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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jun 24 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - June 24, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Our new York letter. Corporal punishment in schools a a teacher who whips her boys. The of variety. Special corrctu�?~uhtlonco.3 the question of Corporal punishment in schools has Lone pm a vexed Ono although in most sections of the country it Lias been decided that this form of correction lends to degrade the child without in any Way tending to Nemko him More mindful of the regulations which he May have violated. In fact it has been argued that the child especially if to to a Hoy and possess .1 of spirit will at the earliest Opportunity seek to a get oven Quot to again violating the obnoxious Rule which previously got him into trouble lie is certain however. To do it in such a manner that lie is not Likely to , Ami thus Liis craftiness or might to hotter termed his is Quot is developed to one will attempt to deny that this is a a consummation devoutly not to he and tints the opponents of Corporal punishment find another argument at band. As is Well known the schools of this City nil Brookov 11 were among the first to abolish Corporal punish meet and there Are at the present time very few of the Large cities of the country where in is permitted at All. The average now York or Brooklyn teacher would no More think of physically chastising a Hoy than lie or she would think of writing a resignation mud directing it to the Hoard of school commissioners. In effect such Cau Luct would i tantamount to inviting dismissal still there is a school principal in Brooklyn a woman. At that who whips Tho Hoys in her department. She whips her boys. At any rate it is certain that she has made no Effort whatever to conceal the fact from us Cue who May have had the curiosity to inquire. As was to to expected toe demoralization which is always certain to follow upon subordinates known de of Tho fact that their Superior is the rules set Down by a still higher authority for the guidance of All i a broken out in this school and now get. Til of the teachers at least Are personally exemplifying their belief in the adage with reference to spoiling the child by sparing the Rod. A few of the parents who have children who have icon or arc Apt to be punished intend to organize a crusade which is to be directed against this particular principle primarily and against All violators of the same Law secondarily. As it is alleged thut there Are Many transgressors in this respect and As the gentlemen interested declare that they arc in Earnest and that As soon As their Campaign is inaugurated they will have hundreds if not thousands of parents with them the outcome of the affair will be looked for with 11 Good Deal of curiosity if nothing More. All candidates for school commissioner ships who Are unwilling to pledge themselves unequivocally to the enforcement of the Rule against Corporal punishment will be bitterly opposed for appointment to the educational boards. At lease that is what the crusaders declare they will do. The degeneration of Yurity. Maggie clime who is called by herself and a few of her admirers the a Irish Nightingale a is displeased because the fact that she has not been working at her profession lately has been rather freely commented up am she recently gave the following explanation to a Friend a great Scott a said miss Cline. A can t a lady take a Little rest without every one making remarks about it everybody i meet comes up to me looks surprised and says Why. Maggie Why Ain t you working a i la Tell you Why i m not working the variety Public has degenerated. They be become May and Fay completo sized. They be lost their appreciation of Good old honest Irish songs. This craze for Nigger songs has become a regular Black plague. They be Rhrou Down Mcclusky in favor of a All Coons look alike to me and a i want you my it ainu to right and i Don t like it. A but never mind. Maggie can wait. She a still got her stage jewels to live on. And she can sit still and bide her time until Tho popular taste gets a Little More whitewashed. Then the managers will be clamouring for Maggie with both feet and will they get Here of. Will they a miss Cline settled herself Back in her chair authoritatively As she made the remark and her lower jaw hardened. A it Hoy a