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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1920, Page 4

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - November 3, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Volume xxx Accomac c. H., a. Saturday january 20, 1912. Number 27 George l. Doughty jr., attorney at Law. Offices Accomac and Belle Haven. Practices in All Coarts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. P. Aylett attorney at Law. Office Accomac c. Practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. J. Abbott Byrd attorney and of Ellor at Law. Offices Accomac a h., Shinco Teague Island me Tompkin a. At Wohinc Oteague Island 4th week in every month. Will practice in All the Coarts of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. John w. West attorney at Law. Practices in All the oorts of the Eastern Shore of a. Offices at Onancock and to combo 0. Stewart k. Powell attorney at Law offices a Accomac 0. And Onan it look a. To a notices in All the Coarts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia feed your working Stock Purina Stock feed and your laying hens Purina scratch feed and your Milch cows Protena Dairy feed. We Are jobbers of Hay Grain feed Lime hair Cement. Poultry feeds a specially. Mail orders Given our prompt attention. C. S. Schermerhorn amp son 127-129 Cheapside Baltimore my. J. K. Calloway. C. C. Bachman. W. S. Ashby. To b. Waco it. 8. Ja8. L . Wescott a to rain gig Loffi attorneys at Law offices Accomac 0. H., Mapps Barg and pair Oaks a. Practice in All the courts on the bested Shore of Virginia. G. Walter Marp. J. Brooks Mapp Mapp a Mapp. Attorney a at Law. Offices grand Evite Keller and to combo 0. H., practice in ail courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Otho p. Mearo attorney at Law offices Eastville nor Hampton county and act Ouica court House practices in All courts on Cne Eastern Shore of Virginia. John s. Parsons attorney at Law Accomac court novae v a o ill practice in All courts or Accola a and Norfia Quoton counties. Jno r. And j. Harry hew. Attorneys Ai jua w. Duco Lilac a. A. A Dur Fhy Ley. At Accomac c. H., every w to to Canji. A Vili or acute id Dii Ido courts in Tut Fiat Tern a guru of Vir rid la. t. U in Tek. Aii Fornuy a iwo a Stair Cut inc u. a. A i practice m ail me court 01 acc Hitty 4du a Nurmi Ampton Cui Mutte Calloway Bachmann Ashby co., i tailors and importers 127 and 129 East Fayette st., equitable building Opp. Court House Baltimore my. Or. Ashby will greatly appreciate a visit from his Many friends when in the City. His Avenger liter events showed a mistake by Clarissa Maggie Sash doors blinds Parks lev manufacturing co., a dealers in hardware paints oils and varnishes the great Malta in Range cast Range Cook and heating stoves farming Imp a mints Mill feeds middling com and Oats bran and Chick Ped bricks Lime Cement laths &c., Sash doors blinds mantes Cabinet mantels Stair rails and All kinds mouldings. Special attention Given to anyone going to build. Will see you in person or furnish estimates on application. Parksley manufacturing co., Parksley Virginia. I. Flu cd Nuce attorney at naw Accomac u. H., a. Pra Cucek m Ali Une court on Une a Casiero Onore of Virginia. N Ahner of fist attorney at Law a offices Accomac . Audun Ankuca. At Accomac c. Every w eur essay amt r i in a y. W in practice in All tue courts i Accomac Auu nor Lampton counties. We wish to say that we keep at All times for Sale at the lowest possible margin of profit the following goods flour we Are now working on our second car Load since february. Building materials shingles lathes Lime bricks and Cement farm implements planet or. Cultivators and Standard sprayers. We have a Complete assortment of sizes and values in screen doors Aco window screens and screen wire. Oar Stock of general merchandise is Complete and Well selected. T. S. Hopkins a amp co., Tasley. A. Jure e. Noftle Shaal jr., a Atiz Okney a Law a r Rabia Iown a practices in All Lue courts on in. Astern ensure of v or Mia. Or. D. Lil Iriton dentist. A Aco Omack court House office ours irom a a. M. Too p. M. Win of at Panteley every tuesday. Or. John a. Turlington veterinarian. Graduate amt eur states College of veterinary science. Fair Oaks Virginia. Via Ulella office hours 7 to a a. M.