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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - July 8, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia A glance at on present Forest conditions. A glance at the management of Forest Laud in America impresses one with the idea Liat nature spent thousands of years in the extort to build up Fertile soils Aud produce Gigantic forests whose Fate has been none other than to be destroyed in a few centuries by the injudicious intervention of Man. Vet Only the most superficial thinker can Stop Here for a study of the works of nature soon reveals the fact that everything was created for a purpose and must fulfil that purpose or Man for whom All things were designed Munt suffer on account of the failure. Forests Are no exception to this great Rule. They Are of the greatest Utility and in Beauty Ami grandeur unsurpassed nothing in nature enu compare with the Majestic Beauty of the Forest growth. A Brief notice of the forestry administration of some of the older countries is sufficient in View of the Lack of Effort Here to cause t lie people of our Eastern states to pause in their ruinous course look about them Aud study Means for restoring Aud conserving proper Forest conditions the first plants appearing upon the Earth were of very simple Structure these passed their life Cycle decayed Aud together with the disintegrating rocks furnished material for the sup. Port of nobler growths. This process of growth Aud decay formed in course of time the Fertile soils which sup ported the Virgin growth of forests. It is astonishing to contemplate the condition of this continent Only a few Short centuries ago Aud contrast that with its present condition. Man has wrought Many wonderful changes of which not All have proven to be in Harmony with the Laws of nature. Then the Eastern states were covered with a magnificent Forest growth supposed to be inexhaustible. The Mountain slopes hillsides valleys and River Banks presented an Al most unbroken Forest dotted Here Aud there with spots of Meadow. The climate was moist Aud equable Aud nature in unison with the conditions yielded her treasure in bounteous measure. Man with his ruthless hand appeared upon the scene and order changed to chaos. destroyed the Noble Forest growth and Burnt off the Leafy covering which had been thus ads of years in forming. The Hill sides denuded of covering and the Litt r of the Forest floor Burnt up the soil was compacted by the Force of the raindrops Aud the tramping of cattle thus the water which would have percolated into the Leafy cover Aud drained off through i the granular soil below to feed Distant Springs rushed Over the surface Down the slopes and ran in rivulets and streams burrowing the Earth with gullies. These torrents spread destruction on every hand Aud later ran dry because the Waters which should have fed them had been carried away in the flood. The litter of the Forest floor keeps the soil Loose Aud granular allowing the water to percolate readily and the Protection from Sun and wind causes Snow to Lay longer and melt with less loss from evaporation there fore More water sinks into the Forest soil and to greater depth than la the open Field. This moisture becomes available for feeding the Springs Aud subsoil Waters regulating the con Stacy of flow canting Droutas to be less frequent Aud very Little is lost As surface water. The Waters being thus retarded in their course the danger of blood is greatly reduced. Whether forests increase the amount of precipitation _ within or near their limits is still an open question although the amount of rainfall in the Vicinity of Large dense Forest areas seems to indicate that such May be the Case. The water which transpires through the , is certain to somewhat increase the relative humidity near the Forest and thus directly or indirectly increase the water Supply. Also the hot dry air rising from an extended Plain heated by the Sun increases the retentive Power of the passing moisture bearing currents tending to pre vent precipitations while the cooler moister air strata of Forest areas do not exert