Big Stone Gap Post in Big-Stone-Gap, Virginia
5 Jun 1907

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Big Stone Gap Post in Big-Stone-Gap, Virginia
5 Jun 1907

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - June 5, 1907, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Enterprise. Accomac court House a. Saturday september 2g, 1s96. Entered at the Post office at Accomac 0. A. A. As second class matter. National democratic ticket for president William j. Bryan of Nebraska. For vice president Arthur Sewall of Maine. For Congress we. A. Jones. The boy orator a term applied to Bryan by republicans and their bolting democratic allies in their efforts to belittle him continues to speak daily and to stir the hearts of the people As no political speaker in this country of late years has Ever done. is attracting crowds to listen to him such As no Man Ever had before and is received an ova tion everywhere he goes. The re publicans say that Idle curiosity draws the people to him. But they cannot explain the storm of enthusiasm with which he is receiving everywhere. They used to say that the strength of his speeches was in his Catchy phrases but now common honesty compels them to admit that there is something new and striking in every speech he makes. The truth is he is a Man of preeminent ability believes in the Justice of the cause for which he is fighting and the people realizing the fight which he is making for them believe in him and Are willing to Trust him As their next president and so much so that we do not believe that All the Mil Lions which Wall Street is contrib uting to buy their votes and Debauch them will Avail anything. Democrats of Accomac be not deceived by men who say that they Are True democrats and who Tell you in the same breath that they want the republicans candidate for presi Dent elected. There is but one demo cratic candidate for president and he was nominated at Chicago and his name is William Jennings Bryan. Any other candidate is a candidate and thus aptly described by the Richmond dispatch it is a candidate who knows that he is wearing the livery of the demo cratic party to serve its enemies is a pretended Democrat. It is a candidate who seeks to toll democrats into the Republican Camp. Itis a Democrat in one word who has deserted his colors and is not Satis fied with having done so but seeks to Decoy True democrats into a place where they will inevitably lose their standing in the National democratic party. It is a Democrat who feels and knows that he is acting a Par which is totally unbecoming him or any other real if you want a Democrat in other words for your next president you will vote for you want a Republican for president you will vote for Mckinley or Palmer the nominee of the assistant Republican ticket. Hon. F. Bartine of Chicago has made Public a letter addressed by him to major Mckinley in which he reminds him that in the year 1878, As a member of the House of representatives he voted for the famous Bland Bill providing for the unrestricted coinage of Silver at the ratio of 10 to 1 and requests from him a Public statement As he now Al Leges that the advocates of Silver coinage Are deficient in personal integrity whether or not the Bland Bill was a dishonest measure. has not answered and such the inconsistency of the average Gold Bug whether Democrat or Republican. His heart and head tells him As it did Mckinley that free coinage is right until he is deceived into believing that he has common cause with the people of Wall Street because he happens to possess a Little of this world s goods or wants them to help him to an office. The Cape Charles headlight a paper that is supporting the ticket of the bolting democrats says that a Rumor is afloat that or. Thomas m. Scott came near being mobbed at Cashville last week for making a sound Money speech there. Now there is not one word of truth in this Rumor. It is a Gross and in excusable slander on the Good peo ple of Cashville and its Vicinity. They Are Law abiding High minded honorable people. How the report originated we can t for the life of us imagine but it looks As if it were a Clumsy device to turn sympathy for a set of men who Are trying to in Duce democrats to desert their party in this great crisis of our history. The cry of hard times is Beard in every Section of our country and everybody concedes that any change in the government of the affairs of our country is desirable. Elect Mckinley and there will be no change because the Senate and perhaps the House would be against him and would not permit it. Elect Bryan and a change is assured with almost absolute certainty of Relief. Bryan at Dover Del. Or. Bryan democratic candidate for president in his speech at Dover Del., last monday said in part now i want to talk to you awhile about our financial condition. If things Are Good then there Rea son Why we a Duld make any change in legislation. If our present Condi tion is satisfactory then we ought to leave it alone and not make a change no one can advocate any kind of remedial legislation except on the theory that there is something that needs remedy. Our opponents confess