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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jun 10 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - June 10, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Plot in Baltimore. Union men were prepared to Burn the City in 1361. A counter movement 1� one which it was a believed Southern sympathizer h�<1 on foot confidential do closure made let a the did tobacconist. Quot during Tho first Roar of Trio War a a grizzled colonel remarked while recalling incidents of Tho great rebellion a business connected with the recruiting Ami equipping of volunteers in Pennsylvania took to frequently to Washington. And As the hotels in that City soon became crowded and uncomfortable i made it a custom to Stop at lla Muu a in Baltimore remain overnight Oliero and run Over to the capital Early in Tho morning and thus i passed Many nights during sol in the famous old hotel of the monumental City. Near it was a Large tobacconist s shop where i discovered a Superior Grade of cigars was sold and of this shop i became a regular customer. Ordinarily i was served by a Young Salesman but i frequently saw in the shop an old gentle Man who. 1 presumed was the proprietor. Oue Day i was rather surprised by the old gentleman s stepping Forward to wait of to himself. After 1 was served to said Quot a if you Aro not in a hurry sir i would to pleased to have Yon walk into my private office and have u Smoko. A i readily assented did to led the Way to a room at the rear of Tho store separated from it by a Glass partition plainly but comfortably furnished and having the of Long and habitual use. Pushing toward me a Largo split bottomed Rocker my Host remarked a Here for Many years i Havo been accustomed to receive my friends of whom i had Niani but i am sorry to say that now the number is sadly diminished. A a a a Why so i asked. A a a because of differences in opinion who replied. A i need not remind Yon of Tho condition Tho whole country is in. Or Tell Yon How completely men vary in their ideas of duty. Nowhere is that variance greater than Here in Baltimore and nowhere is there greater danger of its leading to a calamity. A a a a you Surprise me 1 exclaimed. A i knew there was considerable secession sentiment Here and that months ago it exhibited itself openly leading to bloodshed on the streets but 1 thought All that had passed away. A a a a by no he replied. A the rebel sentiment in Baltimore is As intense and bitter today As it Ever was. The apparent quiet is Only of the surface. You Are in the service of the Union and it May he As Well for you to be informed exactly what the situation hero is a a three fourths of Tho people of Baltimore Are intensely Southern in their feelings and prejudices. All the slaveholders Are so. And they Ore the leading citizens. Following them is the class which always toadies to what is considered the aristocracy and after these comes a Large disorderly element known As the plug ugliest who Are willing and ready to do anything that looks like resistance to constituted authority. Now i know beyond doubt that Tho leading secessionists Here Aro thoroughly organized and Uro determined the first favourable Opportunity that offers to declare openly for the new confederacy and carry Baltimore certainly and Maryland if possible out of the Union a a How is All this to be Dune a i inquired. A a a their plan is this they know every Man upon whom they can rely mid their strength is Well understood. They have clubs organized which meet regularly. Tho leaders Havo control of plenty of Money and supplies of anus Are available. Regular communication is had with Tho Confederate leaders in Virginia and Thov Are waiting Only for a definite tangible Opportunity to strike. Such an Opportunity would come if the Confederate army made an Advance toward Washington a thing they expect a or should Tho Union army meet with another serious reverse in Tho cast. If Beauregard had pursued Mcdowell after the Battle of Bull