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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - July 22, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Our Mew York letter. of persons Aro Arij Couo to Servo Trio greater City Trio a. Ful or. L eve retains. A i i Reeth now inuit Trio a coot people of this City have i co too Tiri in of t Ellin just Liow it that vim Veu was Olive my mayor he a t a try of More than 50.000 ii or to i a Iii of the rank ail Trio Are Busy looking tip the list of minor i o at in of disposal of the in Eoo it v administration. Most of those i 1�?Tle i .1 on the hypothesis that As there at so Matty thousands of jobs Mere or soft that will he riven to the of gelling one of them is More than usually Largo. La re is Hottie Tsitir in that of . Hut it let to that there Are a a a Rovertie lately a creator Nott ther of tip Lii tits now that the City is a nut twice As As before. Nat or Rill. Therefore Are hound to he Mere disappointed than appointed persons after the 1st Day of january next still although almost every one of those who Ive mailing and anxious to Servo the City for a c aware of that fact lie is Apt to incline to the opinion that it applies Only to the Quot other Ami that so far As he is con it emed to has a a cinch Quot on the place to is after to the vernacular. The betting continue. Liilo the Campaign was in Progress of course there were All sorts of wagers made some of them absolutely Anauo and others As sensible As bets Ever can be. Bat there was scarcely a possible phase of the outcome which did not have Odds offered against it by the professional election bettors of whom there Are Many in this City. While this was All doubtless very reprehensible it was nevertheless natural in new Vork where the Opportunity to hot is never missed. This spirit was strikingly manifested the other Day when a Friend informed me that he had wagered that before the Mil Day of human next Steps will have Veenia a ill at least one Case for the purpose of obtaining from the courts an interpretation of some provision or the greater new York charter. To did not specify Auy particular clause. 1 it he Felt certain that Somo one of the Many would to found defective within a Vries after the new charter will have a me into acct it is not by Nav Means improbable either if our friends the lawyers Are to he believed that my tried May win his Wager for Mauv of these assert that the instrument under which the big City is to to governed is motor Ionly defective in innumerable Points this May simply be a Case where the wish is father to the thought but thousands of persons will be greatly surprised if to time of the judiciary is not largely occupied after the new years beginning in oiling the people who Drew up the charter what it is All about. Chief Byrnes again it is possible that Byrnes May be Tho chief of Polico of the greater new York. If this should occur it will Servo to show what funny pranks the whirligig of time plays sometimes. When Byrnes retired from the head of Tho police department it was generally understood Trtat his action did not cause the commissioners much loss of sleep in fact there a impression that Eyrous understood that his retirement would be commended by the police commissioners Moro highly than anything else that he might possibly do. Everybody said. Quot that is Tho Yudof Byrnes Quot and it was for awhile. But if the present plan goes through the sex chief will he very much in evidence once Moro. There is Only Cue thing in Tho Way of his Elevation and that is the very important fact that he is at the precut time not even a member of Tho police department of either Brooklyn or new York. Under the provisions of the new charter the Bead of be selected from one of four men these Are Tho chief and Deputy chief of new York and Trio superintendent and Deputy superintendent of Brooklyn. But this is a psciut which can easily be evaded. It is now suggested that police commissioner Welles of Tho City of churches appoint Byrnes a patrolman at ouch and then elevate him at intervals of n few Days until he shall