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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1920, Page 5

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - July 14, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Peninsula Enterprise John w. Edmonds editor and owner. Too Oman court House a. Entered at the poet office at Accomac o. S., va., As second class matter. Saturday september 9, 1911. The a a machine wins in Virginia and Thomas s. Martin and Claude a Swan son will succeed themselves As United states senators from Virginia. Such at least Are the advices received by Telegram at the time of going to press and presumably Correct. The a a machine wins in spite of the fact As the times Dis Patch says a that Martin judged by his own letters and his own statements was found unworthy that Swanson judged by his own actions his own admissions and his own claims was found unfaithful the majority claimed by the a machine is about 30,000. The result on the Eastern Shore shows a Victory for Hon. We. A. Jones and Hon Carter Glass but their majority is not As Large As it should have been and was expected. Many of the voters in the two counties instead of considering the great Issue involved and arriving at their own conclusion in the matter Here As elsewhere in the state rather listened to and were controlled by the appeals made to them by the friends of Martin and Swan son. Roger q. Mills of Texas for Twenty years a member of the House of representatives of the United states and for a term of six years of the Senate a statesman of the old order whose distinguished ability and lofty patriotism won for him a place among the most honoured of the nation passed away this week. But great As was the reputation he won for himself As a Tariff expert democratic Leader and speaker in great National campaigns so evanescent is Fame in late years he had been almost forgotten. Great advantage would accrue to the nation however As says the Richmond virginian a if we should keep alive the memory of his rugged honesty and patriotic service to Honor and emulate them rather than the examples of Many who have substituted other motives and methods for his ideals and principles of disinterested and constructive letter from Secretary Keller pair. Ladies gentlemen and children in behalf of on agricultural and educational association i want to thank you for your Liberal patronage of the old Keller pair just closed. The attendance even under and i be circumstances and in spite of dust and rain was simply wonderful and the kindly feelings and Good Fellowship manifested was Beautiful and worthy of All Ralbe. The exp lib s were both overflowing and flue every department Well filled with the Best. No fighting no drunkenness observed nobody mad everybody pleased. We want to especially thank those who so faithfully helped us by their Many Nice exhibits and efforts along other line to make the fair a Success As a whole the school children the athletes the speakers the candidates. The educational exhibits were Fine and elicited much Praise and admiration the fast runners and High jumpers among the Young men were also admired and praised the speeches by messes. Mcmaster of new York and Eggleston of Richmond were truly inspiring and up lifting to our Public school teachers children and to All who heard them. The music and athletic medal speeches by messes. Blackstone and Mapp were Well timed and appropriately delivered. But amid it All the candidates a took the cake a and did in Many ways contribute to our Success As Well As to their own a Clever Nice set of men and Well worthy of the offices they seek. The Speed trials were close and Well fought out and gentlemen of the turf were satisfied and Happy. And now after our week of fun enjoyment and relaxation we again take up 1 a the shovel and the Hoe in our respective avocations feeling the better prepared for our varied interests and duties. The fair was a financial Success also and All Bills premiums &c.,will be sent out at once by checks through the mail. Again thanking you All i am very sincerely yours j. E. Mapp Secretary.  