get her Good and Sbet a come higher than rubies for the Irish Queen knows a tiling or two Yot Wen if she wont sing,�?T1 want you. Mahoney. A a the boy Bandit. A Black Bill the boy Bandit of the Bronx a the hero of a lurid novel grew to be a living reality in the Youthful mind of Charles Webber. In Timaru association with tie Bandit of fiction aroused a desire for More adventure than is incident to the position of office boy with a doctor answering a Bell is tiresome work Tonu boys. To Charles Webber it was a crushing Burden. He stood it until the other Day when Black Bill the boy Bandit took hypnotic control of him then the boy run suddenly from the House and found a policeman. �?o1 Ilavu been robbed a he wailed a by 1 tall Black robber with lung Black hair a Black hat and a Black the jail ice of the East one Hundred and fourth Street station hunted for Tho Black Man until detective Wilbur decided that the Bov s Story a looked Charles Webber was arrested and was pleased with the situation. Black Bill was often in Tho toils of the Law to remembered. The boy was so Small that a policeman lifted him above the Bench so that magistrate Cornell could see him in the Harlem a lice court. A yes 1 am guilty Quot said the boy. A mow do your worst who hissed in True Black Bill fashion. He was turned Over to Texe Gerry society Jose la to i Ussell. Uncle cams Flowers. I Apt i in t which who ii in a. Fhi Rihl pro lit. Ono of la t i pleasing features in official life a v. India ton is the Cou Staci Ivi. V. Hin Cost of Cut Flowers 1l.ogover1.unutgardens. These Flowers arc furnished at Tho we into House mid 111 All the executive depart inputs almost every Day Tho year round mid not Only arc the desks of Tho High or officers made Beautiful with the gifts of nature but they arc passed around to the residences not Only of Tho us ministration but of congressmen and even of subordinate. The understanding everywhere is that As Tho Flowers Are grown in the botanical gardens nil conservatories they simply no saved from going to waste by being Cut and distributed where they will be most appreciated. This is a pretty custom mid Lias become so general that no one Ever thought of complaining about it but the florists of the City find themselves unable to compete with the governments free Flower show and they have i minded together to protest they have asked Tho president Anil the Heads of Tho departments to prohibit the use of government property for private purposes. They do not Caro about a vase of fresh Flowers being kept on 1111 official s desk but they do ii nil fault with the propagation of Flowers ill Hothouse and in tic Star a and gardens by a special Force of men to keep 1i10 whole of official Washington supplied with bouquets Tut table ornaments. They also protest against the loan of kitted plants for receptions unless at Trio departments where they belong. The superintendent of Public buildings and grounds is at a loss to know How to meet Tho Issue presented by Tho local Flower dealers. If lie lets Tho Flowers in Tho Parks and gardens go to waste he does not believe that any one will lie compelled to Purchase More Flowers than lie now finds it necessary to buy. The government gardens will continue to make these Beautiful natural exhibits and it would seem a same to let them rot on their stems when they can give so much pleasure by being judiciously scattered. Mot Only do Tho officials in the departments Aud the legislators have the Benefit of Tho governments interest in horticulture but Tho hospitals As Well Tiro supplied from Uncle Sam s nurseries. As the government plants of the More expensive and rare varieties Are never used except at official receptions and then Only by the president Aud the Heads of departments to which they belong. There dots not seem to be any More of an abuse in the custom Tenn in the use of carriages Aud horses by Tho same officials at government expense. The livery stable men could with More Justice protest against Tho use by the Petty officials of government turnouts for social purposes. This objection would have Good foundation. There is no earthly reason Why any official outside of the president Aud the members of his Cabinet should be supplied with horses and carriages. As it is now government carriages attend receptions mud Heaters in the evening and drive housekeepers to Market in daytime for Trio regular Supply of meat and vegetables. This