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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Oct 6 1920, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - October 6, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Keeping potatoes. Points to be considered in the storing of the tubers. The potatoes shown in the illustration Are excellent peach lows grown in the Carbondale District of Colorado under irrigation says the american agriculturist the uniformity and smoothness of the samples show that great care has been used for a number of years in the selection of seed. The eyes Are shallow the shape and size exceedingly uniform. The average yield of these potatoes in 1910 was about 400 bushels per acre. This particular Sample Analysed 20 per cent important Points to be considered in potato storing Are As follows first the temperature should be kept As Low As possible without freezing second the air should be kept As dry As possible third the potatoes should be kept dark. A Good Cei Yir is 50 by 200 feet at each end there is a dead air space ten feet Square in the form of a Vestibule Colorado peach lows. From the american agriculturist Between the outer and inner doors which affords Protection from freezing. There is a a driveway Clear through with bins on either Side skylights and ventilators being placed a very ten feet. The temperature of the cellar May be lowered by opening the doors and letting a current of air pass through. When it is too cold for this the ventilators at the top May be opened. The Best ventilation is always so cured by building the cellar in line with the direction of the prevailing air currents. During the Winter the temperature should be kept As near 32 As possible. It is Best when it does not go below 30 nor above 36. A temperature of 28 for one or two hours will not freeze potatoes. In planning the size of the Structure it is Safe to estimate one Bushel at one and one Quarter cubic feet. In a Small cellar built with a driveway this space need not be wasted but stored with potatoes or other vegetables after the bins at the Side have been filled. One important Point in the storage of potatoes is to reduce the temperature to As Low a Point As possible directly after the product is stored. Put about one foot of potatoes on the cellar floor and by the time the entire floor is covered to that depth the heat from those potatoes is pretty Well carried off by the air currents. Then add another layer thus properly regulating the tempera Ture As the storage progresses. When the cellar is filled the potatoes Are piled about five feet deep. Sorting potatoes that have started to rot from freezing or disease requires a cellar that can be lighted when desired. Ventilation devices such As open partitions May be used to advantage when Large quantities of potatoes Are stored in bulk. Sacked potatoes corded in piles keep Well in a Good cellar. When sprouts Start in the Spring the growth of these May be checked by moving the sacks. A bruised sprout Dies. When the floor is of dirt it is Well to use some sort of material preferably strips of Wood Between the dirt and the potatoes to prevent rot it is important that potatoes be free from dirt when taken from the Field to the cellar. Dirty potatoes do not keep Well because of the dirt that Falls off and fills up the air spaces Between the potatoes,.thus preventing free ventilation. A very satisfactory place to build a cellar is on a Knoll thus insuring perfect water draining and a Good circulation. Recipe for killing Weevils. Weevils in chestnuts Beans peas Etc. May easily be killed thus put the chestnuts or Beans into a tight Box. Pail or barrel Large enough to hold the amount to be treated pour some Disulphide of Carbon in a Saucer and set on top of the infested nuts or Beans. Then cover the receptacle As tightly As possible and leave it so for Twenty four hours. Caution the fumes of Disulphide Are explosive and poisonous. Be careful. Have no lights or fire journal. The privilege of wealth. Quot that Man is getting to be a regular customer Quot yes. And he must be a Quot Why so Mayme Quot Quot he ainu to afraid to ask to see something cheaper if he feels so a Pittsburg Post. Not sure of him. Quot Why Are you so ure that he loves you Quot _ Quot because he stays away from me in Hopes he can overcome the fascination of my presence. And there is but one thing that bothers me i fear he will Plain dealer trolley As farm Aid. Michigan aided in Dia posing of fruit. The advantage of handling big