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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jun 2 1920, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - June 2, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Health Foft a the farm. Candidates cards. To the voters of the county of Accomac. I hereby announce myself a candidate to represent the county of Accomac in the Riouse of delegates subject to the democratic primary to be held on she 7th Day of september 1911. Fully realizing the importance and responsibility of this position i Promise if elected to discharge the utile thereof in a faithful and energetic manner to the Best of my ability. Respectfully soliciting your support and thanking Yon for any assistance you May give my candidacy i am very sincerely yours j. Harry Rew. To the voters of Meto Mcfain District i am a candidate for the Vilice of Justice of the peace which place i am now filling by appointment from judge Fletcher subject to the democratic primary and bake this method of respectfully soliciting the support of the voters of said District. Very truly a Stephen Goin. To my fellow citizens of Accomac and Northampton counties i hereby announce that i am a candidate subject to the democratic primary to be held on the 7th of september for Floater Delegate from the counties aforesaid in the next legislature of Virginia. If elected i Promise a faithful and impartial discharge of my duties. Yours respectfully Barton k. Lilliston. Candidates cards candidates cards. To the voters of Accomac county this is to inform my friends and fellow citizens that i am a candidate for the office of oem missioner of Revenue for the lower Parish subject to the democratic primary and kindly ask that they vote for me. I Promise it elected to make a personal visit to every tax payer of the lower Parish. Yours truly Robt. P. Coleburn. Four generations of one family work together in Field. That health and Long life Are found on the farm has Long been known. Life in the open air with sound sleep i and wholesome food Means health and a Busy body Means a contented mind and Little Wear and tear on nerves. I the accompanying picture show four generations of one family at work slightest inequality causes Silt of re a a v posits and clogs the current. T a.-1 a matter of prime importance in. / laying tile for drainage of wet Laud Isa. _. I a inf Quot a a a a a Ctm that of getting an even Grade or fall b % �?T,��11 to the ditch says professor m. E. Sherl a a 1 win in the progressive Farmer and if the tile in the Bottom forms a was log line or change from n Given a Grade to a Grade less Steep there May �7 always be expected an accumulation a a amp a of Silt due to the less rapid flow off water within the tile which will Drain. Poll v Silt basins May be put in to admit of cd Fri to a cleaning out this material at intervals s but just As far As possible the Deposit ,.of it should be prevented by getting an even Grade so that there is no tend this even Grade May be obtained by the use of a very simple piece of apparatus. One which any Farmer can easily make and use. V take a piece of 1 by c Inch Pine Board. A. Sixteen feet Long. Fasten securely to the ends of tills two pieces Al Quot f b b. Each nine feet Long and have piece a. The joint at c May be made by lapping the ends or the ends May be Cut slanting so that they fit up Small strip nailed across on either Side. A fourth strip d. Should be fastened As indicated to b b. Two inches above f0ub oeneratiok8 at a by Board a. A plumb Bob will now be in a Field on a Long Island farm. All Hung from a Hook at the joint 0 by a Are sturdy and Happy. It is Seldom piece of one Iron or Copper wire so indeed that four generations will be that it will hang within six inches of found engaged in a gainful occupation the ground. In o City. Now get the piece a level this i important and Mark the place on d country school spoils Good Farmers where the wire hangs. Block one end vocational training is enlisting As of a up from the floor one half Inch never before the interest and Effort of by putting under it a piece of Wood of business men and educators in several this thickness and Mark again on d Western states. For two years cer where the wire Bangs. It will not Tain Bankers in Minnesota have pro hang where it did before but nearer moved it very actively their Commer the lower end. Take the Block out Cal interest in farm properties and and place under the other end. Again people leading them to do so. They marking on d where it hangs. Repeat have found that of 435,000 school Chil this operation with a Block one and Dren educated at a Cost of $14,000,000 one half inches thick and with blocks annually fewer than 1,800 attend . Cultural schools. In a state which has Szaj s. Only one third of the tillable land re within its 84,000 Square Miles under cultivation Over 00 per cent of the children Are being trained to be con r Quot u Sumers and Only four tenths of 1 perv �?