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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1920, Page 2

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - November 3, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Her a j i Santa Claus ii i. ? ? and he Happy Man axe one and the same by Ciarissa Mackie i ? ? copyright by american press Asso ? ? " elation 19u. I a a i he l i i he a l 111 the Hall on the third floor of mrs. Ramsell s boarding House stretched a dark and gloomy Tunnel from front to rear. Halfway Down its length a Small Nimbus of Light surrounded a tiny Gas flame. There was an undiscovered leak in the pipe Here and the air was always foul with the escaping Gas. White painted doors led from the Hall into rooms at rear and on the West Side. The stairway went Down Eastern Blank Wall into the dimly i ted Brussels carpeted gentility the second floor. Up Here however. There was merely Brown Oil cloth of the floor and it was worn into uneven Hillocks and was Slippery with age. Honora Riv ame up the stairs and thrust a tkv o the lock of the third floor rear r the door swung Back against to ill and made a passage for it s Izeze in Between the Nar Row in Bedstead and close the. In one Corner was a battered Oak Bureau with a distorting Mirror above it there were a washstand and a rocking chair and Honora s shabby trunk. That was All. Wolfen she had removed her hat and cloak Ana Hung them in the tiny closet Hon ova attached a piece of Gas Hose to her Jet and lighted a Small Gas stove. On this she placed a Saucepan of water and then Sank wearily into the chair. With the stove lighted there was a dim bluish glow in the room and Honora sat there waiting for the water to boil and looking out it this window at the dreary Prospect of tall Brick structures and Distant blinking lights. From the next Block came the Clatter and bang of elevated trains. Suddenly All Trio r from the win Dow was blotted o i a Mist of tears. Honora s Bright pressed heavily against the Back for chair and she placed her Ham list her eyes. I can t stay ? " ? � sobbed. I can t stay All a. big City at Christmas and \u25a0 j / thai there is no body to care v or i h be a Good time or not no to give any presents to nobody say merry Christ Mas As if it we ally meant Honora Burr s \u25a0 Ilion was a Peculiar one. She Lac in delicately Nur tured in a Couf. Able Home in a pleasant suburb was the Only child of parents who had no relatives except very Distant cousins in another City who were almost strangers to the burrs. Honora s father had been confidential Man in a Large City House and two years be foil this Christmas eve he had been Arres. Or Embe Ling Money from his Euer = in despair had killed Sims his wife and daughter almost. Less. The disgrace of the affair combined with the Shock of her husband s death ended mrs. Burr s life within another year and Honora was left to face the world alone. After she bad sold off most of the household effects and stored the remaining few with a Friend Honora paid the debts and went to new York to seek a situation. She had keenly Felt the humiliation and disgrace ant upon her father s death but Burr never believed that he was entirely guilty. That he h d not lived to make a fight Fop his Honor was his weakness. Honora was proud and she would not approach any of her father s friends or acquaintances in her quest for work. She would not Embarrass them by courting a refusal. By her own efforts Honora secured a position in a music store where for a week she sold Sheet music and demonstrated the Quality of pianos by her Brilliant playing for Honora was a skilled musician. Her life was a very lonely one in the dreary Board ing House but she could not afford to take a brighter and better room for she was saving a Dollar a week from her wages hoping to accumulate enough Money by Spring to give up tier situation and seek some music pupils. The Kettle was boiling merrily now. And Honora poured some of the water into the Little japanese Teapot she had brought from Home and set the remainder Back on the stove to boil an egg for her supper. As she moved about the Blue dusk of the room one could see that she was Small and Slen Der and gowned in Black from head to foot. Iler face and the White of her Little hands and the snowy glimpse of White at neck and wrists shone out somebody came up the stairs three Steps at a time whistling merrily tramped noisily Down the Hall and the door of the Large front room opened and closed. The whistling continued. It s the said Honora to herself Lis she extinguished the stove and turned on the Gas Light this was the worst Christmas eve Honora had Ever spent. Last year it had been sad. But her dear Mother was alive. Now she was All alone and the horror of loneliness seemed almost move than she could Bear. In the Story said Honora forlornly if one is unhappy on Christ Mas eve they go out and do some Good to the poor and unfortunate but when As Well As elsewhere. And Why � y should it not be a hit 3hskjkg in of Highg xxx my Ken no Konsh Hong use various lubricants. Where the pressure is heavy the lubricant should be thick in order to resist being squeezed out under the Load. For Light pressures Oil should be used. Thus for a Wagon heavy grease is Best while for a Cream separator of High Speed a thin Oil is necessary in order that its viscosity will not add to the friction. Solid substances in a finely divided state such As Graphite Are often used effectively to reduce friction. Some understanding. The official undertaker of a Small town was no through the county on one of his. Gular missions. A woman came out to the Gate of a farm Yard and hailed him. I Don t seen to recall your name Madam he said. That s funny she said. It Ain t been More n a year and a half ago since you undertook my first Hus band."