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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jul 24 1907, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - July 24, 1907, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Volume Xvi Accomac c a. A saturday. November 14 1896 number 19 a. D. P. Z m. D. Druggist a Parks sky v i in 0hug3. Chef vilcans t0ile1 and i Angy articles to Fine soaps perfumes Patent medicines Combs Brush of All kinds Flavouring extracts syringes face powders sponges a Tec. At lowest pricks a a prescriptions carefully Coin pounded Day or night. A a a ,i.-ig�k� 5 a a Vlf ?t-1 a i. In umber t. B. Quinby attorney at Law offices Acedou Iacy. H.,. Will be at court House wednesdays Aud court Days. Prompt attention to All business. J. A. G. Bhicks True. J. A. Burdick black3tone a Bundick. Attorneys it Lite Accomac c. H., a. Will practice in All the state courts. Til of. W. Russell. Attorney it Law. A Couric c. H., to. Practices la the courts of Abouo Tubac am Northampton counties n. Ii. Escort. B. T. Gunter or. Wescott amp Gunter. A11 o it try a a t w. Offices Accomac c. A. And at Home of n. B. Wescott. Near mumps Burn. Practice in All courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. L. Floyd Nock. Attorney at Law and notary Public Accomac c. H., \ a. Will practice iti All courts of Accomac Aud Northampton counties. Prompt attention to Alt business. James Fletcher. Or. Att Ruev at Law. A Accomac c. A. A a. Practices in All the courts of Accomac Aud Northampton counties. Otho f. Hears. Attorney at Law. Eastville. North Rampton county. A. A a.,. Will practice in the courts of acco w a v flour. For Sale. No. A sold. Has us acres 50 acres Alvoma k c. The outcry of Paul Rev. Or. Talmage preaches another unique discourse. A i a fan a a full Lino of a rt1cles Phi us. Oils paints seeds kept it v hand at lowest prices. To Eastern Shore ladies a try a barrel of m in Aud Northa Uptou. A Stewart k. Powell. Atto Niv at i in. Will practice in All the courts of Accomac and Northampton counties. Office of Murock in will he at Accomac 0. A. Every wednesday Aud court Days. Every barrel milled by the a a no idiot mus -0 do cultivation. To acres m pm Woodland. Laud is High Ami level is improved by a two Story to room dwelling which is comparatively new with new outbuildings Young peach and Apple Orchard strawberries Etc., seven Miles front Pocomoke City in Somerset county. 15 Miles ,&Quot.wiit Steamboat wharf convenient t o churches Ami schools. Price $1,200, one half Cash 1 balance on time to suit. No. has 102i acres is to Somerset county s tiles from Pocomoke City. 5 Miles from Orostin station. I Miles from methodist and Baptist churches nc., same distance from graded school is improved by a 7 room dwelling which is in Good condition outbuildings in Lair condition. About Loo acres of this i farm is High level Laud of Good a Utility to acres Sot to Clover Woodland is principally line affords any Quantity of Iff a Hooks Quot a Plum Iota for hernia Quot it Jia subject of in eloquent Sermon Croal Sacri oooo a Tell Grioua Zeal. Oahu Noton nov. 8clciir out of the Ordinary Stylo of sermonizing is this Roum Kublo Diaco orse of or. Talmage which to a end out today. Ilis text is roman in. 3, a i Vonlil wish Tomt myself were Noc until from Christ for my Brethren my Kinsmen according to the a Tough passage Imle Eil for those who take Paul literally. When Bome of Vertex Lieut Vick with three openings or Peecher argument and up simile and one for the neck and Trio other two for told metaphor Aud Learned allusion As the arms. His father a Wheelwright Aud on flt to express How he Felt and sizing House builder und Given to Vurion car upon the up pulling Sypor Bolini of my i ulry. His Mother it first under a text criota out a i could wish myself us Pictou because of to circus truces of cursed Quot a that is struck of the Thunder his nativity mud to chased by a Horotio bolts of Tho omnipotent god sunk to mania out of his native Laud to Livo us fathomed Depths chained into Servian bile under the shadows of the Sphinx tude to Abaddon and thrust into fur mid Pyramid of Grizeli afterwards con Nacos whose fires shall never Burn out founding thu of Jerusalem thou if Only those whom i love might now stopping the paroxysm of tempest mid and forever to saved. Mind you Paul of madman. His Putli strewn with Luiu does not say a i do to says drop sies Aud cutuly Eslos and Ophthalmia transfigured on one Mountain i could even in the agony to Felt for others to did not lose his Bol orca Ehing on another Mobutu in. Lying Ante. Quot i could wish myself on another Mountain and ascending i could but i do not. Only