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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jun 17 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - June 17, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia People of the Day. Son or a Galata. The now Premier of Spain and the Leader of the Liberal party is by no Means a new figure in Spanish polities for lie has been connected with the Goveri uncut in various Capaci sensor. Sag ast a. Ties for Many years. has been Premier on previous occasions and Lias been in half a dozen cabinets though in order to do so he swung Clear around the political Circle lie began his Public career As a civil Engineer but at 43 he had Clunk d so High that he was appointed Premier. held this Post first in 1st under King Amadeo. And he managed to cling to his portfolio during the stirring Rimes which followed when general Serrano was chief of Tho provisional government which overthrew the Republican regime. was also at the head of the Cabinet when general Martinez Campos proclaimed Don aliens it King of Spain he supported Don Alfonso then As he now supports the a Geney in fact. Senor sagas to seems to have cultivated a reversible patriotism which has continued him in the service of his country under All circumstances and kept his name on the Royal pay Roll. Premier Sagasta is now nearly to years old. But is apparently As willing to hold the reins of government As Ever president of cosmopolitan University. Or. E. X Potter whom editor John Brisben Walker has chosen As president for his cosmopolitan educational University Extension is a prominent Edna tor and a distinguished divine. His father was bebop Alonzo Potter. Bishop Potter of new York is Bis brother and he himself was once elected Bishop of or. E. X. Potter. Nebraska. An office which lie declined. Or. Port r was born in Schenectady x. Y., cd years ago. And after Beisig educated at Union College and Berkeley divinity school he entered the ministry As a protestant episcopal priest. was an army chaplain and afterwards Secretary of ethics in Lehigh University. Xuy 1871 he was elected president of Union College and in 1884 resigned that position to become president of Hobart College from which Post he retired a few years ago. _ a Young chess master. Rudolph Charousek Winner of the first prize in the recent International chess masters tournament in Berlin is 24 years of age. was bom in Prague Bohemia the Birthplace of William Steinitz but his parents moved to Budapest when he was 5 years old and now he is considered a hungarian. His Energy May he judged by the fact that while in College he was too poor to buy a copy of a the German handbook a and lie copied it a stupendous task. The Westminster Gazette in speaking of Charousek in 1s90, said a we Are Cha Rocsko. Of the opinion that since moral in and Kolisch. No Moru promising player has Arisen in the chess world than Charon sek. We can testify that this opinion was shared Beall the competitors at the Nuremberg Congress with the exception of one Lasker but his evidence was somewhat biased by Tho fact that lie lost Tho game with in the Nuremberg tournament referred to Charousek Defeated Lasker. Showalter and and Drew with Pillsbury but Only won ninth prize. In european circles Charousek is believed to he the in s player Lasle r pm meet. And the next match for the championship is Likely to be play d Between them. Turkish Amy rations. Correspond uts who accompanied the turkish army during the War with Greece refer often to Tho dietary habits of Tho turks. Palau or Pilaf the National dish receives great Praise. It is what to should Call a chowder composed of Lamb Rice butter almonds raisins allspice powdered Mace Cardamon cloves Saffron onions Ginger Salt whole Black Pepper and Hiey. The butter and onions Are placed in Tho Bottom of an earthen pot then a layer of Rice Over which Are distributed More onions raisins and Lin ones sprinkled with Saffron in water then a layer of meat and so on alternately until Tho vessel is filled. Butter is then poured Over the whole and Tho cover of the pot is closed with paste so that no steam May escape. It is placed in an oven and cooked for three hours. Our new York letter. The household. Lithern Taro of nil kinds bust is a