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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - July 21, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Farm arid Garden build silo in the barn j then you have a combination that defies All weather happenings. I Here is positively the latest and Clev Erest thing in the great silo question. The Cement tank is built in the Center of a circular barn where its contents Are not Only protected against All weather conditions but the animals to be fed Are protected also. The Power Plant in the up to Date barn is easily and cheaply applied for cutting and handling the ens Ilage and the whole arrangement seems to be a Fine application of the old latin phrase Cultum in the word silo comes from the French and Means ditch or pit and this method of keeping Green forage seems to have been first used by the French people but in the last few years the Farmers of America have surpassed not Only the French people but All oth ers in developing this method of pre serving Green forage and of course the american Farmers and manufacturers weather proof silo have made great improvements in the Art. The original making of ens Ilage was nothing More than in imitation of the. Dog that digs in the ground to cover up and keep a Bone or something else he wanted to keep and eat at a later Date. But while the silo in the ground serves a great Deal better than none at All it Falls Short of being As satisfactory As those built above ground. Of course the practical use of the silo is the keeping of forage in a succulent condition and the most general adaptation is for the use of Dairy cows. In this use of it the consumption of ens Ilage has increased very rapidly in the last Tea years. It May be that a chemical analysis does not prove that forage of any sort contains More Nutriment than the same would have Cut and cured in the regular Way but it has been the experience of All who have used Good Corn ens Ilage that it is the Best method to preserve Corn for cattle. The digestive nutrients in forage of any sort seems to be kept in a More satisfactory condition As ens Ilage than any other Way and a far greater Quan Tity per acre can be got from the land so that any Farmer who keeps Many cattle will be certain to find that the silo is very necessary on his farm. Cheers for the Glass Hen. The Frost proof Hen May be com ing says the Rural new yorker but the Glass Hen is Here and one of her june eggs in january does very Well. Water Glass or silicate of soda is the Best family preservative for eggs and it will pay any Farmer to Breed the Glass Hen. Eggs Laid in april May and june Are Best for preserving. Boil nine Gallons of water. After it has cooled pour in one gallon of water Glass and stir it thoroughly. Put in a Stone Jar and gently place in the mix Ture about thirty dozen eggs. Get them As close to laying As possible and have them clean. Put the Jar in the cellar or a dark room cover it Over and let it alone until you want the eggs. For family use the Glass Hen is a wonder in its Way a Good partner for Alfalfa vetch and the rest of the farm helpers. \u25a0 \u2666 ? cheer of the Flower % Garden. � j j the Flower Garden May not be x ? \u25ba As profitable As the vegetable j Garden but will add cheer com t fort and Contentment to the " Home. The rest and peace of mind afforded by strolls in the � ii Flower Garden Are not to be com j j pared with Money. Ujj Don t Cut Sod with Spade. Make for yourself this ingenious Little Sledge and halve your labor. The construction of the Sod Cutter is clearly shown in the sketch. It May be Well to add says farm Progress that the knife Blade dips downward about three eighths of an Inch in its cheap and hand Sod Cutter. Width of two and one half inches. The Tolfe can be adjusted to Cut the Sod at the proper thickness. Two men and a boy with a team recently Cut enough Sod to Load a Slat Wagon holding one and one Quarter cubic Yards rolled the Sod and loaded the Wagon in a trifle More than an Hoar. The Cutter is easily and cheaply made and is a great improvement Over the Spade. His comparison. Foot Lite is a Good actor said a playwright who was criticising a new York production wherein the hero s part was very badly cast and in this part he does his Best but by Jove does t he remind you of a Man trying to play a Tschaikowsky symphony on a typewriter f hopeless Case Why Don t you make Hay while the gun shines and huh if i tried to do that it d just be my Luck to get sunstruck."