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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - November 17, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Volume c. H., va., saturday March 1912. Number 33 George l. Doughty jr., attorney at Law. J offices Accomac and Belle Haven. Practices in All courts on the Eastern 8hore of Virginia. P. Aylett attorney at Law. Office Accomac c. Practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Abbott Byrd attorney and 0>. It valor at Law. Offices Accomac j. H., Shinco Teague Island a d me Tompkin a. At Chincoteague Island 4th week in every month. Will practice in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. John w West attorney at Law. Practices in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of a. Offices at Onancock and Accomac 0. Stewart k. Powell attorney at Liaw offices a Accomac 0. And Onan cock a. Practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. N b. Wescott. S. Jas. Turlington. Wescott sctt Arlington attorneys at Law offices Accomac 0. H., map Surg and pair Oaks. A. Practice in �11 the courts on the e a Stern Shore of Virginia. G. Wawer Mapp. Brooks Mapp Mapp amp at Law. Offices Grangeville Keller and Accomac 0. H., practice in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia Otho p. Mears attorney at Law offices Eastville Northampton county and Accomac court House practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. John 8. Parsons attorney Ai Law. Accomac courthouse. \ a will practice in ail court of acco Mac and Northampton counties. J no r. And j. Harky Rew. Attorneys at Law. Offices Accomac 0. And Parks Ley. At Accomac c. H., every wednesday. Quot will practice in All the courts on the Eye urn Shore of Virginia. Ben t. Gunter a attorney at Law. Accomac 0. A. A. Will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton counties i. Floyd Nook a attorney at Law a Accomac 0. A. A. Practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Warner Ames attorney at Law offices Accomac . And Onancock. At Accomac Ltd. Every wednesday and Friday. Will practice in All the courts of Accomac and n Northampton counties. Joh e. Nottingham jr., attorney at Law a Franktown. A practices in All the courts on the a astern Shore of Virginia. Or. D. Lilliston dentist. A Accomac court House �? o Bee hours from 9 s. M. To 5 p. M. Will every tuesday. Or. John a. Turlington veterinarian. Graduate United states College of veterinary science. Fair Oaks via Melfa office hours 7 to 9 a. M.�?6 to 8 p. M. Will practice in Accomac and North the amp ton counties. Or. W. M. Turlington veterinarian fair Oaks a reference past patrons. Can be called by phone Day or might. W. G. Emmett. Notary Publio b Alio Haven Virginia. Fred. E. Ruediger county Surveyor Accomac a. H., a. Thoroughly equipped with latest and debt instruments oilers his services to the citizens of Accomac county. Or. Oha8. F. Turman dentist. I will be at Bloxom to practice my profession on the following dates match 11, 12, 13. April 8, 9, 10. May 13, 14, 15. June 10, 11, 12. A july 8, 9, 10. Main office Chincoteague a. We. P. Bell amp co., druggists Accomac ., va., a remits for Waterman a Ideal Fountain per s. Stock always on hand. Finest line of stationery on Eastern Shore of to Calif amp la Quot Maxwell records in the Glidden tour proves its the car for you. Four cars proved 100% efficiency at All times throughout the 1454 mile run Over the hardest roads in the United states winning All trophies offered the Victor among 64 of americans Best known cars. Maxwell special a 36 touring car $1280. Maxwell Mercury a 30 . Roadster $1150. Maxwell Mascotte a 25 . Family touring car $980. Maxwell Mascotte a 25 . Roadster $ 950.00. Where was on St Patrick a Day in the morning by Nora b. Shea Maxwell messenger a 16 . Runabout $600.00, with fore doors if desired. Ask for demonstration. Anyway Send for new Catalon and other literature about the Maxwell. Its free. The Parksley Parksley a feed your working Stock Purina Stock feed and your laying hens Purina scratch feed and your Milch cows Protena Dairy feed. We Are jobbers of Hay Grain feed Lime hair Cement. Poultry feeds a specially. Mail orders Given our prompt attention. C. S. Schermerhorn amp son 127-129 Cheapside Baltimore my. Tre you in r hurry c. S. Waples with we. Waterall amp co. Established 1869. Philadelphia a. Camden n. J., in buying paints ask for water ally a Well known brands. Combination mixed paint. Universal mixed paint for Sale by John s. Waples Onancock a j. W. Rogers amp bro., Onley a a Boggs amp Rogers Melfa a a Lofland amp Dodson Cashville a a j. L. Savage deep Creek a a g. F. Byrd Sanford a a s. F. Bvrd Poulson a a n. W. Tawes amp son Crisfield my. Martin amp Mason co. Doors windows blinds Cement Lime hair flooring ceiling facings siding or moulding of any kind if so-wr1te or phone Ashburn amp Poco Moke King they have a full line of every things thoroughly seasoned and ready for shipment. Your Trade solicited. Call attention to their Large Stock of. Sash doors blinds mouldings builders hardware. Shingles laths Lime bricks and building material generally. Paints. Oils and painters supplies. We Are prepared to Cut Honse Bills to order also to manufacture barrel Staves and Heads of Good