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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jul 28 1920, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - July 28, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Silos like this $275. Foolish to farm without Thom now. Inc roast values up to 25 per cent. It does not pay to devote land for Long periods to pasturage and the production of Hay. The land can be put to More profitable use. Such is the testimony of George p. Grout the Dairy expert of Minnesota. During the last to amp or years More silos have been built than have previously been constructed altogether. The More prosperous Farmers Are often supplied with two Good silos. The silo professor Grout asserts practically increases the producing Ca Bui Xiding a stays silo. Parity of the farm at least 10 per cent and often More. A 1g0 acre farm with a silo will produce As much Revenue As one of Iso acres without. The first Cost of a silo like that of a dwelling House a barn or a team should be considered part of the initial investment and if ones capital is limited it is better to buy a farm smaller by 10 per cent rather than dispense with a silo. The producing value of a silo on fifty Dollar land would be equal to that of Twenty acres added to the 1g0 acre farm or $1,000. $100 land it would be $2,000. This is a Low estimate for the Stock carrying capacity of the farm will often be increased fully 25 per cent by the addition of a silo. As compared with its producing value the Cost of constructing the silo is Small. Round wooden silos Cost from $1.50 to $3 per ton of capacity those of Stone Brick or Cement from $2 to $4. It has been shown by actual Experiment in Minnesota that working co operatively in the Purchase of materials Etc., a number of Farmers in a locality May erect on each of their farms a stave silo similar to the one in the illustration of 140 to 150 tons capacity for about $275. T get out of the average. A a average farming is not now \ \ and never has been profitable but it is the Only kind of farming that average Farmers can do. Improvement in men is reflected in All their works. Better men Quot can be developed by teaching children the simple science of agriculture. To raise the average of crop yields involves an uplift of society As a whole. A a education is a National problem. New facts old manures. Values of the various sorts of fertilizer set Forth briefly. Horse manure from City stables usually contains 70 to. 75 per cent of water in the form in which such manure reaches the Farmer. The solid portion of such manure contains of nitrogen from 0.5 to 0.s per cent phosphoric acid 0.3 to 0.3 per cent Potash 0.5 to 0.7 per cent Lime 0.5 to 0.8 per cent with traces of magnesia. The drier the manure the larger the Quantity of actual Plant food elements in the ton. Computing the above named quantities of nitrogen therein As Worth 20 cents per Pound phosphoric acid and Potash each 4 cents a Pound the valuation of horse manure of the above Range of composition works out from $2.04 to $4.10 per ton. Sheep manure from stockyards and Slaughter houses is sometimes sold in the Market either under its own name or As so called Quot natural analysis of three such samples sold in Connecticut showed them to contain about As much nitrogen phosphoric acid and Potash As could be bought in the form of fertiliser chemicals for $11 or $12. The sheep manure sold at from $23 to $33 a ton. But As the station report Bays it must also be remembered that 30 per cent of sheep manure consists of Fine vegetable matter which forms humus in the soil and has distinct value in feeding the soil bacteria and in regulating the water Content of the soil. A curious fertilizing material comes in Small quantities from silk Mills. It is called Quot cocoon dust and consists of the dead bodies of silkworms. The Connecticut station found it to be extraordinarily Rich in nitrogen containing nearly 10 per cent of this substance also Small quantities of phosphoric acid and Potash. Sewage waste May be profitable As a fertilizer. The sludge which accumulates on the Sand Beds used for the purification of sewage at Rockville was found by the Connecticut station to contain of water 08 per cent of nitrogen 1.34 per cent with traces of phosphoric acid and Potash. This material has almost three times As much nitrogen As stable manure but it is probably much less available to crops a because the More soluble and valuable part of the nitrogen has been removed by water and microbe action. Nevertheless if it can be got for the hauling it might pay for a Short haul to plow agriculturist sins of the fathers. Fair girls i am sure papa would not object to you but i no afraid Mamma will. She says your family have depraved tastes. Rich grocers son Good gracious where did she get