crops of fruit by the trolley lines was illustrated in the lower Peninsula of Michigan in 1911 to an extent never before realized. Had it not been for the electric lines of two of the states handling this class of traffic the disposal of the Apple peach Pear and a other crops would have met with loss. Only a couple of years ago there was but one line of electric railway hauling fruit out of Berrien county Orchards to the steamship docks Alt Benton Harbor. Now there Are about half a dozen. Some of the lines Rush trains of fruit from Points West of Elkhart ind., to the Steamboat docks at Benton Harbor. These Points Are Over 100 Miles from Chicago the greatest Market of the entire Region. Consignments of fruit leave the Orchards late in the afternoon and Are loaded into express cars and Flat cars with crated ends and sides. Trains Are run on fast time and Stop Only to pick up for not and from certain Points they do not Stop for any purpose. At Benton Harbor the fruit packages Ore loaded on great Side wheel steamers and carried through the Cooling atmosphere of Lake Michigan reaching Chicago about 4 a. M. From the Chicago docks the big Supply intended for consumption in a City of Over 2,000,000 people is distributed Early in the Forenoon. But Chicago does not begin to take All of the fruit produced by the great Orchards of two states. Millions of packages Are shipped off Over most of the Twenty five different railroads radiating from the City. They Are hauled from the docks to the depots and there Are Given to the express companies operating on the railroads. It is at this Point that the advantage of. Shipping across the Lake comes in. Had Frost of these shipments been sent by rail the cars could not have been Given to the Belt Lino in time to connect with tie outgoing trains in the morning and thus serious damage to fast ripening fruit might have been done. The Steamboat company could not have got the products of Distant Orchards had it not been for the rapid electric lines so that it is Only by a combination of the work of three different Means of transportation that it has been possible to Market phenomenally big crops of fruit. The rate of the entire electric and Lake haul is not More than the Cost of one direct shipment by rail to the same Point and in some instances it is less. Another advantage of shipping fruit by electric lines is that refrigeration is gentleman. Brake the Earth i a magnetic storms Are robbing our planet of motion. May stand still some Day cutting the Bill. A i to perform a very distasteful operation this morning a remarked the eminent what is that Quot a one of my Rich patients wants me Ito take a Little something off his a Washington Herald. Good rivets from old materials. Every Farmer has a lot of old horse nails in the old horseshoes. Take a piece of a broken tooth from a Spring tooth Harrow heat it and punch a Hole through it just Large enough to admit the horse Nall when this becomes cold you can insert a Nail and beat it Down to a very Nice head and do it cold too. If you want a Nice rounded head on the rivet the head of the to fill can be rounded no a Little before it is hammered Down. Take scraps of the modern steel roofing Cut them in Small squares and with the handle end of an old file you can punch a a Hole that just suits the Nail rivet in this Way you can always have rivets of almost any length. These rivets Are far stronger and More serviceable than Copper and fireside. Look to the future. Provide for humus in the soil by planting Green crops to be turned under to improve the Fertility of the soil for future crops. This is one of the reasons that should Appeal to you for rotation of crops. Orchard and Garden. Every time you set your feet on a weak rickety ladder you risk life and limb. It take half so Long to mend a broken round on the ladder As it would to mend a broken Bone. A Well known floriculture is says that the Gladiolus and Dahlia can be handled exactly like the potato. They will keep anywhere. Tuberose and cannas Are More like Sweet potatoes in their requirements and must be kept warm. Breaking the Shell of a hard Winter Squash with a Hatchet is rather a dangerous process. If a Handy Little meat saw forms part of the Kitchen outfit it will be found very convenient for this purpose. It is easier and safer to saw the hard Shell than to chop it. The manufacture of grape juice As a business is growing very rapidly. It supplies a Good outlet for Ripe Sweet grapes whenever the fruit Market is unsatisfactory. One grape