�?6 to 8 p. M. W ill practice m Accomac and North Tea Nipton Nougues. Do. A. M. veterinarian. Fair Oak a. Reference past patrons. Can of caned by phone Day of mint. Save Money by buying your Winter goods of us new line now open bought direct from factory and offered at lowest margin of profit in dress goods notions shoes for men boys ladies and children matting in All grades agricultural implements All kinds of Mill feeds. American steel wire Fence 39, 41, 47 and 53 inches High &c., amp a. Flour a specially. Call and let us save you Money. J. W. Rogers amp bro., Onley. A. W. G. Emmett notary Publio belie . Fred. E. Ruedi Uek sorry or aces Ciao 0. H., a. Luuru Guniy equipped with latest Auu bes. Instruments otters his Are vines to be citizens of to combo to unto. Or. Oha8. F. Turman dentist. I will be at Bloxom to practice my a Rofe Sion on the following dates december 11, 12, 13,14. Main office Wohinc Oteague a. We. P. Bell amp co., druggists Accomac c. H., va., agents for Waterman a Ideal Fountain pers Stock always on hand. Fittest line of stationery on Eastern Shore of Winter goods. 0be Yod in 0 a Job doors windows blinds Cement Lime hair flooring ceiling facings siding or moulding of any kind if s0-wr1te or phone Ashburn amp King Pocomoke they have a full line of everything thoroughly seasoned and ready for shipment. Your Trade solicited. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made. Are Yon thinking of building this fall if to come to see me and save Money on doors windows blinds paints and oils Dement plaster Paris Terra gotta piping of All sizes plastering laths Shin Fles of All grades and sizes building material of All ind. We Albo carry in Stock at lowest prices furniture stoves Hay and Corn hog and poultry wire Best in world flour at ?6.25�?everything in fact Nunally kept in first class country store. Save Money by coming to my store. Bengl Johnson Quot Marsh Market a. _ the men of the Lone Bull ranch had finished supper and were gathered about the Long table Over newspapers and cards. Most of chem were smoking and the air was Blue with the exhalations from pipes and cigarettes. The chinese Cook flapped into the room noisily. addressed the company impartially in a High complaining voice _ a him Hally Bally no come eat Chow him Sabe 1 keep Chow Velly hot till him come around a Harry barrys seven comrades fixed piercing eyes 911 the Cook. Gabriel spoke smothering a Yawn with one lean hand before did so. A i guess Sabe you la keep his supper hot for him Lee. If you done to a paused significantly and the wrathful chinaman found seven Blue muzzled revolvers focused upon different parts of his Anatomy. A understand a snapped Gabriel. Leeds Straw slippers flapped restlessly on the Bare floor. His frightened Beady eyes roved from one to another of the Stern faces. nodded his head like a toy mandarin. A yes yes i Sabe Velly Velly much a a you will keep or. Barrys supper hot for him a a Velly hot a said Lee forcibly. A was hot ask a and named the hottest place there is. The seven were still shaking Witzl silent laughter Over the episode when there came the rapid thud of Smair hoofs and the widow Clancy slipped from her Saddle at the door and stood before them. A where is Harry Barry a she demanded in a Low intense voice. All the pretty color had fled from her face and her pallor was enhanced by the vivid Auburn of her Lovely hair. A where is Harry Barry a she repeated As they arose and clustered around her. A a we be been expecting him every minute. Aughter been Back Jong ago a drawled Gabriel. A me be Bis horse went lame a suggested the Crane from the background. One or two others offered suggestions rjtsusu9ctr run term to witness his dashing arrival at any instant. At last they stood mutely before the Pale widow and waited for her to speak again. You re a Clever lot of fabricators a she sneered. A i008 of concern came into Gabriel a face. A you done to think a got into any trouble mrs. Clancy a asked quickly. A was if you did no to know a her voice trembled with grief and anger. A was if you did no to know what has done that you the men that called his mates his friends yes every one of you what has done that you should string him to the tallest Cottonwood at the Springs a a what a thundered Gabriel pushing Forward. A Harry Barry hanging where did you say a the seven who loved the merry hearted Comrade whose grave danger had caused them alarm on another occasion listened with White faces while mrs. Clancy explained in a shaking voice a i saw him myself. His horse was staked under the tree. I was a Quarter of a mile off when i happened to see him dangling up there in the she hid her face in her hands and shuddered. A it was looking for a lost Critter and had my a mrs. Clancy a a said Gabriel heavily for loved Harry like a younger brother a there is some mistake. You count on the