a Oll As l to Poores. Is so cheap at pics unt that every so inclined May beast a of a Library a Well pulled Bookcase or least a shelf a it a two do Vnod to the so silent frit tube As Tho Standard designer says a booked so is quite As much in place in the parlor or lining room As in i to Library or bedroom provided it to of appropriate design. But wherever it is it should not stand with locked doors and Prim Slud Vos forbidding intruders from tres a to sin i b. Volumes should inf so arranged that they Are ready to the hand when one desires to spend even a minute or two in glancing Over their Eon to its. In illustration of ideas expressed in the foregoing the authority quoted presents a number of attractive designs for bookcases among them a useful combination Utt air representing a writing Cabinet and Bookcase. The top is somewhat on the mantel style and t he whole article could take Tho place of a mantel in a Small room very successfully. Tho Cabinet has a sliding Leaf that is drawn our when one wishes to write and the under part is divided into several compartments for papers Etc. The Bookcase portion will hold a goodly Quantity of volumes and the shelves Are arranged we amp a Kim to Kofl ocl Mil nation a Kiwi i. To Saccom Mosiato books of different Heights. Tho Wood of the original mod of was antique Oak the curtain being made of Peacock Blue Satin shoe Ling. Attention is also Call cil to Tho Reading stand As Tho most Complete of All Lutidy articles of furniture which it i not take up much room and yet embody u great Deal of Comfort. Some of these Reading desks accommodate a number of volumes and have Racks for magazines. La addition to All Titis the top of Tho bookshelf is sufficiently Broad to form u rest for Trio heavier volumes while the Reader is using them or might be employed for a writing desk. The Book portion is revolving so tin the Reader can sit at his ease and simply turning the Stielf bring any Bouk in the collection within his reach. Nit by rapid transit on Brooklyn Bridge a combination a Aluag Cabin of and Book Matur Olcus eugincerink1 font. Caso i scr Vruir Winter Pobirs. Clever work by convicts. 2iaki air Corn 3duoins. Spa 40 1 correspondence now York is Are no different from Tho people of other Large cities. They must have Soquet Liing to kick about. For Many years the facilities or rather Lack of facilities for transporting passengers Over the Brooklyn Bridge formed a fruitful topic for Tho complaints of growlers who seemed to Liguoro the fact that trafic Over that Structure had in j creased so rapidly that it was unreasonable to expect that the accommodations i would not fall behind the demand for a Short time at least. At last after standing Tho growls for As Long a Timo us they could Tho i Ridge commissioners determined to inaugurate a Cable car so Stem on Tho Bridge that would to spout to any demands made upon it. To do this however Radical alterations were necessary. Tho old steel stations on both sides of the River must to Tom Down and replaced by higher and larger ones. This was done. Now stations hundreds of feet Long were built up in place of Tho old ones and yet. Despite the apparent impossibility of Tho task All this was accomplished without interfering with Tho enormous daily traffic. Passed Gers to and from Brooklyn stumbled Over saws pianos and All sorts of tools for a few Mouths and Tho air was Blue with the imprecations Many of which wore suggested by Tho newspapers whose supposed funny men could see nothing serious in the stupendous engineering feat which was being accomplished. Finally it was done and the commissioners went a step further by dispensing with the annoying Little switching engines and equipping the end cars of each train with an electric motor so that the trains were self shifting from one to another of Tho four tracks which had been provided. A new Chance to kick. A third rail was put Down in each roadbed so that the trains could be run by electricity whenever necessary and in addition Quot to All this a extra Cable was kept running so that in Case of a Bre in Thore would he no such thing As the old nuisance of being stalled in the Middle of the Bridge. Tho croakers were silenced. Thoro May be better transportation facilities somewhere on Tho face of