one being from another Mountain the greatest the loveliest thu mightiest Tho kindest the most self sacrificing most Beautiful being whose oct Ever touched Tho that Ever lived was literally willing to give up heaven for perdition and that was Tho divine peasant whom i mentioned u few moments ago. To was not Tho old Olieo Higimia Dieh Iri d that Thi y my Iwick a hum Uki tip i �.uui�. _ were willing to to damned Lor the glory Eling pm. Deserts who Hoard our Only willing to cd Chungo dominions of of god they said what no one believed. prayer Tell us be seas that1 Bliss for dominions of wretchedness but Paul did Quot nut in Tho text mean to was or Curchod Hui we a a Burf toll us to j he did so for that he forsook heave willing to die forever to Savo Bis relative s. used hyperbole mid when to decl arid "1 could wish thut myself were accursed from Christ for my Brethren Myski Smeu according to Tho flesh Quot he meant in Tho most vehement of All possible ways to declare his anxiety for Trio salvation of his relatives and friends. It was a passion for souls. Not More than one Christian out of thousands of christians feels it. All absorb aug desire for the betterment of Trio physical and Meu til condition is very common. It would take Mere of u mathematician than i Over can be to Oule Ulato How multitudes who heard him or curb deck on Beach on Hillside Tell of. Golgotha who Board the stroke of Tho Hammer on the Spike Heads and Tho dying Gronn in thut Midnight that dropped on mid you did any one like Jesus have this passion for souls longing for soul. But breaking right in upon to is Tho question How con to get something of this Paulino und Christly longing for saved immortal ties i answer by better appreciating thu prolongation of the soul s existence compared with every Aud material. Ii ova i on. Witness the stooping Star und Ull those who sow his miracles of mercy and that he actually entered Tho Gates of Tho world of perpetual conflagration the Bible distinctly declares. did not say with Paul Quot i could a but he said Quot i will i do Quot and for to souls of men to Quot descended into Many Are of to in anxiety thut some thing hrs la a Alm ii .i,., ,., Hopo that surgeon will Resst a a ass it Quot trip is a and for Aud retreats Sheronas n Fri _ in i i Ifni car. Long a Unie will Bobo Ablo to give is Thi poorest May Simost skillful sur. T i a us to Milioni Ana nip ii is he will add to his Rizui and glorious this w Pread t eyesight Ever intensifying movement to Alle us Lam of. Well if Tho patient his a Quot a . Is Mai Sou. Quot a u. Sturgis Dos. 11a 1 Man son amp Sturgis Cna cock a a. Will visit Parksley so stud mom Lav of each month. Office hours from i u. Iu., to a it p. In. Quot . B. Leatherbury do stint a Dua cock. office from 0 a. A. To 0 to it. It. Or. A. Ward dentist Belle Haven a. Bridge and Crown work a specially. Or. Walter c. Ames dentist a plug Oteague. A a All the latest improved methods of crop Vul Aud Bridge work a specially. D. Frank White a county surveyor7 a Parks lev. Accomac county. A. Oilers his services to citizens 01 a comae Aud Northampton. Thoroughly equipped with latest Hud Best instruments. A Edward l. Anderson. Survey a. haves. Accomac co., a a. Perspective l Rawin is. Pictures it a Alsto two Lutell Ltd Alliy u a it �111 in Tiv by the latest improved process. Every barrel guaranteed. When its merits Are known every up to late Lealer will keep it. Our Salesman Eugene w. Barnes will Call of the merchants in a few Days. Give him a respectful hearing and a Sample order and encourage a nearby and state product. Better flour cannot be Puc on the Market. Norfolk milling co. Price Coa i Genera our Netom Woods Mattre. As Well As valuable Timber. Young Apple Orchard. To is believed that better truck farm is not to be found in this Section. >2.0 10. One half on Long time. No. In Lias 22 acres 22 acres u Lor successful cultivation�?10 acres is detached Woodland. This farm is beautifully situated in the suburbs of Pocomoke Lity with All the advantages of both town Anil country. Is improved Liv a Good six room building porches Etc., All in perfect order with All necessary Outbuild-1 bugs. This is a Beautiful Home Here pleasure and profit can be combined land $2,500, i Cash. Aud helpful treat Lieut. Beruti Quot Quot Law ,.b a 1.,�-, a Jhu Sands of splendid Meu and a Amu cd Fiu we a is g00 i yes Pili for 00 aged in that work. adorm c0u1phrc-d with Clear vision for the soul a billion of cuu Turies i Hope tiie Effort to drive Back Tho but All that is outside of my subject today. In behalf of thu immortality of u Man the inner Ove Tho inner ear thu eau acc =3-5 whelming concentration expressed in my