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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Nov 10 1920, Page 5

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - November 10, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Middle a Ovid a work done by Day or contract and satisfaction guaranteed. Dead taken up and removed to cemetery. See me for Low prices before Peninsula Enterprise John w. Edmonds. Editor and owner. Too Oman court House. A. A tired at the Post office at to combo o. Va., As second class matter. Saturday. January 27, 1912. The Enterprise is in sympathy with anything and everything which makes for the Progress and betterment of our people and is therefore interested in the movement to get a Carnegie Library for Accomac county. We believe that our citizens throughout the county realizing the value of a Good Public Library at their county seat will lend their influence and efforts towards securing it our understanding is that or. Carnegie will erect the building and Supply the books if we will provide the site to build on and pay the annual running expenses or Upkeep of the Library. We also understand that or. Carnegie is now waiting from us and that he will Guage his donation a coming to our rate of local self help the More we can do the More he will do. These conditions appear excellent for the self respecting and aspiring people of any county. They should not cause Accomac to cowardly balk. We have the site waiting in the Public Square at Drummond town and As for the yearly Upkeep Why that should not terrify us. What will it amount to a fuel lights janitors service and a lady custodian. Even if the maximum expense were put at a thousand dollars we believe that in such a cause Accomac a financial sinews Are Strong enough to Bear that sum and not feel it. If the newspaper correspondents Are to be believed and not Many of them have been initiated into the Ananias club another break is imminent in president tafts Cabinet Only the exigencies of or. Tafts aspirations for a second term it is said prevent an explosion. Frank h. Hitchcock postmaster general erstwhile Engineer of the 1908 steam roller and manager of the Republican National Campaign of that year also chief keeper and dispenser of Southern delegates is the cause of All the suppressed emotion. Or. Hitchcock recently made Public that in his forthcoming annual report he would recommend government ownership and operation of Telegraph lines in connection with the postal department he made this contemplated recommendation Public without consulting or. Taft and the president is said to be very Wroth. In the first place or. Taft has never shown any indication that he Pant eth for government ownership of Public utilities like a Hart Pant eth for a water Brook. In the second place the president feels that it was a gratuitous snub for his Cabinet officer to Spring such a proposition upon the Public without his knowledge and consent the temperature Between or. Taft and his postmaster general is said to have fallen several degrees below Zero and it is whispered that were it not for those Southern delegates or. Hitchcock a resignation would be in demand. The realization of the latter gentleman a influence and control Over Southern republicans will probably retain him in his Job if he wants it on the other hand it is said or. Hitchcock is not losing any sleep Over that phase of the situation and that he would gladly Welcome the excuse that he seems to be seeking for an open break which would enable him to switch to the Roosevelt Camp. In truth or. Taft is having a hard time to keep his second term Boom from total Shipwreck. Whether this latest difficulty can be patched up and a semblance of entente cordial can be restored Between the president and the Man who still exercises control Over the delegates that made his nomination possible four years ago is for the future to determine. Letters prom the people. The Carnegie Library. To Womac va., i january 22, 1912. J to the editor of the Enterprise my dear sir the letter of or. Aylett which appeared in Yoor last Issue has interested me very much. has called attention to a need which i Hope our people will realize and will realize so fully As shall cause them to act promptly and wisely. Such a Library would be an incalculable Benefit to the citizens of the county As Well As to the residents of to Cognac. It would have an educational and inspirational value to the entire body of our citizenship. The Book that makes a deep impression on a Young Many a mind often constitutes an Pooh in his life. It May fire the heart stimulate the ambition and by directing his efforts into unexpected channels permanently influence his character. Literature furnishes Many examples to demonstrate this. Not Only have men been stimulated to undertake special literary work by the study of