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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 3

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Volume Xxxi George l. Doughty jr., attorney at Law. Offices Accomac and Belle Haven. Practices in All courts on the Eastern Bhore of Virginia. P. Aylett attorney at Law. Office Accomac c. Practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Abbott Byrd attorney and counsellor at Law. Offices Accomac 0. H., Chinco t6&gu6 Island and motor skin a at Chincoteague Island 4th week in every month. Will practice in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. John w. West attorney at Law. Practices in All the courts of the Eastern Shore of a. Offices at Onancock and Accomac o. Ste wart k. Powell attorney at Law offices Accomac o. And Onan cock a. Practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Is. B. Wescott. S. Jas. Turlington. Weigott & to Rhino run attorneys at Law offices Accomac 0. H., Mapps Burg and fair Oaks a. Practice in fill the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. G. Walter Mapp. Brooks i App Mapp & Mapp. ? attorneys at Law. Offices Grangeville Keller and Accomac o. H., practice in All court on the 6 Eastern Bhore of Virginia. Otho f. Mears attorney at Law offices Eastville Northampton county and Accomac court House practices in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. John s. Parsons attorney Ai Law. Accomac courthouse. A a. Will practice in All courts of acco Mac and Northampton counties. Inc s. And j. Harky Rew. Attorneys at Law. Of Ces Accomac 0. And Parks Ley. A Accomac c. H., every wednesday. Vill practice in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Bent. Gunter. Attorney at Law Accomac c. A. A. Will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton counties i. Floyd Nook attorney at Law Accomac ., a. Practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Warner Ames attorney at Law offices Accomac . And Onancock. At Accomac c. Every wednesday and Friday. Will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton counties. John e. Nottingham 3r., attorney at Law ? Franktown. A practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Do. D. Lilliston dentist. Accomac court House va.? office hours from 9a. In. To 5 p. Will be at Parksley every tuesday. Or. John a. Turlington veterinarian. Graduate United states College of veterinary science. Fair Oaks Virginia. Via Melfa office hours 7t09 a. M.?6 to by. Will practice in Accomac and North Hampton counties. Or. W. Turlington veterinarian fair Oaks a. Reference past patrons. Can be called by phone Day of night. Or. Garland e. Finney veterinarian graduate of University of Pennsylvania. Onancock Virginia. Office hours?8 to9 a. T 7 to 9 p m. Will practice in Accomac and North Ampton counties. W. G. Emmett notary Public Belle Haven Virginia. Fred. E. Ruediger county purveyor a Soma c. H., a. Thoroughly equipped with latest and Best instruments otters his services to the citizens of Accomac county. Eye nose Throat and ear. Or. Horace w. Nicholson 114 w. Franklin st., Baltimore my. Chasolen building room 21. Hours 9a. M., to 1 p. I.m., and by appointment. Telephone connections. Or. Has. F. Turman dentist. I will practice my profession at Bloxom and new Church on the Fol lowing dates Bloxom. New Church. March 13, 14, 15, _ 16,17. April 10, 11, 12, 13, 14. May 9, 10, 11, 12. June 12, 13, 14, 15, 16. July 10, 11, 12, i3, 14. Apfei office . We. P. Bell & co., druggists Accomac c. H., f agents for Waterman s Ideal Fountain pers Stock always on hand. Finest line of stationery on Eastern Shore of a. The South Bend watch. If it s a watch you want you cannot possibly Overlook the South Bend. The South Bend is an accurate re liable timekeeper fully guaranteed by makers. And time within 6months a new one will be Given in Exchange for one proving j _ there Are scores of representative citizens of this county to whom have sold South Bend watches. The Yare satisfied and proud of have told me they would no dispose of them for double the Price paid. you Are interested let me sub Mit prices and refer you to som neighbor who is the proud possessor of a South Bend. A. Neville jeweler Onancock a. Jno. W. Duncan jeweler Onancock. Virginia., is offering an unusually Large Slock of watches clocks silverware jewel by diamonds a. Especial attention is invited to his Supply of wedding presents and Don forget him when in need of spectacles. Ask your neighbor about his ability to properly fit you. Martin &\u25a0 Mason co. Call attention to their Large Stock of. Sash doors blinds mouldings builders hardware