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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Oct 4 1900, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - October 4, 1900, Big Stone Gap, Virginia My i la Accomac c ii., va., saturday september i 1888.�?supplement. Summer and Winter. In the Mellow Mouth of june when the Tawny thrushes sin and the yellow cowslip Spring from the Lay the Brook when in Dusty Forest nooks Ellin huntsmen wind the Horn and the Clover scented Moru ripens into cloudless noon then i Lovo to lie alone in their Rnic on some Cool Hill. While the i endow lurks nil shrill a a a a life i Caro and pain fare but ill in summer s reign. When the Hilu Are wrapped in sheets. When the Snow whirl on the least and the Ley lingered Trees sparkle in the Moon s Cool Light. When the Clouds in the Long right weave a pall for the dead year. And the keen wind hurls its Pinr right at every one it meets then my heart is never sad. For i think of Broe a Spring. V and the jobs that it will bring of the Robins on the lawns l Iping in the dewy dawns. In. F. Smyth Silver Camp. 1�ov a Korfike e. Ivall. The a rim. S Lent miners took in their Doivan hour cd and Crest fallen but Sci her communicated to the other what was passing Lair Guy a a his mini. Tuo next morning they began their work As usual ail kept at it until late in the a tar Donn then Gilill Saunders threw Down his pick and ironically remarked a Over right Pard and no mistake. We be been Lake in to a big calmly replied Lake seating himself close to his comrades Side. The two remained while they looked gloomily at the Walls of the mine for the Purchase of which they had expended the last cent of their hard earned Fortune. The Golden nuggets. With which the mine Hud been salted would not yield them Over a couple of Hundred apiece a poor return for what they had Given for them. Thu innocent looking beardless youth Hud outwitted them a fact of which they were painfully conscious but instead of threats against his life they merely remarked in a quiet Lone a probably Well meet him a we May a Well close up this mine ter night Jake an return to the old one a said Fiill As the gloom of night by Gau to close in around the Camp. Quot to won t want ter work hero any a not this season i guess ,�?� replied the one spoken to slowly rising Tiroui his seat on the dump Earth. The two closed up the Mouth of the mine with their Owa hands and placed the Well known sign a worked out Quot Over oven though the return for their work wit ii dilator not degrees of Surprise and iti often amounted to less than half a Dollar Digua Tion. A Day. At night time they smoked their the Little Ripple on the surf not the pipes with us much satisfaction although quiet life of Silver Camp caused by the they were the of curs of unlimited strangers Advent in the place subsided wealth i ver mid above the discouraging and life went Oil among the mines As be fact that they were faring poorly every fore. Miner had a vague indefinite feeling i i me Spring the snows on lie mountains that his Streak of ill Luck would pass melted so rapidly during a two Days away in time and Palmier Days would heavy storm that the old Begum the come. Suggestive title Liy which the River that when the millennium for Silver Camp flowed by the Camp was known by the did come it was twist announced by a miners threatened to overflow its Banks stranger. A Miner bad entered and drive every Man from Liis hut to lilo the amp one blight May Day and. Of tar higher grounds. It had been a tre Mcnut purchasing a supposed to be worked out out storm even for those wild parts of mine fora Mere song lie set resolutely to the country and reports were coming in work repairing the damages done to the front every direction about the damage to mine by the last owner and then making Jfe and property that the River had preparations to go 011 with fur caused Small Riv Letsou Tho Mountain ther excavations. The older inhabitants sides assumed Gigantic proportions and of the place shrugged their shoulders at roared and tumbled Over tie Rocky the innocence of the a Young hut no word of advice was spoken to him except the laconic remark of our of Tho miners who one Day met the stranger on his Way to his hit a Zyc Don t find much dust to bar d be Youngsun twin t Likely that you will about two weeks after the strangers Advent the firs excitement for years was created by the announcement that Gold bad been struck. The Daws ran from mine to mine like wild firc and in half in hour All the men were stir country in an appalling manner. The lower lands Scro already covered with several feet of water and people were seeking Refuge from the flood on the Hilly plateau where the mining Camps had erected their Small huh. J Tho second Day of the storm the miners of Silver Camp started up the River in a body to take observations. The rain was still pouring Down in torrents and the men found some Dilli culty in facing the storm As they trudged Over the Large Broulik is and Loose Rock. Rounding tie Lucky . It was the they wished to see what direction the Youthful looking beardless stranger River was hiking nud to ascertain if any who stood in the Cut re of the group weak places in the left Bauk had yet Bucu and explained How he had made tic made. Every article of value had been Lucky stroke. A few the collected in Small bundles in the huts so inc Ness of the Gold at first but several that at a moments notice the miners not gets were handed to them to exam could make a break for the higher land a a a a v a seems to me the chaps from steal Clearing is prospecting too a said Bill Saunders to his comrades As he jumped value which caused More than no Miner to smile i tingly at the flushed handsome face of the owner of the Gold. Quot its the real stuff a muttered one no on a Small Rock Ami looked up the Burly red la Unnold individual slowly River. A a they re Corning this Way in a weighing to Nugg is in his hand. A a and. Body Iesu As of they was excited a bout be can depend on it stranger thar s something Quot plenty More where this cum from. These a should no to wonder of the old Begum yellow nuggets never go had burst through up thur a remarked a an bet mine of yrs ought ter be another Miner. A thar s a big Cut jes Wurth anywhere from Al Ftp ter our above the Clearing an t take Hundich thousand clean Cash a inter much to induce Tho River to flow through posed a second a pics putative of Silver Camp. I a Waal nerds. I guess we Enn give Mem a what fifty thousand dollars a cd a some shelter aug food of nothing else Quot claimed the beardless youth his eyes replied Bill slowly removing his hand shoving i. Surprise As much As ins from Liis eyes which were now losing a words. A then nil my misery and wait much of i hair former keenness and ing Are rewarded at last. Thank go i brilliancy. A but it is too Good news to