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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jul 1 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - July 1, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Rat v. An Amateur musician. William Weaver Winterbourne Playl u tune a Hui the Horn. Hard and Long and loud blew lie in the town of Wal Shea. Awful were the Man dec to Flung it Maul him by his Tower of lung. Townsfolk High and Low 1 Ween. Won Denil what those sounds Nigl Nenn. Some there were who a Laid their feet. Pausing As they pc vol the Street. After listening such would say a some one s Kil Hng jugs today Quot others glanced up at the sky with a rather fun sled Eye. A though it s Clear a Eric they a no doubt there Are thunderstorms about i Quot several men of cock Csc formed another Theon. O or their ears they pulled their hats. Murmuring Quot of course its eats Quot no one guessed. 1 do declare. That those shrieks and rumbles were �7tist a tune upon the Horn played by William Winter Journo sons of Abbassi. Youths department. Soiseth liar about sign Mains at sea curious information concerning to Stork the duped Doe. It was that delightful Timo in Early summer when Ait vegetation is full of exquisite i Liegey and freshness when the Broad Billowy tolds and the Pitik and White blossomed in secs Are overflowing with new life. One evening while Aladar Aravni was sitting with his Mother and two older Brothers in their Cool grape Arbor two Young magyars brought old Abray Lii Home mortally wounded from Tho Knittl Ellel Aladar would never forget his last words a paly children do not Monrue for me. Always remember that 1 am thankful to god for not outliving the liberties of our Nativo his Mother died soon after leaving them under the guardianship of their Nudo and now Only three years after their father s death their Uncle too. Was dangerously ill when Aladar entered his uncles room he saw his brother standing near the sick Many a bed. They All seemed relieved when to came in. Especially his Uncle who immediately raised himself with Groat Bottort. And spoke to the three Young men my dear nephews Yon know that i am a poor Man and have nothing to leave Yon when i die. All that remains belonged to your dead father and to asked me to bequeath his Fortune to his most faithful Sou. To me you Are All three equally dear but this will by to total test of your constant affection for inv brother. Let each take his Bow Mil Arrow. The one whose Shaft pierces Tho heart of your father s picture is my brother s truest son Aud no one spoke. At last Aaton. Tho eldest of the three arose1. Taking his Bow he aimed with steady band at the heart of his dead father s portrait. The Arrow shot across the room. It pierced the picture not the heart. Then Ladislaus tried. A. What would he not do with Tho coveted Fortune How jealous his friends would be How important be would suddenly become but. Alas he aimed badly Aud his Hopes were crushed Anton wa3 Happy but he had still to fear the firm hand and accurate Eye of his youngest brother. Aladar was very Pale. looked scornfully at his Brothers. was won Deruig what his dead father would have said if he could Sec his favorite sons trying to Pierce the heart of his Only portrait for his Gold. Heaving with deep emotion his Check paler than that of the dying Man lie dashed his Arrow to the ground Aud cried a unde what would you have me do a shoot at my fathers heart no. No i cannot even if it is hut Tho heart of his sacred image i do not want that wretched Fortune but Tho pictures of. Nuclo. Let that be my inheritance a his Uncle smiled. Quot god bless you my boy you Are my brother a truest son and heir. A Aravni was dead. A a a a a a Fra Mcnico was on his Way to the paupers Hospital. Everybody loved the Fra. His pleasant smiling face shining Forth from the folds of his Brown cowl inspired All men with a feeling of Trust Aud profound reverence. Day after Day he could be seen on this deserted pathway going to visit the sick paupers. had been called away from the Convent on this cold Winter morning to serve As confessor to the greatest outlaw of Hungary. Every patient was glad to Sec the holy Man. For each one to had a kind word and a Sweet smile. Peace and happiness followed him from bed to bed. At last he came to Tho Low Couch on which the stranger Lay. A magnificent Beard covered his Broad powerful Chest. looked calmly at the kind Fra with his piercing Black eyes and then spoke sadly and slowly a Fra. I see that you Are pitying me. Alas there is perhaps but our other person that pities Emil Baj a a Twenty five years ago. When i was not yet the famous plundered i lived in the Little town of miskolc with my orphan Brothers. We were quite Happy for a time but Anton and i soon found that it was impossible for us to live with our virtuous Young brother whose goodness was continually reproving the corrupt Young nieu with whom we chose to associate. To were therefore very glad that he left us and there was no one after that to prevent our Cha Doug plunge to Ruiu. A one cold night while i was on my Way to the gambling houses i met my brother Aladar. Knelt before me in the deep Snow. A Ladislaus who cried a Ladislaus i implore you in Tho name of our dead father to give up the life you Are leading a but 1 hated him for his Virtues. I struck him a blow with my Cane Aud left him cold Aud bleeding in tic Snow. A that night i was ruined. My friends deserted to. Auto would not acknowledge that n pauper was his brother when 1 searched for my Only True Friend a blood stained Rock was All that i could find i was Ladislaus barn Xvi no longer. 