shingles laths Lime bricks and building material generally paints oils and painters supplies we Are prepared to outhouse Bills to order also to manufacture barrel Staves and Heads of goo Quality. Our grist Mill will run every sat urday notwithstanding reports to the contrary. We shall at All times be pleased to show our goods and invite you Socall and inspect our Stock before making your purchases and we will save you Money. Martin & Mason co., Harborton. A. C. S. Waples with we. Waterall & co., front and Mechanic sts., Camden n. J., manufacturers of combination and bal mixed paints White Lead roof paints Etc. For Sale by j. W. Rogers & brojs., Finney Boggs & co. Powell & Waples Martin Mason Cor Rogers bros., Rogers & Boggs Melfa a. Marsh & bros., Chesconessex g.f. Byrd Mes Origo a. Baltimore office 514 Amer Nuti Bui dim want to Exchange one mule 1,000 lbs in his teens bub a Good worker and a three year old general Max Colt broken in double buggy harness can Trot for a pair of Blocky mules 3 to 6 years old Good weight gentle to Al farming implements. Black cow peas for Sale. We handle most every thing carried by the retail dealer direct fro manufacturers. Glad to have a share of your patronage at lowest Price. Harry t. White & son wholesale grocers brokers and manufacturers agents make Mia Park. A. Luther t. Lewis Sailmaker at f. F c. Lewis store Hunting Creek a. All repair work done satisfaction guaranteed. Pianos player pianos organs. _ Knabe Ludwig Kroeger and other pianos. We make a Liberal allowance for old instruments in Exchange. Write for prices and terms. Loser music House . Shirley Pattie mgr., 110 plume st., opposite Post office Norfolk Spring and summer goods. Save Money by buying your Spring goods of us. New line now open bought direct from factory and offered at lowest margin of profit in dress goods notions shoes for men boys ladies and children matting in All grades agricultural implements All kinds of Mill feeds american steel wire Fence 39, 41, 47 and 53 inches high&c., a. Flour a specially % / Call and let us life you Money. W. \u25a0 we wish to say we keep at All times for Sale at the lowest possible margin of profit the following goods feeds Corn Oats Harp Ford middling. Flour we Are now working on our second to a Load since february. Building materials shingles lathes Lifite bricks and Cement. Farm implements planet or. Cultivators and Standard sprayers. We have a Complete assortment of sizes and value sin screen doors and window screens and screen wire. Our Stock of general merchandise is Complete and Well selected. T. S. Hopkins co., Tasley a. An insurance policy is As valuable As a deed. And it is a guarantee against misfortune when backed by Large assets. It costs Nomore to get Thebes. Protect your Home of and business against fire by a policy Inone of the following companies assets. Surplus to policy holders. Home insurance co., n. Y. $30,179,913 $15,329,613. Aetna insurance co., Conn. 21,023,554 12,369,016. Hartford insurance co. 24,363,635 8,923,967. Fidelity Phoenix n. Y. .13,790,298 5,734,087.phila. Underwriters 24,768,966 10,891,086. N. Y. Underwriters 24,363,635 8,923,967. Germania fire n. A 6,648,971 3,021,740.petersburg saving & ins. Co. 3,1.66,147 822,926. Saint Paul fire & Marine 7,028,704 1,908,712. Hamburg Bremen fire 1,985,139 663,443.williamsburg City n. Y. 2,844,451 917,548.fire & Marine ins. Co. 1,590,315 798,288 London Assurance corp. 3,665,813 1,195,075. Caledonian insurance co. 2,078,920 579,736. Queen of America 9,025,889 4,389,125. American surety company 2,500,000 2,500,000. Represented by Kelly & Nottingham agents Onancock Virginia. I9ii. Great Sale at Callahan s. I will sell the following line of merchandise at prices never before seen in Pocono be City. We have a Large and attractive line of clothing of the Best tailoring Schloss Bros David Adler & sons Etc., that we will sell at the following Low figures in order to make room for fall goods. We will also sell our entire Lino of men a ladies and children s oxfords pumps Etc men s suits that were $12.50 now $ 8.75 15.00 " 10.75 " " " 16.50 " 11.50 " 18 00 " 13 48 " " " " 20.00 " 14 98 " " " " 22.50 " 16 48 " " " 25.00 " 17.48 boy s suits that were $ 2.50 now $ 1.99 " 350 " 2.65 " " " 5.00 " 3.69 " " " " 6.00 a 4.25 "7.00 " 4.98 men s Ralston oxfords were $4.00 " $3 25 " fellow Craft " " 350 " 2.75 " Crossett " " 500 " 425 ladies Queen Quality " " 3.50 " 2.60" 3.00 " 2.35 " Fine Patent and gun Metal " 2.50 " 2.00 " 2.00 1.65 " " " 1.50 " 1.20 misses and children s oxfords at same proportional Cut prices. This Sale begins july 15th and closes on 22nd. Come Early