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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - November 10, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Volume Xxxi. George l. Doughty jr., attorney at Law. Offices Accomac and Belle Haven. Practices Winall court son the Eastern Bhore of Virginia. P. Aylett attorney at Law. Office Accomac c. Practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. J. Abbott Byrd attorney and outta 46llor at Law. Offices Accomac j. H., Shinco Teague Island Ai me Tompkin a. At Ohio Oteague Island 4th week in every month. Will practice in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. John w. West attorney at Law. Practices in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of a. Offices at Onancock and Accomac o. Stewart k. Powell attorney at Law offices Accomac 0. And Onan Cook a. Practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. N b. We Scott. S. Jas. Turlington. Resoort & tar Lintton. Attorneys at Law offices Accomac 0. H., Mapp Burgand fair Oats a. Practice m All the courts on text Eastern Blore of Virginia. G. Walter map. J. Brooks map a App & Mapp. Attorneys at Law. Offices Grangeville Keller and Accomac 0. A. Practice in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Otho f. Mear attorney at Law offices Eastville Northampton county and court mouse practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. John s. Part Sixo x attorney at Law o Jurt Vioude. A. A ill practice in ail courts or acco Mac Ana counties. Jno it. And j. Hakky Rew. Attorneys a i Lia. Orces Auto Luau a. Anu Parma Ley. At Accomac o. Jd., every Uvea Nouay. Vav in practice in All the court of Tuc Eastern Anore or Virginia. Jib Jim t. Tiu Ontek attorney at Law Accomac u. A. vill All the courts of Accomac Ana jul Uusen i. I Loyd Nook ?attorney?at?.la a ? Accomac o. ��., a. Practices in All the courts on Uit Ufi astern snore of Virginia. Warner amiss attorney at Liaw Odices Accomac . Anute Aucock. At Accomac u. N. Every w eur Woad Auu Unsay. Will practice in All me courts i Accomac Auu. tour tie. Jul in Juji. d., Ati oks a Al Liaw ? Raj Viown. A practices in ail me courts on tin astern Luoie of v or Mia. Jutt. I. �. , dentist. Accomac Zouri House va.? Kaiue Suurs Srorn 9a. In. To o p. In. Be at a Muley every Lue Suay. Or. John a. Turlington veterinarian. Graduate United states Joilene of veterinary science. Air Oaks Virginia. Ivia Mena. J office hours 7 to a. M.?6 to by. Will practice in Accomac Ana a sort Hampton counties. Do. W. Turlington veterinarian fair Oaks a. Reference past patrons. Oan be called by Fhone Day of night. ? Ujj w. G. Emmett notary Public Billle Haven. Virginia. Fred. E. Ruediger county bub Eyob a Tomac u. H., a. Thoroughly equipped with latest and Best instruments oilers his services to be citizens of Accomac county. Or. Ohab. F. Turman g i will be at Bloxom to practice my profession on the following dates. December 11, 12, 13, 14. Main office Chincoteague g we. P. Bell & co., druggists Accomac c. H., va., agents for Waterman s Ideal Fountain pers Stock always on Haw. Finest line of stationery t on Eastern Shore of a. Fox s auction 20-22-24-26vs. Paca Street Baltimore my i every wednesday is the place to buy your horses and mules. Private sales daily. J largest assortment in Trie state. Best assortment at private Sale j on tuesdays i Day before the auction. J m. Fox & sons co. J feed your working Stock Purina Stock feed Jand your laying hens Purina scratch feed and your Milch cows Protena Dairy feed. We Are jobbers of Hay Grain feed Lime hair Cement. 1 poultry feeds a specially. Mail orders Given our prompt attention. S. Schermerhorn & son 127-129 Cheapside Baltimore my. J. K. Calloway. Bachman. W. S. Ashby. Calloway Bachmann Ashby co., tailors and importers 127 and 129 East Fayette St., equitable building " Opp court House i Baltimore my. Or. Ashby will greatly appreciate a visit from his Many friends when in the City. Sash doors blinds. Parksley manufacturing co., dealers in hardware paints oils and varnishes the great Maits in Range cast ranges Cook and heating stoves farming Mill feeds middling Corn and Oats bran and Chick f bricks Lime Cement laths &c., Sash doors blinds mantes Cabinet mantels Stair hails and All kinds mouldings. Special attention Given to anyone going to build. Will Bee you in person or furnish estimates on application. Parksley manufacturing co., Parksley Virginia. We wish to say that we keep at All times for Sale at the lowest possible margin of profit the following goods feeds Corn Oats Hay and middling. Flour we Are now working on our second car Load since materials shingles lathes Lime bricks and Cement.,farm implements planet or. Cultivators and Standard sprayers. I we have a Complete assortment of sizes and values in screen door an window screens and screen wire. Our Stock merchandise is Complete and Well selected. T. S. Hopkins okco.,i 7 Tasley. A. Are you in j a Jaggy doors windows blinds Cement Lime hair flooring ceiling facings siding or moulding of any kind if so write or phone Ashburn & King Pocomoke Fla Ryland. They have a full line of every thing thoroughly seasoned and ready for shipment. Your Trade solicited. I. Accomac a h., a. Saturday