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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - June 19, 1918, Big Stone Gap, Virginia A a a a / v a s a a a t a Quot a volume H., va., saturday april to 1909. Number 41. J. Fletcher jr., Accomac. S. K. Powell Onancock. Fletcher amp Powell attorneys at Law offices a Accomac And Onancock a. Practice in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. N. B. Wescott. S. Jas. Tukl1ngton. Wescott amp Turlington attorneys at Law. Offices Accomac 0. H., Mapps Burg and fair Oaks a. Practice in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. G. Walter Mapp. J. Brooks Mapp Mapp a Mapp attorneys at Law. Offices Grangeville Keller and Accomac H., practice in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Established in 1862. 3. Schermerhorn amp son receivers shippers dealers Grain Hay and Mill feeds seed Oats linseed meal Cotton seed meal gluten feed. Also distributors of the Purina poultry feeds. 127 and 129 Che Side near Pratt Street. A a Baltimore my. Maxwell automobiles. The Only victims. Otho p. Meaks a attorney at Law offices Eastville Northampton county Aud Accomac court House i"ractice8 in All courts on to be Eastern Shore of Virginia. Ojohn s. Pakson8, attorney at Law Accomac courthouse a. Will practice in All courts of acco Mac and Northampton counties. Jno. R. Aud j. Harky Rew attorneys at Law. Offices Accomac Aud Parks Ley. At Accomac H., every a . Will practice in ail the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Roy d. White attorney at Law offices Parksley and a conic 0. Practices in All courts of Accomac a a Northampton counties. Prompt attention to All business. Ben t. Gunter attorney at Law Accomac H., va., will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton counties Warner Ames attorney at Law offices Accomac Ando Aucock. At Accomac Every w wednesday and Friday. Will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton counties. John e. Nottingham jk., a attorney at Law a Franktown a practices in All the courts on the Eastern of Virginia. _ a. First Day a Ftp i Houft Ari it Taiti amps vill Avert wednesday. At last a shoe hashes made Forten Defeet the Glove like �od0llymadis0n Jymm Lini new try them the Parksley maniac Turing ., inc., retailers and jobbers of All kinds of builders supplies please remember that the Parksley manufacturing ., inc., have moved to their new three Story Brick building at Parksley va., and now can offer the Trade a better line of goods than Ever before. We Are Headquarters for Sash doors blinds Stair work and mouldings in fact everything in the building line. Our hardware can to be beaten on the Eastern Shore of a. Our stove and Range line is up to Date the Best that can be had. We carry also a line of harrison�?T9 Best paints and painters supplies. Our Nickle Ware cooking uten9il9, Cutter &c., Are the Best. A Large Supply of Winchester ammunition Stevenson and Remington guns and rifles of Many kinds Are kept constantly in Stock. Our line of pumps and pipe is Large and will give satisfaction to the Trade. We make a specially of All kinds of farming utensils and machinery and in these never fail to please our patrons. Call when in town and see our store and goods we can make it to your interest to Call to see us. Parksley Quot manufacturing ., inc., Parksley a. L. Floyd Nock a attorney at Law a Accomac H., a. Practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Or. D. Lilliston dentist. A Accomac court House �? office hours from 9 . Too p. M. Will he at Parksley every tuesday. Or. W. M. Turlington veterinarian a a fair Oaks a. Reference past patrons. Can be called by phone Day or night. W. A a. Emmett notary Public Belle Haven. A. Fred. E. Ruediger a county Surveyor Accomac H., a. Thoroughly equipped with latest and heat instruments oilers has services to the citizens of Accomac county. Will meet All engagements promptly Paul Dewees plumber team and hot water fitter Pocomoke City my. Will. P. Sell i ., druggists Accomac H., a agents for Waterman a Ideal Fountain pens. Stock always on hand. Finest line of stationery on Eastern Shore of a. Farm and household supplies if you Are proving to Bur an automobile Why not take a look at the Maxwell line. Among the moderate legitimately priced automobiles the Maxwell stands supreme. Pre eminently a Lender not Only in reliability hut in , style and Comfort. Prices Range from $550-00 to ,75 1.00. Hereafter the Maxwell jr., will Havethe Force of a running hoards flaring fenders and other minor improvements and will sell for $550 00. Get a catalogue for full description of