this Globe hut those who Are familiar with such matters have not heard of it and they Are on the Lookout for just such information too. There is always or very nearly always a scat for a passenger Quot Aud even those who Are crowded out of one train have Only to wait about half a minute for another. The croakers were for a time nonplussed but they did not have Long to wait for the Deal was soon made whereby the elevated and trolley lines of Brooklyn Are permitted to run their cars Over the Bridge. That of itself was bad enough Lor there is none too much room there now Aud every one knows that the result will Only be delay in getting across the River but a Little later the announcement was made that the trolley people would be allowed to run their cars Down to the Street level on this Side. That was the Cue for Tho croakers to begin their Wail but this time they have almost everybody except Tho trolley officials in sympathy with them. Clever work toy convicts. Tho a prison exhibition recently hold in this City was n most unique sort of affair and to persons of a Semi forbid turn of mind it was not without its interesting Side. Every visitor to the exhibition was privileged to be measured by the Bertil Lon system and the cards in such cases were Given him. Among the a curios Quot were the electric chair from sing sing Woodwork by convicts in new York state prisons a Model of Tho Eastern Penitentiary at Philadelphia the plan of which has been adopted in England Aud a japanese prison exhibit showing the modes of punishment in Vogue in the flowery kingdom 20 years ago Aud modern improvements thereon. There were prison locks and keys without end Many of them with interesting histories. There was a Model of Trio key of the Bastille a foot Long and copies of the keys used in Many european prisons. A family of prison wardens. The original commission of Moses Pillsbury us Warden of the penal institution of Maine issued in 181?, was on file. His son Amos Pillsbury was Warden at Albany and his grandson Louis a. Pillsbury is now a Warden at Blackwell s Island. A woman living in Harlem which As most persons Are aware is that portion of new y Ork City devoted almost exclusively to Flats trolley cars and goats has received a letter from a female Friend who has gone to Tho Klondike in search of wealth and adventure. Women o club of Spondike. Tho letter brings news of the woman a Klub of Klondike. Although just organized Tho society shows that it has already grasped Tho spirit and intention of the great movement. The list of subjects for discussion shows that nothing of Tho slightest relevance to anything nearer than the Antipodes will be allowed. She who looks for such topics As a How to tint ice a a the Way to keep warm with the Mercury at a vanishing Point Aud a a comparative analysis of the gastronomic merits of rubber boots and Book backs will to disappointed. The motto of Trio club is a a culture la oldest Klondike. A a the colors Are yellow and White signifying Tho principal products of the Region Gold Anil Snow. Tho badge is in the form of u pin Aud bears the design of a Gold pick rampant upon a Field of ice. To this its youngest daughter so heartily in Accord with its constitutional Aims Mil interests the general federation of women s clubs has already sent a cordial invitation to become a member of the great body. Joseph Russeel. Short Cycle notes. E. C. Bald. Americans greatest Short distance cyclist is to Mako a european tour. An automatic rear Brako which works on the Hub by Means of Back peddling has been perfected Aud is said to 1� a Brake which Cauuet fail. New Jersey wheelman Wero startled the other Day when a half forgotten Law prohibiting bicycle Riding in that Santo on sunday for pleasure was brought up in court they arc moving to have it repealed. Recent tests at Cornell University relative to the friction in bicycle chains show that lengthening caused by Wear rapidly increases friction. The membership of the league of american wheelman As shown by the Secretary s latest report is within 198 of the Mark. A controversy has Arisen Between two expert bicycle riders in England Over the cause of Sido slips one maintaining that grease causes More disaster than dust the other rider taking the opposite end of