Quality. On grist Mill will run every saturday notwithstanding reports to the contrary. It was the evening before St. Patrick a Day. 1705, in Ireland. The Moon was at the full and shone with Unlusu tit brightness. Dennis o Donohue a Young Man of Twenty two mounted on a Lilack Mare was trotting on a Roan Between. Kill Gurney and Tralee of his Way to a Ball at the latter place. Sud a july catching sight of a Light some distance from the Road Drew rein Jinil thrust Bis hand in under his Waistcoat to pull his watch from his Fob. It was not there and remembered that had left it at Home. Now what wished his watch for was to note the time that might decide whether to attempt something that popped into his head at seeing the Hight referred to. In the House where it shone used Eileen Mavourneen a Young girl whom Dennis would have gladly wooed had been permitted to do so. Do null was inclined to be a trifle wild and Eileen was warned by her parents to have nothing to do with him. Nevertheless the Young Man was especially attractive to girls. wa9 tall and Lithe and a mass of Light curls fell Down Over his bhoulders., tender hearted to a fault it was suspected that tor the Benefit of others in distress had trespassed on the Law by taking a purse on the Highway. The of Grady a Rich landowner had been stopped one night on the Road and later one of his tenants a poor woman for whose eviction a had Given orders paid the rent in coins one of which a pocket piece the of Grady recognized As having been taken from him by the highwayman. The Story got abroad that Dennis of Donohue sympathizing with the woman had robbed the landlord and Given the Money to his tenant to save her from eviction. That the robbery had taken place for that very purpose was True but Dennis o Donohne had nothing to do with it it occurred to Dennis that would love to take Eileen with him to the Ball at Tralee. Her father and Mother were elderly people and it was their custom to go to bed at 9 of clock every night it might be possible to take her with him and bring her Back without their knowing of her absence. The let hour was about 9, but did not know whether it wits a Tittle before or a to tote after 9. dare not go before and did not like to lose time by going too Long after. While was deliberating heard the sound of horses hoofs coming from the direction of Tralee. would await the riders coming and ask the time. A Man on horseback Drew near and when be came up Dennis said in a mild voice Quot i beg your Pardon for stopping you. Sir but would you Tell me wha of clock u is Quot Dennis Back was to the Moon while the horseman faced it and Dennis recognized the of Grady. The of Grady hesitated. The voice sounded like that of of Donohue by whom be believed had been robbed. Dennis horse was restless and turning exposed Dennis face to fhe Moon. The of Grady thrust his hand under Bis coat As if to take out his watch but instead Drew a Pis toi and pointing it at Dennis head said a it is time for Yon to move on Den its of Dononue and i would advise you to go to one of the american colonies foe if you Ever appear in Killar Ney again in a bring you no for Highway robbery. Twice is once to often for Yon to Rob the same person a with this still covering Dennis with Bis pistol be urged on his horse leaving Dennis standing in the Road mute with astonishment Dennis knew at once that this evidence against him taken with the suspicion of another robbery would convict him of being a Highway May and that meant either a Long imprisonment or death. thought of taking the of Grady a advice and Riding Over to Cork take ship for Virginia. Instead concluded to ride Over to see Eileen and Tell her what had occurred. This would Lessen the blow to her and she could explain the matter to Bis father and Mother. The hour now made no difference to him so be put spurs to his horse and on reaching the Gate threw the bridle rein Over a picket and went up the walk to the House. Tiptoeing on to the porch saw Eileen sitting alone in the living room. A tap on the win Dow arrested her attention and. Turn ing she saw Dennis face against the pane. Putting her Finger to her lips she went softly to the door and led Hinr into the room. A what is it Dennis a she asked alarmed at his rueful appearance. A have your father and Mother Gene to bed a whispered. �?oyes.�?�. Dennis told his Story finishing by saying that saw no Hope for him but to go to Virginia. Eileen a countenance fell at this. She stood thinking. A Why done to Yon prove an Alibi Dennis a she asked presently. A an Alibi Quot a yes. The magistrate will have Only the of Grady sword that be met Yon on the Road. If you can prove you were somewhere else his evidence a will be a but How eau 1 do that a we shall at All times be plei show oar goods and invite leased to a a a von to Call and inspect on Stook before making your purchases and we will save you Money. Martin amp Mason co Harborton a a have Yon a Good horse a no better in Ireland. I borrowed my Friend Mike Shaunessy a Mare. Bhem a not Only won races for him but has great a a Well ride All night and in the Pao Raing talk with some one you can get for a witness to testify that you were with a on the morning of St. Patrick a Day a Eileen you re a jewel a and so after a dozen