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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - March 4, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Easy. All Quot engr. Nit Quot Rilie s out Luo , Ami the no Ucko Weso to a train and Luu Kwiej of a or in Row lock Stop in rhythmical ref Man Ami tin a Ink Tak wok freely. Anil the kit it in nth Remus Nunin. A a Etty. Nulli Quot of joyous mandate to thu a Tang Guni on life a flood. To it but n put Spinu a Piti for flip Bruin and a Rev nth and blood. Though far Distant a the Guerdons fume or wealth Ltd a livelihood Whon the summer suns Vine brightens Grimy Street Ntuli sullen Wall from the strips of azure heaven seem us come the Kin ill Call a rest awhile be weary toilers drop a to or oars and easy All a pall mall Gazette. The tone of the Bell cot improved by thu t of a old or Silver la the a Tell Metal. There is u general belief that the introduction of Silver or Gold in tie casting of u Bell assures for it u Superior tone but an expert in founding Hells says that such a belief is erroneous. 11c Guys that the l est tone effect in hell Metal is routine within very narrow limits for any so called hell Metal having More than >0 parts Copper to 20 ports Tiu is too soft to produce the Best Quality of tone while that having More Tiu than 20 parts in the j 00 is much too Brittle. There Are mis in Europe w Hose Clear tones were for Many years credited to Gold and Silver that were supposed to have Hei n added to the hell Metal. An analysis was made not Long goof the Metal in Olio of these bolls mud it failed to show any truce of Gold or Silver. The old German Bell founders used to make their Hells of so parts Copper to 20 parts Tiu. Itt tic opinion of this expert the strongest and Best toned Bell is obtained from 10 parts Copper and 2 parts tin. Quot after the Bell is Quot says the expert Quot two sweeps Are made and adjusted to an uptight spindle in the Center of an Iron Case or Lusk. The flask having perforations All Over it. Over the surface of the task is coated wet. U layer of Loam of equal and suitable thickness mud baked. Then another layer is coated on and baked and so Oil. Layer after layer until the proper Shai let Etc. Are secured. There Are two such Iron molding cases one titling Over the other. The under one Lias the Loam coating on its outer Side which Lias the inner shape of the proposed Bell. The upper Iron molding ease or flask has the Loam on its inner surface forming the outside shape of the Bell. This is let Down Over the under Mold and carefully adjusted equally Ull around leaving a space reside Between the two holds. The under flask is called the Core. The upper or outer one is called the ease. The space is filled tip by the molten Bell Metal which when cooled is the Bell. Quot when the hell is taken out of the holds it is polished and then the hangings Tongue tor Clapper. <tc., fitted to the Bell and it receives a severe ringing test partly to ascertain its tone and resonant Quality and to observe its mechanical excellence and adjustment. Then if it appears to be Good in Ull Points it is shipped to the purchaser. The making and shipping of a hell usually require front 10 to j5 Days in the smaller sizes. The larger from 1,500 pounds and heavier require More time. A peal of three or More Bells requires from 40 to 00 Days Tiute while a chime of nine or More Hells requires from three to six months. Quot any foundry Cun of course readily make and select nine or ten Bells in tune for a chime hut tune is one thing tone is economist. Time saving that May not lie productive of i Cuil habits. Our Public school children Are beyond doubt taught nowadays much that interests and helps them All of which was unknown to their parents at the same age. Anil this instruction is Given in a manner to beguile the Little people into the Royal Road to learning so that it is a common occurrence to have u child burst into tears at the fear of missing a Day in school. Vet there must always he a yet Are they learning refinement with the rest of the desiccated knowledge offered us their pabulum in the very scientific algebra taught throughout new York state Anil compiled by an instructor in the Normal school Quot to save time Quot the highest common divisor is spoken of As the quoth. G. D., the h ast common multiple is the a Al. C. what time is saved and Whir and Isnit such teaching inculcating the vulgarity later on in life which Speaks of a photos Quot and a hikes Quot Anil Quot buses a if not of Quot pants