seven of us to avenge Harry if harm has come to a i am his Avenger a said mrs. Clancy coldly. A i want you seven to come along with the seven silently obeyed More from pity for the agitated woman than because they were fearful of her threats. Harry Barry s comrades were grief stricken at the disaster that had overtaken their Friend. What could have done to have merited the severest penalty of that unprotected country where Justice is swiftly meted out wherever it is outraged with the dome of heaven for a courtroom and the victims for judge and jury Crane who was leading the file turned and spoke to Gabriel who was next. A you remember once before we was hauled out to save Harry the time when we got the letter about the last Hope a a sure a returned Gabriel a and we found that the last Hope was the name of a mine head discovered. Me be there ainu to anything in this smiled hopefully. The widow Clancy a voice came nervously shrill from the rear. A laugh will you a she cried. A a one of you laugh again and ill a put a a a bul let through a a you a she suddenly broke into tears and bowed her head on the neck of her Pony. Gabriel was beside her in an instant. A a you re mistaken mrs. Clancy a said soothingly. A we was Only remembering that Harry scared us once before. You remember we be told you about the last Hope mine and Bow we Rode All night chasing that boy Only to find him alive and Well at the end of the trip and we to help but think there a some mistake now and that Harry to be done away a but i saw him a cried the widow plaintively. A i saw him there his head drooping. Of it was awful a a we think a we re sure that do one of the things head have to hang for a was Gabriel a Earnest Assurance. A of course a mrs. Clancy lifted her tear stained face and turned Dren lied Blue eyes upon him. Gabriel was Rei Creck to see the Spunky Little widow giving Way to _ \ a fix was s it ror or Roner rus position that. was alarm Cal a me be you d like no wait Here while we go and investigate Quot suggested but the widow was firm in her determination to be on the spot. A you ainu to used to such scenes May am a protested Crane mildly for they had paused to discuss the question v v a a i May As Well get used to it if it kills me a declared mrs. Clancy and then fixing glowing eyes upon each in turn she said earnestly a i want you to understand i appreciate you be been Good friends to me Ever since i came from the East and i know you be always been Good friends to Harry but if in a convinced that his being up there is your fault Why Why the whole seven of you will hang for it if i have to do it myself a the widow looked perfectly capable of engineering any number of Lynch bugs at that moment. Absurd As was the situation from one Point of View there was the tragedy in the background and it was a gravely preoccupied party that swung around the last Hill As the Sun dropped its lower rim below the horizon. A yellow Shaft of sunlight struck the cottonwoods and from the tallest one something dangled from a Stout upper limb. A a Pond to you look May am wait till we come Back a commanded Gabriel with sudden authority and pressed a flask into her hand. The Brave hearted Little widow suddenly lost courage and bowed her head once More on the neck of her Pony. V when the Sevelj pounded to a standstill under the Cottonwood tree they slipped from their saddles and hesitated. Harrar barrys Roan horse Whinnie sharply and then apparently from the air above them came a familiar voice peevish As if from Long waiting. A $ a a done to stand staring like idiots in a plumb tired out banging up Here a it said. The seven turned awed looks upon one another,.and As by one Accord the youngest and strongest the two lewites Jim and Tim sprang toward the tree and fairly spurred their Way up into the lower branches from which they mounted higher. Then there came the sound of several voices raised in inquiry explanation and direction. After awhile three men came Down the tree instead of the two who had climbed up. The third Man was Harry Barry and the others were helping him for his limbs seemed stiff and his face was quite Pale. smiled As cheerily As Ever As they gathered around him. A another one on me a grinned sheepishly when they had administered restoratives to him. A i was coming Back from dosing the sick Critter when i took see if there was anybody i knew Sas haying around laugh if you Wanter a said As a knowing smile went the round of the group. A i went up in the tree and i looked and i thought i saw Way off an old Friend of mine showed All. His White Teeth and