run they would Havo risen then and Many were Tho curses heaped upon him for his failure As they expressed it to follow up his Victory. A a a a what a 1 asked a do you Union men propose to do if Tho movement you anticipate is made a a a a Burn the City a he replied. Just As certainly As Tho russians burned Moscow to Burn Baltimore if the rebels hero take it out of the Union. A a a a How can you so few comparatively in numbers do this a Quot a Well sir we. Too Aro organized and for this one purpose. In every part of the City preparations have been made and when the time comes 100 or More fires be started at once. Do you know what this is to asked taking from a closet a Hall of Tow Cotton or oakum about Tho size of a Large Cocoa nut. A it is a fire Ball thoroughly saturated with turpentine. Plenty of these Are ready mid at an understood signal they be lighted Anil thrown where they certainly Jirovec effective. Of we know Well enough that we cannot resist the organized rebels but you Cun rely upon it that Only the ruins of Baltimore Ever become a part of the slave holding confederacy. A �?o1 never saw my old Union Loving tobacconist after that evening for not Long afterwards i wits sent to the army in the Southwest and remained there until the end of the War. We All know that Baltimore remained in the Union and was not burned but we know too that the Confederate army never made u serious Advance Oil Washington so that the Opportunity waited for by the rebels in the monumental City never came. How much truth if any there was in Tho old Man s Story must remain unknown. 1 Only Tell the tale As it was told to me Quot a Row York Sun. Modern Chicken coops. Tho Taco Fri Williar Luth have Given Way to wire netting. Men whose memories go Bank say �?�10 years remember that in those Days when n Man wanted to Liu ild a Chicken Loop he bought a bundle or two of laths mul built it. There Uro mighty few lath Clair Ken coops built nowadays. Liven the smallest Chicken Raiser who keeps a few in his Back Yard Ukos his Coop or runway of poultry netting. Tho Chicken House or shelter is made of boards often of two thicknesses and with tarred paper Between for better Protection from the weather and with openings at Tho Bottom and under Tho projecting roof for ventilation. Laths were cheap poultry netting is still cheaper. It is mud of steel wire galvanized in various widths and in various sizes of mesh. The netting most commonly used is six feet wide with a two Inch mesh. The Chicken Raiser sets up a Frame and tacks Tho netting to it. Narrow settings of smaller mesh Are used in various ways to keep in Little Chicks sometimes a foot Wido Small Lush netting to run around at Trio Liao of the inc Lostro the regular netting being Sot above it thus increasing to total height of the netting. Sometimes the Small mesh netting is run around inside of the regular netting thus making Tho lower part of Tho netting doable. Sometimes it is used to make Soporito Small Nuclo euros within Tho Largo runway and perhaps to make a a uglier of Small due Losares to keep separate broods of Chicks apart. Tho narrow Small mesh netting is made up to three Imd a half feet in Width. There is nowadays a use for Wiro netting in Chicken houses. A netting with a Square mesh is Laid on Tho floor of Chicken houses to keep out ruts and mice. Oliero Aro now Many Largo establishments in this country for the raising of chickens for commercial purposes for Market and for Breeding and there Are As Many men As Ever who raise chickens at Home from the Ninny who keep a few in Tho Back Yard with a is Siplo Chicken House and Coop to men who raise Many chickens and maintain an elaborate Shuit for their Breeding and keeping. But under whatever conditions they Are raised chickens Aro rarely seen nowadays in coops made of laths such As were familiar 40 years York Sun. A revolutionary tavern. An eclipse of the Sun. Sox nor and terrible was Tho Scauo at to moment of totality. Mrs. Mabel Loomis Todd writing in Tho Atlantic of an