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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Mar 30 1893, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - March 30, 1893, Big Stone Gap, Virginia $miii5iil�t in rep i to circulation a tic �?�rt�ar��5�kwbc�rrrw�nwionqt� .�?~rraerj5t�ji entered at the pos Tonico at Avion or. I. Va., but . Accomac c. A. A thursday sept. 20, 1883 Teakle t. in Ott. Jio Usk of Del a g a t e a f or the county of Accomac. Dit. Join t. Wilkins House of delegates for Ilio counties of Accomac and Northampton. seems to lie a persistent Effort to place lie nominee of the democratic party or this county in a false Light before the Jie Ople on the subject of a local it is broadly stated that a Wescott is boasting of his a local opt our schemes if elected to the House of delegates a with much More of a similar nature. Now or. Wescott has never at any time or place Given anyone any reason to make any such statement and we Here deny to Toto in his behalf every such statement lie is the candidate of the democratic party and if elected will be the servant of the a Hule i a and will do their bidding and not that of any clique society or ring. A local options does not enter As a Factor in this contest�?1 but Mahoner does and hence Che of tears. The Mahone ites Hope to elect their Man whoever he May be with democratic votes by the lose Issue of a local option a and having elected him will use him for the purposes of Tho Boss and not for fighting a local democrats of Accomac Mahoner is seeking to make you the Means of its Success by parading a false Issue and a catching your vote to turn Over your interests to the Mahone Arthur spurn them from you and close around Wescott As the method to crush Mahoner in Accomac the democratic party of aces Mae labors under the terrible disadvantage of a Large majority. It is paralysing efforts in organization. The idea has become fixed in the minds of those from whom the party expects Aye demands Active work that we can win anyhow so it makes Little difference whether we work and organize or not. Liat ineffable Folly the Mahone a thur combination is thoroughly in hand Here As elsewhere in the state while the democratic party is running wild. Gentlemen of the county committee we urge upon you the absolute necessity for thorough organization. True we can win but you owe it As a High duty to your county your state yourselves that you shall win by such a majority As shall Bury Mahoner forever Here. Upon you rests the onus of the work of thorough organization. At once wit i the least possible delay organize your precinct committees with men of Energy and determination and let not a Day pass without Steps being taken to perfect organization so that when the 6th of november shall come old Accomac shall Roll up the heaviest democratic majority she has Ever Given. To work organize organize it to a great mistake to believe that such a Victory As the conflict demands As Virginia expects of Accomac can be won by Public speaking merely. True the exposition of the principles of democracy and the of duality of Mahoner a by such men As Goode Crox ton Tucker and Able shakers among us will largely Aid the peo pie in grasping the True inwardness of the campaigns but there is another and More valuable Aid to Victory. It is in work thorough work of organization. Ilore in the Mutu to Man dissensions of the issues is the real work to be done and it is to be finished Only by the final discussion at the ballot Box. Let not those to whom the people look in this contest forget that Earnest persistent work is the Only Road to Victory such As we can win if we but resolve that from now till the first tuesday in november we will not weary in work. Junius Brutus Booth died peacefully at 11 of clock p. M., last monday at Manchester mass. Mrs Booth was the oldest son of the great tragedian by his first wife. He was born in Charleston C., in 1821, and spent the Early part of Liis life on the Home place in liar a Ford county my. He was married three times. Political notes. a Jtb i. Up Rwjr ten Al the coloured politicians of Boston held a meeting monday and appointed delegates to the coloured National convention at Louisville. An address was adopted declaring that the coloured population of the South is disfranchised and that the Viola Tion of their civil rights by in keep j cars and common carriers Calls for redress. Capt Jay club Bol Wood one of a Honor a nominees for to House of delegates in Washington county said last fall a every Man in the readjusted party that a got any sense knows the natural position of our party is in to Republican party and we will Havo to Send delegates to the National Republican convention in 1884, to nominate a at a speech made at Woodstock va., on the 81 h Day of september d. 8. In Encl told the re adjusters in unequivocal terms to what party belonged the credit of his the Henkel school Bill Bow it was smothered by a readjusted committee on finance in the House Aud Ltd to be withdrawn and run through the Senate by democratic support and finally passed through the House under a motion to suspend the 20th Rule violently opposed by the re adjusters. They Are taking leave of him by dozens and scores. T 1�?