1 lived Only to make those who ruined me suffer and this is my cud. 1 must die with that cruel cruel blow Nuford Gicu. A Fra Monico was trembling. Taking a Little picture from his cowl he Knelt Down and showed it to the repentant sufferer. A Ladislaos a he whispered a Kaladar forgives Tho outlaw was Happy. kissed the sacred picture which Anton s Shaft bad pierced nud Plain dealer Alan s ingenuity has made it unnecessary that ships that pass at a distance it sea should do so in seeming indifference to each others presence or needs. Of a Long voyage Thuro Iho sight of another vessel is a pleasing break in the Monotony of Tho daily life and in times of distress and trouble the ability to ask Aud answer questions to request assistance or needed stores is very apparent. Then too the fascination of a the fell by Tho mind Lucils its inti Ronco to make Tho interchange of signals at sea a most interesting event. The use of a system of naval signals such As that of Tho present time requires special instruction and study mid is not picked up in a few minutes neither can it be acquired by spending an Odd hour now and again upon it. It comprises different methods of conveying orders or information to or from a ship in sight or within hearing but at a distance too great to permit of Linin Iuga in other words beyond the reach of Tho voice even when aided by Tho speaking trumpet. Signals am divided into Chesses according to Tho instruments with which they Are made. There Are sight and sound signals Flag semaphore fixed lantern Flushing firework Horn or steam whistle Ami gun is gulls Day night fog and Distant signals. Signalling is not by any Means a modern method of communicating. The signal codes of the ancients Are believed to Bavo been the result of much study. Generally some kind of Flag was used. Shields were also displayed in a manner arranged beforehand. Some people believe that the reflected rays of Tho Sun were flushed from these Shields As with the modern Heli graph. In Tho Middle Ages flags banners and lanterns were used to distinguish particular squadrons. They were used too us they Are at the present time to Call officers to the Admiral Aud to report sighting the enemy and getting into danger. According to a writer on this subject the British Admiral Kemp Eielt in 17s0 devised a plan of Flag signalling which was the Parent of that which is now in use. A certain Captain colomb worked for Riuo year s of a flashing system of signalling which is today in general use in All fleets. This system has made it jew sible to Handlo with Confidence Aud safety in darkness and fog squadrons composed of Tho Gigantic Armor lads of the Day and has greatly reduced Tho risk of accidents. An International code of signals has Heel compiled and adopted by All to commercial nations of the world. The system consists of flags Aud a code in a a umut. In using and interpreting Tho flags it is of course necessary to be in Possession of the signal code Book in which tile meanings attached to Ilie flags Aud combinations of the flags Uro printed. _ curious information about the Stork. That curious Bird Tho Stork is common in Many parts of Europe to which it migrates yearly from its Winter quarters in Africa. It is much valued in Many countries us account of tic services it renders in destroying noisome reptiles Aud unpleasant offal. The Stork is a very docile Bird Aud soon learns to follow its feeder for any Dainty morsel. When it is hungry it crouches on the ground and seems to beg for food by its gestures such As nodding its head Aud flapping its pinions. It is a very mild Aud peaceable Bird Seldom making Uso of its great Bill against its companions. The Stork is a great favorite in Holland Aud is found most useful in eating up the frogs lizards and toads which abound in the marshes and the people Are so fond of the storks that they become quite familiar and tame and build their nests of the chimneys and roofs of the houses. The dutch say Quot a Stork never builds of a bad Many a Bouse a therefore it is a Protection to a House if a Stork comes and builds its nest As no one would injure one of these favorite Birds. The Stork is very fond of building its nest upon High places such As the top of u Bouse a Chimney or a Church spire and in the ruined cities of the East upon the top of almost every pillar a storks nest is to be found. It is said that when the Parent Birds grow so old As to to Bare of feathers Aud unable to Fly Aud provide food for themselves the Young ones will bring it to them Aud Nestle close to them to keep them warm and protect them. Before the cold Winter comes the storks Fly away in Large flocks to Africa where they remain till the warm weather returns. The duped Dob. The cunts of India Are Clever rascals. A couple of them were Rueday observed