Clipso Scon in Japan says Quot just before totality to of our at 3 minutes after 8 o clock i went Over to Tho Little Lighthouse taking up my appointed station of Trio Summit a Ideal Vou Tago ground for a spectacle beyond anything Elso i Over witnessed. Gonyor nud grayer grow Tho Day narrower and narrower Tho Crescent of shining sunlight. Trio sea faded to loaded nothingness. Armies of crows which had pretended Antiro indifference fighting and Ila Piug As usual on Gables and Llu polos with Qualia cd Fervour finally succumbed Anil flow off with heavy Lias to to Trio Pius Forest on Tho Mountain Sido. Tho French Man of War disappeared in Tho gloom Tho Junks blended in but grass and verdure suddenly to Rod strangely vividly yellow Green. A it was a moment of appalling 6ns-Pouso. Something was being waited for. Tho very air was portentous. Tho ilex its of circling sea gulls disappeared with strange cries. Ono White Butterfly fluttered he vaguely. Quot then an instantaneous darkness leaped upon Tho world. Unearthly night enveloped All things. With an out fishing it Tho Samo second Tho Corona Hurst Forth in wonderful radiance. But dimly seen through thinly Drifting Cloud it was nevertheless Beautiful n celestial flame beyond description. Simultaneously the whole North Osteru sky was instantly flooded with a lurid and startlingly Brilliant Orange across which floated Clouds slightly Darker Liko flocks of liquid flume while Tho West and South we st gleamed in shining Lemon yellow. It was not like a Sunset it was too somber and terrible. A miss -. a. To have two different kinds of handwriting is curious. Thu Academy says a miss bid Dou has two distinct handwriting Oue for correspondence and the Ordinary business of life and the other Lor her novels. This hitter is a backward hand smaller neater Anil clearer than the other. The neatness of her manuscript is an important a joint in miss eyes and it makes her unhappy to produce an unsightly Page. She makes very few corrections sometimes indeed scarcely Oue in a Page. With All this the Speed at which she writes is considerable. When things go Well with her she produces of an average three closely written pages of manuscript that is say about 1,500 words in an hour. A it was 150 years old and sheltered Wash Lugton. At lems mul Mouroe. The old building of court Street known As the Parsons tavern which is celebrated As the hostelry where George Washington stopped at least once in passing through Springfield is now being torn Down to make room for a Modem tenement Block. It was probably the second oldest building in town and has been used for a tenement House of late years. Tho building was one of the taverns of revolutionary Days and was about 150 years old it stood when built of the Southeast Corner of the present court Square just across from where Tho Chicopee Bank now is. It was a Large Structure for those Days three stories in front with a Short roof sloping Forward from the Ridge pole Aud a Long incan Deruig roof sloping to the rear and cutting the House off it the second Story just before the Sheds and a Els Quot began. By whom it was built is not a matter of record. Tho work was honestly done however. Great hand Hen timbers formed Tho framework and were joined by wooden pegs livery Nail hinge Brace or other bit of ironwork was hand forged All the Woodwork that was meant to show was fluted chiselled or folded. Even Trio narrow clipboards had a folded Edgo and were grooved no paint Ever touched the sturdy sides or any part of Tho exterior of the old House to any extent Aud the shaggy weather worn appearance which resulted added much to Tho attractiveness of Tho building. The present Sito of court Square was always the Center of attraction for the town. There were Tho Church the courthouse the whipping Post Aud most of the trading shops. Auctions were held there Aud of training Day ail congregated near Tho old Parsons tavern where Tho Young men would try wrestling. Consequently the tavern eras Al ways a rendezvous and a