Best selections. Terms Cash to All. W. Callahan Pocono be my. If you need buggy or harness Call at new Church and see me be fore y u buy " 1 hav6 Lal Gest Stock on hand i Ever carried and am constantly adding to same. You will v?b7rc aging Over this track. The explosion of one torpedo is a signal to Stop the explosion of two not More than 200 feet apart is a Sig Nal to reduce Speed and look out for a Stop signal. The fuses Are of similar construction to the Well known roman Candle used for fireworks celebrations except that they Burn a steady flame without explosions. A Sharp Iron Spike at the Bottom end will usually stick in the ground or in the Cross tie when thrown from the rear of a train and holds the Fusee in an upright position where it is More plainly visible. A Fusee must be lighted and left by the flagman whenever a train is running on the time of another train or behind its own time and under circumstances which Call for such Protection. A Fusee on or near the track Burn ing red must not be passed. When burning yellow the train May proceed with caution when the Way is seen and known to be Clear. Standard fuses Burn red for three minutes and Yel Low for seven minutes and can be seen for quite a distance. You will gather from the above explanations that the red Glare of a flaming Fusee on or near the track warns the approaching Engineer that a preceding train has passed Over his track less than three minutes ahead of him and under no circumstances must pass this signal while burning red. When the flame turns to yellow May proceed with caution Only As the Way is seen and known to be Clear keeping in mind that when the Fusee changed from Rod to yellow was exactly three minutes behind a preceding train which May have Stop Ped within a Short distance or May be proceeding at an unusually slow rate of the superintendent of the Shore line division another Branch of the same Railroad gives this additional detail re Garding torpedoes when a train stops upon the main line and requires Protection against a following train the flagman goes Back a specified distance and places one tor Pedo. then continues a farther distance Back placing two torpedoes. As soon As the train to is protecting is ready to Start the Engineer blows a specified whistle signal which is a notice to the flagman to return to his train. On the Way Back picks up the one torpedo leaving two on the rail to warn the Engineer of an approaching train that another train is a Short distance ahead and to give the flagman time to run Back and get aboard of his own of the use of fireworks As signals in the Navy the chief of the Bureau of construction and repair of the Navy department Washington makes the Fol lowing statement All modern ships Are fitted with electric signals and the use of such signals is general in the naval service. In the Case of Small vessels having no electric installation and also for use in Case of the failure of the electric Sig nals the Navy has a system of coloured stars in connection with rockets for the purpose of signalling. These Are in no sense the Ordinary commercial fireworks but Are manufactured by the service for naval use exclusively. There Are no photographs of this system of signals for distribution. The apparatus consists of a specially de signed pistol from which Are fired cartridges containing the coloured stars that Are used in the service code."? new York mail. The Optimist. You re looking Blue. Doc. What s the matter Well. I la Tell you. A patient i be Gan to treat died this a cheer up. might have died even if you had t been called."?to Ledo Blade. Life life is the finest of the Fine arts. It has to be Learned with lifelong patience and the years of our Pilgrim Ages Are All too Short to master it tri umphantly.? Drummond. Her 9acred word. Not going to Alice s luncheon but you gave your sacred word so i did and i d go in a minute if my dress had come home."?Harper s Bazar. We must laugh before we Are Happy or else we May die before we Ever laugh at All la Bruyere. Number 6. Philippine volcanoes. Mayon is the most famous and the Taal comes next. The most famous philippine Volcano and one of the finest Volcano Cones in the world is that of Mayon. Its height is 8,970 feet and the Volcano is visible at a great distance. Since 1766records have been kept of its eruptions. In that year Many plantations and Vil Lages were buried under a Stream of lava which flowed Down its Eastern slope. About 1,200 lives were lost in the eruption of 1814, which buried the country around a part of the base of Mayon under the outpourings of lava and dust. A similar calamity in 1825 destroyed