believe. I talk Xmas Rife in that nip that inc loss Quot where can i get half that Price for it a of Liis Fortune had troubled Bill Sun who would give me thirty Ihn Saud Dol dvrs More than lie cared to own up. He Lars for it a Sci thinly had aged much sine the Young the stranger looked around upon the swindler had Lett Tho mining Camp car group of faces about Lam. And seemed to ring with him the hard earned fortunes wait for Ini answer. Of the two old miners. Though Bill a Well stranger Quot remarked the first never spoke about his loss to his com a a a a Radeo it was evident from his manner that he brooded considerably Over Bis ruined prospects. Speaker after a Little pause a i done to want ter take advantage of scr ignorance. A twin t my Natter tir be Adoino sick underhanded work. But if to arty thousand Dollar is Yei Price i reckon my Pard an me will buy Elict claim of be. I la Tell re beforehand though thet pc Cau gel double thet Price Eye wait Long enough Blit of Cash is any of get ter be. Be Cau Hev it tor night in As Good Gold As thet Yeve dug out of Xei mine. Of it s ago jes say the word and Well walk up a few moments later a d07.cn Burly miners with rifles in their bands emerged a Bank of the the Little from the Woods near theand began struggling a they Scro from steal a a can River i i. They were Aud were evidently seeking Refuge from the flood. A hello Char Quot shouted the Foremost member of tic party As lie caught sight ter the Cabin a Settle it Afore night of Ali Silver Imp miners. A if cd be seen anything of a stray Liap Rotino these the face of the stranger still wore a Ere parts a Nice Good Lookin Chap. Doubtful expression but it soon Cle tured with a smooth face an a a Nico up As he turned to the bidder for his smooth Tongue lit be lick Jess Tell him Gold mine and said lie s wanted up at steal c Earin. We be , 1 Don t know my h about these got some Joyful news fur him thar. In matters for i have never followed the Tuvou t take him Long ter find out what business for any length of time but this t s. Up a rope an a tree ill t s All lie gentleman sold r is a fair one and i think i will take it. I Here to the two parties of miners had cum make a Fortune so that i could marry interests. A Young stranger had sue could go into business in the East a pcs fully swindled the miners of steal the face of the stranger flushed up cd caring out of several thousands of Dol quickly As he unwittingly revealed his Lars and the description of the Man secret and a knowing look passed across Given tallied exactly with those that the countenances of the miners uncork every Miner of Silver i amp remembered two whispers co hid be Lien id about a a As applying to u certain stranger a who sweetheart n the a a Rich father had entered their Village several years in Law a a poor although before. The flood Aud the danger not intended to reach the ears of the threatened to the two Rumps were forgot speaker. These remarks were plainly Amli ten. And the search for the Csc ii red ble and they merely served to confuse swindler was begun in Earnest the Young Man More than Ever. But a a Mold on boys a said Bill Saunders could to heeded n to Triblo roaring noise behind the party startled them. Faces turned a Vito with terror and hearts almost ceased to Bent. Tire River Hud broken Loose Anil was now overflowing its Bank just above Filver i amp. Quot your lives men. We Ain t got no time o Eva Etc a shouted Ono of the miners and setting the example lie broke Forth from a Lio dump of Bushes and started on a dead run for Ilio higher land. The others did not hesitate Long. Bill Saunders was the last our to turn and Alec and he was heard to mutter to he hurried through the Bushes a hell die anyhow. So it s All the same. But i a would like a a come on Bill common Quot and Jude willies almost dragged the old Mau toward Nii Geof rocks where safety for the time being Xmas Rou disc i. A few minutes later Silver Camp Xynos swept out of exist Eure by tire roaring Waters. Trees logs Aud were tumbled from posit o is. And washed Long with irresistible Force. The hats were demolished in an instant and loft floating on the bosom of Tho turbulent Stream. Bill Saunders stood perched upon Tho rocks looking intently at the Camp patiently waiting to discover the form of the one a who Luid Loli cd him of his wealth. But he looked in vain and Usilio Xvi cock of tic Village swept Down 91rc.nu, the old Miner left Liis station 011 the rocks Aud mechanically followed it still keeping Liis eyes riveted on a certain place. The other minors did not miss Liis presence and lie ran through the Woods alone muttering inarticulate words to him Elf. Dime or twice he stumbled but picking himself up with an exclamation of impatience he hurried of again. A mile below the River Tho wrecked huts were washed close to the left Bank of the Stream. A living being was clinging to one of the logs and As Lite floating a raft came within Twenty feet of the Bank the person was seen to crawl rapidly across the few planks and with a desperate jump sprawl into the water Wiltin a foot of the land. Bill Saunders a watched the Man until tic scrambled up the Steep Bank nud i d himself Ina Small Cave 1 hat overlooked the River. Then w without a Vord he turned and hurried Back to where he had left Liis comrades. The miners skulked up to the natural Deu Xvi arc the Young swindler was concealed and it Xmas surrounded before the Ono within had time to escape. When the men closed in and commanded the lieder to come Forth Ali Etc was no sound to indicate the presence of a person in the Cave. No 011c volunteered to enter the place for such an attempt would he a Foolhardy feat. A i guess he s escaped Afore to got Here Quot muttered one of the miners a done to b Lieve he was Ever in Here a Saida second. A a Bill a Kinder cracked 011 this subject Ever since we met them Fellers from i Tell Bill Saunders heard the remark Anil his rugged old face flushed up a Little. To glanced at the speaker and then turning to the men he said a boys this Ain t yer quarrel and to Aiau to right thet pc should endanger yer lives. Ill go inter Elret Cave an either to or me Oil lion ter die. Of he kills to a Venga an old mans before a reply could be made the Lii mixer cocked Liis Rifle Ami fearlessly waked up to the Mouth of the Cave. Slowly his form disappeared from sight and the watchers outside listened for the report of a Rifle. But none came. A bring a Light boys. It s dark in with different degrees of astonishment they heard Bill s voice making his request. When they entered the dark r ave in a hotly they found the old nmn bending Over the prostrate form of the swindler lie w i dead Killo i by internal injuries received in the River. By his Side was a Small package containing so in it in uni Teti slates Gold certificates and pinned to his breast was a Large visiting card on which