producer made 450 Gallons of grape juice from the product of less than one acre of land. This grape juice put up in pint bottles and sold at retail at 25 cents each would amount to $1,800, a big value of be obtained from land that was producing hardly anything As a part of the farm. Did no to seem funny. Little Johnny that Young Man who comes to see you must be pretty poor company. Hasni to any sense of humor. Sister Why do Yon think so Little Johnny i told him All about the funny Way you Rush about and bang doors when you get in a temper and he did no to laugh a . To deplete Hie Larder. Quot we re going to give Brown a sur prise Quot but i thought you had no use for Brown a Quot i Haven to that a Why in a getting up the Surprise party for free press. Chamberlains stomach and liver tablets do not Bicken or Gripe and May be taken with perfect safety by the most delicate woman or the youngest child. The old and feeble will also Fine them a most suitable remedy for aiding and strengthening their weakened i i 016 Bowel a a then one 8ide of the world will be a desert Furnace the other m Black icy waste and Mankind will find itself in cramped quarters. The world is slowing Down in its daily rotation and the Days Are getting longer according to professor Louis a. Bauer of the Carnegie a Institute Washington. Magnetic storms fire putting a magnetic Brake on the Earth and if they continue to constrict this Brake at the rate measured for the past ten years in just 3,320 years 1 this Good old Earth will no longer be turning on its Axis but will Settle Down with one Side in perpetual Sunshine blasted by withering heat and the other Side in endless darkness and cold corresponding to the extreme frigidity of interstellar space i observe it is not claimed that the Earth positively will come to a stand still in this year5231 a. A. But simply that it is being subjected to a Brake that May Stop it by that time. Probably most scientists would argue that magnetic storms will be less violent in future that other forces will intervene and that the stopping of the Earth will be postponed a great Many years beyond the Date named. But All scientists will acquiesce in the statement that the Earth is slowing Down and sooner or later will come to a Stop. When the Earth stops turning the bide toward the Sun will become overheated and water will dry up and i blistering deserts will cover the surface. Near the Edge of the sunlit Side there will be a temperate zone there. The Sun will always be one hour High or thereabouts remaining at the same height above the horizon year in and year out. Every Hoar will be like 6 of clock in the morning of a summer Day. To this delightful Region the worlds population will flock. A Little removed from the hot area will be the Twilight zone also quite habitable with the Sun unending at the horizon. Though life in the torrid or hot zone will be insupportable As a Rule yet on the outer edges where the Sun is but two or three hours High people May live in a temperature of 100 to 140 degrees by Means of various Cooling contrivances. On the dark cold Side of the Earth All the water will be Frozen solid. Even Mercury will freeze in that awful chill. It will be impossible for human beings to penetrate More than three or four Hundred Miles into the dark and frigid zone which will be far More inaccessible than Are now the Polar wastes. The fact that All the water on the cold Side of the Earth will be Frozen and All the water on the hot Side dried up and evaporated will tend to cause a great disturbance of the continents and oceans of the Globe. There must be some sort of rearrangement and it would seem that the oceans would tend to seek the habitable temperate zone which would then be the Equator s equivalent. Since the Earth a surface contains very much More water than land it is extremely probable that the temperate zone will not contain nearly enough land to satisfy the population Ami that there will be continuous struggles for Possession of valuable soil. It is even conceivable that a Large portion of the people May be driven to see permanent residences in sailing vessels or steam Craft subsisting by fishing. During the period when the Earth a Days Are lengthening perceptibly great social changes must come about due to the difference in hours. When the Days get to be forty a furs Long it will surely be necessary to arrange for a period of rest and sleep in the Middle of the the Days lengthen until they exceed a weeks duration All sorts of complications will ensue