?Phila Delphia Ledger. " diseases of tomatoes. Gift will not yield to spraying a Lef spot Poe. A of the Tou Iitto that is some times confused with Leaf spots is prop Erly known As fun barium Wilt. That this 3 not in the least affected by the applications of spraying materials to the plants is fully proved in the experiments carried on at the Experiment station of the University of Illinois. This Wilt has caused the loss of Many a promising crop and the first indication that the plants Are affected is the sudden wilting of entire branches or even the entire Plant. Within a few Days the wilted portions become Brown and dead and an examination of the wilted stems reveals a discoloured Brownish appearance of the wooded portion. The plants May die before any fruit has matured or after any part of the crop has been gathered. The first season that the Wilt appears in a Field usually Only a few plants Are affected but if the Field is used for tomatoes the next year Tho attack is Likely to be very severe for the disease is carried Over in the soil and the length of time the disease will remain in badly infected soil is not known. It is therefore important to practice rotation of crops so that the soil will not become badly infected. Care should also be taken in secur ing soils for the Beds in which the plants Are grown. Fresh soil should be put in the Beds each Yeal and it should be secured from a part of the farm which has never grown tomatoes nor received the Wash from Tomato Fields. It is also important to avoid inoculating a new Field by Means of soil carried from an infected Field on tools or the feet of men or farm Ani Mals. T agriculture is King. A x whether Prince or plebeian 4. Rich or poor Saint or sinner the t Queen upon her throne or the a Maiden in the Dairy All must de a Pend upon a common source for t food and raiment agriculture. T � it was thus from the beginning j.3. From the forbidden fruit in the 4 v Garden of Eden to the soil prod duct of 1911, from the time of the4. Airy costume of eve to the More 4 t pretentious apparel of her Sis � j. Ters of the present age. Obi 31$ Ousby then As population in Ujj creases and the food Supply be Ujj. Comes a More vital question agriculture will command in it creasing attention and respect Tel and the Husbandman attain an 54 importance among his Fellows j l amounting almost to solitude.? xxx Jacob c. Mohler in Kansas crosscut saw for one. Easily mad and a great convenience to have on any farm. It is often convenient to have a crosscut saw that one Man can use for cutting medium sized logs says the Orange Judd Farmer. The one shown herewith fills the Bill very Well. It consists of a Blade a handle set As shown and a Bow re enforced with wire wound around it at various Points. Preferably this Bow should be of Well seasoned Hickory Ash or some other Tough but not too heavy Wood. Handy on Man Ciao shoot saw. It is not necessary to live very much Spring in. The Bow. Although some Spring adds rigidity and tension to saw which can thus be run More easily. The most important Points for the winding Are toward the ends where the pole is split by sawing to admit the Blade. The pole should be Only a few inches longer than the saw when Laid out straight. Twisted rope. If you will Coil Rone to the left twice and then take the end and pass it Down through the Coil and then Coil it once to the right you will probably take the twist out this is the method used by an agent who has handled and sold rope for a Groat Many years. Orchard and Garden. Promptly gather up and Burn All Brush and rubbish in the Orchard. The City dealer profits by the Lazi Ness of the grower by grading and re packing his badly assorted fruit. An Orchard will live longer Bear bet ter and be More profitable by being Well cultivated and enriched when spraying do not work with Bare hands. They la be sore if you do. Put on a pair of rubber gloves. A Covey of Quail in the Orchard will prove a Good Friend to the grower because they eat a tremendous num ber of insects. Very few pears Are at their Best if allowed to Ripen on the tree. A Good Rule is to pick when the seeds have turned Brown. An Orchard soil Rich in organic mat ter is the kind of soil we want hence grow a Clover crop this fall and plow under next Spring. Don t leave the culls on the ground to rot. That. Is where Many Apple pests come from. Pick culls up and feed them to the hogs or cows. The Apple thrives Well on a great variety of soils varying from Sandy icam to heavy soils provided it is Well drained and otherwise Well cared for. Profit in the Orchard largely depends upon the perfection of the fruits raised und the Quantity. And the Trees can not produce their full capacity unless Well cared for. Flowers and blood. A superstition dating from Olden times exists to the effect that Rosea and Flowers generally attain greater Beauty in soil fertilized by blood Espe i Allsby human blood than elsewhere. Persons who have visited Newmarket England know of the so called bloody Flower of Newmarket which is found nowhere else than in the old Moat now filled up and in which according to tradition a very Large Quantity of human remains is interred. These Flowers Bloom in june and july and by the Bloodline Hue of their blossoms suggest the name which has Bee Given to them. Digestion and assimilation. It is not the Quantity of food taken but the amount digested and assimilated that gives strength and vitality to the s stomach and liver Tab lets invigorate the stomach and liver and enable them to perform their functions k naturally. For Sale by All dealers. Hagenbeek f narrowest a soaps i am often asked what is my narrowest escape. Perhaps the following is the closest shave i have had. I was superintending the dispatch of some animals it the railway station in Ham Burg when a half grown