the condition and when i Tell you that you cannot remedy the present condition except by financial Legisla tion our opponents say that the trouble is in the Tariff question and that if we could just have More Tariff then times would get Good again. M Kinley against himself. I want to read you an extract from a speech made on last saturday by the Republican candidate for president at Canton. said under the Republican protective policy we enjoyed for More than thirty year6 the most marvellous Prosperity that has Ever been Given to any nation of the world. We not Only had individual Prosperity but we. Had National now there is a statement made within a week by the presidential candidate on the Republican ticket pointing Back for thirty years from 1sc0 to 1800, and telling the people that during that period we enjoyed the most marvellous Prosperity of any nation in the world and that we bad both individual Prosperity and National Prosperity. I want to show you by this same witness very Testi Mony Given six years ago that after thirty years of this kind of policy the Farmers of this country were not prosperous. If you will take the re port filed with the Mckinley Bill on the itch of april 1890, you will find the words which i wish to quote that there is widespread depression in this Industry to Day cannot be doubted speaking of agriculture. That is what the presidential Candi Date said when he deliberately wrote the report and filed it with his pro posed legislation. That there is widespread depression in this Indus try to Day cannot be doubted applause agricultural depression. Again in that same report he said one of the chief complaints now prevalent among our Farmers is that they can get no Price for their crops at All commensurate to the labor and capital invested in their production that is what he said after thirty years of the kind of pol icy which the candidate of the re publican party says will bring you Prosperity. Let me read again we have not believed that the people already suffering from Low prices can or will be satisfied with legislation which will result in lower prices. No country Ever suffered when prices were fairly remunerative in every Field of labor after thirty years of that kind of policy he tells you that the people were suffering from Low prices and that no country Ever suffered when prices were fairly remunerative in every Field of labor. Now let me read to you again what he says in this same report this great Indus try speaking of agriculture is fore most in magnitude and importance in our country. Its Success and Prosperity Are vital to the nation. No Prosperity is possible to other Indus tries if agriculture languish that is what he said in 1s90.that there was depression in agriculture after thirty years of his Tariff policy and that without Prosperity among the other industries of the country. Let me read you just one other extract the depression in agriculture is not confined to the United states. The reports of the agricultural depart great Britain France and Germany Are suffering in a larger degree than the Farmers of the United states there he is telling that there is depression in agriculture and giving the of three prominent agricultural nations of the old world and telling us that that Agri cultural depression is even More marked Over there than it is Here. I want you to remember that when you read in the paper that he said that for thirty years we had such marvellous Prosperity in this coun try. Great applause Bismarck on Silver. Now my friends i have quoted you that he said that there was de pression in agriculture in Germany. I want to read you what Prince Bis Marck says about the condition of affairs in Germany. Our opponents Are in the habit of telling us that All the civilized nations Are in favor of the Gold Standard. The germans who live in this country Point wit just Pride to the greatness of this illustrious German Prince Bismarck. Let me read you what he has said within a few weeks in regard to bimetal ism and then see whether he testifies that the Gold Standard has been a Good thing for Germany applause in a letter written to governor Culberson of Texas and dated on the 24th of August 1s96, Prince Bis Marck said your esteemed favor of july 1st has been duly received. I have always had a predilection forbid Metallis but i would not while in office claim my views of the mat ter to be infallibly True when advanced against the views of experts. I hold to this very hour that it would be advisable to bring about Between the nations chiefly engaged in the world s Commerce a Mutual agree ment in favor of the establishment of bimetal ism if the Gold Standard had been a Blessing to Germany Why would he not say that it was better to keep the Gold Standard instead of getting rid of the Gold Standard and substituting the double Standard by International agreement. " considered from a commercial and Industrial standpoint Prince Bismarck continues the United states Are Freer by far in their move ments than any nation in Europe and hence if the people of the United states should find it compatible with their interests to take independent1 