certain books but they have been stimulated by them to enter upon particular lines of action in the serious business of life. Good books not Only elevate the thought and aspirations they act As preservatives against Low associations. They purify elevate and sustain they enlarge and liberalize the mind they preserve it against vulgar worldliness they tend to produce High minded cheerfulness and equanimity of character they fashion and shape and humanize the mind. Erasmus the great scholar was of the opinion that a books were the necessaries of life and clothes the Wordsworth expressed a True and Beautiful sentiment when he wrote a a books we know Are a substantial world both pure and Good a round which with tendrils Strong As flesh and blood. Our pastimes and our happiness can grow. The plan by which the needed fund May be raised to meet the conditions of or. Carnegie can be worked out when a favourable sentiment has been Quot created. It seems to me however that a county so Large prosperous and progressive As Accomac could by a very Small increase of taxation provide the necessary Means to defray the running expenses. The ability of the county to do this is not the question to be considered. The great question is. Are the people willing it May take More than one lawyer and one preacher to Aronse such enthusiasm As shall cause the people to do what they Are Able. We have a Large jury a of Many men of Many minds a and it May be Wise to give the jury ample time to make up its verdict there is scarcely anything that will add so much dignity and Power to the county. Fields and forests and factories and Banks May give the county a High commercial rating but these Are nothing if manhood ennobled and refined by education and religion is wanting. Such a Library would be a constant and efficient auxiliary to every school and Church within the Borders of the county and will give tone to our civilization. Let it be to Accomac a glory that she takes the Lead in this great educational movement. Very truly yours a. B. Dunaway. In de Morlani. Died at the Home of his father at of Darhal md., Joseph 0. Mariner in the 25th year of his age. was converted at Pitt Creek Baptist Church in 1909 and Wab a consistent member of that Church until he died december 20th., 1911. On tuesday night before he died he waked and said a the was at the first station in heaven a and asked his brother George who was in the room if he Wonla meet him there and after asking the same question again before his brother answered and told him that a the would a he then smiled sweetly and passed a a into the arms of Jesus Safe on his gentle gone and the world to go on As be fore gone with a smile from the old Homestead door dear faithful heart to Home Back never More of sad nevermore gone Home is not Home Joe is not there dark is Hie room empty his chair Angels have taken him away from our Oare. Lifted him Over life a Stair. By two Brothers Charlie and George. The general Assembly of Virginia on thursday elected Thomas s. Martin to succeed himself As u. S. Senator for the full term of six years beginning March 4, 1913, and senator Claude a. Swanson to fill the unexpired term of senator Daniel beginning March 4, 1912. They were elected unanimously and this was expected. The democrats pledged their support in the primary and were in Honor bound to give it and the silence of the republicans making their election unanimous is explained by the virginian Pilot in the following Quot the failure of the republicans in the Virginia legislature to cast compliment. Tary ballots for members of their own party when the election for United states senator took place was a Graceful acknowledgement of the Courtesy which permitted so Many of them to vote in the democratic primary last summer. It is delightful to witness such reciprocal Amity Between political in the hearing held monday on the question of redistricting the state for congressional representation before the two committees on privileges and elections. Senator Harding Walker of Northumberland said the people were satisfied As they Are other senators preferred the Bowman Bill which would take Spotsylvania Fredericksburg Caroline and King William from the first and put them in the eighth while transferring James City and Williamsburg from the third Tori he first a woman suffrage met defeat monday when the committee on privileges and elections of the House of delegates determined to report the Montague Amend. Ments to the Constitution with a recommendation that they do not pass. This decision was reached in an executive session. This action Means that the proposition has no Chance for approval at the session of 1912. Governor Mann has signed the Bill prohibiting the shooting of any partridges or quails in any part of the state either by owners of land or by Hunters with permission of owners. Or. Fitzhugh