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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - May 5, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Supplement to Peninsula Enterprise june 1911.joining the army opportunities that Are open to t the enlisted Man. His pay and his prospects. Even at a private he can run Hie 8alary up to $35 a month and a a Quot noncom he can double that and in time retire Rich and pensioned. There Are Many opportunities open to the Man who enlists in the United states army and wears the uniform of Uncle Sam with Honor to himself and his country. The pay is Good the food is Good and the chances for advancement Are numerous. It is up to the individual Man himself to make Good and to take advantage of the situation. Writing in the columbian Magazine on army affairs Edward Marshall in discussing the status of the enlisted Man says summarized this is what a Man who thinks of marching for his Uncle Samuel As an enlisted Man has to consider on first enlistment the Soldier for old glory nowadays gets $15 a month far better pay for instance than the average clerks for Board lodging and clothing Are furnished by the government. If he qualifies As Marksman he adds $2fto his pay if As a Sharpshooter he gets $3 in addition if As an expert Rifleman a full third More. Thus he May at once get $20 monthly Cash and found if he is Able and keeps Busy. If he enlists As a musician he gets $21 monthly to Start off with the highest a a Rookie so pay. In the signal corps the Hospital corps and the engineers corps first plates privates get $18 monthly and Secoura class private get $15. I upon enlistment every Man is allowed $83.70 for his uniforms Etc., and afterwards $13.54 twice annually. At least one half the men save Money on their clothing allowance which is More than ample. Privates pay increases $3 a month for each three year enlistment an expert Rifleman who never gets to be a Petty officer therefore can run his pay up with Good conduct and intelligence to $35 a month and All his necessaries a a found in five enlistments covering fifteen years. Noncommissioned officers Are taken from the ranks on recommendation of their company or troop commanders and a re often Given their posts upon their first enlistments. These men Are really Well paid. A sergeant major is allotted to each regiment. He receives $45 monthly when he is appointed and $4 additional per month each time he re enlists. Regimental commissary sergeants. Regimental quartermasters sergeants and the three battalion sergeants in each regiment get the same High pay. Each company has a first sergeant at $45. With an increase of $4 upon re enlistments a second sergeant at $36, with $3 increase for each re enlistment a Corporal at $18, with $3 each for re enlistments. The government acts As banker for the soldiers too if they desire to have it and noncommissioned officers have left the service with As much As $20,000 saved a not one but Many. If he Sticks tight to the service for full thirty years a noncommissioned officer is entitled to retirement on pay ranging from one half to three quarters of his service pay. Seventy dollars monthly is not unusual pay for a a a noncom to retire on. And every year of service seen outside the United states counts As two years at a Home Post a Man therefore after fifteen years of service in the islands May retire on Bis half pay. The food the a none oms and the other enlisted men a Are Given is wholesome acid Well cooked the medical attendance free and Able Post and Garrison schools have been provided at All posts for the primary branches and at several posts Trade schools have been established. A worthy Man no matter where he May be stationed is almost certain to get Transfer to a a school Post Quot if he asks for it cooking baking blacksmithing veterinary surgery electrical and stationary engineering All Are taught at these Trade schools As Well As Many other things. Thus a boy who has had Little Chance to get an education May after he has joined the army get a very Good one. There seems to be but one thing which army life does not offer to the enlisted Man. But that one thing is Home. In its degree indeed the life of the enlisted Man now offers More inducements than the life of the West Pointer. The commissioned officers pay is Small when his expenses and the Effort he must make to get commissioned Are considered and furthermore the noncommissioned officer is not so subject to political influences As the West Pointer who gives him his commands. Oysters As rat traps catching