action in the direction of bimetal list i cannot but believe that such action would exert a most salutary influence upon the consummation of International agreement and the coming into this league of every european nation our ability. We have those among our people who have said that some other nation must take the Lead. Prince Bismarck says that the people of the United states Are Freer by far in their movements than the nations of Europe. Can it be that this great German statesman has a higher con caption of the ability of the people of the United states than the tories who Are not willing to do anything until they ask the consent of other nations great applause and cheer ing not Only does Prince Bismarck say that we Are Freer to take action than other nations but he says if we act it will exert a most salutary effect on the consummation of International agreement and the com ing into the league of every european nation. Bismarck testifies first that the Gold Standard is the policy in Germany and he wants bimetal ism restored. Be testifies second that the United states is in the Best Posi tion of All the states to take the Lead. testifies third that if this nation take the Lead it will have a salutary influence not in but in bringing the other nation of Europe into an International agreement. I desire that you will always remember this Testi Mony coming from so distinguished an author. Farmers and non producers. Let me Call your attention to an other thing which Prince Bismarck said. Our opponents Tell us that we Are arraying one class against an other. Let me show you what Prince Bismarck has said in regard to classes on questions which concern agricultural depression. A Little More than a year ago he was quoted As saying to a Farmer audience in Germany that the Farmers must stand together and must protect themselves from the drones of society which produce nothing but Laws. Great applause remember the significance of those the Farmers should stand together and protect themselves from the drones of society who produce nothing but Laws. Great applause my friends Divide society into two classes. On the one Side put the non producers and on the other Side put the producers of wealth and you will find that in this country the majority of the Laws Are made by the non producers instead of the producers of wealth and just As Long As the non producers make the Laws just so Long it will be More profitable to the non producer of wealth. Bismarck tried to arouse the Farmers of Germany to throw out these drones and take charge of legislation themselves. I suppose they will Call Bismarck an agitator. Laughter and applause i suppose they will say that he ought not to array one class of society against another. Of course i do not know How drones feel in a Bee hive but if drones could talk and make speeches i will bet that you could not Tell one of their speeches from the speeches made by the Heads of those great trusts who Call every body anarchists who do not believe with them. A Phibee i will venture that if a drone could talk and write and express his ideas in language there is not a member of a Syndicate that has been beating this govern ment but who could take the drone s speech and use it As his own without being accused of plagiarism. Great applause my friends that is the Only class Issue that we raise and if to say the people who fight the nation s Battles in time of War have a right to do the legislating in time of peace is raising class against clans then 1 am willing to be Callen an agitator my friends great applause and cheers Hamia s methods to capture the country. Or. R. C. Bell a prominent citizen of Legrange Indiana received the following letter from j. F. Forsythe of Wall Street is. Y., which As a Good Democrat he immediately made Public the people West should be impressed with the fact that our people Here can take care of themselves come what May. We Are concerned for Only the classes that labor whether in the factory on the rail Road or on the farms. It is costing us a great Deal of time besides several millions of dollars to teach these lessons and they should realize that we cannot constantly subscribe millions of Money at presidential elections for their cause which out Lay by agitations is constantly in creased. In talking with or. Banna recently he said he would probably need �25,000,000 from our City before the polls closed in november caused by such men As you and or. Bryan but we think that if treble the amount is really needed our generous people will Supply it to keep the ignorant people from committing political suicide. Every one at the last meeting when or. Hanna was licit Ayreen la Momiu of my. Our newspapers Are Loyal to the people they Are terribly mad How Ever at or. Bryan for his speech at Madison Square Garden and we should not be surprised if some of them indulge in violent language should 6peakhere again. Or. Hanna has seen some of the most influential owners of these papers since however and we think they will still be lenient. Our efforts will be toward kindness to our fellow men. We invite you with All kind Ness and with Well wishes personally