4940. Report of the condition of the first National Bank of Onancock at Onancock in the state of Virginia at the close of business. September 1st, 1911. Resources. Loan and discounts $283.440 58 overdraft secured and unsecured 1.001 38 u. Roads to secure circulation 60.000 00 premiums on u. 8. Bonds 1,500 00 Bonds securities Etc 10-1.226 00 banking House, fixtures 7,000 00 due from National Banks not Reserve agents due from state and private Banks and Bankers Trust companies and 8avings Banks due from approved Reserve agents checks and other Cash items notes of other National Banks fractional paper currency Nickels and cents lawful Money Reserve in Bank Viz specie 15.154 40 Legal tender notes 12,660 x redemption fund with u. 8. Treasurer 6 per cent of circulation 13,660 69 984 41 83.624 8t 600 80 2,855 00 186 94 27.714 40 25,000 00 total $519,294 95 liabilities. Capital Stock paid in $50,000 00 f surplus fund 40.000 00 undivided profits less expenses and taxes paid 6.559 52 National Bank notes outstanding 48.500 00 due to other National Banks 5.835 95 due to state and private Banks and Bankers 31,142 dividends unpaid 20 00 individual deposits subject to Check 336,363 04 certified checks 82 23 Cashiers checks outstanding 791 23 total $519,294 95 state of Virginia. County of Accomac is. I o. L. Parker cashier of the above named Bank do solemnly swear that the above statement is True to the Best of my knowledge and belief. O. L. Parker. Cashier. Corrects attest Spencer f. Rogers Henry f. Powell Jno. Waples. Directors. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 6th Day of september. 1911. W. J. Doughty notary Public. For Sale a at private contract. I offer for Sale at private contract the Home now occupied by me with 10 acres of land in High state of cultivation less than 1 mile of courthouse one mile from Salt water two Miles from r r. Station in a few minutes walk of churches and High school Orchard in bearing berries amp a. The dwelling is new with 7 room hot and cold water. New barn and out build also offer for Sale 63 acres of land with four new dwellings barn and necessary outbuildings part of land in High state of cultivation on county Road 1j Miles from Tasley and Onley stations i mile of Church school stores and Post office j mile from Salt water and Good fishing bargains in All. Isaac b. Clark Accomac a. Chalmers motor cars built for business. Chalmers 36 touring car $1,800.00 self starter no cranking inflates tires no tedious pumping of tires. Four Speed transmission 36x4 in. Tires with Demountable rims. Bosch dual ignition system Presto Lite tank and lamps full set of tools and tire repair kit. Herreshoff motor cars Little Tho Roberds. Chalmers 30 roadster f1,500.00 Complete. No extras to buy. Specifications same As the 30 touring car. Storehouse and lot for Sale at Bloxom station. Statement of the financial condition of the Belle Haven Bank inc., located at Belle Haven in the county of Accomac. State of Virginia at the close of business. September 1st. 1911. Made to the state Corpora Tiou commission. To the Farmers of Accomac county a notwithstanding my misfortune i have rebuilt my Canning factory which was destroyed by fire now in resources position to take care of your Sweet Loans and discounts a $5 potatoes. Years before i have been overdrafts unsecured Canning some tomatoes which bothered Otter owned me at times in handling All of your culls furniture a my fixtures but i have now turned my whole at National Banks Tention to potatoes and am in position dec Fortt my a a a amp Raste Ribarik to take care of All you have when you paper currency have a Normal crop. This year the crop fractional paper currency Nickels and is very Short and Many of you Are in-1 Good lined to ship your culls to far off Silver Coin markets which is very hurtful to both i you and me. I have worked hard and total $82,047 36 have spent much Money to build up the. Trade to use your culls sweets and. Liabilities give you a ready Market for them un-1 Imd m a a a Osayo Are All conditions full crop or a Short undivided profits less amount paid for a crop now if you ship your culls away interest expenses and taxes to far off markets this year when you have Only a few How can you expect the census Bureau shows that the slogan a Aback to the farm is without popu Lar support. Since 1900 the population of cities has increased 34.9 per cent or thrice As fast As the population of Rural communities. At this ratio More than half the population of the country will be City dwellers Long before 1920, the Date of the next census. The neglect of the soil it is believed has been strongly contributory to the advanced Cost of living. It will undoubtedly continue so while the disproportion Between Urban and Rural population continues As an economic 172.42 243 45 3 850 00 2.000 00 1.435 00 11,944 11 1.261 06 3.687 00 48 02 77 50 328 80 