have reached a position from which he May to jumped to the head of the combined forces of the greater City under Ordinary Cire most to ticks this would be an impossibility but As superintendent Mcke Ivry of Brooklyn retired some time ago and his place has not yet been filled there is no r Itsou Why the scheme will not work and if those who pretend to to Quot in the know Quot Aro to be believed it will to made to work. For Dollar Gas. It seems to lie pretty generally admitted Llinat the legislation at Albany last year with reference to the Price of Gas in this City has not Given satisfaction it provided by Tho measure then adorned that tin re should let Cau annual decrease in la a Price until the 81 per 1.000 rate was reached. As a result no one notices to difference and the cry is now for d Pilar Gas on every hand. It will not be in any sense a party measure. As it is doubtful if Many legislators can be found who will to willing to of peso n then. Too. Tho newspapers of tiie cite arc practically solid for it. And it they will Only remember that sometimes a go d thing May be killed by too much to Luger the prospects for Gas at a sensible and past figure will lie exceed Tugle Bright already the members of the Assembly Aro announcing that they purpose making the Gas companies Quot toe Tho Mark. It is True that we heard tins same sort of talk a year ago. But there apr cars to be More behind it this time us to lawmakers have at last to cume convinced that Tho people Are in Earnest in their demand. Joseph re Saskia people of the Day. Robert a. Van Wye mayor elect of i i i Cater now Vork is a Bachelor of -10, r. it of Uno id the old dutch Knie t Leeker families of Manhattan mul Lim Beekil Olio of Tho judges Oil Tho Bench of tin City court since 1889. His a investors came to new Amsterdam in limit and there is a town in Holland mimed for the family. The mayor elect of to biggest City on to Komi deut has some interesting personal characteristics. Ilo is Vather u Kou Eitt a. Vax Wyck. Short compactly built Man. With Brown Bair and Mustache. dresses neatly Aud richly but not foppish by. To lives in Bachelor apartments in a House which to owns. To takes Only his breakfast in his rooms going to a German rathskeller for luncheon and one of Tho big Broadway hotels for dinner. It is said that to has not touched liquor since he was arrested at Tho French Ball in 1890. An incident which was fully exploited daring Tho recent Campaign lie is an enthusiastic bicycle Mier. A confirmed first Nighter Aud theater goer. A astute politician and an Able Jurist he cares Little for fashionable society but spends much of his i into at various political clubs. At a Beefsteak dinner of the Homo club not Many years ago be won Tho championship by eating about six pounds of Steak. _ or. Hirschfelder s consumption cure or Joseph o Hirsch folder. Who is probably the most talked about physician to the country today on account of his alleged discovery of a new co sump the first use us the screw is said to have been in the screw Jack for raising Henvy weights Amie a Bride and bridegroom elect were looking Over the House they were to occupy at Woodfords me., smite workmen arrived with Wall paper and n Moro saving that if the patterns of the paper Soi n cd the couple the workmen were instructed to paper the Hoa of throughout the whole to be taken As a wedding Prisc it. The Church times c England in a leading article entitled Quot who Are Tho Wisl Ontius a Quot informs it readers that or Bigg Aud or. N. P. Hughes have no More right to to called Wesley aus than the archbishop of Canterbury to lie called a to an Demacian Aud asserts that if John Wesley could revise the science of his labors he would be an Anglo Catholic. The Cocheu Zeitung. Amsterdam contradicts the current opinion that president Kruger is narrow minded. Tho paper relates that Kruger was aware that Leyds is an atheist when to appointed the now famous Secretary of state of Tho Transvaal to his Post. But Kruger told Leyds that if the Ciattei were otherwise on honorable Man his unbelief need not stand in his Way