the line and ask for a demonstration. Kellam amp Cropper Wachapreague va., dealers in Maxwell automobiles Harris acid Fay and Bowen engines. P. S. We also offer for Sale the motor boat Bessie built of Cetor and Oak 30 feet Long 6 feet wide. 10 h. P. Fay and Bowen engine. Very speedy and will Tow equal to any of the same horse Power. K. And We have and will sell you at lowest Market Price everything needed on farm and in the House. In addition to our usual line of general merchandise consisting of dry goods notions boots shoes hats Caps clothing groceries &c., we also have in Stock wire fencing hag shingles Lime bricks Coal and All kinds of seed and farming implements in part As follows Bemis trans planters Iron age potato planters disc harrows Spike harrows double and single plows Iron age Riding cultivators and planet or. Cultivators also hot bed Glass. A Call and get our prices. Rogers a amp Boggs Ivd elfa a. Follow m crowd. Greater and greater grows the Sale Glicks great Sale talk of the county. This Sale was not originated to Glimmer and Flash out in a few Days it was formulated to hold Public interest for weeks this week beginning this very our will be an illustration of aggressive and progressive business. We offer the largest newest most reliable desirable dependable Stock of merchandise for the whole family at prices simply irresistible. Full line of new York dry goods at Baltimore prices. Remember the name and place g is k it amp Onancock Virginia to in Busy Corner. New store new goods just opened up at Parks Ely. New store new goods and Best goods All of latest designs will be sold at lowest prices. Do not miss this store we Are new Comers. We solicit your Trade and invite you to come and see for yourselves. Your Price will be ours. We carry a full line of mind a young1 menus and children a clothing shoes hats a Caps also full line of ladies Wear shoes piece goods skirts Gingham Percale domestics amp a. 1 yours to serve a a p. a. 1 appointments of treasurer and a of if Yon want to Rote at the novem her election your poll tax for 1908 must be paid by May 1st. All 1908 dog tax tickets not paid by july 1st. Will be placed in the hands of the constables to collect As the Law directs. All owing us 1907 taxes will please meet us at appointments below and pay same. The treasurer or his Deputy will be at times and places following to give you the Opportunity to qualify yourselves As voters appointments of treasurer. Ping Oteague april 3d, afternoon. Locustville april 8th, a a Melfa and fair Oaks april 9, a a Onancock april 10th, a a april 13th, morning. Painter april 13th, afternoon. Cash Viila april 14th, a a Craddock Villez april 15th, a a Harborton april 16th, a a Keller april 17th, a a Belle Haven april 19th,from la to 3. Deep Creek april 20th, morning. april 20th,afternoon. Wachapreague april 21st, a a Onley april 21th, a a Tangier Island april 25th and 26th. Accomac o. �?May 1st. Appointments of Deputy. april 1, 2, 30, May 1. Horntown april 8th, morning. april 8th, afternoon. New Church april 10th, a a Bearsville and Poulson april 13th, afternoon. Bloxom april 17th, morning. Mappsville april 17th, afternoon. Sanford april 20th, a a Saxis april 20th, night. New8town�?april 24th, morning. Park Ley april 24th, afternoon. Temperanceville april 26th and 27th. A. J. Lilliston treasurer. W. Pruitt jr., Deputy. An adventure in the surf on the West coast of Africa. West Africa is known to All navigators for its few harbours and its heavy surf which at certain seasons rages like a Battle defying the White Man who would approach its shores. The author of a the Jungle Folk of Africa a or. R. Milligan tells of a successful and to the observers an amusing Effort to reach Shore at a Point where the surf did not seem to be impossible. A one Day when the Beach seemed much better than usual the Captain and the ship s surgeon ventured ashore. The Captain afterwards narrated the adventure of their Landing to a Small i but enthusiastic audience. said that after waiting outside the surf Hal fan hour the headman suddenly gave the order and in a moment they were in the Breakers Riding on the top of j one of them and speeding toward the Shore at the rate of Quot seventy Miles an i i the Captain was in the Bow of the j boat Well braced and cushioned. But when the boat struck the Beach with railway collision the doctor was thrown violently Over two thwarts into the captains bosom whom he clasped about the neck with a steel like grip. Next moment another breaker picked the boat up and hurled it upon the Beach throwing both Captain and doctor to a perfectly Safe