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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - March 27, 1918, Big Stone Gap, Virginia R a wisc. Volume xxviii. Accomac h., va., saturday november 21, 1908. Number 22. O. Walter Mapp. J. Brooks Mapp. Mapp a Mapp. Attorney a at Law. Offices Orangeville Keller and Accomac 0. H., practice in All court on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Otho f. Meak3, attorney at Law office Waitville. Northampton Canty and Accomac court a ouse practice la All court on t a Eastern Shore of Virginia. John s. Parsons attorney Ai Law Accomac courthouse a. Will practice in All court of acco Uniec and Northampton Cou Utica. 8. James re Al Luton attorney at Law. Office a Accomac c. Aud Oaks a. Practice la All the court on Eastern Shore of Virginia. B. T. Gunter president. W. C. Parsons cashier. Vernon Burton asst. Cashier. Farmers and merchants National Bank United states government depositor o n l e Yva. Fair the Jno. Or. Aud j. Hanky Row attorneys at Law. Offices Accomac c. A us Ley. At Accomac c. H., every wed do a practice la All the courts of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. _ to y d. White attorney at Law a office Paskaley Aud Accomac o. Practice in All court of Accomac Aud Commey. Prompt at Tellou to All by slue a. Customers extended every accommodation consistent with conservative banking. Strictly a Home institution. The smallest depositor receives As prompt and courteous treatment As the largest. Managed entirely by our Home people. We pay interest on time deposits impressing Isabel. By Elliot Walker. Quot i m sure i done to know How i am Ever to get out of this the girl ice Rcd helplessly from the antiquated bed shuddering at the Thunder crashes close on the heels of every hash of lightning. A deluge of rain swept Aero a the wild postures. The Brook Tufty feet Nway roared Between its aider lined Banks. Upon her wide hat fell a steady dribble from the Leaky roof and her thin called by the murky Hla Kucs the reverberating shocks of heaven s artillery thundering Over the Hills she nestled against him with a Little cry us before her frightened Twe a Broad Sheet of Alai ii showed bending Trees flattened to Earth nud a Distant rail Fence Flung into flying wreckage. The Man held her More lightly with an unconscious pressure. Ills Faco was set and steady tense in ids watching yet tilled with that to id half smiling Light seen on the visages of those who fearlessly face danger. The next Bright flare found her eyes Nic Giltig ids in a look As rapid Aud la tense As the lightning itself. The girl smiled at him As his breath Drew in sharply. To we shouted Allston. A Flat its coming. Shut your eyes nud hang to my Isibel did. In Llic Roar of the elements she Clung blindly to him. Con dress was fast dampening in the Mist Clous Only of a deafening noise and a Ben t. Ouster. Attorney Ai Law Accomac 0. H., vs., will practice in All the courts Accomac and Northampton counties of tax notice. O the tax payers of Accomac co notice is hereby Given that the state tax and county Levy tor the year 1909, Are now due and that la pursuance of Law we will be at the following uni cd places in the said districts at the time herein Apeci Ned for the purpose of collecting a Aid taxes Aud levies Wank a Ames attorney at Law office acc,.m�c c. Aud Una cock. At Accomac c. Every wednesday and Friday. Will practice in All the court of Accomac Ana .n.ttbamptoucouutie�. John k. Motrin Ham Wjk actor ski at Law a Franktown a a practice la All the courts of the Eastern Shore of s Irginia. Will is at Eastville Aud Accomac c Flat Day of every court Aud at Earl Ville Evert we due Dav. L. Floyd Nock a attorney at Law a Accomac c h., a practice in All the court on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Or. D. Lill1�ton, dentist. A Accomac Conn hour a a a office hours from 9a. M. Tofi p. M. W ill by at Parksley every Leaday. Or. W. M. Turlington veterinarian fair Oaks a. Reference past patrons. Can be called by phone Day or night. A. 0. Emmett notary Public Belle Haven. A. Red. E. Re ed1uek county acco inac c h., a. Thoroughly equipped with latest Auu nest oilers his services to cd lizeta of Accomac Coutv will meet All engagements promptly appointments of a. J. Lulu on fungo team due. October 24th. Nov. 28. Accomac nov. 26th, 2tllh and 30lh. Painter october a tilth nov. 24lb. Kehr Quot 14th, nov. 27th. Appointments of w. Ii. Pruitt. Or. Sauford november 2uth and 21st. Hunting Creek Quot 2tiih. Morning Levin Iii Quot 26th, afternoon Uati Eville Quot k9th, morning. Parks lev nov. 29th, afternoon. Accomac l. U., october 6lh, Aud hrs Day of every court. Those falling to pay their taxes but lore 1st Day of december l Job i. Have 5 per cent and an additional per cent added to their tax Bills a the