to be trying to steal a Boue from a dog. For a Long time their efforts were useless although the attempts at theft presented the dog from enjoying his meal at last the crows seemed to take counsel together and bit upon a new line of action. Uduc hopped away to a. Little distance As if he wore tired of the Job but Little by Tinto he Drew near to the dog from behind by and by lie was close enough to seize hold of the Tail of thu dog which at ouch turned Rouill with an angry snap at that moment the a Row in front picked up the Boue and flew off with it. Being presently joined by his partner in crime. What the duped dug Felt can Only be imagined and it is to be feared the rascally crows added insult to injury by chaffing him mercilessly in the Corvine Toluca origin of dessert. We arc indebted to Tho French system of gastronomy for the dessert courses at meals. They had no place in the Early English dinner and were first introduced into that country in Tho time of the stuarts when the French revival took place under Charles 1. At first they were simply accompaniments to other courses being composed of various Sweet things designed recording to an old Norman writer a to take Tho taste of the horrible cookery out of their Mouths a in the Courso of time the sweets were put in a course by themselves which stimulated the French Cooks to put Forth their com slant endeavours to invent new dishes. I onis Xiv had a Cook who invented cd desserts for his masters dinners. Missouri advice to a poet. It was Boiu years ago that Algernon Charles swi Homo in a Mournful voice addressed us the query. Quot what shall to Doue with All these tears of ours Quot we have been very Busy since then mud it is very possible Llma Algernon has disposed of his Stock Aud does t now need our advice but we arc sorry for him mud will give it Auy Wev to would say in the first place Algernon that the prudent thing to do if you see no Market tor your product is to cease producing that is the doctrine that to Are now teaching at our agricultural school in Kaunas. But to have also u suggestion bettor than that it is that if you can manage to weep fresh tears which you ought to to Able to do after a Little practice you come out to the arid Region and go into the irrigation business even u Salt Lake would to acceptable during dry weather and you might recover some sect uus with that sort of tear but Tho great thought to throw out to you is either weep fresh tears or quit thu business. A Kansas City times. Quinine is made from peruvian bark a the outer part of a medicinal Plant called Cinchona. It was so named from Tho wife of count cinc Liou of Peru in the seventh Century Olio by its use was cured of intermittent . Nicholas. The household. Crown Worcester China Tho Bachelor Basket Hall furniture Sorim Salmon As chop. Crown Wutt mister Inis Tho priv Fer Tuuu nowadays Mung Diu fur Tho . Jl11 making this a writer in the now York Sun explains that it is Iho Crown but thu Royal Worcester. This China is heavy and to Tho unaccustomed Eye ugly but it grows in favor mud you soon like its Odd Shapo Aud Prim decoration. There is no suspicion Cly gilding or ornate work about this Worcester. Tho scallops of Tho dishes nud plates May to edged about with Green or they May to left Plain and the one pit Tern of Flowers sprayed Over Tho surface is in rigid set bouquets with never a Leaf or thu Drill straying out from the main Anneli. Tho colors used Uro what Are called Strong natural colors real rods a deviating blues undoubted purples and Grevous. Oliero is no blending everything is still set Aud Prim Oil a lust Erless surface yet this China makes the Lilia red latticework and delicate colouring of Tho shining French porcelain look common and overdone. At least this is what you think after the new old English Typo has grown 011 you and you have noted its a beauties of ail the quaint Sha kid platters curiously curved Cotta spots and mysterious looking muffin plates each with an Eyel eted cover to let the steam escape this old English China appears to have the monopoly. Ponderous is Tho word Best suited to the great meat dishes Aud the handles to their covers ouch seen will not to forgotten. The Bachelor Basket. The a a bachelors Basket Quot is Tho newest gift from a girl Friend to a College Man and the girls find much pleasure in making these really useful As Well As Dainty toilet accessories for Liis lordship. As explained in the new York Tributa usually a Small Low round Basket with no top is chosen. It is lined smoothly with some Bright pretty silk. Several tiny cushions Are made mid stitched to Tho inside of Tho Basket brim Aud Black and White pins and Needles Are stuck the Circiu in plentiful Urray. A pair of Small scissors a Little silk bag for buttons and several spools of White Black Aud coloured Cotton and silk thread go to Complete the Bachelor s sewing outlet and whether or not he Ever takes the Basket out of the Box in which it is received Tho giver feels assured in her own mind that Jack has every needful appliance for an emergency Ami is consequently Happy. Hall furniture. A Good old Oaken Settle is not a Bud thing for balls with its sheer Severi ties of pan Ltd Back and its sturdy Phauk footing