distance where they sprawled upon the Sand. The doctor still hugging the captains neck and very much frightened exclaimed a ooh Captain dear Captain is there anybody killed but you and me a Grant signed. Brave soldiers. Sacrificed their lives in an attempt to save the colors. In Days gone by the zulus were the boldest fighters among All the natives of South Africa and it was not until they had been Defeated in several Battles that they would live Ina peace with White people. In 1878 15.000 of the zulus attacked and killed a regiment of British sol Diers and a most heroic deed was the attempt made by three British sol a Diers to save the two flags or colors j belonging to the regiment. When it was seen that the Zulu a were so Many that there was no Hope of keeping them at Bay the colonel of the British regiment called to a Young officer whose name Ivas lieutenant Melvill and said a you will take charge of the colors Melvill and try to get away from the lieutenant saluted and took into his hands the two colors of his regiment. Then with another officer and a Soldier All mounted on horses he suddenly dashed away with his precious Burden. They were at once seen by the keen sighted zulus however and after a Meu fighting 10�?T by the enemy. Some time afterwards one of the flags was found near a Rocky Stream where the heroes had fought and died and it was taken to England and presented to Queen Victoria. And in memory of the three Brave soldiers who had died while defending it the Quee Efi placed a Wreath of Immortelle on the staff which held the mail. endorsed the order a still the Day of general Grant has fitly been spoken of As a an unaffected great it May have been the blending of thl Large minded Ness and Lack of affectation that invariably made him so courteously kind to any one who asked his assistance so generous in his Praise of an opponent even when that opponent was fighting him to the death. The following Little Story emphasizes All these qualities after the fall of fort Donelson to prevent the needless violation of property by either the Rainy or by Camp followers protections were issued by the United states government. To miss c., whose six Brothers were fighting in the Confederate army such a Protection was granted. It had been signed by All the commanders of the Post in turn by Buell Rosecrans Schofield Sheridan Grainger and Many others and the list was Long and impressive. At last it became necessary for general Grants signature to be added. A when i entered the office a says miss c., a the general was smoking his feet higher than his head. But he seemed instantly to stand upright before me and his Cigar was thrown away in a moment. A i Quot handed him my Protection. A a a you have rather a formidable list of names a he said As he took it from me. A a a and i Hope that you will add yours to it and make it even More formidable a i replied. A for answer he sat Down again ready to put his signature at the end of the Parchment when he suddenly slopped and looked at me. I a a a for How Long do you wish this Protection for your estate miss c.?�?T he asked. A a a until the Day of judgment general a i answered boldly a then he smiled that Sweet quizzical smile of his that made so Many people even when they were his enemies love him and said a a a my dear Young lady you have great Confidence in your armies but with such courage and with such a Leader As general Lee i cannot then with a great flourish he added the words a till the Day of judgment Ulysses s. Grant a and handed it Back to companion. Three Gallant it the my of were Kilt eur autumn leaves. Got him cheap. The Way a famous surgeon was once cleverly tricked. Sir Morel Mackenzie once received a wire from Antwerp asking him his charges for a certain operation. replied �500 and was told to come at once. When lie stepped upon the Dock he was met by three Meu in mourning Yho informed him sadly that he had come too late the patient had died. A but a said the spokesman of the party a we shall pay you your full and they did. A and now a said the Man a since you. Are Here what do you say to visiting the City Hospital and giving a clinic for the Benefit of our local surgeons it is not often they have an Opportunity of benefiting by such science As sir Morel said he would gladly comply. went to the Hospital and performed Many operations among which were two of a similar nature to that for which he had been called for. When he had finished All thanked him profusely. On the Steamer going Home he met a Friend who had a business House in Antwerp. A pretty scurvy trick they played on you. Sir a what