place where gossip dwelt in company with flip Irons and toddy. It appears that Zenas Parsons was the first Host and from him the tavern took its name. It was kilo he was landlord that on oct. 21, it Washington spent the night in Tho tavern while of a visit to new England the great Man slept in the second Story front room to the right As Oue climbed the stairs. The record in his diary reads Quot colonel Worthington colonel Williams adjutant general of the state of Massachusetts general Shepard or. Lyman Aud Many other gentlemen sat an hour or two with me at Parsons tavern where i lodged and which is a Good from which it would seem that general Washington was pleased with his entertainment. Even before Washington Canto the tavern had had a distinguished transient. When John Adams returned from the sessions of Congress in Philadelphia in november 17t3, to dined with landlord Parsons and Captain Pyu Clion. Or. Bliss and colonel Worthington visited him. What other famous guests or. Parsons had is untold lie. Died As the Century went out and elea or Williams slow and dignified succeeded him. Later of when tallies Monroe As president came to Springfield he was cared for by landlord John Republican. Great Mousy maker. Pennis so if you could own any copyright you wished which would you choose the most successful play or the most successful novel spacer a neither. I d choose the Moth i in Law life. Not to lie cheated. Time was when there was Only one chaise in the town of Mechanic Falls and that Oue belonged to a old Man of somewhat eccentric ways. Ono Day a Young Man wanted to hire the chaise to take his Best to ride. The owner agreed hut nothing was said about the Price. Toward Nightfall Tho Young Man brought Tho chaise Back. A How much is the damage Quot to asked. A Kwh Evoy Dye go a returned Tho old Man. The Young Man named Tho Placo. Quot How far do you Call that a a twelve Miles. A a a Quot Noxie a said the old Man a a it a Only a i Tell you its 13 Good Long Miles and in be been Over it times enough to Quot him i travelled Tho Road Lieford you was out of dresses. I Tell yes Tai us to hut ten Miles. A both of them Scro losing their tempers rapidly. Quot never mind How far it is a cried the Young men. Quot you Teli to How much 1 two you and 1 11 pay you and get out. A catching his breath the old man1 thundered Quot Young Feller a odour Towo to a cent but by mighty. Ill be Durn def you Rou Goin to cheat to on to distance. A a Lewiston journal. I sum at Vulcu to you aug Al turn. Quot Don t give in was about Tho Gist of what sir Wako Bayliss said to Tho English Art students in a lecture at Tho South Kensington museum. To told them what ought to Lio their watchword Quot do not believe to said in Tho insidious lie that Tho Devil is always whispering to Tho soul of Tho artist that Trio Golden ago of Art is past Aud that Flint was done yesterday cannot to Doug today for Art is in its decadence. Such an assertion was Tho danger of Tho time and lie would ulivo them track it to its source and it Oliero. It had two forms despondency and temptation hut he urged them not to to influenced by either. Let their study to based upon knowledge Tho knowledge that Hail accumulated during the Ages Aud was formulated in what was known As academic training and let their knowledge in turn he based upon their own certainly that is Tho Best of advice for what has been Doug before can to Doug a curio us study. An Index of first lines is sometimes n curious Simly of . Oliero is a Lyyii look used in Tho a Urilio Lisic churches of this Vicinity in which Tho Index of first lines has been made up with such Economy of typographical space that words Are Cut in two without the slightest reference to syllables so that one finds such gems As the following a Journo through n Venlo of to Liat glory Ollila Trio sacred a o thou to whom in in Cion Liui ouly wails do a had a Boston transcript Hay Coal flour Terra Cotta piping general merchandise amp of. In building material we have Cypress shingles framing and fencing in Terra Cotta piping we have the following sizes i 8, 10.12, 15, 18, 20 Aud 34, bought Dirret from the kilns and sold cheaper than wholesale City prices. 