so i was in a hurry to get Down and my Heel caught in a crooked Little Branch and i fell kerplunk till a Handy Little stump of a broken limb caught hold of my Belt and there i Hung As Fine As silk. That was All Beautiful and Nice Only gents it was so that there was a Sharp Little prong Branch sticking out of the tree right behind my shoulders and i move hand or foot without Ketch Najt like a knife so there i Hung till i went to sleep a while Back. When i woke up i was All numb and cold from hanging there. In a feeling better now thing i knew i heard you Fellers coming seen you out the Corner of my they examined the Small ragged tear in Harry a shirt Between his shoulder Blades and they saw that the flesh was red and bruised from the torturing Branch that had pierced it a you had a Narrero escape a said Gabriel soberly. A i guess you wont get to breaking no Laws now a joked hem Wayland. A a you be somehow got a taste of what a Necktie party feels like when you re the guest of Crane had Ridden ahead to break the Good news to mrs. Clancy and Gabriel suddenly vaulted into his Saddle and wheeled about. A we chaps better be making for the Lone Bull. Leeds keeping your supper hot for you Harry a a and Cheress a lady waiting around the Corner for you a added Jim Lewis Over his shoulder As followed Crane. A a lady who a a the question died on Harry barrys lips As the widow Clancy a Little Pony dashed toward the Cottonwood tree bearing a slender erect figure with an Aureole of Auburn hair and dancing Blue eyes. There was no Lack of color in her Cheeks As she saw the Stalwart form of Harry. I a gosh let s get out of this a gasped Jim Lewis As followed the rest of the seven in their mad dash to escape the tender scene that would follow. A a let a go Home and see Lee has supper plenty hot for them a suggested Gabriel and soon the faithful seven were dim dots on the twi lit Plain. Following them in the Mystic Light came Harry Barry and his sweetheart Riding slowly hand in hand. Putting it nicely. There is a Good Deal in putting a thing nicely. A prisoner was being sentenced at the assizes the other Day a you Ynve a pleasant Home and a Bright fireside Writh Happy children sitting around it Haven to you a said the judge. A yes sir a said the prisoner who thought saw a Way out of the culty. A a Well a said the judge a if the Happy children sit around the cheerful fireside until you return they will there just two bits. Japanese strategy. Ingenious tactics that marked the siege of port Arthur. Much of the Slaughter that marked the siege of port Arthur entered about the capture of what was known As 203 meter Hill. The japanese wanted that Eminence not to Plant guns on it but to observe the position of the russian warships anchored in port Arthur Harbor. Before the capture of the Hill the japanese fired into the town and the Harbor with an alarming and puzzling accuracy although the gunners never saw their target. After a time the russians Learned that a chinese Fisherman was particularly fond of a certain spot in the Harbor. They watched him. If a shot fell beyond a particular ship moved his boat in a corresponding direction. If a shot fell to the left the simple chinese found the fishing better in that direction. Apparently had no Mission in the world except to find the Best fishing ground. Finally it dawned upon the russians that his movements could be observed by japanese Field glasses. Fishing in the Harbor was prohibited and the japanese fire went wide. After a time the shots began hitting their Marks with the former accuracy. The russians looked for chinamen. They found one. liked to Wade into the shallow water apparently looking for crabs. had a White bucket and a Black one. If a shot fell Short or went beyond the Mark the White bucket moved in sympathy. If it went to the right or left the Black bucket was affected Only if a hit a was made the buckets came together. Possibly it was by using the simple chinese that the japanese succeeded in mining the Entrance to port Arthur Harbor. On april 13, 1004, Admiral Makaroff came out at the head of his Fleet his Pennant flying from the Petro Palovsky. The flagship struck a Cable that connected three floating mines. One mine swung to port two to starboard. In a few minutes Makaroff and his ship went Down. The Fleet turned and fled into port scientific american. Malicious fruit. The stings that come with careless handling of prickly pears. A my first sad experience of the african prickly Pear was gained on a visit to the Market place of Algiers. The fruit was handed to us politely peeled by the