Law directs. All tax payers a requested to pay Belore de Cemlyn 1st, Aud thus save the penalties those who have not paid their Lui taxes arc requested to do �0 at 11 appointment most convenient to them. Alt 1907 capitation taxes unpaid b. November loth 1909, will be ret Uriu delinquent the payment of Lapin. Don tax Lor 1909 will be required a it. Months before an election in order i. very truly a. J. Lill Slun treasurer w. Pal u to jr., by. Ire a established in 1862. C. S. Schermerhorn 8c son receiver shippers dealers Grain Hay and Mill feeds seed juts linseed meal Cotton Seel meal gluten feed also distributors of the Purina poultry i eeds. 127 and 129 Che Side. Baltimore my s ear Pratt Street. Fall and Winter goods. Direct from factory Aud can sell at lowest prices in builders material. Irre. Cohen Arron or. Manicure 25c. Shampoo 50c i Iclal Massage 50c. Scalp treatment 50c Paul Dewees plumber hot water fitter Pocomoke City my. A a v p. Bell i co., druggists Accomac c. a vi., agents for Waterman a Ideal Fountain pens. Stock always on hand. Finest line of stationery on Eastern Shore of a we have a Large line of All kinds o. Builders material and can save von Money if you Wil Call to see us. We name in part doors. Sash. Blinds. M0uld1n03 mantels ornaments. Brackets. Laths blk let shingles. Hair. Lime. Cement. A. A. A trial order will convince Yon thai we can save you Money. Let us give you our Price. G. T. Benson amp co. Keller a. We have them a Art As follows goods. Soi ions. Pc. In larger Quan i tics than Ever before. Shoes for men boys ladle and children from fi.00 Down special tes with us. Trunks line Lap Robes blankets amp a. Flour Best in world and Climax. Shingles Lime bricks wire Fence Coal amp a. All at lowest margin of profit. J. Vav. Rogers amp bro., Onley. A. Farm and household we have and will sell you at lowest Market Price everything a a a a a a a in and in the House. In addition to our usual Jenc of Gen kit a l consisting of dry goods notions. Boots lot Liing groceries &c., we also have in Stock Mek Flats Caps wire fencing Han Stein Les Lime bricks Coal and All kinds of seed and farming implements for Sale at private contract. White hotel and livery. Cart. We. T. Mister proprietor hotel. Harry t. White amp son proprietor of livery. Hav and feed dealers wholesale grocers and brokers Aud of res. Agent. Harry t. White amp son Broomtown a. Truck farm store and grist and saw Mill Complete All in Good condition located at Klej Grange md., within 3 Miles of Railroad station Girdletree md., and 2j Miles of b. C. A a. Steamboat line boat twice a week store with Stock of goods. School and Church within 200 Yards of property All in Good condition. Will sell at right Price on Liberal terms. Building on place. We. J. Payne Klej Grange my. In part As follows it Inis trans planters Iron ago potato planters disc harrows Spike car Row. Double Aud single pious. Iron age Riding cultivator and planet or. Cultivators-�i�0 hot bed ulass. Call and get our prices. Rogers �8, Boggs Melfa a. K follow the crowd. R Yum gew a. Rjura�7,.kj98ijia� greater and greater grows the Sale Glicks great Sale talk of the county. This Sale was not originated to Glimmer and Flash out in a few Days it was formulated to hold Public interest for weeks this week beginning this very Lour will be an illustration of aggressive and progressive business. We offer the largest newest most reliable desirable dependable Stock of merchandise for the Quot Hole family at prices simply irresistible. Full line of new York dry goods at Baltimore prices. Be member the name and place Glick amp co Onancock Virginia the Busy Corner. Call attention to their Large Stock of Sash doors blinds mouldings builders hardware shingles laths Lime bricks and building material generally paints oils and painters supplies. We Are prepared to Cut House Bills to order also manufacture barrel stave Aud Heads of Good Quality. Our grist Mill will run every saturday notwithstanding reports to the con love shall at All times be pleased to show our goods and invite you to Call Aud inspect our Stock before making your purchases Aud we will save you Money. Martin k Mason co., Ilar Borton a a Quot your proc Dioio Ftp our us Anlee Elwe a a Sec the Trade hed or the sole the flexible yet they keep their she be or a Cdr Andl amp to weft Fhy a Are $3.00 $3.50 $4.00 sold Talve a fauns driven shelter. She forced a laugh. Isabel was not easily daunted. Of course la was lonely and wet and very shattering to the Juerres but she was perfectly Safe. Of yes let tier to link Lier stars to lie secure under the Friendly boards. Suddenly a gasp broke from her. She shrank Back. Something was coming with la air through the High weeds growing frankly at the Corner of her relent. Through Isabel s startled brain Tore thoughts of dangerous