trusting you May assist in quieting your people. We Are willing to Aid you financially if necessary and Are perfectly willing to Trust you without fear. Or. Hanna in Many cases does not allow our treasurer to pay at once he thinks guarantees Are Good until the poll shows the actual result in the town or precinct but in your Case if you will make known your actual needs for the beginning of the work providing j of agree to change your views in accordance with our other followers in your state belong ing to the honest Gold party we will Endeavor to provide you with All necessary funds. You need not answer this personally As some of or. Hanna s agents will visit your City soon and will surely Call on you. It is not our intention to have Onoue committed by letter. I assure that our work is telling in the East. Most of our manufacturers have converted their employees who Are rapidly join ing our clubs. There is not much trouble once the Way is shown Bismarck a bimetal list. Dallas Tex. September 19in a speech to night governor Culberson read the following significant correspondence Between himself and Prince Bismarck on the Money question Prince Bismarck great question of finance is now of supreme interest to the peo ple of the United states. It is presented in various forms out in a gen eral Way it May be said to be first whether the United states shall adopt the single Gold Standard or second whether they shall adopt by Metallis with both Gold and Silver As the Standard or primary Money. The argument in favor of each is Well known to you but it is particularly insisted that we should adopt the policy of bimetal ism because the Supply of Gold in the world for coinage is insufficient to meet the de Mand and because such a Standard will still further depress the values of All property. Which in your judgment is the Best policy to adopt the Gold stand Ard or bimetal ism giving your Rea sons what effect in your judgment will the immediate adoption of by Metallis by the United states have on the cause of bimetal ism in Ger Many and other great commercial nations a. Culberson governor of in reply Prince Bismarck said Friedrichs Ruhe aug. 24, 96. Honoured esteemed favor has been duly received. I hold that this is the very hour that would be advisable to bring about Between the nations chiefly engaged in the world s Commerce a Mutual agreement in favor of the establishment of bimetal list. The United states Are Freer by far in their movements than any nation of Europe and hence if the people of the United states should find it compatible with their interests to take Independent action in the direction of bimetal ism i cannot but believe that such action would exert a most salutary influence upon the consummation of International agree ment. an unprecedented year s work by the life Karins service. There is no department of the pub Lic service wherein the great protect ing Arm of the government is seen Tobe so plainly stretched out in the in Terest of imperilled humanity a in the life saving service. Asa necessary adjunct to the Lighthouse service both Are placed in the same depart ment under the direct control of the Secretary of the Treasury. Dotting the dangerous Atlantic coast from Maine to Texas on the Pacific from Seattle to san Diego and even on the great Inland lakes Are the pretty Little life saving stations the abode of the Brave Fellows who risk danger even death in the service of their endangered fellow men. In these houses is also the apparatus invented by the Beneficent geniuses for the purpose of Render ing somewhat safer the work of Rescue. There is the great surf boat which is launched through the break ers to reach a disabled ship the 6mall two wheeled Cannon used to fire a shot line from the Shore to ship and the life car which May be hauled Between the ship and the Shore when it is impossible to launch the surf boat. The men on the stations Are on duty Only during that portion of the season when the coast is swept by sudden and violent storms that sweep up from the West indies wreaking disaster upon shipping and were it not for the foresight of the govern ment and the Fidelity of the Brave coast guards Many More lives would be lost every year than is now the Case. The service has just issued a report of its operations during the past fiscal year and it is a highly inter Esting volume. There Are 251 stations in All included in twelve districts. The number of disasters to vessels within the scope of possible Aid from the stations was 483. Aboard these vessels were 5,402 persons but Twenty of whom perished. Thin is a wonderful and highly flattering commen tary upon the value of the service. The total value of the property involved in these disasters was Slu 647,235. Of this amount $0,145,085 was saved to the owners the property loss being Only about ten per cent. The number of vessels totally lost was 73. During the year s03 shipwrecked persons were cared for at the stations near where the wrecks occurred and they were sometimes detained at the stations for Days at a time. In addition to those saved from the imperilled vessels 114 persons were rescued by sur men without whose assistance they would undoubtedly have been drowned. Twenty four of these persons had fallen from piers wharves Etc. Fourteen were exhausted swimmers three were intoxicated nine were adrift on ice hoes in Lake Michigan eleven were caught by rising tides Aud one was an aeronaut who fell from his balloon into Lake Ontario. In 5g0 instances stranded vessels were worked off and safely piloted away and 24 ships in danger of going ashore were warned Oil by the lights of the Beach patrol. During the year 8111 lives were saved in the surf boat 131 were taken off in the life car and 100 were in such imminent danger that it was necessary to take them off in the breeches buoy. These tuli.