rats with Oyster shell9 is the unique method employed by some Pearler round about Broome Western Australia. They leave a Large Oyster on the floor of the Cabin at night it opens for a breath of fresh air and the smell of fresh meat attracts the rats. When the rodent thinks hell try amp Little supper the Oyster suddenly decides that he does no to like fresh air. Next morning the Shell is pried open and the dead rat thrown overboard. Well married a Man is winged ill mated he is shackled Beecher. Making it worse. Willie had just received a severe spanking. A now sir a said his father a you go straight Over into the Corner there and sit a 8emihumorous thought struck Wil lie. He stopped howling and a sheep is Grin overspread his face. A gee pay he remarked a is no to that sorter rubbing it in a a Exchange. 8t. Valentine. The 14th of february is a Day sacred to st. Valentine. It was a very Odd notion alluded to by Shakespeare that on this Day Birds begin to Cou pie. Hence perhaps arose the custom of sending on this Day letters containing professions of love and Webster. He s still doing. Does your father do for a lir son a asked the kind old lady just replied the Yosim it he used to do Golf in the South. \ the. Gam. played in Charleston a Early a 1788. Golf was played in Charleston As far Baclic As 1788. In the City Gazette or Dally advertiser of sept 27, 171 1, appears the following notice a anniversary of the South Carolina Golf club will be held at Williams Coffee Bouse on thursday 29th inst., when members Are requested to attend at 2 o clock precisely that the business of the club May be transacted before for several years following May be. Found Calls for the anniversary meet-1 legs to be held at a the clubhouse on Harleston a Green a a tract of land South of Boundary now Calhoun Street Between the present coming and Rutledge streets. The fact that it was the anniversary meeting in 1791 would show that the club bad been organized before that Date but unfortunately the die of newspapers in the Charleston Library is not Complete for borne years just prior and one finds no earlier notices of meetings or mention of the club. But in the same journal of sept. 18, 17s8, there is an advertisement of an auction Sale of a farm on a Burleston neck Between three and four Miles from the City adjoining Cochrane a shipyard bounding in part on shipyard Creek which after describing the different items of property included in the Sale states that Quot there is lately erected that pleasing and genteel amusement the Golf this certainly indicates that Golf was one of the local amusements of that Day. The word Quot baans English dutch dec tip nary Means path walk Way Etc. And Golf according to the encyclopaedia Brit Annoca is derived from the dutch a Kolf a a club and the game is doubtless of dutch origin and introduced into Scotland about 1450.�? Charleston news and courier foiled the turks Vienna Bakers saved Europe from the grip of the moslem. Cause of Solymani a defeat. Right on the Job. To did no to believe in letting the place seek the Man. A Little Story of Success starting with the use of want ads. Is contained in business and the bookkeeper. A Minneapolis manufacturer explains his liking for men who even if they Lack certain important qualities have a initiative and the manufacturer who at the time of which he spoke was just out of College in Chicago and out of work answered an advertisement offering a position addressing As instructed. �?ot24.�?� he enclosed his reply in a Large red envelope that could be seen and recognized at a Distant a he was in the newspaper office Early the following morning. In one of the boxes in which replies to advertisements were kept he saw his red envelope he waited three hours until the letter in that Box was Given to a Man calling for them. He followed the Man to a West Side factory. As the messenger Laid the Bunch of letters on the managers desk the Job Hunter was standing by it. A a in a ready to go to work a he said. The managers reply was not a elegant a but in a addition to being exclamatory it was interrogatory. How did he manage to present himself on the scene the Young Man in need of the Job pointed to his red envelope. The manager looked at it and looked at him. Then he turned to the messenger. A find out who this Young fellow is and put him to work a he said. Discretion the better part. . Callahan had received a Long Tongue lashing from or. Hennessey and his friends were urging on him the Wisdom of vindicating his Honor with his fists. A but he s More than me equal a said