to the highest office. In. Joseph o. . Tion cure is a Middle aged studious looking Man who is a native of California and has for several years been a member of Tho faculty of Trio Cooper medical Colit be san Francisco or Hirschfelder claims that with the Aid of or Koch s tuberculin he has perfected o Ltd tuberculin or Strum which has cured advanced stages of consumption in six Mouths his critics and they Are us melons. Ridicule the formula. Which he has freely Given out. For making the serum deny that a fluid of such description could he of any Vaino and insinuate that his chemistry is faulty in suite of this or Hirschfelder has a score or More of patients who say that he Lias cml them of consumption and he is Selling thousands of bottles of his serum at 8 a bottle. Or Hirschfelder began his experiments in serum making nearly two years ago and during that time it is said that he has spent nearly 810.000 in carrying on the work. The elephant that caught a fish. Of All remarkable stories those relating to fishermen Are the most marvelous. Here is a Story told in a English Exchange an English officer in India bad a Fine huge elephant which used to take Bargo of ins two i wifi Ortu Otic Day the gentleman went out to see what bad be Ronio of tee be pliant Aud his Little charges he found the two children sitting on the Bank of a River each with a fishing Rod in his hand silently watching tie Cork Luluan As they went no Aud Down in the water Tho elephant was fishing aim he was standing beside them with a Tod to his trunk. Very soon be had a bite the old fellow did nut stir his eyes eagerly watched the float by Aud by lie Drew up the line and it the end of it was a Tine Large fish the elephant was greatly pleased with his catch and uttered a Youil cry of Joy he then waited patiently till unsent the buys took Bis prize off the to k and put on More bait for him. _ incr dignity. An essay could a written on a the Cable car As a social this is the True Story of a certain Young woman who got on tin up town car at eighteenth stent. It was nearly dusk and the matinee crowd was of its Way Home the Young woman was Well dressed and carried her head with a scornful tilt. Dignity exuded from every pore. Sho took up her position at the door at the front of the ear. To platform was crowded and the wind blew cold Aud raw in the faces of the squeezed and patient passengers As Tho car jolted along at every Block fresh instalments of chilled pro meanders fought their Way into the car. The dignified girl was forced out of the doorway into the Teeth of Trio Breeze. Her arms were pinioned to her sides Aud her protesting looks were unheeded or unseen finally she could stand it no longer. Iler a stir Hail been coiffed a la morale by much friction with crowding fellow Possi tigers her to plumed hat Rode airily Over one Eye. She twisted her head far enough to Sec that a tall Man stood behind her and ignoring social tradition Aud easting conventionality to the winds that wee chilling her she said Pat Tho evil Lar of my coat up Quot the Tutti obeyed. Quot to kooks. A a a a the girl am was d t i a t i of dig Ivity ouch v v i commercial in at Way p.i.,.�?Tv who Are notated Are not allowed to vote it an election. A the Quot household. Banal r i out of Tho common Taxa Charry Punk Altos lighting that in Quito decorative. Following Uro recipes for Pune Kos which will to found somewhat novel take j flour 3 eggs Ali tour a pint of milk Lemon in Leo Castor sugar. Whisk the eggs for 10 minutes in a Basin then add the hour a Little at a time Anil u Pinch of Salt whisk Well and pour in slowly Tho milk beating nil Tiu Tima la Laco your frying Pun on the Side of Trio stove to get hot then grease it and pour in a Tea cupful of the Batter Shako Tho pan to prevent Bunting and when cooked on one Side carefully turn Trio Paucak. They should be a Delicato Brown on each Side. Serve quickly of a very hot dish with slices of ionian and Castor sugar. If liked they can to rolled instead of turned. To Miako Indian pancakes Tho ingredients required Are 1 ends of milk 4 eggs. Ill Tablespoon fills