to Quick buyer we offer for Sale on easy terms the j. W. Barnes storehouse and lot at Bloxom va., containing and bounded As follows 8outh by the county Road 65� feet West by a private outlet or Road of Short amp Bloxom and g. Y Bloxom 99 feet North by the land of Short amp Bloxom 65j feet East by the land of or. W. W. Kerns 99 feet. This is one of the most desirable locations for a business stand in Bloxom and we kno of no better stand or opening for a general store than this. Horses a Ion will be Given at. Once. For further Porti Cullis apply to o. Chandler Mappsville for j. W. Barnes. Bloxom a. Aug. 15, 1911. Chalmers 30 touring car. Wheel base 115 inches fore doors ventilate 30 horse Power cylinders cast in bloc. Best Chalmers mohair top Windshield Presto Lite tank and lamps. Completed no extras to buy $1,500.00. That Jig car that caused the comment at Keller fair. Herreshoff Model 25�?Price $950.00. Four cylinders cast in bloc 25 horse Power. Presto Lite tank and lamps full set of tools Jack and tire repair kit. Tha Ideal doctors car. Terry distributor for the Eastern Shore Mapp Surg a. State Normal school Fredericksburg a 1.358 87 Public auction of valuable real estate. take care of them when you have a full crop then these far off people will not help you and by your Selling them this year it will put me in such a position that i wont be Able to help you. I Hope you will see that we Are depending on each other for Good and that you will see the importance of bringing or shipping your culls to me. John w. Taylor Hailwood a. Sept. 6, 1911. Total $82,047 30 real estate at auction. Warner Ames executor of Henry l Crockett deceased will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder in the town of Onancock on saturday september 9th next that certain lot or parcel of land owned by a a a u a the said Henry l. Crockett located Phenomena for agriculture is the basis a a the Waidl Jim us -v�?z�?w.�o1�, i. Jno. T. B. Hyslop president do solemnly swear that the above is a True statement of the financial condition of the Belle Haven Bank. Incorporated located at Belle Haven in the county of Accomac. State of Virginia at the close of business on the 1st Day of september 1911, to the Best of my knowledge and belief. X Jno. T. B. Hyslop. Presided. Corrects attest Seymour b. Ward. Sydney Kellam Sargent p. Ward o. Directors. State of Virginia. County of Accomac sworn to and subscribed before me by John 191?" hy8lop,pre8ident, of september j w. G. Emmett notary Public. commission expires August 31, 1914. I will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder in front of l. W. Mas 60.101 56 Aeyn a store in Atlantic on saturday 286 931 Toje 30th Day of september 1911, at 3 of clock p. M., if not sold privately before that Date farm containing 75 acres More or less fronting v att a Bay near the Village of Atlantic. Upon the premises Are a Large new dwelling and necessary outbuilding All new and an abundance of re sources. The presidential explanation factory has commenced operations. It will have to work Over time from now on. The president will have to prove to the people that the democrats were wrong in seeking lower taxation for the people and that he was right in vetoing such legislation. Special arguments on the infallibility of Tariff boards wont go. There was no Tariff Board when the Payne Aldrich piece of garrote a was put through which the president pronounced the Best Ever. Champ Clark promises the country some comment on this Tariff Board matter that will make interesting Reading. J the posters advertising the Sale of the other real estate of the said Henry l. Crockett deceased. Warner Ames executor of Henry l. Crockett deceased will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder in front of the hotel in the town of Onancock on saturday the 9th Day of september next at 3 of clock p.m., i certain very valuable real estate of statement of the financial condition of the is 110 he state Corpos resources. Loans and discounts overdrafts unsecured banking House and lot fixtures other Cash items due from National Banka paper currency. Fractional paper currency Nickels which the said Henry l. Crockett1 old died seized and possessed embracing Silver a farm near Mears wharf and certain Yery valuable wharf property in total the town of Onancock. For further information see posters or said exe terms. Twenty five per cent of the Purchase Modey to be required in Cash balance can remain on Lon term Bond. For particulars write