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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1920, Page 2

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - March 3, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Peninsula ? Enterprise John w. Edmonds editor and owner court House a sintered at the Post office at a conic o. Flea. As second class matter. Saturday March 18, 1911. In a recent Telegram to the virginian Pilot the Hon. Carte Glass exposes one political tricks wit Lavrich Sena tors Martin and Swanson Hope to deceive the people of Virginia. No of though except those who Are willing to be fooled by them is simple enough As or. Glass says to believe that their regard for the Public service is their Only reason for not opening Campaign Headquarters in Richmond. The real motive which controls them in the mat ter is Given by or. Glass in the follow ing i have seen a publication concern ing patriotic purpose of certain senatorial aspirants not to open Headquarters in Richmond because of their conscientious Devotion to their legislative duties at Washington but when it is considered that Headquarters in Washington Are More feasible during a ses Sion of Congress than Headquarters a Richmond such an arrant attempt to make a Public virtue of personal convenience serves no better purpose than to furnish bait for people who Are simple enough to gulp Down such stuff. The writing printing and mailing out of thousands upon thousands of personal letters the looking after newspapers and the preparation of paid press matter the dispatching of Campaign documents and personal inter views with the tribesmen that have constantly been held in Washington since it was known that there would be a senatorial contest in Virginia did not seem this Winter so incompatible with a conscientious regard for the Public service As to cause any Cessa tion of such work owing to the efforts of the dyed in the Wool reactionaries a Large proportion of whom have been voted out of office the Senate failed to ratify the Canadian reciprocity treaty. The president immediately proceeded to show that he had not been bluffing when he announced his intention of calling an extra session in such an event. The Corpse of the 61st Congress was not yet cold when he issued his proclamation for that purpose fixing the Date for the convening of the extraordinary session As april 4th. Not withstanding the tremendous pressure that had been brought to Bear upon him to let the Fer Eaty go Over until the convening of the regular session of the 62d Congress because of fear by the Tariff protected interests that their cherished schedule would be interfere with the president had the courage of his convictions. In this instance he has Felt the popular pulse to a Good purpose. The democrats who will have an overwhelming majority in the House now have their Opportunity for revision downward schedule by schedule. The Senate will be near democratic so that it will be difficult to Block Low Tariff legislation there. Twenty thousand american troops Are at the mexican a Feder and More Are to follow according to the latest advices but what they Are there for no one seems to know but president Taft and he has not yet Given that in formation to the Public. Many Are the surmises and among them that the troops Are there to prevent the smug gling of arms across the Border to protect the Large interests which the financiers of Wall Street have in mexi co because of a secret treaty of Mexico with Japan but those closest to the administration insist that it is Only a military demonstration a sort of performance like Jack and Gill March ing up Hill and marching Down the president however cannot Long withold the information from us As Congress meets the Light Wilt have to be turned to. An organized movement for free books for Public school children was launched in Norfolk thi3 week and an association with More than a Hundred representative citizens was formed to make a statewide Campaign to arouse sentiment in the interest of free books. That being accomplished the fight will then be taken to the next general Assembly where it is hoped the legis. Lation to that end will be secured. If a free Book Bill passes that body it i estimated that the tax for that Pur pose will be about $300,000 annually. A special from Warsaw says Hon. W. A. Jones will probably make his opening speech in Norfolk. He heart ily commended the principles enunciated by the Virginia democratic league. He not Only favored he declared electing the members of the Corpora tion commission by popular vote but expressed the conviction that even the judiciary should be so chosen. Uncle Joe says he will not take the minority leadership in Congress. He will hang around Washington for awhile Tosee How it feels to by without a Crown. He has so Long been accustomed to be the whole thing that the big Toad in the email puddle proposition does not a peal to him. Representative w. A. Jones recently asked when he would open his speaking Campaign said somewhere about april 1. He had not he said decided where he would make his opening speech but he intimated that it might be in Norfolk. The size of pension appropriations seem to increase