the argument. Youths department. Tho naughtiness of Tommy Tho Crow. October s stare and How to find Thom. Preserving Winter pears. One of tin Best ways to preserve Winter pears a the smaller Bard in Rieur pears of any kind is probably As Sweet pickles. The pears should to peeled smooth Leavi Ngou tile stems and either left whole or halved and the kernels taken out. To every Pound of pears allow half a pint of vinegar i ounces of sugar a stick of cinnamon Aud a dozen cloves. Boil these ingredients a few minutes then Lay in the pears and let them simmer till a pin goes easily through them Bat not Long enough to soften them. Take out the pears Drain them on a Sieve Aud Lay them in Tho jars. Boil Down the syrup thicker and when cold pour it Over i he fruit. Should the syrup become thin in a few Days boil it Over again. _ courses at dinner. In the interest of health it May to stated that the number of courses at dinner has decreased in the last ten years. It is now recognized that digestion has its rights and its revenues remarks Good housekeeping. Meantime the Quality of cooking and Tho delicacy of the table service with the refinements of serving have greatly increased. At the most Recherche of functions there Are usually no Moru than oysters soup a roast All Cutrie a Relevo sherbet game a salad sweets ices biscuit cheese Ami coff be of course there Are always fruits attractively arranged and trifles like almonds crystallized Ginger and Bonbons. In less than two hours the most formal dinner will be finished. Quince Jelly. Choose quinces Chut Are quite Ripo and yellow Wash and wipe but do not Peel them. Slice them mid take out thu kernels put thu slices in an earthen preserving pan shake and press them Down pour in boiling water enough Burcl to cover the fruit boil it until the color deepens and it becomes quite soft Licu pour it into a Jelly bag or press the fruit through a Napkin Anil Tine Sieve. In either Case the juice must to filtered three times till it runs quite Clear then add three fourths of a Pound of sugar to a pint of juice and boil until it thickens to a Clear syrup mul forms a hanging network of a Silver spoon dipped in. _ a new material. A new material which comes plaid cd with Green Blue mid a few other colors of White is of Cotton warranted to Wash and very pretty for Pillow covers mid tablecloths. The Green Lias a particularly Cool effect. A simple design of Feather stitching is worked into every White Square formed by Trio coloured blocking. Tho material for one Pillow cover with a ruffle of the Simno and Silks for working can to la ought for a few cents Over a Dollar according to the new York times. Cora muffins. A simple recipe for a Small family is As follows a Eup of yellow Cornu dual a half cup of flour a Large Tablespoon fun of sugar i Teu spoonfuls of baking powder a beaten egg 1 a a Caps of Sweet milk a Salt spoonful of Salt. Bake in hot. Greased Gem puns. Light gear cases will to put on Many wheels next year by the manufacturers who insist that the Chain wheel with a gear Case will have All Tho advantages Aud More of the Cluni ulcess gear. A Raco horse that recognized his old Drivers voice played a strange part in exposing a ringer at the Allentown fair races recently. C. Frank Hodrick a Well known turf Man of South Salem 0., was at the fair with a string of Trotters. When at the stables on the big fair ground to passed a stall containing a big Bay horse with the name Klondike above the stall. Hedrick stopped eyed the horse closely then went into the stall patted the pacer on the neck familiarly and exclaimed a hello dictum a instantly the horse pricked up his ears weighed pranced around and put his nose up to Tho visitor rejoicing in recognizing Tho voice and manner of his old Driver. Man and beast had a pleasant Little reunion when Hedrick coming ont of Tho stall said a yes this is dictum. I won a race with him in Carthage 0., in August 1896, in 2 20.�?