or see. Thos. G. Nock agent Atlantic. A. A. New store. New goods. $41.780 61 38 18 3,350 00 850 00 2 59 19.856 89 3,233 00 31 21 35 00 179 7 5 $69.357 84 members of a new York association organized to raise the Price of poultry and so convicted have been sentenced to a year each in prison. A plea for the _ imposition of fines did not Appeal to the trial judge. This is Gratifying to observe. It Points the Way for future Protection against the monopolization of Industry and the arbitrary fixing of prices to pay in Many cases dividends on millions of watered stocks. But Why let the big offenders off with fines and jail the Little criminals Tutor. Liabilities. Capital Stock paid in to in on undivided profits less amount paid for after a period of retrospection we Are informed by the Republican press of the country that the session of Congress just ended was a dark rank dismal demoralized and demagogic failure. We do not observe the logic of the conclusion from the Republican press Point of View these things ought to make it considered a howling Success. The democratic party after its record in the session of Congress just closed goes to the people with the record of promises fulfilled. That the popular will As expressed in democratic measures was thwarted by the presidents pretence of Tariff Board omniscience will be Given full consideration when the event of 1912 comes around. Very few of the Many candidates for the general Assembly of Virginia who have already been nominated by Early primaries or conventions have filed their statements of Campaign expenses As required by Law with the Secretary of the Commonwealth. It would seem that a Good Many Are now liable to the Fine which has never been enforced and apparently will not be. Certificates of elec Tion Are withheld from successful candidates for office until their statement have been filed. The fifth inter National tax conference began in Richmond tuesday in the auditorium of the Jefferson hotel when gov. Jphn a Dix of new York spoke on a state comity in it is anticipated that 300 delegates will attend this convention including governors and other representatives of states besides prominent tax experts. Mayor d. C. Richard Kin welcomed the delegates on behalf of Richmond and governor Mann on behalf of the state. A no american Cotton crop never has sold for As much As the one just marketed the total value including the seed having been $1,030,000,000,�?� accor dinging to the report of colonel Henry g. Hester Secretary of the new Orleans Cotton Exchange. A with 1,700,000 Bales less than stained in the bumper crop of 1908-09 s crop just marketed netted the South us Xuxin business notices. For Sale my House and lot in Keller with 10 Large rooms hot and cold water and other modern improvements Large barn on premises. The location is of High land on a Corner lot and one of the most attractive in the town. For further particulars write or see. Mrs. Maggie a. Mears Keller a. Notice houses moved by Day or contract at any Point in Accomac or Northampton on reasonable terms by the undersigned. Prompt attention Given to All Calls by letter or Fione at my Home. G. T. Groton Parksley a. Notice houses moved and repaired and new work done by the undersigned at any Points in Accomac and Northampton by Day or contract. Prompt attention Given to All Calls by letter or phone at my House. Jno. R. Outen amp son contractors and builders Onancock a. Notice having had six years experience with All the latest implements for pulling Stamps preparing new ground and moving houses i now offer my services to the people of Accomac and Northampton counties by Day or contract strict attention Given to All business. G. Gravenor rep a notice just received full Supply of Delaware and Severn Scarlet Clover seed also foreign seed�?200 bushels Best need Rye Bald wheat. Sow Good seed to reap Good crops prices right Short amp Bloxom Bloxom a. Lots for Sale a Legato station Oak Hall a. Jno. Parsons Accomac a. 1,519 co 15 00 52,672 5y 15125 in rest expenses and taxes dividends unpaid individual deposits subject to Check cashier s checks outstanding total $69,357 84 at Heffs cashier do solemnly Fitwi Piaf the above is a True statement of the financial condition of the Farmers and merchants Bank inc., located at new Church in the county of Accomac state of Virginia it the loll6 to fl&ist8#011 t1he list Day of september 1911. To the Best of my knowledge and belief. Correct attest Matthews. Cashier. G. W. Covington a s. T. Johson