proportion to the Degreif in which the veterans Are being called to their Reward. The stupendous sum of nearly $200,000,000 will be paid to United states pensioners this District Nissl onary conference at Onley tuesday March 7th., a few ministers and laymen of the methodist episcopal Church South met to Confer together in regard Toa missionary Campaign of the w. B. Bauchamp d. Missionary Secretary of the Virginia conference issued the Call and was present and presided. Rev w. , d presiding elder was also on hand the conference was exceedingly fortunate in having present Rev. Or. C. F. Reed Secre tary of the Layman s movement of the Southern methodist Church whose thrilling addresses afternoon and evening and invaluable advice aroused interest in the work of missions was decided to begin the Campaign at Cape Charles on tuesday april 18th., and run it through two weeks. A District missionary com Mittee was ordered to consist of the presiding elder a. J. Mcmath and three others who will formulated schedule and keep the churches informed on the subject by the Frause of the secular press in the District. G 0. Butts was made Secretary or. Beauchamp said the District is to be congratulated at havin Bishop w. R. Lambuth to Lead the Campaign in april. He is recognized with John r. Mott As one of tli9 great authorities in the United Stateson the subject of missions in the world and has familiar and full know Jed Geof the great Mission Fields. Heis the son of the honoured Mies Fonaries j. W. And Mary Lambuth who reburied in Japan was bom in China november 10th., 1854, received his m. A., degree from Emory Aud heur College va., and his degree in medi Cine from Vanderbilt University with Post graduate work in Bellevue e 1inburg and London. He was appointed medical missionary to China in 1877, where he established the Hospital in Soochow. Later he was transferred to open missionary work in Japan. He was made general Secretary of the Board of missions of the soul Hern methodist Church ii 1894. And has visited from time time not Only Alio the Mission Field but All of the conferences in the in Terest of Mission work. He has just lately arrived from a visitation of the Woik in Brazil. At the session of the Southern methodist general conference at Annville n. Last maj he was elected a Bishop of the Church. In the fall of 1910 he was made a member of the Royal Geo graphical society of England he will bring great knowledge and inspiration into the Campaign. People of every denomination Shula Avail themselves of the Opportunity to hear one of the three strongest and clearest i Sio aary authorities in America. Secretary. It solutions of respect. Resolutions offered by the woman s foreign missionary society of Oak Grove Church whereas it has pleased our heavenly father to remove from our mid tour beloved sister and co labourer Vars. Ida Benson resolved is. That in her death our society has lost me of its most Loyal and devoted members 2nd that we Bow in Humble sub Mission to him who doth All things Well. 3 the Hus band and Mother of our deceased Bister. .1 mrs. Annie Harmon mrs. Ivy Elmore mrs. Clara Hyslup committee. To the chiefs and members of Accomac tribe no. 90, Imp. O r. M we your committee appointed on it. Council sleep present the following that whereas the great spirit in his Wisdom has seen fit to take from our midst our beloved brother. War ren h. Young who was a charter member t f our tribe and keeper of Wampum at the time of his death and Wei e the great spirit doth All ail things Well and that he has Over the River to the Happi Hunt ing it funds beyond we Are be paved Over the loss of him from his family the Church and sunday school of which he was a member and superintendent of our town of which he was an honoured citizen and of our trib and shall look Forward to the reunion with great pleasure when the Call cometh therefore be it resolved that we commend his sorrowing family and loved ones to the great spirit for Succour and Relief who do eth All things Well and never has done wrong Beuving our loss to be i gain and be it further resolved that these resolutions be spread upon our record the charter be draped for sixty suns a copy sent to the sorrowing family and publication of the same be made in our local papers. Respectfully submitted by the com Mittee. C. H. Gray p. S., j. T. Sharpley so. J. Jones p. In Mem Orlam. In Loving remembrance of our dear father Joseph h. Hickman who de parted this life february 7th, 1911, and 73 years. He is survived by a Wile two sons and three daughters. Our father had been ailing for Sev eral years but none of us thought the time was so near for him to leave us alone. Yet we know that he is free from All cares and sorrows in this would and has gone to heaven where we All Hope to him Somer Tav to part no More. Still this does not to Lieve us of the heavy Burden which rests upon our hearts now that Woare repair at a from father and wont ate his Bright f ice and hear his swe voice again. He has left a vacant place in our Homes that never can be filled. We cannot unders and Why we should Beso burdened with grief As we stand beside the Mound where our a Lov j oae sleeps. Yet god know it wis Best to take