has introduced a Bill in the House requiring every person who carries a concealed weapon to first obtain a Tio Nae to do a and u live Bead. Good roads. Temperanceville vs., january 23, 1912. F or. Editor i have read with interest the published report of the meeting at Onley on the 8tb. Inst., to better the condition of on roads. I am always heartily in favor of Good roads and am glad to see such interest being awakened in our citizens. But As to the methods that they propose 1 wish to say a few words and to Call to the attention of those gentlemen a Law already existing that in my judgment better covers the Case than the method that they propose. If they will refer to acts of Assembly chapter 47, they will find an act approved february 25, 1910, As follows 1 the circuit court of the county non the petition of a majority of the Board of supervisors of said county or non petition of one Hundred and fifty freeholders of said county shall make an order requiring the judges of election at the next election of county officers or at any other time not less than 30 Days from the Date of such order which shall be designated therein to open a poll and take the sense of the qualified voters of the county on the question whether the Board of supervisors shall Issue Bonds for the purpose of Macada Mizing or otherwise Perma j gently improving the Public roads or Bridges or either of them the approximate location length and Width of such roads As is proposed to be Macau amazed or permanently improved to be named in the order. I the said order shall designate the Lo-1 cation of such roads or Bridges As Are to be improved and the Maxi a mum amount of Bonds to be by this act the method is made Plain As How to proceed by a Law that already exists and that requires no delay or further legislation. The plan proposed by the Onley meeting is indeed plausible Reading but Why have a civil Engineer at All in this level county when there is scarcely any need for even grading except now and then Why not have the county Surveyor who is a civil Engineer do the civil engineering that is needed and thereby save a thousand or two dollars in the form of a salary ? Why not let the Road machine Man in the District where the work is to be done overseer this work or if the he is too Busy at the time Call in a Man and Only pay him tor me Lime employed and save the expense of salaries to overseers this All important matter should be determined by the vote of the taxpayers As they have the heat and the Harden of the Day to bears As is already provided in the above act. I am not opposed to any method that will improve on condition in any Way Bat let As Stop and think and consider the safest and. Soundest business methods and let not our enthusiasm cause us to lose our cooler judgment or bight of the let that the Day of settlement for these things Mast come. Respectfully w. L. Nock. Business notices. Fcb rent for year 1912 dwelling at Coom to u. H., now occupied by or. We. Mel Sou. For particulars write or see mrs. Geo. W. Holland pastor a a. For the year 1912. A Good tenant House on the w m. R. Bunting farm in Oustis neck. Apply to we. W. Gill amp bro., Daugherty a. Notice houses moved and re a aired and new work done by the undersigned at any Points in Accomac and Northampton by Day or contract. Prompt attention Given to All Calls by letter or phone at my House. Jno. R. Outen amp son contractors and builders Onancock a Fob Sale Bowling alleys Pool tables Box Ball alleys soda Fountain and show cases including state License cheap. Also House and lot at Chincoteague. Apply to or. Chas. W. Purnell. Cambridge my. Notice if you buy horses and mules at auction you Are Likely to get a Lemon. I have two car loads in Stock which you can try to your satisfaction. J. T. Taylor jr., a Princess Anne my. When buying a cough Medicine for children Bear in mind that chamberlains cough remedy is most effectual for colds croup and whooping cough and that it contains no harmful drug. For Sale by All dealers. Notice i sell horses and mules from $25 00 to $40.00 cheaper than you can buy at auction. Home see for yourself. J. T. Taylor jr., Princess Anne my. For sale�?40 horses and mules. You can save $50.00 to $75.00 on a pair of mules. Seeing is believing. J. T. Taylor jr., Princess Anne my. Fob female Berkshire pigs eight weeks old. Can be registered one Berkshire Bow ten months old one Poland China sow ten months old can be registered also one Berkshire boar eighteen months old. Box 306, Keller a when Given As soon As the croup cough appears Chamberlain s cough remedy will Ward off an attack of croup and prevent All danger and cause of anxiety. Thousands of mothers use it successfully. Sold by All dealers. forewarn anyone trom gunning hauling carting or trespassing in any Way on my premises Woodland or cleared land under the penalty of the