-1 is Are emphatic in support of the Wisdom of maintain ing a service that is a Boon to humanity regardless of nationality or what not. Pusin rss Man and Geld. It is easy to understand Why men with immense fortunes and fixed in comes should be in favor of the Gold Standard. They have plenty of Money and the Gold Standard in drunk it constantly value of the Dollar while it reduces the value of everything that Money will buy. But Why should any manufacturer merchant or other business Man whose welfare is dependent on the general Prosperity Side with the plutocracy when Money is hard to get prices come Down purchasers grow scarce and at the same time interest rises. As or. Bryan Points out the Busi Ness Man makes his Money not from the men from whom he borrows but from the men to whom he Sells his goods. The shopkeepers of new York for example would be immeasurably More benefited by a Rise of 10 per cent in the wages of the working men of the City than by the doubling of the pile of every millionaire in the United states. A Money system that locks up capital hits the shopkeeper because it hits his customers. The Gold Standard gives us Money that it is easy to Corner and which it does not pay to borrow for business Pur poses because it is steadily appreciating in value. The Man who Bor rows that kind of Money to turn it Over gets turned Over himself for being under the necessity of paying Back dollars Worth More than those that were Lent him his profits disappear in the transaction. Though he May not know what strikes him heis Sand bagged by the Gold Standard. The shopkeepers the manufacturers the great mass of business men who Are not loaded Down with wealth like the Carnegie Huntington and morgans and others of the class who Are so anxious for the election of Mckinley As to be willing to pay handsomely for the Blessing Are Allin the same boat with the men who work for wages either with their hands or Heads. Free coinage by a great and Opu Lent country such As the United states is would bring Gold Down and Send Silver up equalize their value and give us a currency that would adjust itself automatically to the expanding needs of expanding business. It would raise prices profits and wages and we should have a kind of Money that besides being really honest because stable in its measuring Power could not be cornered by the patriotic gentlemen whose hearts Are wrung lest the National credit and their gains May be impaired. Rising markets employed labor and Security against the schemes of Money Corner ers Are desired by Ever business Man who is Able to think but these we cannot have under the Gold Standar new York journal. Jesse l. Test esq., an old resident and highly respected citizen of our town called this morning and after purchasing a bottle of Chamberlain s Colic cholera and diarrhoea Rem Edy said if anyone asks you if this remedy will do what is claimed for it. Tell them yes and refer them to h. Alexander Stoke Reynoldsville a. No one can doubt the value of thi6 Medicine after giving it a fair trial. Then it is pleasant and Safe to take making it especially valuable for children. For Sale by Blackstone & Bell Accomac and w. Parker Onancock. Of Pho pivoted jewelled or it Olio Auy Par made new to order that your watch May re quire. Jeweler rth St. Onancock Lee fling Clothier Pocomoke City my wishes through this paper to inform his friends and of the grand old Commonwealth of Virginia that his Toek of men a boys and children s . So hats and gents furnishings is Large and Complete embracing the latest and Best manufactured up to Date perfect utting garments. Good Low values. Prices. Don t fail to see his extensive line of men s suits at $5, �7 and �10, they Are new neat and Nobby and special bargains for spot Cash Only at the Peninsula Clittis House. C. S. Waples Tco. Wei and Willow Ware. Brooms brushes Cordage matches axe handles Axle grease barrel covers baskets blacking Blank books glueing bowls churns compasses Broom Racks Corn Poppers butter dishes a Caudle Wicks cheese safes clothes hamper a Cocoa dippers Coffee Mills Curry Combs corks dusters faucets fish Hooks and lines flour sacks halters flasks gun Caps Lee Cream freezers horse cards keepers Ink Keri lamp burners a pulleys lanterns Lap boards Lemon squeezers Mats measures Marine glasses mucilage oakum Oil cans. Well buckets tubs a. 119 South Street Baltimore my. So Margaret Academy a first class school for both sexes. Full corps of