or. Callahan dubiously a and look at the size a sure and you done to want folks to be Sayno a Terry Callahan is a Coward a a demanded a reproachful Friend. A Well i Dunno a and or. Callahan gazed mournfully about him. A a in a rather that to ave Mem saying Day after Termo Grovr a How natural Terry looks a a a metropolitan Magazine. How a hindu uses clocks. The hindu places a clock in his showrooms not because he Ever desires to know what the hour is. But because a clock is a foreign curiosity. Instead therefore of contenting himself with one Good clock he will perhaps have a dozen in one room. They Are signs of his wealth but they do not add to his Comfort for he is so indifferent to time that he measures it by the number of Bamboo lengths the Sun has travelled above the horizon. _ too Many numbers. A you have forgotten your name a said the kind policeman. A yes a said the victim of aphasia. A you see i overtaxed my memory trying to remember my name and my House number and my Telephone number and my automobile number and the number of my dogs License All at Star. To lost out. A yes sir he Wiz afraid of the Banks busting on him and so he buried his Money in a has he got it yet a a no he forgot to Blaze the tree whar it Wiz and the Man who owned the land put up a sign no trespass a a on these grounds a a Pittsburg among the fliers. A i took a Filer in Wall Street a and the result a a same old aviation news a Fine Start and All of a sudden a fearful . The better lot. It is evident that Dickens characters were alive to Nim As Well As to his readers and that he moved them on and off the Board with sympathy and consideration. �?o1 can never forgive you or. Dickens a a lady once said to him. A for the death of Little Nell in the old curiosity shop a a surely a he replied a you would not have liked her to marry a Butcher or a branding him. A Jim does t think much of me 1 guess a a yes he does old Man. Just the other Day he told me you were a a a a a in a a the went further than that he said you were a regular Gold Brick pm Toledo Blade. Why indeed he Why does a woman always think she ought to Wear a smaller shoe than she can she Why does a Man always think he ought to Wear a larger feat thag a caulk Yonkers Ftfe a momentous incident in history that it carries with it an explanation of Why Vienna Rolls Are folded in the. Form of a Creto ent do you know Why Vienna Rolls Are shaped like crescents the Story forms one of the great a a ifs of history. Solyman the magnificent Sultan of Turkey planned to overrun Europe even As he and his moslem predecessors had seized the countries of the Orient with a mighty army he captured the fortified Island of Rhodes and invaded Hungary annihilating the Magyar forces at Mohapp in 1526 and slaying the hungarian King. So successful was the first expedition that he planned a second and More far reaching raid in .1529. Moving Onward almost unchecked and carrying All before him he captured Buda and advanced against the City of Vienna. All Europe stood aghast nothing had been Able to Stem a the wave of moslem Conquest men remembered How one Eastern Laud after another bad been seized by the Mohammedan hordes and forced to adopt mohammedanism As their religion. People trembled for the Fate of Christendom it seemed for a moment almost possible that the whole Eastern Section of the european continent might fall victim to the Turk and become part of the moslem possessions. To Hope for clemency from Solyman was to rely upon the mercy of the merciless. Conquering one Christian army and stronghold after another the sultans All powerful army threatened to carry destruction and mohammedanism throughout the continent. It was one of fates big movements. moved the turks. Vienna then capital of the German Empire stood in their path a seemingly frail Obsta Cle Between such a Host and the rest of Europe. Should Vienna fall before the moslem Onset the Progress of the sultans army would be made far easier and other lesser cities would lose heart. The inhabitants of Vienna were at that time More renowned for culture and Thrift than for warfare. Yet under Nicholas Van Salon they gallantly proposed to defend their City against the foe Aud to fight to the last gasp for their imperilled Homes. The turks Drew near destroying Vienna a suburbs and encamped close to the town itself. It was on sept 27, 1529, that the enormous turkish Host Laid siege to Vienna Solyman conducting the affair in person. Before risking useless loss of life in a general assault the Sultan tried to make an Entrance into the City by Means of tunnels. His soldiers were set to work a Ltd pick and Spade to dig a secret underground Way into Vienna by which a body of men might later pour into the place and thus catch the defenders a Between two fires.