that idea fair girls i think she judges by the butter that your father used to recommend As Good. A queer legend. Fedor Kosmuch the Hermit May Hava been a russian Czar. A curious legend is associated with the name of Alexander i. Russia. It is to the effect that the emperor in 1825 was sojourning in the Crimea. When near Tagan Rog his Coachman by some Means managed to overturn the Carriage of a court courier named Markof who was killed. The emperor wishing to rid himself of the cares of state so the Story runs caused it to be reported that it was he himself who was killed. Then he carried out a plan which he had for Long conceived of retiring to Siberia and living there under an assumed name. Schulder. The historian professes to have satisfied himself that at Alt events the remains in the Cathedral of Peter and Paul Are those of the courier. Shilder asserts that he Learned this much from the children of Markof. According to the legend. Alexander i. Russia died in Siberia in 1864, but history records that to died at Tagan Rog in 1823. It seems that in 1. 23 a mysterious stranger appeared in Siberia. He gave his name As Fedor Kosmeh and never revealed any other or the place whence he came lie lived the life of a Hermit and was received generally with respect. In 1s3g he accepted the invitation of a Rich merchant to take up his abode in ills House at Tomsk. There he was very retired and held communication Only with mile. Kro Raof and the Myc chant her father. Every one who saw him was struck with his extraordinary resemblance to the defunct Czar. The grand Duke Nicholas Mecl Gallovitch contributed an article in the revue nist Orique in which he denied the sensational part of the Story hut admitted that the Hermit of Siberia might have been a natural brother of Alexander Globe. The Catskill gnomes. Legend of the ugly elves and Hendrick Hudson and his men. In the Catskill mountains Back of grand hotel station is a Large Amphitheater where Indian legend tells us. Live the ugly Little Catskill dwarfs with Bushy beards and eyes like pigs who can do Many marvelous things. They work Surpas singly Well in met fits and it 1b from their forges that in autumn comes the Haze of Indian summer. But their most marvelous feat is the brewing of a liquor which shortens the bodies and swells the Heads of All who drink it. It was to their tender mercies that Hendrick Hudson and his men fell having landed from the Naif Moon and lost their Way among the mountains. The gnomes held a mad carouse in their Honor catering and dancing around the Amphitheater and bringing Forth great to Lagos of their magic wine. Hudson and his men drank freely and deeply Only to become misshapen ugly dwarfs from that time Forth. Since then tilt have wandered around the Catskill mountains appearing to men once in Twenty years. The last time they were due to be seen was in 1909. So now they will not appear again until 1929, when any one daring enough can go up to the mountains to test for himself the truth of the Phebe Eldridge id new York world. Irish Brogue. It is really the old time method of pronouncing English. Perhaps nothing illustrates better he Vicissitudes of pronunciation in1 English than a study of what is called the a Irish this Lingual Mode for it is scarcely to be called a dialect is usually presumed to be a deterioration of language due to Lack of education and Contact with legitimate sources of English. It proves after a Little study to he a preservation of Tho old method of pronouncing English which has come Down to a great degree unchanged in Ireland from Shakespeare s time. In Elizabeth a time however it came to be realized that if there was to be any real affiliation of the two countries then the Irish language must be supplanted by English and a definite Effort in this direction was made. This change of speech resented and resisted was nevertheless successfully accomplished All Over the Island except in the West within a decade after Shakespeare a death. This fact takes on a new significance when we study what we now Call the Irish Brogue in connection with what is known to have been the pronunciation of English at that time. The two Are found to conform in practically every respect. Irishmen pronounce English As their forefathers Learned it and have preserved its pronunciation because they have been away from the main current of English speech variation Ever Magazine. Maddened the Bear. Ingenious trap that was formerly used by the mexicans. The mexicans in California had an ingenuous method of trapping bears before the Advent of the Yankees brought Modem firearms into the Region. A piece of meat was nailed to the Stout horizontal limb of an Oak tree. From a limb five or six feet above a rope was suspended to the end of which a Large Stone was made fast so that it Hung about six