experienced and skillful teachers in All the departments. The location is the most Beautiful on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Grounds cover fourteen acres of High undulating land. Library of Twenty five Hundred Standard vol Umes including encyclopaedias dictionaries and other Standard works of reference and Litera Ture open to pupils of the school. Pupils boarding in the school required to study two hours every night under supervision of the teachers. One Hundred and Twenty pupils last session. Catalogues containing full in formation sent free to any address. Frank p. Brent Onancock a. Just Tell them that you saw us and. We Are doing Well. With most people the cry of hard times has become chronic but there Are is much Money As Ever if you have anything to 633 bring it. Our work at present prices brings it and should bring you to Mclain & co., photographers Onancock a. You can save baloney by buying your watches clocks jewelry spectacles and silverware of j. Adelstein Onancock a. We have reduced our prices 25 per cent on All our latest style goods. Also remember if you buy �10 Worth of goods we will give you a solid Gold Monogram with your name on it free of charge. Special attention paid to repair work of All kinds on line watches. Blocks jewelry and musical boxes cat greatly reduced prices. All work warranted. Highest prices paid for old Gold and Silver. Will be at Accomac c. H., every court Day for repairing. Yours truly j. Adelstein. Geo. W. Payne undertaker Marsh Market a. Keeps a full line of caskets of All grades and sizes in Stock. Orders for coffins of any Grade furnished on Short notice. Will meet trains and steam-1 boats when requested. Sweet potato farms for Sale. No. 1.sold. No. 2has 80 acres 50 acres under cultivation 30 acres in Pine Woodland. Land is. High and level is improved by a two Story 0 room dwelling which is comparatively new with new outbuildings Young peach and Apple Orchard strawberries Etc., seven Miles from Pocomoke City in Somerset county 1 Miles from Steamboat wharf convenient to churches and schools. Price $1,200, one half Cash balance on time to suit no. 3has 162 acres is in Somerset county 8 Miles from Pocomoke City 5 Miles from Costin station 3 Miles from methodist and Baptist churches same distance from graded school is improved by a 7 room dwelling which is in Good Condi tion outbuildings in fair Condi tion. About 100 acres of this farm is High level land of Good Quality 10 acres set to Clover the Woodland is principally Fine and All ords any Quantity of Woods manure As Well As valuable Timber. Young Apple or Chard. It is believed that a bet ter truck farm is not to be found in this Section. Price $2,000, one half Cash balance on Long time. No. 4.has 33 acres. 23 acres under successful cultivation.10 acres is detached Woodland. This farm is beautifully situated on the suburbs of Pocomoke City with All the advantages of both town and country. Is improved by a Good six room building porches Etc., All in perfect or Der with All necessary outbuildings. This is a Beautiful Home where pleasure and profit can be combined land High. Price$2,500, Cash or All Cash at option of purchaser no. in Somerset county i Miles from Pocomoke City has 105 acres about one half under cultivation balance thickly set in Pine Woodland from which Woods manure has never been removed. Is improved by a Small tenant House has 1,000 peach Trees in full bearing. Price $2,000 terms to suit purchaser. No. 0is on the opposite Side of the count Road from no. 2 has 30 acres 16 acres under cultivation 14 acres in Pine Wood land land is High and level has Good Apple and peach Orchards a Patch of cultivated strawberries Etc. Is improved by one and one half Story 3 room dwell ing in Good condition. Price$g00, one half Cash. Also 250 other farms suited for All Pur poses. Send for latest Price list to f. Dryden real estate broker Pocomoke City my. Virginia in the circuit court for the county of Accomac in the vacation of the said court the 27th Day of August a. D., is00. Nehemiah w. Nock plaintiff against Henry Byrd cold defendant in Assum sit and upon an attachment returned levied and the object of this suit is to recover of the defendant $110.31, with interest thereon from the kith Day of August 1893, till payment subject to payment of$30.00, paid january 15th, 1s94, and the costs of this suit. Affidavit having been made before the clerk of the said court Liat Henry Byrd coloured the defendant in the above entitled cause is a non resident of the state of Virginia on the motion of the plaintiff by Iii attorney it is ordered that he the said non resident defendant do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication of this order and do what is Neces sary to protect his interests and that this order be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula enter prise a newspaper published at Accomac c. H., va., and also posted at the front door of the court House of the said county on the first Day of the next term of the county court of the said county. Test John d. Grant c. C. A copy test John d. Grant c. C. Blackstone & Bundick p. Q. W. E. Doughty