do you mean a asked the surgeon. A told you the patient died before you arrived did no to they a a lies. You operated on him and a Friend with the same trouble at the clinic. Got two operations for one he was excited. Jas. W. Broughton. L. Len Lilliston. Broughton amp Lilliston fire Marine Accident plate Glass and life insurance Accomac a. Call on us for the Standard liquid sprayer the Only one made without pumps and nozzles therefore avoiding the most troublesome and expensive part of other sprayers. A sprayer not a sprinkler completely covers All parts of plants can be used not Only on potatoes but All kinds of crops sprays All liquid poisons. They have been in successful use in county for last four years and testimonials of their Merit can be furnished from our office of those who have used them. Also for flooring framing and All kinds of building materials. Berry crates crab boxes truck barrels. Amp a. Baugh amp sons cons celebrated Cuano general merchandise amp a. We want your Trade and can give Best prices. Greenbush manufacturing ., general agent for the county. O., Accomac a. W. Polk a merchant tailor a Quot Pocomoke City my. #8g=will visit Accomac H., every court Day. Quot a Al \ l Don t blame the gook if your bread and pastry is the soggy it indigestible misery making kind. Its dollars to doughnuts that the flour is guilty of the offence. A our flour makes Light White delicious bread and pastry always. A poor Luck is unknown where it rules the cooking. It insures Good results because it is uniform in Quality monday tuesday wednesday and every Day in the week the Best. Candidly can Yon afford to go on using Hap Hazard flour when our Mill to consumer system puts our Superior product in your Home at less expense we Cut out the retailers profits. We sell you flour direct at wholesale prices. We will save you All those dollars that the retail dealer has previously pocketed. Try our method. You la never go Back to the old Way. Write us for prices. Eagle Mills Pocomoke my City Paganini Scab. On Awakening one morning at his hotel in Vienna Paganini the celebrated violinist was informed that the Cabman whom the previous evening he had employed to drive him to the concert Hall where he was playing was waiting to see him. On being admitted to his presence the Man after having advanced poverty and a Large family As a excuse for the request that he was about to make prayed the great musician to make his Fortune. A what do you mean a demanded Paganini. A authorize me to write in Large letters on the Back of my vehicle these two words a Paganini Scab a a was the answer. Consent was Given with altogether satisfactory results. Matrimonial repartee. She in Stern and Roc bound accents a you married me for better or worse did no to you Edgar he Era ump yes i suppose so my love. She then what Are you complaining about in a no worse than the average married woman i can assure you he meekly a Well if that is the Case All in be got to say is in a mighty glad she breaking in a glad he yes. Glad in a not a polygamist Era ump looks a trifle squally Over to the Northeast does no to it Miranda a new York times. Lincoln on Money. A Lincoln a said a senator at a banquet in Washington a had no great admiration for Mere financial Success. A a a financial Success a Lincoln once said a is purely metallic. The Man who attains it has four metallic attributes Gold in his Palm Silver on his Tongue brass in his face and Iron in his heart a a diplomacy. A Why do you insist on under rating the kind of Golf you play a a because a answered the Wist official a there is no use of making a whole lot of people jealous and antagonistic Over a Little thing like Exchange. The decisive Battles. Some married men will contend that a the fifteen decisive Battles of the word will never be Complete until a few Domestic scraps Are added to the Telegraph. The idiotic affair. Irate parents am i to understand there is some idiotic affair Between you and that impecunious Young ass. Lord Hilaris fair daughter very sweetly a Only you papa a illustrated bits. For Good. It never seems to occur to persons who Are getting married that they ought to take each other for Good As Well As for better or record. _ the change of color from Green to red or yellow or Brown. Despite the commonness of autumn colourings we do not yet know the full meaning of autumn colors of leaves. We do know that late in the summer the tree is preparing for the Leaf fall by drawing the valuable substances of the Leaf into the Stem. It also ceases to make chlorophyll the Green substance of the loaf which aids in the snaking Ore