Arab dealer and thus As we made acquaintance with its delightful coolness no suspicion of its evil qualities entered our minds. A few Days later adding the excitement of a Little trespassing to the More legitimate pleasures of a a Outry ramble. We came upon a Well Laden group of prickly Pear Hughes and could not resist the temptation to help ourselves to some of the fruit the result was woeful. Concentrated essence of stinging nettle seemed All at once to be assailing hands lips and Tongue and our skin wherever it had come in Contact with the ill natured fruit was covered with a thick crop of minute bristly hairs apparently growing from it and venomous and irritating to the last degree. Our silk gloves transformed suddenly into miniature Robes of Nessus had to be thrown away perfectly unbearable and the inadvertent use of our pocket handkerchiefs before we had fully realized the extent of our misfortune caused fresh agonies in which nose As Well As lips participated. For Many a Day did the retribution of that theft haunt us in the form of myriads of tiny life on an Ostrich first Aerial Post. Ornamental dress. The kind of clothes Washngton Hancock and Adams wore. John Hancock thin in person six feet in stature was very fond of ornamental dress. wore a wig when abroad and a Cap when at Home. A Man who visited Hancock one Day at noon in june 1782, describes him As dressed in a red velvet Cap lined with Fine White Linen which was turned up two or three inches Over the lower Edge of the velvet a Blue damask gown lined with silk a White silk in a. White. Satin embroidered White silk stockings and red Morocco slippers. Washington at his receptions in Philadelphia was dressed in Black velvet. His hair was powdered and gathered behind in a Large silk bag. His hands were encased in yellow gloves. held a cocked hat with a cockade on it and its edges adorned with a Black Feather. wore knee and shoe buckles ari3 at his left hip appeared a Long sword in a polished White leather scabbard with a polished steel Hilt. John Adams on the Day of his inauguration was dressed in a full suit of Pearl coloured Broadcloth and his hair was powdered. Chief Justice Dana of Massachusetts used to Wear in Winter a White Corduroy surtout lined with fur and held his hands in a Large Muff. The justices of the supreme court of Massachusetts wore until the year 179? Robes of Scarlet faced with Black velvet in Winter and Black silk gowns in summer. At the beginning of the Las Century powder for the hair became unfashionable tying up the hair was abandoned coloured garments went out of use buckles disappeared and knee breeches gave place to York press. It was used in China and a wild Goose was the Carrier. The ancient records of China reveal the fact that our Aerial Post was forestalled some thousands of years ago aptly enough by celestial. It is True that the first postal air Man was an aquatic fowl and to this Day the Post in China is referred to As a the convenience of the wild Goose a a and pictures of that Bird still appear on certain Stamps. The legend tells us that a tartar chief was offensive to the chinese emperor who sent a special envoy to warn him. But the chief took the emperors servant prisoner and made him Shepherd to his flocks. In this condition of social degradation the unfortunate envoy languished for some years until one Day captured a wild Goose and his mind was illumined by the Bright idea of using it to carry news of his whereabouts to his friends. With a letter secured to its leg the Samaritan Goose flew southward a null virtue meeting its customary Reward. It was killed in the grounds of the Palace by no less a personage than the emperor himself. The letter was read and a in native expedition rescued Tho Pearson a weekly. Making his meaning Clear senator just returned from Washingtonii or. Eeler what is the sentiment of the people in your town concerning rising pal tic Jan sternly interrupt lug a Sena or. A done to Deal in sentiment id our town we Deal with Faess it a a fact fit Chicago Tribune interested. This is a real conversation. It might have taken place almost anywhere in a the City so Why should we Tell real names a do you know dear a says mrs. In Tywun a i think we Are paying altogether too much for on Church Pew considering its a do you think so Quot replies or. Enny Wun. A Well we must attend to that it once. Era where is it located i want to make a note of a no. 68 a a yes How stupid of me. And aha what Church a a Cleveland Plain dealer. Richness of walnuts. A the percentage of food in walnuts a says the London lancet a