elephant which was standing in one of the trucks with its legs chained suddenly turned round and tried to pin me to the Wall. I was at that moment exam ining a Cage containing monkeys. When 1 entered the car i knew Tho elephant was Cross and should have kept my face toward him. Instead of doing so i turned round to look at something and at that moment the brute went for me. He tried to pin me to the Wall but fortunately for me his tusks were too wide apart for him to properly grip me. The tusks just grazed my skin on each Side of my Back. One of my men rushed to the Rescue and pulled me Down Between the animal s head and the Wall. They then stood me on my feet to be if my Back was broken. With the exception of torn clothing and a grazed skin i was nil right wide world. Stonewall Jackson s death. Nothing in the War perhaps except ing the ?1.-v de to refund id shall is u a Tomer. Money both Gold and Silver Wear out at a startling rate. It is reckoned that there is usually �100.000.000 ii Gold Coin in England a very Large pro portion of which is locked in the Strong rooms of Banks. Yet of that which i in Active circulation the wastage is is great that during every twelve month �70,000 Worth of Gold and Silver i rubbed off into Fine dust.?Pearson weekly. Punctuation. The modern system was introduce by Aldus Mantius. Punctuation by Means of stops o Points so As. To indicate the meaning of sentences and assist the Reader to proper enunciation is ascribed orig Nally to aristophanes an Alexandria grammarian who lived in the thin Century b. C. Whatever Bis system May have been it was subsequently neglected and forgotten but was reintroduced by Charlemagne the Vartoui stops and symbols being designed b warn Fried and Alcuin. The present system of punctuation was introduced in the latter part of thi fifteenth Century by Aldus Mantius venetian Printer who was responsible for our period Colon semicolon comma Marks of interrogation and exclamation parenthesis and dash Hyphen apostrophe and quotation Marks. These were subsequently copied by othe printers until their use became univer Sal. Most ancient languages were inno cent of any system of punctuation. I find in Ninny Early manuscripts tha the letters Are placed at equal distance apart with no connecting link Between even in the matter of spacing an arrangement which must have rent Lebec Reading at sight somewhat difficult a mystery solved. One reason women. Have so Many buttons to Button is because they Don t have to lose any time at shaving and Hunting corkscrews Galveston news. It is not every Man that can afford to Wear a shabby Colton. R railway detectives. They Trace those who steal or de stroy property of the Road. Tic ise Orat service is a hard game to tackle but like All kinds of work it bus Jis easy jobs. One of them is that of special agent for a Railroad. The Gont is supposed to Trace those who steal fir destroy Railroad property. When he is notified that a trunk or other article of baggage is missing he finds out by its number from where it was sent and follows it on the books to the last station where it has been checked. Then he notifies the police in the Vicinity Between the station where the baggage was last checked and the Slation where it should have been chocked. The police get Busy and probably the property is soon re covered and the thieves put in jail. The baggage is then turned Over to the special agent who notifies the rail Road official that he has recovered the goods. If a freight car is robbed the Spe Cial agent pursues the same tactics lit a ills out where the car was last sealed and t in place where the car was reported As having its Seal broken. The police or constables in the coun try Between the two Points Are Noti fied and if they. Fail to capture the robbers the Railroad May never hear again of the stolen goods. Wherever destruction has occurred to Railroad property it is usually police officers who Trace and arrest those the special agent must be a keen of human nature and with us Fulci it tact to make himself popular with the police officers in his territory. Usually he is an old time detective 1 is Well enough acquainted with Deti it Ives and police through out the to try to obtain results where an Amateur would fall. The judge erred his mistake clearly explained by the old coloured woman. The judge of the juvenile court i leaning Forward in his chair looked searchingly from the discreet and very ragged Picc Ninny before his desk to the ample and solicitous form of the culprit s Mother. Why do you Send him to the Railroad Yards to pick up Coal demanded his Honor. You Luniow it is against the Law to Send your child where he will be in jeopardy of his " deed Edge i does t Send in. I Webber has sent in deed does t he bring Home the Coal interrupted the judge impatiently. But Edge. 1 whips in Edge Obgry time he brings it. I whips de Little rap scallion till he Cayn t set deed 1 i ? the careful disciplinarian turned her Broad shiny countenance reproving by upon her undisturbed off Spring but kept a conciliatory Eye for the judge. You Burn the Coal he brings do you not persisted the judge. Burns it Burns it?c6se