of ground Rico 2 ounces of Castor sugar a couple of pinches of ground Ciu Namou some preserved Ginger Batter for frying. Put the ground Rico in u Basin Aud mix it into a paste with Somo of Tho milk just warm. 1 Lent Trio rest of Tho milk to boiling Point then pour it slowly Over Tho Rico adding Tho cinnamon. For it All Back into the Stew pan Aud simmer for 5 minutes stirring nil Trio time Lle Movo from Tho store mid allow itt Cool separate the Yolks from Tho Whites of Tho eggs whisk the former for 5 minutes and add to the mixture with Tho Castor sugar boat Tho Whites to a stiff froth and mix in lightly to Tho other ingredients. Have the frying pan on the Side of the stove quite hot. Put in about a dessert spoonful of butter and when melted pour in a Small Toa cupful of Tho Batter when Sec Aud nicely Brown Lay on Tho Paucak a of preserved Ginger minced very Likely. With n few Drons of Tho syrup Roll up quickly and serve very hot with Castor sugar sprinkled of Tho top Auy other preserved fruit can to used in Tho place of Ginger a Berry pancakes Aro Maclo with 3 s Alo sponge cakes 3 eggs. 3 ounces a preserved cherries about n pint. I milk a few drops of is Secco of at mods. Castor sugar Aud butter for living Cruz ibo up Tho sprugo cakes into a base and pour Over them Tho milk which must to boiling then Pat it aside to get Cool separate Tho Whites from the Yolks of the eggs Aud whisk them to a perfectly stiff troth beat up the Yolks with a few drops of cold milk and add them to the cakes with the can rates finely i Iucci Aud the Almond essence. Lastly mix in tight la the Whites of the eggs Fry in Trio Sunai Way in butter putting to the pm about a teach of the Batter at a Tenno. Servo rolled Over of a very hot dish. Sprinkle them with Castor sugar Aud a Little of the Niue de cherries. Araugo pancakes can to made in Tho same Way. Substituting minced candied Orange Peel for the cherries Aud serving them with Castor sugar and Araugo juice. _ when to Ovon is too hot. Beu baking in an oven that i9 too hot at the top. Fill with cold water a dripping pan that is about an Tuch deep Aud place it of the top grate of to oven us Only the oven to too hot of the Bottom put a grate under to article that is to be baked this precaution says the Philadelphia Timos. Will prevent disastrous results decorative Light is. Gloomy weather and the earlier Fulling shades of night increase Trio longing Lor everything suggestive of brightness Aud Sunshine so Flowers and Light Are to the fore for Trio dinner table a Mil the parlor in shades for candles lamps and electric lights come Dainty novelties in soft White material and Lovely flowered Silks Tho effect of coloured silk As to All know is wonderfully softening and improving to people Aud things alike. To no tie recognized builders of carriages where a Man can save Many a Dollar and get a Fine Grade of work. It is not like Tho cheap Grade that is on the Market. If you buy a $05.00 buggy of us you get a $05.00 buggy not a �7.00 buggy for $05.00 we manufacture surveys Phaeton top and no top buggies of All descriptions and the finest Dayton built in the United states for the Money. Write for Price list and catalogue. Novelty Carriage works second and French streets Wilmington. To not be at these times prices talk. . Indeed when Naco it has been thus delightfully shaded the Friendly Light seems crude Aud dazzling when uncovered. Most attractive Are Tho new rower studs made to hold Candle or Lump As Well the Flowers Aru in various shaped holders resting in the table while the Caudle it s Fri to their midst nud is completed with a silk Shade pretty Basket holders support single lights or two. Three or four lights and the Vari rms novelties App stir to graduated sizes suitable for the Large of uricial dinner or the cozy Little haute party style Tuart Good. Included in Art Decora Rivo furniture Uro card and Tea tables in mahogany with brass mountings. Decidedly pleasing results Are obtained with Stone cutting on Glas. After the style of the intaglio cuttings Bur less expensive mahogany curio tables with Glass sides uld Bronze