Quot and if this system of abbreviating everything is taught in our schools we will simply have to stand the jeers of the refined foreigners at our being in too great a hurry to make Money to even speak the language properly. As great As we Are. Our fault lies in this Rushing frantically Over everything. What the fur seers Are trying to teach is repose a taking of time for All the refined things of life and yet. If this principle of Quot chopping Quot the language is taught at the very base of on life the Public school what can be expected of these children when they grow up a Philadelphia press. Ants Hui Ali eur i be. During 12 months spent in the australian colonics in the years 1st0 1, i Hud More opportunities than were pleasant of studying the habits of units. These insects As is Well known arc not Only a nuisance but an absolute pest in hot countries. They March in myriads Anil destroy everything in their Road. In Justice to the ants i am hound however to admit that i have found them useful in More ways than one. For instance i bought us opossum skin Rug from a native. I soon became painfully Usu re of the fact that it literally swarmed with fleas Anil other vermin. In vain did i exhaust my Stork of Pepper. Even turpentine scorned to have no effect beyond increasing the reckless activity of these irritating settlers. At last in despair i threw my my Down on an nut Lull. In less than half an hour every Flea and object Couable parasite was eaten but the Rug was full of anti. I therefore Hung it on a Mimosa Bush and us soon As the ants found tiny were suspended they hastened to leave tic Rug and descended by Tho to mob As Best they could. Again i Hud killed a Snake in Tasmania and wished to clean and Blench the Skeleton which i intended to have mounted of a necklace. I left the body near an ants nest. In a few hours there was not a vestige of flesh on the Bones. The Sun Scon did the s tie largest Hook. Professor Max Muller of Oxford in a recent Leturc called attention to the largest Beck in the world the wonderful Kulli Daw. It consists of 729 parts in the shape of White Marble plates covered with inscriptions each plate built Over with a Temple of Brick. It is Foupil near the old priest City of Mandalay in Burma and this Temple City of More Tau 700 pagodas virtually makes up this monster Jashed All nations. The sex King of the fairs tells How to make a living. I Ich after having Pone Only four a nov work in thirty in nth mow lie got Iii nickname Cora Silvo for hum inn mud a in mint for in Noli Suciu tick Lowndes the sex King of Tho fairs having become Rich left off travelling on his fiftieth birthday married a Young wife and settled Down in Philadelphia Quot because i was Horn there Quot to says in explanation of this strange thing Quot and 1 believe a Man ought to give Tho town he was born in u for nearly <0 years Lowndes circumnavigating tie Globe 11 times beamed upon the worlds population through his Moses p. Handy whiskers and in his own words a Josh de Mem All White Black my Brown and yellow Quot into providing for ids luxurious existence and for his eventual wealth. got his nickname of tick from Tho solid Gold watches he used to sell to countrymen for the nominal sum of two bits. Quot maybe Yon think they wont go Quot to would bawl holding up one of his watches when purchasers wore backward. Quot that a where you re a Way off. Listen to this one and he would imitate the ticking of a watch with his Mouth so that the sound could to easily heard by those on the outer limits of tic crowd around his Torch illuminated Carriage. Success and seniority gave him the title King of the fairs by which he was known until his retirement. Quot i often hear no account chaps talking about How hard it is to get along in this world Quot said Lowndes when to was hero. A they make me cuty. Tho world is easy easy Quot a snapping his lingers As if Tho subject was too silly to talk about. Quot when i was a Small boy playing marbles and shinny and Peg top i looked about me and saw All hands breaking their necks trying to earn a living struggling sweating worrying working like the Devil every one of Mem. A it was positively painful for me to watch Mem although i was Only in knee breeches. I made up my mind right then that i had a Heap too hip a capacity for fun to Wear myself out working and i Den Nui tied to make the world my Oyster. Well in be been nibbling on the Oyster Ever since and the Only work Yon could Call work that i Ever did was four Days of Coal heaving Down in