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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - November 3, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Peninsula a Enterprise John w. Edmonds editor and owner. Too Oman court House a. Entered at the poet office at Accomac 0. H., va., As second to last matter. Saturday january 20, 1912. The meeting of the democratic National Quot committee at Washington and the Jackson Day banquet which was part of the program were auspicious events in the political Calendar. They brought together a Large number of enthusiastic men from every state in the Union All imbued with Hope and Confidence of the future. The position of the democratic party is greatly strengthened As a result of the deliberations of the National committee. There were Sharp differences of opinion and vigorous debate but the will of the majority was acquiesced in by the minority with Good humor and there was an evident desire on the part of the democratic hosts to get together or on common ground Bury past differences and present an United front to the enemy. The enemies of or. Bryan who anxiously scan the horizon for the slightest evidence of a loss of prestige must be vastly disappointed. To be sure the majority of the committee did not Back up the great nebraskan in his splendid fight for the purging of the committee of a member who had been repudiated by the voters of his own state for past tre Cheries but or. Bryan a influence was nevertheless strongly evident in other proceedings. The action of the committee in endorsing presidential preference primaries was in full Accord with or. Bryan a views and arguments and that. Action and his splendid reception at the Jackson dinner were sufficient evidence to satisfy any doubters that neither or. Bryan a popularity or his influence Are waning. The endorsement of presidential primaries is Prima Facie evidence of democratic progressiveness made All the stronger by contrast with the action of the Republican National committee which not Only refused to admit that the people have a right to choose their presidential candidates but went on record As favouring the old system of machine selected candidates. There cafe no longer be any question in the minds of intelligent people As to which party is most responsive to the popular will. The selection of Baltimore As the convention City and june 25th. As the Date one week later than the Republican convention came As the upshot of a Lively contest Between that City and st. Louis. Baltimore has not had a democratic National convention since 1872. She certainly will do the honors with All that Fine hospitality for which she is noted Pic a Chat Lyric tical Pitisi Cunt will there be named. A Bill has been introduced in the House of delegates of Virginia by speaker Byrd for the equalization and adjustment of state taxation and the necessity for this or some other legislation is apparent in the facts and figures submitted by or. Byrd in the following Quot certain counties of this state a he says Quot have in effect imposed a tribute upon this Commonwealth and annually exact from their sister counties thousands of dollars for their own Domestic purposes. To the extent that these coun ties escape their just taxes to the same extent do they impose unjust burdens upon their More honest Sisters. Some counties of this state have benefited by their unworthy graft in the last Twenty years to the extent of hundreds of thousands of dollars. I can make my meaning1 clearer by giving a few Concrete illustrations. Scott county has a White population of 23,814. This county in 1911 Drew out of the state Treasury for purely local purposes Over and above the amount paid in by her the sum of $17,101.85. In addition she Drew in pensions the sum of $8,722.60, making in All $25,823.45 paid to her or her citizens More than the total amount contributed by her. Carroll county with a White population of 21,116, draws for county expenses and pension Money $21,795,64, More than the total state tax. Grayson draws $15,321.42 More than she pays in. Many counties of this state with Large non taxpaying negro populations gallantly pay their own expenses and then contribute Large sums to the Domestic government of big White counties like Scott Carroll and Grayson. Grayson county taxes her hogs at $1.16 each her cattle at $5.14 each. Henrico taxes her hogs at $6.79 each and Loudoun taxes her cattle at $28.21 each. The result is that counties like Loudoun Henrico Frederick Fauquier Rockingham and Augusta first pay their own expenses then their proportion of general or state expenses and then contribute to the local government of counties like Scott Carroll Grayson Franklin Patrick and the remedy for the Gross inequalities of the present system of taxation in the opinion of the speaker is in the creation of a permanent state tax commission clothed with the Power Quot to establish in the various communities a Quot Standard of values and to give to the assessment and collection of taxes a supervision beyond which would stand the authority of the state under the provisions of the measure the commission would be composed of the governor the president of the Senate the speaker of the House of delegates the chairman of the two finance committees the chairman of the state corporation commission the attorney general the state treasurer the auditor of Public accounts and the state tax commission the commissioner and his assistant Are to visit every City and county in the state investigate tax conditions and make necessary changes