided to reduce our Sale prices lower. This Stock of goods must be sold on or by dec. 23, As the proprietor has made All arrangements to enter school january 1st, and Complete his education. So you see these goods must go regardless of Cost or loss. We have everything to furnish the person Home and farm. We will positively refuse to sell to merchants except for their own personal use As the bargains Are for the Consumers and not for merchants to gobble up. This Sale is no fake. We herewith submit our Cash sales to Date As proof monday december 11th, $1,686.46 tuesday december 12th, is 391.02 our Stock is still Complete. Every department is loaded Down with bargains come and help share them. Now thanking you for All past favors and hoping to see you at the double but Sale next week we Are your friends the big department store Penny Ville a. J. J. Peck Jack Henderson 0. M. Garrison v Cashiers. Proprietor. L. T. Waterfield j the Farmers and merchants National Bank Onley Virginia. Statement of financial condition at the close of business december 5, 1911 a assets. Bills and notes discounted $166,408.89 Stock and Bonds 19,350.00. Approved Reserve 84,058.24 overdrafts a. 24.08 furniture and fixtures 2,456.53 United states Bonds 51,000.00 premiums on u. S. Bonds 2,250.00 banking House and other real estate 6,275.76 due from Banks and Bankers 20,665.02 redemption fund a 2,500.00 Cash 14,072.97 liabilities. $369,061.49 big opening Sale of the year horses and mule we will hold our opening Sale of the new year on wednesday and thursday january 3 amp 1, when we will have the largest1 assortment of horses and mules than have Ever been in our stables at anyone time. Among them will be found Stock to suit anyone and everyone. We mention special plenty of Good Blocky Young horses and mares weighing from 900 to 1,100 pounds. It will be to anyone a advantage to attend this Sale on 3 and 4, 1913. Auction 20-22-24-26, s. Paca st., Baltimore,.maryland. January f o x s j. K. Calloway. C. C. Bachman. W. S. Ashby. Calloway Bachmann Ashby co., tailors and importers 127 and 129 East Fayette st., equitable building Opp. Court House Baltimore my. Or. Ashby will greatly appreciate a visit from his Many friends when in the City. _ eed your working Stock Purina Stock feed and your laying hens Purina scratch feed and your Milch cows Protena Dairy feed. We Are jobbers of everything in the line of Lay Grain feed. Poultry feeds a specially. Mail orders Given our prompt attention. C. S. Schermerhorn amp son 127-129 Cheapside Baltimore my. Established 1887. J. W. Hutchinson amp co., wholesale commission a fruits and merchants produce. 315 Washington st., shipping no.104new York references Peoples Safe Deposit and Trust co., Jersey City. Aetna National jew York bradstreets and done a mercantile agencies. Cemetery notice. Persons in Accomac and adjoining counties wishing to Mark the grave of a relative or Friend with a Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now do so at a very Small outlay As we keep in Stock a Large collection of finished work of Modem designs of the Best workmanship and at the very lowest prices. 115 n. Liberty st. Near Lexington also 314 s. Charles st. Gaddess Brothers established seventy five years. Baltimore my. Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to capital Stock $50,000.00 surplus 18,000.00 due to Banks and Bankers 32,396.29 circulation 50,000.00 individual deposits 213,545.52 Cashiers checks 1,469.78 dividends unpaid 39.00 certified checks 42.24 United states deposits 1,000.00 undivided profits 2,568.66 $369,061.49 we hereby certify that the above statement of the financial condition of the Farmers and merchants National Bank at Onley va., As of the close of business december 5 1911, is Correct. The general management of this institution compares most favourably with any Bank that we audit and the welfare of the depositors is carefully and completely guarded. Since our last examination Viz december 3, 1909, there has been an increase of 16� per cent in the deposits and an increase of 40.91 per cent in the surplus and undivided profits alter paying dividends during the period of $6,000 00> we were Able to make this Complete audit in a few Days owing to the excellent condition of the books and records and we take pleasure in stating that in no Bank which we examine is the general conduct better nor Are the depositors More carefully protected. Respectfully submitted . Boudar amp son. Certified Public accountants Richmond a. A. Greenberg Onancock va., to unusual weather and Trade conditions have heavily overstocked us and now we Are forced to sacrifice our immense Stock of High Grade menus and women a clothing furnishings hats and shoes regardless of Cost. If real Money saving is of interest to you do not hesitate in coining at once. Our second floor specials. Those who have decided to cover their floors with matting and linoleum this Winter will be benefited by coming in Aid inspecting our surprisingly big line of Best qualities of japanese and chinese matting at decidedly Low prices. Such in value cannot be compared with any other. Matting 15e., 18c., 20c., 25c., 30c. Now 9fc16c., 18c., 20c., 22jc. Linoleum $1.25, Grade now 78c. The kind is bound extraordinary bargains in menus rain proof overcoats to give satisfaction in every respect. Rain proof overcoats $10 and $12, now $4.9i also bargains in menus ladies and boys clothing. You la find this is something More than an Ordinary Sale. It is an Opportunity a chances an occasion whereby those who Are Wise enough to take advantage of it Are going to profit immensely a genuine Money saving