the Stoke Hole of a japanese Steamer of which i was a stowaway. How a that for a record Only four Days work in 20 years done to i look it Quot tick did look it. was a Perambo plating jewelery a shop. Diamonds glittered All Over him not the sort of Ilia mends lie used to put into his Pandora envelopes. It was acknowledged that he looked prosperous All right. A now you la be astonished hut the worst jays i Ever struck anywhere in tie world Are the russians. I think i sold about five tons of Axle grease Corn Salve for a Ruble an ounce Box on one trip through Southern Russia. All tie men in Russia have corns. They All Wear heavy cowhide Bents a Tho Ordinary folks i Means which i suppose be Monnts for it. I Felt almost ashamed the Way those in Siau folks fell Over each other to buy my Ordinary Axle grease of Commerce for their corns and the worst of it was that in the larger towns whore i staid for Throe or four Days the yaps that had bought tie stuff of the first Day of my arrival came to me before i lift and told me gratefully that the grease had entirely cured their corns. Why. I was regarded us a Public Benefactor throughout tie whole russian Empire. Quot i found the French pretty easy ones too especially in Tho smaller towns. Tie first time i hit France i was Selling West Indian perfumed Beans. They were Ihu Ordinary Ann Riean Beans that they done to know How to Cook in Boston despite All this talk of Boston As the town of Beans. I dyed the beaus Blue and soaked Mem Over night in Cologne. I used a mexican Nero a make up on this trip and sold the Beans a dozen for a franc with a Long spell bind about the perfume lusting fee 1.000 years and so of. It was like finding Money this lean fake in France. Quot All of the South americans from Panama to Paragon in Are pretty easy to Gold Brick. All Over South America i sold thousands of Gallons of whitening tonic to make the half Breeds White. I made it of nights As i went along out of any old thing that Wasny to harmful dandelion roots wild Chi Rry hark and Sueh stuff. The governments got after me finally for it though Aud that a the reason Tho half Breeds of South America Are still Reddish in color. Their governments let Mem boy enough of my whitening stuff you Seo. Quot the mexicans buy anything. You May not believe it hut i sold thousands of dollars Worth of common bar soap for removing grease spots of one trip Down there notwithstanding the fact that worn by the people who bought tie soap were us much on the g string order As the Law of the land would permit. I sold Mem safety razors that Cost me a Quarter each wholesale for ski who. Ii was about As Low Down As Ever i played it As any Man who Ever used a suit by razor will admit Quot i would have made a million nut of the natives if the Fiji islands if tie jealous Ivorite residents Down there had not choked me off. As it was i cleaned up a Good bit of Money on the scheme. I traded off Blue spectacles with the Fiji for Cuchi Ucik Gochin Eul at t hat time was about Worth its Woight in Silver. Tic went crazy Over my Stock of goggles Ami i had several of Tho islanders gathering cochineal for me until the consuls hunted me out. "1 was cooking up a scheme to sell the Kaffir some is off to straighten Blair Kinky Wool Aud make it look like the White Many a hair hut the White people Down there stand it although there was millions in Cor. New York the Art of la Nilius Tut mrs a epicurus Are still discussing the Pope s poem on the Art of catering properly to ones appetite. His Rule that eggs shone re to either hard boiled or nearly raw has occasioned some discussion among those who prefer their eggs boiled Over two minutes and attention is called to the fact that the Popes Rule is exactly in line with the teaching of Brillat Sun Nuriu Zutl All the great Cooks that eggs should be boiled either not More than 2 minutes or not less Thau 20, for Tho reason that an egg boiled 2 minutes is digestible and so is an egg boiled 20 minutes but one boiled 8 minutes is As leather to the digestive Herald. The letter in. The Here w name of thu letter p is be a Mouth Aud although the form in which we recognize it bears no sort of los. I Munch to the contour of the human lips the shape of the hebrew Clibur Meier in the most ancient manuscripts and inscriptions was sue i As to Call up in us instant the Bow shaped ont Liue of the upper nod the curve of the Ondr lip _ was full of nicotine. T Uyi icing a Louin Ovald Tivo ounce of it from a swelling. One of Tho most curious and Ibex Ali Cuba i came