aul Mala. The near mount nuns might hold anything. She cowered into the farthest Corner. Surely the thing would go by. But it did t. It dashed under the shed with a loud snort blowing and shaking vigorously then stood gazing at the storm Aud words came to Isa lie a a horrified cars la a steady Stream of disgusted Wrath. Quot Well. If this does t beat to look at my shoes look at Tuy now flannel suit my hat la ruined the next time 1 go trailing around on the Trail of a girl i la know it. Foster Allston you re nil unmitigated ass. I guess who charming miss Lynn will vol have the pleasure of Mealing you girls Tali i ii take the Al Rel train Home. 1 wish i d never heard of a pro do i Quot a a a a Iii led a voice la his rear. The Man jumped and wheeled. saw n slender. While gowned figure straighten up. Take a Forward step Aud then halt. A Dap of Thunder drowned his exclamation. Then his jaw fell. Quot did void speak sir Quot indignantly. A i i tried to really. I-1 am overjoyed to to Here mias . Of course you Are you that to bless my soul so unexpected you know. Quite a Cut a ridiculous figure in his staring embarrassment pulling off the wrecked Straw hat. Bowing la his soaked garments greatly at loss for words woefully conscious of what had said. And knew that Isabel Lynn had heard him As a Model of Courtesy and easy manners. scrap ted n hesitating toe in the Jet. Boi hug Juull Cully waa a for ibis a his fifty male journey i a Isabel is extremely particular and sense love to first impressions Quot his aunt Julia had said. Quot Ilene is your letter of introduction. Foster. Its silly to go crazy Over a photograph hut go ahead. She is Worth it. Everything depends Uin the Way a is approached. I be praised you to her up to the skies. The girl hip pod nearer eying him in scornful amusement. Her eyes were Bright with ill Quot concealed desire to Humble. The dampness bad curled her to ordered Belr la bewitching rings about her while forehead. Roses a hone la the smooth Cheeks whore sarcastic dimples played. Allston thought had never seen n More Lovely face for one so unreadable. Idly swinging her hat she surveyed him curiously Slih a chilling Burcur. Which a lung him to steadiness Aud a reckless impulse to retort. Quot when one Summers it a farmhouse and to pcs Long strolls an occasional wetting must be expected. Or. said Isabel evenly. Quot you mind your new suit or your shoes. Dear me. How childish i have Beard that you could afford to disregard trifles i Wasny to to blame. You need t have a trailed Allston regarded her in silence. There was More than a hint of disappointment in Isabel Stone. Had she been prejudiced la his favor Only to react sharply at his Boyish outburst surely some humor Lay in the situation. Llie girl see it lie reflected dismally tent Many women never forgive slighting remarks even when uttered in unmeaning careless nes3. The Cool voice went on. �?�1 suppose they told you at the House that i was Over this Way a Foster nodded. Quot and you never imagined 1 might be in this shed Quot a head shake. Quot you must Trivo had me very much on your Mantl. Were i a big Tau seeking n lost Damsel my idea would be to keep my eyes open for the shelters to which she would sensibly run. Not lose my wits in selfish consideration of ral men and then the she laughed Cut tingly. Allston s countenance was reddening. Quot Why Don t you speak Quot the uplift of her Chin was n Challenge for his reply. She would laugh mid forgive him after sufficient reduction. A to thinking a a Aid Allston slowly. A i m trying Ltd it Onnlee out what Chance i have of of a paused hesitating. Quot what Chance Quot Ner eyes opened wide at Bis seeming audacity. Quot of catching the 0 of clock train. It is getting a ooh a Isabel looked Down then up. A strange darkness was settling Down upon the Earth. Both and forgotten the storm now grumbling Back from the South. The Man stepped out in the twin. In a moment returned Nis face was set in hard worried lines Quot you la put on my boat. And Well get into the open a said be decidedly. Quot i May to a fool but i know something of cloudburst. This building in t Safe. Quick Quot a Sharp command a clutch beneath her Arm. Then a rapid hoisting Over rough ground through n Pelt of huge or is to a Low Stone Wail and Isabel breathless Felt herself pulled to her Knees while a Strong Arm clasped her firmly. Forgetting All save the recognition of Superior a Weurth and judgment a sense of collapse. The hush following was broken by allot our a laugh. A a thought so Quot uttered. Quot look our shed is a Heap of Sticks. Kill Lynn. That miniature Cyclone hit it just right. Well Well. If i had t happen 1 to think so clothes a Ali our to Quot plea we tie my solemnly consulted his watch. A of we to observed. Quot i can get cd i Home and catch my