?saturday evening Post. Why he left. Why a j you leave that swell Board ing hot of. Bee the wellness was at the expense of the food do you mean four l k is of Forks and two kinds of ? Seattle Post Intelli Gencer. Doubts and Don to. Rem ber Talleyrand s advice i you air in doubt whether to write a i tier or not Don to the advice a 1plica 3 what happened Emerson Haa himself written to pfc Story Dom for us. The old Poe thought for a few moments then stood Forth and repeated with great animation an entire poem he had written. The the american philosopher wrote afterwards was so in looked for and surprising word Worth standing apart and reciting to me in a Garden walk like a Schoolboy declaiming that at first i was near to laughing but. Recollecting myself that i had come thus far to see a poet and he was chanting poems to me 1 saw that he was right and that i was wrong and i gladly gave myself up to stoves of Iron. Thoy superseded the roman Stuba in the eighteenth Century. A heating apparatus called a stove was widely used among Tho higher class of romans before the be ginning of the Christian Era. This class of Heaters was fixed and immovable besides being in several other respects wholly different from the mod Ern stove. In Germany and Scandinavia they were used in bathrooms and Hothouse during the Middle Ages. They were usually constructed of Brick Stone or tile and were of immense size. They sometimes covered the whole Side of a Twenty or thirty foot room and often extended out into the room As much As ten feet in which Case the smooth Flat top was used for a bed Stead the heated surface imparting an agreeable feeling of warmth during those cold nights of Long ago when such things As covers were quite rare. Cardinal Polignac of France was per haps the first to attempt the construction of a stove wholly of Iron this at about the beginning of the eighteenth Century. The first real improvement Over the old roman Stuba was brought about by Franklin in the year 1745. One of his efforts produced a typical base Burner almost perfect and a Model of workmanship. Stoves were not used in private houses to any great extent prior to the year 1830.?Loudon Standard. Travelling stones travelling stones from the size Ofa pea to six inches in diameter Are found in Nevada. When distributed upon a floor or other level surface within two or three feet of one another they immediately begin to travel to Ward a common Center and there lie huddled like a clutch of eggs in a nest. A single Stone removed to a distance of three and a half feet upon being released at once started with wonder Ful and somewhat comical celerity to join its Fellows. These queer stones Are found in a Region that is comparatively level and Little More than Bare Rock. Scattered Over this Barren re Gion Are Little basins from a few feet to a Rod or two in diameter and it is in the Bottoms of these that the Roll ing stones Are found. The cause for the strange conduct of these stones is doubtless to be found in the material of which they Are composed which appears to be Lodestone or magnetic Iron ore.? Harper s weekly single file. When the indians travelled together they Seldom walked or Rode two or More abreast but followed one another in single file. It has been thought by some that this practice resulted from the Lack of roads which compelled them to make their Way through Woods and around rocks by narrow paths. If this were the real reason for the prac Tice. Then we should expect to find that the tribes who lived in open countries travelled in company As do Whites. The True reason for journeying As the indians did in single file seems to be a feeling of caste. This fueling was at the Bottom of other customs of the indians. It made their women slaves and rendered the men silent and unsocial. This peculiarity is Asiatic. How it has warped and disfigured hindu life is Well known. Home is scarcely pos sible where it prevails. To the women and children Domestic life is Bond age. The women of a chinese House hold Are Seldom seen in the Street. The children when accompanying their father follow him at a respectful Dis Tance. In single file and in the order of their Ages.?Harper s weekly. Don t be a charterer. Do you chatter if you feel you do Don to get rid of the habit As quickly As maybe. There is nothing so irritating or More dangerous. His chief asks the clerk a question which requires a Brief