� Klondike was at once review. A correspondent in Tho examiner entertains the Young folks with stories of i mousing if sometimes naughty dict Crow my Grid father used to spend a Long time each Day teaching Tommy to say Aud Ilo you know to really Learned to Mako a sound that scorned very much like it Only it was Moro like Quot of a a or two Quot caws Quot without Trio a pc. A of How Wise Tommy Wohl look when lie said Quot Llor Rahly Honou Loput his head away Over 011 one Sido Cuil Komi h Bis ear with his claw Whilo Lio slowly winked 0110 wicked Blue Eye. Naughty old follow to was thinking up sumo mischief All the time i can assure you. My sister was a tiny Little girl mul could t run very fast hut when she saw Tommy coming after her hopping Sid Wise Down Trio Lioard walk of How she would tint for Homo and her nurse i for can Yon Belicov it Tommy Mikeil to peek at her Short red stockings and her fat Little logs Wero a great Delight to him mul to would Pinch them Well with his Sharp beak if lie could Only get the Chance. Per links you think this was the naughtiest thing that a Crow could think of doing. But Lio i think you will agree wit ii Lue that Tho sad Accident 1 am going to Tell Yon about is oven Moro so. Did you Over have a Little new Fluffy downy Chicken just out of Tho Shell for a pet 1 had 0110 at Trio same time that i had Tommy and to was the Cun Nin Gost Little Chick you Over saw. I kept him in a Box in Trio milk onto mid Ovett Day i fed him with wet Corn Cal. Tommy used to Seo to go into the House in the morning Anil feed and fondle Ziy Little pet. Perhaps to was jealous. Perhaps to wanted Tho Corn meal himself. Perhaps to wanted me to pet him All Tho Timo Anil scratch his head until he winked. 1 shall never know what pm to him do such a wicked thing but 0110 morning when 1 came Down to my breakfast my aunt told 1110 Slio had something very sad to relate Anil she led to out to the rur crib 011 Tho top of which was perched Tommy with something ill his beak. 1 looked up a Mil saw that Tho something was my own Little pet Chicken which the bad Crow was holding in his Bill and of sad to Tell my Chicken had no head. Tommy had bitten it completely off and was holding it in his claw. 1 wept Many tears Over my Little yellow Chicken Anil Tommy was never a favorite with to after i hat. I never forgave him for his cruelty to my Little pet and when after a Timo he grew big and flew away to Tho Woods 1 was nut sorry no not our bit. October s us orb stars. In this month of Beautiful stars to lion of Tho first magnitude Iro easily found a Mil Young folks who Are interested in studying Tho heavens should unto Tho following Little plan from the new York times fur tracing Tho Stellar attractions of october if of t fair evening when the Moon is out of the Way for instance during Tho latter halt of Trio Mouth at 8 30 a study of thu starlit sky is made Many Bright orbs will be readily traced. Taking a position toward the Southeast Tho Square of Pegasus Well up toward the Point overhead makes a grand display 011 Tho azure Arch. In Trio Northeast shines the charming Cluster of the pleiades while Alile Haran the brightest red Star in Tho heavens scintilla tes brilliantly near Trio horizon. Still farther Northeast Tho Lustrous Gapella wins a tribute of admiration from All beholders. Vega Star of Imperial Luster is found in the West and Altair claims precedence among Tho neighbouring throngs in Tho Southwest. To Complete Tho list with formal smut Tho most southerly first magnitude Star Ever seen in this part of the Earth a Domain. It will he found Low Down toward the East of South. To have thus Mailo a circuit of Tho heavens pointing out a few stars that observers will find 110 Tronilo in identifying. These stars once fixed in till memory will not be readily effaced and every succeeding october will reproduce the Samu picture. A of valuable a Little when Columbus discovered South America near the month of the Orinoco Tho spaniards found 1111 Indian Village built Over Tho water 011 piles. As it reminded them of Venice they called it Venezuela or Quot Little do not to Otto Vivod at Tiloso Timos prices Toi it is not the largest store room nor the oldest established firm that attracts the attention of the purchasing Public but it is the hustling wide awake merchant who Sells at prices that will defy any competitor. When you Are in need of Staple and fancy groceries Queens Are Quot Willow Ware confection eries tobacco cigars riot ions Sec. Fall a it d see us. We. Are always ready to serve the Public and guarantee our prices to be the lowest of the