ormolu finished mountings compete for favor with Corio cabinets in Vetruls Martin Aud solid mahogany artistic pottery of the Nied Lieval ago is dexterously copied in the hispano Moresque Ware included among artistic articles that Cost but lit tic Money arc for Light candelabra in Dresden circular How to discourage an agent. The canvasser with the Patent adjustable Flatiron Heater and talked for 15 minutes without a break Beu the woman of the House Interr Apted him by producing a Small curd and lend Pencil and remarking in a Calm emotionless Way �?o1 Haven t Beard a word you have said. Phase write it on he looked a the card gasped onco or twice and went away with his lips moving nervously. Bet us sound issuing from ago Tribune. To pneumatic roller skate. The pneumatic roller skate will catch popular favor Ono of these Days and have a great Boom. Many persons think that the old roller skating Industry has completely died out but on the con Truro thousands Aud thousands of pairs arc sold every year. Children Nso them on Asphalt streets and Tho makers say that Tho demand is steadily increasing. Thomas h. Lini ii it is not the largest store room nor the oldest established firm that attracts the attention of the purchasing Public but it is the hustling Width awake merchant who Sells at prices that will defy any competitor. When you Aro in need of Staple and fancy groceries Queens Are w Illow Ware confection eries tobacco cigars notions amp a. Call and see us. We Are always ready to serve the Public and guarantee our prices to be the lowest of the Low. Every �0 auction Day is Day. We have no saturday Sale As a Side Issue. Our prices worry our competitors but they draw us Trade. W. T. Winder main st. Una cock v a. G. Welly Coford contractor and builder Accomac c. H., a. All work first class. Material furnished when desired. Plans and specifications prepared on Short notice. Lowest prices on All first class work can to be under bid. Work done by Day or contract. Write to me or Call on me for estimates. G. Sivelly c0ard. Special notice. I done to care Liat other Peoples prices Are for ice Cream i will sell As Low i not Only will do it but i can afford to do it. My Cream is taking the Lead wherever it goes and you Only have to try it once to be convinced of its Superior Quality. Mls. Richardson steam ice Cream works. Capacity�?300 Gallons per Day Marion station my. Manufacturer of Sash doors blinds mouldings Newels. Cabinet mantels balusters &c., amp a. Church furniture pews Newels altars rails Etc. Plans and specifications made and estimates furnished for a1 classes of buildings. Factory a Salisbury. My. Correspondence solicited. Hay Coal flour Terra Cotta piping general merchandise amp a. In building material we have Cypres shingles framing and fencing Lime. Bricks a. In Terra Cotta piping we have the following sizes 0, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20 and 24, bought direct from the kilns Aud sold cheaper than wholesale City prices. 18. 20 Aud 24 Inch for Well tubes will Cost about the same As Cypress tubing Superior to it in Quality Aud will lust a Century. In general merchandise our Stock �8 always full Well selected Aud in great variety Aud we carry in addition to above also plows. Cultivators 14 tooth harrows and other farming implements Hay. Flour Coal. Arc., also j. M. Masury s Best liquid paints. We buy for spot Cash Aud sell it the lowest margin of profit. John w. Rogers amp bros., Only a. Pm make Marble works a a a manufacturers of 1 Yak in Marble and Granite Monu i. F i t in agents headstones ments headstones tablets amp a. I. P. Justis amp co. Commission merchants s e. Camden st. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Fruits vegetables and produce shipping letter &3references National Bank of Commerce or any produce House in Baltimore. L h. Kepr amp i. Produce o c amp a Miil a Fly a a Imit Rcd hate South 8t and to Wiyu a wharf. Baltimore. W gig ii nine j j. Henry a of inc it j proprietor Pocomoke City my. T. C. Kellam Onancock va., agent. Duff Mason stables Fred Johnson. Livery Sale and Exchange run in connection with hotel Mason new Church station va., Johnson amp Mason proprietors. All trains met and passengers conveyed to any part of Peninsula at fair rates and with Comfort and dispatch. L. W. Groton. W. J. Doughty Groton amp Doughty general Arakce agents have for losses in acco Mac and Northampton counties $25,0s5.00 in past three years. Onancock a. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made if so. Write to the feat bail lies in jewelry j. Adel Stiim. Onancock a. Practical watchmaker fit jeweler. I carry a Large and select line of watches clocks jewelry spectacles and silverware of a kinds prices reduced very Low. Special attention to repair work 011 Fine watch Csc lot Msj spectacles and jewelry at Bedrock prices. All work guaranteed to be first class. Highest prices for old Gold and Silver. Will be at Accomac c. H., every court Day for repairing. Fall and Winter millinery our Stock of fall anti Winter millinery Large select and of the latest and Quot Best styles is now open. We have endeavoured in making our purchases to meets the wants of our customers and Are confident that we can suit and please them. You Are cordially invited to Call and see us. Mrs. Broughton it pc co., Onancock a. This office for neat and Well executed Job work of. Every description. J Sweet potatoes a specially. Shipping letter h George w. Elm re Orbelle Haven Accomac county Virginia. Practical House Painter. All work guaranteed to be first class Aud prices to suit the times. Training a specially. Motice. Of. C. Barnes has opened his wide Elriam and harness shop combined at Parksley a. City and country made harness kept constantly on hand also cart saddles All cheap for Cash. Horse carts and repairing harness specialities and All work promptly attended to , wholesale grocers. 129 Arch Street Philadelphia a. Represented by r. Fulton Powell Stockton my a a carriages and other vehicles also bought in car Load lots by the undersigned and sold at the lowest margin of profit. R. F. Powell. W Ltd o o5 is o in o amp Lii and jewelry repaired on Short notice. I have for Sale watches clocks jewelry spectacles Josye classes and silverware in Many a Tyler and at lowest prices. We. Sartorius. Pocomoke City my. Off to ill be at Accomac c. Every court Day. Nor fila. Folk r. R. Go. In effect june 14th, 1897. Quickest Aud Only daily line Between Boston new York phila., Norfolk and old Point Comfort. Kobe Hward Toaone leave a i aria run Atli. Norfolk. Old Point Coli sort hop Ouhaj let. Oho lion. amp Clu Puntato. Blu Lenoar. lox. Exi acre a it map Yourg. Roller. A a july a a a a arid Ley a Trio Toni. Jak jul la now cur Chi. Poet a lug bar of. . Terotto a Don exult us us a a Aalf Carbury a a arrive. 92 82 94 old acc sex v Point exp a. . M 6 65 -7 30 0 10 .7 46 a 7 10 .8 40 9 40 10 66 i9 60. 1104 �9 63 1100 10 01 us m -q.0 00 11 21 -q0 16 ii 26 -no22 ii 32 Flo 31 in. Flo 40 ii 47 -110 46 1162 Flo 61 1167 m Jox 67 12 0b m -11u� 12 11 m 111h 12 12 f 11 25 12 29 1132 12 37 -11 37 12 41 -u1 4l. J2 63 6 10 11 65. In 16 12 00 c 40 i 210. 126 6 Fri 12 20 131 Tibb a 7 c8.18 7 12 47. 1 66 7 sol i col z a 09 arrive. Us Julioro Dolce a tall our. A a Ruminator by lift. Liswood Ai. toutou.�?�?. Sown ii. Now yoi2t r. M p.3� a 1 21. .11 1.-. 4 a la 04. I Lucas 4� a a. 114 so. To. A by 4 67 Louve. New Newark a Trouton. Palla tar Nav it. By Ftp Una a a wimm fou. Vucicu Sui Lonj. Trouc Harord by 07 0rl5�?mor�� old Folk exp. Exp boo. F�o2. It 60 1 26 in 506 let i it 4 26 7 62. 46. Of a Jim sex i. M 8 01 8 so a a 2b 1020 i 04 j. W. Hytti Losos l c0-, a wholesale a commission merchants in fruits and produce. Sweet potatoes a specially. 244 Washington st., new York. A shipping no. 104.