such an influence therefore local showers May become More frequent in the Vicinity of the Forest. The Forest Belt tempers climate by breaking the Force of cold winds in Winter and hot dry winds in summer thus protecting the agricultural crops. The blizzards of the Western Plains would be greatly limited in their destructive effects by belts of Forest. Live Stock and crops being sheltered from excessive heat Aud cold would thrive accordingly while the moisture which Falls Down from higher altitudes and is dissipated by these air currents would he sufficient to prevent the prolonged Droutas experienced on the Plains. Trees grow to be utilized to furnish us with material to be harvested at the proper stage of maturity just As any other crop. Forests must be removed to furnish Laud for food production and material for the various arts. But there has been much need less removal and waste of Forest growth from soils and situations which cannot be used for profitable food production when the Wood crop is the Only profitable growth Aud the land is then left to grow up in Brambles and Brush and remains worse than useless for Luuy decades. How much better the exercise of a Little thought Aud care in the first place would have been ? the products of the Forest rank next in value to agricultural produce estimating its value simply in dollars Aud cents but when we to this the unsurpassed Beauty of the Forest growth and its importance in preserving proper climatic conditions its value becomes inestimable. Or. B. E. Fernow chief of the division of Forest has said in one of his addresses that Wood next to food is of the highest importance and without Wood our civilization would be entirely impossible. It is an important Factor in the construction and equip intent of railroads and steamboats As Well As Telegraph lines and is largely used also in the Mechanic arts. Twenty six . Of total available area of Geru Tauy is occupied by forests Oue third of which is state property managed by the government. This is inadequate for Home Cou Pimption when kept under the Best possible management mud a Large amount of lumber is imported. The forestry administration is very com plex Aud dissipates forty per cent of the total income yet the yield with prices of Wood about the same As in our country is from Oue to four dollars per acre annually. Though the complicated european systems could not be Practised Here we can adopt a system suited to our conditions which will enable the forests to fur Utah a Large amount of state Revenue after having become Well established. The latest statistics indicate that the consumption of Forest products in Virginia is far in excess of the yearly growth Aud that if no measures Are adopted to protect our forests a half Century is a conservative estimate for the Complete exhaustion of Large Tim. Her. Much of our yearly consumption of lumber is now brought from other states costing millions of dollars yet we have Over ten million acres or forty per cent of the total area of the state fit for nothing but Wood crops which should with Only indifferent care produce annually several million cubic feet of lumber for Export after supplying Home consumption. La the Eastern part of the state where the pipe is so persistent there is much Young growth which if afforded proper Protection Aud allowed to mature promises fairly Good crop Aud therefore the renewal of the Forest growth in this Section is of less importance but the could Tiou of Middle Aud Western Virginia is vastly different. That private individuals do not properly care for and protect these districts is sufficient proof that they will not besides the time require 1 tor the growth of Merchantable Timber is a great drawback to its culture by private parties. Therefore it is incumbent on the states 10 exercise their Power to build tip this great Industry. It is the duty of the state to protect All Forest property from incendiary so. Until this is accomplished forestry that is the systematic growing of Wood crops is impossible. So Long As there is danger of the crop passing off into smoke alter fifty or one Hundred years growth