text. Rarer than four leaved clo vers rarer than Century plants rarer than prime Donnas have been Tomsu of whom it May to said Quot Lioy had a passion for tells. A you would count on thu fingers and thumb of your left Burnt All the names of bosc you Cun recall who in Trio last the eighteenth Ceu Tury wore so characterized. All Tho names of those you could recall in our time As having this passion for souls you can count on Tho lingers und thumbs. Of your Rig lit Aud left bands. There Aro Price Many More such consecrated souls but a a ,. They Are scattered so widely you do not or All Cash at of j High. In building material we have o Viress shingles and font aug. Lime brie is general our Stock is always full Well selected and in great variety a uni we carry in addition to also. Farming implements Hay i Lour t on. A. Be but for spot Cash Aud sell at the lowest margin of profit. Terracotta piping bought by car loud and for Sale by Lis a 10, 1-�?T Jol it a a 1 it a it a s i ine Avi und 2u inches cheaper than it entity 1011, 1 i 00 is 111 pint i be bought in City. Land land is High and level know them. Thoroughly Christian peo pie by to hundreds of millions Thuro Are today but How few people do Yon know who Aro utterly oblivious to everything in this world except the redemption of souls Paul had it when he wrote my text and the time will Eovino when the Quot majority of christians will wools ,"�?z>�?o�z3tv�?oasmafl out of Lii Sie ugly. In which it has been rom Veti. Abt Tiu Fiol during f0r near to tenant House has 1,0&Lth Turies. And the be Tennent Hud bet to Etsitt full bearing. Price $2,000 a terms to suit purchaser. C,.�? is on Hie opposite Side othe Coutv Road from no. 2 Lias 20 acres 10 acres under cd Wood Tion of purchaser no. is in Somerset county 1 a Miles from use smoke City has 105 acres about one half under cultivation balance to sickly is t in nine which i. Sinking a Cic Turies. Ter begin with myself and yourself. When a commit too of the society of friends called upon a member to Ron John w. Rogers k bros., Only. A. You can save j by buy your wat is. A Coonfi Fethi by by Vii your it a inches. Clocksau.1 Arst Aielt Aud silverware of other re a. J. Ade Stelti Usu Uchek \ a. a a i f j Wilson j. P. We have reduced our prices do per w. M it cedes. To. ,. Cut of our ,lu.,t style goo a. U Franklin City. A a Alu a as0 remember if you buy Slit Worth i. Of a i oils to will Aive you a solid a old a Eynner and up i adjuster of and collect r of claims. Needles amp Wilson. Real estate. Fire insurance. Building and loan association agents. Franklin City. Accomac county. 5 a. Kelly amp Noui Imam general insurance agents a Anil dealers in Fin buggies mowing machines the rambler bicycle and other Gord makes tombstones amp a amp a. Onancock. \ a. J is. W. Broc botox amp sox. Hailwood va., Gex Kcal in Fuance a kits. Has Good Apple Aud peach Orchards a Patch of cultivated strawberries Etc. Is improved by one and one half Story 2 room dwelling in Good condition. 1 Rice one half Cash. Also 250 suited for All Pur Senu for latest Price list f. Dry unreal estate broker Pocomoke City my. 000, other farms also re Weill of goods we will give Vou a solid Gold Monogram with your name on it tree of charge. A a a a work of Nice kids a on 4 work warranted. or Law. Highest prices paid for old Gold and t Quot Quot a a a a Quot Quot District at the time Silver. A a a a �1 for the purpose of Tux Nolly a. Due. The tin treasurer or nurse Uuele of �., Deputy will he at the Follo Wio a aimed will be at Accomac c. H., every court Day for repairing. Yours truly j. Adelstein. Collecting said taxes and levies Viz appointments of Edwin t. La Uwel Onancock nov. 1-Lth and Stu. Pungoteague nov. Lust. ,.h. Pm Poenix Home fire., Assurance co. Of London. Established 11 assets Over . Fire. Insurance co. Of new York assets Over $li.ooo.wo. Cash capital . Provident savings life of new York. All communications will receive our prompt attention. Cold or Silver which do Yon desire Well no matter you can get it Wiir Choice of me. Made of m the most artistic and attractive styles in wat Clies and a fit of the latest designs a Verv body on the Eastern Bhore knows that Quot Cash at this time Means almost anything at your own Price. 1 in immediate Cash for everything Ieuv if 1 owe a Dollar to Auy tidy Here or elsewhere 1 will thank him or them to present Bill for name it Bike Navmeet. 