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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1920, Page 5

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - March 3, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Killing Witch grass. and Garden brands from other lands. Water As a crop. The Best of the French built Are acted not spoken some droll examples of the italian portuguese dutch and German. Overland Model 45 Price $775. It Overland Model 50 Willys Over land Price $900. 36169�?�-.� a a Ita a a a a Quot am Good trades in bottle product Possi ble in Many localities. Water As a crop has not received the attention from Farmers which it deserves according to experts who have investigated the matter. In their opinion there Are Many districts in this country in which profitable trades in bottled water could be worked up at Little Cost to the Farmers provided of course they have never failing Springs of pure water from which to Supply the demand. A great Many cities Are complaining of the inferior Quality of the water furnished by the City waterworks and the coming of the a water Wagon Laden with bottles the contents of which would be guaranteed pure and wholesome by chemical analysis would be a Welcome sight. A recent Case in which a Good Biu Fuess in bottled water has been est Abl shed is that of a farm two ways of fighting the pastur Weed described one u unusual. One Spring Witch grass began to thu up flaunt All the per show in a Clover pasture. It was Alne mave 3 Ria or near wet season and we keep it. Down says a Wisconsin correspondent of the american . The next season i put some ground into cabbage just a Little cabbage along where this quack was and there is one of the drops that will help to clean the land by the no Judt of thorough cultivation of Tho ground. I Hoed it out All summer Lons Clear on up to the 1st of september and last season i put a strip of porn again on tills same ground in or Der to kill the quack out if there was any left but i failed to and any there at All and it was cleaned out just by working it thoroughly with the cabbage crop the year previous. A somewhat unusual method of fighting Witch grass was described in a Wisconsin Farmers mooting. The infested land was heavily manured in the Winter or Spring and the manure harrowed two or three times to work it Down among the roots and stimulate rapid growth which brings Tho roots nearer the surface. The Overland line for 1911 comprises 22 models from 20 to horsepower at $775 to $1,675 a prices include Magneto Generator 3 Oil and 2 Gas lamps Horn and a oops. Photograph by c. M. Barutta. \ bottling House Fob Spring water. Or living within easy hauling distance of a Small Pennsylvania City. The City is supplied with water from the Susquehanna River which at this Point is polluted by sewage and other offensive material. Although the water is filtered by the City Many persons consider it not fit to drink. The Farmer has a Spring of beautifully Clear pure water. He bottles it and conveys it in crates to the City Many of the people of which Are glad to pay the moderate Price asked for the water. The Trade is profitable to the owner of the Spring although he has gone to the expense of putting in a pump to draw the water into the House where the bottles Are tilled and a sterilizer a for washing the bottles. The Spring itself is walled boxed and guaranteed dirt proof. The picture shows one View of the House ii which the water is bottled. The nights Are Long and this it a Good time to Call the members of the family and hired hands together after the evening meal and discuss the plans for the year. The profitable cow. V a cow most produce about 4,000 pounds of milk and 100 pounds of butter fat to pay for her feed and labor. This is the dead line 5,000 pounds milk $10 profit 8,000 pounds milk $40 profit four times As much. Ten cows averaging 8.000 pounds of milk Are As profitable As forty cows producing 5.000 pounds. The Cost of keep in creases but $35 per cow from 2,000 to 10.000 pounds of milk Given yet the income increases $115, or Over three times As w. J. Fraser University of Illinois. Ant traps Are the latest. Trapping ants is a new method of elimination of insect posts which the department of agriculture experts Are watching. In Louisiana and California the Argentine ant. The most persistent Ever known by the biologists of the government Lias been damaging horticulture by carrying scale insects from infested to Unm ested Trees and in other ways and All anti ant campaigns have so far failed As to this species. Your wife is your partner and when you buy a new farm implement to lighten your labor or enable you to produce better results you should always do As much for her and her work. If you can to do both look after the partner first. De Horning Chute. Chutes like the one shown in this Cut taken from farm and fireside can be constructed of two Inch lumber throughout excepting for the two upper pieces on the sides which Are 1 by 16. A stanchion is provided at the front end with Loose pins at Bottom which de Horning