inches above and a trifle nearer the trunk than the meat on the lower limb. When a Bear smelled the meat from afar he would climb up the tree and make his Way to the bait in doing so he would push the Stone pendulum to one Side. Just As he was about to fasten his Teeth in the meat the Stone would swing Back and bang his head. This would arouse the anger of the Bear and he would give the Stone a sweep of his Paw which would Send it swinging farther out the consequence was a harder bang and More anger. The More he struck the Stone the harder he would be hit in return until from ferocious anger he would lose his caution and attack the pendulum with All his vigor. One powerful sweep then bang and Bruin would be tumbled out of the tree to the rocks below where disabled by his fall he would be at the mercy of those who set he trap whenever they chose to take him. The Handy Man. His Job of varnishing the door was not a howling Success. . Brewster thought his front door looked As though a coat of varnish would do it no harm and resolved to do it himself to save the expense of a Painter. Finding an old Quot Golden Simp tin in the Yard he went off to the shop for some Quot Best Oak he placed it in the pantry for the night and was up Early next morning and by half past�?T12 had got the door finished. A i done to like it now its done a he said to his wife. Quot its bad varnish a replied she. Quot he a sold you the wrong sort of he thought so too and went Back to the shop taking what was left with him. A this is funny varnish you sold me a said her it a Dull Sticky after examining it the Shopman said a this is not what i sold you. This is syrup a it then dawned on him that he had got hold of the wrong tin and he went Back Home to explain to his wife who at once said a Good gracious James and in be made the pudding with the other sinful a then after a moments pause a you la Dine today on roast Mutton and varnish pudding Pearson a weekly. Digestion and assimilation. It is not the Quantity of food taken but the amount digested and assimilated that gives strength and vitality to the system. Chamberlains stomach and liver tablets invigorate the stomach and liver and enable them to perform their functions naturally. For Sale by All dealers. Exquisite pain. The Kings Champion. Westminster Hall where Hie Challenge used to be uttered. Westminster Hall in London waa built originally by King will Lippi Rufus 1056-1100 and tradition goes that the Oak of its ceilings was brought from the Forest of shillelagh in Ireland Timber which possessed Peculiar properties rendering it hateful to spiders and their webs. Richard ii. Transformed the Hail. Leaving the old Walls standing he buttressed them strongly and raised Over them the magnificent roof of Oak which is ,1111 extant Ami intact. It is ninety two feet High. The length of the Hall is 290 feet its breadth sixty eight feet. It was Large enough for mounted men to enter in order to Challenge any who would dispute the rights of the King a ceremony that is quaintly described As follows on the Occi Ion of the it Foro nation of Richard Iii. And Queen Anne in 1483 a in the afternoon the King and Queene entered the Hall and the King sate in the midle and be Queene on be left Side of the table and on every Side of her stood a Countesse Bolding a cloth of Pleasance when she listed for to drink. And on the right hand of be King sate be archbishop of Canterbury. The ladies sate All on one Side in be midle of the Hall and at the table against them sate the Chancellor and All the lords. And at the table next the cupboard sate be mayor of London. At the second course came into be Hall or. Robert dim mock the Kings Champion making proclamation that whoever would say that King Richard was not lawful King he would fight with him the fifth and dental nerves Are the most agonizing thrillers. Which part of the human body is the at the utterance and threw Down his most sensitive to pain Gauntlett and then All the Hall cried a Sharp definition must be drawn King Richard Here Between irritation and pain. Irri-1 a and then one brought him a Cupp tation is not pain but Only a frequent j of wine covered and when he had cause of it. Thus a Crumb lodged in drunk he cast out the Drinke and de the Larynx near the vocal cords pro-1 parted with the Cupp. At the ducks violent irritation and prolonged end of the dinner the mayor of Lon coughing which often result in actual Don served the King and Queene with pain. So too a Fly or speck of dust in Sweete wine and had of each of them the Eye sets up violent irritation and a Cupp of Gold and a cover of Gold inflammation followed by acute pain.1 and by that time that All was done it of the surface of the body the Finger was Darke night and so the King the end of the Tongue Are most turned to his chamber and every