Xmas screw led in a trembling bassinets hand these words a a live this Money to girl Bill ii aunders and his Pard. I meat to them in full what i took from them. But Xvi have parted company forever now. I Hope Luck will come to the miners Ofa Ivor Camp. Willin a a Swinton Gambler swindler land grabber and gentleman of a a a to nine to bad 0�?T him wishing us Good in comically commented one of the no Quot grinned another pointing toward the River a seeing that there ainu to 110 More Silver a still boys i be heard it said a interrupt d Bandy tip the Prophet of the Camp a thet Xvi nth soae Many a loss is a other Many a gain. So who knows but we xviii Hev better fuck Atter and they did. When the Waters subsided the miners returned to Tho old place of their Homes and erected another Village of Lints. Cold was found 011 the surface of the ground a there the water Lind xxx asked it up and the diggings yielded Good profits the first Day they Verc a worked. The flood had been a Blessing to the men for it brought the Long looked for Luck to Silver Camp. By the unanimous consent of the miners it was agreed 1 hat the new Village should be christened Holden Camp and the name of Silver Camp gradually Felt into epoch. Wise words. Moment Intel lie recovered himself and turning to the Miner a who had offered to buy his claim he said with a nervous Jerk in his voice. A was the Man who Lias been most injured by ibis Young �?T1111, in a entitled to follows the Rix or let the other two scour the country out a a Bill a right. We must t be hotheaded bout this Ere Job a responded Lake willies Vith a 6hakc of his Bead. A of will accept your offer. I need the say something. We must go a bout this Cash and want 10 Start for the East As thing thoughtfully. We want ter catch soon As possible. Keep out enough from thet youngster an we ii do it either by the thirty thousand to you for your our hands 01 our bullets. Now lets Best horse. I ran then Start for separate into three parties. While one ouch a there such a Xvi come will meet Ina As you men never dream All that cd cuing the a in Civ Fiudo was discussed by groups of men �11 Over the. Camp Aud there were Many hop club a by c Lead the party Down Tho River Bill hearts among the crowds. Tuo Streak and til take charge of an Uther thet goes of ill Luck Xmas now about to pass Wuy Over yonder. Cum men thar a no time and no Ono could ill a who a would be the ter be next one to make a Luck stroke. The ouch More the two outraged Minera stranger had already deserted the Cluro seemed to renew their Youthful a pryncess for parts unknown taking Vith him the and. As they hurried along Down blessings nud Good wishes of those whom River their eyes a acre As keen and their he left behind and Bill Saunders and footing As sure As they had been Evhen Jake willies the two purchasers of Tho they nest entered Silver Camp nearly mine were nov the centres of Venty years before. Every open Glade to the Oft repeated query Quot Hov docs and Rocky Cle tuition Xmas quickly it out Panis a they Ali avs replied searched and then on card the party a a furst rate. Evon Bette re a i a . Sped toward another Good place for Enn Forth next two Days Small Golden Calm Cut losing no time in follow Ngethe Trail of their victim. Nuggets were found in the strangers mine and the two Grimy miners Yvore convinced that their bargain had been a Good one. Then they suddenly ceased j lord signs of the Golden to Cut i a a the vein had taken course and they changed Tho Diree tit of their excavations. But All to no purpose. The Farthur they dug into the sides of the mine the less of tic pre Cious b in Tance they seemed to Lind. They returned to their hut that night the Trail led directly Toxvard Silver Camp and tops of the huts were just visible above the surrounding underbrush Evhen the form of a Man was seen to skulk Ano lick a tip from the rivets Bank and to enter Iree Tion one of the rude dwelling places. A Hist boys Hist he a gone inter one of the hut. Well Hev him it Xmas the voice of Bill Saunders Aud it Tromb de Vith excitement As lie uttered. The words of caution. But before they be Content the sea hath fish enough. Black plums May eat As Sweet As i White. Honor and profit do not always lie in 1 the same sack. An evil intention perverts the Best Aci tons and makes them sins. A. A coxcomb is ugly All Over Vith Tho affectation of the Fine gentleman. The Mil streams that turn Tho Clappers of the a world arise in solitary places. Tire go can Cut of one s self is the Only True Freedom of the individual. Truth is tie most pox Erful thing in the a world. Sins fiction can Only Picaso by its re cml its a to it. General drawn from part Cullars Are the jct vols of Knox Lodge comprehending great store in a Little room. There May be times when silence is Gold and speech is Lxi or but there arc times also Evhen silence is death an 1 speech is life. Allow wisely do they act who take no anxious ton gel for the Morrow a Butare attentive according to present ability to the duties of the present Day. is not altogether a delirium yet it has Many Points in common herewith. Call it rather a discerning of the infinite in the finite of the Ideal made real. Hov Many daily occasions there Are for the exercise of patience lore Uranec by Nix of circe Good humor cheerfulness Candor sincerity comp Sioa and self denial. Truth is the object of our understand in a As Good is of our will and the understanding can no mire be delighted with a lie than the will Cau Hoose an. Apparent yellow fevers record since the alarm began. Not Blair so ital a us Many imagine the epidemic now appear to be checked boy i can-<1 id 11 in is for governor a Juar us Tiuch. Monday on is Tho first month of Tho obis. Tenco of yellow fever in Jacksonville Fla. To acc Oil is not frightful so far considering Tho panic it has created throughout Tho country. It is As follows total cases 0110 Hundred and Uvaun deaths seventeen discharged cured Twenty eight under treatment sixty two May of whom Are console cent. The sensational stories about the suppression of nows of cases and deaths by the Qutb Oritis arc utterly false. Possibly a few cases have not been reported by family physicians but the number is doubt Csc Oit set by cases reported Taftt Are not typical yellow fever cases. No death has been sup or scrod. Tho Hoard of health announced to first suspicious Case that of Mccormick of Tampa at Tho grand Union hotel Tho was discovered and so it is with other costs. Of late there has prevailed most unfavourable Walher it being sunshiny hot yet few now cases went Dovolo he seven constituting Tho list. Ono of the c. H. Pollard was brought from Tho Camp at st Mary s River and died. There have been two Dun tbs besides Bullard a a Lurlon Mays u coloured Man and Albert Fisher a fireman e. M. Me Arthur a fireman of Tho s. F. Amp a. It. tiled it is rumoured of yellow