�?�. The cleverness of the turkish engineers and the countless workers at their command made the task a Swift one. Here it was that an a a if intervened to save the threatened capital and perhaps Europe As Well. Some Vienna Bakers were at work one night so the Story runs in a cellar making bread for the Garrison. During a pause in their conversation one of the Bakers happened to hear the muffled sound of digging it seemed to come from a spot not far beyond one of the cellar Walls. Guessing at once that the enemy was tunnelling a Way into the City the Bakers rushed out and gave the alarm. The Garrison aroused was Able to baffle Soly Many a plan. The Sultan falling at strategy next tried Force. He hurled his army against the City in one fierce assault after another. The viennese fought like heroes. Each attack was repulsed with terrific loss to the turks. For four entire Days the moslem assailed the City fresh detachments Ever Tak ing the places of those who reeled Back Defeated. the fifth Day of the As Saulic oct. 14, Solyman gave up the attempt to crush Vienna. He withdrew sullenly from the scene of his de feat leaving 80,000 dead turks on the Field. The Price of Conquest was for once too High for him. Vienna was saved and not Only Vienna but Europe. Vienna bad been Europe a Barrier against the turks farther Advance and the Barrier held firm. The Northern limit of Europe a turkish raids was reached. Once More in later years Vienna was besieged by the moslem and she again beat them off. The High tide of such invasion had come and receded. Europe at Large was now forever secure from this Long dreaded foe. In the moment of Victory according to the account the Bakers who had Given the alarm were not forgotten. To commemorate the event they and their descendants thenceforth folded their Rolls into the shape of a Crescent the sacred Emblem of Turkey. The custom prevails to this Day. Few americans who Are used to seeing Crescent shaped Vienna Rolls have any idea now such Rolls first came to be thu9 twisted nor what great deed the Crescent form Cago inter Ocean. The most Sublime psalm that can be Beard on this Earth is the lisping of a human soul from the lips of childhood. A Victor Hugo. Giving him encouragement. �?o1 am going to ask your father for your a ooh. That will be Lovely in a you Are glad a a delighted i will Call and bring you Flowers every Day until you Are Able to be out again. I have never seen the inside of a ton Post. A loophole open. A a you re a fraud sir Quot cried the indignant patient. A you guaranteed your Medicine to cure after every thing else failed and a a Well my dear replied the fake Medicine Man. A probably you Haven to tried everything a Philadelphia press. Got one order. First Book agent did Yon receive an order at that Bouse i just saw you come out of second Book agent yes i was told to a mgl la a Boston transcript remarkable sermons. 8om. Were cruelly Long and others were models of Brevity. Sermons Are not so lengthy As they used to be and one Seldom sees in the comic prints the joke so familiar in other times wherein the minister was chided for his Quot fourteen Hlyn remark which was supposed to Mark a period in his Sermon somewhat toward its close. It is said that Thomaa Hooker thought his duty 111 performed if his Sermon did not consume tree hours. Once it is related that the rumours divine did deliver a neatly Short ser Mon preaching exactly a teen min utes. He sat Down but after a Brief rest was up und at it Agi Lii or two hours More. Every one of c ran Mere a sermons was a Small volume in itself and Bunyan Calvin Baxter and Knox Are All said to have been Only a Little More merciful to their hearers. In striking contrast to these Long winded discourses May be mentioned some startlingly Brief sermons of late years. Perhaps the shortest of All was that delivered by a Clergyman at Ocean Grove n. J., who after announcing his text impressively surveyed his congregation and then said a a done to worry its he then sat Down. It would be difficult to exceed this in Brevity and effectiveness but a North of England vicar in the last Century closely approximated it he gave out the text a god so loved the world a Etc., to which he added this observation a my friends did i speak an hour i make that message any plainer. Ill just leave it with another example of a Brief