~0 Lee county Sentinel Calls names saying a notably absent in the a Liberal convention in this county on tuesday were the i Lana rays the Fulkerson the Ham Lens the orrs the have Leys the lamberts the Wynns and the Blackemore. These men Are the Boue Aud sinew of the readjusted party and were among the most formidable of its advocates. But As the Boss tightens his grip he squeezes out the democrats and fastens upon the from a recent speech made at Salem va., judge Staples whose decisions were so much applauded by the re adjusters while he was on the supreme Bench we clip the follow in he showed that for the successful establishment of Public schools in Virginia the democrats deserve the credit. He showed that in 1871, when they came into Power there were in Virginia 100 Public school houses in 1880, when they went out there were 2,295, Aud teachers and pupils in proportion. As for this be said a i never was for it As a Man or As a judge and i am Happy to say that my opinion is to Day receiving the sane Tion of the most eminent judges in this country. A but a said lie a it was not passed As a democratic measure a democratic legislature in fact repealed it. it was not a democratic measure. It was conceived by Gilbert c. Walker a stranger in our midst who was selected and put Forward for governor by Gen. of Gen. Mahone judge Staples said it was not his purpose to speak unkindly but be should discuss his Public acts Aud would say that of All the men in this state most responsible for the passage of the funding Bill Gen. Mahone is the Man. But i will not dwell on Tho Public debt question. I thank god that it is dead. Well not even hold a funeral Over it. Let is rather rejoice that it is settled. Let it lie proclaimed Over All the land that All parties Are glad to get rid of it. Do i say All parties Well that requires some modification. The a Are adjusters know very Well that it would put Money in their pockets to readjust readjustment. A Planse judge Staples quoted Riddleberger and other functionaries of the administration party to show that Tho debt is settled Aud be ridiculed Tho idea that the democrats would reopen the questions after All they have suffered from it if they got into Power. Tho part of his speech that produced the deepest effect was that in which to showed up the coalition and exposed the fallacy of the proposition that a Arthur is for Here he referred to the fact that Arthur vetoed the River and Harbor Bill which contains 8300,000 for Southern Rivers that in the appointment of 331 ministers Aud consuls &c., the South had gotten but 26, and the North had gotten 306, Aud that be bad placed the entire Federal Power and patronage in Virginia in the bands of and indeed were Arthur for us should we sacrifice principle to that Emit not so. Just Here judge Staples spoke of Tho time when colonel b. E. Lee was sent for and offered that most illustrious and glittering position the command of the United states armies and the judge asked an audience largely composed of sex Confederate soldiers did Lee say a i am for Lincoln because Lincoln is for me a cries a no a a do Yon suppose lie would have disposed of his people like cattle in the shamble a cries a no a Uncle same a Navy. In a communication published in the army and nary journal commander j. B. Coghlan u. S. N., states that Tho consultations of eminent naval and other a surgeons respecting his rheumatic attack failed to afford him the slightest Relief. By advice of or. Hoyle he used st. Jacobs Oil which wrought a Complete and As lie says wonderful cure. John Carr Moody esq., lawyer at Vallejo cal., was likewise cured of a severe joint trouble. Tiitma new,8, j. B. Mclin of Leo county Lias sold 20,600 pounds of dried blackberries this year. Over 8160 was paid for killing foxes in Loudoun county during the past year. I. L. Worley heretofore an Earnest readjusted has returned to the democratic fold. Such Large quantities of wheat were delivered at Gordonsville last week that transportation for it failed Aud the depot had to be closed temporarily. Barbara Miller coloured was hanged in Bich Mogul last Friday 21st, for complicity in the murder of her husband in february last. Lee her accomplice was hauled on the 3rd of last month. Henry Clayton coloured of Liberty was killed on a train in Roanoke last week lie had his head out of the door of a Box car which passed a cattle Chute Aud severed his head from his body. Gov. Cameron has refused to extend executive clemency to younger Evans and King who Are under sentence of execution sept. 28, for the murder of or. Shepard in la itt Sylvania comity. Maj. Thomas w. Doswell was asked to be Tho sole judge of thoroughbred horses at the great National horse show which will begin in new York october 2. Maj. Doswell declined the Honor. Lexington Gazette there is a negro in Petersburg who is gradually a hinging the complexion of Bis skin and Boom aug a White Man. The exch