Over. His physicians Conini that it was from a congestive chill. Hillside of Jacksonville every disc of sickness or 1 Leal 1� at Saul place is set Down As yellow fever. There great i Edigna to Ltd not the Shu thing or of Middle Georgia and the mountains. The modification allowing i Erous to go in Points beyond the m in Minig Lon find Memphis Lino is regarded As a Freak of the Marine Hospital service As Seine places North of that line Are Subj it to fever epidemics while Somo of Tho Best most accessible and healthy Region of country South of the Lino Are still inviting our i it Roplo to come in. Political work is much hampered by Tho fever nud consequent scare. Hotly the democratic nil Republican candidates for Tho governorship it Avo been Captain Fleming at Monticello Ami colonel Shipman at his Home in Salt Yufor har kiting relatives who Are refugees from Jacksonville. Roth Aro free now. Thu Schooner Charlotte Sibley with Ico from Belfast me., came in monday. Trio Crew stopped at Mayport Tho was brought up by a tug in charge of stevedores. Slio will to towed to the saw Quill below Tho City and fumigated. There was great excitement in a \ Ilia Over the fact that e. Mccar Llmer a yellow Over patient died at so. 32ft Church Street and the body Laid there having been exposed in that condition for twelve hours. Tho people a routed state that no yellow fun hag or guard was placed Over the House is or. Romero who attended Tho deceased said that Mccarth tir did not have the yellow fever. Believing this a of persons visited Tho sick Man and it is feared thut sonic of them May contract the Congress. Ele Crnic motor a pecked. Seven passengers in f lie car injured one fatally. A motor and car on Tho South Sido electric railway ran Nway at Pittsburg and was completely wrecked. Tho motor and cur were coining Down the Steep a nolo at mount Oliver when Tho so d suddenly in creased and the Engineer lost control of the brakes. The train sped with lightning rapidity to Tho Bottom of the Hill when it jumped the tick and plunged into a Telegraph pole Tho motor was twisted nud broken and the cab was smashed to splinters. The Force of the sudden Sto Pugo snapped Tho car coupling and hurled the car into a ditch. Tho seven occur tit of Tho car were injured. Ono . Herron was terribly Cut about. To ical fico and i Rdv. She 1� unconscious and is believed to Fino sustained fatal internal injuries. Mrs Heinrich was Cut about the head and Lindy but will recover. Charles ,.�?Tun, mrs. Eliw Ibelli Stewart and mrs. Elizalu of i Moore Tho other passengers sustained painful out and bruises but were Noble to return to their Homes . Engineer Mucci Clieny jumped from the cab and was badly Hurt. Conductor Smyt Lio also Jum cd but escaped with slight injury. Tho in also of Tho Accident is attributed to Tho Engineer failing to lower Tho sprocket wheel and la of Iii unable to Stop the motor by the two of he Brake. One of the passengers claims thut the Engineer did lower Tho sprocket wheel is he heard him do it so and that lie is not responsible for the Accident. This was the second Accident in three weeks. Tho escape of the passengers from instant death is regarded us miraculous. Earthquake in Japan. Over five Hundred people killed by the eruption of Bandison the state department has received from minister Hubbard at Tokio on account of a trip recently taken by or. F. S. Mansfield the Secretary of the United states legation to Tho scene of the disastrous volcanic eruption of the Mountain Bandison in Tho province of Winshire. Tho bettor slates thin Tho urst disturbance was noticed on july 15, and was followed by three earthquake shocks ten minutes apart. Lieu a loud explosion took place accompanied by another terrific trembling. Thu air became filled with Black ashes and a suffocating sulphurous dust. Many persons were killed in tie great panic that ensued Whilo others died of suffocation. At four of clock in the afternoon Tho eruption which lasted seven hours entirely ceased. A the number of lives lost was 5is, and Only seventy bodies have been recovered. Tho Imperial government has established hospitals for the Enro of the wounded. In Tho villages surrounding Tho Mountain a majority of the houses were thrown Down. The Rice crop has been ruined and Tho land will probably never be fit for cultivation again. Ronio sessions i8f/rn . Chandler concluded his speech on Tho alleged election outrages in Louisiana. The la Csengo in re gun to Tho fisheries treaty was brought into Tho sonata but Trio Senate voted to adjourn without having tic Iii Igo read. 187m Dav or. Morgan of Alabama introduced a Bill to give elect to the the Bafigo of president Cleveland on Tho fisheries treaty. A prolonged Del with on the presidents ims Sago ensued in which Liis course was sharply criticised by senators Edmunds Hoar Hale and others and vigorously defended by sen at or Morgan. 18sth Seimoto Wasut session to Day. Iwami Day a Iii Tho sonata or. Wilson concluded speech in denunciation of alleged election outrages it Jackson miss., and was replied to by or Walthall. Doth . Hoard a Resolution calling on president Cleveland for All correspondence with Tho government of Arntt Hrit Nin in regard to Tho unfair treatment of citizens of the United Stantas by the Cun Diau government was adopted. Or. Allison made a lengthy explanation of the Confor onco report on Tho sundry civil Eppro nation Bill and a Deanto of a political nature ensued participated in by senators Allison Beck Halo Blackburn and others. 101st . Reagan introduced a Bill to admit jute bugging free of duty. Or. Gorman Uncle a reply to or. Allison Speed i contrasting Tho expenditures under the administration of Arthur and Cleveland. sessions. Sift Tel . Wilson introduced n Bill conferring further Powers of Trio president for the Protection of american a residents a message in regard to the fisheries treaty was rend and referred. 187th Confor onco report providing for the Purchase of a site or Sites for Tho now York custom House and Nupp risers stores was adopted. Tho remainder of Tho session was spent in a fruitless Effort to got a quorum on Tho up Penl from the chairman a decision ruling Tho French spoliation out of Tho deficiency appropriation Bill. An even ing session was held for Tho consideration of Privato pension Bills. 18stii Touso was without a quorum and adopted a Resolution revoking All leaves of absence except those granted on account of illness. The revocation takes Elf cot monday. 