Low. Every Day auction Day. We have no Satu Day Sale As a Side Issue. Our prices worry our competitors but they draw us Trade. W. T. It amps is main st. Onancock a. By virtue of a deed of Trust rom we. R. Lewis to the undersigned As trustee bearing Date on the 3il Day of october. Mig and duly of record in the jerks of Scoof the county court f Accomac county and by direction of Trio holders of the thereby secured i i hereby give notice that on satu1qay, 0ct03er 38,1897, it the hour of 12 30 p. In., or immediately after the arrival of the North bound mid Day train from 1 ape Charles 1 will make Sale 1 y Public auction at the Railroad tation at Marksley a the county of Accomac in 1 lie state of Virginia of All 1 Hose six valuable farm lands h i g in said county of Accomac in the state aforesaid and bounded and described As follows to wit 1. All that. Ertman Iriart of land with the buildings thereon known As the Ifa held tract containing seventy one acres 71. More or less and situated 011 limiting greek in said county of Accomac Anil also 2. All that certain tract of land known As the Quot Mayly place situated in the said county of Accomac containing forty in Ricaud one half acres 431 Amore or less and adjoining the the tract above described and lands of James s a wis and John r Drummond s heirs and Otlie is and also 3. All that portion or part of the tract of land known As the Thomas d Lewis tract situated in the said county of Accomac containing one Hundred and ten acres 1110 Amore or less and being All of said tract of land save and except that part of the same which was set apart by the Saie we. K Lewis in his certain deed of Homestead of october 3rd. Ism duly of record and also 4. All that certain tract of land known As the Cassandra Lewis tract situated near Hunting Creek in the said county of Accomac Aud containing Twenty acres 20 Amore or less and bounded by the lands of Thomas w. A grieves Oliver d. Lewis Albert Lewis and others and also 5. Ail that certain tract of Laud known As the j ohm 011 place containing seven acres 7 Amore or less situated in the said county 011 Hunting Creek bounded by the county Road 011 the South was and by the said Hunting Creek 011 the other sides and also ii. All that tract of land known As the Zachariah Lewis tract situated on Hunting Creek in said county of Accomac containing seven acres 7 Amore or less and bounded on the South East by Thomas w. A grieves a Laud 011 the North East by John i. Honmau s land and on the North West by the lands of William Howard 7. Also personal securities consisting of Virginia state Bonds promissory notes and Stock of the first National Bank of Onancock a. Given under my hand this oth Day of october 1807. A. P. Warrington trustee. George w. Elmore jr., Haviv Accomac county Virginia. Practical Painter. Al work i Terni to fed to be firs mum Ami Priem to suit tie Timos. Training h specially. Ii it bargains in 1t/.y to v Quot a Jil jul Jas 2t. a a 3 a by carte Nick a. Practical v. Atch Raker amp jeweler. I carry a Large and select line of watches clocks. Jewelry spectacles and silverware of All kinds to rices reduced very Low. Special attention paid to repair work on Fine Vetches clocks spectacles and jewelry at bed prices. And work Guaran a a to be fist class. Highest ices paid for old Gold and Silver. Will be at Accomac c. H., Rock the co. Commission merchant in Early fruits vegetables terrapins wild fowl eggs poultry and All kinds of 122 Cheapside shipping letter i. P. Justis amp co. Commission merchants 8 e. Camden st. Baltimore Sweet potatoes a specially. Fruits vegetables and produce shipping letter est references National Bank of Commerce or any produce House in Baltimore. . Custis&co., a produced commission i err wants eggs poultry wild fowl clams. Peas berries cabbage amp a. Sweet and Irish potatoes specialities. 220 South st. Cor. Row Leys Wieri Baltimore Mil. Reference Peoples Bank of Baltimore totter Quick Salek a lid prompt returns. J. E. Whittington j. E. W Hijii Ilion i co., fruit und product4 n . No 7 e. Cum Den Street Rait Imore. My. Shipping letters a a a. E. reference traders National Bank j. Wit Bachim s co., a wholesale commission March Anis in fruits produce. A Sweet potatoes a specially. 244 Washington st., new York. A shipping no 104.