is an abuse which ought to be remedied but the Flowers will grow and fade whether they arc distributed or not. A Mew York press. Banana bloat. Boil 3 pints of milk Aud 2 Tea cupfuls of sugar and thicken with 3 to blk spoonfuls of cornstarch dissolved in cold milk. As it thickens stir 111 several sliced bananas. Pour it into a Large bowl to Cool Btu ready t it Servi turn it into a Glass dish and pour Over whipped in am sweetened and Flavoured with Vanilla. Things decorative and useful. A feature of the times is tha increased displacement of the baser metals with Silver in the arts. For the a a House Beautiful comes ornamental China showing jewelled decoration in which coloured gems Are simulated. Art cabinets increase in numbers As the seasons come and go those borrow styles from the antique Sheraton Hep ple withe and Chippendale being favorite models Glass toilet articles afford an infinite variety in shapes and sizes Square Globe Cylinder and fancy shapes Are All represented in Cut. Engraved Sculp turd enamelled and coloured Glass. Virtue i5n#y inning. Albert Rockingham and John Dawson had been boys together. Albert Hud always gone to sunday school and obeyed his parents but John had been a bad boy lie had loved to torture Kittens to destroy Birds nests and to make Little girls cry in Timo they grew to manhood and loved Tho same woman. Julia Birdsall worshipped Albert Rockingham until he was arrested for Highway robbery and sentenced to Tho Penitentiary for 27 years. Then her heart turned to Stone. A Julia a i10cried As they were leading him away. A Julia Julia 1 am innocent a but she gave him the Chi Kat pass and fainted in the anus of John Dawson who smiled sardonically and muttered Quot so much Albert Rockingham for being a Good boy Aud going to sunday twelve years passed�?12 weary sorrow let ecu years during which John Dawson made love to the woman who had promised to to Albert Rockingham a wife Aud collected the rents that the falsely accused Man ought to have had but Nemesis had All along been biding her time Aud Ono Duy when John Dawson Wasny to by oking she stole up and hit him 011 the solar plexus. Two Days later Albert Rockingham emerged from prison weighing 17 pounds More than he did when to was sentenced. Quot Julia Quot lie cried when she stepped Forward at Trio depot. A Albert Quot screamed Tho Beautiful girl Aud their lips met. Then John Dawson was led away gritting his Teeth and swearing that he was not through yet. Vain threat he rotted in a Dungeon while Albert and Julia raised a Large family Anil were truly Happy thus virtue Lital triumphed but us Fortus Atchly this did no to happen in real life. It was just a Iio cuts for the bust seat Leader. A democratic Prince. Several years ago Prince Oscar of Sweden a Nephew of tic present King shocked court circles by cola ring that lie intended to Many miss Ebba Mouk a Young lady of patrician birth but yet far below him 1 1 rank the King protested and even refused to permit Tho marriage. Ali erect in Prince Oscar declared that be would yield his Tirol Aud resign All rights of succession but that Many miss Monk he certainly would. The marriage was celebrated in dec time and Prince Oscar Lias never been seen in the Royal circles since thu King mud Queen have maintained Friendly but j Distant relat Tous with their democratic Nephew who is known simply As Prince Oscar Aud who is Ini Eusely popular with the people because of his Pillion to Troy Prince Oscar Aud Liis wife have been devoted to causes of Charity Aud Benev Leuce but recently have created a see oud sensation by joining the ranks of the salvation army Trio Prince Aud 1 his wife hold regular open air meetings according to the methods of the army 1 the Prince exhorts find he Tut his wife j Lead in the Street singing her return. Dismissing Liis s. Rant for Tho night Jacques shut up in his Library where a Clear Wood lira was burning briskly Anil slightly lowering Lam to Limo of the lamp to was soon Al sorbed in a Book. The Little 0 1 t a struck ten Silvery , Aud in the Talent t iat allowed tin ring of the sire Ball sounded shrilly through Trio Tif. Asho was act expecting any one in i lint stir. A second peal sounded and this time lie arose Aud taking the lamp wont to open Tho door. A to form availed him in Trio Vost Aile. In Tho Light thrown sharply out by the lamp Shade Jacques recognized his wife. A Yuli a Lii stammered. She Ilid not move