january 27, 1912. Where is your mistress asked the count in n dissatisfied tone. Madame is indisposed this morn ing.". Madame was listening at the door. Mph the servant set the breakfast Down Onia table beside the count and left him to eat alone. When the dishes were carried out Madame was in the pantry to inspect them. She smiled at noticing that the breakfast was untouched. At 11 o clock the count sent a serv ant to Madame to ask after her and to express his disappointment that Shewood not be Able to read to him. At 2 in the afternoon sent another message begging that she would make an Effort to visit him if Only for a few initiates was desperately lonely. Before dinner which they had been accustomed to eat together sent Wam that if could not have company to dinner need be provided for him. At 10 in the evening declared that if she did not come to bid hire Good night would violate All rules of propriety and go to her. To this she sent word that she was better and would breakfast with him in the morning. So. The count forced to go to bed wit Noufa seeing her fretted All night and when in the morning waited in his easy chair for her to bring his breakfast and saw her enter with the tray , was beside himself with Joy. ? rising and setting the tray on the table took both her hands in Mayfied them to his lips. My Bene actress be exclaimed. Is Only gratitude that moves you Shi asked lowering her eyes. Having become accustomed to your cannot get on without that a Happy breakfast a Datoe suld she Felt much better than yesterday but needed the air. She would ride out but regretted that the count was Jot Bible to ride with her. But i am Able cried the count and getting up of tenn his chair Prouet la Dame looked sad. The count asked what was the matter.\u25a0jsance y 6 Are Well she said we but rejoiced the count putting has hand on Bis Side the motion has Broughton a terrible i think said Madame smiling that you Are Well enough to ride out but any violent motion is still danger ? exactly exclaimed the count sink ing into his chair with an apology for a groan. A pair of horses and a Sleigh were ordered for by this time the Snow Lay deep on the ground and the two go tin among a pile of fur Robes and went for a drive. That evening when Madame and the count were sitting before a great open fireplace the count looked very sad. What troubles you asked Madame. Something that must separate me from you was the reply. And that something is you know of a custom with us Here in Russia by which a woman who is not Noble May marry a Noble and thu acquire his title of nobility. Some times a wealthy woman will pay a handsome sum to an impecunious no Bleman to marry her the two parting not to meet again As soon As the Cere Mony has been performed. My Heredi tary estates came to me very much in numbered. Indeed it was necessary that i should either raise 100,000 rubles to pay off the debt or lose them at this time my Eye caught an advertisement of a Young girl who had just come into a Large Fortune for a Hus band with a title she to pay for the Honor conferred upon her the two to part immediately after the marriage i opened negotiations with this woman and the result was an agreement by which she was to pay 100,000 rubles and be my wife in name. So distaste Ful was the Sale to me that i stipulated the ceremony should take place by proxy. I never saw my the count heaved a sigh at finishing his confession. What was the name of the girl you married asked Madame. I have was it Muria Nieff the count started. It was. What you know of her she is very near to near to you yes we Are Madame arose and touched a Bell. A servant came whom she met at the door and to whom she gave some instructions in a Low tone. The servant departed and the count hastened to say Tell me about your twin sister. Is she As lovable As you we have the same i would see her but no she would not be at this moment the servant returned bearing a letter on a Salver. Madame took it glanced at the superscription and handed it to the count countess Radzi moff exclaimed. I am the countess Radzi moff said Madame quietly. I paid you in hard Cash for your and i return it with my love said. As my wife the Money is yours As Well As the old Oaken bucket s gone. One Day s excursion out of Boston is southward through the Birthplace and ancestral Home of the Brilliant essayist Quincy to the boyhood haunts of Woodworth and the scenes which inspired his sweetest Lyric. In Scituate by the Village of Greenbush we find the Well of the old Oaken bucket remaining at the site of the dwelling where the poet was born and reared. Most of the loved scenes of his child Hood the wide spreading Pond the venerable Orchard the Flower decked Meadow the deep tangles Wildwood i May still be seen Little changed since knew them but the Rock of the Cataract has been removed and the Cascade itself somewhat altered by the widening of the Highway the cot of \u25a0 his fathers has Given place to a mod Lern farmhouse and the Moss Cov ered bucket that Hung in the Well has been supplanted by a convenient but a poetical pump.?Theodore e. Wells the invalid \ a russian Nobleman injured while Hunting is entertained by a charming woman by George beg with a