1 must also require Cash i it meats for goods i sell t hat i May continue to give you the advantage of my Cash buying. V our Money is Worth More now Thau at an it time or Many years Money is High and i will give Vou More for it in every Purchase these Are lactic Worth considering. J ohm w. Dun an North Street Onancock a. W. E. Doughty with neb Rusc amp sons wholesale of harness folded hand parts leather Fly nets leather and web halters saddlery goods. . Cor. Light amp Lombard its. Baltimore my. I 0. Davis amp co., wholesale dealers in tote and Fine Cir Ian its. to Howatz amp rid. Baltic represented a Quot burp. F a j . A. Glenn proprietor. Tron age of travelling Public so a . Silverware Ioard first Dass. Horses fed. Or cat Clos proprietor offers his services also of notary Public. And everything belonging to the 1 Elry Trade. Wauhap Eugue nov. W. 2-jth.j, Accomac c. H., nov. Lath. J a 11 jury also the Lay of the prof court and the first tii Reeis buy a a circuit court Aud the a not above mentioned Jock in appointments of John 1 Mode town. Nov. 14th. Log Hopeton. Nov. 2t Thiu a Noou. I Witowic no a a. Iota . Nov. 21yt. 4th. Hunting t reek n it a of every court. A Comdr c. Ii. 1st Govea of other due untie a will their taxes those the first Day of and s win Haven tier cent. December thrill. As the Law directs added to that can will Avail them we Hope 4 oppor Unity Aud save 5 selves of per eau have not paid your 1505 i meet us at the place to yourself and do mom we Are compelled to enforce on All that Are in arrears a Iler to meet the demands on us. Hope those that Are in arrears will be us this trouble. We still have some of the direct tax Money in hand which we Are anxious to pay out when the proper persons Call tor it. Epwin t. Powell John ii. Hopkins. September -�?T1st, Isom for Sale. Shingles heart $7, sap $5. Hay $14 to $1s per ton. Hot bed Sash bricks Lime and hair laths shingles and Barb wire. Ca a a Ages and Road carts. Ground fish and phosphates. All kinds of lumber furnished for dwellings and other purposes on Short notice. All of the above sold cheap and Only for Cash. t. White Broomtown a. And him for snaking san Small Rulo Trio Boriety. The a bar replied Quot i had a dream a in which All the for scuds had assembled to plan some Way to Liao on meeting House Cleard or it was Verv filthy. Many propitious were made hut no Oue Lusious was read Bod until one of Tho member Toso and said a for scuds i think if fetch 0,16 Quot a uld take a Broom and set immediately around his own scat us meeting House would to clean. A Quot 3tellroum of let to wrote spirit nil improve Cut begin by Soni Somo Ono whisper a up Thor get band is do of Trio a by and says Quot will you l. A some of to persons in our. Quot j Lyvo this passion for souls a of Quot no that would to invidious and. A lit and Trio More mentioning of Trio i Ata such persons might Causo. Pm spi Flatual Pride and then Tho would Lyvo no Moro Uso for them Olio one whispers up from Tho loft and Side of Tho pulpit Quot will you not lieu mention among the people of Tho past Somo who had this in Tsiou for souls a of Ysl Samuel Rutherford Tho Scotchman of 800 years Ogoy his imprisonment at Aberdeen for his religious Zeal and thu Public burning of his Book Quot Lex Rox a in Edinburgh and his in just arraignment for High treason und other persecutions purifying and sanctifying him so hint his works entitled Quot trial and Triumph of Faith Quot and Quot Christ dying and drawing sinners to Hin Iseff Quot and above All his 215 unparalleled letters showed that to had Tho passion for souls Risburd Baxter Whoso a paraphrase of Tho new testament caused him to be dragged before lord Jeffreys who howled at him As a a Rascal und a a snivelling presbyterian and imprisoned him for two years Baxter writing 108 religious Booke Bis Quot Call to Tho unconverted Quot bringing uncounted thousands into the Purdon of the gospel and his a saints everlasting rest Quot opening heaven to a Host innumerable Richard Cecil Thomas a Kempis writing his Quot imitation of Christ Quot for All Ages Harlus Page Robert Mccheyne Nettleton Finney and Moro whom i might mention Tho characteristic of Whoso lives was an overpowering passion for souls. A. B. Earl Tho Baptist evangelist had it. I. S. Inskip the methodist evangelist had it. Jacob Knapp had it. Or. Buchus president of Hamilton College Bud it and who told to Hud Only half an hour to Livo said Quot Isth Tso then take me out of my Bod Aud to upon my Kroes Aud let to spend that Timo in calling cd god for the salvation of the world. A and so to died upon his Knees. Thou there have been others Whoso names have been known Only in their own family or neighbourhood Ami Here and will wait in great anxiety until Tho fires of that fever arc extinguished Aud when the Man rises from his Pillow und walks out. With Liat heartiness we will Welcome him into the fresh air and Tho Church Anil business circles. To is 80 be ural of