events offering big assortments of strictly High class goods at decided Price reductions. A Sale where prices have actually been made with utter disregard of Cost or former Selling prices a mighty Price slashing profit sacrificing Sale with but one purpose to reduce Stock and do it quickly. Come Early and get the benefits of it. Likes Berwanger amp co., clothiers 8, 10 amp 12 e. Baltimore st. Tailors Baltimore my. Furnishes m you in h Hugny Laurel del., or seeing our local agents t. G. , Onancock. W. Pruitt. Temperance vol a Gre. W. Abd eix Belle Haven i. D. Dub Hook Grange Ville doors windows. Blinds Cement Lime hair flooring ceiling facings siding or moulding of any kind if so-wr1te or phone Ashburn amp King they have a full line of every things thoroughly seasoned and ready for shipment. Your Trade solicited. He received a sign it came with a Force that nearly killed him by Ethan b. Armour copyright by american press association. 1911. Doyle was a Strong believer in indications. As a child and Young Man he had never failed to see the new Moon Over his right shoulder without feeling sure that he would meet with some misfortune during the Mouth. He would never Start on a journey on Friday or sit at a table about which there were thirteen persons. These Are but a few signs that he regarded but they serve to show his character. When eighteen years of age he had engaged himself to a Young lady several years his senior. For an engage ment ring he had Given her one with an Opal setting. He was not aware at the time that the Opal invariably brings bad Luck. The girl was equally ignorant. She had not been engaged a month when she was taken ill and died. It was not remarkable that Adoni ram who was naturally inclined to make much of such matters should have been deeply impressed with the fearful penalty he had paid for running counter to the Opal blight. When he recovered from the Shock of his Fiancee a death he was not Only disinclined to enter again upon an engagement without duly considering All the signs involved in the Way of warning but had reached a condition where he was looking for one to indicate that the lady of his Choice was the right woman for him to marry. Before he had passed Middle age he had noted a number of indications that such or such a person would make him Happy but either the girl who seemed to be pointed out was too homely or bad a bad temper or some other defect which led him to disregard the sign. With Many a natural perversity he formed a purpose of marrying a Young woman who had As much contempt for these Petty superstitions As he had respect. Miss Octavia Sparks had a mind Superior to that of or. Doyle but she liked him. Women Are supposed to confine their love and admiration to men who Are above them in intellectual strength but this is not an invariable Rule. Or. Doyle was a gentle simple minded Man free of guile and be appealed to miss Sparks stronger intellect. Perhaps it was a considerable muscular strength he possessed of which he was himself unconscious that impressed her weaker physical organization. Be this As it May the two were drawn together and it Only needed some indication that Fate intended their meeting to induce or. Doyle to propose. He waited a Long while for such an augury but none appearing he made up his mind to propose anyway. He started out one Crisp autumnal evening but no sooner had he opened his door than there up in the Southwest was a Crescent. He paused. His first glimpse of the new Moon was Over his left shoulder. He went Back into the House took off his hat and overcoat and sat Down disappointed. He was not sure that the incident portended a refusal on the part of miss Sparks or that a marriage with her would result disastrously. Nevertheless he dare not. In the face of so marked a warning persist in his intention of asking her to be his wife. But he continued Bis Friendly relations with her and longed to Settle Down with her in the Bonds of Matrimony. He lived alone in his Home with an old woman who was both Cook and housekeeper and there was no reason Why he should not bring miss Sparks into the House As his wife. Should he do so he Felt confident that she would make it a very different Home for him rendering what was desolate cheerful. But of this he was not certain. How did he know that she might not turn out to be a Virago however a constant companionship gave him Confidence in her and the following summer he came again to a Resolution to propose marriage to her. This time in passing Between his House and hers a Snake crossed the Road directly before him. He stopped Short and watched the Viper slowly dragging itself along in the dust to lose itself in the Long grass and make a final momentary appearance As it crawled under a Fence he stood for a few minutes thinking then turned reluctantly and went Back to his Home. This second warning was so pronounced that he resolved never again to set out with an intention to propose to miss Sparks. From this time he began to consider the different unmarried women in the place other than the one on whom he had set his heart with a View to acquiring a Hel meet a widow mrs. Perkins lived some distance Down the Road and or. Doyle after much deliberation followed by a number of attentions resolved to substitute her for miss Sparks. He would have liked to receive some indication that the fates would look favourably upon the match but had come to the conclusion that the Only signs he would receive would be negative. Twice he had been warned against miss Sparks. If it was not intended that he should marry mrs. Perkins perhaps it would be indicated to him. It was