party of gentlemen were Hunting in the province of Tula in Russia. One of them count Radzi moff a Man about thirty two and of a very Aristo cratic Mien was thrown from his horse and injured. On an Eminence near by appeared a Castle of modern build and the count s servant was sent there to inquire if his master would be Welcome until might re cover from Bis injuries. The servant. Rode to the Castle asked for the owner and was ushered i to the presence of a Young and Beautiful woman a my master said count Radzi Molt while Hunting in the Forest be a Low has fallen from his horse and sent me to learn if May beg a Long ment Here until it can be determined if is Able to proceed to the at the name Radzi moff the lady j started. When the Man had made his request she called for the master of her stables and ordered him to get out i the most comfortable conveyance for1 an invalid go with the Lackey and bring the count to the Castle. Before j the departure of the Carriage she said to its Driver answer no questions concerning then calling her household to Gether she said to them during the stay in the Castle of the gentleman who is coming you Are to remember that i am mme. Murle Nieff and am to be addressed solely As Madame " on the count s arrival Madame met him at the Steps and herself assisted him into the Castle. Her reception of him was full of sympathy even tenderness. She placed him on a lounge in the great Hall or living room where his head resting on pillows and covered by an afghan she bid him remain quiet until the arrival of a physician for whom she had sent. She met the doctor without on the porch and said to him r-\u25a0 doctor i have received As my guest a gentleman who has been injured by a fall from his horse. Whatever his condition you Are to Tell him that will not be Able to leave the Castle for at least a the doctor carried out his instructions and when left his patient Madame went into the room where the count was lying and Bent Over him sympathetically. That rascally doctor says i must thrust myself upon you for a whole week said Radzi moff. You shall be my Welcome guest for that time and but the Hunt a shall miss i am sorry for you but i shall Endeavor to make your enforced stay Here As endurable As i shall be needed at the capital. I hold a position at the Palace and his majesty has Given me leave for but a few his majesty if values you will not risk your life by calling for you to come before your physician gives per Mission. I will write an explanation for nonsense i can write perfectly Well. Indeed i Don t believe a word that stupid doctor says. I can certainly go to St. Petersburg even if it is not Best for me to continue the she brought writing materials but his reclining position was not conducive to scribbling and his hand trembled. So she did the work for him. And now she said As your Host Ess it is my Bounden duty to relieve so far As possible the tedium of your Captivity. There Are chess checkers cards and books. Which shall it be the count touched by her kindness apologized for not having shown his appreciation of it before and said that be would prefer the books. So she vent to her Library and selected several volumes which she brought to him and read to him the titles that might designate one would prefer. selected a novel and drawing a chair close beside the lounge she began to read from it. Madame devoted herself continuously to the count his bedroom was directly off the living room and on the same floor. Every morning her serv ant dressed him and assisted him into the living room where at first took to the lounge but soon insisted on an easy chair. Madame read to him played games with him and cooked dainties for him with her own hands studying continually How she might administer to his Comfort there is no More certain Way for a woman to win her Way to a Man s heart than by caring for him in his illness. In the present Case there was but one drawback to the lady s method the count was perfectly Well. The doctor called every Day Felt the patient s pulse examined a Black and Blue spot on his leg took his tempera Ture looking Wise and thoughtful All the time and at each departure Madame slipped 10 rubles into his hand. At the end of the week before enter ing the so called sickroom said to her the count will probably ask me now that the first week has passed if can be moved. \ it shall i Tell him will not ask you but if lie does Tell him must remain another just remarked the doctor and went in to see the patient whether the latter had forgotten that the week of his Captivity had expired or whether feared the doctor would Tell him could go did not mention the matter. She continued to enjoy the attentions of Madame and since received an order from St. Petersburg not to risk anything by being moved remained passive and Content. Then one morning instead of Madame bringing him his breakfast a servant brought it. Motor and Dynamo. Different in function yet almost Iden tical in construction. It is a very common error to confuse a motor with a Dynamo and but very few outside of electrical engineering circles can explain the difference be tween these two machines. The news paper Man writes about the Dyna mos burning out and setting