180m . Yost spoke in favor of Tho Bini educational Bill and charted lilo failure of the passage of the measure to Tho democratic party. He was replied to in a spirited manner by or. Wise. Tho Alouso passed Tho deficiency appropriation bid after Tho provision for Tho inv input of Trio French spoliation claims had Boon Rulo out on a Point of order. To Otic . Wheeler of Ala., on by Balf of the committee on expenditures in the Treasury department. Nell a a up Tho Bill to provide a or print no government Sec Tiri ties in the highest style ref Art. In his motion and by a a if of yens i Oft nays 1, Tho Alouso proceeded to Quot the consideration of the Bill in committee of the whole. It list of Tho session was spent in discussing the Oklahoma crippled. Serious difficulties threatened by tic delay in making appropriations. War department officials Are becoming not a Little Dunne Over Tho meagre prospects for Tho Poss ago of the army appropriation my the situation it present seems to warrant tue Neuer tax to Oill at Uli cuu be enacted it this session indoor it is feared that the Senate will oven refuse to tide Over Tho difficulty by passing another emergency Resolution continuing further last years appropriations in which event the army would be left in a pretty predicament. It is quite important that action of Sora kind should a taken during the coming week for on the 31st Insl the Resolution under which Tho army is at present paid will soon expire Ami then will commence Trio embarrassing be Rio i. With no fund available the who is of Tho whole department will to blocked i sult ing in great hardship to thousands of people and of no end of embarrassment to the government. Tie officers and enlisted men wifi of course have gout claims for delayed when appropriations do become available Lor the commissions of the former Ami terms of Tho of the latter Are con tracts limit a. Government cannot ignore hut in the Case of the Many civilian who no connected with Tho Anny in one Way or another they would nil Ivo to by discharged after the u 1st inst. Thin being the situation Tho Senate would make a Wise Dinovo by refusing top is and More emergency resolutions for by such a Cimon they would fore the House to either accept the army Bill with the ordinance amendment attached or the serious Ros Tonsi Bibity for leaving the army in such a plight. Considerable embarrassment has already ensued through the delay m acting on Tho Bill. The appropriations contained in it for of and improvement of buildings at military should have been available two months ago ill order that the much needed improvements should be under Way d iring the building season. In anticipation of tie $3u0.1x>0 appropriation fun r the construction of buildings at fort Sheridan Tho military Post mar Chicago arrangements wore being made to commence work at once but it will be utterly impossible now to begin building operations before next season even if the Bill should be a by his son in Law. Beginning of another Kentucky fetid will cd promises to Cut Well. The any has been prepared for a picturesque fued in Tho Hills near Springfield by. About thro3 of tick monday Petar l. Head Init his Home a few mics from Springfield and started to Ualk up the Road. He bad proceeded Abr a Quarter of a mile when his son in Law a no Miu no Udd Euly came around a turn no i nud Tho two met face to free. men Drew their pistols id commenced firing about the sumo time. Half a dozen Bull is were exchanged and head fell to the ground shot in three places. Several men who had been at work near by rushed to the pot but not in Timo to inter cent Milton. Who jumped Over the Fence Aud made his Cap. was removed to his borne where he died a few hours later. He was one of the Best known and wealthiest men in Washington his Mother. William Henry Miller son of the late John Miller a prominent citizen and banker of Columbus Ohio while showing a revolver to one of bit Childr. N in front of his residence accidentally discharged it Aud the Ball struck his Mother standing a few Steps away and instantly killed her. A Young woman thrash n Sian do scr on the Street there was n Lively scone in West st Paul -minn., in which j m. Hawthorne a we known lawyer a id three Young ladies figured As principals. One of the indies miss Bello Ferguson Wenj provided with a horse whip her sister bandied a baseball club and the third Mem Bor of the party miss ring Wold was a passive Spectator. Or. Hux Thorno was walking on Chicago Avenue toward a Noti when to espied Tho Trio who suddenly emerged from Mather so Taro. The lawyer started across Tho Street but miss Bidlo Ferguson followed behind him Aud plying her horse whip smartly across his should to and hands. A Largo crowd was quickly attracted by Tho unusual Seeno and after miss Ferguson h id satisfied he Reolf so withdrew with her companions unmolested. Miss Belle Ferguson is about Twenty eight years of ago. And Sho has Boon outspoken in her determination to horse whip or. Haw Thorno As soon a to Opportunity presented itself. It was stared that she waited for her victim n couple of liar it first having fully informed herself of the route to pursued to his office on Dakota Avenue. B do the Ferguson girls came Over to the United states from Scotland about eighteen i months ago and reside with their father at whose House boards Tow. 31. D. Roberts pastor of Tho Westminster presbyterian Church. A Short time ago a Story was set ski tit Tomt Tho ii Astor was too intimate with miss Ferguson and a Church trial followed. Or. Roberts or s acquitted Aud invited to remain. Hawthorne iras Ono of the trustees and learning tent to had circulated the a tory derogatory to her character Sho gave him the Hong a flipping boy bravery. The houss of John peo Reod of , minn., out red by three Trumps a who demanded Money mid food. White they were Parl eying Wii i mrs. Pearson her Little son 10 years old slipped a routed and opened hrs on the tramps Vith a Shotgun and tilled Trio and legs of one of them full of Bird shot. The. V All ii. D and the Hoy pursued them shooting As lie ran. To managed to bring Down another a ibo Xmas carried off by his companions. The Farmers turned out and a lurched tor the tramps Ell night but Collnot had Ihetu. A tie next Day the i ramps returned and fired two shots through lilo windows of la Edison a a Boas of it a with unit of sect. V. 1cable Sparks. Tvo bombs Zero exploded in Tirls the Leo kit us suffering from rheumatism. Tho a owns Uro causing trouble in Madagascar. Tho King of Denmark a 111 visit emperor William. A military conspiracy Lias been discovered lit Madrid a revolt Ngn inst Tiu Ameer of Afghani Tan is reported a a thunderstorm or or Vienna caused great loss of life and Inq Seriy. A Congress of life Ruuti catholics will meet at Kru Bourg in september. Lien. Strehle chief of Tho German Engineer corps is Aland to retire. The Cir of Russia has presented his portrait to Lount Herbert Bismarck. Borland amp Wolff a shipyards at Belfast have of account of a strike. Elections fur i Egermann is met in will Lake place about the Middle of october. Herr Trofort minister of Public instruction in tile hungarian cab ii is dead. Tho King of Curtoni Birg is growing worse end is about to leave Stuttgart for Nice. Tie