but extraordinarily effective Sermon was furnished by an aged Aud feeble Clergyman in Ohio. He had been requested to deliver a Charity address on behalf of orphan children but his strength was unequal to the task. It was therefore an inspiration indeed that moved him to stretch Forth one feeble Arm la the direction of the Little unfortunates sitting near the pulpit and to exclaim with no Little pathos Quot whence shall we Hud bread that these May eat Quot so impressed was the Cong Regalon that the collection was the largest Ever taken in that rec Ord Lerald. A ghost in the commons. A certain m. P., lying 111 on the continent a number of years ago received an urgent Quot whip Quot for a critical division la the House and replied that be would be present at All Cost to Bis Bealts or convenience. the eventful night when the Bouse divided the tellers at the division lobby door saw the m. La question and Bis vote was recorded. The Day afterwards it was disco cued that the number of votes recorded by the division clerks was one Short of the number Given by the tellers. It was afterwards found that at the time the division was taken the m. Had breathed his last London mall. Simple spot remover. This is a recipe tor the very Best a a spot remover Quot you Ever tried two ounces of Estlle soap shaved Hue and two quarts of pure soft water Boll till soap is thoroughly dissolved Strain and Cool. When Cool add one ounce sulphuric Ether and two ounces of Wood alcohol. Shake it Well and keep corked. It now ready for use and will re move spots and stains from your cloth ing like magic especially Woolen Magazine. An old time Champion. Robert Barclay Allardice a scotch Captain in the British army who was born in 1779 and died in 18.74. Was a noted pedestrian. At the age of fifteen he walked six Miles within an hour. When he was Twenty he covered 150 Miles on foot in two Days and in june 1801. In excessively hot weather he walked 300 Miles in have Days. His most surprising performance was walk ing 1,000 Miles in 1,000 successive hours. A half million dollars was staked on the result the killing a fashion. He Muff reached its highest Point in the reign of Louis Xiv. Then fashion declared for a cloth Muff instead of fur and the furriers made a great up Roar. Finally some in Eulous merchant bribed the headman to carry a cloth Muff on execution Day. The women shrank from such association and the fur won the Day. The message in the Box. a table in the waiting room of a spelt dualist is an inlaid Box. When one opens it and most visitors to the specialist do a smaller Box is found and one not so Large inside that this Cou Titues until finally the last is reached a tiny thing with a slip of paper inside it. the paper is a single word. Quot i keep it there to amuse waiting explained the specialist a if there was Only one who went through the scale of boxes he might feel sore about it but he or she leaves the Box closed for the next Comer and when there Are quite a few in the waiting room it gets to he a pretty Good joke and i can hear laughter As the latest arrival gets stung. I picked the Box up on a trip to India and happened to leave it in the waiting room one Day. Now it stays there All the York Sun. Peg tankards. The pegging or marking of drinking cups was introduced by st Check the intemperate habits of the times by preventing one Man from taking a larger draft than his companions. But the device proved the Means of increasing the evil it was intended to remedy for. Refining upon st Dunstan a plan the most abstemious were required to drink precisely to a Peg or pin whether they could soberly take such a Quantity of liquor or not different positions Quot what does the Man do Over there at the desk who seems to be working so hard Quot a the checks the a and what does the Man do who is leaning Back in the easy chair smoking Quot a ooh he tastes the american. An exception. A happiness Quot declaimed the philosopher a is the Pursuit of something not the catching of a have you Ever a interrupted the Plain citizen a chased the last car on a Rainy night a a Toledo Blade. Plant culture. Don t do the watering not in the evening just before dark. The following article wus prepared by representatives of the National Council of horticulture to stimulate interest in gardening while plants can stand great extremes la temperature corresponding extremes in moisture surely will tend to ruin if not to kill the strongest of them. Water should be Given Only when needed then in such Quantity that the soil is soaked. Soft stemmed plants