but easy to be sure. E do not want any cushioned luxuries in a hallway. It i it rather a Good place to receive a bores a it we must receive them at All. Ami a Okcu Settle of oldish and homely does not tempt a Ion a stay. Decorator Aud Funi Ishi a says much the same concerning overwrought Oaken chairs with great bulges of uneasy and Recreant carving the Hall is a Good place Lor such except they he inhibited by too palpable n with other fixtures but there is always this Good in a Hall that it takes a a Jumble of things More justly and carries them More easily than other rooms. Serving Salmon As chops. The following is one of Many recipes furnished by tin Boston cooking school Magazine by which Romniou Paleu dishes May he transformed into decorative ones it a Small outlay of time Aud labor and no additional expense. Drain ail the Oil from a can of Salmon Steak remove the skin and Bones Aud Umbs to Lish with a Silver Fork make a White since with 2 level each of butter and flour a Salt fish Choi s with Talt Taue sauce spoonful of Salt a Dali of Cayenne Aud a cup of milk. Add the Lish a teaspoonful of Levou juice and a us spoonful of chopped Parsley. When the mixture is thoroughly cold form into whups egg mud bread Crumb them adding a Little chopped Parsley to the crumbs. But a piece of Macaroni into the cud of Tho chop to represent Tho chop Bone Aud Fry in deep fat arrange a Crouton of bread in the Center of a serving dish. Upon it place a Little dish filled with sauce tartar Aud stand the chops against of d around the bread. A Bandit of Many prayers j to hover Al toil we thong worship Anil Llo hint Chu Lulko Faith. I Giovanni Tolu to Kedit who for 30 years was Tho terror of Sardinia died a few Mouths ago after having related Tho Story of his life to u lawyer with Tho request that it to published for this purpose Quot to warn Tho unfortunates of my class and to teach Tho officials How to proceed if they would better Tho condition of th2 poor and according to his autobiography Tolu was Trio most pious Man that Ever Cut a Throat or stole a Puma lie began his career of Crimo by trying to kill a priest who prevented his marriage with Tho girl of his heart. Nevertheless in his subsequent life lie Hail a worshipful regard for Trio cloth. To confessed to attended mass to Over prayed in Tho presence of his dead victims. Quot before 1 took Tho life of a traitor or a Rich oppressor of Trio it our Quot to explains in his Book "1 always Besought the Virgin and Tho saints to advise nud Comfort to. Us the Day when 1 Rosol Vod to kill Salvatore More i sought Tho Aid of Chavou. Of my Way to him i called without ceasing on Trio Mother of god to enlighten to and advisor to a lither my Comrade really deserved to Dio. I also commended my soul to gods Caro in Oast i should go under in Tho combat. When i had shot More dead 1 loaded my gun again Laid Tho Stock on his body and thu offered up in fervid humility an a Avo Maria Aud a re Quitin for Tho departed soul "1 killed Trio bodies but not to souls of my enemies mid 1 observed always the religious cd Erciso which thu circumstances Tho bail it a Favorito books wore a meditations of Trio life of Tho holy Virgin and Tho Bible. A although a Bandit a he declares Quot i never neglected any religious duties. Every Day 1 said my morning and evening prayers. I prayed for Trio dead went to Church quid confessed Many times Overy year. Tho Abbot of Fieri mis was wont to Lead Luo into Church by Tho secret passage from Liis House. Outside Tho Polico were watching for uie inside 1 fulfilled my duties to god. 1 was aloud with Tho priest. A Tolu had Soto queer ideas about a priest s proper discharge of his churchly duties. The priest who prayed More than three times at mans to relates. Invariably bewitched somebody. Quot ouch in Florius a goes his Story Quot i Hud a Bat attack of rheumatism mid 1 was convinced that 1 had been bewitched by a priest 1 sought help from the Florius priest who was an excellent Man. Lie put of his vestments Aud with holy water Aud Cross begun to exo Reiso the evil spirits. Tho pain ceased almost at once and 1 had u few weeks of Justica later i went to Trio of Ossi who was supposed to to still More skilled in exorcism. told my to Kneel and to sprinkled to with holy water. Then to prayed a Long time. I went to him three times. The third time Tho pain was worse than Ever mid then to confessed to me that lie had been bewitched Liy another priest who was mightier than lie. Finally 1 obtained Relief from the Abbot of Ossi. Who fur 40 Days undo to Portko of blessed Uil and blessed perhaps this childlike Faith was what made the sardinian peasants regard to la with love and veneration. was always helped Aud fed he them when to was hard pressed by soldiers or Polico. To him hundreds of them gladly paid a Small Auu Ual sum us insurance against thieves Cutty Fruats and robbers. They had implicit Cumuli Duco ill his ability to protect them. At Tho same time they often refused to pay taxes and wore unwilling to ult Tho Polico or military to arrest those who plundered them. In Liis 30 years of Bandit life Tolu despite his religious scruples killed Between so mid to men. Robbed hundreds and burned to the ground the buildings