difficulties Between Trio of Havana India and their employees continue. Elaborate preparations no being made in Italy Lor the reception of emperor William. Uen Boulanger has been elected to the chamber of deputies in lilo department of Somme. Cell. Boulanger wus Elo eted in Throe departments of France and to Micro was much rioting at the polls. The Christian associations delegates it Stockholm were received it the Royal Palace at Drotis Giliam. President Carnot of Franco replying to 111 address says lilo country Xmas not lust though enemies have gamed a foothold. Herr Richter accuses Tho Gorman official papers Vith attacking and annoying Empress Victoria. The expressions of emperor William of Germany Uro looked Ujj ii of indicating to no axed Bud feeling toward Russia. It is thought Tho trial of or. Parnell a notion against Trio time can Lio delayed until after tic report of the commission. Trio itch Iii minister of foreign affairs in a note to the its Liau government declares that Italy has no right to mrs Soevah. The result of the visit of Signor Crispi to Prince Bismarck xviii it issued he to prevent in phys Siuwun Campaign Aud irritation of Franco by methods revived. An anti Avii Lucy cilia cd in a South Carolina town. Tho Vicinity of Scranton a thriving town in Williamsburg county s. G., is excited Over a recent genuine Kun flux attempt to intimidate t. Willoughby Ono of Iuo largest manufacturers in the state. To is a Promin it advocate of Temperance and about to years ago to began a Unis ado against whiskey which resulted in the town being decided dry. This cd cited the ire of Trio liquor element nil it Blind was organized to break up his Busino s and Force b m to leave the town. Trio first Steps were taken about a Mouth ago when Willoughby a mutter Mec Only Vns attacked Ono night by a who after beating him Badty shot him twice not seriously however and ran him out of town. Tho next went to u limit a Diioro a in wife any if and created a great disturbance by firing olt guns nud Elslo amp am calling for Willoughby in a very threatening tone. D Willoughby recon tired several of them is leading citizens of the town Anil he promptly a a Fil Tver rants sworn out against them. A few Days ago Tho whole town was thrown info great excitement by Tho arrest of 13 White men and 3 negroes upon Tho charge of . Since tics. Arrests has received several threatening 1 trite a. One of them reads is follows a sir. Take notice no negro equalizer can Roost Mound Scran on. You Are no lower Only thirty Days to leave. By order the must High Council. Signed Tho White mail s Tho letters Are not having Tho desired Effort however As i Willoughby intends pushing Tho Capo to Tho very end Ami some startling revelations Ore looked for when Tho preliminary trial of the defendants a ill take place. Both sides have Strong friends Aud the situation is Douai Dorceil quite critical. Modern Dick Turpin. A cattle dealer attacked and plundered by Highway men. A bold Highway robbery was perpetrated near Clarksburg. William John n cattle dealer who handles thou Grimls of Cottlo every year was on his Way Home with his Poco s loaded with Money the receipts of a Large Sale. In his trousers a lockets was some fio and nearly $-100 More mostly in Largo Bills won in his Waistcoat. He was Riding in a buggy alone along a Road when three men whom he met attacked him. Ono went to the Reir of the buggy while one of Tho others levelled a revolver at his head in 1 the third demanded his Money. Johns made an attempt to escape when the Man with the revolver fired close enough to his head to frighten him from Bis purpose. By this time the Man in Trio rear had dexterously slipped a Roj get around Tho arms of their victim and tied him fast. They then filled ills pocket cutting open his clothes in their Hart. Every Dollar about him was taken. The men then left taking filter Clit directions. Ron of them were masked and Mode no Effort to hurry away. About an hour after Johns got ids arms Loose and went to town where he informed the police. Murderous squatters. Men who think Schoij Jinns give the bus titles to Liimol j. W. I expelling a who is Diggle Birnn Zirri in Nils Jurehn cd by the Slon Ennell summer resort company from the Maxwell Grant it Trinidad col., was notified by settlers Tomt be should not prose Euta Trio Vork. Levelling sent to Trinidad for onus and ammunition and xviii disregard till turets against his life. E. Randolph himself an old settler at san Nevall but a Elm occupies a ranch under lease from the Grunt company wrote a letter to sheriff Burns that one Hundred settlers Huil notified his wife during his Al Fence from Home thut both himself a nil wife a would i hanged unless they should leave at once. Thu sheriff Lias sent special deputies to the scene to Endeavor to keep the Ponce. Ejectment suite Are being prepared against seventy seven settlers. The settlers go armed nne a Sav they will 103151. A col-1 Gion and bloodshed therefore seems in in Iucci. Markets. Mills extra,?3.25 a sets wheat Southern Fultz Ornbo cts corny Southern White is ducts yellow 5u -57cts. Oats Southern and Pennsylvania bal Kluts. Rye Maryland and Pennsylvania a a outlets Hnyz Maryland and Pennsylvania Tutta �17.10 str nov a i ,7.0ca?s.00 butter Eastern creamery.boabbcts., near by receipts 15altlctschee�c�?eastern fancy Cream 10# alojicts., Western. 0# n 10 cts eggs�?17a-1s cattle�?43.s5a4.50 sir inc crinum cts. Sheep and Lamb a 3a4# cts tobacco Leaf inferior lurb.-v1. Good common,3 50a cd 50. Middling 5o�7.0ogood to one led task fancy Loukili. Next York flour Southern common to fair extra. 2.00asb.45 ,9s noorts. Rve state 54a50 come Southern yellow 5 la55cts. Oats White state 32a33 cts butter state 15a20 cts. Cheese state to fish cts. Eggs�?15ali5 cts. Shilati Elanta a flour a Pennsylvania in nov i,7<ja 1.75 the Ute Pennsylvania and a Southern red Osa tocts Rye Pennsylvania i -,7n5i cts corny Southern yellow 50a57 cts. J Oats Llali cts butter state Sal j cts. I cheese a. Y. Factory Llali cts. Eggs 1 state. 