there is no incentive to apply thought Euer by and capital to its production. A Stock Law should be enacted to protect the Young growth Aud pre vet the use of an unnecessary amount of Timber in the building or fences. Much of the Mountain Aud waste Laud will have to be taken in charge by the state and put in proper condition Aud this is now being done by some states. Experiments should be conducted on scientific principles in order to obtain a knowledge of the work and a familiarity with those species of economic importance. A Forest com missioner Well fitted for the position Well paid and provided with the Means for carrying his ideas of Reform into execution should be appointed to look after the forestry interest in All its bearings. Fire is the great curse of our forests we often View the Mountain slopes covered with flames standing out in bold Relief upon the darkness of night. The Cocula nations often Miles in length shooting their fiery tongues High in the air As they attack the taller Trees then falling away to darkness again form grand spectacles indeed. Yet who but the thoughtless can View them without thinking of the dire effects they presage to our race they Are robbing the hillsides of their Beauty destroying the wealth of the state by laying Bare and leaving desolate immense tracts of land which would be More valuable in Forest than a mine of Gold while the climate advancement add All the Best interests of the state Are placed in jeopardy. It has been said that where forests perish men decay. Can we then the boasted descendants of patriotic virginians sit with arms folded View this destruction with complacency and allow posterity to pour its malediction upon our Heads ? no our scientists statesmen and citizens will come to a sense of their duly and give this great subject the attention it demands. 1897. J. L. Phillips. Cobbs Island. Why is it that the sea has never washed Cobb s Island destructively until within the past six years As that question is being asked by everybody interested in Cobbs 1 modestly venture an answer As no Oue else seems ready or willing to do a 3. The question itself misleads. It assumes what is not True. For the sea has been washing the Island destructively probably for hundreds of years certainly Aud rapidly year by year during the past sixty years. The misconception originated in the picture called up by the mind when we say or think of Cobbs is Laud Quot we think and speak of a. Mere Little fraction of the Island its South end or inhabited part. Now it is True Eliut this part has changed but very Little luring the past sixty years. Or. Nathan cob now past seventy two years spent sixty of those years on Cobbs. The storm of last october wrecked his cherished Home and drove him from the Island he had noted that for fifty years on an average of about every seven years a destructive storm had washed away a hit of the outer margin of Beach at this South end tint the sea had always replaced it shortly Aber the Success or co operation. Another instance along this line is afforded by the Leeds eng co operative society which celebrated its fiftieth Audi Ersary sept. 4, by a Jubilee upon its attainment of net profits amounting to $730,000 per year. It is the largest co operative Effort among workingmen in the the world. Started by a few poor flax spinners it Dow has 37,900 members does an annual business of More than $7,500,000 and has a capital and Reserve of about $2,500,000. At the Price it which successful business enterprises have recently been floated in England this Soe it could be sold out for nearly $20,000,000, giving each member a moderate Coupe Steucy. The society has several enormous department stores besides Hie tories for producing goods. It 1ms done much to bring about a better life a better manner of living better manners Aud happier Homes Ranoug its membership Aud throughout the whole City. The Eastern Shore Farmers should study this plan get together help one another and be better off. Co operate on sugar beets and do it at once. A lard. A report has been circulated that the undersigned declines to ride at night or in bad