��?-7 a a cent to be producers. The present a. School system even in the country plumb Fob level a mtg a Thiis found to he educating cell two two and one half and three inches it Llen inva from the farms Quot spoiling tack. Be sure to measure the thick. Farmers and not making Good Ness of each Block. Men. When the plumb Bob hangs across the banker a feed p13 for the the first Mark made on d we have est answer t0 the question. Why am the Board exactly level. When the a so Long t0 Leate the farm the boy Bob swings one. Two or three spaces 7b� 1�� a rat pre Laid stress on the either Way we have a Grade of one half most of the school arms Inch one Inch or one and one half f1 or ,ffrl3 irom town inches respectively in sixteen feet. But a a cd Uko country use. Placing Thea la the Bottom of the ditch a Nrman nmn dlssatl3 we can Tell How much the crude is to fact Lod among the . Fin arid Garden Drain Grade must be even. How Are you Anne ? i want to know How much sugar you use in that new recipe for every Day something new turns up which proves the value of the Telephone in the farm Home. In household duties in farm work in social affairs in sickness or other trouble the Telephone is the farms ready messenger and servant. Every Farmer can have a Bell Telephone by Means of our Rural line plan. Send for attractive Booklet. The Diamond state Telephone company to the voters of the Atlantic magisterial District i take this method of announcing myself As candidate for Constable for the next term subject to the democratic primary which will be held thib coming summer and Promise if elected to discharge my duty to the Best of my ability hoping it will be your pleasure to give me your support and thanking you in Advance i am yours very truly o. T. Kelley. Mckemie Park va., february 9,1911. Incorporated january 26. 1900. Ben t. Gunter a. J. Mcl filth. V. A. Burton president. Secy and treas. Gen. My or. General Olliee Onley Virginia. To the voters of Accomac county i am a candidate for the office of commissioner of Revenue upper Parish subject to the democratic primary. Having served the party faithfully for Twenty six years Over Twenty of which As a member of the county committee and the District of the islands never having had a candidate before on the county ticket i respectfully solicit your support at this time. Should 1 succeed i Promise a faithful and personal performance of the duties of said office. Thanking you in Advance for any favor shown and hoping to see you in person before the election i am. Yours very respectfully o. M. Jones. To the voters of Accomac i respectfully announce myself a candidate for commissioner of Rev nue lower Parish subject to democratic primary. As assistant of the late w. D. Tunnel several years i qualified myself for the office and it1 will be my pleasure if elected to discharge its duties promptly and efficiently. Thanking All in Advance for their support. Very respectfully Geo. N. Trower. New York Phila. Amp. Norfolk r. R. In effect april 30, 1911. Growers Agency for Choice Irish and Sweet potatoes onions berries peas Etc. Operates at ail the principal shipping stations and wharves in Accomac and Northampton counties. Commission merchants. Southern fruits and vegetables. 280 Washington Street shipping number 23 new York. References Aetna National Bank n. Dunes and bradstreets. We represent the Eastern Shore of a. Produce Exchange. South bound trains. No. 49 no. S7 no. 45 no. 41 no. 47 leave p. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. A. M. New York n.8. 9 00 12 38 3 38 8 00 Philadelphia 1117 5 45 3 00 5 57 1�o00 Wilmington 12 02 6 67 3 44 6 53 10 44 p. M Baltimore 1000 1 35 4 55 9 00 the food that plants want. There Are ten essential elements of giant food. Five of these Are provided by nature in abundance Viz Carbon and oxygen secured by the growing Plant directly from the air Hydrogen from water absorbed by the a a Arth Iron and Sulphur supplied by f be soil. The remaining five elements Are a a Trogen phosphorus potassium magnesium and Calcium. The Supply and liberation of these five constitute the foundation of permanent agriculture on All cult taxable soils in humid sections. Nitrogen exists in the air in absolutely inexhaustible amount and for general farming can be secured from the air most economically by the growing of legume crops. If these crops Are slowed under nitrogen is thus increased and additional organic matter supplied which us it decays in the soil helps to liberate or make available the other four important elements. Established 1869. J. H. Richardson. Leave Delmar Salisbury Tasley 4� 39 Cape Charlta 6 16 old poin 8 00 Norfolk arrive 9 05 fruit amp produce poultry calves and eggs North bound trails. No. 44 no. 48 no. 59 no 80 no. 4ti . . Pm. . . 8 90 615 8 00 8 45 7 16 8 45 i 11 05 9 30 6 00 1135 . 