18. 20 Anil 2-1 Inch for Well tubes Cost about the same As Cypress tithing Superior to it in Quality and last a Century. In general merchandise our Stock is always full Well selected Aud in great variety and we carry in addition to above also plows cultivators 14 tooth harrows and other farming implements Hay i Lour Coal &e., also j. Masury a Best. Liquid paints. We buy for spot Cash Aud sell at. The lowest margin of profit. John w. Eggers amp bros., Only a. Shingles Coal Oil &c., a bought cheap Aud sold at a Small profit Are the inducements offered to purchasers of the following a a. ,.Cypress shingles 4. 5 and i inches hearts Aud saps. Fencing no. I i potato bed lumber. Dry Pine lathes doors Ushii mouldings. Lime hair is. Ten per cent. Guano. A per cent. Peruvian guano. Dry ground Ash Pocomoke Sweet potato grower Ltd use sait Khiuit a. Yonl stove egg and nut 2.3411 pounds to the ton. We Are also agents for Orthilla guano jobbers in Coal Oil and dealers in a Well selected Stock of general merchandise. Neofes tests =�0-, Luau Rock of rash. Doors blinds mouldings Newels Cabinet mantels balusters &c., amp of. 00. Commission merchants in Early fruits vegetables terrapins wild fowl eggs poultry and All kinds of a to Fety 122 cite Paide shipping letter Church furniture pews m Ewels altars fails Etc. Plans and specifications made and estimates furnished for All lasses of Imi Tili Tigs. 1 factory a . My. Or res Iii Liti e Nee solicited. If Vou want i do not be deceived at these times prices talk. It is not the largest store room nor the oldest established firm that attracts the attention of the purchasing Public but it is the hustling wide awake merchant who Sells at prices that defy any competitor. When you Are in need of Staple and fancy groceries Queens Are Xiv Illow a amp re confection eries tobacco cigars notions amp a. Call and see us. We Are always ready to serve the Public and guarantee our prices to be the lowest of the Low. Every auction Day a Al Day. We have no saturday Sale As a Side Issue. Our prices worry our competitors but they draw us Trade. Load Tinti in harness co vim Sto you arid them As represented every time and gotten up to suit Home Trade. I have had Foj \ Many years experience and be -.j, i a it Many veins h Uvion oui v \ \ Lievow i understand what Best a a a. Y Quot a \ \ suits the people. My work is gotten up for durability and re a a gotten up for durability look Well for Many years. Uno trial prove it. 1 have a Complete line of White Chappell. Co run or Puno juju Juies also Phaeton surveys. Daytons.7rack sullies i Oad carts and flumes in All styles and prices. My harness Are made of David Moffit s celebrated leather the Best in Tho world. Repairing neatly and promptly done on Short notice. I appreciate the patronage already Given and most respectfully ask a continuance of the same. Respectfully Geo. W. Covington a new Chukota. Picq Moke Marble works. To my it \ a manufacturers of a Marble and Granite monuments. Headstones tablets amp a. J. Kef by Young proprietor Pocomoke City my. 3s3�k a. C. Kell am. Onancock \ if., agent. F. W. S i vers w. Main st. Wender Onancock a. I is j. Adelsten. Onancock. Practical watchmaker amp. A Jwelch i carry a Large and select line of watches clocks jewelry spectacles and silverware of a f kinds prices reduced very Low. Special attention paid to repair work on line watches clocks spectacles and jewelry at Bedrock prices All work guaranteed to be first class. Highest prices paid for old Gold and Silver. be at aeon inc c. H., m a n u fact u k 1c it u f p. O. Ail Psi Peninsula Junction. I. Shipping Stasiou a King s Creek n. P. A n. U. I. W it a o d g to i o a a w Fred Johnson. Livery Sale and Exchange Duff Mason i. P. Justis amp co. Commission merchants Quot of 8 e. Camden st. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Fruits vegetables and produce shipping letter a a a references National Bank of Commerce or any produce House in Baltimore. . Custis., produce a of chants eggs poultry wild fowl clams peas berries cabbage amp a. Sweet and Irish potatoes specialities. 220 South st., Cor. Row Leys wharf Baltimore my. Reference Peoples Bank of Baltimore shipping letter a Quick sales Aud prompt returns. ,. A. Whittington i co., . Fruit Aud produce so Ommi Ision or chants no. 7 e. Camden Street Haiti More. My. Shipping Lettera a a a. E. reference trader a nation ii j. I. Amid ii i co a wholesale a commission merchants in fruits Aud produce. A Sweet potatoes a specially. 244 Washington st., new York. A shipping no. 104.�? reference Gansevoort Bank. And jewelry repaired on Short notice. I have for Sale watches clocks jewelry spectacles Jere classes and silverware in Many style and at lowest prices. We. Sartorius Pocomoke City. My. By win be at Accomac c. Every court Day. Of diff York Phila. 5 nor Folk r. R. Cd. In effect june 14th, 1837. Quickest Aud Only daily line Between Boston new York Phila., Norfolk and old Point Comfort. No Ethward Biati Oua be amp to. Fori smooth a Norfolk a a a old Point com Tori a Dooboi i a. Carlton a Eoa Vuley a a a Ucb Pongo. Bird snort. Nassawadox. a Lap Naburg Kellor a Molla a a a a Only a Piu Kaloy a a a a amp a a amp us a now cur cd. Poco Hicko a a Obion a a . K Lucea amp aude. Lrouo.�?-. 2jiu a a let Ury a. la a a a a Clinet. Arrive. Arrive. luuk u station -. link on. Pabila. Jeroad s. A Nulod. A or Oulu a Sev Furk. Sow York s2 82 94 old. Acc exp Pult m. A exp a.3j a. . U a. Í6h -7 30 a _ 610 .7 45 7 10 .8 40 0 40 1036 a. F i 50 1104 a a 19 68 1106 a 10 01 h 14 _ .110 08 u 21 _ a no 16 1120. A 22 u 32 a no 3i in 40. Fio 40 ii 47. Fio 40- 11 52. 10 61 in 67. No 07 12 �o8 11 us 12 u. 1118 12 w 11 25 12 29. 1132 12 3\ -ni3i 1141 a i i 3 to 10 11 05. A a a. 13 12 q0 a 6 4l. 12 10. 12l �51 19 0 i81 .0 us 1 it. 7 18 7 3i 11� i 1 �6 i 7 33�?T.ool. 3 Uit a hf.5� -a,2i -.12 30. �22. I t. In 1. 4.5�? 4 67 . 0 la 5 42 38-8 24 2 36 a 18 3 0.j 7 n3 8� stables run in connection with Mason new Church station v Johnson a Mason proprietors. All trains met and passengers conveyed to any part of Peninsula at fair rates and with Comfort and dispatch. L. W. Groton. W. J. Doughty Groton amp Doughty general insurance agents 7 have paid for losses a Accomac and Northampton counties $25,085.00 in past three years. Onancock a. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made if so write to the Margaret Academy. Frank p. Brent principal. James Madison. Associate principal. Miss Jennie p. Barstow piano music. Mrs. Frank p. Brent. Voice culture. Miss Mary Bagby. Graduate Hollins Institute primary department non resident pupils can Board in the Academy for 812.50 per Mouth. Study Bull at Uig lit. Huu Ebward Orist nor arid. Ilk. To la. Of cup Cuve a new . A a a a a a Newark. Quot Vroutou. A a a a Puiu. A we i. It Tiroui by Aumi Gwi. Hie. Baltimore at a of a. 6 a a a 5 a Oil Puli t. I5 pc of a Al i 21 10 20 a of y u5 Stevens Simpson g do importers Ami wholesale commission merchants a fruits and produce. 252 Washington Street new York. Members of the National league of cot Mission merchants of the United states. Reference Irving Natl Bank n. J. E. Whittington leave so Tacury a a a a -6 d a Moi. Ujj Lerono. do zeus a or Cen d Sun if poet eur we s a to coolie. Jyo it c2urcu. Oak ii a. i Stoin. It Trealey a tos 9j. Only. Clu . a.s.p1 in 37. A �5. -16i f4 0l. Uc4-m i Illi in. 4 26 4 35. U 41 t 44. 4 to �37-� 6c3. 6 12 6 13 �z3 a. _ a 23 i i. It it la. 3 04. O i u.7 00. I to in 10, a a a a a a a Cir. P Al. . . P. M Ikpi Idaka he Jagord 30 Abigual to conduct 1 my. . Eolior. Ais Iipp Dur. .sa3tf�twdox a ird a a Xci in. A Maculis of a a. A Hytt Iuo boobs. Oberlton. L500 oracles. Old Ivlue oot Lori it Orlik. Pori of Juan. -5 2� a is -2 44 2 a a -303 3 i i 21 -3/ so a .3� -4tx -4 a -4 la 4 2b i2v 4 3�z i 4>. »5. 