Law to full extent. W. E. Mapp Onley a. An excellent Opportunity for an enterprising Man with a Little capital to work of a Good paying mercantile business at a recently established Railroad siding in Northam u county. Neighbourhood the Loki populated and no opposition near by if the right Man. Could also do a Good bus less soliciting or baying produce As Many Sweet and Irish potatoes cabbages etc., Are shipped from said siding every season. Might also secure the Agency for the Railroad. Situated More than 2 Miles from the nearest station drawing produce from a wide territory both on Bay and sea sides. The Railroad patronage will probably soon justify the establishing of a passenger station at this Point. For further information apply to Box no. 245. Eastville a. Public Sale of of car Load of Missouri mules. To any boy or girl if you want to make some easy Money in your spare time All you have to do is to sign this Coupon and mail it to the Knight Novelty company Jamesville a. Gentlemen a you will please Send me by return mail $3.00 Worth of your goods which i Promise to Aell and As soon As sold i will Send you two dollars of it and keep one Dollar for my trouble. Yours truly name. P. Of. State. Boy or girl and age. Does your parents know that you have ordered these goods. These Are extra Fine Young Well broken mules from 6 years old and from 14j to 16j hands High. Will weigh from 900 to 1200 lbs. We have sold Over Twenty six carloads of mules and have never had to Stop a Sale or had a by bidder. Come on boys lets have a Sale. They will be sold for the High Dollar at Onley va., saturday february 3,1912, rain or Shine Sale commences at 2 of clock p. M. This will be the Best Carload of mules Ever sold on the Peninsula. Terms of Sale. Eight months credit on note with approved Security. Sale conducted by George Vickery. J. White auctioneer. J. Brooks Mapp attorney. Horses amp mules at the fair grounds Pocomoke pity md., saturday february 3rd., 1912,at 1 30 of clock p. M. The undersigned will receive the West a Carload of Choice horses and mules and will Bell them at the time and place above mentioned. They have been selected with great care and especially for this Market. Fifteen horses Are All broken and ready use weighing from 950 to 1,200 pounds and ranging in age from 4 to 6 years. Some of them Are exceptionally Fine roadsters the others Fine draft and farm horses. Ten mules Range from 4 to 6 years old and will weigh from 950 to 1,200 pounds and they too Are Well broken and ready for immediate use. Remember we sell All we offer. No by bidding every horse or mule put up will positively be sold to the highest bidder. Thib Stock will arrive on thursday february 1st., where they May be seen and examined at the Pocomoke City fair grounds where the Sale will occur. Sale will take place at time named rain or Shine. Further description of this Stock is unnecessary As it runs about the same As others we have sold in this Market. If Rainy Sale will take place under cover. Terms of Sale. Four months will be Given by the purchaser giving bankable note with approved Security. Or Cash on the Day of Sale at the option of the purchaser. A. Raughley s. J. Twilley. T. White. A h. E White. For Sale. Try our l. E. P. Dennis amp son High Grade fertilizers for an Early White and a big crop of Sweet potatoes. Six horses 4 to 9 years old. Hay Oats Mill feed coals All kept on hand for immediate delivery. We handle most everything carried by the retail merchant direct from manufacturers. Also bananas apples cabbage and other fruits and vegetables. Glad to have a share of your patronage at the lowest Market prices. Harry t. White amp son wholesale grocers brokers and manufacturers agents Mckemie Park a. Highest flour. Ask for it when you want the Best. E. Mccosh amp Bros. Baltimore. To whom it Ilay concern. On january 1st, 1912, the Accomac and Northampton Telephone of. Passed by Purchase into the hands of the Diamond state Telephone of. All persons holding certificates of Stock in the said Accomac and Northampton Telephone of. Will please Forward the same to me at once that due credit May be Given for them All persons holding claims against said company Are also requested to present same to me for payment and All persons who Are indebted to the said Accomac and Northampton Telephone co., most Settle same at once or i shall be forced to turn the accounts Over to an attorney for collection. R. S. Monds agent. A the Hen that lays is the Hen that single comb White leghorn a Hwy Choffy Strain. The Large White kind. Eggs for hatching fifteen 75c. $4.00 per 100. Baby Chicks $10.00 per 100. Pullets and one year old hens $1.00 each. Let me Book your order today. A Square Deal every time. A Robert e. Smith Nassawadox Virginia. Notice. I will sell my horse known As one of the Best Drivers in the county. Will drive 12 Miles