nge Aud if to shall Livo 00 years Inore thut will make him 00. But what Urc 00 yours More of earthly vigor compared with the souls health for u quadrillion millenniums a millennium us you know 1,000 years this world Sinco fitted up for Many a res Deuce has existed about 0,000 years. How much longer will it exist we will suppose it shall last As much longer which is very doubtful. Thut will Mako its existence 12,000 years. But what Are or will be 12,000 years compared with the eternity preceding these years Aud the eternity following them Timo As compared to eternity Liko Tho drop of the night Dew shaken from Tho top of a Grus Sutte tjljitfjg8w&h�8l�&�t5 with Mediterranean Aud arabian and Atlantic and Pacific watery dominions a stronger desired to up Richuso a farm hut the owner would not sell it would Only let it. Tho stronger hired it by Louse for Only one crop but to sowed acorns and to Maturo that crop 800 years were Nice usury. That was a practice deception hut i deceive you not when i Tell you that the crop of the soul takes hold of unending Ages. I see Tho author of my text seated in the House of Gaius who Eute ruined him at Corinth not far from Tho overhanging fortress of acro Corinthus and meditating on the longevity of Tho soul and getting More and Moro agitated about its value and Tiu awful risk Eluio of his Kindred were running concerning it Aud he writes this letter containing the text which Chrysostom admired so much he had it read to him twice a week and among other things he says those daring und startling words of my text Quot i could wish that myself Scro accursed from Christ for my Brethren my Kinsmen according to the Force of tears. Another Way to get something of the Paulino longing for ride mod immortal ties is by examining the vast machinery arranged to save this inner and spiritual future. That machinery started to revolve on the cd go of Tho Garden of Eden just after the of Clono of sin prostrated its sycamores Aud Tamarisk und Willows und will not coast to revolve until thu lust soul of Eurth shall get rid of its last sin and enter the heavenly Eden. On that stupendous machinery for soul in Vang Tho patriarch put his Huud and Prophet his hand and evangelist his hand and apostle his hand und Christ his hand and almost every Hund Tomt touched it become a crushed hand. It was the most expensive machinery Ever constructed. It Cost More to Start it and bus Cost and will Cost More to keep it running than All the a cols thut Ever Matlo revolution on this planet. Tomt machinery turned not by Ordinary motive Power but by Fri Cerf tears and blood. To connect its bands of influence made out of human and Christly nerves with All parts of Tho Earth millions of Good men Aud women arc now at work and will be it work until every wilderness shall by Como a Garden and every tear of grief shall be a tear of Joy and the sword of Divino Victory Almli give Tho wound to Tho old dragon that shall Send him howling to Tho pit the Iron gute clanging against him never Guin to open. All thut and infinitely More to 6avc the soul Why it must be a tremendous soul tremendous for Good or tremendous for evil tremendous for happiness or tremendous for to. Put on the left Side of to largest Sheet of paper that Ever came from paper Mill a single Nuit the figure 1, and How Many ciphers would you have to add to the right of that figure to express the soul s value each cipher adding tenfold working into that echeme of the soul s redemption How i Toul a outcry. In this last half of the last decade of to Niue Treuth Century thu temporal no in Tho churches is very Low Aud most of the piety would spoil if it Scro not kept on ice and taking things As they uru Ordinary Christi us will never reach Tho Point where Tho outcry of Paul in Tho text will not seem like extravaganza. The proprieties in most of the churches Aro so fixed that All a Chris is expected to do on Suu Duy is to get up a Little later in Tho morning than usual put on thut which is next to Bis Host at Tirol not the very Best for that 1ms to to reserved for the levee enter the Church with stately step Bow his Bead or it any Rule shut his eyes in prayer Timo or close them enough to look sleepy turn toward the pulpit with holy dullness Whilo the pro umber spruks put a 6 cent Picot or if Tho times he hard u 1 cent piece on the collection Plutter kind of shoving it Down under the other Coin so that it might be for Ull that Tho usher knows a $5 Gold piece Aud then after Tho Benediction go quietly Homo to the biggest repast of All the week. Thut is Ull the major Ltd of christians Aro doing for Tho rectification of this planet and they will do that until it Tho close