i Burns it. W a Edge i has to git it out of de Why Don t you Send him Back with it his Honor smiled insinuating by As he rasped out the question. Send Imback Edge exclaimed the woman throwing up her hands in a gesture astonishment Send Imback w a Edge. Ain t to jest done been told me i did t Aughter Send my Chile to no Seeh Dange some and jeopardy us place youth s compan Ion. Bumps on the head. The Lump raised by a blow on the head is due to the resistance offered by the hard Skull and its close connection with the movable elastic Scalp by Many circumscribed bands of connect i five tissue the result of a blow when the Scalp not Cut is the bruising and Psi Serati Oil of Many of the Small blood vessels or capillaries. Blood or its fluid constituent serum is poured into the meshes of the surrounding connective tissue which is delicate spongy Disten sible and cellular and j the Well known bump or Lump is quickly formed. This cannot push inward it All and naturally takes the line of i least resistance. Similar bumps May be formed on the skin in exactly the 1 same Way. For the Shin Bone al3o is covered Only by skin and subcutaneous1 connective tissue. The first Iron Bridge. The first Iron Bridge Ever erected in the world and which is in constant use at the present time spans a Little River in the county of Salop on the Railroad leading from Shrewsbury to Worces ter England. It was built in the year 1778 and is exactly ninety six feet in length. The total amount of Iron used in its construction was 378 tons. Stephenson the great Engineer in writ in concerning it said when we con Sider the fact that the casting of Iron was at that time in its infancy we Are convinced that a blushing audacity alone could conceive and carry into execution such an right living. To be honest to be kind to earn a Little and to spend a Little less to make upon the whole a family happier for his presence to renounce when that shall be necessary and not to be embittered to keep a few friends but these without capitulation above All pm the same grim condition to keep friends with himself Here is a task for All that a Man has of fortitude and delicacy. Willing to tune it. John that Man next door came Over Here today and offered to tune Little Lucy s great did you let him do it no dear. He wanted to tune it with an a i Baltimore Sun. What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult to each other George Eliot too much Toothbrush. It is possible to err in the direction of a too free use of the Toothbrush. Once a Day for threw minutes is sufficient writes a dentist in the fam ily doctor of London. Even in using a Toothbrush once a Day it is better not to rub it directly across the sur face of the Teeth but to slant it hold ing the Point Down so that it cleans the spaces Between the Teeth As Well As the front of the Teeth and removes the full Force of the contract from the Teeth. 1 have Tiad Many patients who have literally rubbed the enamel from their Teeth by the excessive use of a Brush. The average person uses a Brush too much and not too Little. In addition to being careful with the Brush it is also important to see that the bristles Are soft and not hard. Tooth powder should be used Only once a t blame the gook if your bread and pastry is the foggy indigestible misery making kind. It s dollars to doughnut that the flour is guilty of the offence. Our flour make Light White de Licious bread and pastry always. Poor Luck is unknown wherein rules the cooking. It insures Eood results because it is uniform1 Quality monday tuesday wednesday and every Day in the week the , can you afford to Goon using Hap Hazard flour when our Mill to consumer system puts our Superior product in your Home at less expense we Cut oui the retailers profits. We sell you flour direct at whole Sale prices. We will save you All those dollars that the retail dealer has previously pocketed. Try our method. You la never go Back to the old Way. Write us for prices. Eagle Hills at ?3 �?rae3��6@aaa�eseeeee�6m� highest Grade j i Middletown afro Vii i flour. ask for it when you � o want the . Mccomb & Bros j3 Baltimore. 1yts90 a wow c. S. Waples i x h we. Waterall & co., front and Mechanic sts., Camden n. J., manufacturers of combination and univer Sal mixed paints White Lead roof paints Etc. For Sale by . Rogers St bros., Finney Boggs & . Powell & Waples Martin Mason co., Rogers bros., Rogers & Boggs Melta. A. Marsh & bros., Chesconessex a g. P. Byrd me Songo a. Baltimore office 514 Amo Horti still fun r. L. Colona bricklayer and plasterer Accomac. H., a. Work done by Day or contract and satisfaction guaranteed. Dead taken up and removed to Ceme Tery. See me for Low prices before bargaining with anyone else. Cemetery notice. Persons in Accomac and adjoining counties wishing to Mark the grave of relative or Friend with Monument Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now de so a. A very Small outlay As we keep in Stock a Largi collection of finished work of modern designs of the Best workmanship and at the very lowest prices. 