the Street car on fire or tells of the giant motors whirling at tremendous Speed in the Power House and very few realize that a mistake has Bee made. To explain in the simplest language a Dynamo is a machine driven by mechanical Energy which converts that mechanical Energy into electricity another form of Energy. A motor is a machine that takes the electrical Energy generated by the Dynamo and converts it Back again into Mechan ical Energy. And curiously enough the two machines Are almost identical in their construction. Indeed some dynamos can be operated As motors and some motors As dynamos without any change whatever. Going a Little into detail a Dynamo or a Generator As it is now More commonly called by electrical men is a machine consisting of what is called an armature which is made to revolve Between the poles of a Magnet or group of magnets. The armature contains a great Many loops of wire which Cut the lines of magnetic Force which flow from one Magnet pole to that of opposite polarity. Although no one can see How it is done it is nevertheless True that this simple proc Ess causes a current of electricity to flow through the wire of the armature which May be led out of the latter through suitable sliding contacts or brushes and sent out through the con ducting wires of a circuit which May extend Many Miles. The current is supposed for convenience p to flow out Over one wire and Back Over the other keeping up a continuous flow through the armature and outside circuit. There you have the Dynamo. To operate the Dynamo mechanical Energy such As that of a steam engine or water wheel is required. The More current you take out of the armature the harder it is to turn. Now if you take a machine similar to a Dynamo away out somewhere on the line and connect its terminals to the two wires of the circuit the cur rent which is being generated by the Dynamo flows through the armature of this second machine and to and behold the armature begins to spin. There you have the motor which is nothing More than a Dynamo running backward and using up current in Stead of producing it. Put a Pulley on the Shaft of the motor and you get mechanical Power again which is what you started out with. That is Why motors Are so economical and convenient where mechanical Power is required. Great dynamos in a Power station generate current in vast quantities which is sent out Over the lines to be used up in motors of All types and sizes from a thirty second of a horsepower up to a thousand horse Power As desired. Now when you want to operate a sewing machine by Power you buy a Little motor to it. A few years ago it would have been necessary for you to put in a boiler and steam engine.?electrical news bulletin. I Rose leaves and Brown sugar. You took Rose leaves fresh Rose leaves and mixed them with Brown sugar. Then you wrapped them in a Leaf from a Grapevine and buried the whole business in the ground. You let them stay for three Days. At the end of that time you dug them up and ate them ate them with rapture known Only to those who have eaten this particular delicacy for to the natural fragrance of the Rose leaves and the nourishing and delicious properties of the Brown sugar that interval of three Days in the warm Earth had added a new Quality. A mysterious Alchemy had been at work and transformed the mixture into something exquisite a dish to be envied by great Kings and sultans. It had about it doors of the East savors of Araby the blest.?e. L. Pearson in the believing scientific manager. One cold Winter Day some Railroad officials while making an inspection of a Large Yard stepped for a moment in Side a switchman s shanty to get warm. Among them was a general superintendent who was known to Bave a mania for scientific manager ment and the reduction of expenses. As they were leaving the switchman asked the travelling Yardmaster whom knew now can be be tellin me who Thot Mon is that s the general superintendent the Yardmaster replied. What you think o that s a Fine Lookin Mon and be never would believe the tales be Are Hearin about j what have you heard about him Mike was the curious question. Why they say that was at the funeral of or. Mitchel s wife and when the six pallbearers come out raised his hand and said hold on a minute boys. I think Yez can get along without two of thim."?every body s Magazine. Know what a prism to John Smith and Henry Jones Are eat ing lunch together. John Smith Casu ally takes two cubes of sugar and places them Side by Side. That makes a Peri act prism does t it John Smith remarks casually. Prism nothing replies Henry Jones. That in t a sure it is remarks Smith. Don t you know a prism when you see one i certainly is the retort. A prism is a triangular piece of Glass used to Divide Light into the primary colors. Can t you recall enough of your school Days to remember that of yes i remember that All right. But these two cubes of sugar placed Side by Side make a prism bet you the lunch you re wrong challenges Jones. You re on promptly agrees Smith. And a dictionary was sent for. Jones had to pay the bet if you Don t believe it look in a dictionary yourself and feasted on lobster. A did it on the sly and repented sorely afterwards. Some years