j. E. Johnson 8 a women of Only Accomac a a sworn to and subscribed before me by c. J Matthews cashier this 1st Day of september a Samuel j. Revell my commission expires 2 2nd Day marchblw3. Statement of the financial condition of the Melfa banking co., inc., located at Melfa in the county of Accomac thf�,cl08oof business. Sept. Commiss Ion a a the state corp ratio lost of August 15, White Retter dog Lemon markings. Reward for any information. Or. 0. E. Uber Parksley a. Timber for Sale bids Are invited for standing Timber on farms known As a a Woodstock and a a hammocks near Nassawadox va., reserving suf Al cietto fully protect the farms. Make Best offer per acre to Albert h. Weld Ellicott Otty my. For Sale a Fine horse,7 years old food Driver gentle and Good Looker broken to top buggy and Speed cart weight 1,100 pounds at reasonable Price. R opt. O. F. Taylor Marionville a. Resources. Loans and discounts overdrafts unsecured banking House and lot fixtures due from National Banks paper currency fractional paper currency Nickels. And cents Gold Coin Silver Coin total liabilities. Capital Stock paid in. Undivided profits less amount paid for interest expenses and taxes individual deposits subject to Check Cashiers checks outstanding total $.33,895 2 in 01 5,429 14 1,640 94 22,362 62 3.005 00 91 65 12 50 10 20 entirely new line of Day goods notions shoes and groceries at Wise Brothers Craddockville Virginia. The Wisest Man goes to the Wisest store. Notice. Administration building. Supported by the state to prepare teachers for the Public schools. Site covers sixty acres on Maryes Heights overlooking the City. Beautiful High healthful. Attractive Grove of six or seven acres. Buildings and equipment new and modern. A Large faculty of experienced experts. Broad courses in academic Industrial and professional branches. Graduates issued Virginia teachers certificates Good anywhere in the state. Tuition free to teachers. Expenses reduced to actual Cost. First session opens september 26, 1911. For prospectus and information write e. Russell president Fredericksburg a. Conservatory of music a a a a f a select College for girl and toting women. Bristol a. Located in a Beautiful Mountain Valley Altitude 1800 it. Delightful. And healthful climate. Large Brick buildings with modern Coni Ven Lences. Campus recently enlarged. Large gymnasium. Outdoor sports. Regular and special courses Art expression Domestic science. Conservatory of music. A a under the directorship of , of Copenhagen is unsurpassed in the South. A 200 session. Experienced european and american professors. A a Izui fences 1 acc Iruin Acruman Mas. Tia session begins . Write for Catalon. W. Neighbors a. a d. D. President to Jav 138 the president and the vice president teach. The Beacom schools Are the leading schools because they Are reliable their courses Are modern and practical their teachers Are experts in the subjects they teach and their graduates Are placed in Good positions. Write for particulars of our free trial month plan and latest Catalon. Rambler roadster for Sale. The undersigned offers for Sale one rambler roadster automobile As appears in Cut which shows machine just As she is without spare wheel. Car is a 1909 Model 36 h. P., Cost when new $2,250.00, has been used very Little on account of Lack of time to do so has new tires and in perfect condition. Car has plenty of Speed and would make a most desirable car for doctor or professional Man or for sporting purposes. Will be sold right on account of not having any use for it. J. E. Johnson new Church a. Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange. Incorporated january 26. 1900. Ben t. Gunter president. A. J. Mcmabb. Secy and treas. W a. Burton. Gen. Fly or. General office a Onley Virginia. Growers Agency for Choice Irish and Sweet potatoes onions berries peas Etc. Operates at All the principal shipping stations and wharves in Accomac and Northampton counties. Object improved grading and packing of goods. Proper distribution on the various ,. Market. The establishment of Home markets and every thine that tends to Mener prices for farm products and the better condition of the Farmers. $�0,777 29 $ 19,500 00 503 28 40,442 76 331 25 $66,777 29 cashier do solemnly swear i Huiai it Oves a True statement of the financial condition of the Melfa banking comm inv incorporated located at Melfa in the county of Accomac state of Virginia at the close of he it Erss �2is Day of sept l911. To the Best of my knowledge and belief. Correct attest w e Watts cashier we wish to say that we keep at All times for Sale at the lowest possible margin of profit the following goods feeds Corn Oats Hay and middling. Flour we Are now working on our second car Load since february. Building materials shingles lathes Lime bricks and Dement farm implements planet or. Cultivators and Standard sprayers. We have a Complete assortment of sizes and value in screen doors and window screens and screen wire. Our Stock of general merchandise is Complete and Well selected. T. Hopkins a amp co., Tasley. A. Fifteen years experience. V. A. Stewart with Robt. T. Co Chr in amp co. Commission merchants. 