a Winter Day that be came to the conclusion to ask the widow to be his wife. Before supper he Pat on his sunday suit brushed his hair combed his whiskers and after the meal made his third Start in quest of Matrimony. He had reached the widows door when his heart failed him. Not being Able to nerve himself for the ordeal or was it regret for Octavia a he hesitated. The suddenly he remembered that in the unsettled site of his mind every family has need of a Good reliable liniment for sprains bruises soreness of the Muscles and rheumatic pains there is none better than Cham Berlaine. Sold by All dealers 1 had of gotten to cd ins sex a. He determined to return Lake it Are of the animals for the night than a resolutely up to the widows door Knock enter and make ids proposition. This is the usual course with resolutions. It is much easier to be Resolute with one in the future than one present. Or. Doyle returned to ids barn pot the horses Beds into the stalls a measure of Oats into each of thir troughs then went up into the loft to throw Down the Hay. Whether it was his perturbed condition of mind concerning his proposal and the probably consequent separating himself for All time from Octavia Sparks the fact remains that be stepped into an opening in the floor of the loft of which he had Many years been aware and landed in a stall below. He not Only received an internal injury from the fall but the horse occupying the place frightened at his masters sudden Entrance came near trampling the life out of him before he could drag himself out of reach. Then he fainted. After lying unconscious for a few moments he came to himself feeling a terrible pain in his Chest and found it difficult to breathe. He was Able to to else and stagger to the House where he fainted again. A doctor was called who Felt of his Chest and found a rib broken. As soon As possible a surgeon was produced who said that the rib was so badly fractured that it could not be set if left As it was it would destroy the lung on which it pressed. In fact it must be removed. Instead of having the patient taken to a Hospital be decided to perform the operation at the House. Octavia Sparks was on her Way to the Village store when mrs. Butter Worth came along and said a la Sakes Octavy Havey Hearn what a happened to or. Doyle a a a no. Liat is it a cried Octavia paling. A the fell through the barn floor and broke a rib. The surgeons Goin to take it out of the girl made no reply to this but turned and hurried Home. There she Learned that the surgeon was Aboul to perform the operation. Going Over to Doyle a House she asked if she might be of service. The surgeon told her that he had not yet been Able to secure a nurse and would be glad to have Ber serve in that capacity. While he and his assistant were making their preparations she went to Doyle a bedside and pressed his hand sympathetically. A a in be had a sign a he said. A what kind of a sign a a a negative sign. I was about to propose marriage to the widow Perkins when i got the fall. It is not intended that she be my the medical men returned put the patient on an improvised operating table administered an Anaesthetic and removed the broken rib. Doyle was then placed on his bed and his return to consciousness awaited by the others. Presently a Low moan announced its coming then another and another. When he opened his eyes there was Octavia kneeling beside him. Bis hand clasped by hers. he groaned a i wonder if Adam passed through what i have when the rib was removed from which Ere was then suddenly a Light came into his Eye and he spoke again. A a you be Altaj s despised signs. 1 done to know about the others in be received. But those Given me this evening Are mighty powerful. I went to propose to widow Perkins and was turned Back by remembering that i Hadnot fed the Stock. The result was this fall and being nigh tramped to death by a horse. If that Isnit a sure sign that i Wasny to to marry Ber i done to know anything about signs. And now that the surgeon has taken a rib out o me you pop up before me As eve appeared to Adam after he awakened from the deep sleep in which the Job was done. I reckon i know what that a what does it mean add a that if you done to marry me Well both of is be flying in the face of at that moment the surgeon advanced and forbade the patient to excite himself. Octavia withdrew while the medical Man looked Over the patient he found or. Doyle under the influence of an excitement that boded no Good. He directed that no one be permitted to Converse with him until sufficient time had passed to enable him to recuperate. But this did not satisfy or Doyle. He conceived that his fall from the Hay mow the removal of the rib and at his Awakening his finding Octavia beside him meant that she was the woman he was to marry. A doctor a he said. A i wish a Quot what for you re not going to Quot in a going to be Quot married in this condition Quot Quot yes. As a rib was removed from our common father Adam of which eve was made so a a you keep said the doctor a for i la not answer for the a and i say i wish you to Call in a Clergyman a if you done to do it ill get up and Eail one myself. My eve is Here and it is my duty to marry the surgeon looked troubled. He believed the Man was delirious and thought it better to humor him. Calling Octavia aside he said a a you a better pretend to go through a ceremony. It be Edna to mean Quot As you advise proof of gentility. Recalling Tennyson. Us Bubs i say. Exdore. Those hens of yours belong to the Maud Breed done to they next Ore never heard of the Maud Breed. What gives you that idea us Bubs because they