reports of conditions and suggested reforms Are to be made to the general Assembly by the permanent commissioner who is also invested with authority to appear As attorney. The Bill will of course be opposed by those who have Long enjoyed the License 1 n0 8011001 District. A Carnegie Library for Accomac co. A a it is better to be unborn than untaught for inn Range is the Root of a to prepare us for Complete living is the function which education has to Spencer. Accomac Jan. 15th, 1912. The editor of the Enterprise dear sir a just before Christmas i wrote to or. Andrew Carnegie relative to his building us a Carnegie Publio Library at Accomac 0. For the Benefit of the entire county of Accomac. Yesterday i received a communication from him which seems to indicate his inclination to favourably respond to the Appeal. But his motto is a a i help those who Are willing to help themselves a and he wants to know a what the Community is willing to do for its he sends me a Blank form to fill out in which he wishes among other details the following important questions answered 1st. A what yearly amount the local governing body will pledge fori the support of the Library levying tax for the purpose if building 1b obtained a2nd. A a is requisite site available for the construction of the Library ? a a it is necessary a he says a to give explicit answer to each question As in the absence of Guch there s no basis for action and the matter will be delayed pending further communication.1 a he also says that a those interested a should have the Lecal municipal officers a address him on the subject a stating officially to what extent the body politic will financially cooperate with him. Now i assume that in our Case this local governing body would be our Board of supervisors and i Send you this letter with the intent to bring the matter to their attention and Arnest consideration pending their next meeting. I also wish that through the columns of a the Enterprise a a the matter be placed before All the citizens of Accomac of every labs sex color and condition whatsoever a to the end that their interest and efforts May he enlisted in the movement which is essentially one of education. Above All the interest and cooperation of the school Board the school trustees and the school teachers is solicited because it is believed that their organization and pursuits will at once enable them to perceive the general advantage that ought to re suit to Accomac by having a Well equipped up to Date Public Library located at its county seat. Indeed it is hoped that every one who wishes to see Accomac a fitter better place to lfv9, both for themselves and for their posterity will go Adit lend to the cause whatsoever Aid May be in their Power. In doing this no matter whether their temperamental Bias be egoistic or Alton a a tic Thev can at least feel that they Are benefiting themselves while Bene firing others. It is something that we can All take a directly selfish interest in and thus though incidentally helping the general welfare escape the shame of too much idealism or too much sentimental philanthropy. A a after bread education Man cannot live by bread alone nor even by potatoes. And As on county has been blessed in material Progress and Prosperity perchance the time has now come for us to say a a we Hove ideals which Means much and they Are realizable which Means i need not take up your valuable space by detailing the Many obvious advantages that ought ensue to our Pesole if we can Avail ourselves of of icy. Ii Jug Oesteen inti sea Ana the Bay almost Insul arly Etna ted appended to Maryland but belonging to Virginia we Are politically marooned As it were Cut off from the great metropolitan centres of culture and enlighten to and mostly depend ent upon our own activities and re sources for whatever intellectual Progress we May be Able to achieve. Few of our citizens can undertake the expense attendant upon trips or sojourns to Distant cities or seats of learning where mental development and the acquisition of ideas proceed at equal Pace with the acquisition of wealth. Hence uniquely circumstanced As we Are it would seem to peculiarly be Hoove us to seize every Opportunity we can to improve our conditions to readily reach out after All that May tend to enhance our lives and bring us in touch with the higher finer More refining spheres of existence. For unless through education and Belf culture the mental and psychical faculties of our people keep Pace with their material in crease a then our civilization is _ failure and our destiny but darkness though we raise the fattest hogs and the Alcest potatoes in the universe. We have a Small populous agricultural county inhabited by a homogeneous Stock of English scotch and Irish descent alike in traditions Aims and aspirations. We have every reason not to be deficient in civic spirit civic Pride or in that Coop Ergative Unity which is the sine qua non of human advancement. And of All things which influence our individual and social betterment there is none More fundamental than education and the adequate facilities and machinery for education. Geographically if not ethnographic Cally the people of the Eastern Shore of Virginia May Well be considered a Small nation unto themselves. Like All worthy nations they should therefore have some Cal nral and intellectual Centre no matter on How Small a scale. The seat of the county government is naturally the place for such a Centre and a Carnegie Library with an auditorium for lectures and a Supply of Good books scientific and otherwise might