Man sensitive. For instance a Burn on the to his fingers is much More painful than one the last time that the Hall was the on the Back would be. While one on the scene of the Challenge of the Kings Tongue would be More painful still. J Champion was at the Coronation of deep wounds Are not painful As a George in. Rule save As regards the surface in jury. pairs not caused by external t traditions is sit sir injuries neuralgia of the fifth nerve i. _ Quot the one which supplies the skin of the the a absence was a Sor Ous Handicap Hupfl Nril Fonn to Rno Moor inra Uca if head and face is the most intense. It has frequently driven people mad for marriage notices. To Adam and eve. The great drawback to the Garden of the time being and sufferers have been . A ,.a Aeden was the Lack of traditions know to Cut and even Burn the flesh . There was no history to serve As a in desperate attempts to relieve it. The ,.,rupture of the branches of the dental . A a u10iah 0lrts� ,a1 r nerve in tooth drawing also causes i Here was neither Baedeker nor agony so intense that it has been stated a path neither Macaulay nor Gib that no human being could endure it boat a pc tier Homor Vergil. Adam for More than two seconds at a a Cou not so t0 1 110 Library Pearson a weekly. Haul Down n Book and see How some body once did something or other. There were no daughters of anything to set the standards of social Eminence. There were no old families. They to into particulars in High lift there were no descendants of any in England. Body to talk big. Look Wise and draw in this country when the contracting pensions. There were no forefathers parties to a marriage desire to inform who had Laid Down inviolable Laws the Public of the event you will see contracted debts Given away fran inserted in the proper column a Little crises and established constitutions notice like this on saturday March 4, at st Josephus Church Mary Smith to William its simple and sufficient. But did you Ever take up one of the English social weeklies and see How a marriage is recorded it will read something like this Quot married at Ramsgate rookery near Oakley Stafford at noon on thursday 30th instant by the Rev. Plantagenet Clutterbuck la. D., f. A. A. S., m. O., q. a Uncle to the Bride Rector of st. Bartholomew a Church elephant s head Briary Lane Berkeley assisted by the Rev. Theophilus Timoleon Titmouse j. B., b. R., r. X. Z., d. Cousin of the bridegroom Rector of cavalry Church st Martins in the Back cellar Many a nose Grantley Gertrude Maude Beatrice Constance daughter of Grantville Neville Bolling broke Bop appers esq., l. P., m. T., s. Q., w. N., of bar Knees Briary Cholmondeley chair ones Somerset to Harold st John Ever Mont Strawsby k. By a r. A., l. G. J. And t. E. O., late of the fourteenth Royal lancers of pumper icle priory and stonehenge and Stickle neck Lodge st Christop Berk a under the hedge mumble Peg s Magazine. Orgies in new Guinea. Wild and bloody scenes when Tho natives get intoxicated. the unpleasant drinking customs of certain nations in new Guinea Walter Goodfellow writes Quot we did not find the people Down by the coast nearly so tractable or companionable As those at the headwaters of the River. They were also much More quarrelsome among themselves. They tap a species of sugar Palm up the River and make fermented drink out of it on this they get fearfully intoxicated and wild orgies take place All Day. Parties of them would go off in canoes and sit under the Palms from which the drink was obtained. In the morning they would return extremely Dunk and fights used to be the result a sometimes these fights lasted for two Days at a time. In our Vicinity they More often than not took place it night the natives then made such an indescribable Din with their howling and their noises that we could not sleep at our base Camp. Spears and showers of arrows were discharged in All directions and one could hear the sound of their axes dealing blows on the bodies of the combatants. Quot after a time the women would join in the fray and their shrill voices added to the Babel making the noise greater than Ever. When they became involved in the fights they seemed to be worse than the men. The cries were not like sounds emitted by human beings but rather like the cries of news. Done to use wet feed. There is no advantage in moistening the meal portion of the cows ration. It is better to Force her to thoroughly Mast Cate her feed rather than to Aid her in swallowing it quickly. Mixing of the feed with the saliva of the Tenouth helps in its digestion. The fluid secreted by the Mouth is quite important in digesting feeds Rich in starch. If the Grain is moistened there is less saliva secreted and therefore the digestion of the feed is More or less impaired. A for posterity Aye even unto the third and fourth