him Home. He wa3 s patient kind and gentle always look Ingon the Bright Side and fir in i Best Thos that knew him a St had the deepest love for him a Laige concourse of friends a d ones were present at i Luiei at to drop the tender tear which Stu t Sheds Over the of oxfords in All leathers and lips. J s Mills. Just received car Florida heart shingles car Salt will sell cheap. C. E. Nicolls Sveller a. J write to us Lor estimates on Doos Sash Blind Stair rails and All other kinds of building material hardware paints a. Stock Large prices Low or. R. L. Fletcher will be at acco Mae court h. Jive first Day of every county court to receive Orde Orthe firm. Cape Charles ice and lumber co. Copy she 1911 1 of House of Kuppenheimer Chicago have you Ever been in our store have you Ever stopped and gazed into our windows have you Ever consid ered selecting us As the suppliers of your next suit really you should know us and our merchandise. We be got this clothing Gam Down pretty Fine. You la agree with us on this Point if you la come in. You la not find us the Over polite bowing and scraping kind of people but you will find us gracious accommodating an interested. Well not feel disturbed if Youdon t Purchase from us so at least come in and get acquainted. Merrill s clothes Are All Wool 1. H. Merrill co., Pocomoke my. One Price no. 7258 report of the condition of the Farmers and merchant National Bank at Onley in the state of Virginia at the close of business march7th. 1911. Resources. Loans and discounts $167,490 63 overdrafts secured and unsecured 81 54 . Bonds to secure circulation so too 00 u. Bonds to secure. Deposits 1,000 00 premiums Onu s. Bonds 8.250 00bonds. Securities Etc 20,100 00banking House furniture and fixtures 8,732 29 due from National Banks not Reserve agents ,242 24 due from state and private ranks an Bankers trusts companies and1savings Banks 4,417 52duefrom approve Reserve agents 15,166 06 checks and other Cash items 8.00 notes of other National Banks 1, 115.00 fractional paper currency Nickels and cents 859-49lawful Money Reserve in Bank Viz specie u 10,720 65legal-tender notes 190.00 10,910 65 redemption fund with u. Treasurer 5 per Centof circulation 350 00 total $283,712 41 liabilities. Capital Stock paid in $ 50,000 00 surplus fund 17,00000 undivided profits less expenses and taxes paid 207 26 National Bank notes outstanding 50,000 00 due to other National Banks 2,349 37 due to state and private Banks and Bankers 8,81414 do to Trust companies and savings Banks 21521dividends unpaid 64 00 individual deposits subject to Check 149,238 54 certified checks 330 00cashier s checks outstanding 603 89 United states deposits 1.00000 Bills payable including certificates of Deposit for Money borrowed 4.000 00 total $283,71241 state of Virginia count of Accomac is i w. C. Parsons cashier of the above named Bank do solemnly swear that the above state ment is True to the Best of my Knowledg an belief. W. C. Parsons cashier Correct attest j. ,. W. A Burton John w. Rogers. Directors. Subscribed and sworn to before this 11th Day of March 1911. Warner Ames. Notary Public. Statement of the financial condition of the Belle Haven Bank inc., located at Belle Haven in the county of acco Mack. State of Virginia at the close of business March 7th. 1911, m Ide to the state Corpora Tiou commission. Resources. Loans and discounts $44,298 03overdrafts, secured. $250 56. Unsecured. $193 49 ? 444 05 banking House -3 850 00 other real estate owned 2,000 00 furniture an fixtures 1.485 00 due from nation Lbanks 3,825 66 due from state Banks private Bank ers and Trust companies 398 34 paper currency 2,183 00 fractional paper currency Nickels and cents 9173 Gold Coin 102 60 Silver Coin 690 35 total $59,218 66 liabilities. Capital Stock paid in $17,300 00 surplus fund 3,000 00 undivided profits less amount paid for interest expenses and taxes 839 65 dividends unpaid54 00individual deposits 33.872 04 certified checks 134 76 cashier s checks outstanding 18 22bills payable including certificates of Deposit representing Money borrowed 4,000 00 total $59,218 66 i Jno. T. B. Hyslop president do solemnly swear that the above is a True statement of the financial condition of the Belle have Bank i incorporated located at Belle Haven in the county of Accomac state of Virginia at the close of business on the 7th Day of March 1911, to the Best of my knowledge aft belief i Jno. T. B. Hyslop preside attest . B. Rue. C. , s. P. \u25a0 directors. State of Virginia Bounty of Accomac sworn to and subscribed before me by Johnt a. . This 11th Day of March,1911. " w. G. Emmett notary Public. My commission expires August 31. 