an hour without being broken to 10 years old weight about 1100 lbs., sound and solid and will work to All harness. Or will Exchange for a Good Blocky horse not lighter than 1000 lbs. And from 6 to 9 years old also gentle to All harness Good for farm purpose. Reason for disposing of my horse too much life for my wife and children. Anyone wishing to make any inquiry a in regard to my horse will refer you to or. Ebe Warren at Onancock. And several others in same town also for Sale one Jack Brereton Colt 4 years old lady broke to All harness anyone wishing to do business with me can reach me Over phone no. 98l respectfully j. L. Bonniwell r. F. D., no. 1, Onancock a. Removal. The Public will please take notice that i have moved Back to my old stand next door to Bell harness co. John t. Robinson at. Singer sewing machine co. And dealer in pianos organs and sewing machine supplies. The patronage of the Public solicited. R. L. Colona bricklayer and plasterer Accomac c. H., a. I have r i reds that Are red to the skin and White Wyandotte a that Are White. Come and see for yourself. Eggs from carded fowl $1.00 per 16, from pure bred free Range reds 50cts. Per 15, $3.50 per 100 t. J. Kilmon. Keller a. Bargaining with anyone desirable properties for Sale at private contract. Two first class Sweet and Irish potato farms with ample resources Good buildings near City and stations. Price Low and terms easy Possession Given March 1st. Also a suburban Home of 14 rooms with steam heat electric lights hot and cold water and Bath in House a Beautiful Shady Lawn. A delightful Home at a sacrifice to a Quick purchaser terms easy. Write for particulars to c. S. Day amp co., Pocomoke City my. J. A. Kem Odle practical Tinner slate and Sheet Metal worker and sanitary plumber now located at Parksley and respectfully solicits the patronage of the Public stove repairing of All kinds done at a big saving Heaters of All kinds rebuilt and lined with Best of material at a great saving to owner. Estimates cheerfully furnished and satisfaction guaranteed. Is your watch on its last legs let us put your watch on its a a feet again and make it an accurate reliable time keeper j once More. We have operated on and cured so Many sic watches that we guar-1 Antee every watch turned out to keep time for a period of one year. Bring yours in and let us make you a Price on the Job. No use to carry a watch around that is merely an ornament. Put it to work again. Better attend to it to Day. W. J. Neville Onancock a. Selling agent for South Bend watches. W. Callahan the clothing and shoe Man Pocomoke my. Greetings Kelly amp Nottingham Onancock Virginia. We extend to you and yours Best wishes for a Happy and prosperous new year. We thank you for a Large increase in our business past year. A talk with Kelly amp when your horse is run Down because of indigestion kidney trouble blood disease stomach Worms or in poor condition after an attack of distemper or any in feeling disease v a a a treat the animal with Premier Reg. U. S. Pat. Valuable farms and town property for Sale at private contract. 1st.�?farm situated Between Tasley and Onancock containing 45 acres More or less of which about 27 Acree Are cleared Balane in Good Pine Thicket Possession Given january 1st, 1913. 2nd.�?farm of 45 acres More or less within 1 mile of Accomac c hand equal distance from Tasley of about 30 acres in the Clear and 15 acres of Woodland by actual Survey Possession Given january 1st., 1913. 3rd.�?livery stables at Accomac c. H., now occupied by j. J. Oliver at a rental of $160.00 per annul posses Sion Given january 1st, 1913. 4th.�?barrel factory together with i acre of land at Tasley a. This one of the Best business Sites on the Peninsula being on the Eastern Side of the Railroad which makes it desirable for a business location Possession Given at once. 5th.�?building lot on main st. In Onancock 70 feet by 200 feet with beverage connection which goes with same Possession Given at once. For further information address we. C. Or h. P. West Onancock a. C. C. Perdue Painter a. Agent for Cameron air cooled Abbott Detroit and Krit automobiles Presto Lite tanks and accessories. A i a Call and see my Stock or postal will bring you catalogue. The record of the Kellam Hospital is without parallel in history having cured to stay curd permanently without the use of the knife or a Ray Over 90 per cent of the Many hundreds of sufferers from cancer which it has treated during the past fifteen years. We have been endorsed by the Senate and legislature of Virginia. We guarantee our cures. Physicians treated free. Kellam Hospital 1617 West main Street Richmon Virginia horse health the world s Best Equine conditioner. As Atonic for your stallion during his season As a conditioner for your Mare during gestation and nursing time or As a renovator for your Colt horse health has no