Dull 1 caught his sleeve. A no Quot she whispered softly. Quot i d rather you would inless much of my said the girl. Quot Don to Allston a aunt Julia was speaking of his engagement a month after a lie dragged couple surprised the Orocu Penis of a certain Furm House. A a i Don t understand How Foster managed it so quickly Quot she said. Quot i find my utter of introduction was not used. must have Nindo in excellent impression the minute met Napoleon and Tho roman Law. Napoleon i. Had an extraordinary mind. appeared never to forget anything cured to remember Aud assimilated information As the stomach assimilates food retaining Only Tho valuable. An incident will illustrate this remarkable Quality of his mind. When forming the Quot code Napoleon Quot be frequently astonished the Council of slate by the skill with which 11-Lustrnted any Point in discus so a by quoting whole passages from memory of the roman civil Law. The Clun la wondered How a Man whose life had been passed in Camp came to know so much about the old roman Laws. Finally our of them asked him How acquired his knowledge. Quot when i was n lieutenant a Napoleon replied. A i was unjustly placed under arrest. Small or Lou room contained no furniture except in old chair Aud a cupboard. In the latter was a Pouch Ruus volume which proved to a digest of the roman Law. You can easily imagine what a valuable prize the Hook was to me. It was so Bulky and the leaves were so covered with marginal notes in manuscript that had i been confined 100 years i need never have Boon Idle. When i recovered my Liberty it t lie cud of ton Days. I was saturated with Justinian and the de a Slous of the roman legislation. It was Beu 1 acquired my knowledge of the civil stupid sheep. They Are about the Mon a Sene Elese of All animal. A Colorado ranch Man declares that no animal that walks is As big a fool As a sheep. Quot we have to watch them every minute. And if vigilance is relaxed for a instant the entire flock is Likely to practically commit sub id. In handling most animal some degree of self help or intelligence can lie relied on to Aid the owner in saving their lives hut sheep seem to set deliberately to work to kill themselves. Quot if caught in a storm on the Plains they will Drift before Tho wind and die of cold and exposure rather than move a Hundred Yards to Windward to obtain shelter in their Corral. To drive Alieen against Tho wind is absolutely impossible. I once lost Over 1.000 head because i could not drive them to a Corral not 2w feet away. Quot in the Corral they Are still More foolish. If a Stone comes up they All move Down wind until stopped by the Fence. Then commences the proceeding so much dreaded by sheep men known As piling Tho sheep will climb Over each other s backs until they Are heaped up ten feet High. Of course All those at the Bottom Are smothered. Not one has sense enough to seek shelter under the Lee of the Fence As a horse or dog would do. Quot again if a sheep gets into a Quicksand its Fate teaches nothing to those that come immediately after. Hut the whole flock will follow its Lender to destruction. No More stupid animal than a sheep st. Louts Globe Democrat prison tyrannical Andje alous feathered Beauty of Africa. Tho peculiarity of the prison Bird s feathered Beauty of Africa. Is that 1� Tho most tyrannical and jealous of husbands imprisoning his mate throughout her nesting time. Livingstone watched the Bird s habits while in Mon pour and in his subsequent observations referred to the nest As a or Lou and the female Bird As a slave. The nest to built in the hollow of a tree through an opening it. The bark. As soon is it is completed Tho Bird outer carefully and fearfully and settles Down in it. Then papa Walls up the opening leaving Only just space enough for air and foil to pass through. keel faithful guard and brings Fislid it regular intervals without full. The female thrives under her enforced retirement. But if the prison Bird is killed or la any other Way prevented from fulfilling his duties the Mother and her Little ones must Dio of starvation for she cannot free herself from ism age. Normally the imprisonment lasts until the Chicks Are old enough to Fly. Then the male Bird destroys the Barrier with his beak and liberates his family. A it is charming Quot writes Livingstone. A to see Tho Joy with which the Little prisoners Greet the Light and the unknown chinese Story. The noted liar who had a fairly competent spouse. A noted a tar onre told n Friend that had it heme three precious to Lings a Bullock which could run 500 Miles a Day. A fowl which crowed at the beginning of each watch Day and night and a dog Tomt could rend look. The Friend intimated that lie would lose no time in these marvels with his own eyes. The Luau did not exp text this is his House was