115 n. Liberty St. Near Lexington also 314 8. Charles St. Gaddess Brothers established seventy five year. Baltimore my. Removal. The Public will please take notice that i have moved Back to my old stand next door to Bell harness co. John t. Robinson at. Singer sewing machine co. And dealer in pianos organs and sewing machine supplies. The patronage of the pub Lic solicited. Can cancer be cured it can. The record of the Kellam Hospital is without Par Euel in history having cured to stay cured permanently without the use of the knife or a Layover 90 percent of the Many hundreds of sufferers from cancer which it has treated Dur ing the past fifteen years. We have been endorsed by the Senate and legislature of Virginia. We guarantee our cures. Physicians treated free. Kellam Hospital West mail Street Richmond Virginia an ordinance at a regular meeting of the Council 1of the town of Chincoteague in the county of Accomac and state of Virginia held at the office of the mayor of the said town in the town aforesaid on the 7th Day of a. D., 1911 present a. Frank Matthews May or and e. Phipps Jas. Aydelotte Thos. Savage w. N. Conant and 0.f. the said coun cil. Upon the motion of the said Jas Aydelotte councilman seconded bythe said Thomas Savage councilman the following ordinance was unanimously adopted. Be it resolved and ordained by the Council of the town of Chincoteague that the privilege of the use of the Public streets and highways of the said town be granted pursuant Tobias hereinafter invited and provided for for the purpose of erecting posts or poles with the necessary wires and fixtures and of laying pipes and conduits on along Over and under the said streets and highways for constructing maintaining and opera rating electric works or plants for the Supply and distribution of electricity for Light or Power and for construct ing maintaining and operating a Gas Plant and the necessary equipment for Gas lighting purposes to such extent As May be required within the term of years hereinafter prescribed for the business of supplying electric Light and Power and Gas Light provided that such posts poles wires and fixtures pipes and conduits shall be so erected placed Strung and Laid As not in any Wise unnecessarily to obstruct or interfere with Public travel or the Ordinary use of the said Public streets and highways nor dam age private property without compensation therefor. And provide further 1. That All such posts poles Wir Sand fixtures pipes and conduits shall be erected and installed under the joint direction and supervision of the said Council or its committee thereto appointed and the grantee of the said franchise. 2. Unto the grantee of the said pro posed franchise shall immediately re store to and maintain in Good Condi tion such portions of the surface of the said streets highways and pave ments on the same As May be Dis Turbed dug up and removed in the construction installation repairing or replacing the said posts poles wires and fixtures pipes and con Duits or other parts of the said elec tric or Gas works and in Case the grantee of the said franchise should rail so to restore and maintain the surface of the said streets Highway Sand pavements within ten 10 Days after such disturbance digging Upland removal the said town May properly restore and maintain the same and the thereof shall be recoverable by the said town from the said grantee of said proposed franchise in any court of competent jurisdiction after five 5 Days writ ten notice to such grantee setting Forth the amount of such costs and requesting payment of the same to the treasurer of the said town. Section 3. That the grantee of the said proposed franchise shall stipulate and bind itself to Supply and fur Nish the said town with such electric lights or Gas lights for the illumination of the streets building a. other Public property of the a d town As May from time to Timo be required at such reasonable prices As my be agreed upon by and Between such grantee of said Ira Chise and the Council of the said town provided however that in no event shall such prices exceed the prices paid for Simi Lar services by other towns of like size and resources in the said state of in the state of Maryland. Section 4. That the grantee of the said proposed franchise shall further stipulate and bind itself to Supply an furnish to the individual subscribers of the said town such electric cur rent for Light or Power should Power be desired or Gas lights for the illumination of buildings and other private premises As May from time to time be solicited and required at such reasonable prices As May be agreed upon by such grantee and the Council of the said town provided that such prices shall not be greater than the prices paid for similar Light and Power service in other towns of like population and Genera resources in the above mentioned states. Section 5. That the prices to be paid by the said town and by the individual subscribers thereof for electric Light and Power or Gas Light shall from time to time be subject to the joint consideration and agreement of the grantee of the said proposed franchise and the Council of the said town As the changing conditions and circumstances May Render expedient and proper. Section 6. That the grantee of