Well become the fecund germ of such a Cen Lre better roads and other growing facilities for intercommunication the coming of the parcel Post will tend to make practicable the distribution of books even into the uttermost necks of our closely knit Commonwealth. If i mistake not or. Carnegie usually expects the municipality that receives one of his libraries to raise annually for the expense of maintenance about 10 per cent of the amount of his gift. Thus if 3 ten thousand Dollar Library were erected the county would be expected to con tribute yearly the sum of $1,000. In other words i believe the Rule with him has generally been to graduate his gift according to the rate of local Seif Field. But i May be in error As to any inflexible Rule or rate of this sort though i believe the Community is always required to defray the running expenses of the Library whatever that May be. I have not yet looked fully into the Law As to whether the Board of supervisors would under existing statutes have Power to Levy assessments for the aforesaid purpose but a far a 1 have investigated the Point is that they won do merely by the simple expedient of e�?o�?�eo"d�iti1.-lin0a�0 Nal we in in any ease if payers Are Likely to very humanly ask Quot what a in it a for the enthusiastic writer of this letter he will Here answer the question oboe and for All. neither desires nor expects a anything in it beyond the Benefit that he Hopes will accrue to himself in common with every other citizen of Accomac county. A what a Man really has is what a in and after a Good dinner a Good Library is one of the Best ways to get something in him. Very truly yours a Patrick h. Aylett. To take toll and tribute from the rest of1 a marines get through a so Mon Kui the state but others in the opinion of,10 the legislature under Section 65 the speaker have no cause to fear or Virginia Constitution which oppose the Bill. The times dispatch i authority"9 4119 boar it 1116 necessary concurring in his views believes if the i tons in commission is established that Only be interested in this matter and Wili Quot those who do not wish to give the state views be known either bus Cnnon Jool Voiro on Ronco in via. �,f8 to the co univ of Libra by in Tver fraidy Square Deal have any cause to be a a Bounly papers or to the a a a legislature. A Bill introduced providing that a $75,000 appropriation be made for participation of Virginia in the Panama Pacific exposition. Senator w eat presented a Bill allowing pharmacists to sell liquor in dry territory on physicians a Reship tons and for Saor mental and scientific purposes. Or. Montague has presented a Bill making it a Misdemeanour to lend Advance or furnish Money knowing that the same is to be used for the payment of the poll tax of a second party and to provide punishment therefor. The Bill to pay the pensioners the 10 per cent which was deducted from All checks in 1911 because of deficiency in appropriation was reported to the House by finance committee. It carries an appropriation of $40,000. A Bill presented by Hon. C. R. Coleman of Spotsylvania providing that All circuit judges in counties upon the application of five freeholders be instructed to appoint two game wardens for each magisterial District in their counties. Senator Royall presented a Bill which gives to each Confederate Veteran or his widow a pension of $100 a a year payable quarterly. declares that the old men and women Are growing fewer and More dependent each year and that they need More care now than Ever before. The fishing interests will receive the usual amount of attention at the hands of the legislature at this session. In addition to the Curtis mea9 urea which have been set for a hearing on january 30, which would Stop menhaden fishing in the Chesapeake refuse non residents the right to flab or Oyster in the Waters of the Commonwealth bub would give the foreign Oyster planter the right to lease and operate planting grounds in Virginia. An important new fish measure was introduced by or. Coleman of Norfolk. The Bill would prohibit the taking of bluefish in the Waters of the state by non residents and also prohibits the use of vessels owned by non residents from being operated for this purpose. The Bill also affects a Large number of other varieties of fish and forbids the capture of Small specimen of a number of varieties. To All appearances the movement looking to abolition of the contract convict labor system in Virginia is doomed to failure. While it is probable that the Road forces will be largely increased by the addition of convicts from the Penitentiary the result of a hearing before the Senate committee on Public institutions and education is taken to mean that the Senate will favor some plan looking to the continuation of employment of at least a portion of the convict labor under a contract with some manufacturing firm. Notice houses moved by Day or contract on reasonable terms and satisfaction guaranteed. James j. Hartman Melfa a. Phone in House. Fob Sale Maine grown Irish cobblers True to name. Anyone wishing seed potatoes fall delivery $3.25 per barrel Call on phone or write. Geo. Burdick Mckemie Park a. Barber. Good stand for the business. Apply at once or write p. O. Box 61, Hailwood a forewarn anyone from gunning hauling carting or trespassing in any Way on my premises Woodland or cleared land under the penalty of the Law to full extent. W. E. Mapp Onley a. When your horse is run Down because of indigestion kidney trouble blood disease stomach Worms or in poor condition after an attack of distemper or any in