generation. There were no historic statesmen who had handed Down orations for Adam and eve to learn and recite at High school commencements and Church socials. There were no dates for them to learn and remember. There was absolutely no past for them to Revere nothing that had stood the test of time. A a if they wanted history or tradition they had to go ahead and make it o. Jones in judges Library. Table knives. Incident that changed them from pointed to rounded ends. Table knives Are invariably made with rounded ends. Did it Ever occur to you to wonder Why they Are of this shape instead of pointed like any other knife Blade perhaps you May imagine that the ends were rounded As a Protection to life and limb in those turbulent Days when men Drew their swords or any other available lethal weapon at the very slightest provocation. But this is not the Case. The Story goes and it is fairly Well substantiated that the great Cardinal Richelieu had a guest to dinner whose manners at the table far from being All that could be desired. The Climax was reached when the fellow after finishing the meat course began to pick his Teeth with Quot his table knife at that Date made with a Sharp Point. The guest being a Man of birth and importance the Cardinal could not openly remonstrate hut next stay he gave orders that the Point of every knife in the establishment should be rounded off. Before the end of the Century his example was universally followed and the pointed knife at table had answers. Swimming ghosts. Lecturing before the camera club. . Francis Ward said that in an attempt to photograph fish in their natural surroundings he had constructed a Pond with an observation chamber let in at the Side below the surface of the water. Through the window of this chamber unseen by the fish he could watch and photograph their movements. He discovered by this Means that the Protection of fish when in their natural state is much More thorough than is generally supposed. All Silvery fish were in reality merely mirrors in the water reflecting the tone and Quot color of their surroundings so As to appear to their fellow fish Gray unsubstantial swimming ghosts hardly to be distinguished at All. It was Only when the Dace for example Rose to the surface causing its body to reflect Light that the Pike at the Bottom of the Pond could see and go for its Little graphic. Uncalled for Courtesy. The Viconte Toussaint was formerly a colonel in the French army and mayor of Toulouse. Ile was a Brave Man and a dashing officer. During one of the hottest engagements of a terrible year of War noticing that his troops were bending Forward under a galling fire to escape the bullets of the enemy while he alone maintained an erect position he exclaimed a since when i should like to know has so much politeness been shown to the prussians a the sarcasm took instantaneous effect for the soldiers rushed Forward and carried everything before them. Spring and summer goods. Save Money by buying your Spring goods of us. New line now open bought direct from factory and offered at lowest margin of profit in dress goods notions shoes for men boys ladies and children matting in All grades agricultural implements All kinds of min feeds american steel wire Fence 39, 41, 47 and 53 inches High &c., amp a. Flour a specially. Call and let us save you Money. J. W. Rogers amp bro., Onley a. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made. Are you thinking of building this fall if so come to see me and save Money on doors windows blinds paints and oils Dement plaster Paris Terra Cotta piping of All sizes plastering laths shingles of All grades and sizes building material of All kind. We also carry in Stock at lowest prices furniture 8toves, Hay and Corn hog and poultry wire Best in world flour at $5.25�?everything in fact usually kept in Glrst Casa country store. Save Money by coming to Ray store. Beim g. Johnson Marsh Market a. An insurance policy is As valuable As a deed. A and it is a guarantee against misfortune when backed by Large assets. It costs no More to get the Best. Protect your Home and business against fire by a policy in one of the following companies assets. Surplus to policy holders. Home insurance co., n. $30,179,913 $15,329,613. Aetna insurance co., Conn. 21,023,554 12,369,ul6. Hartford insurance co. 24,363,635 8,923,967. Fidelity Phoenix n. 13,790,298 5,734,087. Phila. Underwriters 24,768,966 10,891,086. Underwriters 24,363,635 8,923,967. Germania fire n. 6,648,971 3,021,740. Petersburg saving amp ins. Co. 3,166,147 822,926. Saint Paul fire amp Marine. 7,028,704 1,908,712. Hamburg Bremen fire 1,985,139 663,443. It Williamsburg City n. 2,844,451 917,548. A Fite amp Marine ins. Co. 1,590,315 798,288, London Assurance corp. 3,665 813 1,195,075. Caledonian insurance co. 2,078,920 579,736. Queen of America 9,025,889 4,389,125. American surety company 2,500,000 2,500,000. Represented by Kelly amp Nottingham agents Onancock Virginia. Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange. Incorporated january 26. 1900. Den t. Gunter. President. A. J. Mcmath. Secy and treas. W. A. Durton Gen. He or. General office a Onley Virginia. Growers Agency for Choice Irish and Sweet potatoes onions berries peas Etc. Operates at All the principal shipping stations and wharves in Accomac and Northampton counties. r to fat a improved grading and packing of goods. Proper distribution on the various by Joti x a markets. The establishment of Home markets and everything that tends to higher prices for farm products and the better condition of the Farmers. It Ticen years experience. V. A. Stewart with Robt. Cochran amp co. Commission merchants. Southern fruits and vegetables 200�?T Washington Street shipping number 23 new York. References a Aetna National Bank n. 7 dunes and bradstreets. We represent the Eastern Shore of a. Produce Exchange. G. H. Rivenburg. Established 1869. J. H. Richardson. G. H. Rivenburg amp co., commission merchants a st fruit amp produce poultry calves and eggs 168 Reade Street Selling agents for. The Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange and produce Exchange of Maryland. References Irving National Exchange Bankw. A. Burton Onley a. And the Trade generally. Id Peninsula / a n. Y., f i generally. J new York. Shipping no. 153 Geo. W. Tull amp co wholesale produce commission merchants 95 Park puce 0 new York. _ references a Aetna National Bank new York Farmers amp merchants National Bank Onley a. Bradstreets and dunes agencies. Selling agents e. Produce Exchange also Southern 1 produce company Norfolk a. Clifton amp Woodland co., general commission merchants. 217 s. Charles Street Fiji to to shipping letters c. Amp w. . Sole agents for e. A. Produce Exchange for Baltimore. Established 1887. J. W. Hutchinson amp co., wholesale commission # fruits and a merchants produce. 315 Washington st., shipping Imo. 1 04 new York. A a references Peoples Safe Deposit and Trust co. Jersey City. Aetna National Bank new York bradstreets Aryl dunes mercantile agencies. An ordinance. At a regular meeting of the Council of the town of Chincoteague in the county of Accomac and state of Virginia held at the office of the mayor of the said town in the town aforesaid on the 7th Day of August a. D., 1911 present a. Frank Matthews mayor and e. Phipps Jas. Aydelotte Thos. Savage w. Conant and o. F. Turman members of the said Conn Oil. Upon the motion of the said Jas. Aydelotte councilman seconded by the said Thomas 8avage,councilman, the following ordinance was unanimously adopted be it resolved and ordained by the Council of the town of Chincoteague that the privilege of the use of the Public streets and highways of the said town be granted pursuant to bids hereinafter invited and provided for for the purpose of erecting posts or poles with the necessary wires and fixtures and of laying pipes and conduits on along Over and under the said streets and highways for constructing maintaining and opera rating electric works or plants for the Supply and distribution of electricity for Light or Power and for it construct ing maintaining and operating a Gas Plant and the necessary equipment for Gas lighting purposes to such extent As May be required within the term of years hereinafter prescribed for the business of supplying electric Light and Power and Gas Light provided that such posts poles wires and fixtures pipes and conduits shall be so erected placed Strung and Laid As not in any Wise unnecessarily to obstruct or interfere with Public travel or the Ordinary use of the said Public streets and highways nor damage private property without compensation therefor. And provided further 1. That All such poets poles wires and fixtures pipes and conduits shall be erected and installed under the joint direction and supervision of the said Council or its committee thereto appointed and the grantee of the said franchise. 2. That the grantee of the said proposed franchise shall immediately restore to and maintain in Good condition such portions of the surface of the said streets highways and pavements on the same As May be disturbed dug up and removed in the construction installation repairing or replacing the said posts poles wires and fixtures pipes and conduits or other parts of the said electric or Gas works and in Case the grantee of the said franchise should rail so to restore and maintain the surface of the said streets highways and pavements within ten 10 Days after such disturbance digging up and removal the said town May properly restore and maintain the same and the Cost thereof shall be recoverable by the said town from the said grantee of said