Ugis Are making a great fuss Over the matter but we do not consider it half so remarkable As the fact that there Are various White men in Trio state of Virginia who Are gradually becoming negroes. Bedford Sentinel mrs. Elizabeth Thomas has a Gourd which was grown in new Kent county in 1772, and is therefore 111 years old. It was Given to her by a Friend when she began housekeeping with the remark that be had used it forty five years to keep roasted Coffee in Aud that it would answer her the same purpose. It grew by tie Side of an old Mill and a hog took bold of it while it was growing the Boles made by its Teeth being in the Shell. In is about nine inches Long Oval shaped with a straight Stem which had been Cut off Aud used As a bottle or a canister. Bah once a own the sex Comlat statesman. Richmond va., september 8th. Some Mouths ago Calvin Mosley a White Farmer of Henrico comity caught Peter Dickson a coloured Man stealing com from his Corn Field. The Farmer shot at Dickson but missed him. The thief was subsequently caught convicted and sent to jail for three months. After serving out his term he displayed the necessary ability As a Mahone Ite and his political disabilities were removed by governor Cameron. Mosby the Farmer is also a Mabou Eite and yesterday a meet ing was held for the purpose of electing a Delegate to the county nominating convention. Dickson the thief ran against and beat Mosby by a Large majority for the position of Delegate to the Conven Tion. The new postage Stamps. Washington sept. 16. A the Post office department yesterday began the distribution of the new two cent Stamps and the requisition upon the contractors was the largest in number of pieces and value Ever issued in one Day. The order was for 37,870,830 postage Stamps 7,131,950 stamped envelopes most of these articles being of the two cent denomination and 5,853,000 postal cards. The aggregate value of the articles ordered was 8950,000. Postmaster general Gresham is reported As saying that the reduction in letter postage will cause a loss to government of Over 82,000,000. 1 it a a a a rival for Maud Jay Eye Sec the plucky Little five year old owned by j. I. Case of Racine wis., trotted a mile on the Narragansett Park track on saturday in 2.i0j, beating Bis previous record of 2.14, Lor a purse of 82,000 and coming within a half second of Maud so a 2.10j record the Best Ever made. He trotted the mile evenly and without Oitice leaving Bis feet. The Effort is a remarkable one for a five year old and in two More years on the track the Black gelding will throw a Shadow Over the Best efforts of Maud s., st. Julien clings one and Edwin to bore. Jay Eye seems sire was dictator. At the democratic convention at Middleburg on saturday to select a Flot Erial candidate for the counties of Loudoun and Fauquier colonel Thomas Smith son of sex gov. Smith was nominated by col. Smith has been selected on account of his Well known ability and firmness. A in a beef. Eighteen deaths from yellow 1 ver occurred i Havana during let week. It is estimated that the who crop in Kansas will aggregate Ai-000,009 bushels. Frank James the Missouri High Wayman who has been on thu it that state has Boon acquitted inf Bev. Thomas Harrison the preacher is dangerously ill at a Yew Treborough it. To is threat i with brain fever. U a. Moody and Sankey have it let rated and Moody Mcgran Ali whittle have joined hands i Gefis tic work. They will firs Ireland. Chateau Una the farm of a Greeley was sold at Public a last saturday for 810,000. Property Cost its original <51 870,000. a now York boy of 16 has1 arrested for trying to marry of 14. There Are some Kin childish precocity that a Moti Slipper can never reach. The horse population of the ted states is now Over 11,000,000, or about one horse to every i e humans. This would allow Oxly three lookers on and advisers a at each horse Trade. The a proteus a which sailed Tho unknown Polar seas months ago in search of the i expedition and for its Relief herself come to grief having crushed in the ice but no lives were lest. V professor Swift director of Warner Observatory discovered a Comet last sunday evening in the Constellation Draco. It is a significant tact that the Only two comets discovered this year Are in the same Constellation and so near each other. Professor Swift receives the War tier prize of 8250. The wonderfully Brilliant Northern lights prevented an extended observation of the Comet the motion of which is southwesterly. Hon. John Goode. This Gallant Democrat is doing Yeoman service in the fight now progressing to redeem the state from Mahou ism. So far he has filled every appointment made by the state committee notwithstanding the fact that it requires much time to reach the Points at which to Speaks. Besides he has filled a number of special appointments a have been out of Bis own District. He brings cheering the sections of the state which he has visited the people Are aroused to the importance of the contest and Are determined to secure sue Cess. In Gloucester Mathews Northampton Accomac Greenville and