answer. Instead of replying in a word he irritates his Superior by in consequent meanderings. And he is sur prised and Hurt to be Curtly Cut Short his astonishment however would be greater could he but overhear a subsequent conversation. Shall we Send Jones on this special commission asks the head clerk. No replies the chief he chatters too it has always been so. Famous generals have Ever entrusted important messages to the Man who would rather be shot than speak. Then too a charterer has few friends whether business or otherwise. Who can feel at ease with a Man who Babbles All you Tell him in Confidence to the next Comer Pearson s weekly. Try a singly Rose. We read said Lucinda about How Adolphus brought to Luella a great Bunch of roses and we can imagine their Beauty. We Are left to guess at their Cost but do you know it in t really necessary in order to make Home Beautiful to have a Bunch of roses As big around As a barrel that a single Lovely Rose will do try this if you have spent All your Money for hats and gloves and Adolphus has t come my brother Claude would say has t come to the Bat Stop i at the Florist s and buy a single Rose it will Cost very Little and take that Home and set it in the proper vase its red petals and Green leaves to please the Eye and its fragrance to fill the room an individual Flower of Grace and Beauty and Joy. If you can t have a Bunch try a single Rosa Economy in meat. Avoid. Waste by the judicious use of Odds and ends. The Cook who broils the Tough end of a porterhouse Steak roasts the ribs in a roast throws away the Bones and juices left on the Platter by the Carver and discards As unfit for use the meat from which the soup Stock is made is guilt of wicked waste. The end of a porterhouse Steak is unfit to serve when broiled. It should be Cut off. This together with the Bone and juice left on the Platter a Bay Leaf three or four cloves an on Ion a Carrot and some Parsley will make several cups of Bouillon. The ribs should be Cut out of a roast when pre paring it for the oven. These with the leftover Gravy May be used in a similar Way for Stock. In making Stock the Long slow proc Ess of gentle boiling extracts the Fla Vor from the meat and coagulated the albumen. Only a Little of the latter is extracted. Therefore the meat loses but Little of its nourishing properties. There Are numerous such meat can be made appetizing. Combined with Rice and tomatoes a delicious luncheon dish May be made. Butter a baking dish and line with hot boiled Rlee. Fill the Center with bits of meat Well seasoned with Salt Pep per and onion juice. Cover with Rice. Bake Twenty minutes in the oven. Turn out on a Platter and pour Over it a Well seasoned Tomato sauce. It is a toothsome morsel.?National food Magazine. Historic fires. The most fateful of All perhaps was the burning of Moscow. A list of great cities burned would be a list of nearly All the great Capi tals of the world. Persepolis the splendid residence of a Long series of rulers whose tributary provinces extended from the Indus to the Helles Pont was burned with All its pal aces and temples. Babylon and car Thage were so utterly destroyed that their very location has become a mat ter of doubt. Rome was burned eight times Jerusalem four times and though they Rose from their ashes the second Temple is not like the first Athens Syracuse Bagdad Alexan Dria and Antioch now exhibit Only a Shadow of their former grandeur. The phoenicians like the spartans and As syrians. Disappeared with the ruin of their capitals but the most fateful conflagration recorded in the history of the world is perhaps that of mos cow. They talk As if the Fate of Europe had been decided at Waterloo says de Bourhenne in his memoirs of the first Empire. If Napoleon had beaten Wellington and Blucher a dozen times it could not have retrieved the reverses of the three preceding years. The truth is that the French Caesar and Bis Fortune were ruined by the Burn ing of Moscow. That City was the funeral pile of the great nation."? change. The Collar of Homer. Among the curiosities preserved in the Fabre museum at Montpelier France is the famous Collar of to mer invented and worn by the great italian poet Alfieri. This distinguished Man began the study of greek alien More than forty seven years old and made such rapid Progress in that language As to astonish All who knew him. He proclaimed himself Cheva Lier of the order of Homer and a geared with a Collar on which were in grave the names of Twenty three Po--1 ets ancient and modern and to which was suspended a Cameo portrait of Homer. On the reverse Side of this preserved relic is an italian Ristich i composed by Alfieri which translated1 says Alfieri himself in creating this order of the Chevalier of Homer has invented an order More divine than that of any the pipe of peace. The North american Indian usually Willade his pipes out of a kind of Stone known As red pipe Stone of which there were Large deposits in the old Sioux country and the great spirit is said to have Given his endorsement to this particular material which might have been a Sioux monopoly in these words