kisses Dennis the Mare. And a crop went in the Moonlight. Riding on to Tralee which place made in half an hour took a Road leading northeastward to Limerick. It is just fifty Miles from tralee1 to Limerick. It would not do to ask for relays of horses for this might give away the secret of his ride. It was 10 of clock when started. Rode thirty Miles of the distance rested his horse for two hours then went on reaching a Limerick at 7 in the morning. But instead of going into the town left it on his right and crossing the River Shannon struck out for Ennis some Twenty Miles farther on. But had no idea of using the Mare to do this distance and now that was so far from Home concluded to leave her with a Farmer and take a fresh mount this did and at 20 of clock in the morning Rode up to an inn in Ennis. The Bells were ringing for mass and Dennis joined a throng going to the Church. Seeing. A priest going from his House to the Church Dennis joined him and said a father i desire to make a contribution on this blessed Day of our Patron Saint and i beg of you to receive to this the priest agreed and Dennis gave him his contribution. A now father a said Dennis a will you Tell me the time a a a there a a clock in the Tower of the Church beyond. You can see for a a in a nearsighted. Will you use your own eyes for me a a a it a 10 of clock and 25 a Are you sure a a i a and in a giving you 20 shillings for a contribution to the Church at Twenty five minutes past 10 on the morning of St. Patrick s Day and done to you forget it a will not do that a said the priest. Dennis went Back to the inn ate a Good breakfast and his horse having been fed mounted and Rode Back to where had left the Mare. She too had been rested sufficiently to go on toward Home but at a slow gait Den his reached Killarney that night and the next morning appeared on the Street laughing and talking with his friends with his usual Good nature. When the of Grady heard that Dennis had remained to face a charge of robbery on the Highway made a charge against him and Dennis was arrested much to his apparent Surprise. When the prisoner was brought before the magistrate for examination the charge was read and was asked whether pleaded guilty or not guilty. A i could hardly be guilty your worship a replied Dennis a seeing that i was not where the charge specifies at a time when my accuser was a where were you a a i was in Ennis your a a that a seventy Miles away. At what time were you in Ennis a a i was there on the morning of St Patrick a a can you prove that a a yes your a by whom a a by a witness who saw me there at the Dennis was Given Opportunity to bring his witness to Killarney and when a priest of the Church testified that the prisoner gave him on St. Patrick a Day at 10 25 in the morning 20 shillings no one dared gainsay the truth of the statement. There was but one inference to be made which was that the of Grady was mistaken in his Man. Nevertheless the of Grady was not Only sure that Dennis was the person that be had met on the Highway but was sure that had intended to Rob him. If had had no such design would have admitted his identity and disclaimed any intention except to learn the time. The accuser blustered and asked for time to prove that the Alibi was a put up Job but those present at the trial considered this a Mark of disrespect for the priest who had Given testimony and the magistrate denied the request. Dennis was acquitted and carried out of the court on the shoulders of his friends. Now Eileen Mavourneen a father was a a Good old Irish gentleman one of the rare old and though certainly would not have a highwayman for a son in Law. was highly appreciative of the shrewdness of his race. During Dennis imprisonment constantly reminded his daughter that had been right about her Lover from the first. Eileen said nothing till after Dennis was acquitted when she told her father the whole Story. The old gentleman laughed All that Day and since did not like the of Grady Over much vowed that the defense was the smartest trick that had Ever been perpetrated in the county. told Eileen to bring Dennis to dinner that might hear the Story from his own lips. Dennis came and the old gentleman was much pleased with the Energy and rapidity of his movement but when heard that Eileen had proposed the plan was delighted and. Taking his daughter in his arms told her that so Long headed a girl must be better Able to choose a husband for herself than her father could choose for her. For Long after that when Dennis would meet her acquaintances would be g eted by a Dennis 0�?