proposed franchise in any court of competent jurisdiction after five 5 Days written notice to such grantee setting Forth the amount of such costs and requesting payment of the same to the treasurer of the said town. Section 3. That the grantee of the said proposed franchise shall stipulate and bind itself to Supoly and furnish the said town with such electric lights or Gas lights for the illumination of the streets buildings and other Public property of the said town As May from time to time be required at such reasonable prices As May be agreed upon by and Between such grantee of said franchise and the Vonneil of the said town provided however that in no event shall such prices exceed the prices paid for Simi Lar services by other towns of like size and resources in the said state of Virginia or in the state of Maryland. Section 4. That the grantee of the said proposed franchise shall further stipulate and bind itself to Supply and furnish to the individual subscribers of the said town Buch electric current for Light or Power should Power be desired or Gas lights for the illumination of buildings and other private premises As May from time to time be solicited and required at such reasonable prices a May be agreed upon by such grantee and the Council of the said town provided that such prices shall not be greater than the prices paid for similar Light and Power service in other towns of like population and general resources in the above mentioned states. Section 5. That the prices to be paid by the said town and by the individual subscribers thereof for electric Light and Power or Gas Light shall from time to time be subject to the joint consideration and agreement of the grantee of the said proposed franchise and the Council of the said town As the changing conditions and circumstances May Render expedient and proper. Section 6. That the grantee of the said proposed franchise its Succes sors and assigns shall at All times be subjected to the ordinances of the said town now in Force or which May at any time hereafter be regularly passed by the said Council relative to the government and control of natural and artificial persons Public service individuals firms or corporations. Section 7. That the grantee of such franchise shall indemnify the said town of Chincoteague against and assume All liability for any damage resulting to adjudged or assessed against the said town by reason of any injury to persons or property Public or private of the said town caused by the negligence of Buch grantee in the installation or maintenance of any part of the electric Light works or Gas Light works hereby authorized or resulting from the failure of such grantee his successors or assigns to comply with this or any other ordinance of the said town now in Force or to be hereafter passed for the control and supervision of Public service individuals firms or corporations. Section 8. That the grantee of the said proposed franchise before proceeding to exercise any authority under the ordinance granting such franchise shall execute and file with the clerk of the Baid Council a Bond in the penalty of five Hundred $500 dollars with Good and sufficient Security thereto to be approved by the Vonneil made payable to the said town of Chincoteague and conditioned for the beginning of the work of construction installation and equipment authorized by such granting ordinance within 180 Day from the Date of such granting ordinance and for the completion of such construction installation and equipment and the successful operation of the same within 18 months Day from the Date of such granting ordinance and conditioned also for the maintenance by the said grantee of the said electric or Gas Plant and equipment in Good and suitable condition for the purposes for which the same was installed for and daring the term of years hereinafter pre scribed. Section 9. That upon the completion of such electric Light Plant and equipment or Gas Plant and equipment and before the regular operation of the same such Plant and equipment shall be subject to the inspection and approval of the said Council or its committee for that purpose duly appointed and if desired by a represent Tive of the fire insurance company then doing business on Chincoteague Island. Section 10. That such grantee of the said proposed franchise shall within thirty 30 Days after the completion of its said Plant and equipment and before the regular opera Tion of the same file with the clerk of this Council for its consideration a schedule of All prices and charges proposed to be made for the Supply of electric current for lighting or Power should electric Power be supplied or of gab for lighting or heat according As an electric Plant or Gas Plant Way be installed by virtue of the proposed granting ordinance. Section 11. That the said