she Iliili not speak but Sto. D silently . Quot Como inside Quot lie said. He led the Way to the Library and made her sit Down in i easy chair and then they b Keil at our a Oihi a. It was Tivo years situs lie had seen her. I >110 evening she had left him. Coming Homo he had found the House empty with n note in the table two lines of Farewell hurriedly scrawled in Pencil. Then As lie did not question iter site told hint in a few words without pc Tsitso of shame that abandoned in her turn she limit been alone sinon the evening before that she had spout the entire Day crying. She Hail eaten nothing Hail gone ont in the evening wandered aimlessly about found herself at Bis door and had come in. Still he said nothing and in a chill silence live years of their life passed in Foro their mental vision Liis Uvo years for him Aud her five years for her. When she had left him. When to had found the Lumsie empty it Lind Boon the destruction of All his Joys the shattering of his Happy life. Lie Hud thought 1m a Enlil never recover from the blow and to had lived on like a broken thing feeling his reason totter. That Hail lusted six months �1 year. Forgetfulness had come to him As it comes after All great Griefs As it Conics at the end of All things Aud a ettes had settled Down to the even satisfied life of an old Bachelor. She who had deserted him to run after what is thought to be happiness had imagined herself Happy a Queen l or six Mouths a year just the time to had spent in lamenting and suffering. But Tho Awakening had been terrible. In in r turn she found herself abandoned. A you Are hungry Quot to said. Aud lie went to the Kitchen. There was some soup still warm and the remains of a Chicken which he brought in. To served her of one Corner of the table where to spread a Napkin ted us she ate he made another trip to Tho kit can 11 Aud brought Buck a bottle of wine from Lii he he filled Lier Glass. He watched her eat now saw the color return to her checks Aud her hunger satisfied a sense of Content gradually pervade her entire being. She went in to Tell him that site lived quite ural by ill the same Quarter Aud be was astonished that living so near her to had been unaware of her existence. Mow she settled Back Ezily in the cd Nair. Feeling relaxed grown tempt. She found this armchair just As she had known it before she found All the things about her in their old plan s. Nothing was changed the hangings were the same the furniture Tho ornaments. All had a Friendly air an air of Welcome. It was Good to to in this Monte of which she was taking Possession again after five years absence. For did not the dinner on Tho Corner of the bit attest their reconciliation the Lampon the table was the same that had lighted them when they kissed Cash other in the old Days. It was All at in end now that equivocal existence the misery and disgust of tlio.,e live years of slavery she would resume her place in Lier Home beside Tho husband who forgave Lier she would Malm Many Happy clays for herself after this Leaf which was torn trom her life. Jacques considered her calmly without Auger Anil without tenderness. There came to his lips no word of pity. The woman seated there was a stranger to him. Thu other woman she whom he had loved the wife no longer exist etl Liis love was dead ted it seemed to him he could feel its ashes us Der his restless fingers. Without a word lie West into another room and returned with a piece of paper a Bank Bill of 100 francs which he handed to her. Quot you have need of Money Quot he said a and if you should Boiu want again Pray let to know. A a he took up the lamp and Wui Tod for her to Rise. As one in a a dream she looked at him. Followed him. At the door us he opened it. She comprehended that her dream wus ended that he was Send ing her away that she should return h the Blade Street to her cold Hare lodging that he was implacable. Her eyes implored him. Jacques opened the door As if lie did not see her. Beu she was in the Vestibule he held his lamp aloft flooding her with Light As Licu she entered and repeated in a Calm voice that seemed to have a casual gentleness in it Quot when you Are in need Pray let me Aud the door was closed upon her. Ill the silence he heard her tottering Steps descend the the French. People of the Day. A on Salon of Dot a acc. Some years ago. Says Little folks it became Tho duty of a certain Nobleman to wait upon the Queen