~Donohue, where were be on St Patrick s Day in the morning a Homo melodrama. A the cards Are marked a said the Man. The woman cowered. A the cards Are marked a repeated. There was no tragedy however. Seems the baby bad got hold of a Lead Pencil and marked up the euchre Herald. Curious. A a there a one curious thing about discovering places a said Johnny. A take Bermuda for instance. It was discovered by a Man named Bermudez. How happened to stumble on a place with a name just like his beats nor a brass band. Booth what is the difference Between Charity and philanthropy Rube a Charity does no to hire a press agent Cincinnati enquirer. A Bismarck Story. It 8hows the gentler Side of the Man of blood and Iron. The French surgeon Czernicke in his reminiscences of the Franco prussian. War tells a Story that seems to place Bismarck in a new and More gentle Light. says a seated on some Straw and propped up against a pillar of the Church of rez Onville was one of our poor soldiers a quite Young Man named Rossignol. A Shell striking him like the lash of a whip had carried away both his eyes and the Bridge of his nose leaving the front of the Skull Bare. This fearful wound was covered with a dressing. Lay there Calm silent and motionless in quiet resignation. A Bismarck stopped in front of him and asked me what was his Case. seemed really touched. A there is War for you Messieurs the senators and deputies a then turning to one of his suit said a please bring me some wine and a filled the Glass to the brim took a sip and then gently tapping the shoulder of the poor Martyr said a my Friend will you not drink something a rousing himself from the death like stupor that was creeping Over him the Man assented. A we then saw Bismarck stoop and very softly and slowly give the wounded Soldier the wine. Rising again drank what was left in the Glass and said a what is your name my boy and where do you come from a a Rossignol from the count then took his hand and said a i am Bismarck my Comrade and i am very proud to have drunk out of the same Glass As a Brave Man like you a and stretching his hand Over the horribly mutilated head seemed to give him a mute animal swimmers. Best of All though not the swiftest. Is the Polar Bear. The Rhinoceros and Hippopotamus Are wonderful swimmers and divers while the Indian elephant crosses great Rivers with heavy loads. The Elk and the Reindeer Are first class swimmers. The Elk keeps his head above water and crosses directly from Bank to Bank to avoid turning. The Reindeer on the other hand turns As often As likes keeping his head Only a Little above the surface. But of All swimmers of All climes the Best though not the swiftest is the Polar Bear who passes half his time in the water swimming and diving. His swimming Power is nothing Short of miraculous if it be remembered that the water in the regions frequents is invariably cold and that cold la normally prohibitive to Good swimming. There Are bears that can swim from forty to fifty Kilometres without great Effort. Ono of the swiftest swimming animals is the Squirrel. A sportsman on one occasion having at hand a Squirrel born in Captivity which had never seen water wanted to see if it could swim and took it with him in a Rowboat to the Center of a Lake. The Squirrel turned toward the Bank head and paws above the water Back and Tail underneath it and began to swim so rapidly that the Man recovered it when it neared the shallow water near the land. It is said that even Many no aquatic Birds will swim like ducks if an attempt be made to drown . Colors and Light. White has the greatest property of reflecting Light of any color and Black the least. While White receives the color it immediately sends it away again in the form of reflected Light Black absorbs Light. Lay a White and a Buyck piece of cloth on the Snow and that under the White cloth will remain As it is while under the Black one it will melt. This suggests a reason As to Why White garments Are coolest for summer Wear. They do not absorb the heat and Light from the Sun but reflect it off. In Winter the dark absorbs the Light and accomplishes More what one wants so dark clothing is the common thing for Winter use. If you want a Cool House in summer paint it York world. Terrible temptation. A of course a said the Man who was looking out of the window at the heavy rain a i done to believe George Washington was capable of telling a lie. But 1 done to consider that Cherry tree incident much of a a could you devise a better one a a yes. Id like to know what Washington would have said if had stood at the door of a restaurant on a Stormy night and the waiter bad hurried up to him with a Fine new silk umbrella with an Ivory handle and no name on it and said a Isnit this yours sir a a a Washington Star. The Boston and new York mail. The first mail Between new York and Boston was established in 1672. The letters were carried by a messenger who was directed to a go and return As often As once a this monthly service seems to have been sufficient for some thirty years when it was changed to a fortnightly serv ice. In 1693 a Well organized system of pos offices was established in Pennsylvania and in other York american. Brief manual of training. A High school freshman wrote to a juvenile publication earnestly inquiring what should do to win a coming event in school athletics the 100 Yard dash. A run a Little faster than the other Fellows a wrote the editor in youths companion. No Chance. A mrs. A Rovny a husband tells his wife everything.�?