ago the government transplanted about 20,000 Eastern lob sters in Monterey Bay. Before ship Ping wooden pegs had put in their claws so that they could t Flag pfc with each other in route to this coast before transplanting those in charge neglected to remove the wooden pegs with the result that the lobsters All the government accordingly sent a other shipment and this time saw that the pegs had been removed before planting the time thereafter the Albatross teamed into Monterey Bay under the command of the United states Flash commission looking for results of the transplanting. Lobster traps were set at different Points but nary a lobster was captured. The government then posted notices offering $2,000 for specimen of the transplanted two years passed. A Santa Cruz Fisherman out in his Little smack caught one of the lobsters. Then thinking that there was a Law again stitching them sneaked the lobster to his Home cooked it ate it and destroyed All evidence. Later divulge Jed the secret to some other i caught a lobster sixteen inches Pong they yes and i was afraid to sell it so1 4ate it you ate it and they broke to him the sad news that there was a Reward of $2,000 for a Sample lobster from the Bay. And i had a $2,000 meal said the Fisherman and fainted.?san Francisco chronicle. J archaeology. The ancients were unconscious Aid to the modern science. I Arthur l. Frothingham writing in the North american review on where archaeology comes in notes that though it is customary to consider the science As a modern study dating. From the Middle of the eighteenth Cen i jury there has been at All times certain amount of unconscious Archie illustrating this says j j when the late babylonian King Cna Bondus about 550 b. C., stated that was restoring in the original style a Temple built More than 2,000 years before him by King Naramsin was or thought was doing the work of an archaeological scholar j when the roman priests under the Antoine emperors continued to use in their sacrifices Only the primitive Black earthen cups that had been in use for nearly a thousand years since before the founding of Rome they were practical archaeologists. When the emperor Augustus insisted on having copies of the Best works of greek sculpture of different Ages and styles made in the exact manner of the originals including archaic works was obliging his Sculp tors to be archaeologists. The emperor Claudius who wrote on antique Jules and used archaic isms was lampooned by scurrilous romans As a Pedantic archaeologist and Hadrian the Phil Hellene among his Many efforts at resurrecting ancient Hellas can count the revival of the Perga Mene and alexandrian styles of Sculp old time kissing customs. The English distaste for kissing is a thing of comparatively recent growth Jln the seventeenth Century our habits were the wonder of the foreigner. Nicolaus Beth Leri a hungarian these shores in 1633, relates that my brother and i behaved very rudely on one occasion being unaware that it was the custom in that country to kiss the Corner of the Mouth of la Dies instead of shaking hands As we in Hungary. We were invited to Dine at the House of a gentleman of High rank and found his wife and three daughters one of them married ready to receive us. We kissed the girls but not the married ladies and thereby greatly offended the latter. Duval apologized for fur Blunder and told us that when saluting we must always kiss the senior lady first and leave the girls to the last."?London express. Sneezing in Persia the Well known superstition that to sneeze once is a bad Omen seriously interferes with Many of the duties and pleasures of the persian. When isso unfortunate As to sneeze once quickly says Sabar Amad a time for Liting has command for at least o hours thereafter cannot be persuaded to take Medicine Start on a journey or begin any new or important work. A missionary surgeon who has More than once had to postpone an operation because or the patient sneezed once says i have now be come an adept at producing double sneezes."?los Angeles times. When Gladstone spoke. Gladstone was one in whom nervousness had become mannerism. When Rose to speak began with a few gracious words on the speech which was about to follow or some pointed remark As to the character and importance of the subject. In his earlier Days this was no doubt to get his his next act was to raise his right hand Over his head the thumb Bent Down and gently scratch his Skull. That is rather common among Public speakers. The third action of or. Gladstone was his Peculiar and individual sign. Throwing his arms downward by his Side would with his fingers seize the cuffs of his coat and draw these Down Over his shirt cuffs so As to conceal them completely. The Ordinary practice is just the re verse the desire being to expose and not conceal the White Linen of the shirt cuffs. These were the invariable pre Ludes to thereat commoner s speeches. Medicines that Aid nature Are always most effectual. Chamberlain s cough remedy acts on this plan. It allay the cough relieves the lungs opens the secretions and aids nature in re storing the system to a healthy Condi tion. Thousands have testified to its 4superior excellence. Sold by All dealers. Number 