17als and casualties. By the falling of a Lionso in a Roco at Augusta Maine four Jar sous were injured. Jacob and i pm. Mahon. Brothers were kilted near Beltaire Ohio by a premature explosion of powder in n Quarry. Tvo Lions named Poohl und Siroy aged about 10 Yeni a Scro drowned in the lilo River at Rochester Retina a while Bat lung. Dennis Hoard a and Richard Welch who wore Lin Atilo to swim wore drowned at Lroy new y., by the overturning of their boat. In Sargent a Bay Lunko Momphrey agog we. L. and miss Mellie arc Liulam of Montreal were drowned. Their boat was Ca a sized. Whilo walking in a political procession in Allentown penun., a Reimer fell dead in he ranks. To was a prominent citizen und u former county treasurer. In gout off Down from a Load of any near Zine Seville Ohio n Farmer slip it cd and foil on u four pronged Fork and three of tie prong entered his by curl to died soon ill tar. Edward cull and Sidio Flioy were drowned in the allo Liony River at Pittsburg. Dili who was drunk jumped into the water and upset a Skift in which Tho girl was set eing. Goo go Rainsford a Preodor of blooded i Orts near cling w Ater Wyoming territory lost 18 of his horses valued at >00,1 00, and narrowly escaped death himself by a Llali of lightning. As proves for Bartholomew was Al out As Cin iding in a Baloon at Lagrange Mississippi Tho Polo j5 foot High fell into the crowd killing two boy Charles graft Miller and Gilbert Appleman. During a storm a passenger train on tie Cincinnati Southern Railroad truck a tree Aci Oss the track Between Nemo Aud Oakdale ten Osseo and was derailed. Five sengers wore slightly injured. By the explosion of a Small retort filled with molten instal which by mistake was plunged into a barrel of water it Tho Chicago und Aurora smelting works at Chicago. Ruse Eroz Lau was instantly killed. Robert Holmes and Johnlo Lowry living near Oswego now York hired a sail boat to go to to a Jdc Nic several Miles from tic Harbor. The boat has Lias bum form i on the Bench and it is feared they have been drowned. While Samuel Williams with his wife and six year old child was returning from a Field to his House near Aurora Arkansas a Large Oak tree fell Upo i them. Williams and his child were killed and the woman was dangerously wounded. Isaac Speckter a merchant of Kansas City mo., was aroused by his wife and told there were Surg Lars in Trio store. A moment inter a Shadow crossed the door and Spreckler fired fatally wounding his wife. Ruts caused Tho noise in the store. While Bunting for a leak in Tho Gas pipe in the Collar of a schneider1� soon in Multi Moru an explosion occurred which blow out Tho front of the building. A Young son of or. Schneider was thrown nearly across the Street and will probably die. Mrs. By Melder was badly burned. John Holmes of cloves Ohio became drunk at a party. Returning Home to grew weary and Lay Down on the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad track at North Bend and was run Over and killed by a freight train. On the same track and in the sent locality a few hours later mrs. Mary Ladd �55 years old was struck and killed by Tho st. Louis limited express a new York Mahoning and Western Railroad passenger train collided with a freight train on the Lako Erie and Western Railroad it Findlay Ohio. Both locomotives were wrecked and considerable damage was done. Powell who jumped from Tho train was severely injured. The other passengers were badly shaken up. August Johnson a Dane aged 21 years who was admitted to tie county Hospital at Chicago was found to to sult ering from tubercular leprosy. Johnson Chino to this country when three years old nil enjoyed goo i health until eight months ago when the Loat Isomo disease no penned in the form of a Small red Blotch of his right loin. He is now covered with tubercles. The origin of the disease is a mystery to the Chicago doctors. Hie Tower. 158 feet High of Tho new Church of the covenant it Washington d. C., Rev. Or. Hamlin pastor fell taking with it Tho entire front portion of the edifice. The dam a age is placed at from $li>,000 to $20,000. The builder said Tho foundations of the Tower were nil right but Tho trouble was with the piers at the Lour ends or Corners of the Tower were took weak. The entire weight of the superstructure was carried by Arches on the piers. Defiant liquor dealers. Strong kicks against Ohio a sunday closing Law. A week ago sunday the German warriors association of Tho United states held its annual meeting in Cleveland Ohio. Although there is a strict Law providing that alls icons in Tho state shall be closed on sunday nearly All the principal Saloon keepers of the City opened their doors that Day and sold liquor Over the bar without any attempt it concealment. This flagrant violation of Tho Law was denounced As in outrage by Tho press and Twenty five of the leading offenders were arrested. Last sunday evening the liquor dealers and their sympathizers bold it mass meeting and protested against Tho action of the police and resolved to defy the sunday closing Law in the future and fight it in the courts As unconstitutional. This action has aroused Tho utmost indignation. Citizens Are arranging fora monster mass meeting in music Hall in the interest of Law and order and sunday closing. Tho Saloon keepers arrested for keeping open sunday were arraigned in Tho Polico court. Their attorney claimed that they Lind been Given to understand by the City authorities that they we ult not to prosecuted if they sold Boron the sunday in question Ami that under Tho circumstances boy should not be prosecuted. Judge Coates overruled the motion to dismiss the cases and the men will probably receive a jury shaken up. A northbound freight train was delayed on the main track of Tho Cincinnati Hamilton and in you at Columbus Grove tuesday. Tic conductor sent a leak Emma Forward to Flag a special train due from Ottawa with militia for Tho state Encampment at Columbus and went Back by self to Flag the regular Norlhboun-1 express from a Lent Tho express at the conductor s warning took a siding but the brakeman dial not stay at his most. The result was a collision bet ecu the special running and the Froid Abc standing stiff. The locomotives were badly smashed and two cars of the special train were thrown from the track. The Soldier boys were badly shaken up and. Three of them slightly Hurt. The Only other persons injured were trainmen on the special. Conductor Sullivan received a Scalp wound Engineer Ayres was injured about the legs and Tho baggage master wooden bad his leg and Black at War. Tvo lives taken and a general Itice conflict looked for. Great excitement prevails tit Florence s. A. Nud fears Are entertained of a general coufllc1 Between the White and Block people because of a shooting affray which resulted in the death of a negro and a a Vito nun. W. A Blount a Constable arrested Jim Muld Roxy coloured for stealing. Three negro women armed with hoes rescued the prisoner for Xvi ice Tiluy were arrested Anil fined to dollars each. These women Vero relatives of a. Walter Howe who sword von Gen acc against the countable. Edvard Blount s brother Xmas walking along Tho Street when Howe a who mistook him for the Constable suddenly ran out of a store and shot him through the Groin. 