other counties visited Tho Camp fires Are Bright and Tho democrats virginian. A. Judge Robert Mayo of West More Laud county va., committed suicide Early saturday morning last by shooting himself through the head with a pistol on Board the Bay line Steamer Virginia capt. Dawes while on his Way from Baltimore to Norfolk be died instantly. Judge Mayo stated while in Baltimore that lie was thereto meet his Sou col. Robert m. Mayo. Lie was about 77 years of age and of the old and distinguished Virginia family of that name. He was the father of Joseph Mayo the former state treasurer. Judge Mayo had a Clear mind and vigorous intellect. Ilis life was troubled with weighty Domestic afflictions. His wife it is stated Lias for Many years been a resident at an Asylum a daughter is at a similar institution near Baltimore Aud a son also was in an Asylum for several years. Two other children have committed suicide. Magistrates Blanks for Sale at this office. Major Peyton g. Hale of Grayson county the democratic nominee for the senatorial District composed of that county and it did was stricken with paralysis at his Home in Grayson Friday. He was one of the a big four re adjusters of the last state Senate who re fused to follow Mahone into Republican ranks or vote for the legislation he proposed. A. T a Pear Orchard in Thomas county ga., was sold five years ago for 8650. It was next sold for 81,800, Tho 8050 having been recovered from cuttings in the meantime. A month afterwards 82,000 was offered for it and now it could not be bought for 825,000. A Richmond a dispatch says gov. Cameron has gone to new York to give Assurance to holders of several millions of Virginia Bonds that the states is fully Able Aud willing to pay interest if refunded now under the Riddleberger acts. John t. Parks bricklayer plasterer ii Dekont va., Joers his services to the Public by Day or contract. Ey-Tesms-$2.cf per manufacturers Offish Ciaio Cedar Island Accomac county Virginia wish to Call the attention of the Farmers of Accomac com to to their different grades of puke Fisli guano All of which they Are prepared to Supply those wishing a first Das fertilizer and deliver the same at Powelton va., in lots of five tons and upward at the following prices until november 1st, 1883 net Price in bags. Dry ground fish guano can be sown or drilled ter ton.330.00 acid lated guano Cut by acid per ton.824.00 a. Crude guano. Ten weeks from the press per ton .815.00 taken at the factory on Cedar Island one Dollar per ton less bags to be returned or charged for. Arrangements can be made to deliver at any of the landings on the Seaside by addressing us at Locust mount a. Fowler Foote amp co. Land for Sale. I offer for Sale at private contract a tract of land lying on the Bayside about Midway Between Shields and j. Boggs wharves and about 2 Miles Distant from each containing by recent Survey. 225 aches now divided into two tracts one containing about 80 acres the old Homestead and the other about 145 acres with a tenant House and some out buildings thereon. It will be sold entire or in two tracts As those wishing to Purchase May elect. The land is High and very easily improved and is considered Tine trucking land. A never failing Stream of water runs the ensure length of the farm on one Side. It is Deena a unnecessary to say More As those wishing to Purchase Are invited to come and examine tin place for themselves. The owners Are anxious to sell and those purchasing will obtain a bargain. For further information cull upon or address a. R. Ashby Locustville Accomac county a. Established 1856. Ice ices and custards a . I wholesale and retail tap Cream manufacturer a it and aug a fancy cake Baker 139 Hanover st., near Barre Baltimore. Families steamers hotels. Excursions and with unadulterated Cream a at $1.1h> per gallon in quantities of five Gallons and upward Only. A Liberal discount allowed to the Trade. All orders tilled at shortest notice. Oliver j. Lucas a Witnov. J j H. Davenport commission dealers in country produce peaches berries Domestic fruits amp a. 4,1 Park place. New York. 4 ./4 shipping number 4 aug. Mencken amp bro., manufacturers of 368 a Baltimore Street Baltimore my. Part Lul list of popular brands manufactured by us a Chesapeake y Clit club Esmer Alila. A Beina Victoria. Belinda Jeanette none better ten strike go Quot lowest estimates Given on private brands guaranteeing satisfaction. Send for full list and prices. Aug. Mencken amp bro., Baltimore md., David b. Taylor amp co., successors to Taylor Chadwick amp co., manufacturers and dealers i tinware stoves and holloware no. 26 South Howard Street Baltimore. Be conduct tii Ehat business , a 224 w. Pratt Street Atley a dining rooms 1 restaurant no. 63 South Street Baltimore. Meals at All hours. Best of wines liquors and cigars. Open All night. Littleton w. Dunton with j. H. Bahrenburg amp bro., commission dealers Winall kinds of country Proxita Choice fruits &c., no. 108 Murray Street c. H. Wahben bub. J new York. Shipping nnmber.,79. 