of nine great estates. To was Ever at War with Tho authorities of the Laud and in Trio last leu years of his career devoted himself exclusively to robbing Aud killing persons holding of Lico or standing in Tho service of Tho Polico or military. Why she left. Why tie was t invitee. Arthur f. Clark last Spring purchased a Seaside cottage at Bay Ridge n. Bay Ridge has a yacht club Aud As it costs pretty heavily to rent a yacht for a private sail somebody suggested to Clark that he would better join thu club so that he would he invited to go out with those who owe to their own yachts. I Liis seemed to be a Good idea Aud Clark s name was soon enrolled us a member of thu club he was informed but lie would to expected to Purchase a yachting Cap Aud Wear it us thu insignia of Bis membership mrs. Clark accompanied her spouse to a hat store to help him pick out his yachting headgear. selected one with a Blue baud of which a Anchor was embroidered in Gold lace. Mrs. Clark thought two anchors would look much prettier Anil so Arthur like a Dutiful husband yielded to her better judgment and bought a Cap with a double Anchor. Day after Day Liu wore that Cap hut no one invited him to go sailing. Everybody else seemed to be invited out but but cup apparently acted As a Hoodoo Aud its wearer was compelled to sniff the sea breezes Lorn tic Laud. Finally one afternoon a regatta race was arranged nud it was desired that ail available yachts should Start Clark was urged to bring out Liis yacht with the rest. A Why bless your heart a lie protested �?o1 have no yacht. Quot a what Quot cried several club members in chorus Quot my yacht thou what a us you doing with that Cap Quot Quot Why in t the Cap All right a stammered its wearer. Quot yes but Bow about the double Anchor Quot a mrs. Clarl thought two looked prettier than one. Does it make Nuy difference what do the blamed anchors mean anyhow Quot Quot two anchors Quot they said Quot indicate that Yon own a yacht nud our that you Are a member entitled to sail free of his mean Way out. Quot of Quot said Tho two months Bride to the girl Friend who had called Quot Charlie did Tho meanest thing lust night i i would t Bavo believed it of Bun. Quot a do Tell me what it was Quot said Tho girl Friend. Quot Well you know to wore having some parlor or thinking about having some when it happened. It was just after dinner. Charlo had been Reading Somo supposedly funny paragraphs in Tho evening paper. They were so pour they actually made to faint. Finally 1 told him that i could do better Thau that a what at making jokes Quot interrupted the girl Friend. Quot Why yes of Quot Well what happened a Quot Why of course he wan sure 1 could to Quot a just like a Man. A a Ydut he was a do Tell me All about it a a Well he wagered Roe a three Pound Box of Candy and All the soda water 1 could drink that 1 could t make a joke. A a and you did it right away a Quot yes it did no to take to five minutes. Quot a what was the joke a a Well you know we had that Lovely Blue bit in set that to bought last week on thu table and a a it is Lovely. A a and 1 just took my inspiration from that Yon know Tho Teapot has a Shepherd in Bine upon it a Quot yes. A Quot Well my joke was Tho supposed conversation Between two fashionable girls on thu milk Pitcher of the chocolate Brown set that Mamma gave us. It rim Why Dou t you associate with that gentleman Over there ? and the reply was he Suot ill our Send Well 1 i and the Teapot in my baud when 1 made the joke and just As i told it i let Tho Teapot fail now comes Tho Macau part. Charlie used such a mean subterfuge. repeated thu joke thou looked at Tho pieces of Trio Teapot on Tho floor and then us 1 demanded Tho fulfilment of by Wager said that a no joke that a i fact. A a a Chicago times Herald. Trio clubs yachts. A or. Clark still thinks that there is no discount of his wife s Tasto in matters of dress hut he Ouw Hays whatever he times Herald. Job work neatly executed at this office. The fifth hoax. To Wasny to bluebeard for any Othor mythological spouse with a taste for murder he was merely a strict old Quaker preacher who lived a few dec Udes ago Aud who had had four wives. Upon his re thru Homo after the ceremony solemnizing his Mcquis Ticu of a fifth to led the new wife to a certain closet Aud threw open Tho door. Four shawls Aud four bouquets i aug in a Row upon thu Hooks inside. The husband pointed to a fifth Hook. A Maud this Rebecca Quot he said . Quot is for Quot no Jonathan Quot answered Tho wife significantly Quot that will be thine. A events proved her right and the 1 told Yon sons will not to disappointed to learn of it York Sun. Gunnil of la own War cd of her latin Blind h practical Jokob. All Trio Way from Marion bad comos at lust Tho Story of Tho real inwardness of that mysterious quarrel Between Tho grand Duke Aud grand Duchess of Hosso. A few weeks ago it was announced that Tho grand Duchess had suddenly left Darmstadt Aud had travelled with a single attendant to Bucharest to visit her sister Trio Crown Princess of round Mitiu Othor paragraphs mentioned that the Queen of England Aud Tho Duko and Duchess of Coburg did not countenance the grand Duchess of Giusso in her quarrel with her