High medical authority a is very High. They Are very Rich in fat containing As much As 63 per cent while the proteins amount to nearly 16 per . Quot has been calculated that thirty Large Walnut kernels contain As much fat As two and three Quarter pounds of lean beef and yet the Walnut is often used As a supplement to a Square meal a attractions of a malay hotel. We Are so accustomed to Reading in the guidebooks that the local hotels Are the Best in the East that it is refreshing says the Java times to corns across a description of a hotel in the Little town of Kuala Bumpur in the Federated malay states. Here Are a few Points which our hotel proprietors might notice bedrooms 27 feet by 24 feet by 20 feet each with two electric Twenty five Candle Power lamps electric Bell and electric fan a bathroom 30 feet by 12 feet a a ached to each bedroom and fitted we tops floored with coloured tiles Way id with White Minton ditto a Long continuous corridor 625 feet in length by 12 feed Broad each electric Bell fitted with a a return ring so that the visitor knows at once whether is being attended Globe. Not much difference. Tommy pop what is the difference Between table do Hote and a la carte Tommy a pop at a table d Hote my son you take what the waiter brings you without ordering while if you Dine la carte you order first and then take what the waiter brings record. Likely enough. A Job sly brags that is a self made a i thought was a Little baggy Al american. To make pleasures pleasant shorten Buxton. Curing the spat. Wife complaining Lyle you re not like or. Knagg. They be been married Twenty years and mrs. Knagg says her husband is so tender. Hub tender Well ought to be after being in hot water that transcript a matter of policy. A a there a Only one thing i Ever do for policy a a a what a that a a tvs a my set watling a Island san Salvador is perhaps the most interesting historical Point on the american Side of the world As it is the Island upon which Columbus first landed. Yet it has lost its name. In View of the history not Only of the Bahamas group but of the american continents As Well it is far from surprising that the identity of the famous Island should have been Long lost or that the re identification should have been delayed until the Middle of the last Century when Captain Becher of the British Navy by application of the description contained int amp plumb us journal to the course from Gomera to the ii Mas determined clearly that watling Island alone met All requirements of the bowing in 1780. A bowing in 1780 was quite a Cere i Mony judging from the rules for do ing it properly Given in the Atlantic a it you Bow to any one passing i it a do it in this manner raise the Rigel hand to your hat gracefully. A put your forefinger As far As the Crown and your thumb under the brim and then raise it from your head gracefully and easily. A look at the person Yon Bow to and hold your body gently Forward. A hold your left Arm straight Down at your Side neither drawing it for Ward or backward. A move the right leg if the person goes by on the right Side and keep the other firm. A if the person goes by on the left Side move the left leg and keep the right firm. A a let your body be bowed moderately not too our puzzling Tongue. Gangs a foreigner strikes in trying to master English. In spite of certain undeniable disadvantages. The English language steadily makes headway. There Are few tongues so hard to master. One foreigner who has had Bis troubles but has won his Way to a perfect command of the language has presented in the Bookman some of the Humours and some of the difficulties which belong to this richest of living languages. As a boy 1 heard a fantastic turkish legend which to my mind aptly illustrates the actual facts concerning the origin and formation of Modem English. A after creating the first parents of each of the races the Story runs Allah took a Large piece of meat and. Cutting it into slices distributed them among All the people to serve them As tongues. For some reason the englishman was absent when the others received their share. At last came into the presence of his maker and in mute humility begged him to put a Tongue into his Mouth. But nothing was left of the meat so Allah was obliged to Cut a Little piece from the tongues of All the others and. Joining these pieces fashioned a Tongue tor the englishman. The orthography of the English language does not by any Means contain All of a foreigners troubles. One of the most perplexing characteristics of the English Tongue is the fact that As a Rule the same word has