5b -61� 1 03 a 05 ,.8k s. B. Downes. Quot j o. Downes established 25 years. Es"1 can deliver Lee a Ream at your nearest Railroad station with foul Livours after receiving your order. Write for prices. We guarantee every can to give satisfaction. Is a pay Yon to write for prices lie fore ordering elsewhere. Chapin Brothers commission fruit produce and Southern truck potatoes beaus eggs onions poultry game Sweet potatoes watermelons berries peaches &o., amp a. To. A South to Markei st. 13 0 s t o a m a. S s. Chas. Pupa. J. W. Howell. A a a a lab pm a of s Alto Lessile commission dealers in fruits and produced 877 Washington st., 430 amp 4-32 West 14th st., shipping number 500. new York county sift tonal Bank. New York. Zutl further us Llcy. my . Follow Wear bar Permuy in i#avli4i booms. S. B. Donnes amp co. Cart. Ewakd. Tuesday nud Friday for , we Urf u Dar Bun ueuouutl., few our a Mati woul Aud Tuow . Koudaya thu Ihu Raduy Leavea Tow t a. 0 3c,Pov City t pm to Kobo a cod it bail 0.3d, Pitta wan 10, 1u 15. Out Turuck 3 3u p. M., fit. Uey a 3. 4.30. Cri Allula 0. Kiou purr a loft. �?��oa3pt.�o.h Kay of. # had Audi Aye cola now. Harbor leu Tuua Tuu. Cd Der View ,. Itou a. Do Visoati Quidd mud Bue he �irhslnu�?icavv4� Hue a lucsu44ys a dirt Day a bal Clad b.3u, Duvis 10.00, Load a 0.20 a. i .i.l. Vi�1 1j n fruit Aud produce commission merchants 82� Washington st., new York. Shipping no. 102. Members of National league of com Mission merchants of the u. S. Reference by permission Irving National Bauk n. 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A Oil Dolu Caro Wiur Laau Auu but Lulu Tobii Ivov up Iru igbo Rocto ived a car 4 Ujj i Ltd a Zutl to Urcis to fold la Uii Oulu of Cen. Yutan n. Koroi i Buu Roud Willard Thomson t. Murdock Gou 1 no Wistor in a a a Seal j. Sawyer Wilson jr., Irei Ahi asset. 205 of. Baltimore st. Tertus for tuition very reasonable. For catalogue containing full in orm Tiou apply to Frank p. Brent. Luau Rock a. J7w. By r n e a Bloxom ya., proprietor Hote first class livery attached. Also dealer in a general Mem Lime. Keif plaster fertilizers amp a. Prompt mud courteous attention Given to every Branch of his business. Go to b. O. Bell undertaker Wachapreague a. Keeps on hand a full line of c a s k e t s of All grades and sizes. Also a full Hue of hear1 Pine coffins All furnished at the very lowest figuers. He meet All trains and boats at Short notice. Real estate Motice. The undersigned having entered into the Quot land Agency business at Pungoteague Accomac county va., desire to Call the attention of the Public to the fact. _. We propose to give the Busi a Yiv. Sui Eicy a us. Davtd a 1u.00. .�?~.aw. Ness our strict attention Silver co Cora ii. Cmur Yin a us rising extensively Ana be Cap cusses. Tvs a s. . E purchasers for Cluj a of a table of finding purchasers for. A a lands in Accomac Aud North Moi Ideja Aud thu Uday for l Ord cuu Luuru t rom Tiok that. I Crit to , Izuo it a. ampt la Coull lab ind private i ii us us. Huung Creo us a Mca Hougo. Be live Duanis cannot reach. All per Oil veda Mouy a 8, us it Luna lube so Olavo cd no a us it a m d . ,. a Rieli he Baulf 0, limiting Creea a we. Cue Coutte sous having l Eal estate Ailua Lbll-lij�ouaucuckaj0. Vllinjr.3. Cn.do.a�, a dispose 0f it of Llose wishing to Purl base Laud or property of the Masteru Shore va., Are invited to communicate with us. All classes of town property water fronts &c., Are desired. Persons communicating with us having such property for Sale the same be examined by us and advertised immediately. Business entrusted to us be strictly confidential. Respectfully Winder Ward amp co. New Cor. Pratt amp Calvert its. Baltimore my. European plan. Rooms 50 cts., 75 cts. And $1 per Day this House is now open is entirely new and is equipped with All the modern conveniences elevator Elee Trie Lightb electric Call Belle steam beat Baths a. Bursard Reily pm Milt up. And a High arts paper hanging a at the lowest possible Price. Charles Kitchelt Onancock a Quot a. Temporary address Edenton 2f 0#

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