somewhat Distant so went Home and told his wife that lie had got caught it last and that tomorrow the Man would Urr Lve and would be disgraced. Quot never mind a said the spouse. Quot leave that to me. It will be All right Only you must keep out of next morning the visitor arrived Aud. Being met by the mistress asked where her us Sliaut was. Quot has Glt no to she replied. A when will Back a Quot in eight or nine Days a Quot Why How can to so Quick Quot a the has gone off on our fast Bullock and so can do it "1 hear you have also n wonderful fowl a said the visitor. Aud. Behold As was speaking u Small cock Crew. Quot that s said the wife. Quot crows at Tho beginning of each watch and also when a visitor Quot i would also like to Sec the Learned dog Quot said. Quot a Quot said she Quot i am sorry but you see we Are very poor and so keeps a school la the City a scrap Book. Marry Page among Tho a to cd. The aztecs the most civilized poo pie of the new world at the time of its discovery had a curious marriage custom the ceremony was performed by n priest who took the hands of the Bride nud bridegroom asking them if they would marry. Lie then took a Corner of the woman s veil and the Man s Robe and knotted them together and so they were led to the bridegroom s House. A fresh lire was then kindled on the Henri. And around tills fire the priest caused the brillo to go seven times. The wedded couple then st to Down together. And so was the marriage Oon to noted. An inventory was also made which the father of the a ride afterwards retained of All the Man and wife brought together of furniture for the House of land of jewels ornaments and clothes. Then if it chanced that the couple were divorced Las was common among the aztecs when Man and Wilfo did not a reel they divided the goods according to the portion each had brought to the other both Man and wife pm Vang Liberty to marry again whom they pleased. Of the children i f the marriage the daughters were Given to Tho wife and the sons to the husband. It was enacted Uit a a to ram of Ecith that the divorced couple were not again to remarry. Left him in doubt. A certain Young artist la new York who is on terms of comparative intimacy with the janitor of the apartment House wherein maintains his studio is in some doubt whether the said janitor is a cynic or something of an Art critic or Isth. A one Day while doing a bit of repair work in like says the Painter Quot Mike scrutinized a bit i f my work with ominous solemnity. When 1 Ludl rated a portrait of myself the blow fell. Said i 3 Quot the paint on this u badly cracked who spoils the likeness Quot with no More expression in his countenance than is to lie seen in the face of a representative of Buddha mlle replied a a not at All sir a the Norman a legacy of William Tho conqueror to Tho court. Everybody who has Ever been in a United states courtroom know that when the judge walks out of his Chambers and amends the Bench the court crier drones out a Oyez Oyez Oyez the honorable court of the whatever District it May be is now in not Many persons however realize that the crier says Quot Oyez Oyez. instead of Quot Barken Barken Barken a because of a can acc visit that William the conqueror made to an English court almost 000 year ago. William overrun England seized Tho government and placed himself at its head. Happening to cuter a courtroom heard Tho Erler Call the assemblage to order in English. William rebuked him nud on the spot decreed that the business of All English courts should to transacted in Norman French his native Tongue. Afterwards the courts went Back to English but to this Day Quot Oyez Oyez Oyez a clings to court customs wherever the English language 1� spoken is a reminder of the great Norman who whipped King Harold in the Battle of scrap one of life a tragedies. had expected a tender embrace from Bis sweetheart but her greeting of him was cold. could not understand it. exclaimed in agony a what to the matter a but she remained silent her lips tightly closed and motioned him from her. To fell upon his Knees. A my love Quot cried Quot Tell me what i have done to offend you i swear i have done nothing wrong i confess i kissed the Simpson girl last night at the party but of my oath i�?1 thought she was her lips closed even tighter but she uttered not a syllable and. In despair at her unbending Demeanour fled from the place knew not whither. Would Yon know of Reader the reason of the conduct by which a woman blighted two Young lives twas simply this she had left her false Teeth in the bathroom. A Finland festival. Paul Waltier nne so a summer tour in Finland Quot contains this pretty bit of folklore Quot Midsummer to the great an mini fast Lenl of Finland. From every height a Bonfire leaps to the sky in Honor of the mating of night and