�. A maybe she makes it easy for him you wont give me a Chance to get a word in free press you judge a Man not by what promises to do but by what has done that is the Only True test. Chamberlains cough remedy judged by this Standard has no Superior. People everywhere speak of it in the highest terms of Praise. For Sale by a a dealer built by ghosts. An invisible Wall that comes and Goss n a mexican House. Down in Mexico there Are. Ghosts which build Walls. In the ancient City of Queren Daro stands a big one Story House of great age which at the time that general Diaz first became president was occupied by one of his adherents a Fine old fighter named colonel Marron. When died the place was bought by a lawyer named Waldemars who pulled the whole inside of the House to. Pieces and put in electric Bells and an electric lighting Plant curious noises were heard pictures fell and various queer happenings gave Rise to much talk but the Climax came when a servant sent into the dining room for a Glass of water came Back with a scared face and reported that some one had built a Wall All across the room. The others rushed in. There was nothing to be seen but sure enough when they tried to Cross the room an invisible Wall barred the Way. The Wall was so hard and solid that when they struck their Knuckles against it they bled. Next morning however the Wall was gone but not for Good. Sometimes it was there sometimes not and after a few weeks of this sort of thing the Valdemars had had enough of it and moved out. To this Day the House stands inter Oceon. Mystery in a Crater. An Arizona Puzzle that the geologists cannot solve. About forty Miles from Flagstaff ariz., in the midst of a great Plain there is a Saucer shaped hollow about three quarters of a mile across and 600 feet deep. The rim of this strange Crater rises Between 150 and 200 feet above the surrounding Plain. Rocky fragments arc scattered for several Miles around the Crater. Among these rocks May fragments of meteoric Iron some containing minute Black diamonds have been found. The inner Walls show that the crust of the Earth was broken when the Crater was formed yet no volcanic rocks exist there. Geologists offered several theories to account for this singular phenomenon. One is that an immense meteorite made the Hole and that the meteoric fragments just mentioned Are remnants of the falling Star. Another theory ascribes the origin of the Crater to a tremendous explosion of steam in the rocks beneath and a third combines the first two by suggesting that the blow of a falling meteor striking the Earth a crust at a Point where subterranean water bad accumulated in the neighbourhood of heated rocks was the cause of the York press. Plants breaking up an Island. The Layman would scarcely associate great strength with so delicate and fragile a thing As Maidenhair Fern yet if its roots have not sufficient room they will break the pot in which the Plant grows. Blades of grass will Force the Curbstone Between which they Spring up out of their place and in a single night a crop of Small mushrooms has been known to lift a Large Stone. Indeed plants Are on record As having broken the hardest rocks. The Island of Aldabra to the Northwest of Madagascar is becoming smaller through the action of the mangroves that grow along the foot of the Cliffs. They eat their Way into the Rock in All directions Aud into the gaps thus formed the Waves Force their Way. In time this will probably reduce the Island to Telegraph. Shaving the bridegroom. The shaving of the bridegroom on Bis wedding Day is a bulgarian custom which handed Down from pre Christian Days is still observed with due formality especially in country districts. While the Barber is at his task a dancing crowd of Young folks sur rounds him and the bridegroom. As the latter a hair is Cut the snipping a Are carefully collected by some of the girls for preservation in one of the brides chests. The Barber when his work is done receives a Small White Linen cloth As a present and also a trifling sum of Money from each person there. Then the bridegroom kisses the hands of the girls washes his face and dons his wedding dress which must first be carefully weighed three times by one of the. Boys. London a first directory. How did the world do its business before the publication of directories�?T1 the huge directory of London had a first printed forerunner in a slim Little volume a a collection of the names of the merchants living in and around the City of London a issued by Samuel Lee of Lombard Street in 1677. It was the outcome most probably of the Enterprise of Henry Robinson a Well known writer on commercial matters who in 1650 opened an office in thread Needle Street where were kept a particular registers of All manner of addresses for the use of All who cared to pay a chronicle. Why the romans decreased. The visiting member of the Board of education was examining a class in history and of one of the brightest pupils asked the question a Why did the population of Rome decrease just before the fall of the Empire a the reply came promptly from a Little girl a because the romans had ceased to practice wrong kind of forgetting. She done to or. Briggs and his wife Ever forget their differences Why yes in a Way. forgets that is a gentleman and she forgets that she is a transcript. conquers who awaits the end and dares to suffer and be Many sufferers from rheumatism have been surprised and a plighted with the prompt Relief afforded by applying chamberlains liniment. Not one Case of rheumatism in ten requires any internal treatment whatever. This liniment is for Sale by All dealers. F /
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