this Stone is red. It is your flesh. It belongs to you All. Out of it make no More tomahawks War hatchets nor scalping knives. Use it Only to make the pipe of peace and smoke therefrom when you would propitiate me and do my \u25a0diving animals. One thing that none of the land Liv ing animals does is to dive. No mat ter pressed a swimming Deer Rabbit Squirrel or other purely Terres trial animal May be. It will remain above water. But the Muskrat Beaver ice Bear and Otter dive immediately. What is fun i Don t see what fun it can be for you to go on these fishing expeditions Vith your husband said her Best Friend. That s because you Don t know any thing about fishing she replied. Do you i indeed i do. I can sit in the Stern of the boat and give advice to the Best of Thom. And when a big fish gets away nobody can beat me telling How it ought to have been or might have been "1 should t think that would be much fun for should t you ? Wall that s because you Don t know How mad it makes my husband. Kid you Don t know what fun is."?Cleveland Plain dealer. Spanish meat balls Spanish meat balls Are As palatable As they Are rare and made thus one can of tomatoes one onion chopped Fine garlic or Cayenne to taste. This forms the one and a half pounds of Hamburg Steak. Soak half a loaf of stale bread Drain off All water. Take one egg Pepper and Salt to taste mix together Roll into balls the size of an egg and Cook in the Span ish three quarters of an hour.? tonal Magazine. His suspicions aroused John do you love your Little wife do you love me very much of will you always love me yes. Say woman what Hare you gone and ordered sent Home now ? Pittsburgh Post her question. Molly Holiday making in the coun try a say or. Hoats do you mind if i ask a question the Farmer no my dear. What is it Molly what i want to know is when you be finished milking that cow How do you turn Itab Load on sketch. Don t blame the gook if your bread and pastry is the foggy indigestible misery making kind. It s dollars to doughnuts 1that the flour is guilty of the offence. Oar floor makes Light White de Licious bread and pastry Luck is unknown wherein rules the cooking. It insure Good results because it is uniform1 Quality monday tuesday wednesday and every Day in the w9ek the Best. Candidly can you afford to Goon using Hap Hazard flour when our Mill to consumer system puts our Superior product in your Home at less expense we Cut our the retailers profits. We sell you flour direct at whole Sale prices. We will save you All those dollars that the retail dealer has previously pocketed. Try our method. Yeull never Goback to the old Way. Write us for prices. Eagle hulls. To can cancer be cured it can. The record of the Kellam Hospital is history having cured to stay cure permanently without the use of the knife or a Ray Civer 90 per cent of the Many hundreds of sufferer from cancer which it has treated Dur ing the past fifteen years. We have been endorsed by the Senate Ana legislature of Virginia. We . Physicians treated free. Kellam Hospital y.617 West main Street Koch Mon Jug Jun removal. The Public will please take notice that i have moved Back to my old stand next door to Bell harness co. John t. Robinson at. Singer sewing machine co. And dealer in pianos organs and sewing machine supplies. The patronage of the pub Lic solicited. Registered Stock for Sale. My fall litter of Berkshire Piegare now ready for shipment and can furnish pairs or trios not Akin 3large gilts will weigh about 150 lbs.,very Good individuals one male will weigh 250 to 300 lbs., a Good Typ Berkshire with very fancy head. Will furnish registers and ship subject to examination if not satisfactory can be shipped Back to me at my expense. Large Strain barred Plymouth rocks male and female. Also Nice pair Bay mares 5 and 6 years old weighing Between 1,100 and 1,200 pounds each found and Good work ers. A Gray gelding 4 years old bound and Good Driver. I everything in the beat of Condi tion. R. S. Young Onley a. At and below Cost. Those who have neglected getting their fall and Winter hats Iii probably be benefited by calling on the undersigned As 1 am Selling my entire Stock of millinery and notions at and below Cost. I am also offering some very Nice plumes. Respectfully mrs. C. M. Byrd Keller a. Martin & Mason co. Call attention to their Large Stock of. Sash. Doors. Blinds. Mouldings builders hardware. Shingles. Laths Lime. Bricks and building material generally. Paints. Oils and painters supp Hes we Are prepared to Cut House Bills to order also to manufacture barrel Staves and Heads of Good Quality. Oar grist Mill will run every sat urday notwithstanding reports tothe contrary. We shall at All times be pleased to show our goods and invite you to Call and inspect our Stock before making your purchases and we will save you Money. Martin & Mason co Harborton. A. C. S. Waples with we. Waterall & co., front and Mechanic sts., Camden n. J., manufacturers of combination and univer Sal mixed paints White Lead Boot paints Etc. For Sale by j. W. Rovers & bros.,Finney. Bona

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