feeling disease a a _ treat the animal with a a a a a it a a a do few it s Premier Reg. U. S. Pat. Horse health the worlds Best Equine conditioner. As a tonic for your stallion during his season As a conditioner for your Mare during gestation and nursing time or. As a renovator for your Colt horse health has no equal. Quot it sold in 50 cent boxes. Sent prepaid. The horse health co., Winn Pauk conn., u. S. A. Farmers Institute train. Notice a to horsemen. If anyone in Accomac or Northampton counties Are going to ship any horses to Fasig Lipton co. Midwinter Sale please communicate with me at once. James h. Ashby Exmore a. To any boy or girl if you want to make some easy Money in your spare time All you have to do is to sign this Coupon and mail it to the Knight Novelty company Jamesville a. Gentlemen a you will please Send me by return mail $3.00 Worth of your goods which i Promise to sell and As soon As sold i will Send you two dollars of it and keep one Dollar for my trouble. Yours truly name. P. Of state. Boy or Gir and age. Does your parents know that you have ordered these goods. T. White h. E. White. Fob lot of Duroc Jersey shoats. J. Douglas Beasley Grangeville a. Fcb rent for year 1912 dwelling at Accomac o. H., now occupied by or. We. Melson. For particulars write or see mrs. Geo. W. Holland Pastoria a. For a Good driving Mare fat and fearless. R. W. T. Kellam Locustville a. Fob and dwelling at Hailwood formerly occupied by f. A Fitzgerald also Large feed House. B. J. Hall Baltimore my. For the year 1912, a Good tenant House on the we. R. Bunting farm in Oustis neck. Apply to we. W. Gill amp bro., Daugherty a. Fob Sale a a Bateau 14 feet Long suitable for a gasoline boat 3 Good sails and masts Anchor Etc. Can be seen at Tobe Parks Landing of Parker a Creek. For terms apply to him or the undersigned. Jonah Parks Accomac a. For Sale. Try our l. E. P. Dennis amp son High Grade fertilizers for an Early White and a big crop of Sweet potatoes. Six horses 4 to 9 years old. Hay Oats Mill feed coals All kept on hand for immediate delivery. We handle most everything carried by the retail merchant direct from manufacturers. Also bananas apples cabbage and other fruits and vegetables. Glad to have a share of your Patron age at the lowest Market prices. Harry t. White amp son wholesale grocers brokers and manufacturers agents Mckemie Park a. We Are distributors of the above remedy for the Eastern Shore of Virginia and carry same in Stock at All times to Supply the Trade wholesale or retail. If you own a horse done to fail to give this great conditioner a trial and be convinced that it is the Best one you Ever used. Bell harness co., Onancock a. C. C. Perdue Painter a. Agent for. Cameron air cooled Abbott Detroit and Krit. Automobiles Preslo Lite tanks and accessories. Call and for Sale at private contract. The new York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. R. Co., co operating with the department of agriculture and immigration of Virginia will operate an agricultural educational train Over its n. Y. P. Amp n r r. Division from Lecato to Capeville va., for four Days tuesday wed thurs. And Friday january 23, 24, 25 and 26. The subjects of the lectures which will be delivered by experts under the direction of Hon. G. W. Koiner commissioner of agriculture and immigration have been selected with a View to increasing the yield of farm products and advancing the Prosperity of the farming communities through which the train will travel. Addresses will include discussions on improving the soil increasing the yield per acre of Corn Alfalfa growing trucking and poultry husbandry at the following places and dates mentioned below my farm known As the Wigton farm is for Sale at private contract divided in two farms each sixty eight and four fifth acres 68 4-5 a More or less arable and Woodland the same being sold in Gross and not by he acre the whole tract containing 137 6 acres by Survey 220 acres of Meadow land with fresh water through it Good Oyster Shore plenty resources situated on the Seaside about 1� Miles from Mode town about 4 Miles from Bloxom station convenient to Church and school. Yon cannot find better trucking land any where on the Eastern Shore. S6e my Stock % j for information apply to or 11. Postal will bring you _ catalogue. A tourists a a we we t is your watch on its last legs mrs. Edward s. Johnson 200 Maryland ave., port Norfolk a. Martin amp Mason co Call attention to their Large Stock of. 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I offer for Sale my farm situated in Pitts Creek neighbourhood one mile from Cedar Hall wharf one mile from Public school and half mile from Church and store in one of the Best neighbourhoods in the county. Has 119 acres of which about 60 acres Are cleared land. About 20 acres set in Pine Timber suitable for mine props. A Good Marsh for raising Stock or trapping. The land is in an excellent state of cultivation. A Good truck farm. Possession Given at once. On the Pocomoke River. Apply to Calvin e. Townsend Pocomoke City my. The special train. Tuesday january 23d. Thursday Jan. 25th. Lecato 9 30 a. M. Exmore 9 00 a. M Bloxom l 30p. A . Parksley a r7�?Tnn irs lest 7 00 p. M. Wednesday Jan. 24th. Onley 9 00 a. M. 1 30 p. M. Friday Jan. 26th. Eastville 9 00 a. M. Painter 1 30 p. M. Capeville 1 30 p. M. Every Farmer should Avail himself of the Opportunity to obtain helpful information on the important subject of better farming. Be on time and bring your neighbors. Everybody is Welcome. 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