weather. The object of this card is to Correct that impression and announce to the Public that he is prepared physically and other Wise to discharge the duties of his profession at All seasons and that persons desiring his services will find him in place. F. C. A. Kallaji m. D. Look Okawari. A great breakwater Ortli of it is diminished Aud almost demolished j if the Reader will take an imaginary trip with me take the real trip it you go there this summer i will explain and illustrate Tuy meaning us we journey imagine yourself at front s Point. This is tie extreme North end of the Island seven Miles from the inhabited part that you always think of when Jou speak of mounting the Sand Hills Aud looking aug southward you can seethe Distant buildings towards which we shall leisurely journey Over this seven Miles stretch of Sandy sea Beach. For our purpose it is necessary to have the tide at Low ebb As you now see it. Before we Start look Seaward. That tiny islet of Marsh crowning those reels was ouch a comparatively Large Island itself. Cargoes from stranded vessels have been landed and stored on its High ridges. At that time its reefs were Snoaler Aud they stretched their protecting barriers much very much farther Seaward than they do to Day. That outlying i Slid with its system of Shoals protected this upper part of Cobb s Island. And the upper length of Cobbs with that outer Island and its Shoals constituted the breakwater that protected lower Cobb s with its inhabitants. Now let us Jou Ruev southward. Notice How rapidly the Island begins to narrow. We have now travelled several Miles Aud Are really at what used to be the end of la rout s Island. Years ago an Inlet flowed through Here dividing Prout s from Cobb s. The Inlet pulled with Sand and thus United the two islands. Not far fro i this Inlet about forty years ago a hotel was built. Today its site is under the sea at least half a mile from Shore observe How narrow our ribbon has become. Fifty years ago. At High water a Strong Arm can throw a Shell from the sea that will almost fall into the Broadwater or Bay inside. Fifty years Ngo it would have required a Musket or Rifle to have i ent a missile from surf to Bay at this very place that is now so Nar Row. When or. Nathan Cobb or. Pur. Chased the Island in 1837, a wide Marsh extended itself along this in her Side. One of its creeks ran directly from the Broadwater towards the sea. Or. Nathan Cobb or. Will Tell you to Day that he often sailed up this Creek fastened his boat and then Well for awhile Izaak Walton himself might have envied Quot Uncle Nathan a for the head of this Creek was a famous fishing place known As Quot the deep now picture to yourself that wide Meadow of Marsh with its creeks then the High extensive Sandy stretch Between the Marsh Aud the sea Aud you get an idea of the Width of the Island at this place of fifty years ago we Are about at the place now and As you see it is less than two Hundred Yards wide. Just think of it the sea has removed the whole Width of the Island Here except the inmost Edge of that old Marsh and this is fast going dully. And remember it was the breakwater of lower Cobbs undergoing destruction. Little by Little so that you would not miss it at the time the sea bit off and swirled away the whole breadth of that wide Sandy frontage. Then it began on the Marsh Here its destructive invasions were most Yusid ious and deceptive. Pushing a Belt of Sand Uli Ead of it on the Marsh it hid both the Marsh and its destruct live work. Some who frequented that Beach from childhood growing old As imperceptibly As the Island was being destroyed have stood on this Beacht recently in their old age without realizing that the Belt of Sand Beach Hud moved i Luud until they were now standing Over very inner marshes that they hat stood on and tramped and gunned in their boyhood Days. That is they did not realize it until their attention was called to it. Murder will out. Step Down to the verge of the a at this Point and i will show you the Turfy Edge of the Marsh. Just As you would Peel a banana before eating it so the sea has uncovered tins Edge before