especially those with Large leaves need much More water than hard wooded growing varieties and while the former kind easily recover from drought the latter usually suffer permanent injury from extremes. Heavy Clayey soils sour easily while Light Loamy soils dry out quickly and unless carefully watched the plants in such soil soon will Wilt. In either Case it is better to water thoroughly and Only when needed than to water sparingly and often. The season and time of Day should be considered in watering. Plants not in Active growth should be watered sparingly until they have regained their foliage. Watering in the evening just before dark will greatly Aid the growth of fungus diseases As the foliage will continue wet through the night it also causes a damping off Quot of Young cuttings and plants. Never water during heavy Cloudy weather. Sash doors blinds. Have you Eddy ? an physical strains. Men Over forty five should take no excessive exercise. The physical decay of men Over forty must to More frequently mentioned lest we forget the fact that our physique was evolved for Only thirty five or forty years of strenuous use says american Medicine. It was not so Long ago that forty five was extreme old age counting time in the Large Way of evolution. Lengthening of life has been possible Only because civilization has let no the physical strains so if we continue them we must expect to break As of old. Athletes Stop their efforts merely because they Are beaten by younger men but the Nona Bletl seem to think that it is necessary to keep up excessive exercise though the tissues simply cannot stand it. There is then no mystery in the Large number of damaged hearts now being found and they will continue to increase in number and severity until the medical profession succeeds in impressing the lesson. Let us repeat it Over and Over again until every Man Over forty or forty five realizes that he has lived his allotted time of physical vigor and must ease up the strains to retain his health. There is no reason except abuse Why so Many men break at fifty five or sixty. They should be healthy until seventy or seventy five and it is our duty to show How. Musical sounds and noise it is n curious fact that musical sounds Fly farther and Are heard at a greater distance than those which Are More loud Aud noisy. If we go on the outside of a town during a fair at the distance of a mile we hear the musical instruments but the Din of the multitude which is so overpowering in the place can scarcely he heard the noise dying on the spot. To those who Are conversant with the Power of musical instruments the following observations will be understood the violins made at Cremona about the year 1000 Are Superior in tone to any of a later Date age seeming to dispossess them of their noisy qualities and leaving nothing but the pure tone. If a modern violin is played by the Side of one of those instruments it will appear much the louder of the two but on receding a Hundred paces when compared with the Cremona it will scarcely be heard. A London Globe. The nebular hypothesis. The nebular hypothesis is the name generally Given to the theory put Forth by the celebrated Laplace in Quot by Sterne do Monde in the year 1790. His idea was that the solar system was evolved mechanically from a vast diffused revolving Nebula and that nebulae were the Early stages in the formation of planets and their satellites by Cooling condensation and contraction according to certain Laws of mathematics. This theory was accepted by sir William Herschel and though at first bitterly opposed la Many quarters. Is now generally accepted by astronomers and scholars and is alight in most schools and York american. Two machines. A bubbles has bought two new machines one for himself and one for his Quot that a Quot Well you see her machine keeps his a How s that a Quot hers is a sewing american. Mother s diagnosis. A have you spoken of our love toys or Mother yet a a not yet Quot murmured the dear girl. A Mother has noticed that in be been acting queer of late but she thinks its Post not the same. ,. Solicitor Cross examining a now did t you Tell the prisoner that you doubted his veracity witness no. 1 merely told a to be was a Bloomin liar. A London m. A. Each Day let a a Stone in the great Temple of life. Aim to hew the Stone so that it will be four Square to every wind that blows. Patience. There a no music in a a rest a that 1 know of but there a the making of music in it and people Are always missing that part of the life Melody always talking of perseverance and