Chute. Can be moved quickly and the animal driven out in front if desired. After the animal is fastened into stanchion a rope run around its neck and nose is fastened to the Windlass and drawn taut. Bolts should be used throughout and clips on a the crosspieces to insure strength. Mis frankness won. The Lato senator Dolliver said that in politics it paid to be Frank and honest with the people. A my predecessor in the Senate a he said a was John a gear. On one occasion the prohibition spirit was run Nung High and a Public meeting was held with a Well known Quaker As chairman. Gear was invited to the meeting. He accepted the invitation. The old Quaker called him to the platform and said a a a we learn that thou Dost not belong to any Temperance society and also that thou Dost drink liquor at thy discretion. Is this True a a a every word of it is True a replied gear a but did you Ever hear of my doing anything dishonourable a a a a Najr or. Gear a replied the old Quaker chairman a nay we have never heard anything else to thy discredit. Thy frankness is More to be commended than thy habits. But thou Hast not lied to us and we will support a and they did a said senator Dol liver a and elected him st for. Begins a to Bloom is reckoned As it weakest stage when in is most easily destroyed. It is then slowed under using a Chain to turn under the tops and then carefully Bury All the grass. The Field is then harrowed and disk harrowed the Harrow being set Over so As to slightly loosen the upper soil. Then buckwheat is harrowed in two bushels per acre. It was found that the buckwheat will keep Down All the Witch grass surviving. And the Little that is left will be killed if the Field is slowed and left in sir iti Ehard Steele explained Why his countrymen made bulls a a a tis the effect of the climate sir. If an englishman were born in Ireland he would make As Many a said he. It is not every one who knows a Bull when he sees her. It May be no butt but merely a Blunder a a Belse As the French have it. To make sure that we have the True criterion let its first set Down a few of the genuine orthodox Irish kind he built the Wall wider than it was High so that when it fell Down it when the Giss should be higher than it was wide. Two weary and foot sore irishmen come to a Milestone ten Miles to Dublin. A Harrah a says one a a a tis but fix Miles disputing of the Date of st. Patrick a birthday. A the coiled no to have had two. Unless he w4is an Irish Sailor reported that in Philadelphia they Copper bottomed the tops of the houses with Sheet Lead. Give me the loan of a Hatchet to saw an empty barrel of flour in two to make the dog a Pigpen. Ills estate is divided by impenetrable Furze ditches made of quarried the Furrow Over Winter. No attempt _ is made to Harvest the buckwheat but a to us 011 Elt tee. The improvement of the soil in the de a a Terow n a or Striction of the Witch grass is consid a a a a a Ere y one a ered sufficient repayment for the use Loso he Louse und that was the of the land one year. Those who a a Niki Plum Leeds like them would be unwilling to give up their True Flator of the irl Sll land entirely for a season could Plant a Hoed crop even after the Witch grass there Are genuine in a French. Had bloomed and was turned under. By Are rare the ged,u3 of the language docs not lend itself to Auy l a in a a 11 Quot Quot thing less than neat precision. A roughly kill out the grass than any other Means and would afford some direct return for the labor. The greatest need of american farms is not More work but More thought. The land needs thought and of the Best but who shall give it if not the owner growing watermelons. Directions for cultivation of thie luscious big bodied fruit. Watermelons Are not As extensively grown in the North As Muskmelon. This is one of the few fruits that have no valuable byproducts As its juice cannot be converted Ink it vinegar nor can it like the Cantaloupe be distilled into Brandy. The seed May be sown directly into the Hills. About Twenty seeds should be pushed Down pointed end first in each Hill. This sounds like lots a Good specimen. Work but it is quickly done. In the North it is customary to sow the seed in boxes and transplant to the Field. It is Well to use some quickly available fertilizer so that Young plants can get an Early Start the Hills should be about ten feet apart each Way but some of the smaller varieties May be planted As close As 6 by 8. The Watermelon is so easily grown that every Home Garden May raise a Supply. There is a firm fleshed variety known As the Citron Melon which is valuable for preserving. Orchard and Garden. Some Orchards have soil Fertility but need spraying some Are sprayed but need pruning and so on. Find out what it is that is limiting the Orchards productivity. Winter is one of the Best times of Tho year for transplanting Trees. Take them up with a Large Ball of Frozen Earth about their roots. The Frozen Ball of Earth is a perfect Protection to a mall and tender roots. When the thaw comes see that the Grapevine trellis is put into Nice