husband but vol oily Seui nod to know or Ilavu any idea what Tho quarrel was about All sorts of stories wore soon circulated. Cue in particular suggested jealousy of Tho part of Trio grand Duko of a handsome Young officer of our of his cavalry regiments. Another person who know everything insisted that it was owing to Trio conduct of Tho grand Duke and a lady of Obiora boffo Fame and now it torus out but it is Allou account of a weakness Trio grand Duko has for playing practical jokes. It must not to forgotten that hound Trio grand Duchess Are first cousins and both grandchildren of Queen Victoria. They have Guowu each Othor All their lives and so their marriage was Nitro matter of fact than romantic. Both Ore still almost in Tho boy and girl stage As far As ago is concerned Aud it is said that Tho grand Duko began his married life by treating his wife More us a Molo Boon companion than As a delicately reared Ami exceptionally haughty Princess with Tho Imperial blood of Russia As Well As Trio Royal blood of England coursing through her veins. Lie invented a ghost for her Especial Benefit at Schloss Chili Gunborg and nearly frightened her out of her wits at a time when she was entitled to his very deepest consideration. On another occasion to placed a nest of mice in her embroidery Basket and to indulged in conspicuous although its it proved entirely harmless flirtatious with Tho indies of the court. Finally at one particular festivity the grand Duko suddenly ordered All Tho lights to be turned out and then he and a couple of Young noblemen who Are Liis closest friends kissed every woman that they could come across in Tho great chamber. It is even Lii spend that thu grand Duchess herself was hissed in Tho dark and she insists that it was not by her husband or Sliu would have recognized thu perfume to is in the habit of wearing of his Mustache. Trio result was the flight next morning of the indignant Princess to Rou Maui it needed no Little persuasion on Tho part of illustrious relatives to bring Tho Young couple together again Aud it was of thu distinct understanding that the matter was anally arranged that in future Tho Duke should refrain from contacting his practical joking in any Way with i Swift. Tho brother of Tho grand dual loss. Prince Alfred of Coburg seems to Liu just As Lively a Young Man As his brother in Law. Iio Point Blank refuses to marry until Asho explains it to has a enjoyed himself a bit a and it every Opportunity to paints the capital of his father s Little duchy As Brilliant a red As to can possibly manage. Asho is a Only Sou it would to rather a dreadful thing if to contracted one of those me alliances which see i so popular among Young royalties of the present Day and a Little army of detectives is constantly employed in watching Prince Alfred Aud Koncic the knowledge which exists of All his various letter in new York mail and express Brothers reunited. They found each other at a lick act reunion of Confori Lamto veterans. A vory pathetic incident that occurred during the recent reunion of Confederate veterans held in this City was related by a prominent state official. One night at a late hour Tho manager of one of the leading hotels in this City walked into Tho Rotunda of Liis hostelry Aud observed a old Confederate who appeared to to sleeping in a chair. To noticed that lie was assigned to that hotel by a certain Lingo lie wore and being himself an sex Johnny Rob to decided to Render Trio Veteran a service by waking him and taking him to his room. Asho touched Tho Veteran to observed that lie had spent some Timo in worship at the shrine of Bacchus and at that Timo was just recovering vigorous mentality. Whilo this Scono was being enacted another Veteran who happened to to passing stopped close by As did the gentleman who told Tho Story. Quot hello Jolt try Reb Havo Yon secured a room Quot asked Tho hotel manager. A yes a replied Tho awakened Man with apparent Surprise. Quot what is your name Quot Quot my name is Joo. A Quot what regime but were you with Quot "1 was with regiment and fought with Tho army of Virginia. A at this juncture Tho Veteran who was standing by approached Tho two and asked Tho Man Quot what did you say your name is Quot Quot my name is Joo a again re plied Tho Man. Quot where did you cuter Tho army from Quot �?o1 enlisted at in a replied Tho now astonished Man. Asho replied to tic last question Tho other Man fell into his arms weeping and said Quot Joe done to you know to Quot Tho Veteran pushed him off presuming that he too was in a turbulent state of mind caused by imbibing drinks other than water. Tho until would not be pushed off and in his sobs said Quot Joo Dou t you know to this is joint. A Quot you Taro not John for he was killed it Manassas a said the now thoroughly awakened and much astonished Man. A Joe 1 Tun your brother John. I was not killed at Tho Battlo of Manassas and Ever Sinco Trio War i have looked All Over the United states for Yon convinced it last thu Long lost Brothers. Locked in each others on Braco stood and wept like children. They went to a room in Tho hotel Aud doubtless talked All night. All next Day Tlisov were seen walking in with glowing faces and relating to every