different meanings. My dictionary gives to the verbs see Lead hold and draw fourteen eighteen Nineteen and thirty two meanings respectively. Now. For a foreigner to be Able to distinguish All these various meanings is a tremendous task. The words which have Only one or two meanings Are comparatively few. Is it surprising that a foreigner is often puzzled by the numerous and sometimes opposite meanings of Many an English a word ? just As an illustration consider the perplexity of a persevering Frenchman Over the meaning of the word a Zis horse Sair go Queen. What you say a a yes is a fast a nah Pardon Monsieur but your Friend say make fast his horse and tie him to a Post so not go at a very True is made fast by being a nah zat cannot be. cannot go fast. But what you Call a Man that keeps fast a a ooh is a Good Man that does not eat on fast a but i have seen one Bon vivant who eat and drink add ride and do every zing. Be people say be is a bad a a nah Certa nement zen All be Day of his life must be fast a no of course a a Meh Bien. Does eat every Day a a certainly be a zen Bow keep fast a a Why keeps going to be a Ivy you Tell me to stand fast when you want me to keep still and go fast when you want me to run. How i understand Aan easy medical degree. Time was when medical degrees were obtained at st. Andrews without All the difficulties of today and the Story is told concerning a Learned professor of old. Who had advised a particular student whom had never seen in the flesh and of whose work knew but Little to Call upon him at Bis House so that be might be examined for his degree. The morning was a Brilliant one and the Learned gentleman found it impossible to resist the attractions of the links. Before setting out however be had left a message with one of the maidservants and a conversation like the following ensued on the arrival of the student at the appointed time a Are you the gentleman who was to Call this morning about a degree a asked the girl on opening the door. �?o1 am a was the reply. A Well a said the maid a i was to Tell you that it was All right. You have passed a a scotsman. The troublesome Quail. A this Quail is finely prepared dear a Eaid the Young husband enthusiastically at table. A ooh in a so glad a returned his delighted wife. A i was afraid you would refuse to eat it after All the trouble i had with it a refuse to eat it nonsense but what trouble did you have with it. Dear a a Well when i was sliding it out of the oven it slipped and went into the Coal scuttle and then 1 had to Chase Towser Over into the next Yard before i could snatch it out of his medicines that Aid nature Are always most effectual. 5 chamberlains cough remedy acts on this plan. It allays the cough relieves the lungs opens the secretions and aids nature in restoring the system to a healthy condition. Thousands have testified to its Superior excellence. Sold by All dealers not just what said. A wel1 known Parson preaching to a crowded congregation at a Church were in his younger Days had been. Rate alluded to the Many changes that had taken place. contrasted the attendance with that of Days gone by and remarked. A at one time in this Church there was not a soul Era person in the next Day in a report of the service which appeared in one of the local newspapers the minister was reported to have said a at one time in this Church there was not a sober person in the . Seizing his Opportunity. Wife mrs. Bowens House is strictly up to Date with electric appliances throughout. All she has to do is to touch a Button and almost any desired result is accomplished. Husband Well you would never be / ble to get results in that Way. My dear. Wife Why not husband because you seem to have a horror of touching buttons. Just look at my clothes. Born Lucky. T a a Home men just to help being Lucky a a Why what s happened now a a nothing but this earthquake swallowed the meanest Man in town and a when they found him Wiz alive an a Well and staking off a Gold mine a a Atlanta Constitution. Answered the doctor. A physician finding a lady Reading a twelfth said. A when Shakespeare wrote about patience on a Monument did mean doctors patients a a no a replied the lady a Lyon done to find them on monuments but under Telegraph. Do you know that fully nine out of every ten cases of rheumatism Are simply rheumatism of the Muscles due to cold or Damp or chronic rheumatism and require no internal treatment whatever. Apply chamberlains liniment freely and see How quickly it gives Relief. For Sale by All dealers

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