1914. Statement of tie financial condition of the Melfa banking co., inc., located at Melfa in the county of Accomac state of Virginia at the close of business. March 7th, 1911, made to the state corporation commission. Resources. Loans and discounts $36,63802i overdrafts unsecured 343 44bauk ins hous and lot 5,429 14furniture and fixtures 1,640 91 due from National Banks 2,587 60paper currency " 2,139 00 fractional paper currency Nickels and cents 139 09 Gold Coin 5560 Silver Coin to total $49,338 53 liabilities. Capita Stock paid in $ 19,500 00undivided profits less amount paid for interest expenses and taxes 202 18 individual Dep feits subject to Check 20,387 09certified checks in 76 cashier s checks outstanding 233 m notes and Bills re discounted 9,000 00 $49,338 53 1,-w. E Waters. Cashier do solemnly swear that theab6ve is a True statement of the Finan Cial condition of the Melfa banking company incorporated located at Melfa in the county of Accomac. State of Virginia at the close of business on the 7th Day of March 1911, to the Best of my knowledge and . E. Waters. Cashier. Correct attest c. H. Rogers w. H. Hatton. J. W. Martin. Directors. State of Virginia. County of Accomac sworn to and subscribed before me by w. E. Waters. Cashier this 15th Day of March. 19h.krnest t. Harmon notary Public. My i twi win it err for rtt i off Virginia in the clerk s office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the both Day of March a. D., 1911 Charley e. Nicolls plaintiff against d. Landreth seed co., a Corpora tion organized and doing business under the Laws of the state of Penn Sylvania defendant. In object of this suit is to recover of the said defendant the 9 sum of seventy five dollars $75 00dam Ages sustained by reason of the breach of a an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant the d. Landreth seed co is not a resident corporation of the state of Virginia it is ordered that it do appear her within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what May be necessary to protect its interest in this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy Hereof be published Oncea week for four successive weeks inthe Peninsula Enterprise a news paper published in the county of a Comack and that a copy a posted at the f out door of the court House of this county on or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John d. Grant jr., clerk. A copy Teste John d. Grant jr., & Mapp p. Q. Will make the season 1911, from new Church to Keller. Belton g. Is a Well bred horse with Good qualities of Bay color weigh about 1000 you wish to Breed to a Good game race horse and one bred in the Pur ple Here is your Chance. The Morevo study his Breeding the better you will like him. Belton g is not Only a great bred horse but has a whirlwind of Speed As has been shown to the Public by his races he is known As one of the Best race horses on the Eastern Shore of Virginia we Mill Send him anywhere in the county. Terms $25.00.write or phone us. Chas. A. Gibbons & bro.,Rue, a. J. A. Kernodle practical Tinner slits and Sheet Metal worker and sanitary plumber now located at Parksley and respectfully solicits the patronage of the Public. Stove repairing a specially. Estimates cheerfully furnished and satisfaction guaranteed. Notice to creditors commissioner s office Accomac o. A. March 16th, 1911.to the creditors of Joseph Hickman. Pungoteague de ceased. And All others concerned you Are her. By n tidied that at the re quest of the personal representative of the said decedent i have appointed the 31 Day of april next army said office for receiving proof fall debts and against the Sai l diced ii. Or his estate a which time and place you Are required to attend and prove your in Ier my hand the Day and Vear first above written. Sam l. T. Ross of accounts i statement of the financial condition of the Farmers and merchants Bank inc., located at new Church in the county of acco Mac state of Virginia at the close of business March 7th, 1911, made to the state Corpora tion commission. Resources Loans and discounts $46,703 51overdrafts, unsecured 160 24 Raa tag House and lot. 8,350 00furniture and fixtures � 845 00 other Cash items 5 00 paper currency 1,902 00 fractional paper currency Nickel Sand cents 72 18gold Coin 25 00 Silver Coin 81 50 total 153,144 43 liabilities. Capital Stock paid in $15,000 00 undivided profits less amount paid for interest. Expense Sand taxes 1,271 01individual deposits subject to Check 34,503 73cashier s checks outstanding 137 35due to National ranks 232 34 notes and Billore discounted 2,000 00 total $53,144 43 i. C. J. Matthews cashier do solemnly swear that the above is a True statement of the financial condition of the Farmers and mer chants Bank inc., located at Newchurch in the county of Accomac state of Virginia at the close of business on the 7th Day of March.1911, to the Best of my knowledge . J. Matthews. ?attest John f. Nelson jr., j. E. . W. Covington of Virginia. Count of Accomac sworn to and subscribed before me by c. cashier this 14th Day of March.1911. Edward w. Hutchinson expires january6th. 1912. 