with Peter Rose & sons wholesale manufacturers of folded hand parts leather Fly nets leather and web halters saddlery goods. . Cor. Light Lombard sts., Baltimore my. Cemetery work. Monuments headstones tablets 01 new and Beau Trul designs in Marble and Granite Gaddess Bros. No. 6 w. Fayette St., and 314 South Charles Street Baltimore my. As will soon be coming in our Cost sales will positively Stop on october 3d. We have in Stock the largest line of samples for men and boys clothing to be found on the Shore in ready made and made to measure and at prices to suit the times and we will guarantee a fit or Cost you nothing and we extend to every Man and boy a cordial invitation to come and examine our samples. Yours to please c. S. Siocomb a Bros., Onancock va., As we did not get in our line of hats and shoes in time for our opening Sale on last wednesday we will give a special shoe Sale next monday september 28d, court Day. Ashby us Belott Accomac c. If Mclacy sabers you want to buy Sash doors blinds mantels Brack ets mouldings and building material generally if you need them at lowest possible to or Call on up. We have Large Stock and will make prices very Low for Cash. Goons shipped to any Point on the Shore. S. K. Mahtias & co., � � Harborton a. Trie Southside female Institute Burkeville a. The next session of this school will begin september 9th. 189g. And will continue nine months. Located at the Junction of the Norfolk and Western und the Southern railroads it is accessible from All Points. Fifty three Miles from Richmond. Thorough instruction in Well arranged courses of study including Normal and business departments. A faculty of ten Well qualified teachers. Healthfulness unsurpassed. Free Access to Mineral Springs. Comfortable rooms. Good fare. Parental care and discipline. Special attention Given to music. The moral and religious training of the Young ladies will receive careful attention preparing for Christian work. Terms very Low. For catalogue and other information apply to Rev r. W. Cridlin principal. Fruit and produce commission merchants. 327 Washington St. New York. Shipping isto. La a. . G. James Trowers j. James Locustville l. O. Wat son Daugherty John a. Fisher Eastville Jas. A. Hall Marsh Market l. T. Parker Horntown new York National Exchange Bank new York. Hugh j. Phillips prop a Salisbury Maryland. Has beyond every doubt the finest Brick we have seen this season. has added improved machinery and skilled labor to his Large Plant which is the largest South of Wilmington Del. His rail Road and boat facilities for shipping Are unequalled by any one and if you need a car or a. Boat Load or any part thereof write him arid you will surely get a prompt and satisfactory reply. His Stock is the largest and most Complete of any Yard outside of the cities. The Best the company that does the most Gooda Good record in the past is the Best guarantee. For the future. The ii i my Effii 1 of new York. Richard a. Ivic Curdy president. Fob your cows8deration to be Happy you must be contented to be contented you must feel thit your Home is secure and your family provided for. Have you a mortgage on your property if you have you May be a to pay it off in time. If you die before it is will a it Wou i not a life insurance policy be a Good thing for you to carry. R o that whatever happens your property is secure met. Men work hard and take but Little present Comfort in or Der to secure future wealth. Yet fj5 per cent of men in business Are not successful. Think of it do not leave this matter of the future welfare of your family in doubt. Decide now and take a $10,000 or $2,000 policy on your life payable to youself at 60 or 05 years if you Are then living. If you die before that time your family and business Are protected. If you live you will be Well provided for. Meanwhile you can enjoy your present income and at the same time leave your family provided for. Having paid your life insurance Premium you can freely spend the remainder of your income without the haunting fear of future want to the wife and children. �2twrite at once to Zerbest n. Fell gen. Agt.8 Wilmington Del

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Looking for more information? If you’re not ready to talk to a representative, here are some frequently asked questions to help you determine if institutional access to Newspaper Archive is for you and your institution.

Newspapers allow readers to step into the life and times of past decades and centuries from all over the world. Not only do they have interesting and unique articles and photos, but they also have advertisements, comics, classifieds, and more.
The NewspaperArchive collection can be searched several different ways - advanced search, browse, and publications. The advanced search offers filters to narrow your search for more precise results.
NewspaperArchive’s collection of newspapers boasts more than 85% unique content compared to other newspaper sites. In addition to big city newspapers, we have a wide variety of newspapers from small towns that hold a wealth of information about day-to-day life. Our collection dates back to 1607!