known i a Medicino nil sur Gary says the Chicago times horned. Is that of Peter Meliker. The keeper of u grocery store at 4 5 West Lake Street. is More than 55 years of ago and is Tom possessor of a magnificent physique. Up to six months ago he Hail Boon one of the Healthiest of men. To was vigorous Ami enjoyed athletic sports. There was none Moro robust looking. was up mornings by Tho break of Day Anil had an appetite at breakfast time that would have Louo credit to us army Ninilo Driver. Along in february however he began to Droop. His spirits fell. did not laugh As was his wont. His appetite was n dismal failure. The Oulu thing that to seemed to enjoy was his pipe of tobacco and his rocking Clair. Those were his constant companions. To could not sleep. Ilis friends advised the family to Call in a doctor. protested. Along about the 1st of March a swelling having the appearance of a carib Nuclo came of his right hand at its juncture Anteriorly with tic just Over Tho radial Urti by. It seemed As if it might he Erysipelas so or. .1. A. Wild a physician living at Milwaukee Aud clip Hugo avenues thought. At Ull events Tho sore was treated As such. Weeks went along and the patient grew worse instead of better. Poultices were applied hut they acted As irritants. Meuker was finally to go to his lied. There lie Lay in a Scuri some Oleitt state forays. Medicines did not revive him nor lotions allay Tho throbbing pain caused by the gradually growing sore on his . It eventually grew Darker and harder Ami More sensitive. The Man grew More nervous until lie was almost on the verge of delirium. More medical Talent was consulted. The swelling did not show signs of ripening. It was agreed to apply the Lance and this was done. The diseased part was then of the size of a Walnut almost As hard and just As Black. The Gristle a us penetrated and in the synovial sack was found More than two ounces of dark molasses like looking fluid. It had a sickening is cull that penetrated the entire House. Upon examination it was discovered to tie nicotine Nie Toiuo almost As poisonous As that found at the Bottom of a much used tobacco pipe. Tho Wourl was thoroughly drained Ami antiseptics applied. The blackish looking fluid was preserved and tested but few truces of blood matter were discovered hut the nicotine in Ull of its deadly effects was plainly apparent. Fifteen drops Given to a cat resulted in Tho cats death. Within 24 hours or. A enter began to improve. A week afterwards to was Urbont his business. has now regained his former vigor but lie despises tobacco in All its forms. cannot hear to smell its fumes. A pipe is More nauseating Thau visa fetid. It is revolting to All Ilis nerves mud lie believes Bluit were he to attempt to use it in any form again it would throw him into paroxysms. is the Best cured tobacco user that Ever lived mud is gaining flesh since his Rescue at Tho rate of a half Pound a Day. Still to Sells Tho Weed but in doing so lie gives u word of warning to each of his purchasers. bad been using it incessantly for Moro Thau 30 years in All its various forms. There is a great diversity of opinion among physicians us to the genuineness of tie fluid taken from Tho sack. Some contend that it must have passed through the heart in order to have found Lodgment Over the a ilium artery nil that of course a drop or so of Pic Toiuo would paralyse that Organ and produce instant death. But or. Ecu scr his friends nil his doctors declare that it is nicotine. A if it Isnit then Wlms is it Quot they ask. Exercise for baby. A physician s views on this very important question. Sheridan a first ride. A John Gilpin in which showed Young Rivil it Pluck. The following Story was toll by the Rev. J. T. Headley historian Anil biographer of Many of Tho heroes of the War in regard to a boyhood experience of general Sheridan at five years of age lie was playing near his Home when Somo lads came along Aud urn cd themselves with the wide awake Hoy. A horse was feeding in an adjacent lot. Quot Phil would you like a ride a they said to him. Quot yes. Give me in a few moments tie boy was on the animals Hack. The sudden and unceremonious mounting of the Young rider startled the Steed and away he ran. A whoa whoa Quot shouted tie lulls but in Ruiu. Over the Fence the animal sprang Aud once on the Highway it was a John Gilpin performance. Phil Clung to the mane while Tho sobered authors of tie race turned Pule with apprehension of a tragic end to it expecting to Sec him dashed to the Earth and