331 Southern fruits and vegetables. 290 Washington Street shipping number 23 new York. References a Aetna National Bank n. Y. Dunes and bradstreets. We represent the Eastern Shore of a. Produce Exchange. G. A a. Rivenb dog. Established 1869. J. Richardson. G. Rivenburg amp co., commission merchants fruit amp produce c. Rogers j. W. Martin w. . State of Virginia. County of Accomac sworn to and subscribed before me by w. E Waters cashier this 6th Day of sept., 1911. A Ernest , notary Public. commission expires 8th Day of March. 1918. R. L. Colona bricklayer and plasterer Accomac c. H., a. Work done by Day or contract and satisfaction guaranteed. Dead take up and removed to cemetery. See me for Low prices before bargaining with anyone else. The stallion director Joe race rec Ord 2 09j�, will be at Hopeton for one w Eek beginning september 11, 1911. J. Ashby Exmore a. Spring goods. When you Home to Onancock Stop at my store that is the place to buy Spring shoes. Have a full line in Dolly n Madison in All styles pumps from $1.25 to $3.50, High tops from $1.60 to $1. General merchandise big line consisting of dress Gingham from 8 to 25 cents ladies Muslin underwear at All prices big line of ladies White dress goods sheeting ready made sheets and Pillow cases matting rugs &c., Ohina from cheap to Fine imported. For Sale at private contract. Land i of pro and done to forget we Are the meat people As we have a big refrigerator and carry a line. Of the Best fresh meats at All times. Home and give is a trial. Yours for business s. J. Bull oor. Hill and main streets Onano ook a. 500 acres of Marsh land known a tunnels Island Marsh. On it Are two pieces of High which will grow any kind Duce. Several coves and creeks run through it Witch As Fine oysters As grows anywhere and fish of excellent varieties abound in them also Diamond Back terrapins and muskrats. Fine shooting on the Marsh of Black and Mallard docks. I know of no place better for sport or on which one can make a better living. Home and see in can show it to you better than Tell you about it. And dealers in All kinds of poultry calves and eggs 168 Reade Street i Selling agents for the Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange and Peninsula produce Exchange of Maryland. References Irving National Exchange Bank n. Y. Burton Onley a. And the Trade Gem w. A. Generally. New York i shipping no. 153 Geo. W. Tull amp co., wholesale produce commission 95 Park place merchants new York. Reference a Aetna National Bank new York Farmers amp merchant National Bank Onley a. Bradstreets and dunes agencies. Belling agents e. Produce Exchange also Southern produce company Norfolk a. W. C. Lewis saxes a. Nice truck Farsi Fob Sale at be nose Throat and ear. Or. Horace w. Nicholson 114 w. Franklin st., Baltimore my. Ghi Solen building room 21. Hours 9 a. M., to 1 p. M., and a by appointment. Telephone connection. Private contract. I have a farm of 282 acres Siena Barf i on the Pocomoke River one Helff mile from Steamboat wharf Wydh. Two steamers a week from Baltimore considered one of the Best farms in Somerset county one mile off nver front red Clay land no ditches Marsh that pays $300.00 per year Fine fishing in front of farm Good drek shooting and All kinds of wild game. Wharf on farm House As Good Asi new Nice porches. Farm in nne condition. I terms easy. A a j 8. Ology Pocomoke City my. Clifton amp Woodland co., general commission merchants. Shipping letters a amp w. . Sole agents for e. A. Produce Exchange for Baltimore. Established 1887. J. W. Hutchinson amp co., wholesale commission # merchants 315 Washington Shi piling Imo. 104 references a fruits and produce. St., new York. A Peoples Safe Deposit and Trust co., Jersey City a Aetna he a. Mew York bradstreets Art ailffibg1

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