and the Days weeks and months will become hopelessly mixed. Scientists agree that the lunar Moath will lengthen As the Day lengthens though the Day will increase the More rapidly. According to professor Ernest w. Brown of Haverford College who has Given special attention to this subject there will come a time when the month and the Day will both be of the same duration. As the Earth a Day gets longer and longer the time will come when a Day is a year Long. Then there will be no More Days and nights no weeks and no months. The Earth always will have one Side to the Sun and the Moon will have one Side to the Earth and the two will turn around the Sun once r year As if fixed on a rigid bar. There will be no More seasons on the Earth no Spring summer autumn or Winter. The weather of the several seasons can be experienced Only by travelling to and fro Between the hot and cold zones. It is Clear that property values in a Ore than half the planet will be wiped a out cities and farms throughout the dark half of the glob will be buried under perpetual glaciers. Correspondingly values will Rise enormously in real estate on the inhabited strip that lies just on the Cool Edge of the hot hemisphere. No one knows no one can calculate at this time what part of the Earth will be included in this habitable strip or Belt any More than he can predict which half of the world will be hot and which . Louis Post dispatch. Thought he was smart. Mrs. Bend am what is the meanest thing a woman can say to a Man ? Ben Ham Quot yes Quot when he is fool enough to topics. False eyebrows the a roosts of stitching the hairs into the skin at a certain factory a number of Young women were working at Small. A tables each table covered with Little instruments and Odd things which Only those who Fiew the business could possibly understand. At one table two girls were threading Needles with Fine Silky hairs and sewing them in Little squares on a thin transparent Gauze. Quot those girls said the overseer Quot Are making some of those Beautiful archied eyebrows you May sometimes see on the stage. They Are frequently worn by both actors and actresses. These sewed on the net Are the less expensive kind and Are Only used on special occasions. The real brow is j very expensive and can Only be made j by a person of great skill. Quot the patient sits Here in his chair which very much resembles a dentists operating throne. In this Cushion to my left Are stuck a score or so of those Needles you saw being threaded. Each stitch leaving Only two strands of hair to facilitate the operation a number of Needles Mast be at hand. As each thread of hair is drawn through the skin Over the Eye it is Cut so that when the first stage of the operation is Over it leaves the hairs bristling out an Inch so presenting a ragged Porcupine appear Ance. Now comes the artistic work. The brow must be arched and Cut Down with the utmost delicacy and a number of hours is required to do it Quot Small As the eyebrows Are they or very important in the makeup of to face. You have no idea How Odd f to looks when utterly denuded of in Over the eyes. The a process i bar be scribed is painful but it makes Ood eyebrows and adds 100 per cer / the looks of the person who was bout them. It is too much better than the blackening and cosmetics so Many people use especially people who have Mere pretence of brows comprising Only a few tit bits. Give a boy address and accomplishments and you give him the Mastery of . Did no to think it was permissible. Quot i think a said mrs. Oldcastle Quot that our minister is going too far. Did you hear his Sermon last sunday a Quot yes a replied her hostess As she finished sealing a letter to Hel daughter the Duchess of Ramshead. A both me and Josiah put in fifty Dollar Bills when the contribution was a i done to like the habit he has fallen into of anathema izing the Quot Quot mercy i Hadnot heard about him doing that. I did no to think anybody was allowed to anathema ize people unless they had appendicitis or Chicago recon u Herald. Hollands a Long a Church Tower capped with a Climax of forty one Bella. The 280 foot Tower of the Niue Kerk in Middleburg a Long John a or a Lang Jan Quot if the sobriquet be translated into dutch is practically the Washington Monument of Wai Cheren. It. Is capped with a Climax of forty one Bells that chime a quaint fragment of some familiar popular Melody every seven and one halt of totes. On the hour Quot Long John literally vibrates from foundation to weather vane in a frenzied