the said proposed franchise its Succes sors and assigns shall at All times be subjected to the ordinances of the said town now in Force or which May at any time hereafter be regularly passed by the said Council relative to the government and control of natural and artificial persons Public service individuals firms or corporations. Section 7. That the g. Antee of such franchise Sbol l indemnify the said town of \u25a0 Hil Oteague against an assume a l ability for any damage resulting to adjudged or assessed against the said town by reason of any injury to persons or property Public or private of the said town caused by the negligence of such a to Ein the installation or main to Fiance of any part of the a Lectris Light works or Gas Light works Here by authorized or resulting from thi failure of such successors or Asci pm to comply with this or any other ordinance of the said town now in Force or to be hereafter passed for control and supervision of Public individuals films or corporations. Section 8, that the grantee of the said proposed franchise before pro to exercise any authority in do the ordinance granting such fran Chise Pali execute and file with the clerk of the said Council a Bond in the penalty of five Hundred 500 dollars with Good and sufficient Security thereto to be approved by the Council made payable to the said town of Chine Teague and conditioned for the beginning of the work of construction installation and equipment such Grant in ordinance within 180 Days from the Date of such ordinance and for the completion of such construction installation and equipment and the successful operation of the same within 18 months Days from the Date of such granting Ordi Nance and conditioned also for the maintenance by the said grantee of the said electric or Gas Plant and equipment in Good and suitable condition for the purposes for which the same was installed for and during the term of years hereinafter pre scribed. Section 9. That upon the comple tion of such electric Light Plant Ano equipment or Gas Plant and equip ment and before Ili regular opera tion of the sume such Plant and equipment shall be subject to the inspection and approval of the said Council or its committee for that purpose duly appointed and if de sired by a represent Tive of the fire insurance company then doing Busi Ness on Chincoteague Island. Section 10. That such grantee of the said proposed franchise shall within thirty 30 Days after the completion of its said Plant and equip ment and before the regular opera tion of the same file with the clerk of this Council for its consideration schedule of All prices and charge proposed to be made for the Supply of electric current for lighting or Power should electric Power be sup plied or of Gas for lighting or heat according As an electric Plant or Gas Plant Way be installed by virtue of the proposed granting 11. That the said grantee of the said proposed franchise in the construction installation and equip ment of the electric Plant or Gas Plant to be hereafter authorized Andin the maintenance of the same shall at All times be subject to the Laws of the said state of Virginia applicable to Public service corporations. Section 12. That the franchise Tobe granted As proposed by this Ordi Nance shall be in Force for a period of Twenty 20 years from the Date of the ordinance actually granting the same. And be it further ordained by the said Council that the foregoing Ordi Nance its term shall have been approved by the said mayor of the said town of Chincoteague be advertised once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise newspaper having general circulation in the said town of Chincoteague and that such advertisement shall in Vite bids for the franchise proposed to be granted As provided in this ordinance which bids shall be in writ ing and delivered to the said mayor at his said office in the said town on the 2d Day of october a. D., 1911, at eleven o clock a. M., but the Council hereby expressly Reserve the right to reject any and All bid that May be made for the said pro posed franchise pursuant to this Ordi Nance. I hereby approve the foregoing ordinance a. F. Matthews ? a. 0. Disbrow town clerk. A True copy ? attested?2o 620 Tjo Folkl arrive 9 05 7 25 7 25 North bound train. No. 44 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 no. Id leave a. A. P. P. A. A Norfolk 8 00 6 15 8 00 old Point 8 45 7 15 8 45 Ca Echarles 1105 930 600 1135 . Tasley 10 131 112 a. Salisbury 734 135 1225 942 319 Delmar / 801 200 12 54 10 16 359 arrive a. P. A. P. M Wilmington 11 22 4� 405 741p. Philadelphia 1208 522 500 826 Baltimore 12 40 6 52 6 01 9 50 new York . 2 56 8 05 7 32 1118 trains 49 and 50 daily. Trains 37, 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, 80. And 46 daily except sunday x. B. Cooke r. V. Hanayer. Superintendent Twenty years of fair dealing i should justify anyone want ing a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Davis & bro., Laurel Del or seeing our local agents j t. G. Kellam . Pruitt Temperanceville Geo. W. Abdell Belle . Drum Ovd Grange Villa. I \u25a0 i i lift

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