condition. Straighten posts tighten and fasten wires tie up the vines remove and Burn Brush. To make chrysanthemums Bushy and compact Pinion the branches Back from time to time. Dig out and Burn All dead and badly diseased fruit Trees. Tut the ashes in the Hole where the tree stood before resetting the Trees mix a few shove Fuls of Well rotted manure with tha. Soil. This will accelerate the growth of the Young Trees. French Bull is usually nothing More than a betide. Still French bulls exist Len Bishop and count of Lesieux wrote to the Duchess of Brissac As follows a Madame knowing How fond you Are of red partridges i Send you herewith half a dozen. Three of them Are Gray and one is a Woodcock. You will find this letter in the Bottom of the a Frenchman used a Large Stone Jar for a Pillow explaining that it was not hard because he had stuffed it full of Hay. T the very Best French bulls Are acted not spoken. The Duke de st Simon relates that a lady lying ill was much disturbed by the ringing of the Church Bells. To Deaden the noise her Lover had the Street in front of her House Laid with Straw. A spoken Bull in French is Apt to be something different from the Irish variety something More like a betide As has been said. And it is Ditl cult to retain the flavor in translation. Quot be sont tour ours Les memes sold ats pulse font Tuer assays marshal Bugeaud of his army. This loses a Little when one translates a it is always the same soldiers who get themselves a men fait do in utilities ii be Faut que be Necess Alre a is More highly coloured in the French than in its translation a Only so Many useless things Are required As Are strictly Here is the translation of part of an italian letter a we have bad a most famous earthquake. If by the mercy of god it had lasted for another half hour we should All have gone to Paradise from which May god deliver us. Whether you receive this letter or not please advise me in either Here is a portuguese Bull. In offering a Reward for the recovery of the Ecru a of a drowned Man his relatives remarked that the deceased might be identified if found by a slight impediment in his speech. After much research it has been so far impossible to discover a genuine Spanish Bull but Here is a dutch Bull a the pig had no Marks on his ears except a Short and Here is a German Bull a Der Oahu Der Zeit Der Ulle Ohranen tro Knet wird a Eli uber Diese Sache gras Jacbsen Lassen a the tooth of time that wipes away All tears will permit grass to grow Over this matter also. Blunders in English speech Are not uncommon. The orthodox Bull ire Laud has scarcely crossed the Channel a fellow of the Royal society Speaks of a the earthquake that had had the Honor to be noticed by the Royal so a the West indies will now have a future which they have never had in the past sounds promising until one sees that its bullish Quality is a Mere Blunder by which the word a a Opportunity was omitted. There is none of the flavor of the famous definition of Salt by the Irish Schoolboy a Salt is that which makes your potatoes taste Nasty if you done to put it even the Best of the foreign bulls in latin i queues evoke the suspicion that they Are Mere translations from Irish originals. The Dittfu the germans and perhaps the English May have the genuine article at times. No distinctively american bulls have emerged from the Long research that is the foundation of these few paragraphs a new York Sun. Tha louvre. The louvre dates away Back to the reign of Dagobert in 628. In 1204 it was a prison and in 13g4 was made into a Library. The new building was begun by Francis i. In 152s and enlarged and adorned by successive Kings principally by Louis Xiv. But it was Napoleon i. Who gave the louvre its real glory. Turning it into a museum Napoleon deposited in it the finest collection of paintings statues and Art treasures known in the world. The magnificent buildings of the new louvre were begun by Napoleon i. And completed by Napoleon Iii. About 1857. Not an inviting Ideal. A my son a said Harker As he pointed to the Ivy in front of the cottage a always be like the the Little boy was thoughtful. A i done to think id like to be like that Vine a he responded seriously. A and Why not Tommy a a a a cause if i was id be a porch news. Optimistic. A what an Optimist Green is a a by a is every time he loses his umbrella he never worries. He always expects to pick up a better press. A real news. A Why do you waste so much space on these interviews with politicians a demanded the merchant a they Are of interest to the people a answered the reporter. A shucks if you interviewed me i could Tell pm where bargains Are to be courier journal reckless. Una Jet my Deir boy its a fact that the Bacilli on i Wilder Money have caused Many a death before now. Nephew Well Uncle you might let me have a few notes. In a very tired of Blatter. The Best thing for any one to say who has nothing to say is to say nothing and stick to it. If you have trouble in getting rid of your cold you May know that you Are not treating it properly. There is no reason Why a cold should hang on for weeks and it will not if you take chamberlains cough remedy. For Sale by All dealers. Overland Model 46 Price $850. A Model to suit everybody. A car anybody can drive. It will pay / you to look them Over. Price 1250. The More rigid the investigation and the More careful your comparison the better convinced you will be of their actual value in style and desirability because there is More downright value and Merit in them than any other cars at any thing like the Money. Overland Model 51 Price $1250. 