Endeavor to pour Forth in Toto tha accumulation of More or less music administered in Small doses during the previous sixty minutes. From a Long John one can see plainly the towns on the North and West coasts of Wai Cheren and often even the Spires of Antwerp Are visible while directly below a mass of red roofs punctured Here and there with patches of Trees stretches Middleburg. To the left is the Market place hounded on the North by the handsome town Hall begun in the sixteenth Century the embellishment of whose facade by Twenty five ancient statues of the counts and Countesse of Holland helps it to hold its place As one of the finest and most interesting late gothic edifices in the Netherlands. The Tower of the town Hall has a chime too and each time after a Long John so insistently proclaims the hour of the Day or night for a Long John takes the credit of giving Standard time to Middleburgh it must get a bit on his nerves to have a foolish Betsy a age Ike be Jeup in the Tower rattle off her cacophonous contradiction q minute or two earlier or later As the Case May travel saw the Point. And for that very reason he did no to join in the laugh. Quot they Quot were chatting in the smoking room of n Little Konin Klinke packet Vaart Maatsch Appie coaster on a two months run among the islands below the Equator Beu some one speaking of the malay Peninsula some one else said., a my impression of the Straits settlements can be summed up in a single pictures a Strong Black Man. Standing in the Center of a Muddy Stream trying to split n Rock with a now this always provokes a laugh it is venerable and infallible. But. To my Surprise said Frederick s. Isham. The novelist one of the smoking room contingent on this occasion it partially failed. What was the trouble the delinquent the one Man out of seven who did no to laugh was Sallow saturnine and a what a the matter old Chap a asked the novelist Quot done to you see the Point or Are you waiting until tomorrow to Wake up to it Quot a the other Man turned his head wearily. Quot see the Point Quot he said a ii by. Quot i should think i did. I ought to. I a tragically Quot am the Man who owned the shirt Quot then we knowing he had lived Twenty five years in the Orient became silent our laughter ceased. A t sympathetic melancholy descended upon us. Englishman or not we took him to our heart of hearts and made a brother of american. Jok Able relatives. One of the curious social customs practice by the Crow As Well As by Many other Indian bribes is the a Mother in Law taboo a that is to say a Man is under no circumstances permitted to hold conversation with his wife smother. Another strange regulation is Tufit relating to the playing of practical jokes. A Man is not permitted to jest with any one he pleases but 1s limited to the individuals whose fathers belonged to the same clan As his own father. Within this group i however practically any Liberty is allowable. If a Man discovers that a Quot Jok Able relative Quot has committed borne foolish or disgraceful act he can publicly twit him with it and tie person derided must not get angry but bide his time for some favourable Opportunity to museum journal. His secret societies. A the attorney demanded to know How Many secret societies the witness be \ longed to whereupon the witness objected and appealed to the court. A the court sees no harm in the question a answered the judge. A you May a Well i belong to a what Are they a a the knights of pythias the Odd Fellows and the Gas fall Good save Money by buying your fall goods of us. New line now open bought direct from factory and offered at lowest margin of profit in dress goods notions shoes for men boys ladies and children matting in All grades agricultural implements All kinds of Mill feeds american steel wire Fence 39, 41, 47 and 53 inches High amp. Amp a. Flour a specially. Call and let us save you Money. W. Rogers amp bro., Onley a. We wish to say that we keep at All times for Sale at the lowest possible margin of profit the following goods want to Exchange one mule 1,000 lbs in his teens but a Good worker and a year old general Max Colt broken in double buggy harness can Trot for a pair of Blocky mules 3 to 6 years old Good weight gentle to All farming implements. Black cow peas for Sale. We handle most everything carried by the retail dealer direct from manufacturers. A glad to have a share of your patronage at lowest Price. _ Harry t. White amp son wholesale grocers brokers and manufacturers agents Mckemie Park. Feeds Corn Oats