Day. Who Are then United. The finns pos sess a poetical legend relating to this annual custom. Kolt and Amaryk the Sunset and Sunrise Besco Chad the lord of the sky to give them permission to be eternally n Bride and bridegroom and once a year to clasp each other in to bold glow ing a lesson from nature. Quot Young lectured the Era Faiet instructor a you Are old enough now to put away the childish and trivial amusements that sufficed for you when yen were younger. Learn a lesson from the dumb brutes and even from the reptiles. When they arrive it maturity they comport themselves in Ltd a certain Quot it in t so with the Rattlesnake objected the Young Man with the bad Eye. A the older grows the More rattles plays Tribune. _ stopping Tho exodus. During service in in English Church on a warm sunday Many of the con great Ali a. Finding the air oppressive Row and silently stole away. The nit late. Perceiving that the exodus was boil to become epidemic paused in ills Dos Onrshc said a i no Here to deliver a Sermon not a Al loony a a a _ training canaries. In to Cuury Brood lug establishment of Germany Only the male Birds Are valued because tie females never sing. The method of training the Birds to sing to to put them in a room where there is an automatic a bottle which they nil strive to imitate. The breeder listens to the efforts of the l ids and picks out the most Apt pupils which Are then placed in another room for further instruction. These Are the Best singers and ultimately fetch High nah is Tho relationship. A you say. said the Bose it tailed lawyer to the woman in the witness Box. Quot that the defendant to sort of relation of yours. Will Yon please explain what you moan by that a just How you Are related to the defendant a the witness beamed upon the court and replied Quot Well. It s just like this. Ills first wife Cousin and my second husband s first wife a aunt married Brothers named jars and they were cousins to my Mother s aunt. Then again his grand father on to Mother s Side and my Grandfather on my Mother s Shle r ire second cousins Anil to Stepmother married my husband s Stepfather after it to father and my Mother died and his brother Joe and my husband s brother Harry married twin Sisters. 1 Ain t never fingered out just How close related to Are. But i be always looked on �?T1m As a sort of a Quito answered the lawyer a your explanations Are perfectly probably she meant it. Lucullo. A carefully brought up Little girl of five years returned from her first party in great glee. A i was a Good girl Mamma Quot she announced and talked Nice All the Quot did Yon Rem cml r to say something pleasant to mrs. Townsend just before leaving Quot a Quot a Mother asked. Quot of. Yes. 1 did a was the enthusiastic reply. Quot i smiled and said i enjoyed . Mrs. Townsend. I had a lot better dinner than i thought i d have Quot a Dell Eaton. One on the judge. Quot narc you Are a Sakl the judge to the coloured prisoner Quot complaining that you can t get along with our wife and yet Solomon had Hundred of Quot yes yer Honor a was the reply a but you must rec Kollett int do last testimony give in Wiz Dut Dey Wiz All vanity and vexation of spirit a a a Atlanta Constitution. Still holds Good. A there was a exclaimed Young spenders who bad gone through u Fortune a when people used to a a 1 had a Jiorle Youey Thau Horalus. They can t Lay it Quot no Quot queried the caustic cad. Quot no. I m Down to my but Quot a hut you have the Philadelphia press. Lived up to i belief. Hobo to Madam. I no neither a socialist nor in anarchist. I am a passive altruist. Housekeeper Aud what in the name of common sense to that Hobo i believe in being helped All 1 .�?Boston transcript. Forgetful. An eminent Painter was once asked if thought Art students did Well to go to Europe to study. said that undoubtedly the atmosphere was More artistic in Europe than anywhere else but that Paris is a City to study and work in was overrated. To illustrate his meaning sold that a certain Rich Man s son after three years in Paris wrote Home to to father Quot dear father i have made up my mind to set to work. Please let me know at your earliest convenience whether it was painting architecture or music i came to Paris to cautious. Prospective Best Many got the marriage License yet prospective in a not going to get but until Tho last thing. She May go Back on Tribune. The modern husband. Mrs. Knee Kerr we a re to have a thousand foot so Croper. Mrs. Bocker i suppose that Means that Henry will to detained at the office 500 feet s weekly. Jaded. The lady Little Hoy done to you know smoking will shorten your life the kids shuck wot Ilo l care in be a pen every to Long Dere traveler. _ what maintains one vice would bring up two Benjamin fran Kiln

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