grantee of the said proposed franchise in the construction installation and equipment of the electric Plant or Gas Plant to be hereafter authorized and in the maintenance of the same shall at All times be subject to the Laws of the said state of Virginia applicable to Public service corporations. Section 12. That the franchise to be granted As proposed by this ordinance shall be in Force for a period of Twenty 20 years from the Date of the ordinance actually granting the same. And be it further ordained by the said Council that the foregoing Quot ordinance after its term shall have been approved by the said mayor of the Baid town of Chincoteague be advertised once a week for for successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper having general circulation in the said town of Chincoteague and that such advertisement shall invite bids for the franchise proposed to be granted As provided in this ordinance which bids shall be in writing and delivered to the said mayor at his said office in the said town on the 2d Day of october a. D., 1911, at eleven of clock a. M., Bat the Council hereby expres9lv reserves the right to reject any and All bids that May be made for the said proposed franchise pursuant to this ordinance. I hereby approve the foregoing ordinance a. F. Matthews mayor. Attest �?0. Disbrow town clerk. A True copy a attested a. Disbrow town clerk. Virginia a in the clerks office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the2l9t Day of August a. D., 1911, Samuel b. Tingle and Rufus m. Lewis partners trading As Tingle Lewis amp of plaintiffs. Against Hallock a. Penrose. Defendant. In Assum sit the object of this sonic is to recover judgment in favor of the plaintiffs and against the defendant for the sum of $519.23 with interest from August 10, 1911, Aud costs of suit and to have said debt satisfied by Sale of the property of defendant attached in this proceeding. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant. Hallock a. Penrose is not a resident of the stale of Virginia it is ordered that he do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect his interests in this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week for tour successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the court House of this county on or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John d. Grant jr., clerk. A copy Teste a John d. Grant jr., 0. 0. Warner Ames p. Virginia a in the clerks office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the 4th Day of september a. D., 1911. Warner Ames plaintiff. Against w. E. Rue defendant. an attachment returnee levied &c., and removed by a Justice of the peace the object of this suit is to recover from the defendant the sum of thirteen dollars and Twenty five cents 13.25with interest thereon from the 1st Day of september 1911, until paid and costs of suit and to have the said debt interest and costs satisfied by the Sale of the real estate of the defendant attached in the proceeding. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant Vav. E. Rue is not a resident of the state of Virginia it is ordered that he do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect his interests in this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week fur four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the court House of this county on or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John d. Grant jr., clerk. A copy Hebte a. Johnd. Grant,jr., c. C. Warner Ames p. New York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. In effect april 30, 1911. South bound Traini. No. 49 no. 37 leave pm a. New York . 9 u0 Philadelphia 111�?� 6 4a a. Wilmington 12 02 6 57 p. Baltimore 10 of no. 45 no. 41 no. 47 p. A. 338 5 67 1 38 300 800 10 00 3 44 135 653 456 10 44 900 leave Delmar Salisbury Tasley rape Charles old Point Norfolk arrive 9 05. A. 3 .0 10 45 6 57 10 15 135 3 10 11 01 709 10 27 148 p. 4 39 1 09 9 14 6 15 4 30 10 26 4 30 8 00 0 20 630 9 05 7 25 7 25 North bound Traini. No. 44 no.48 no. 50 no. 80 no. 40 a. A. A. Norfolk 800 6 15 a 800 old Point 8 45 7 15 8 46 Cape Charles 1105 930 600 1185 . Tasley 10 4� 7 31 1 12 a. Salisbury 7 34 135 12 25 942 3 19 a Eimar 8 us 200 12 54 10 15 869 arrive a. A. M Wilmington 1122 435 405 7 41 p. Philadelphia 12 08 522 500 826 Baltimore 12 40 6 52 601 9 50 new York . 2 56 8 05 732 1118 trains 49 and 50 daily. Trains 37, 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, 80 and 46 daily except sunday. K. V. Massey Spenn tending a. orb traffic Menacer Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Davis amp bro., Laurel del., or seeing our local agents i t. G. Kellam Onancock. A w. H. Pruitt temperan Cevilia a Geo. W. Abdell Belle Haven. I. Drum mod Orangeville

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