killed. But of of sight vanished both Steed Anil Niiler Anil Miles soon intervened Between the two parties. Suddenly the horse turned into Tho shed of a tavern where its owner Hud frequently stopped in his travels. A leu came out. Aud recognizing the horse questioned the boy. One of tic curious comp buy after securing the foaming animal which Hail neither Saddle nor bridle inquired of the in terrified Phil Quot who taught you to ride Quot Quot nobody a answered tie boy. Quot did no one teach you How to sit on it horse Quot asked another. Quot of yes. Bill Seymour told to to hold on wit i my Knees and i a a was t Yon frightened Quot a nary a lit. I wanted to go farther but the horse would t Quot ainu to you sore Quot Quot Kinder hut ill to better tomorrow and then i la ride Buck Home. A Quot Eliut boy Quot said the questioner a has Pluck enough to be an Indian Tho owner of the nag turned up not Long afterwards in search of his property. said that the animal was vicious and had thrown Lucre than one experienced horseman. A Euplio Micourt marrying judge. Judge Reuben s. Saffold of Georgia Lias made u tremendous reputation As a marrying judge and the coloured people Quot flock to him in droves a says the Juck Sci miss Clarion Lei Ger to have Tho knot tied. His popularity is duo in part to Tho Graceful flourishes used in the marriage service. Here is the final flourish in Liis amplified form of the service a by the authority vested in me As an officer of tie state of Georgia which is sometimes called the Empire state of the South by the Fields of Cotton that lie Sproud abroad in snowy whiteness a round us by the bowl of tic Coon dog and the Gourd Vine whose clinging ted Drill will Shude the Entrance to your Humble dwelling place by the red and luscious heart of the Watermelon whose sweetness fills the heart with Joy by heaven mud Earth in the presence of the witnesses i pronoun to you Mau and _ Lufti Inneo of activity on tie growth and development of Infanta. authority declare i for Fri join of movement. Quot infantile athletics Quot was Tho subject of a paper read at a meeting of Tho Section of paediatrics of lift new Yurk Academy of Medicine by or. Henry Ling Taylor. Quot when Ono considers Tho important physiological effects of muscular activity a said or. Taylor Quot it is apparent that the human organism is imperfectly adapted to a sluggish or sedentary existence. Medical practice at least in tie cities is largely Niaudo up of distr tiers which Are distinctly traceable to the neglect of proper exercise. Primitive Man being obliged to Hunt Anil fight in order to exist was of necessity athletic and now that the struggle has in a Lii Castro been shifted from or Usu to brain men still find it advantageous to train their Muscles in sports Anil games. When the important relation of muscular activity to nutrition respiration circulation Anil elimination is recalled this wholesome instinct easily finds its vindication. Every muscular mass is in an important sense a supplementary heart and a supplementary kidney. Tho lungs Aro never thoroughly ventilated except through vigorous exercise. Moreover Tom nervous and muscular elements arc so intimately related As to form Praet Seully hut one system. Education Mill Progress ennui through motor mid sensory experience Bluit is. Largely through inn Menhir activity. Growth itself is influenced Beyxer Ciso. Quot or. G Beyer of the United states naval Academy Lias shown that not Only do those cadets who take systematic gymnastic training largely exceed those who to not in average gain ill weight lung capacity and strength lint Bluit their Uver Ngo gain in height during Tom font years is greater he Over an Inch. Tie cadets Range in age from 1� to 21 years and it is probable that appropriate exercise would Hugo similar if not greater effect in children. Quot it is even More Truo of Tom infant than of Tho adult that Tho kind and degree of habitual muscular activity will largely determine the Structure of the body and Tom tone of Tom mind and character. It is Moro Truu because Tho infant is Moro incomplete mid Moro plastic. Tho Newborn babe is As it were but half made. Its organs Are immature. Its activities restricted and they will never attain full and harmonious development ext opt under the stimulus of use. It is not without significance that exercise is began Tivo months or Moro before birth Anil that tie infant appears upon Tho scene a vital ii Kirk and a cry. Though among the most helpless of natures children Tho infant comes with