7659. Report of the condition of the Hall Tod National Bank at Hallwood inthe state of Virginia at the Loseff business. March 7th, 1911. Resources. Loans and discounts 89.366 38 overdrafts secured and unsecured 505 54u. Bonds to secure circulation 7,000 00premiums on u. Bonds 210 00honds,securities, Etc 2,000 00banking House furniture an fixtures 4,719 00other real estate owned 1,106 24 due from nation Lbanks not Reserve agents 1.06173duefrom stat and private Banks an Bankers. Trust companies an savings Banks 187 73duefrom approved Reserve agents 10,039 08checks and other Cash items 2315 notes of other nation Lbanks 90 00fractional paper currency Nickels and cents 430 86lawful Money Reserve in Bank Viz specie 1,175 00legal-tender notes 5,150 00redemption fund with u. S treasurer 5 per cent of circulation 350 00 total _ $123,413 71 liabilities. Capital Stock paid in $25,000 00 surplus fund 6.200 00undivided profits less expenses and taxes paid 292 61 National Bank note outstanding 7.000 00 due to other National Banks 1,380 15 dividends unpaid 3 00individual deposits subject to Check 40,167 84 demand certificates of it posits 42,737 32 certified checks 89 65 cashier s checks outstanding 543 14 total $123 41371 state of Virginia county of Accomac is i John t. Lewis cashier of the above name Bank do solemnly swear that the above state ment is True to the Best of my knowledge and belief. John t. Lewis cashier. Correct attest Johnw. Taylor . Broughton. He. Conquest. and sworn to before me this 9thday of March. 19u.j s. C. Hall. Notary r v Don t blame the gook if your bread and pastry is the foggy indigestible misery making kind. It s dollars to doughnuts that the flour is guilty of the offence. Our flour makes Light White de Licious bread an pastry Luck is unknown where it rules the cooking it insure Good results because it is uniform in Quality monday tuesday wednesday and every Day in the week the Best. Candidly can you afford to go on using flour when our Miu to consumer system puts our Superior product in your Home at less expense we Cut our the retailers sett you flour direct at whole Sale prices. We will save Yon All those dollars that the retail dealer has previously pocketed try our method. Yeull never Goback to the old Way. Write us for prices. Eagle Bills Public auction of valuable real estate. The undersigned heirs at Law of John e. Wise deceased will sell a Public auction on saturday april 8,1911, at 3o clock p.m., at Pastoria Accomac county Virginia that tract or parcel of lard of which the said John e. , seized and possessed situated near Pastoria in acc Mack county Vir Zrini Endmore fully described As follow attract or parcel of land containing seventy five 75 a acre mire Orless and bounded on the North bythe county Road leading from Pas Toria to wish s Mill a pfc by the county Road leading from the Afore paid Road to the Public land intr an Mouth and West by the land of James r. Hickman and also a detached piece of Woods land going therewith containing by estimation ten 10 a acres More or less and bounded on the North by Tea land of John 9.finney East by the neck Road Mouth by the land of John m. Parks and West by the land of the said John 8. Finney. These two pie Esto be sold As a whole. John h. Wise g. Wise a. T. Wise. For Sale. 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Virginia in the clerk s office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the 6th Day of March a. D., 1911. Charles t. Riley,jr., Al. h. Riley & wife it als in object of this suit i to parti tion a certain lot or parcel of Woodland bit Nate lying and being the count of acco Mack and state of Virginia contain ing thirty four 34 acres More Orless and adjoining the lands of Sid Ney Riley Wilma Courtenay an others and if partition cannot conveniently be made of the same Rhen to sell it and have the proceeds Divi ded amongst those entitled an affidavit been mad and filed that the defendants Johnh. Riley and Ida Riley his wife and Jjohn my Benson and Bessie e. Ben son his wife Are not residents of Testate of Virginia it is ordered that they do appear hero within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what May be necessary to protect their interest in this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the court House of this county of or before then it succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John d. Grant jr., copy Teste John d. Grant jr., wept p. Q. Pointers for All who buy medicines. The guarding of your health is a duty of sufficient importance to demand your unceasing vigilance. Part of this duty is to be sure you get Only the purest and Best medicines and that is where our drug store is doubly valuable to you. We sell Only drugs of the highest Quality and at the same time our rices Are very reasonable. Our medicines Are reliable. We fill doctor prescriptions with the exact amounts of the right drugs called for pure and fresh and in full strength. 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Capital Stock ? $ 50,000.00 ? surplus 40,000 00 undivided profits 5,005.89 circulation 49,000,00dividends unpaid \u25a0 103.00deposits 278,957.99 _ $423,06 .88 we hereby certify that we have made an examination of the boobs and records of the first National Bank of Onancock and that the above statement is taken from the books of the Aid Bank and that it is Correct we having proven each item contained therein. We find the general conduct of the affairs of the rank 10 be excellent favourably com paring with the larg est backs in the state and ample Protection is aft Del its depositors the system of accounting fully covers the requirements of the business and is neatly accurately an faithfully performed. Respectfully submitted h. B. & son Richmond March 2ud, 1911. 0 certified Public accountants

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