of life Tho poster no Cut n Black Book it the head of their casket and reads Quot blessed Ore Tho dead who Dio in the lord they rest from their labors and their works do follow the sense of Tho ludicrous is so thoroughly developed in me that when i heat these scripture words read at to obsequies of our of Tho religious do nothings in the churches it is too Tufuoh for Niv Gravity. Quot their works do follow what works Aud in what direction do they follow them up or Down and do they follow on foot or on the Wing Aud How Long will they follow before they catch up More appropriate funeral text for All Fuch religious Send beats would to Tho words in Matthew a. It a a a a a a no would think that such christians the a show at least Nuder whose Banner they arc enlisted. In one of the Napoleon to wars a woman Jeannotte by name took her position with Tho troops and shouldered a Broomstick. To colonel said Quot Joni Mette Why do Yon take such a useless weapon into the ranks Quot Quot Well Quot so said a i can show it least which Sido i am now the object of this Sermon is to stir at least Ono fourth of you to an ambition for that which my text presents in blazing namely a passion for souls. To Provo that it is possible to Hugo much of that spirit i bring Tho consecration of 2,ftu0 foreign missionaries. It is usually estimated that Thero Aro at least 3,000 missionaries. I make a Liberal allowance and admit there May be 10 Bud missionaries out of Tho 3,000, but i do not believe there is one. All English and american merchants Louvou Bombay Calcutta Amoy and poking is soon of they make their fortunes. Why because no european or american in his senses would stay in that climate after monetary inducements have Cou cd. Now Tho missionaries Tubero Are put Down on the Barest necessities and most of Thorn do not Lay up $1 in 20 years. Why then do they stay in those binds of intolerable heat and cobras and raging fevers Tho thermometer sometimes play log at 130 and 140 degrees of oppressive Ness 13,000 Miles from Home because of the unhealthy Limato Aud Tho prevailing i moralities of those regions compelled to Send their children to England or Scotland or America probably Novar to Many Angels of god descending and there Yon think of one. What notion ascending How Many storms swooping they had in prayer what Power they on Mako Galilee How Many Earth had in exhortation i if they walked into quakes opening dungeons and striking a Home every member of it Felt a holy cataclysms through mountains from thrill and if they walked into a prayer Fop to base what Noonday san was put meeting the dullness and solidity in on Retreat what omnipotence lifted stantly vanished. Ono of them would Ai n what godhead was put to torture Wake up a whole Church. One of them All that for the soul would sometimes electrify n whole City. But the most wonderful one of that characterization Tho world Cor saw or heard or Folt was a peasant in the far cast wearing a Plain Blouse like an in no wonder that Paul though possessing great equipoise of temper mint when he thought what his friends Aud Kindred were risking concerning their souls Flung aside All Bis Ordinary modes a course of Ayers pills the system is set in Good working order and a Man begins to Feci that life is Worth living. who has become the gradual prey of constipation does not realize the friction under which he labors until the Burden is lifted from him. Then his mountains sink into molehills his Moros eness gives place to jollity he is a Happy Man again. If life does not seem Worth living to you you May take a very different View of it after taking Ayers cathartic pills. Bee lib in again 0 blessed Christ can it be anything but n passion for souls it is easy to understand All this frequent depreciation of foreign missionaries when Yon know that they Aro All opposed to the opium traffic and that interferes with Commerce Aud then to missionaries arc moral and that is an offence to Many of the merchants not Ull of them but Many of them who absent from Ull Homo restraint Are so immoral that we Cun Mako Only faint illusion to Tho monstrosity of their abominations. Of i would Liko to be at the Gate of heaven when those missionaries go in to see How they will have the pick of coronets and thrones and mansions on the Best streets of heaven. We who have Ltd easy pulpits and Loving congregations entering heaven will in my opinion have to Tonko our turn and wait for the Christian workers who amid physical sufferings and mental privation und environment of squalor have Doue to boil work Aud on the priv Ciplic that in proportion us one has been self sacrificing and suffer aug for Christ s Sako on