considerable training mid sonic remarkable muscular endowments As for instance the Well known ability to support itself by grasping a horizontal Rod. In waking hours tie Small limbs prac tire constant and vigorous movement superficially aimed hut important in producing tissue changes fundamental to nutrition As Well Asiu furnishing sensory Aud motor experience necessary to mental nud bodily growth development and Power. Quot at 3 Mouths of ago tie baby finds its hands mid begins to reach out for Anil hold objects at 8 or 9 Mouths it creeps at 12 i r 14 it walks and so progresses from simple to Complex purposive movements and to such adjustments As Pat it in Moro comfortable nud intimate relation with its surroundings. A since the infant Lias such ample endowment and spontaneous impulses to wholesome activity oar first Aud most important care must be to avoid undue interference or repression. In is interesting to of Servo what pains some uncivilized mothers take that Tho wrappings Aud appliances needful to protect the baby shall not prevent Freedom of movement. In describing Indian infancy and Tho use of the portable Cradle a irs. Fletcher says it is a mistaken notion that Tho child is kept up All the time. Every Day the Linby is bathed and placed of a Rote or Blanket to kick nud Crow to ils heart s Content hut when Tho family cares Call the Mother away he is put into the Cradle with his arms free to play with the Many blight beads that Jiang from the honk which encircles the head of this Little portable bed. A Quot what a refreshing contrast to Tho insipid experiences of our Over draped. Over coddled youngsters. Still rough exercises Aro not required l or civilized babies. They will attend to their own gymnastics if not prevented. It is evident that the movements of the trunk mud limbs should not lie impeded with wrappings. Baby a activity Slou d Hugo free play. At the Start to Are confronted with the conventional belly mid if tightly adjusted it must exert i Juri Ous pressure if too loosely adjusted it gets displaced and Rolls into a contracting string. When adjusted with a proper degree of snug Ness it May be innocuous hut do its benefits outweigh its disadvantages Tho clothing should or Loose nud simple fitting in successive layers so that All can Bent on at one. A when it comes to artificial exercises for Tho baby there Are few prevalent among us Tomt seem calculated to help him. Monotonous jarring shaking and trotting Are undesirable if not harmful when Tho idea is once grasped that a Good Hearty cry is us admirable Flicki expander there is less temptation to this form of parental indulgence for it will usually he found that tie baby is trotted for Tho Sake of the Trotter rather Thau for its own. Peevish Ness is of course undesirable. If Tine to indigestion or other physical ailments tile baby should be treated if complicated by Tho treatment should be tempered with discipline which should not Stop with the cd Iacch for Success in lure to cities. To solving Quot problems of Young men Edward w. Bok. In tie ladies Homo journal replying to an inquirer contends that opportunities for promotion in business arc More numerous in Largo cities Thau in smaller communities but they Are not better. A a Tubero Aro Iuorno chances in the larger cities but likewise there Are More applicants for Tho chances. Salaries May be higher in Tho centers hut so too is Tho Cost of living. Things always equalize themselves. To my Way of thinking a moderate business Success in a Small Community moans More to a Mauiu Point of living and absolute satisfaction Thau a greater Success in a larger catch Fisli with wheels. A curious plan for catching fish is used of the Columbia River. A number of wheels Are set up in Tho Middle of the Stream which As they turn round catch up the fish and cast them into troughs by the River Hanks. Tho Salmon Are then tinned and sent All Over the world. As much As five tons weight of fish a Day has thus been take notice. On december 20, 1890,1 closed out my entire Stock of vehicles. I now have a new Stock of the latest improved carriages and wagons at tic lowest prices. The number of vehicles i purchased enables me to be up to the times in styles and prices. Another car of buggies will arrive at an Early Date. I also carry a full line of burial supplies Black cloth White velvet and polished coffins and caskets trimmings and prices to suit All. White Hearse for burial of the Young. 