1883 1883 the paper of the people. Enlarged in form and printed in bolder Type from newly stereotyped plates every Day. The Sun has unequalled facilities for collecting and giving All the news and possesses the fastest perfecting presses with the latest improved machinery in All the varied departments which go to make up an extensive and first class newspaper establishment. A Leader in Industrial enterprises and Progress. A energetic in the advocacy of right and Justice. Vigilant for the general Good. The Sun is Broad and National in its Aims absolutely Independent in its views and fearless in their expressions conservative and considerate in All things , reliable and energetic in the department of news it ranks with the Best journals in the world. Having the widest circulation and being universally read the Sun is the Best advertising medium for All classes of advertisers. All who use its columns for the advancement of their business acknowledge immediate and satisfactory returns. Terms of subscription by mail invariably Cash in advanced postage free. One year $6 00 one month 50 cts. Six months. 3 00 three wks.38 cts. Four months. 2 00 two was. 25 cts. Three months 1 50 one week. 13 cts. Two months. 1 00 single copies by mail.3 cts. deviation from published terms. Address a. S. Abell amp co., publishers Sun Iron building Baltimore my. A. Lines. D. Ii. pc Mansfield commission merchants and wholesale dealers i general produce 1 amp 2 Prospect Avenue 2 Deyoe Avenue a and 25, 26 and 27 Vest a pier West Washington Market new lbs amp 00., per Shante 272, 274 and 276 Washington Street and 108 Warren Street new Brothers a produces Gamrot Estea Perdu Ante -248 Washington Street new York. References he permission John l. Jewett. Jr., esq., pres. Irving National Bank n. Y. J. E. Nottingham East Ville. A. Shipping lamber 87.inglee amp Bidgood commission merchants 236 Washington st.,new York. Sweet potatoes a specially. Shipping number 17. Reference Irving National Bank. Henry Murr ice m manufactory 177 Charles st., Baltimore my. Honry Murr mate of w. F. Amp h. Murre spectrally informs his Ohl Petrous in a irl ends that lie has quod up his now and extensive ice Cream manufactory at Tho above location and is prepared to ill All orders for ice Cream at the lowest rates. James k. Ayres with. T. Dawson amp co. Wholesale liquor dealers i rectifiers 229 West Pratt and 69 Howard sts., Baltimore. J. Holyland a gallery a photography 229 and 231w. St., Cor. Charles Street Baltimore my. A Laving one of the most extensive Anil veil appointed galleries in the co Guitry i can guarantee work that cannot lie excelled. Every negative is finely Anil artistically retouched producing great delicacy of complexion. We guarantee satisfaction to please Call and see Spe ii mens of work. Porcelain miniatures and All kinds of Fine artistic photographic work. Copying of old pictures of deceased friends made a specially. The great children gallery of . Giai Berniie amp �., wholesale 11 0 my commission ants no. 5 North Quot Market st., and 5 Clinton st., Boston mass. . T. Hiler cashier Fanuel Hall National Bank Boston w. Coleburn Accomac c. Ii., a. J. R. Hickman me Tompkin to. Mason amp Byrd Seaside a. Selby amp Conquest Oak Hall a. L. S. Read reads wharf a. St Stencil and invoice cards furnished on request. Geo. T. Ames amp co produce commission merchants no. 6. Bowly a wharf near Pratt Street by shipping letter x. . W. Oldham with child Tappen amp bro.,. Produce commission merchants 97 Park place new York. Stencils &c., on application. Consignments solicited. Cit Siti Peng no. 39. Refer by permission a. T. National Exchange Bank. Baker amp Clark wholesale Orosi is 335 and 337 Greenwich Street n. Y. Conroy a Bissett 65 Fulton Street n. Y. Geo. W. Bishop president Worcester Railroad Snow still my. Doors by. Full 1 _ a re 0 a Sis a a a co. W. A a oct a a ce., commission merchants e the Sale of All kinds of country produce no. 8 Bowly a wharf Baltimore my. Norfolk shipping letter a a c. Eastern Shore shipping letter merchants Boston a a mass pc Stencil and invoice cards furnished on application. Cd Prapiun Brothers reduce commission merchants 97 South Market Street Boston. A particular attention Given to the Sale of Irish and. Sweet potatoes from Accomac and Northampton. Stencils furnished on application. References by permission Burress son amp co., Bankers Norfolk ii. A. Brady amp co., Baltimore Patch amp Roberts produce commission merchants for tiie Sale of Irish and Sweet potatoes 17 North Market Street Boston. Hall National Bank Boston Massachusetts. A stencils and cards furnished on application. Ywe employ no . B. Kellam amp co., produce commission merchants 134 reads Street new York. Round and Sweet potatoes a specially. Tye very barrel of potatoes sold on its own merits. Typ arties shipping trucks to us should notify us by postal at on that we May be enabled to make prompt returns. Skipping number 68.union bottling co., bottlers of Beer for shipping. $0 a a Mil a to Magdij. A. R. Is Alba. Proprietor Ujj Baltimore. Tysoe Ageeb Fok the Budweis Bear

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