1 v Overland Model 51 with fore doors Price $1250. Marion Overland Model 30 Price 4 $1000 torpedo runabout a $1050 5 passenger $1150 5 passenger fore doors $1200 Overland Model 54 Price $1675. Overland Model 49 with fore doors f a Price $1095. Overland have made their records in the hands of 25000 owners. Ask some of these owners their Upkeep expense. Compare this with any other ear compare each Point in specification with others then compare prices then Call on one of the following representatives and see these cars. G. E. Coulbourn Nassawadox Virginia. Agent Eastern Shore. Represented by a Bloxom bros., Mappsville a. Roland Wise Cheriton a. Perdue amp Corddry Snow Hill my record 2 204. Son of elect rite sire of 75, he be great election Eer 125. 1st dam lady May dam. Of eight with records from 2 11 to 2 30, All full Brothers and Sisters to Rod Oliver. Brood Mare owners who Breed for All qualities Breed to Rod Oliver. Tbs a who Breed to Rod Oliver get All the qualities at a fee of $25.00. Breed and win the following stake i will give a stake for Rod Oliver 2 20� foals of 1912>f $200. All mares bred to him in 1911 May be nominated in the stake free of any expense and no fee of any kind will be required. It will be for Trotters in their two year old form to be raced Over Keller fair track during fair 1914. I will also give a similar purse of $50 for Rod Oliver two year Olds to be raced for this Vear at Keller fair. Money divided $25, $15, $10. Rod is an exceptional fast horse has trotted half in 1 04, Quarter in 30 seconds but for inexperience he would have a very Low Mark. Tabulated Pedigree furnished on application. Grand Bingen Standard registered vol. Xix. Out of half sister to precursor 2 20i. From the Jessie. Pepper family. A. Bingen 29567, 2.06. A j 8ire of Uhlan 1.58. Ads Airai Dewey 2.0l. King g , 2.05. John Ward a a May King 10272. 2.20sire if Hingen 2.06. Etc. Young Wise. Dam of 3 Grandam of 5 l. O. Ames Parksley and Pocomoke Marble works manufacturers of Marble and Granite monuments headstones Tab. Lets &c., Edward h. Howard proprietor. Parksley a. 1 dreamworld Belle. Half sister to precursor 2.20. F Bow Bells 13073. 2.19i. Sire of Billy Andrews 2.06, Beausean 2.06 v Matin balls 2.06 dams of Bervalds 2.08, Emily Ellen 3 2.09. Etc. Lady acacia. Dam of precursor 2.20 sister to s in 2.20 list .1 election Eer 125. Sire of 167 in list Etc. May Queen 2.20. By Norman 25. Dam of 2. Young Jim 2009. Sire of 48 in list. Etc. Miss Mambrino. By red Wilkes 1749. Election Eer 125. Sire of Arion 2.07. Sunol 2.08. Palo Alto 2.08, Etc. Beautiful Bells 2.29. By the Moor 870. Dam of 11 in list Etc. Nutwood 600. 2.18. Sire of 174 dams of 367. All a 2.2it y Alcantara 729, 2.23. Dam of Aegon 8 2.18, Etc. Everyone in a Dowsy interested in the Light harness horse is familiar with the fact that Bingen 2.061, has founded a family of Trotters different in Many ways from that of any other stallion. Not Only is he himself siring phenomenal Speed his son. Uhlan 1 581, being the Holder of the world s record in the open for Trotters of any sex while scores of others of his get have secured records from 2 041 to 2 30 his Standard list being very clo3e to the Century Mark at 17 years of age. His have proven that they possess the Power to transmit extreme and natural eyed. They have shred considerable More than one Hundred Standard performers with record ranging from 2 04. Grand Bingen is an extremely handsome Black horse. He is s typical Bingen is every particular and from his Rich Breeding should sire phenomenal Speed. He will be allowed to serve Only Abi it ten or fifteen approved mares at a fee of $25. For Lurcher particulars see or write l. Q. Ames Pungoteague a. Or m. B. Ames Keller a. Announcements. A i hereby announce my self a candidate for sheriff of Accomac county a abject to the democratic primary the coming summer. Four years ago when a candidate for this office i lost by 52 votes. Very Many who opposed me before promised me their support this time. These new friends together with those who stood so loyally by me before and whom i have every reason to believe still stand by me now make me feel very confident of Success. Thanking All my Friend for the Virany kind expressions that have come to me encouraging me to make the race. Very b. T. Mels of. To the voters of Accomac county having had 12 years experience in assisting the commissioners of the county in their work i have decided to become a candidate for commissioner of Revenue for he upper Parish and later through the press and in person will Call on All