courage and fortitude but patience is the finest and worthiest part of fortitude and the rarest . Doing it right. Quot but my dear if 1 buy Yon this rown it will put me $50 in Quot Only $50 if you Are going in debt Why Quot not go in like a gentleman and make it a Hundred a a Al legend Blat her. A the White woman s Burden. course men have a lot of Small worries hut they done to have to carry a Chamois skin and a Little Satchel around with them wherever they Galveston news. In be never any pity for conceited people because they carry their Comfort about with Buff Parksley manufacturing co. Dealers in hardware paints oils and varnishes the great Majestic Range cast ranges Cook and heating stoves fanning implements Mill feeds middling Corn and Oats bran and Chick feed bricks Lime Cement lath amp a. Sash doors blinds mantels Cabinet mantels Stair rails and All kinds mouldings. Special attention Given to anyone going to build. Will see you in person or furnish estimates on application. Parks eur manufacturing co Parksley Virginia. Callahan the clothing and shoe it order new and you will save from 4 to j of your ice Bills. Write us a card for Cata legue and prices. Several sizes carried in . L. Shield co., Onancock South am ready for All visitors to my store. My line of Spring clothing is in and cordially invite All but Krsto look Over my line. 1 Call special attention to eur Young menus c e 11 e g Ian suits in All the new fabrics and colors. They Are handsomely tailored and fit perfectly a look will 3atisfy even a critic in the business. Our line of hats is Complete in All shapes also John b. Stetson a. Our line of Oxford and pumps Are As in the past one air Sells another. Sole agent or Isaac hamburger amp songs tailored . W. Callahan Pocomoke . S. Schermerhorn it son. Jobbers of Grain Hay feed. Said mrs. Chick Chick to or. Puck uck Quot in a laying Fine these Days and if 8 All on account of the Purina scratch feed Yon prescribed for me As a steady poultry raisers order Purina Serate feed mtg Purina Chick feed from we Are Headquarters for land plaster poultry grit ground Oyster shells meat meal ground Bone Ohar Coa Alfalfa meal. 127-129 Cheapside Baltimore my. If its a watch you want you cannot possibly Overlook the 80uth Bend. A the South Bend is an accurate reliable timekeeper fully guaranteed by makers. A any time within 6 months a new one will be Given in Exchange for one proving there Are score of representative citizens of this comity to whom i have sold South Bend watches. They Are satisfied and proud of them. Many have told me they would not dispose of them for double the Price paid. If you Are interested let me submit prices and refer you to some neighbor who is the proud possessor of a Bouth Bend. W. Neville jeweler Onancock water Andice Cream. Up a rep Oda water we have built of tation on our soc and ice Cream we mean to keep this reputation by serving the same High class refreshments this season As we did last. When in Parksley Stop in and get one of our refreshing drinks or a delicious plate of ice Cream. We have added a ladies parlor where you can sit and rest As Long As you wish and enjoy the Delight of a Good wholesome refreshing Glass of soda. We Are prepared to Tak orders for Cream in any Quantity prices from $1.00 to $1.35 per Gal. Be. R. Allaband Parksley . The Public will please take notice that i have moved Back to my old stand next door to Bell harness t. Robinson at. Singer sewing machine co. And dealer i pianos organs and sewing machine supplies. The patronage of the Public solicited. Axworthy 3 2.15 1-4. Sunol 2.08 14.gov. Axworthy brother in blood to Hail worthy 2 054. No Axworthy in Virginia bred like the above. Fastest Trotter Ever sent out from Virginia is Hail worthy 2 05i, whose blood lines still remain on Eastern Shore of a. At fair Oaks Stock farm in Sunol a 2.08i Colt gov. Axworthy where this great horse first received his education at the Trot. Winner of $14,000 last season says the Ablest turf writer of a Broad Rock h. G. Carter. Extreme Early Speed a specially. Phone 129 m or drop a card for a Call to fair Oaks Stock farm via Melfa p. O., a for a surety Send mares to farm Board . C. Turlingto Luther t. Lewis Sailmaker at f. C. Lewis store Hunting Creek a. All repair work Don promptly. Satisfaction guaranteed. Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Davis amp bro., Laurel Del or seeing our local agents t. G. , Onancock. W. H. Pruitt Temperanceville Geo. W. Abdell Belle Haven. I. D. Dub Kond Grange rills

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