devouring it. But you must each the Crafty sea at the disadvantage of Low water As we do now to use this. It hides its ravages Well but As murder will out so this denuded turf and broken soda Tell their Story und Tell it Well. And notice All along these Sands tia test Moziy of the shells. Muto but Elo Quant accusers and with cases Are these shells. Growing in the quiet Waters of the sheltered creeks inside the Island far away from the noisy Becali with its hungry sen no dream of such doom for the bivalves entered the minds of those who knew these Oyster Beds less than a Century ago. But destroying As it came the sea crept closer closer until the Belt of its advancing Sands was near enough for the willing winds to Drift these a and into every Creek and Stream filling mid overshadowing them and destroying the bivalves they contained. These shells remained tints buried until the sen soon reaching them uncovered them Tore them from their cozy Beds and rudely hurled them upon the Beach us trophies of its Conquest. . But we Are nearly at a co bbl a with its wrecked Aud its remaining build bugs. Pause and cast a Glauce backward Over the six and a half Miles that we have travelled. Put an imaginary front to the Island. Extend it out to sea. All the Way along it it from a half to three Fourt tis of mile from Shore. This gives Yon e Shore line of a half Century ago. That until in he a curved inward. It resembled Horn of a Crescent and was pro. Feted by tie Convexity All that Convexity that is protecting breakwater is gone leaving a straight Shore Only above the Crescent end of Cobbs. If a Little washing took place at the Tower end there was always aplenty of Sand above for the sea to bring Down to repair damages will. But taking away tie breakwater it took away this Means of repairing damages. Lower Cobbs is now subjected to washings without any extra Protection just us other parts of the is Lucuil have been All the time that this part was protected. Olieo the end will Ciuc and what it will be no one rim predict. The Island will first be Cut in two. To limit As lower Cobb s will be on the South Side of the new Inlet it May he built up by tie shifting Sands instead of being destroyed. When we first started on this saunter Down the Beuch i asked you to look Seaward. Now that we Are about to separate 1 again ask you to look Seaward. Miles Awu von see the White Breakers on the Distant Shoals. Those Shoals Are on tie old foundations of the Island. There it uplifted its forests of Cedar a it l pipe. Aud As we do now so then is aborigines fished its Waters Anil trod its shelving shores. Blodorn va., May 29. To. It. S. Do a ii Cullun service. The beamy memorial a amp put Church at Horn town will be dedicated sunday morning november 28th. Rev. Or. F. Fisher of Portsmouth. Yu., will preach tie dedicatory Sermon. Among other ministers expected to be present Are j. Pilcher d. D. Of Petersburg. A. Rev. A. J. Reauis of Johnston s. C. Rev. F. Sanford of Parks i Yva. Special music Aud interest ing program will add to the occasion. Everybody is assured a Hearty Welcome. Walter Rhodes pastor. Fail and Winter Mummery is a Holder . The annual meeting of the stockholders of tie Eastern Shore agricultural association will lie held in their Hall at the pair grounds near Keller station va., on the today the 18th. Lay of november. A full meeting is urgently requested As there will be business of importance transacted. A. Nottingham secretory. Oui cock va., nov. 5, 1897. pm a a ?. Tie Date for the meeting of the pastors conference is wednesday november 17th, and not tie tenth As announced last week the conference will he held at Onancock with pastor Hurt. J. Manning Dunaway. Write to us for estimates on doors Sash blinds Stair rails and All other kinds of building material hardware paints it. Stock Large prices Low. Or. R. D. L. Fletcher will be at accounts c. H., tie first Day of every Quot county court., to receive orders for the Uriu. Cane Charles ice amp co. I8 jewelry. Add a st Sis Nanc Gutc a. Practical watchmaker it jeweler. I carry a Large and select line of watches clocks jewelry spectacles and