the lives of about 1,500 per sons. In the nineteenth Century there a number of severe eruptions including one in 188g-7 which continued about nine months. An eruption in 1897 killed 350 persons and destroyed much property. Twenty two violent eruptions of this Volcano Are on record. Next to Mayon the Taal Volcano is the most remarkable. It is on an is land in the Lake of Bombon and the is land built up by its outpourings has an area of 220 Square Miles. The vol Cano is incessantly ejecting dust and vapor from its Crater. Taal As Well As Mayon has been the Center of numer Ous destructive earthquakes but no very great eruption has occurred since 1864, when four villages around the Mountain were completely destroyed. Lengthy visits. The uns tinted hospitality of old Vir Ginia. Virginia hospitality is a byword. The old time country House says mrs. Roger a. Pryor in my Day was of elastic material capable of sheltering any number of guests Matiy of whom remained All summer. In deed this was expected of them. dear sir said the genial Mas ter of Westover to a departing guest who had sought shelter from a rain storm my dear sir do stay and pay us a the guest pleaded business that for bade his compliance. Well Well said major Drewry if you can t pay us a visit come for two or three weeks at least week ends were unknown in Vir Ginia and equally out of the question an invitation limited by the Host to prescribed Days and hours. Some times a Happy guest would ignore time altogether and stay along from season to season. I cannot remember a parallel Case to that of Isaac Watts who invited by sir Thomas Abney to spend a night at Stoke Newington accepted with great cheerfulness and stared the rest of his life nearly forty years but i do remember that an invitation for one night brought to a member of our family a pleasant couple who remained for years. Mozart s musical memory. Mozart had a wonderful memory of musical sounds. When Only fourteen years of age went to Rome to As Sist in the solemnities of holy week. Immediately after his arrival went to the sistine Chapel to hear the famous miserere of Allegro being aware that it was forbidden to take or give a copy of this renowned piece of music Mozart placed himself in a Cor Ner and gave the strictest attention to the music and on leaving the Church noted Down the entire piece. A few Days afterwards heard it a second time and following the music with his own copy in his hand satisfied himself of the Fidelity of his memory. The next Day Sang the miserere at a concert accompanying himself on the harpsichord and the performance produced such a sensation in Rome that Pope Clement Xiv. Requested that this musical Prodigy should be presented to him at once. Picturing the face. Why do you photographers always photograph the left Side of the face by preference because it s the Best looking was the prompt reply. The left Side of the face is always the More regular and it always shows least the Marks of time. But continued if you want to bring out the read character of a face photograph the right Side. There nature sets her print there the lines Are bold and unmistakable. There every defect no less than every excellence is stamped deep. The left Side where everything is softened Down for Beauty. The right Side where everything is Well rubbed in for character. Those Are the por trait artist s two chief rules."?new York Tribune. Her importance. Herbert Spencer once told this Story of a woman of his acquaintance vain As Well As vulgar minded she professed to have a High admiration of shake Speare and was partial to Reading his plays aloud and considered that she declaimed the speeches extremely Well. On one occasion after enlarging upon her reverence for him she ended by saying a i often wish that were alive and that i had him Here. How we would enjoy one another s conversation " sure to know. To understand that you have bought some remarkably to yes but what s the use few peo pie know whether a gown is really expensive or not wait until Yon reach the customs inspectors."?Pittsburg Post gentle hint. You want to go Back to your Hus band do you How did you Tell him i bought myself a new hat and Bent him the Bill Flie Gende Blatter. When the heart is won the under standing is easily convinced. Sim Mons. Cuts and bruises May be healed i about one third the time required bythe usual treatment by applying Chamberlain s liniment. It is an Antiseptic and causes such injuries to heal with out maturation. This liniment also relieves soreness of the Muscles an rheumatic pains. For Sale by All dealers

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