bait s Rood an ctr Tell gradually fades away in the Bright Light. By Quot fading it exposes to View any other colors in the Leaf and All leaves contain yellow colouring matters called Xantho Phyl whose function is not known and it is these which give the yellow color to autumn leaves. The red is formed differently. In Bright Light Aud Cool temperature a new substance called Ery Theophyl is made from sugar and Tannin in the Leaf cells and a hat has a red color. A Brown substance is also sometimes formed and besides the Skeleton of the Leaf itself turns Brown As the Leaf Dies. It is the various combinations of these substances that give the Many shades of autumn colors. Some students think these colors Are a useful Protection to the living protoplasm life material of the Leaf after the Green disappears protecting it against the full Blaze of Light which is injurious but others think the colors have no use at All but Are simply the incidental chemical result of the processes in the ripening and dying Leaf. As yet the weight of evidence seems to favor the latter View but the matter is still unsettled. It is generally thought that Frost has something to do with it but it has not except to hasten it. Anything which affects the vitality of the Leaf tends to hasten it for which reason an injured Branch of a Maple will often show red autumn color even in summer. The colors Are brightest where the leaves receive the most Brilliant w. F. Ganong in st Nicholas. And yet he was making Only a very reasonable request. It was a dramatic scene pregnant with the most tragic possibilities. Thus thought a witness to the meeting of three italians near the big express depot at fifteenth and Market streets. A Man and woman who were delivering a trunk into the hands of a clerk were suddenly confronted by another Man who was highly excited. approached the woman. In voluble italian he raved and swore and pleaded while she thrilled equally excited answers. The other Man stood Back against the Wall his arms folded defiantly his head sunk on his Chest. It certainly looked As if daggers were to be drawn. The interested bystander asked of some listeners who understood the rapidly spluttered dialect what the trouble was All about. A Why a was the volunteered translation a this woman has run away from her husband with this Man a pointing to the sulky individual. A ooh and he is begging her to return a was the next query. A not on your life a was the expressive reply. A she has packed up All her husbands clothes in her trunk As Well As her own and he is begging her to give Back at least his sunday Philadelphia record. J. G. Cropper. To. P. Copes. We n. Copes. Call on us if you want at lowest prices the Best building material doors Sash blinds mouldings Stair rails windows mantels brackets Newels balusters amp a. Builders hardware and builders material generally amp a. Phone in office. Prompt service guaranteed. Onley building amp Supply ., Onley a. Notice to Farmers. We have for Sale the following machinery Robins White potato planters the celebrated Clarks disc harrows Riding cultivators that will not tilt with a heavy Man Bemis trans planters and the simplest and easiest to work one horse Corn planter on the Market. Perfection six Row sprayer that will either broadcast or Spray straight Down on the Plant Spray Trees or for applying Bordeaux mixture for blight Whitewash houses &c., and other sprayers that Spray from three to six rows with single or double nozzles. All of these at prices that will be a Money making proposition to you. Very truly yours Elmore amp Phillips fair Oaks a. One a slow horse. Time when he was quite a boy with dirt Over his face a _ workers in porcelain factories Are literally baked but by some Miracle of use and wont they remain sufficiently underdone to live. At least if they Are not quite baked they endure a stronger heat than that which Browns the sunday sirloin. The furnaces wherein porcelain is finished Are kept at the fiercest heat used in any Industry. A Chain of workmen their Heads and bodies swathed in fireproof garments take the finished pieces from the fire one at a time and pass them to the Cooling room. The Man at the head of this chains he who stands nearest the Furnace can work in Only five minute shifts. In his interim of rest he lies on a mattress drinking Glass after Glass of ice water from the hands of a Small boy. At lunchtime All about the Chain of men steaks enquirer. Just tolerable. Concerning a certain time serving Washington Clergyman of whom a visitor was one Day expressing a harsh estimate president Lincoln said i think you Are