Are All the time into my Adelphi Ledger. Considerate. Quot and what did the doctor say when the operation showed you did not have appendicitis Quot a ooh. He offered to take 10 per cent off his . A query. She there is one question in fashions which is puzzling me. He what is it she do Navy widows Wear seaweeds a Baltimore american. Sleeves that hid the hands shewed the wearers did no to work. The practice observed among Spanish Hidalgo of allowing the Finger nails to grow into claws was to demonstrate that they had never done any manual work. The same custom exists among the chinese for the same reason. Among the romans the wearing of Long sleeves which came Down Over the band was the fashion in aristocratic circles. This advertised to the world that the wearer did not engage in any labor and Freedom from employment was the condition of respectability. English boots and shoes have been designed More or less for the same purpose As that of the chinese. Who bind their women a feet in proof of their gentility. As Early As the time of William a peaked toed boots and shoes had their Points made like a scorpions Tail and a courtier named Robert stuffed his out with Tow and caused them to curl round in the form of a rams Horn a fashion which took mightily among the Nobles. It is Plain that the purpose of this fashion was to show that the privileged wearer was not dependent on any kind of labor or flee Ness of foot for Bis daily bread. The practice of wearing tight fitting boots and shoes is an old one. For Chaucer writing of them in his Day says that it is a Merreyle Seth that they site so Plean. How they come on or off again. Later in 1765. Horace Walpole said Quot i am now Twenty years on the right Side of red weekly. An English pensioner. Superannuated at birth and Drew the. Stipend All his life. The wife of an English Cabinet minister had promised to stand godmother to an infant and. Calling on the parents a Day or two previous to the christening expressed her regret that her husband had nothing left at his disposal of any importance and that the Only thing he could do for her Godson was to put his name on the pension list As a superannuated general postman. Of the offer was accepted. The pension was regularly paid to the parents during the minority of their son and to him afterwards As Long As he lived. He thrived in the world became an Alderman and attained a considerable age often declaring that he had More pleasure in pocketing the few pounds he Drew half yearly from this source than he derived from the receipt of any other portion of his income. He died a few Days after one payment was due and one of his executors came to town to announce his decease and to receive the Money. On asking the clerk who paid him if it was necessary to produce a certificate of the death he was answered a ooh no not in the least i will take your word for it my father paid his pension As Long As he lived and i have paid it myself for the last thirty years. I am quite sure that the old gentleman must be dead by this this recipient of the Public Bounty had been a superannuated postman for upward of eighty . To be a real actor. Sinking ones identity in character parts on the stage is but an insignificant Branch of acting. The displaying of a personality beneath the makeup. The incarnation of a written character in flesh and blood by a sheer act of Genius on the part of the actor in filling a part with his own personality tempered to the limitations of his role a the creation in Short of a living visible and intelligible being is the grand goal of the actors Art. How Well Richard Mansfield knew that Art in his performances you saw an impenetrable makeup but though Mansfield was hidden behind the disguise were the brains of the greatest dramatic Genius of our generation fashioning steadily and superbly a character As be conceived it out of the materials placed at his command by the playwright Henry Kol Ker in National Magazine. Trying to be witty. They were sitting in the parlor with the lights turned Low. The hour was pretty late. He and she had talked about everything from the weather to the latest shows. He yawned and she yawned but he made no attempt to move toward Home and she was becoming weary. At last she said Quot i heard a noise outside just now. I wonder if it could be burglars a of course he tried to be funny. Quot maybe it was the night falling Quot he said. A ooh i think not Quot she exclaimed. Quot More Likely it was the Day breaking a Hasty exit of weekly. Scriptural place names. England can boast that no other country possesses so Many scriptural place names As it does. The name of Jericho occurs six times on the ordnance maps Paradise five times and Nineveh. Mount Zion. Mount Ararat and mount Ephraim three times each. In Bedfordshire there is a Calvary a Wood and in Dorsetshire a Jordan Hill. The sarcastic druggist. 1 druggist yes. Madam woman that last postage stamp you sold me dropped off the envelope and the letter went to the dead letter office and l want to know what Yon Are going to do of Petit it. Druggist Why of course Madam As i personally guarantee each iof the Stamps i sell ill make it Good. Here a . Flight of Tims j a Man never realizes the flight of time so much As when his boys get to wearing the same size shirts that he . I experience is the extract of helps. When your feet Are wet and it and your Bedy is chilled through through from exposure take a big of chamberlains a cough Rem Bathe your feet in hot water be going to bed and you Are almost to Ward off a severe cold. For Sal All dealers

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