one the fact of Timeir coming together after such a Long Banner. Re Jinx up with a blessed Are they that hunger mud thirst Quot can be said As truly of our bodily wants As of our spiritual necessities not blessed because they shall be medicated but because Quot they shall be filled Quot with what tastes Good with what gives Good health Stre Ugek Aud lasting pleasure. In our hunger for fruit fruit that is Well matured Juicy and Tiu Elv flavor do we Cun get perhaps the highest form of palate gratification with Tho least possible digestive dietetic and hygienic Gazette not que Litick to judge. Maude what s the Luckiest Day to to born on Claudel Dou t know. Only tried one. A Detroit free press. Early fruits vegetables terrapins wild fowl eggs poultry and All kinds of part a a a 122 Cheapside 8hippmg letter co. Commission merchants in i. P. Justis amp co. Commission merchants 8 e. Camden st. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Fruits vegetables and produce shipping letter st references National Bank of Commerce or any produce House in Baltimore. W.p.custis&co., a produce commission chants. Egg poultry wild fowl clams peas berries cabbage amp a. Sweet and Irish potatoes specialities. 220 South st., Cor. Bow Leys wharf Baltimore my. Reference Peoples ban of Baltimore shipping letter c Quick sales and prompt returns. J. E. Whittington j. E. Whittington i co., co Ltd it a o 4-3 o to a o o co and jewelry repaired on Short notice. I have for Sale watches clocks jewelry spectacles Jepe classes and silverware in Many styles and at lowest prices. We. Sartorius Pocomoke City my. A still be at Accomac c. Every court Day. Fail York fila. 9 sob Folk b. R. Cd. In effect june 14th, 1807. Quickest and Only daily line Between Boston new York phila., Norfolk and old Point Comfort. Kobe Hward stations wholesale fruit and produce to of Missit a ref its no 7 e. Camden Street Baltimore. My. Snipping letters Quot a. E. reference traders National Bank leave Portsmouth. Norfolk. Old Point com Tori Apo Aliaj Lea. Go or Ltd no. A Gobba a. Eat Ville a a Mac Pongo. Blvd a Noat. . Exp ice a. Map Osburg Keller. Melfa Osloy. Bloxom. Huj Lwood. A us Hall. New Burch. Pocomoke poet eur. Kings Greca. Or Lucaa Anne. Loretto Edon a a a a a a t Rui Umid a Olla Dury. Win runs a Quot a a Tolar. Arrivo a i j. W. Mimm amp co a wholesale a commission Murchan Lse in fruits and produce. A Sweet potatoes a specially. 244 Washington st., new York. A shipping no. 104.�? reference Gansevoort Bank. 92 82 84 . Old . Point a. Exp m a. 5i. a. M m. 6 65. -7 80 m .0 10. .7 46. 7 10 .8 40. -9 40u 1066. 19 50. 1104. W 63. Noe. 10 01 no -11�oq8 n 2i n0 16 1126 m .q0 22. I 32 m .110 31 1140 m -f10 40. Uil -110 46 11 62 who 61 1157 thu 67 12 03 .1106 12 11. 1118. 122. F 11 26. 12 29 .1132. 12 37 full 37. 12 41 til 63 12 63 6 10 11 66. 1 06 15 12 00. 6 40. 12 10. 125 660 12 20. 131 16 68 1 108.1 18 7 i 12 47. L 1 �6 a a 7 5sl 100l i 3 us tax notice. Notice is hereby Given that the state tax and county Levy for the year 1897, Are now due and that in pursuance of Law the treasurer or Deputy will be at the follow my named places in said districts at the time herein specified for the purpose of collecting said taxes and levies Viz appointments of Edwin t. Powell Pungoteague oct. 2nd, a tilth 28th, 2�?~jth, 30th. And nov. 13th and 27th. Marshes store nov. 5th afternoon and night. Keller nov. 3rd, afternoon. Harborton oct. 20th, at night. Tangier nov. 8th, 9th and 10th. Onancock oct. Uth 23rd, nov. Oth 18th, 19th and 20. Wacelia Prague nov. Loth 10th and 17th. Accomac c. H., nov. 22nd, 23rd.24th Aud 30th. First Day of county courts and first 3 Days of circuit court. _ at Home nights when not otherwise posted. Appointments of John h. Hopkins Mappsville oct. 21st 22nd and 23rd. Temperanceville oct. 28. 29, and 30. New Church nov. 4th, 5th and oth. Sanford nov. 10th, 11th and 12th. Saxis nov. 10th, at night. Bearsville nov. 13th, afternoon. Greenbackville nov. 15tb, at night. Chincoteague nov. 10th, 17th and 18. Horntown nov. 18th, at night. Hailwood nov. 19th, afternoon and night. Moile town nov. 20th. Hopeton nov. 22nd, morning. New town nov. 22nd. Afternoon. Hunting Creek nov. 20th, morning. Leemont nov. 20th, afternoon. Parksley nov. 27th. Accomac c. H., first Day of every court. Due notice will be Given of other appointments. Those failing to pay their taxes and levies before the first Day of december next will have 5 per cent added to their Bill As the Law directs. A Hope ail that can will Avail themselves of this Opportunity and save 5 per cent. If you have not paid your 1898 taxes please meet us at the place most convenient to yourself and do so. As we Are compelled to enforce collection on All that Are in arrears in order to meet the demands on us we Hope those that Are in arrears will save us this trouble. Edwin t. Powell John h. Hopkins. Quot . Or. arrive p-34 suit Niurca i Atod it us Tiu us a a a a l j a film Lugton 111.-.-� i Juilu. Lurad it. Juli lol mini i 08. Amp 13 64 a Uby 6 a i Schwork a a 1 la s0w York be. 3 us. 1 t3__ southward �7 Cria Sor from Tolk Kcf Vul. A new Yorki. A a Newark. Iteuton.�?. I Biu. Rte ail ii a i Luiis a thu a Filini Oro Uulu. A Talion a. Loa Stevens Simpson $ co importers Aud wholesale commission merchants fruits and produce. 