1 solicit a share of your patronage As in the past. A. W. Lilliston Onancock a. F. A. Davis amp co., wholesale dealers in tobacco and Fink cigars. N f. Cor. Howard a German its Baltimore my. Represented by Frank w. Byrd. Freil Johnson. Duff Mason. Livery Sale it ind e Ochanee Gnu in Conte Tiou Wotli hotel Mason a new Church station Va., Toi Insun a Mason proprietors go All t Rains met and passengers conveyed Tonny part of Peninsula at fair rates Aud with Comfort and dispatch. Stables Virginia a in the circuit Touru for the county of Accomac in the vacation of tie said court tie 23rd Day of Jupe a. D., 1s97. Joplin w. G. Blackstone and Thomas b. Quin by assignees of Francis 1. Farkes plaintiffs against Rudolph a. King and Bettie w. King his wife defendants. In chancery and upon an attachment returned Quot levied Quot and the object of this suit is to recover of Rudolph a. King Aud Bettie w. King a balance due on their joint Bond dated february 23rd, i ssi for the principal sum of Twenty five Hundred dollars $2,500.00subject to credits of thirteen years interest and further credits of $302.75, paid july 7th, Sot Aud $1,128 50, paid october 1st, 1890, to wit $1,403.33, with interest thereon from said last mentioned Date and their covenants to pay the same contained in a deed of Trust of even Date with said Bond securing it. And to subject of payment of the same the life estate of the said Bettie w. King in certain real estate situate in the county of Accomac state of Virginia and known Aud described As 1st�?the farm of Vaux Hall containing 372 a., More or less. 2nd�?the from of bed Bank containing 228 a., More or less. 3rd�?the farm known As the Hill farm containing 12fi a., More or less. 4th�?the farm known As the Powell land containing 122� a., More or less. 5th�?tlie farm kown As the Fisher land containing 70 a., More or less. 6th�?the farm known As the Ahdell land containing 43 a., More or less. 7th�?a lot of land in the Village of Pungoteague containing i a., More or less upon which Are two houses. Affidavit having been made before the clerk of the said court that Bettie w. King one of the defendants in the above entitled cause is a non resident of the state of Virginia on tie motion of the Plain title by their attorneys it is ordered that she the said non resident defendant do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication of this order and do what is necessary to protect her interests and that this order he published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published at Accomac c. H., Virginia and also posted at the front door of the court House of the said county on the first Day of the next term of the county court of the said county. Test John d. Grant c. C. A copy test John d. Grant c c. Thomas b. Quinby and 1 Blackstone amp Bundick j p. Q. House of Emetta Hight. Sykes. A. G. By. Glrst proprietor. Patronage of travelling Public so waited. a Buaril first class. Horses fed. The proprietor offers his services also As notary Public. Q in o o x co and jewelry repaired on Short notice. I have for Bale watch Les clocks jewelry Sec fac Eye classes Anil silverware in ii1ui1v styles and at lowest prices. Pm. Vartonus Poco joke City. My. A a a will he at Accomac c. Every court Day. New York ph1la. 1 m Folk r. 8. Co. In effect june 14th, 1s97. Yuie Kest and Boston a Folk Aud ouly daily Hue Between a York phila., nor uld Point co Ufort. Yin 1. I1tc1eumanufacturer of Sash. Doors blinds mouldings newest Cabinet mantels balusters &c., amp a. Church furniture pews Newels altars bails Etc. Plans and specifications made and estimates furnished for All classes of buildings. Factory a Salisbury my. A correspondence solicited. If you want a to a Jariz age a amp Oad Dart 0,1 Berness get it at a. You will find them As represented every time and gotten up 3?.tsf i Trienne Aud he did what Best suits the people to suit Home Trade. I have had Amany years experience and he a a it Lieve 1 understand what Best 1 the people. My work is Quot la nut to a Al a Corrou Multi i Oxinio Uii Ort Conj Sochaj los. Urie Siutu. Coble Mic a it Uit a a. Us Rel t no Ampit nabs was of. Ftp Png urn a. Tusio. Lark la Gay thu a oui a. Ill Tilv Rixi. Uric Nowc liar Chi. a l Union. Kline 3 Orwen. T Al acc amp a aui�?~0 a. A leu. Truiz Futi. Sal if Dury. Deiner. Arrivo. Arrivo. Jiaqiu work i Tulou so a our. a a Fiille. La ref a it. . Toul our sow Ark. A jew York n 82 94 Fullan a. Old Ace. A a a it Plu text. A. . M 6 55 -7 30 g 10 .7 45 a 7 1u �40 9 4u-. 11 66 m60 11 w4 19 a i. U 06 10 01 ii 14 m -�10 0� ii 31 ii 16 ii 26 -110 22 u 32 -�z10 31 ii 4. M thu 40 11 47 in 46 ii 52 a a 51 it 57 .11 57 12 03 11. S 1/ >1 i 18. 