10 49 1 31 1 12 a. M. 7 34 1 35 12 25 9 42 8 19 8 01 2 00 12 54 1015 8 58 leave a Norfolk old Point Cape Charles Selling agents for the Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange and Peninsula produce Exchange of Maryland. References Irving National Exchange Bank n. Y., w. A. Burton Onley a. And the Trade generally. Salisbury Delmar Arrivo . . . Wilmington ll22 4 35 4 05. . Philadelphia 12 08 5 22 5 00 Baltimore 12 40 6 52 6 01 new York . 2 56 8 05 7 32 Geo. W. Tull amp co wholesale produce commission merchants 95 Park place a hew York. Trains 49 and 50 Dally trains 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, 80 and 46 daily except Broday. A. B. Cooker r. A Massey. Traffic a a Niff. Puc�rintencj�?~�4 Luther t. Lewis Sailmaker references a Aetna National Bank new Yor Farmers amp merchants National Bank Onley a. Bradstreets and dunes agencies. Selling agents e. S. Produce Exchange also Southern produce company Norfolk a. At f. C. Lewis store Hunting greek a All repair Wark done promptly Satiel faction guaranteed. General commission merchants 217 s. Charles Street to for f shipping letters c. Amp w. Bluj keeping rats from Chicks. In one night rats will destroy enough Chicks to pay for Many a Rod of first class Fine meshed wire. Cemetery notice i humane horse collars. A a Man who works a sweat pad a on his horse ought to have one r his own Nook. It a Cumber pc a ome hot filthy and it Breeds f a cabs. The up to Date Man has y Long ago discarded the Cotton x pad and uses a leather Collar j. Smooth no Lump a nor knots nor j f feat clots that is it if he clean it and Oil �4 often enough. Sole agents for e. S. A. Produce Exchange for Baltimore. Persons in Accomac and id joining Coon lies wishing to Mark the grave o4 s relative or Fyk my with established 1887. J. W. Hutchinson so co., a a wholesale commission # fruits and merchants prot Iyce. 315 Washington st., slipping no. 1 04 new Vor references Peoples Safe Deposit and Trust co., Jersey a City. Aetna National Bank new York bradstreets and Dun a a mercantile agencies. Two flt to of a fsr it Paf Kajey and Pocomoke dealing a Marble works. Should justify anyone want. Ing a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Davis amp brq., Laurel Del or seeing our local agents t. G. , Onancock. W. H. Pruitt Temperance file. A i Geo. W. Abdell Belle have. Tto non Favett Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now do 6 a very outlay a we keep in Stock a Large collection of finished work of Modem daa Igns off the Best workmanship and at the vow lowest prices. 115 n. Liberty st. Near Lexington also 314 s. Charles sir. To the voters of Atlantic District i announce myself a candidate for the office of supervisor for Atlantic District subject to the coming primary. Respectfully Ashton Fletcher. A vicious Dwarf. Befia was the favorite Dwarf of the. Fprmer King Stanislas of Poland. Bra in 1741 in Lorraine at the Flye he was Twenty two inches High and at his death in 1704 thirty three. Inches. He was neither physically nor. Mentally Active. Once count born Laski visited him and he. Became so jealous of the former a Superior manners and in Teller Tual qualified that he attempted to. The Roxy his visitor into the Are but prevented by the household. Cecil Rhodes grave. Gobeil Rhodes the a Diamond King and. Famous South african statesman is buried in Africa in obedience to his own wish As expressed in the following words left in his will a i Admire the grandeur and loneliness of the a Toppas in Rhodesia and therefore 1 desire to be buried in the Mato Pas. J on the Hill which i used to Call the f View of the world a in a Square to be-3 Cut in the Rock on the top of the Hill i covered with a Plain brass plate with i these words thereon a Here lie the re i Mains of Cecil John Rhodes.� Rhodes. 1 died March 20, 1902, at the age of for \ to seven. Established seventy five years Baltimore my. To my fellow citizens of Accomac i take this method to announce myself a candidate for commissioner of Revenue in the upper Parish subject to the democratic primary and at the proper time i will visit the people and make known to them my reason for asking for their support and at the same time i respectfully ask the people not to pledge their support to any candidate but to be Independent and free to vote for whom they please on election Day. With gratitude for past favors i am sincerely your Humble servant t. O. Kelley. To the voters of Accomac i announce myself a candidate for the office of commissioner of Revenue for upper Parish subject to democratic primary. If elected will discharge the duties of the office to the Best of my ability. Yours truly. New Church a a. M. E. Duncan Mam of Mai ble and Granite monuments headstones Tab. Lets amp a Edward h. Howai a cd proprietor Parksley Eva

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