28. Spanish vengeance Fate of a faithless Solon in the reign of emperor Charles. It was in the Early Days of the reign of the emperor Charles when the Spanish people Ever jealous of their rights became infuriated at a submissive Cortes for voting Imperial Grants without obtaining redress for popular grievances. Tordesillas the representative of Segovia being a bold and haughty Man returned to his native City to defend his conduct and according to custom summoned his Fel Low townsmen to the Church that might give an account of his actions in the Cortes. But the multitude infuriated at his insolence in attempting to justify con duct they deemed inexcusable burst open the doors of the Church and Seiz ing Tordesillas dragged him through the streets with curses and insults to Ward the place of Public execution. The Dean and canons came Forth with the holy sacrament to Awe the mob the monks in the monasteries by which the luckless Deputy was dragged prayed on their Knees that his life might be spared or at least that be allowed time for Absolu tion but without regard for humanity or religion they hanged their victim up head downward on the common Gibbet. A. Chatfield Taylor the band of the Road to wealth. Maxims to which Rothschild ascribed his Early Success. Rothschild commonly ascribed his Early Success in a great degree to the following rules i combined three profits. I made the manufacturer my customer and the one i bought of my customer that is i supplied the manufacturer with raw materials and dyes on each of which i made a profit and took his manufactured goods which i sold at a profit and thus combined three prof its. Make a bargain at once. Be an off hand Man. Never have anything to with an unlucky Man or place. I have seen Many Clever men who had not shoes to their feet. I never act with them. Their advice sounds very Well but Fate is against them. They cannot get on themselves. How can they me Good be cautious and bold. It requires a great Deal of boldness and a great Deal of caution to make a great for tune and when you have go a it re quires ten times As much wit to keep v the last idea was one which Roth Schild frequently expressed and there is no doubt was thoroughly impress with its truth.?life. Giant and Dwarf honeybees. In some of the East Indian islands and on the Mainland of Hindustan Are to be found the smallest species of honeybees in the world. These Dwarf Honey collectors Are known to entomologists As apis Fuiorea. Their honeycombs Are no larger than a child s hand and the cells Are about the size of a Small Pinhead. This Honey is excellent As is the Wax. The Little Crea Tures build the comb on the Branch of a Low tree and As they have not to provide for Winter they work All the year through raising broods like them selves. In the same land there is a species of giant bees apis Drsata As Large As a Field Cricket. These Mon sters of the Bee world build Honey Combs that Are from six to seven feet in length four or More in Width and which weigh from 300 to 400 pounds each.?Harper s. Two views of the same question. A noted Bishop in order to Point a lesson in humility sometimes tells a Story of a Young Clergyman whose first appointment was to be an out of the Way and poor Parish. On his first sunday in this new Sta tion the Young Man As looked Over his wretchedly Clad and ignorant congregation could not help saying to himself with a groan. Dear me what a dreadful thing it would be if i should have to stay Here any great length of time at the end of the Sermon a Deacon made a prayer. To the Young Man s horror one part of the prayer was a benevolent Hope that this ignorant inexperienced Barren pastor that had lately come to the Parish might improve and grow Learned and fruitful in Good works so that would come Ito Merit being kept on there for where books were pawned. In primitive Days books had a recognized and settled value. We know How they were exchanged for a horse or half a dozen sheep but few people know the extent to which books were pawned in the Middle Ages. Oxford at one time had Twenty giant chests full of these valuable pledges and the proc Ess when Stock was taken had to be conducted with care. The Book fairs served to alter things and presently 1 As Smithfield Market grew it set up a subservient Industry on its outskirts where the butchers sold skins and the Parchment dealers bought. And this i Bookish Street on the Edge of Smith Field under the Shadow of St. Paul s bore the pious name of Paternoster row.?pall mall Gazette. Why she left them at Home. Have you any references ? v asked the lady of the House. Yes a am. A lot of then Why did t you bring them with you they re just like my photographs i a am. None of pm does me Detroit free press. Surprised. Lady a am surprised Little boy to see you smoking that Cigar. Boy a m s prised myself lady i thought the Man would never drop it. ? w you know that fully nine out of every ten cases of rheumatism Are simply rheumatism of the Muscles due to cold or Damp or chronic rheumatism and require no internal treatment whatever. Apply Chamberlain s Lini ment freely and see How quickly it gives Relief. For Sale by All dealers

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