�? reference Gansevoort Bank. Established 1865. We. Parker with Sta i. Newton amp Sis 327 Washington st., new York. Importers and commission in All kinds of fruit and produce truck poultry eggs wild fowl amp a. Potatoes a specially. Members of National league of commission merchants of the United states. Refer to Irving Nat. Bank new York and All mercantile agencies. Use any of our Stencil a or cards Given out during past 25 years. Shipping no. 24. S. B. Downes. J. O. Downes established 25 years. S. B. Downes amp co. Fruit and produce commission merchants 329 Washington st., new York. Shipping no. 102. Members of National league of com Mission merchants of the u. S. Reference by permission Irving National Bank k. Stevens Simpson $ �0 importers and wholesale commission merchants a fruits and 232 Washington Street new York. Members of the National league of commission merchants of the United states. Reference Irving Natl Bank n. Leave . u re Salisbury a pm fruit Laud. Lul Ede of. I Loretta. . N a Elugia Creef 12 30 Costea a. J2 6u puck Ujke i a0 sew Otic Hall Tell Wood a . Marksley to Tkv Iby a a a a a a Only a a. Kuor. A a a supp Butr a >0s8wttil x. A Bird s a . Emit Vule a co Oba. . Oitto Charles. Old Volt Comfort Norfolk. I Porte of bulb. a.31 2 66 3 2s 3 338 433 42-�4 0u to la. 4 Lili in. 4 264 3814 414 16 4 a a l. 4 676 03-61�zu 6 13-t6 25. 6 33. 6 42-�6 456 068 00. 4 00., Flo p Al 3copi lot eager of Algosi Liny. Do it pts Badiky. 31. -161 a of 2 24 -233 -2 �4 -2 43 -303 -811 .3 20 -3 �?~21. 388 -3 47 .3 60 -366 .403. T 08 -4 16 4 22 4 20 4 37 4 43 -4 61 -465 .610 706 �06. 8 16 . to conduct r. Nicholas superintendent Cape Charles a. K. B. Cooke Gene a freight and passenger agent Norfolk __ Al Jiaxu 8ch�d�ole of the Baltimore Chesapeake 6. Atlantic Ailway company Ontl Turber not co. Will run Tlell at Samere us follows what tour permitting Iez Vlug sout flt. Ebert at 6.0a o clock p. M. Steamer Pocomoke. Capt. Ward. Tuesday and Friday for Finney a Onancock Biol town Pitts wharf of Dar Hall Beh Botn Powell a Pocomoke Olty at Toboul and now Hill. Retubk1kg�? mondays Aud thursday loaves now Hill 6 a. A Mattaponi 6 j0, City 8, 8 30 Keno both a a Codar Hall 9.30, Pitta wharf 10, a Molltown 10 16, Onancock 2 30 p. In., Fin Aey e 3, Tancl Erbland 4.30. Cola fled 6. Shore. A opt. G. Eynon. Educ Days and Auna ays tor Crl Snell Harbor Lun Tovaas Boggs. Cedar View Paudua Doc Cord. Udo Lovle by loads and hues he leaves hues tuesdays and fridays a Shields 8.30, Davis 10.00, Hoad a 10.20. Concord 11. A Ludua 12 30, Cedar View 12.45, Boggs 2.46, Evans 3, barhorton3.16.crlsqeldc. It Cuiter mondays and thursday for forc a Coulbourn Creek cola fled Wjk Luyeye uses of Hunting Creek and me Hougo. Be tick Jilg leave wednesdays a d Batu Renys Mcaa ongo a Lieut log Creon. U.s0, c hos Counes Tex us Onancock .30, finny 3. Calf Celd 6, Coulbourn Creek 7, Loro s 7au Aii Steamer leave Crisafi Eldoi 3s.itl More on Ari. of last Down train. Are int Ana pasc Engra received reran Points of the k. Y., Pella. Aud Mortoly Wicomico and for smoke h. Dally Lela Waro Alai land and i Rutnik. Mullro amp is. Roa Tive it us freight received after 4 30 a m. Miat of pre a did to Uli Points except the n. V. Norfolk bal Road Willard Thoai Suu t. Murdock lieu i a ,.,Arr . J. Sawyer Wilson jr., 1 Ruijuan in. 205 k. Isalt Liore st. I by i by i my a Etui . Prutt amp Gal Vert its. Baltimore. My. European plan. Rooms 50 cts., 75 cts. And 81 per Day thib House is now open is entirely new aim it equipped with All the modern conveniences elevator electric lights electric Call Bells steam beat Bathe amp a. Bernaad Reinat proprietor. go. Commission merchants in Early fruits vegetables terrapins w ild fowl eggs poultry and All kinds of 122 Cheapside shipping letter j. E. Whittington j. E. Whittington i co., wholesale fit and produce it commission my enchants no. 7 e. Camden Street Quot ism Baltimore my. Shipping letters a a a. E. reference traders National Bank . Gustis., a produce of commission chants eggs poultry wildfowl,clam8, peas berries cabbage amp a. Sweet and Irish potatoes specialities. 220 South st. Cor. Bowlers wharf Baltimore my. Reference Peoples Bank of Baltimore shipping letter Quick sales and prompt returns. Logan Tenderson undertaker Horntown. A. Keeps everything needed in u n takers Stock and has the Best outfit South of Wilmington Del. Meets All trains and steamboats on Short notice. A has caskets always on hand

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