the voters of the county to present my claim. I will appreciate it if All voters would refrain from committing themselves until said claims Are presented. Thanking you in Advance for your support i remain yours very truly Parksley a. V. S. Deitrick. Fellow citizens of Accomac co i hereby announce myself a Eandi. Date for House of delegates subject to the democratic primary. Having been a staunch Democrat All my life i most respectfully solicit your support and if elected i will earnestly and honestly labor to justify your Confidence and will faithfully fearlessly and zealously discharge my Public duties. Respectfully submitted Sewell a. Taylor feb 28, 1911. Assawoman a. To the voters of the Atlantic magisterial District i take thie method of announcing myself a candidate for Constable for the next term subject to the democratic primary which will be held this coming summer and Promise if elected to discharge my duty to the Best of my ability hoping it will be your pleasure to give me your support and thanking you in Advance i am yours very truly o. T. Gelley. Mckemie Park va., february 9,1911. To my friends and fellow citizens of. A Tompkin magisterial District at the solicitation of Many friends i hereby respectfully a Mouncey self a candidate for the office of j of the peace for said District to the democratic primary to. The coming summer. The Justice of the peace is one of considerable importance to the masses of the people and 1 Promise if elected to discharge the duties thereof honestly impartially and fearlessly always acting fairly and squarely Between Man and Man. Thanking my friends in Advance for any assistance they May see fit to give is for a which i will always feel grateful i am very sincerely yours Teackle l. Bvrd. Mappsville va., to the voters of me Tompkin District. I respectfully Annex use myself a candidate for Constable of said District subject the. The democratic primary. If nominated and elected it will be my pleasure to discharge the duties of the office faithfully efficiently and in the Best interest of the people. Soliciting your support. Very respectfully o. A. Lankford to the voters of me Tompkin magisterial District i take this method of announcing myself a candidate for the office of Constable for said District for the next term subject the the next Deih socratic primary the be held next Yeal and hereby most respectfully solicit the support and influence of the voters of said District for said position. If elected i Promise to discharge the duties of said position in a faithful and energetic manner to the Best of my ability. Hoping it will be your pleasure to give me your Suppert and influence and thanking you in Advance i am very sincerely yours William t. Mason Parksley va., to the voters of Lee District i hereby announce myself a candidate for Constable for said District subject to the democratic primary. Having had an experience As Deputy sheriff for two years City detective three Yearb and Railroad detective three years feel confident of filling the office. If elected i will faithfully discharge my duty without favor or fear. I most respectfully solicit Ayour support. I am a a yours very truly. Harry r. Fatih to my friends and fellow citizens 1 hereby announce n j8�li a candidate for the democratic nomination for Constable of me Tompkin magisterial District at the coming primary. If elected i Promise to energetically and faithfully perform the duties of said office. 1 will thank my friends for any interest which they May Manifest in my shall. I am very resp a tally Georgs t. Groton new York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. R. In i fact Jan. 8, 1911. South bound trains. No. 49 no. S7 no. 45 no. 41 no. 47 leave p. M. New York no. 0 00 Philadelphia 1120 a. M. Wilmington 12 0o . Baltimore 10 00 p. M. 12 38 800 3 44 % 135 p. A 3 38 559 652 455 a. M. 700 1000 10 44 900 leave a. 5l a. M. . . P. M. Delmar 3 co 10 45 6 57 10 15 1 35 Salisbury 310 11 01 709 10 27 1 48 Princess Anne 328 1129 7 40 10 55 209 Kings Creek 1134 7 45 11 00 213 Pocomoke 345 1159 8 10 u 15 2 32 p. M. A new Church 356 12 14 828 Hailwood 12 39 848 Parksley 12 57 904 Tasley 4 39 1 09 9 14 Keller exam Ore 126 in 43 9 27 9 41 Birds nest 167 9 53 Eastville 2 11 10 05 Cape Charles 615 439 10 261 4 30 old Point 800 620 v 6 20 Norfolk arrive 905 726 725 North bound trains. No. 44 a. M. Leave Norfolk old Point Cape Charles Eastville Birds nest sex More Keller Tasley Terk Sley Allwood new chore Pocomoke Kings Cree. Princess Anne 7 02 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 . . . 6 15 7 15 9 30 6 00 628 800 845 1105 61 655 p. M. 12 42 11 42 Lei 687 6 54 7 16 f 31 745 607 828 840 900 9 10 Salisbury Delmar 108 1159 a. M. 12 25 9 43 12 54 10 15 arrive a. M. Wilmington la 22 . Philadelphia 12 08 Baltimore 12 40 new York . 2 56 . . 435 405 522 6 52 805 500 6 01 7 32 p. M 7 41 8 26 950 11 trains 49 and 50 daily. To Ritly a 37, 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, 80 and 46 daily except sunday. A. Ilo Qoku r. V. Massey

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