12 a a �11 3� 12 29 a 1132 12 Ai -�11 37 l. 41 til a 1-2.3 to 10. 11 go. 104 of. 12 Oil. G a l2 10. 126 f. Fri to 1 31 Ira us. 7 1� 7 As. 12 47 i a. W 7 55 100 2 119 . If gotten up for durability and will is a a it look Well for Many years. One trial will prove it. I have a Complete line of we mitc clap poll co nine or piano Jugi pics also ply Anions Sun evs a Baylons track sullies i mail Carls arid harness in All styles and prices. My harness Are made of David Moffett a celebrated leather the Best in the world. Repaib1ng neatly and promptly done on Short notice. I appreciate the patronage already Given and most respectfully ask a continuance of the same. Respectfully Geo. W. Covington a Kew Church a. It i. A an -1 u5 a a i a Ltd to ii 1. I .4 i a .1 04 6 1u i 1 6 2 in. Is. 3iij,. B. O. Bell undertaker Wachapreague. A. it Owaru a Trva Tiu. Lulu. Brouil it Giat Lom. a Laiu Sicre Uang a . . Dolinar. I. 11 s William a tii his but a. A fruit ainu pm my. A a p Lor Otto a of Nucos aau Uoo Eluse Crook. Ujj tour a a Ocul Florko. Mew cur cd -. Oak Hull. Hailwood. Ulc Xoma a. Partake. Told Loy. Hollay a. a Maji it a Burg a a a Memoro. Mieu Iulus. A a Elrd s a a . Big Stville. A Cobbum a Tuupo uhktlc3 old Follit Coliori Orlosk. Ports rout i. 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And Norfolk Wicomico and to Simoko it. K. Dally Delaware. Maryland and nru5nln railroads. Positively no inc Nam Roc Vivod Eiter 4 3 p. Us. Mutt of prepaid to All Point Oxcell the s. Phila. Ii Norfolk Railroad Willard Thoa Jsam. Geum in mar p. R. Clark gun l we Cor. Pratt amp Calvert it Baltimore. My. A european rooms 50 cts. 75 cts. And Al per Day this House is now open is entirely new and is equipped with All the modern conveniences elevator elec Trie lights electric Call Bells steam heat Baths amp a. Be san and Reily proprietor. On hand a full line of a caskets of All grades and sizes. Also a full line of hear Pine coffins All furnished at the very lowest Viguers. will meet All trains Ami boats at Short notice. Notice. Of. C. Barnes Lias opened his hmm and harness a sick combined at Parksley a. City and country made harness kept constantly of hand also cart saddles All cheap for Cash. Horse carts and repairing harness specialities and All work promptly attended to. It e fully recognize tins is tie age a of Low prices. Our Stock is Complete in fact we Are in a much better position to give prices than Ever before offered. We know we can make it to your advantage to Deal with us and All we want is the Opportunity. Please Bear in mind that we handle everything in the building material a line such ask doors. Windows blinds mantel White Pine mouldings. Porch columns porch trizut Uings adjustable Gable ornaments shingles. Laths hair Lime Cement mud a full line of hardware Cook parlor gasoline and air tight stoves pumps Stone Well curbing. Wall paper Tiu Aud Crystal Ware lever setting cultivators harrows wheel Barrows wheel Wood Coal pain i. A. A Sis k Paskaley a. C. L Hunting Creek Va., dealer in dry goods a notions. Groceries shingles. Cypress lumber amp a. T / a a at to your own Lou in interest and buy your building material from us As we guarantee prices to suit the i ifs. We have in Stock brackets tricks Ernie mouldings to angles talks , Sash singles and a kinds of building material. Goods shipped to All Points of the Eastern Shore when requested s. A Martin it co., Harborton a. G. Welly cd Ford contractor and builder a Accomac c. H.,-Va. All work first class. Material furnished when desired. Plans and specifications prepared on Short notice. Lowest prices on All first class work can t he under bid. Work done by Day or contract. Write to me or Call on me for estimates. G. It Elly Coard. T. B. Wires ack amp son wholesale grocers. 129 Arch Street Philadelphia a. Represented by r. Fulton Powell Stockton my car carriages and other vehicles also bought in car Load lot3 by the undersigned and sold at the lowest margin of profit. R. F. Powell. Go to for the and always to obtain the ssh Ossa lowest possible prices. Reis1ngkk, wholesale Aud retail dealers in All kinds of furniture carpets Oil cloths matting stoves refrigerators baby carriages _ Aud All sorts of House ferns Iii amps. We. Weisinger amp son 012 Columbia ave., Ami 011 to 023 Portland st., Cor. Greene st. Baltimore my. City and suburban cars pass tie door look us up it will pay you. Represented by s. Gladding

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