while she was in residence at Balmoral. A Friend having asked Liis lordship to engage a skilled Piper for him. The peer thought that Tho Queens own pier was the Best Man to consult upon Trio matter and accordingly he sought for an interview with him thu Piper a grand Sample of a Highlander and a line player besides asked what sort of a Piper was wanted Anil was told in re ply. A ooh just one like yourself i Quot whereupon the haughty Highlander remarked a there Ore plenty lords like yourself hut very few sick pipers As scraps for Tho curious. The Bible was written by degrees during a period of i. Guo years. It was anciently called a the books Quot hut for the ast too years Tho Bible. The scent of Camel for water is said to to very keen. To Cun smell it a great off mud oftentimes the travellers who Are suffering tor water will let the Camel Lake his own Way mud to will take them of Tou to a Placo where water May to found. A great Tiiu for discoveries. Thomas a. Edison was asked Tho other Day what he thought of those Chicago men who claim to be manufacturing Gold from Tho baser metals. The inventor did not reply categorically to the question but to smiled significantly Aud picked up from his desk a cablegram which had just Bacou received front Italy. Tho dispatch read Quot to Edison Orange n. A Havo invented perpetual motion. Will you help me perfect it Quot Quot you will notice a i10 said with a faraway look a that a great Many remarkable discoveries Are being Renado this year. Quot a Chicago to incs Herald. Karl Decker Trio nows paper Man who rescued miss Cisneros from a cuban prison Aud who is therefore Tho most talked about journalist in Tho country just now Hail been a Washington Cor i espied but for Sozio Timo before to went to Havana on his dangerous assignment. Or. Decker is a virginian. To is a tall athletic Young Man with Cloudo hair and must Elio. To looks Karl Deckk. Every Inch a hero being g feet in height and As Well a set a pm As u West Point Cadet sir. Decker is married mud his Voung wife was among those who anxiously waited fur him in mow York after it Hail by ouzo known that he had been successful in freeing Tho Young cuban girl but before it was known whether or not the during correspondent had eluded Trio vigilance of Tho Spanish officials. Nestor of Trio supremo de Ucli. By Trio retirement of Justice Stephen j. Field Tiu it Stor of Trio supremo Bench which is soon to occur Trio United states supreme court will Leso our of its most picturesque figures. Justice Field has been eligible for retire input for 11 years but it was not until two or three years ago that he Felt any desire to retire from Active life. Is reasons prompted hint to remain on Trio Bench 0110 of them being Tho desire to a of valuable is r 1 if j l stick kik1.u. Serve longer than any other a Nistico in the history of the court. Of aug. 1g last to broke the Long term record having exceeded the term of 81 Days 5 Mouths Aud g Days to Tho credit of chief Justice Marshall. Justice Fields career has Bent a remarkable one. Lie was born at he Tlam conn., 81 years ago bet first i a a am prominent in California where lie went in Tho Boom Days of is Iff he was instrumental ill shaping the Laws of tin new state and had become the leading lawyer on the Pacific slope when president Lincoln in 1803 appointed Hitu to Tho supreme Bench. In Etc ii Refsin. Trio Linen Milgi s to by worn turned Over Adreas Stock or Collar must to kept immaculate to by Beautiful but with Caru they a tvo a Dainty Tunch to a woman s truss. In a somewhat cheap embroidery they Cost 50 cents in a finer Quality with a Plain Hemstitch sixty Odd cents Aud in liner embroidery to cents. He stitching is pretty work to to done at Homo and Obeso simple edges Havo Only to by put on the binding which is worn inside Tho Collar an opening boing left it Tho Lack Aud front of Tho Edge. It would unt to a difficult matter to fashion these Dainty lit lie Collar protectors from having n in run hems or embroidered edges. Two sets could be made from a single handkerchief with very Little trouble and comparatively Small expense a handkerchief dec id tally turn spotted could to us1 i this was. A Exchange. Stop st Telb Briguc store for bargains. You will find it on Tho Corner at Parksley and now occupied by Causey amp Core. Brand new merchants in a Brand new store and with Brand new goods consisting in part of Dpi goods. Notions ii