silverware of a kinds prices reduced very Low. Special attention paid to repair work on line watches clocks spectacles Aud jewelry at Bedrock prices. Ail work guaranteed to be first class. Highest prices paid for old Gold and Silver. Will be at Accomac c. H., every court Day for repairing. Kelly a a ii Liam our Stock of fall and Winter millinery Large select and of the latest and Best styles is now open. We have endeavoured in making our purchases to meets the wants of our customers and Are confident that we can suit and please them. You Are cordially invited to Call and see us. . Broughton a co., Onancock a. Few famine pm. A s-zreshis25h5isje5ffi25252w�i fall and Winter Stock. General insurance agents a and dealers iut Fin buggies mowing machines he rambler bicycle and other Good makes tombstones &c., it. Onano ook a. A a a it just received and now open at my place of business at Onancock including in which Are a Fine line of in 0 t i 0 n in order to thoroughly Post myself on the styles spent two weeks in Baltimore this season and believed i am prepared to please my customers. You Are cordially invited to Call. L. A. Neville Onancock a. Home a Gam with fall and w inter millinery. Dress goods notions a my a pretty line old capes Coats &c., All open for inspection Call and examine our goods we will wait on you with pleasure. Thanking you for your past kindness we solicit your patronage in the future. »3-special attention to dressmaking a mrs. E. A. Merrill Onancock. A. R l to your own Luule interest add buy your building material from us As we guarantee prices to 6uit the times. We have in Stock brackets Iii ads pricks Lime mouldings mantles. Laths boors Sash shingles and All kinds of building material. Goods shipped to All Points of the Eastern Shore when requested. S. K. Martin amp co., Harborton a. G. Welly chord contractor and builder Accomac c. a a. All work first class. Material furnished when desired. Plans and specifications prepared on Short notice. Lowest prices on All first class work can to be under bid. Work done by Day or contract. Write to me or Call on me for estimates. G. Welly c0ard. Special notice i Don t care what other Peoples prices Are for ice Cream i will sell As Low i not Only will do it but i can afford to do it. My Cream is taking the Lead wherever it goes and you Only have to try it once to be convinced of its Superior Quality. . Richardson steam ice Cream works. Capacity�?300 Gallons per Day Marion station my. George w. Elmore jr., Belle Haven Accomac county Virginia. Practical House Painter. All a work guaranteed to be firs class and prices to suit the times. Training a specially. go. A commission merchants i1 Early fruits vegetables terrapins wild fowl eggs poultry and All kinds of 122 Cheapside shipping letter i. P. Justis amp co commission merchants 8 e. Camden st. Baltimore Sweet potatoes a specially. Fruits vegetables and produce shipping letter National Commerce or any produce Bouse in Baltimore. O o o co . Custis., -Producb-\0onimission Efker chants eggs poultry wild fowl clams peas berries cabbage amp a. Sweet and Irish potatoes specialities. 220 South st., Cor. Bow a tvs a Barf Baltimore Mil. Reference Peoples ban k of Bai timbre shipping it Quick sales and prompt returns. J. E. Whittington j. E. Whittington i co., wholesale fruit and produce Tutto Mission Erc lants. No 7 e. Camden Street Baltimore. My. Shipping letters a a a. E. reference traders National Bank j. Of. Bitch Ikon i co., a wholesale a commission merchants in fruits and produce. A a Sweet potatoes a specially. 244 Washington st., new York. A shipping no. 104.�? reference Gansevoort Bank. And jewelry repaired on Short notice. I have for Sale watches. Clocks jewelry so cd a cles Jeye classes and silverware in Many styles and at lowest prices. We. Sartorius Pocomoke City. My. Will be at Accomac c. Every court Day. York. Pilli Nob Folk b. R. Co. In effect june 14th, 1897. Quickest and Only daily line Between Boston new York pliila., Norfolk and old Point comport. Northward Btu Oft leave., forts Mowis. Nur Fuin. Oki Purut curator Oais Oculi Lead a 0-Bba a Madil Pongo. a near a Misa Caus a a. Exmore. Moltin a Joiy a of Tasley a Park airy. Wood. Oak Hall. Sow of Birch a Rucoba Oke. Ooh leu a. Ring a i Vek. Prouo Oak a duo. Luro Wuy a. Eden. A Tull Jiuu. A a ski Ira try a a Willu aurb a Elgar. Arri. Baux hour to Idon dui Lonj. Wilm Lugioyo. Piula inroad 8t. Luau us. Freud us. Newark. Sow 92 82 04 . Old acc exp. Point. Exp a. . a 6 55 -7 80 6 10 .7 46 7 10 .8 40 9 40 10 66 i9 60. 