equal. Sold in 50 cent boxes. Sent prepaid. The horse health co., Winn Pauk conn., u. S. A a Tess and ted school shoes ate made for All purposes in the a Tess and ted line of shoes for girls and boys we have a style for every occasion. There Are styles suitable for the Dainty misses sunday Wear to styles suitable for big boys who Are out in All kinds of weather. You can clothe any girls or boys feet with a pair of a Tess and ted school shoes because they Are made in All leathers and weights for All kinds of Wear. We have a big Stock of these a a better shoes also a display of them in our window. We would like to show them to you a Tess and ted school shoes Are members of the a Star Brand family have the a a Start Trade Mark on every Heel and most people know that a Star Brand shoes Are s. J. Bull Onano ook. A. We Are. Distributors of the above remedy for the Eastern Shore of Virginia and carry same in Stock at All times to Supply the Trade wholesale or retail. If you own a horse done to fail to give this great conditioner a trial and be convinced that it is the Best one you Ever used. Bell harness co., Onancock a. More powerless fuel �or�0�.e costs no More than other makes Theu i Marine engine 1912 Model built in Baltimore running everywhere. Heavy duty two Cycle developed More Power on less gasoline than any other engine of same horse Power rating. Page engineering co. Foot of Hull st Baltimore my. 5 to 17 h. P. Catalon free. For Sale private contract. Virginia a in the clerks office of the circuit court of the Donn to of Accomac on the 20th Day of january. 1912. Lola a. Guy widow of John w. Guy deceased plaintiff against Sarah a. Ayres widow and others. Defendants in chancery. The object of this suit is to have Dower assigned unto Lola a Guy widow of John w. Guy dee�?Td., in the lands of which the said John w. Guy died seized and possessed. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant Charles i Guy is not a resident of the state of Virginia it is ordered that he do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect his int rests in this suit. And it is farther ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the courthouse of thib county on or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John d. Grant jr., clerk. A copy Teste John d Grant jr., c. C. A Wescott amp Turlington p q. 1-27 �?T12 4t we Are prepared to Cut House Bills to order also to manufacture barrel Staves and Heads of Good Quality. My farm known As the Wigton farm is for Sale at private contract divided in two sixty eight and for fifth acres 68 4-5 a More or less arable and Woodland the same being sold in Gross and not by the acre the whole tract containing 137 6 acres by Survey 220 acres of Meadow land with fresh water urday notwithstanding through it Good Oyster Shore plenty the contrary resources situated of the Seaside about 1 Miles from Mode town about 4 Miles from Bloxom station convenient to Church and school. Martin amp Mason co Call attention to their Large Stock of. Sash. Doors blinds mouldings builders hardware. Shingles. Laths. Lime. Bricks and building material generally. Paints. Oils and painters supplies. Our grist Mill will run every reports sat to new store new goods. Entirely new line of dry goods notions shoes and groceries at Quot i a _ Wise Brothers Craddockville Virginia. The Wisest Man goes to the Wisest store. You cannot find better trucking land any where on the Eastern Shore. For information apply to mrs. Edward s. Johnson 200 Maryland ave.,. Port Norfolk a. Farm for Sale near Pocomoke City my. I offer for Sale my farm situated in Pitts Creek neighbourhood one mile from Cedar Hall wharf one mile from Public school and half mile from Church and store in one of the Best neighbourhoods in the county. Has 119 acres of which about 60 acres Are cleared land. About 20 acres set in Pine Timber suitable for mine props. A Good Marsh for raising Stock or trapping. The land is in an excellent state of cultivation. A Good truck farm. Possession Given at once. On the Pocomoke River. Apply to Calvin e. Townsend Pocomoke City shall at All times be pleased to show our goods and invite you to Call and inspect on Stock before making your purchases and we will save you Money. Martin amp Mason co he Horton a Jno. W. Duncan jeweler Onancock Virginia is offering an unusually Large Stock of watches clocks Silver fire jewelry Diamond amp a. Especial attention is invited to Supply of wed Din forget him when spi his presents and done to need of races. Ask Yon neighbor about his ability to no deity fit Yon. Millinery. Having sufficiently regained my health i have again resumed business at my old stand in Onancock with a full line of millinery and notions. Grateful for kind patronage in past i respectfully solicit it again. Arms. B. R. Broughton

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