ats. Caps shoes groceries &c., no need to ask us if you want to make a Purchase if our Stock is new and you will find them cheap also too cheap to pass us by. Call at once for bargains. Causey amp Core Parksley a. Virtue of a deed of Trust win. R. Lewis to Tho untried As trustee 1 a earing on the id Day of october 1 and duly of record �11 the re s office of the county court f Accomac county and by i i Tion of the holders of Tho a a redness thereby secured i by give notice that on t.1my, october 30,1897, the hour of 12 30 p. M., after the arrival of Tho 1 in bound mid Day train from. To Charles i will make Sale 1 Public auction at the Railroad at Ion at Parks x-32.yt 11 the county of Accomac in 1 lie state of Virginia of All those a six valuable farm lands r g in said county of Accomac in Lite stale it res Iid. And bounded and described As , to wit 1. Alii hat Certna tract of land with to e buildings i hereon known As the Bayfield tract curtail Ings it Keilty one acres a 71 it More or less and situated on Hunting it reek in said county of Accomac and also 2. All that certain tract of land known As the Quot Bayly place situated in the Suid county of Accomac containing forty 1 free and one half acres in or less and adjoining the t lie tract above described and lauds of James s Lewis and John 11 Drummond s heirs and 1 diets ted also a i. A All that portion or part of the tract of land known As the Thomas d Lewis tract situated in the said count of Accomac containing one Hundred and ter acres 1 it Amore or less and being All of said tract of land save and except that part of the same which w a set apart by the sait. V m. R Evis his certain deed of Homestead of october Ilid. 1 so duly of record and 1, All that certain tract of had known Asti e Cassandra Lewis tract situated near Hunting Crock in the said county of Accomac and containing Twenty acres 2n a 1. More or less and bounded by the lands of tit Mas . A str Ives Olivi r d. Lewis Albert Lewis and others and also 5. Ail that certain tract of land known s the Johnson place containing seven acres 7 Amore or loss situated in the said county on Hunting Creek bounded by the county Road on the Routh was and by the said it tinting Creek on the other sides and also ii. All that tract of lend known As the Zachari Alt Lewis tract situated 011 Hunting Creek in said county of Accomac containing seven acres 7 Amore or less and bounded on vue South East by Thomas yer. Shri Ovest land 011 then Orch cast he John r land and tin the North West by the lands of William Howard. 7. Also personal securities consisting of Virginia state Bonds promissory notes and Stock of the first National Bank of Onancock a. Temp my. Given under my hand this filth Day of october 1su7. A. P. Warrington trustee. . Comini Zirm a Hants Early fruits vegetables Terra. Pins wild fowl eggs poultry and All kinds 0 <s�?o9 amp amp 10 amp 122 cite aside shipping letter. A cd a i. P. Anstis so go. Commission merchants 8 e. Camden st. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Fruits vegetables and produce shipping letter a references National Bank of Commerce or any produce House in halt Moie. . Custis., a produced q menu Sion eggs poultry wild fowl clams pen berries cabbage amp a. Sweet and Irish potatoes Bocci Althea. 220 South st. Cor. How Leys Barj Baltimore my. Kofu relict too a bunk of Baltimore letter a Quick Shick Ami prompt return. J. j. Whittington i co., Ali Olewiler fruit a tar produce to a ii a co 0 o 3 o3 g h o o w co and jewelry repaired on Short notice. I have for Sale waists Cloch jewelry spectacles Jeye glasses and silverware in Many styles and at lowest prices. We. Sartorius. Pocomoke City my. E3twill be at Accomac c. Every court Day. My Pula. 5 me 10lie. Fill in Ottest june 14tb, 1807. Wui ekes Aud Only daily line Botwe exp Boston new York phila., Norfolk and old Point Comfort Nguk theaus special notice i Don t care Wlms other people s prices Are for inc Cream. 1 will sell As Low i not Only will do it but i can afford to do it. My Cream is taking the Lead wherever it goes and you Only have to try it once to be convinced of its Superior Quality. We. S. Sicott Isiom steam inc Cream works. Capacity�?300 Gallons per Day Marion station to. No. 7 e. Camden Street Baltimore. My. Lii Pinit letter Quot a. We reference Trupere natioun1 Bank j. Of ewcs1hs1 s co., Liole it Ltd a Domi Vission is in fruits and produce. Of msgr Sweet potatoes a specially. 