rather hard on or. reminds me of a Man in Illinois who was arrested for passing a counterfeit Bill. admitted that he had taken it to a Bank cashier to know was Good Bill. A Well what was the reply of the cashier a asked his lawyer. A Why a evasively answered the prisoner a the said it was a pretty tolerable respectable sort of a or. Lincoln thought the Clergyman a a pretty tolerable respectable sort of a at close Range. A who is that neglected looking Little Young Man Lincoln hired a livery stable horse to attend a convention where he expected to be nominated for some office. The horse went so slow that when he reached there the convention was Over and the other Fel Low nominated. On his return he brately asked the stable keeper if the horse was Good for anything at All. A yes for drawing the Hearse to funerals a was the reply. Lincoln advised him earnestly never to Send thai horse to a funeral for if he did judgment Day would arrive before the Corpse reached the grave. Geese. A Georgia editor wants to know in what part of the country the most geese Are to be found. That is hard to say. Some would suggest California some Georgia some Tennessee some Massachusetts some new York and maybe some especially mean ones the District of Herald. His Meek retort a convicted a exclaimed the prisoner in disgust a Well in a not surprised. My lawyer made a fool of a i tried to represent you faithfully a remarked the lawyer . A the is the child of the noted astronomer who lives Over the a ooh is he come Here Sonny. Run Home and Tell your father he does no to need his Telescope if he wants to see spots on the american. His trouble. Friend done to worry because your sweetheart has turned you Down since you lost your Money. There Are As Good fish in the sea As Ever were caught. Jilted one yes but in be lost my bait harpers Bazar. Ripe old age. Little Willie say a what is a Ripe old age pay its the age my son at which a Man is willing to admit that he a not the Only dried Annie in the news. The doctors orders. Mrs. Of Harrigan Phoy have be stuck this empty risk under the baby mrs. Carey the doctors Ord hers. told me Oil a have to keep the baby on a bottle a judge. An Odd old custom. When a new associate of the Royal not to outshine but to Shine upon his neighbors is the successful Many a . Victim of circumstances. A that englishman is a funny Chap a Academy is elected some of the facade j remarked the hat Salesman in the big my models dash off with the news and the first to arrive with the glad tidings at the House of the fortunate artist is by custom rewarded with a Guinea. It says much for the honesty of artists models As a class that no Case is known of Oue of them having obtained this Guinea by false pretences from some obscure and wealthy punch. Hotel a the Hasni to been out of his room a no he is a victim of circumstances.�?T confided the Coffee Salesman. A victim of circumstances a a yes he put a shoes outside his door last night according to the eng Lish custom and somebody threw them at a cat Down the news. W. J. Neville practical watchmaker makes a specially of the following goods and guarantees them South Bend watches a Community silverware real Rose hat pins Signet rings and Scarf. Pins lockets chains amp bracelets. All goods engraved free of charge. Special attention paid to watch and jewelry repairing. Prompt work reasonable charges. Notice to Farmers a we now have in Stock 2 car loads 6x8 Glass at $1.90 Cash $2 00 time. Disc harrows double drags chilled plows sulky plows Riding cultivators Corn planters one and two horse. Planet or. Goods Moline wagons one and two horse full line of Wrenn Oxford Novelty and the John Deere buggies runabouts and surveys. Florida and n. C. Shingles bricks Lime american and Ellwood wire Fence Terra Cotta pipe varied line of feed Hay middling and Surene feed also Headquarters for onion sets seed peas Clover and grass seed Irish potato planters the Iron Aee sprayers one and two horse a the Aspinwall and Short amp Bloxom Bloxom a. Forsake valuable saw Mill and Timber located at Broomtown a. For terms and details write w. Gunby ., Salisbury my. Figure it out did you Ever Stop to pm consider the Money value of the Energy you waste Here a a simple but mighty convincing illustration a a Man in walking two Steps goes five Leet. On an Ordinary bicycle he covers 17 feet in one pedal revolution. But. On a Standard geared Recycle Tremy on feet is what he covers with one pedal turn. Ride a Recycle and store your Power. For Sale by Bloxom bros., Mappsville. A. I <1 i a ii Iii a

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