Hay and middling. Flour we Are now working on on second car Load Bince february. Building materials shingles. Lathes Lime bricks and Cement. Farm implements a planet or. Cultivators and Standard sprayers. We have a Complete assortment of sizes and values in screen doors and window screens and screen wire. Our Stock of is Complete and Well selected. T. S. Hopkins i amp co., Tasley a. Sash doors blinds. Parksley manufacturing co., a dealers in hardware paints oils and varnishes the great maim c Range cast ranges Cook and heating stoves farming imply if its Mill feeds middling Corn and Oats bran and Chick fed bricks Lime Cement laths &c., Saba doors blinds Mante a Cabinet mantels Stair rails and All kinds mouldings. I special attention Given to anyone going to build. Will see you in person or furnish estimates on application. Parksley manufacturing co., a Parksley Virginia. Tax notice. To the tax payers of Accomac county notice is hereby Given that the state tax and county Levy for the year 1911 Are now due and in pursuance of Law we will be at the following named places in said districts at the times herein specified for the purpose of collecting said taxes and levies Viz appointments of a. Lilliston. Onancock oct. 28th and 31st,nov. Accomac oct. 2d and 3d, nov. 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th. Appointments of w. Pruitt or. Parksley sept. 30th and nov. 24th and 25th. Temperanceville oct. 30th and 31st, and nov. 27th, 28th, 29t,h and 30 the. Accomac o. Day of every court. The Public will please cake notice that i have moved Back to my old stand next door to Bell harness co. John t. Robinson at. Singer sewing machine co. And dealer in pianos organs and sewing machine supplies. The patronage of the Public solicited. Those failing to pay their taxes before december 1st, 1911, will have 5 per cent added to their tax Bills As the Law directs. All tax payers Are requested top to before december 1st and thus save the penalties. Those who have not paid their 1909 and 1910 taxes Art requested to do so at the appointments most convenient for them. All 1910 capitation tax unpaid by Quot november 15th, 1911, a ill be returned delinquent. The payment of capitation tax for 1911, will be required six months be fore the november election in 1912 in order to vote. Yours very truly a. Lilli9ton, . Pruitt Deputy a a registered Stock for Sale. An insurance policy is As valuable As a deed and it is a guarantee against misfortune. What n backed by Larga assets. It costs no More to get the Best t protect your Home and by iness against fire by a policy in one of the following companies assets. Surplus to policy holders. fall litters of Berkshire pigs Are now ready for shipment and can furnish pairs or trios not Akin 3 urge gilts will weigh about 1,50 lbs very Good individuals one male will weigh 250 to 300 lbs., a Good Type Berkshire with very Lancy head. Will Fern Meh registers and ship subject to examination if not satisfactory can be shipped Back to me at my expense. Large Strain barred Plymouth Rock male and female. Also Nice pair Bay mares 6 and 6 years old weighing Between 1.100 and 1,200 pounds each sound and Good j a Gray gelding 4 years old sound and Good Driver. Everything in the Best of condition. Home insurance co., n. Y. $30,179,913 Aetna insurance co., Conn. 121,023,554 Hartford insurance co. 24,363,635 Fidelity Phoenix n. Y. 12,790,298 Phi a. Underwriters 24,768.966 n. Y. Underwriters �24,363,635 Germania fire n. Y. 6,648,97�?T, Petersburg saving amp ins. Co. 3,,.,47 Saint Paul fire a Marine 7,028,704 Hamburg Bremen fire. 1,985,139 Williamsburg City n. Y. 2,844,45 a. Fire amp Marine ins. Co. 1,690,316 London Assurance corp. 3,665,813 caledonian insurance 2,078,920 Queen of America. 9,025,889 american surety company 2,500,000 $15,329,613. Guo 12,369,016. 8.923.967. 5,734,087. 10,891,086. 8.923.967. 3,021,740. 822,926. 1,908,712. 663,443. 1/917,548. 798,288. 1,195,075. 579,736. 4,389,12t. 2,500,000. Represented by Kelly amp Nottingham agents Onancock Virginia. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made. Are you thinking of building this fall if so come to see me and save Money on doors windows blinds paints and oils Cement plaster Paris Terra Cotta piping of All sizes plastering laths Shin Gles of All grades and by zest building material of All kinds we also carry in Stock at lowest prices furniture stoves Hay and Corn hog and poultry wire Best in world flour at $5 25�? every thing in fact dually kept in first class country store. Save Money by coming to my g Johnson Marsh Market a. And fitting footwear. 