2-11 Washington st., new York. A Sulpi Giugno 104.�? reference Gansevoort Bank. George w. Elmore jr., Belle have Accomac county Virginia. Practical House Painter. All work guaranteed to be firs and Price b to suit the times. Training a specially. Feleai Lanai is is j. Adelstein. Onancock a. Practical watchmaker amp jeweler i carry a Large Aud select line of watches clocks jewelry spectacles Aud silverware of All 1 kinds prices reduced very Low. Special attention paid to repair work on line watches clocks spectacles and jewelry at Bedrock prices. All work guaranteed to be first class. Highest prices paid for Oil Gold and st vg1. Will be at Accomac c. E., Steve is Iii Iasmi go co importers Aud wholesale Gan Mission mercy a its a fruits and produce. A >2 Street new York. Members of the National Lettrue of commission merchants of the United states. Reference Irvine Natl Bank n. Y. A tatar of Leiven Quot . Old Kou itch a Wrt tit to Choi ios. A Jln re we no a. To Injo Esmi. A a. It her. Lie tin. Odin i table by. I or Talky u of Oil. Cuu Loai a of Csc Hull. Be Burcu. Vin. ult a Sci. Portica. . �>.11. A Lulu. A cult Ai. Tirsun Rev. O More to Jot a ult Lou a a a . A Luln. Troto at awl a. a a a a a re a p. 92 32 34 Philo tvs old a cd Ftp Pul cd. M Ixl a. a. cd -7 3. A k .7 15 a a 7 id. .8 Vij w j d 10 id a of. 1104 i it ill it 1l of 11 .4 fid 4t a 2i 7i0 15 Usa Al u a a Musl. A it -?t0 4 j u Riu 3. A i it Fao Viii -7 fit �7 i2 Ltd Oil w i 1 m ill la .2 a ii j d v m. Us 42 j. -111 vim i 4 my s. 12 .1 11.�., u s -. 1 a u 0i. It. .210. Us c it i i jul. 1 3. Fti.6 a. 7l�. 7 16 a 1 i2-� 1 6 a 7 05. 100. Us mp.5 v am v y. V notice is hereby driven. That the state tax and Levy for the year 1897, Are now due and that in pursuance of Law. The treasurer or Deputy will be at the Rollo Wink named places in said districts at the time herein specified for the purpose of collecting said taxes and levies Viz appointments of Edwin t. Powell Pungoteague oct. 2nd, Lgth 23tli, 2 Atli 30th. And nov. 13th and 27th. Marshes store nov. 5th afternoon and night. Keller nov. 3rd, afternoon. Harborton oct. 29tli, at night. Tangier nov. 8th, 9th and 10th. Onancock oct. 9th. 23rd, nov. 6th. 18th, 19th Aud 20. Wacelia Prague nov. 15th, Lgth and 17th. Accomac c. H., nov. 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 30th. First Day of county court and first 3 Days of circuit court. At Home nights when not otherwise posted. Appointments of John h. Hopkins Mappsville oct. 2tst 22nd and 23rd. Temperanceville oct. 23, 20, Aud 30. New Church nov. 4tli, 5th and Goth. Sanford nov. 10th, 11th and 12th. Saxis nov. 10th, at night. Bearsville nov. Loth afternoon. Greenbackville nov. 15th, at night. Chincoteague nov. Lgth 17th and 18. Horntown nov. Lith at night. Hailwood nov. 19th, afternoon and night. Mode town nov. 20th. Hopeton nov. 22nd, morning. New town nov. 22nd. Afternoon Nuntius Creek nov. 2gili, my Ruig. Leeuion nov. 20th, Atte Noou. Parksley nov. 27th. Accomac 0. First Day of every court. Due notice will be Given of other appointments. Those failing to pay their taxes Aud levies before the fir to Day of december next will have �3 per cent added to their Bill As the jaw directs. We Hope All that can will Avail themselves of this Opportunity and save 5 per cent. If you have not paid your 1898.taxes, please meet us at the place most convenient to yourself and do so. As we Are compelled to enforce col Lection on All that Are in arrears in order to meet the demand of us. We Hope those that Are in arrears will Euve us this trouble. Edwin t. Powell John b. Hopkins. Duit Mas a 35 i a us. J to. A a. A a. I of. 1 a. A us. 1 a a 42 s3. Briw be Ark to Vuco h�<4. H of a so. . W la Mugil. Actu Iverc t a to. L4j.Ïc---. .�?T.laar. A Vul Lauulu. A if a Beury. Fru Tualii vie. Lot Otto. Rriiic4m.tbuf Ai us a cos. Owl Cal. A i Hje of sew cd arct. A a a a in. a a a Jooi a a a arks i Eye. Ulaj. Elk a . Liguoro. A r.3-- a Yaugo. Us Rdv Anat. In to Tellic a a a. L.uob-1 Click Ite Jil Quot. A 0 Oai Elyj. Id. If 2. >1 fluid. Asp sit a. A a to a -2 1a a 5-v it a. I a it .3 7 53 l4.-2 a a. A t it a j amp i. Olu Foier. Al i. 76 a a. .1 st i a la 2� i a i of. U 0i 11 Obi 2 11 a a a. U a it 12 w. A 55 1 v j. T 3s-i a it Mir 4 a. -.4 by. \ ii. T 4 4 it. 4 a. A 11. Ii 4 �5 51 t of. 0 12. 5 10. Í5 20. 4 a ism 02. A u. 6 05 00. -10. A.5a.�o.r x .16. 2 02 -2 24 2 4 -2. A x 8 1. A a a a. O i. 6s�?~. 