11 u4 19 63 to 10 us ii14 m -110 08 ii 21 -110 16 112� -110 22 ii 82 -x10 31 il4u m -u0 40 u 47 m -�10 46 a 62 -fl.0 61 1167 2 a a thu 67 12 08 m -11 12 u m 1118 12 2 til 26 12 29 a a 11 a a. 12 37 til 37 12 44 a a Tell u 12 03 6 10 11 65. 1 0j 16 12 00. 3 4 12 10. 1 26 c6> 1130. 13 i o8 1 71�. A 7 1� a 7 3� 12 47. 116 a 7 a i Zooi r. 2 09h.a. A. F . P.h.a.m- p. is. �?~2j .�?z11 1 4 it it 06. I 10-�?z i a a a a. In 24-�?z 2 �6�?z. 1 18 8 08 t 18 0 5. It leave. New York p. In h Newark Treuten. Pm la. Broad 81. It amp Utu. ?11.�? Baltimore to Igloo a i amp i Guj. A a leave. A a. Dolnar. Crib a a aels. Esp a a a. I no a 6 u gut by amp re �7 nor Folk a Zim eur. 8 82 r 50 u so ii a a 46 .010 Point so a. M 9 0c 9 a a 928 10 20 in i it of 6 25 1 59 11 to. 12 Lii 06. Sc6 Stevens Simpson $ co importers and wholesale commission merchants a fruits and 282 Washington Street new York. Members of the National league of commission merchants of the United states. Reference Irving Natl Bank n. Wu11uj3- tia Lidbury. Fruit Maud. Saex. A a a a curotto. 112 11 a a pm Elup Soroe 13 4� 3 33 u Eum a a m 8 48 Reou Tuoto a a a sow cd ural Rai Bicy a a a omy a a a a a a a Zotler a a a a Tuure. A amp aaa Waldox. A Bird s noot a a Sculp logo let a Villi a Gobba. Berlion a Cape Charlea. Old Point Oom Lort so Lolk. 12 55 8 40 14 01 to 06 4 14. 14 10 4 26 4 38 14 41 4 46-4 a 4 57. 5 05 5 12 0 10 15 25. 6 88. 6 43 a arc 46 �068 00. 7 00. J 10, 2 24 -263 -2 4 -3 43. J�o3 an Jiu 6� -37 a a a .3 6 -4dc to 4 log 2a 3i 4 43 �61 .4 66 �?z6 10 7 06 8 05 porn Moab. A 310� a a p arrive. P . . P. M- to conduct Sto Lorp amp fee Igor on algal a Iati a leapt sunday. R. Nicholas superintendent. Cape Charles a. R. B. Cooke Gene a p Reight and passenger agent Norfolk a. _ 8. B. Downed. J. O. Downes established 25 years. S. B. Downes amp co. Fruit and produce commission merchants 829 Washington st., new York. Shipping no. 102. Members of National league of com Mission merchants of the l. S. Reference by permission Irving National Bank n. Established 1805. We. Parker with John h. Mon amp 327 Washington st., new York. Importers and commission a merchants in All kinds of fruit and produce truck poultry. Eggs wild fowl amp a. Potatoes a specially. Members of National league of commission Mer chants of the United states. Refer to Irving Nat. Bank new York and Al mercantile agencies. Use any of our stencils or cards Given out during past 25 years. Shipping no. 24. Us Jinx Schedcik mss of the Baltimore Chesapeake i it. Atlantic Allway company . Will run Belr stud Merlc a follows to Liber permitting leaving boutb8t. Wharf at 6.0o o clock p. Steamer Pocomoke. Opt. Hlward. Tuesday Aud Friday for Fluney a Onancock. Belltown Pitts wharf be Dor Hall bin Odoffi Powell a Pocomoke Olty Mutton on and now Hill. Returning monday Ana thursday leaves now Hill 6 a Malta Pool 8 3y, 8,Powell s 830 Hek Boih a. Cedar Hall 9.30. Pitta1 wharf la Buell town 10 16, Unn cock 2 30 y. M., Fin Ney e 3, tangle Leland 4.80. Cal Spleid 6. A Tomaier East Tuni Shore. Opt. Q. Ila Noh. Weaned Days and Sunraya tor Orl Snell Harbor Tou a Aua buggy. Cedar View . Beads. Lurly Shields Aud a tue a re tchk1nu�?leuvee rues tuesdays and fridays 8. Shields 8.80, Radii 10.oo, read s 10.20, of Lucord 11, Kundra 12 30, Cedar View 12.46, bog68 2.45, Evans a harboiton3.16.crlaueld6. Fate liner Tangier. Mondays and thursdays for Fords Coulbourn Creek url Sheid flu Eye , Bunting crees and Mes ongo. Re-turn1nu leave wednesdays and saturdays Mest Toulio 0, Bunting Creek 9.30, be Connes tax 11.80, Onancock 2.30, Fannya 3, oils fled 0, Coulbourn Creek 7, Fords 7jo. Ail Steamer leave Crl ailed Roi balt More on an of letdown train. A reign and passengers received ror an Points on the n. Y., i Ella. And Norfolk Wicomico and Pocomoke r. R. Dally Delaware Maryland and Virginia railroads. Positively no height received Anor 4 80 a m. And must be prepaid to All Points of copt ont Hon. Norfolk Railroad. Willard Thomson t. Murdock Gen 1 Muarer pass. Agent. J. Sawyer Wilson jr., Iru Tut num. 205 of. Baltimore st. T. Kepner amp co. Produce c Tommis ssh my a a Kwh mute South st., and to Wiyu a wharf. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Shipping letter h tin Jill cd. Notice is hereby Given that the state tax and county Levy for the year 1s97, Are now due and that in pursuance of Law the treasurer or Deputy will be at the following named places in said districts at the time herein specified for the purpose of collecting said taxes and levies Viz appointments of Edwin t. Powell Pungoteague oct. 2nd, 10th, 28th, 29th, 30th. And nov. 13th and 27th. Marshes store nov. 5th afternoon Aud night. Keller nov. 3rd, afternoon. Harborton oct. 29th, at night. Tangier nov. 8th, 9tli and 10th. Onancock oct. 9th. 23rd, nov. 6th, 18th, 19th and 20. Wachapreague nov. 15th, 10th and 17th. Accomac c. H., nov. 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 30th. First Day of county courts and first 3 Days of circuit court. At Home nights when not otherwise posted. Appointments of John h. Hopkins Mappsville oct. 21st 22nd and 23rd. Temperanceville oct. 28, 29, Aud 30. New Church nov. 4th, 5th and u h. Sanford nov. 10th, 11th and 12tb. Saxis nov. Lot at night. Bearsville nov. 13th, afternoon. Greenbackville nov. 15th, at uighur. Chincoteague nov. I gab 17th and 13. Horntown nov. 18th, at night. Hailwood nov. 19th, afternoon and night. Mode town nov. 20th. Hope Tod nov. 22nd, morning. New town nov. 22ud. Afternoon. Hunting Creek nov. 2gth, morning. Leemont nov. 20th, afternoon. Parksley nov. 27th. Accomac c. First Day of every court. Due notice will be Given of other appointments. Those failing to pay their taxes and levies before the first Day of december next will have 5 per cent added to their Bill As the Law directs. We. Hope All that can will Avail themselves of this Opportunity and save 5 per cent. It you have not paid your 1896 taxes please meet us at the place most convenient to yourself and do so. As we Are compelled to enforce collection on All that Are in arrears in order to meet the demands on us we Hope those that Are in arrears will save us this trouble. Edwin t. Powell John h. Hopkins. Fred Johnson. Livery Sale and Exchange Duff Mason stable. Run in connection with hotel Mason new Church station a Johnson i Mason proprietors. All trains met and passengers conveyed to any part of Peninsula at Lair rates and with Comfort Anu dispatch. L. W. Groton. W. J. Doughty new Cor. Pratt Calvert its. Baltimore my. European plan. Rooms 50 cts., 75 cts. And $1 per Day this House is now open is entirely new and is equipped with All the modern conveniences elevator elec Trie lights electric Call Bells steam beat Baths sic. Bernaad Beily proprietor. 6r0t0n amp Doughty general insurance aim have paid for losses in Accomac and Northampton counties $25,085.00 in past three years. Onancock a. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made if so. Write to the Margaret Academy. Frank p. Brent principal. James Madison. Associate principal. Miss Jennie p. Barstow piano music. . Frank p. Brent. Voice culture. Miss Mary Bagby. Graduate Hollins Institute primary department non resident pupils can Board in the Academy for $12.50 per month. Study Hall at night. Terms for tuition very reasonable for catalogue containing full information apply to Frank p. Brent. Onancock a. J. W. B a r n e a Blox ii va., proprietor hot Barne i first class livery attached. Also dealer in general merchandise like hair plaster fertilizers amp a. Prompt and courteous attention Given to every Branch of his business. B. O. Bell undertaker Wachapreague. A. Keeps on hand a full line of caskets of All grades and sizes. Also a full line of. Hear1 Pine coffins All furnished at the very lowest figuers. will meet All train j and boats at Short notice

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