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Blinds mouldings builders hardware shingles laths. Lime. Bricks and building material generally paints oils and painters supplies. Notice of dissolution of partnership. To whom it May concern this is to certify that the partnership heretofore existing Between the undersigned Bailey h. Ashby and Edward o. Hickman under the style Ana firm name of Ashby amp Hickman. Dealer a in general merchandise Accomac va., has this Day been dissolved by Mutual consent. The said Edward o. Hickman retires from the business which w ii in the future be conducted by Bailey s. Ashby. The said Bailey s. Ashby assumes Alloi the indebtedness against the said firm of Ashby amp Hickman and is entitled to and is authorized to collect All of the debts due the said firm. Given under our hands his 16th Day of november a. D., 1911. Bailey m. Asbby Edward o. Hickman. Notice to creditors commissioners office j Accomac o. H., a i november 13, 1911. J to the creditors of Robert s. Taylor deceased and All others concerned a you Are hereby notified that pursuant to decree in suit of we. P. Godwin amp a. Is. Robert s. Taylor Sadr. It als entered August 9, 1911, i have appointed the Lith Day of december next at my said office for receiving proof of All debts and demands against the said decedent or his estate at which time and place you Are required to attend and prove your claims. Given under my hand the Day and year first above written. Jno. S. Parsons commissioner in chancery of the circuit court for the county of Accomac. New York Phila. Amp Noi Folk r. R. In effect april 30, 1911. South bound Traina. No. 49 no. S7 no. 45 no 41 no. 47 leave p a m. P. M. P. M. A. M. New York . 9 0� Philadelphia 1117 a. M. Wilmington 12 02 p. M. 6 45 12 3d 3u0 8 44 5 57 653 8 00. 10 0� we Are prepared to Cut Bouse Bills to order also to manufacture barrel Staves and beads of Good Quality. Our grist Mill will run every sat urday notwithstanding reports to the contrary. We shall at All times be pleased to show our goods and invite you to Call and inspect on Stock before making your purchases and we will save Yon Money. Martin amp Mason co Harborton a. Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Davis amp bro., Laurel del., or seeing our local agents t. G. , Onancock. W. Pruitt Tetner Anneville. Geo. W. Abdell Belle Haven. I. Damn fam Orangeville. Can cancer be cured it can. The record of the Kellam Hospital is without parallel in history having cured to 8lay cured permanently without the use of the knife or a Ray Over 90 per cent of the Many hundreds of sufferers from cancer which it has treated during the past fifteen years. We have been endorsed by the Senate and legislature of Virginia. We guarantee our cures. Physicians treated free. Kellam Hospital 1617 West main Street a Ftp Chuong. Virginia Baltimore 10 00 135 455 900 leave a. M. A. M. . . P. M Delmar 3 .0 10 45 6 57 10 16 1 85 Salisbury 3 1u. 11 01 709 10 27 1 48 p. M. Tasley 439 109 9 14 Cape Charles g 15 430 10 26 4 30 old Point so �2� 6 20 Nordoi Larrive 9 06 725 7 26 North Bourl trains. No. 44 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 no. A leave a. M. A m. . P. M. A. M. Norfolk a Quot 800 615 800 old Point 845 7 15 8 45 Cape Charle 1106 9 30 600 1135 p. M. Tasley 10 49 i 31 1 12 a. 34. Salisbury 734 135 12 225 942 3 19 Weimar 8 i 200 12 54 10 15 859 arrive a. M. P. M. A. M. P. M Wilmington 1122 435 4 u6 7 41 Philadelphia 12 08 522 600 8 26 Baltimore 12 40 �52 6 us 9 60 new York . 2 44 8u5 -7 32 u 18 trains 49 and 50 daily. Trains 37, 45, 41, 47- 444880 and 46 daily except sunday. A a b. Cooke. B. V. Massey i fun. I cemetery notice. Persons in Accomac and adjoining co an ties. Wishing to Mark the grave of a relative or Friend with Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now do so at a very Small outlay As we keep in Stock a Large collection of finished work of modern designs of the Best Workman hip and at the very lowest Price. 115 n. Liberty st. Near Lexington also 314 s. Charles st. Gaddess Brothers established seventy five Yean Baltimore my. Luther t. Lewis Sailmaker at f. C. Lewis store Hunting Creek a. 4.11 repair work done promptly. . R. L. Colona bricklayer and plasterer Accomac c. H., a. Work done by Day or contract and satisfaction guaranteed. Dead taken up and removed to cemetery. See me for Low prices before bargaining with anyone else

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