1 a Lount though dip brately wounded pulled out his pistol Anil tired three shots at Hie assailant killing him summary. Or. R. Ii. Milner of Chester pa., committed suicide through grief at the death of wife. Joseph Breed cashier of the Hartford a Tiki Rel Bank at Hartford it committed suicide by cutting his Throat. Mary Ann Mcnamara and Julia Terry of Chicago Hud a slugging match according to prize ring rules. The Sioux indians driven off these Kahono reservation had donned their War paint and murdered several persons. Herbert l. Smith 1ms been Arres cd in now York charged with forgeries committed in Washington. A collision Between freight trains on the and Ohio Railroad resulted to Tho death of an Engineer and two brakeman. Ono Hundred and fifty Rug weavers mostly girls employed at Xiv. T. Smith s Mill Philadelphia have gone on strike because Inex it Crl need boys Buve been employed As Xvi uders. The Bronze st Tuo of Tho poet Burns Tho gift of miss Mary Mcpherson lies been placed on its scotch and american Pedestal in Albany n. Y. Mrs. Ann Jackson Whoso husband met with a violent death just one year ago was struck by in express train and instantly killed at Eaton toxin n. J. To Chicago West division elevated Railroad company was incorporated and it will Cross Tho River Vith a Tunnel line thus connect aug Tho Yves torn Section Vith the other parts of Tho City. Firo destroyed a Block of buildings at Lancaster wis., doing �40,000 damage. Tho Mother and sister of Hugh m. Brown who Xmas recently hanged at st. Louis cot Tho Preller murder have left for their Home i England. Pony Poe a negro Xmas lynched at Bellefontaine miss., for assault aug three women. Jars. Mary Conr link Hume dropped Deid while preparing to Bathe in Tho Ocean at Long Island. A Lehigh Valley Railroad locomotive boiler exploded of the train was going up Tho Mountain near walk Escarre pa., and Joseph Vanhorn a brakeman was killed. The lox or portion of Luzerne county. Pa., has been flooded Vith bogus Coin and Frank Lavallon Lias been arrested and has reached on to rest of the gang. While Partridge Hunting at Lake Placyde n y., Daniel of Connell assistant United states District attorney of new York City accidentally so and fatally injured John obey Bis guide. Thirty seven new costs of yellow fever at Jacksonville Fia. Tho late Charles Crocker of the Southern Pacific Railroad company left an estate to his family valued at Over Twenty five millions. Mrs. Lucinda Fletcher of Springfield it. Celebrated the our Hundredth anniversary of her birth. Forest fires no doing great damage in 31icbignn. We. T. Clark a Clever forger bos been arrested in now York. Charles w. Waldron a Bank manager of Hillsdale mich., has absconded. Michael Connell died at Lynchburg va., aged Ono Hundred and two years. Freeman g. Cory founder of Farmers College Ohio died at Cincinnati. In a playful manner a mrs. Frazer of st. John n. B., shot a Young girl fatally. Maggie Puzzle aged Twenty years was killed of a Railroad trestle near Janesville wis. Labor leaders Are arranging fora More Complete organization of miners in the Coal and Coo Fields. There have Boon 107 cases of yellow fever 17 of which wore fatal during the past month to Jacksonville Fla. Isaac May of the firm of Elsas 3iay amp co. Owners of the Fulton Cotton spinning Cora Pany of Atlanta go., is dead. By Tho falling of a Largo Derrick at East Saginaw mich., two Brothers named Collier wore killed and several other persons injured the Pennsylvania Railroad company has begun suit against the Arthur kill Bridge company for five millions of dollars damages. A Man calling himself k. S. Burns bought one Hundred and thirty eight steers at South Omaha neb and passed a bogus draft in payment. Major j. J. Cummings a prominent rail Road contractor was loud dead in bed a victim of delirium themeus at a hotel in Atlanta go. The flog stall of the new Jersey Ruble. Works liar Ding at new Brunswick n. Was struck by lightning Aud a panic caused among the employees. A sixteen year old coloured boy was lynched at Brownstown Sevier county ark., for out raging Tho five year old daughter of Farmer Joseph a. Tolly. Admiral Porter is ill. A report comes from Presque to county Michigan that cholera is raging there. An electric car ran away on it Pittsburg City railway Aud seven persons were badly injured. Tho extensive stocking manufactory of Herman Klein amp son Cincinnati was burned. Loss $100,000. In s. Benjamin and f. A. Bates members of a bankrupt mining firm were arrested m Chicago on the charge of conspiracy. Tho old Libby prison will not Likely 1� removed from Richmond to Chicago is the Chicago Syndicate who were to Purchase it have not come to terms. Presi Cut Fitzgerald of the Irish National league in America to issued Mii Appeal to the state delegates to raise a Purnell defense fund among the Irish americans. Houck amp Comstock a manufacturing works at Mechanicsburg up. Destroyed by fire and Jacob Evans u discharge-1 employee arrested on suspicious of causing Tho fire. Trio Barge governor Jackson foundered at sen Between Capo Lenry and Delaware breakwater and Tho coloured Cook and his wife and child wore drowned. A Pinkerton detective spoiled the escape of it couple of Chicago burglars by capturing to boil tools and the Booty they had just secured from Henry in. King amp cons clothing store. John d. Guilott Tho cattle King of Illinois is dead. Four tramps were run Down at Hackensack n. J. Two of Thorn wiil Dio. William Johns it cattle buyer of Clarksburg w. Vo., was robbed of $700. Robert Coulton Davis of Philadelphia tie oldest druggist in the country is dead. The Saloon keepers of Cleveland Ohio have resolved to ignore nil sunday Laws. Joseph Chumley was filled by his lather in Law Quincy Harbor near Collinsville Ala. The town of Clinton ind., was nearly destroyed by lire. Uno Block of business Houes was destroyed. Appropriate resolutions were adopted of to death of general Sheridan at a i Ealing held in London. Thos. Kelly was stabbed eight times by Thomas Sweeney at Lowell mass., la a quarrel about a woman. During a Fox Hunt of miners near Union town. Pa., the men quarrelled and Thomas Jel tries shot and Killel Jacob Gollock. The drying House of Tho giant powder company of son Francisco exploded killing two White men and three chinamen. Or. Robert Garrett bus been removed from new York to Tuxedo Park near Ingleside Large farm of mayor Hewitt in now Jersey. An express train on Tho Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad at Stevenson Ala., struck a buggy killing j. F. Moulton fatally injuring his child und slightly injuring his Wile. Fire in Tho Dye works of Allen amp mein Bardt Philadelphia did $11,001 damage and watch Road Mathers dropped Doft Whilo carrying packages of Woolen yarn from the blazing headlong to death while a party of Young people were returning Homo from a picnic at , wis., walking o i the Chicago and Northwestern railway track Thoy were caught on the High trestle by a freight Trarlu. 3uss Maggie Puzzle Twenty year of nge. Was knocked from the trestle instantly killed. The other member of the party escaped crawling out on the ends of the tics. Mis Cuiulo struck on Tho rocks thirty feet below and was terribly mangled

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