�? reference Gansevoort Bank. O in a o o k co and jewelry repaired on Short notice. I have for Sale watches clock jewelry spectacles Josye a glasses and silverware in Many Tylea and at lowest prices. We. Sartorius. Pocomoke City my. Jerwill be at Accomac c. Every court Day. New York Phila. 5 nor Folk r. R. Co. In effect june 14th, 1897. Quickest and Boston x e Folk and it Only daily line Between w York Phila., nor old Point Comfort Xoi Ruward a a j 02 w alution Oava. �?�oriam��tl.-. Nut Lolk. Kiwi unto Chai in a. Jitt Ruoo Erik Valuo. Macc Blun a Uirt by goal it. 22ciore. A amp cup Tilburg a a a a a Melfa. Saiy i Silty. It Kush in a a a a a Aall Wuolle a sowcburcii�.-. Ochua a a a a tvs Tex. Al Lucia acc. Corot us a 2tlou.�? Multi Buhl w Lizun Fly a i Elmar. A a arrived a Jaii Lioio Illicy a Lull our. A Jiuu Lugon. Sta Job. Cd Jiuu. Newark. Sow York pm2&.n.y. Old acc exp a i exp. A. A a 0� �1 3v it i 10 .7 43 Quot. 10. 6 4l 9 40 10 in. Re 60. Í1.4 _. O3 1 our in us 11 14 a a a to a is 11 21 Ilc 16� 11 a he m i 32. -j1� 31 11 in. No 40 n i Quot no 46 ii 32. No 3i u j7. A i 67 12 a -11 u8 v i i 16 12.2�11 25 in 2v. Of 12 37 .�11 37 27 4. Run 12-3 t iou 11 36. Re <5 to of 6 4 a 10. 126 �?�4a4 i j a. 131 a t8 t lib. 7 la 7 3 12 �7. I 1 r6 a. 7 53. 100 u9 a a Jya. It in a. Mf.j3 a a _ rim i 35 4 21 4 6k 11.� 4.a 4 67 a in 00�? 5 10 3 4�?~j -2b. 0 24. I �5-. 7 18 3 03 i 3 s3� a out Twarry 91 46 Leuvoy. New York a. to to Eulva. Ïu1u. J a a Rigi Toul. . Jail Ciufo l Iii i. Station. Lacavo. Delmar a a Wal Lime. Bail Tudury. A re nor 2ei<i to ii. Illi Kejr a e Jav. B �2 m. I 4i�?z i 51� f. I. I. N 7 63. A in to t. Is s a a a �6 to -0 . I n. St in it Dury. A a Pru Ruaud Al a a. In us. to f l 65 5 ,6-&Quot Stevens Simpson a co importers and wholesale g on in Issi on Mercha r is a fruits and produce. 2 2 Washington Street new York. Members or the National league of commission merchants of the United states. Reference Irving a at a Bank n. S. B. Downes. J o. Downes established 25 years. S. 3. Donnes so co. Fruit and produce merchants 829 Washington st., new York. Shipping no. 102. Members of National league of com Mission merchants of the u. S. Reference by permission Irving National Hank n. Established 1865. We. Parker with John e. M011 k sons 327 Washington st., new York. Importers and commission a Jle Rabants in All kinds of fruit and produce 1 Ruek poultry. Eggs wild fowl 4tc. To Nta tops a specially. Members of National league of commission Mer a bunts of the United states. Refer to Irving Nat. Bank new y Ork. And �11 mercantile agencies. Us any of our Stencil or cards Given out during past 25 Vars. Shipping no. 24. I a Iuca Azuc. incl Cai. To Sven. A Rucin Matt. New ctiurc�-.-. Hailwood Loyd a a Raa of a a 1re Lor a a Maihs at org. A aug urea it Mekch Dix. . Maui Vul. A a a if cd a. �?�0lc j Usu talk in Iori Iofik. Por aug Suoi. I-rlfd.�?. A pm. In a Uta w. A a a 2d> i a a. To it go. U us Al. In 19. I iti. 4js to 41 4 1c a 3 3/ f 0i- 6 i. 6 19. Ii i. 5 8d. Amp amp. Of a 46-,. D of b j0.Fri is. a Sun toc Punj Ufford 00 Sigai li.i/, Icv to a Jay. x. -16 ii _ i 4 _ a we j us Dlf a it .4 i. 3 54 j l t h Ric. 3 Fri. A w to t iti tki a �o9 a 4 is. 43 t of 1 96 Al 7 u5. B 06 a a a 4 Leip. M to Ciudad e. Six South st. And wharf. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Shipping letter h Kjor amp 60. Produce k k. Nicholas superintendent. Cape Charles a. A. B. Cooke Gene a freight and Pas Finger agent Norfolk a. _ Setji Johb of the Baltimore Chesapeake it it Atlantic railway company a Ute Cuiter to Rico will run their Sio amers As follows a Uii Ier a it Xcvi us bout tost. Whert at 6a� clock p. Stammer poc Mohe. Oal to. Hew Kajj. Tuesday and Friday for , bbl town Pitta Stoart of Dur Niibu Heulu out. , mat Touboul Aud avow Hill. ecu Tayb Auu incur Day it Avea a new Milf 6 a. Mai Tate Oul 6 5l, n at ii ont Diu a cd Dar full i a a ills wharf in a Ciolll in i0 15, Una Cuca 2 30 p. M., flu boy a 3, Laukia Rishaad 4.n0. Crib fled 6. Neui dior Kastnek it Shore. Capt. I. 11 Kayns to. Wadu Obdula Aud Buo Days tor Orianell Harborton of str View Paudua Job Cord. It Tuque. Levi Ali Iosua Aud hues Huo e Lucid Abb Aud Fri Days 8. Shield s.3u, Davik l0.no, Hoad s 10.20. Of curd no Uruu i2 3fi, Codar View i2.