3 5 .14 a a of -4 Ai % a Fps i a 4 4� to. I .5 1. Us ? o5 m 5 u to jul t Quot i Ulfo o Jcj j j i Gail Tocuhi Iucci a a by. T5. 13. Downes. J 0. Downes established 25 years. S. B. Downes amp co. Fruit and produce Gomm Sion merchants 329 Washington st., new York. Shipping no. 102. Members of National league of co m Mission merchants of the u. S. Reference by permission Irving National Bank n. Y. R. Nicholas superintendent Cape Charles a. I. S. Cooke Heull freight and Pas Neuger agent Norfolk. established 18g5. We. Parker with John h. Keiton amp sons 327 Washington st., new York. Importers and commission a Mac Rabants in All kinds of fruit and produce truck poultry. Eggs wild fowl amp a. Potatoes a specially. Members of National league of commission Mer chants of the United states. Refer to Irving Nat. Bunk new York and All mercantile agencies. Use any of our stencils or card Given our. During past 25 years. Shipping no. 24. T. Zephir amp 00. Produce South st. And Bowly a wharf Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a special to. Shipping letter b Simian a a Heno of the Baltimore Chesapeake in Atlantic Ailway company Putli Turczer notice will run their to Aluera follows Traiber Perm Lnu of outfit. Wharf at 6.00 o clock p. St Trimor Pocomoke. Ca1t. He Ward. Tuesday and Friday for Finney a Onancock wharf of Dar Waii let Hooton Powell a Pocomoke City matto Poul and blow Mill. Mou Dayo and thursday leaves know Bill s a m \iaiui>onl6uk�, 8, s p30 Uek Otrosh Lull v.�0, it to Whart in. Buiell Tutu 10 15, Onancock 2 30 p. My a fire Ney a a talkie Ruslana 4.30. Crl Flold 6. Near cur eat to in 81soke. Capt. G. H Al Fiok wed Csotty and a Namys tur oils Cebu. Harbor-1 Ion a it a. Hutu. Cedar View Nauduz Jan word. Honda. Do via seids and hues. He Fred Joi Puhoa. Livery a Alee it a a Exchange run in connection with hotel Mason new Church station a Joh sox a 51a sox proprietor. All trains met and passengers conveyed Tony part of Penis us a at Lair rates an 1 with Comfort and dispatch. L. W. Groton. W. J. Doughty 6b0 f0rj Ooi Loh f 19 general a twi my have paid for losses a acco Titan and Northampton counties $2o,0so.0u in past three years. Onancock. Is. A Dollar saved is a Dollar Leafie if so write to thu Margaret Academy. Frank p. Brent principal. James Madison associate principal. Miss Jennie p. Barstow piano music. Mrs. Frank p. Brent. Voice culture. Miss Mary Bagby. Graduate Hollins Institute primary department n of resident punic can Board in the Academy for �12.50 per month. Study Ball at night. Terms for tuition very reasonable for catalogue containing full information apply to Frank p. Brent. Onancock a. J. W. Barn e or Bloxom va., Cord. Hotida1. Davits a Shields Iuchi Hue a. He leave Hue a tuesday. And Fri proper Etor la to Hornoc Duy. 0, slide Law s.3u, Uarl. L0.uo, a Ujj i. 1 of g i Dallas. A curd it Xun Dua Viau Codar Aloiv 12.10, of a 11 1 no 1 of 1 1 a to a c first class livery attached. Also dealer in general Mer Mise Lime. Hair Piaster fertilizers amp a. Leu Cru 11, ire Uruu a a a a. A boil tuft 2.45, Vaus 3, c. To Mutt tax Ink mondays and thursdays for Fords Coulbourn Creek Cri scid flu ooze Tiu sox a unplug Crews mud Iiona Huusko. He tukk1kg leave wednesdays a d bail Duys 5ic�souko 0. Hunting Creca , close Ouinto sex 11.21, Onancock 2.30, Al Guys 3. Curule a a cuu Bourn Crook 1, Ford s 7 to. Aii Steamer leave in Solo Toi Haju a More. On Ari. of Las Down cram in roil Iii Anu passes is received tur an Points on Tho k. A. Fol la and Honolyk i Coquico Anu Pong muck k h. Dally Heia Waro diary inca Uduc Al Rutola Kui Roada. Positively a a Lirui Ifju Roco ived amur 4 3 aug Muli to to put to a pg.nu�, uni out Hon. he or Quot. A Kaii Roen Willard Thomson t. Murdock Geu 1 it Viaster a Skoul j. Sawyer Wilson jr., freight a gent. 205 e. Baltimore st be Cor. Pratt 4 Calvert its. Baltimore my. European plan. Rooms 50 cts., 75 cts. And 1 per Day this House is now open is entirely new and is equipped with All the modern conveniences elevator elec Trie lights electric Call Bells steam heat Baths 4c. Tin. 1 n it to v prompt find courteous attention Given to every Branch of his business. 8. O. Bell undertaker Wachapreague. A. Keeps on hand a full line of c a s k e t s of All grades and sizes. Aho a full line of heart Pine coffins All furnished at the very lowest figuers. He will meet All trains and boats at Short notice

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