Earth will to their celestial preferment. I for a Une Boleyn. Who is that Young woman on Tho worst Street in Washington new York or London Billo in Hund und a Little package in which Are Small vials of medicines Aud another bundle in which Are biscuits hew dare she risk herself among those a troughs Quot und where is Slio going Sho is one of the Queens of heaven Hunting up Tho sick and hungry und before night she will have read Christ a Quot lot not your heart to troubled in eight or ten places and counted out from those vials the right number of drops to Euso pain Aud Given food to a family that would other also Hava Hud nothing to eat today and taken Tho measure of a dead child that Sho May prepare for it u shroud her every act of kindness for the body accompanied with a Benediction for Tho soul. You Seo nothing but to filthy Street along which she walks Aud Tho rickety stairs up which Sho climbs but Sho is a com punted by an unseen cohort of Augolo with drawn swords to defend her and with garlands twisted for her victories Ull up and Down Tho tenement House districts. I Tell you there was not so much excitement when Anne Boleyn on her Way to her Coronation found the thames stirred by 50 gilded barges with Brilliant flags in a Boob Hung Small Bells rung by each motion of Tho wind noblemen standing in Scarlet and wharf spread with cloth of Gold Aud All the gateways surmounted by Huzzah no admirers and the streets Hung with Crimson velvet and trumpets Aud Cunt on sounding the Job Floe and Anno dressed in surtout of Silver tissue and brow gleaming with a of react of rubies and amid fountains that poured rhenish wine passed on to Westminster Hall and Rodo in on a Ca Paris once Palfrey its hoofs cluttering on the classic floor and dismounting passed into Westminster Abbey and Between Tho choir and High altar was crowned Queen Amido organs Aud choirs chanting the Quot the deum Quot a i say Thero was not much in All that glory which Dazzles to Eye of Bastury when it is cum Parea Wun Tuu heavenly reception which that ministering spirit of Tho Back Alley shall receive when she goes up to Coronation. When she goes in what Welcome on Tho River of life its Banks of Pear lined with splendours Seraphic and in temples of eternal worship whose Musio is commanded by swing of archangel in scepter and before thrones where sit those who have reigned a thousand years but have just begun their Dominion. Poor Anno Boleyn in two years after that pageant lost life and throne by one stroke of headman but those who on Earth Bavo a divine passion for souls shall never lose their thrones. Quot they shall reign forever Aud but after All Tho Best Wuy to cultivate thut divine passion for souls is to work for their salvation. Under god Savo one Aud you will want right Way to save two. Save two and you will want to save 10. Save 10, Aud you will want to save 20. Save 20, Ulm you will Wunt to save 100. Save 100, Aud you will want to save everybody. And what is the use of talking about it when Tho place to begin is Here Aud the Timo is now Aud while you Pruy i will in one Minuto Tell Ull Here is of it full Pardon for the worst Man on Earth if he will believe in Christ Whoso blood con instantly Wash away the foulest crimes. Full Comfort for the most harrowing distress that Ever crushed a human being. At your first moment of belief a process by which the whole Universo of god will torn Clear around for your eternal advantage. For to Mere asking if Tho asking be in Earnest and you throw everything into thut asking Complete Solace and helpfulness for to few years of this life and then a wide open heaven which Yon can reach in less time than it takes to to pronounce that Imperial word flashing with All Tho Joy that an Infinito cd knows How to bestow heaven. Tiu gospel divine. In this world god Over does his Best to con hang on the horizon grander mornings than have Ever yet been kindled and Rainbow Tho sky with Richer colors than have Ever been arched and attune the oceans to Moro Majestic Dox ologies than Hugo Ever yet been attuned but As near As i can Tell and i speak it reverently heaven is Tho place where god has Dono his Host. To Cun build no greater Joys lift no mightier splendours Roll no loftier anthems March no More imposing processions build no greater palaces and spread out and into join and wave no More transporting magnificence. I think heaven is Tho Best heaven god can Tous Truet and it is All yours for the serious asking. How do you like the offer in you really think it is Worth accepting if so Pruy for it. Get not up from that Pew where you arc sitting nor move one Inch from where you Are standing before you get a full title