�&, Boggs 2.45, Petous of . Ris Antr tax Tipett. Monday Aud Tiu Rudaya Lor Ford Coulbourn Creek. It Jno Neid flu Eye , Hui Long Cree Aud Iier a Hugo. Re turn tto leave wednesday saturdays Mesa Ugo a Hunting Creon of i1.h i Oua Cuck 2.30, finny 3, cola Duida a Usu Bouru Creek 7, Ford a 7.30. Aiistcaju8xr leave Crisfield ii Haiti More on Ari of la8tdown train. Kreic Taud Paa sengers received for All Point on the n. Y., Folia. And nun Olk Wicomico and poc Moke it. R. Daily. Hola Aaro Biary Aua aug Ali Gnu a a vol us Irei Iii received Aiter 4 Jop in Zug a Mitil to prepaid Vij All Vuria a Iceni Obins Railroad Willard Thorn we t. Murdock Oeuk Vasor piss. Agent j. Sawyer Wilmou jr., freight a int. 205 e. Baltimore i. Cor. Pratt amp Calvert its. Baltimore my. European plan. Rooms 50 cts. 75 cts. And 1 per Day this House is now open is entirely new and is equipped with All the modern conveniences elevator elec Trie lights electric Call Belis steam beat Baths amp a. Bernaad Reily tax notice. Notice is hereby Given that the state tax and county Levy for the year 1897, Are now due and that in pursuance of Law the treasurer or Deputy will be at the following named places in raid districts at the time herein specified for the purpose of collecting said taxes and levies Viz appointments of Edwin t. Powell Pungoteague oct. 2nd, 16th, 2sth, 29th, 30th. And nov. 13th and 27th. Marshes store nov. 5th afternoon and night. Keller nov. 3rd, afternoon. Harborton oct. 29th, at night. Tangier nov. 8tb, 9th and 10th. Onancock oct. 9th, 23rd, nov. Oth 18th, 19th and 20. Wachapreague nov. 15th, 16th and 17th. Accomac c. H., nov. 22ud, 23rd, 24th and 30th. First Day of county courts add first 3 Days of circuit court. At Home nights when not otherwise posted. Appointments of John h. Hopkins Mappsville oct. 21st 22nd and 23rd. Temperanceville oct. 28. 29, and 30. New Church nov. 4th, 5th and oth. Sanford nov. 10th, Lluli and 12th. Saxis nov. 10th, at night. Bearsville nov. 13th, afternoon. Greenbackville nov. Loth at night. Chincoteague nov. Lotti 17th and 18. Horntown nov. Of Atli at night. Hailwood nov. 19th, afternoon and night. Mode town nov. 20th. Hopeton nov. 22nd, morning. New town nov. 22nd. Afternoon. Hunting Creek nov. 26th, morning. Lemout nov. 26th, ate noon. Parksley nov. 27th. Accomac c. First Day of every court. Due notice wiil be riven of other appointments. Those failing to pay their rates Aud levies before the unit Day of december next will have 5 per cent added to their Bill As the Law directs. We Hope All that can will Avail themselves of cd j in Opportunity Aud save 5 per cent. If you have not paid your 1896 taxes. Please reef us at the place most convenient to yourself and do 60. As we Are compelled to enforce collection on All that Are a arrears in offer to meet tie demands of us. We Hope those that Are in arrears will save us this trouble. Edwin t. Poku Johs to. Hopkins. Fred Johnson. Livery Sale and Exchange Duff Mason stables run in connection with new Church station a Johnson amp Mason proprietors. All trains met and passengers conveyed to any part of Penin us a at Lair rates in l with Comfort Ana dispatch. L. W. Groton. W. J. Doughty have paid for losses in Accomac and Northampton counties 125,085.00 in past three years. Onancock. A. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made if so write to the Margaret Academy. Frank p. Brent principal. Jam amps Madison. Associate principal. Miss Jennie p. Barstow piano music mrs. Frauk p. Brent. Voice culture. Miss Mary Bagby. Graduate Hollins Institute primary department non reside it pupils can Board in the Academy for $12.50 per month. Study Hal at night. Terms for tuition very reasonable for Catalogne containing full information apply to prank p. Brent. Onancock a. J. W. B a r n e a Blox Oji va., proprietor que Baties. First class livery attached. Also dealer in a general Manfe Lime. Eair Piaster fertilizers a a prompt and courteous attention Given to every Branch of his business. B. O. Bell undertaker Wachapreague a. Keeps on hand a full line of c a s k e t s of All grades and sizes. Also a full line of heart Pine coffins All furnished at the very lowest figuers. will meet All trains and boats at Short notice

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