2s2 Washington Street new York. Members of the National league of commission merchants of the United states. Reference Irving Natl Bank n. A Olner. William a Hialit Abury re Ruiu amp us. j a a a a a Coeton a a Pocono it to sew Burdi. Oak Hull Hailwood Bloxom a Par Taai Oyt Only a a a a a a Elias so Koller a up Patburg. Xxi More Nasa Widos. Bird a nest a a a Cobbs. Oberon gape of Hatola. Old Point of Micro Horlock. P or to m Dutli. Arrive. 3 6. 8 �2. A 60. 1 a a. 1 co Teti 6w�?z i 25 7 Ai. a in s7. A 65. 11u� 3 06 12 Al. 12 06. 112 i. A a i 20 3 29 12 30 8 83 12 50 3 45. 12 55. 3 42 ,. 14 i ,. To 00. 4 14. 14 19 ,. 4 26. 4 38. T4 41 m 4 16 ,4. 4 67. 6 05 612. B 19. M 16 25. 6 33. 6 42 f&45 6 06 t 8 to. 7 00. F j 10, p Al 45 Ola Polsi sex s. M 8 Sii 3 r. Of 2 10 2t i h a atop tor on signal 4 a Deli a except sunday. 2 2. -2 3� -3 44 _ .2�. -3� _ us .3 2b .3 27 .3 33 .3 41 a a a a a 50. 3 amp a. 4 03 .4u6 -4 15 4 22 4 2� .4 81. -443. I a. I w. -8b t 08805 8 a4. . to conduct r. Nicholas superintendent. Cape Charles a. R. B. Cooke Gene a freight and Pas i Senger agent Norfolk. s. B. Downes. J o. Downes established 25 years. S. B. Downes amp co. Fruit and produce commission merchants 829 Washington st., new York. Shipping no. 102. Members of National league of com Mission merchants of the u. S. Reference by permission Irving National Bank n. Established 18g5. We. Parker with Jota h. Moo amp sobs 327 Washington st., new York. Importers and commission a merchants in All kinds of fruit and produce truck poultry. Eggs wild fowl 4c. Potatoes a specially. Members of National league of commission merchants of the United states. Refer to Irving Nat. Bank new York and All mercantile agencies. Use any of on stencils or cards Given out during past 25 years. Shipping no. 24. T. Kepner amp co. Produce it a of Dante South st. And Bowly a wharf. Baltimore. Sweet potatoes a specially. Shipping letter h j Sill my 1c schedule of the Baltimore Chesapeake ii. Atlantic Ailway company until Burtner Noil co will run their Stramera m follow Wei dior Permuting leaving South at. Wharf at 6.00 of clock p. M. Steamer Pocomoke. Capt. Heward. Tuo Day and Friday for , Boll town Pitta wharf of Dar Hall Rehoboth Powell a Pocomoke Olty mat Topoll and now Hill. Ketubm1ng�? mondays Aud thursday leaves now Hill 8 -.mattaponl 6-Jo,Pocomoke Glocy 830 Reko Buth 2. Cedar Hall u.30. Plus wharf 10, Wiio Lown 10 16, of unlock 2 30 p. A. Fin ney�?T6 3, Taulu Rusland 4.30. Urls Lloyd 6. Shore. Capt. G. Ila Noil. Wednesdays and sundays Lor girl Edelu Harborton ,Boggs Codur flow . Roads Davis Shields Aud Kuoy a Ltd turning Lea Rob Huoy a tuesdays Aud Fri Sluys 8, Shields 8.30, Davis 10.00, head s , of Soord 11, Xii Luu 12 30, Cedar View 12.45, Boggs 2.45, Evans 3, harbvrtou3.16.crlflnold�. Sles Ivr Tangier. Mondays and thursdays Lor Fords c Oul Bouru Crook urls Lloyd of Nuoye , Hunting Creek Una Meas Ugo. Re turning Olavo wednesdays and saturdays me Songo 6, Hunting Creek �.30, cd be Connos Tox 11.30, Onancock 2.30, in Ineys 3, urls Lloyd tick oui Bouru Crook 1, Ford s 7.30. leave urls Fjeld Xoi balt aril Al of last Down train. Are tent Ana passengers received ror an Points on Tho n. Y., Pyllu. And Norfolk Wicomico and pc smoke r. It. Dally Delaware Maryland and Virginia railroads. Positively no freight received Aiter 4 30 . And must to prepaid to All Points except Norfolk Railroad. Willard Thomson t. Murdock Gen 1 ii Agacer push. Agent. A j. Sawyer Wilson jr., freight a gent. 205 of. Baltimore st. New Mutas he Tel Cor. Pratt s Calvert its. Baltimore my. European plan. Rooms 50 cts., 75 cts. And $1 per Day this Bouse is now open is entirely new and 1b equipped with All the modern conveniences elevator electric lights electric Call Bells team heat Baths amp a. Bernaad Reily proprietor. Duff Mason sub Fred Johnson. Livery Sale and Exchange run in connection with hotel Mason new Church station a Johnson i Mason Quot proprietors. All trains met Aud passengers conveyed to any part of Puiu Sula at Lair rates and with Comfort Aud dispatch. L. W. Groton. W. J. Doughty 863t0n a Douai hts general insurance agents have paid for losses in Accomac and Northampton counties �p25,0s5.00 in past three years. Onancock a. A Dollar saved is a Dollar made if so write to the Margaret Academy. Frank p. Brent principal. James Madison. Associate principal. Miss Jennie p. Barstow piano music. Mrs. Frank p. Brent. Voice culture. Miss Mary Bagby. Graduate Hollins Institute primary department non resident pupils can Board in the Academy for �12.50 per month. Study Ball at night. Terms for tuition very reasonable for catalogue containing full information apply to Frank p. Brent. Onancock a. J. W. Barnes Bloxom va., proprietor a a Bames. First class livery attached. Also dealer in Geletai met Ite line. Hair plaster prompt and courteous Atten Tion Given to every Branch o. His business. B. O. Bell undertaker Wachapreague a. Keeps on hand a full line of caskets of All grades and sizes. Also a full line of heart Pine coffins All furnished at the very lowest figuers. will meet All trains and boats at Short notice

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