for it written in the blood of the Sou of god who would have All Meu Como to life present and life everlasting. If Yon Bavo been in military life Yon know what soldiers Call the a Long All the Drums beat it because the enemy is approaching and All the troops must immediately get into line. What scurrying around the Camp and putting of the arms through the straps of the Knapsack Aud saying Quot Goodby a to comrades Yon May never meet again some of you germans or frenchmen May have heard that Long Roll just be fore Sedan. Some of you italians May continued on fourth Page Independent order of amp is North America. The objects and Aims. Information of interest to Temperance workers and those seeking a Refuge from the temptations of a a ctr drink. The More important object of this association is Mutual Benefit in the exercises of temper uce fortitude and Justice securing to its membership sympathy Aud Relief in times of sickness and distress and in the event of death the decent Observance of the necessary funeral obsequies and is based upon Aud seeks tie Extension of the principles of total abstinence from All intoxicating drinks. The order hat three subordinate branches Viz primary tents composed of White male persons Between the Ages of 13 and 55 years of age who believe in the existence and omnipotence of god Todare willing to sign our pledge of total abstinence Are eligible to membership. Persons Over age May become honorary members. Female tents composed of White females 12 years of age and upwards a Junior Branch of boys from 12 to in years and juvenile tents for children of both sexes Between the Ages of 5 and 10 years. Each Branch has a service especially adapted. It has been found that by working in separate branches of the organization there is More Freedom of action than when All Ages and sexes Are thrown together. Each Branch of the order is represented in the higher body and a fostering care is exercised Overall alike. Thus with the men and women girls Aud boys All United under one head the i. O. Of r. Is As an irre6istable army moving of to Victory. The order has and will continue to prove a Blessing to our country not Only in proving an Asylum for the reformed drunkard but by inducing the sober Aud religious part of the Community to unite in securing the rising generation Iron the evils of intemperance and ultimately hand Down to generations yet unborn the benefits of sobriety. To tits Rocha bites of East Vir Gix a District at the annual meeting of this District held at saxes in july your representatives saw fit to elect me to the office of chief ruler an office i did not seek after but rather shunned from accepting and Only my love for the Temperance cause Aud the cause of rehab ism induced me to accept. The office Ca Fries with it a great Many cares Aud anxieties and i am going to ask you to fearsome of these with me. Anyone who has passed the chair of District chief ruler knows that the great anxiety of the chief ruler is that his District should be prosperous Aud i know that if you share with me this Burden thirs anxiety and respond to the Call of the spirit As it says Quot go work in my Vineyard a we shall reap such a Harvest As was was never before known in our District. Will you do it will each individual Sou Aud daughter of rec bites see to it that to Stone is left unturned to Advance our cause. Brethren the Fields Are White unto Harvest one mighty Effort and that Harvest is ours and we shall Roll up such a membership that we will be proud of. Our opportunities for doing something for the master Are Many for nowhere Are they cursed with the Saloon As Are we in a local option county whisky is doing its damning work despite the fact that the people of Accomac said there should be no Saloon even As i write the blood of the innocent Calls from the ground for vengeance mothers prayers Are ascending to almighty god praying for a Way for the escape of her erring boy and All around us can be see the terrible effects of drink and Saloon and my prayer is that god will Roll upon you the Burden of tie sufferings of our people and get into the Armor Aud Light. G. W. G. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made if so write to the la feel Marble works. Laurel Del., Davis amp bro., proprietor. For prices on head and foot stones Monument Iron railing and All cemetery work in general and save Money. Davis a bro., Laurel Del. Agents a. Pruitt Temperance Ville e. J. Wisd a Onancock we. T. Rat Kield Belle Haven. Re. Chilto with dim. Taylor 1 up. Manufacturers and dealers in Plain stamped and Japan Ned Hollowware 26 s. St., Baltimore my

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