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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jan 29 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - January 29, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Begging craze in England a one Daft Over the Kun Long of Vartoun subscription. Trio App Roncoli of Trio Curt of Trio Century in eng Lauri lids the people Gono Daft Over the raising of subscriptions. If there be our thing Bovo All others that characterizes the britons of today it is their persistent fondness for creating a a funds Quot and they seize every pretext for arousing Trio interest of the nation in this project and that. The fad for such it must 1 a is illustrated by Trio present of schemes for innumerable purposes All seeking to draw Money from tiie purses of Trio charitable and inspired by the approaching Celebration of the completion of the sixtieth year of Queen victorians reign. This fashion of appealing to the Public for Money because of some National Curc Motif Lias not taken Root in this country and the citizens of America May be devoutly thankful if the present experience of the English nation is to let taken As an Index of the logical development of the craze. Subscription papers it is said in utter in every Corner of the United kingdom. All classes Are appealed to for pounds shillings and Pence. Shillings lists Aro popular. It is related that a certain great project was put Forth on the basis of a National shilling subscription. It was planned to acknowledge each contribution in the columns of three London dailies. It soon appeared that it was costing 1 a shillings to acknowledge Cali shilling and then Trio plans were changed. Hero Aro some of Trio projects for which these various a a funds a Are being raised All in Trio name of the Queens Jubilee to raise the debts of the London hospitals to create Public libraries by Trio score for Trio Benefit of the Hospital nurses for the a ostentation of the clergy for the spread of Temperance for the creation of new Parks for the Purchase of lifeboats for the Benefit of a Home for incurable for be erection of a a Victoria cottage presumably for the Benefit of certain elegant paupers for the Relief of the spinsters of the nation for the Relief of distressed Irish ladies for the prevention of cruelty to children for the Benefit in some unstated manner of lady Mayo resses for the erection of a Home for the doing. And the Climax is capped by a fund for Trio creation of a lethal chamber for Star. Lon Luu Ami full american cities above those of any other nation possess the advantage of being Able to provide food promptly and at Short notice for a great number of people in excess of their Normal population without enhanced Cost to local Consumers. British and Continental cities confronted with such a contingency find it difficult to meet. The anticipated influx of a great body of strangers Means weeks of preparation prices of edibles Are at once raised far above the average Imd not Only visitors but residents also Are put to considerable inconvenience to procure a Nili Cincy. Already in Loudon Maneli apprehension is Felt in regard to feeding the estimated 1,500,000 strangers who Are expected to to present at Tho Celebration of the Queens Jubilee. As is Well known England is mainly dependent for its edibles upon foreign sources. London is provisioned Only from Day to Day and any interruption of transportation facilities from the continent for a few hours would practically exhaust its Supply of Many a Ris Habla commodities. To e daily Telegraph is already indulging in gloomy forebodings on the Subj t. It asserts that perishable food such As milk fruit vegetables and fish will be scarce and extor Tiona Cly dear. On the actual Day of Tho procession it fears an actual fight for edibles. Caterers Are already contracting to Supply luncheons and dinners for the sightseers on june 23. From the terms demanded it is conceded that Only millionaires will be Ablo to feed satisfactorily. Alarm is inspired by the possibility that for several Days previous to the Celebration the demand upon the passenger service of the railways will be so great As to disorganized the transportation of food from Rural England and the continent. New York can absorb a in influx of strangers far More numerous in proportion to its size than London and no one will have evidence that All comestibles Are not As plentiful and cheap As York bottled bacteria. Fears hitherto exp it min Law to their Dir effects Are la no inc away the average Layman has Long been sustained by a secret belief that Tho vast majority of bacteria Are harmless and considering that he daily consumes millions of them in enting drinking and sleeping it is consoling to find the belief confirmed by an eminent authority. Another scientist contributing to an English review docs something toward relieving bacteria of their evil name by explaining How much they have to do with successful butter making. Butter us every one knows is Best made from sour Cream and does not keep Well unless Tho Cream is soared before churning. This result is usually attained by letting the Cream Stipd till it sours of its own Accord. But a series of experiments carried of in Leswick Holstein have proved that the souring of Cream is produced by the presence of certain bacteria which can be cultivated and introduced in such a Way As to cause artificially the necessary souring. A doctor named Witter has studied the subject and a so skilfully blended a Cronin cultures together that when Tho mixture was added in duo proportion to sterilized Cream to effect souring the butter made therefrom was of most delicious flavor pure Aud of great commercial value inasmuch As it kept admirably. The dried seed or powder of the bacteria used in this process can now to bought put up in bottles. A proportion is added to a Small Quantity of skimmed milk which is subjected to a Moderato continuous heat till the bacteria have developed. The Quot fermentation starter Quot is then added to the Cream. The pure culture is Only used occasionally enough of Tho a starter Quot being left Over every Day to begin operations with of the next the exc Coli Nee of danish butter is attributed to the care taken in choosing Tho Quot ferment Tion science monthly. Devonshire Terrace. Dickens was 2t years old when in 1889, to moved from Doughty Street to Devonshire Terrace. Georgo Dumaurier lived for some years in 1 Devonshire Terrace. In this now celebrated House Dickens wrote no fewer than ten of his books Quot the old curiosity a Bop a Quot Barnaby Rudic a Quot the Christmas Carol a a american notes a a Martin Cruz zoo wit a a a Trio haunted Man Quot a the Battle of life a Quot Doniey Aud Sou a Quot the Cricket on the Hearth and a David Copperfield. A Devonshire Terrace was situated at Tho Corner of the Marylebone Road mud used to be called the smallest in youth is out of Date Khuc age i. Now in la a Ishlon now Itig of Ali lug forty. There is no mistake about it to be Young to to in the first faint flush of premiere Jeu gesso is no longer either admirable or enviable. The fashionable age for a successful society woman in Loudon now is Botteon 80 and 40. A limn to be thoroughly appreciated in that charmed Circle known As a Tho Best set can Range in years from 35 to 50. Dust at present the doctrine of Middle age is being preached and from Trio inmost centers i f Mayfair exclusiveness to the outer circles of rank Goliem Ianis the men Ami women who Are the most popular Are those who Liao Quot live Quot j done to know Why or wherefore this strange inversion of fancy has occurred. Somebody says Ticon Uso Tho Young men and girls of the present Day arc older and More world worn than Tho men and women who have passed Tho first stages of real youth. Certain it is that the conditions of life at this end of the Century Aro not calculated to keep the springtime fresh in the hearts of its girls and boys. The doctrine of Middle age is boing preached with exceeding vehemence at two of the most fashionable Heaters in town at the st. Lames or. Pinero a Quot Princess and the Butterfly a a or a a the fantastic Quot is pursuing its erratic career with immense Success while Charles Wyndham at the criterion is personifying Quot the physician a by Henry Arthur Jones with his unfailing cleverness. In both these plays studies of social life each of them the chief interest centers about men mud women who have left Tho Quot White Muslin Quot stage mid crept out to the once dreaded precipice of maturity. And it is in fashionable real life As it is within the artificial Glamour of the stage. Tho women of whom we Bear the most in London have certainly no longer any claim to to considered Young. They Are frankly Middle aged and they seem to glory in it. There is Trio countess of Warwick passed we would have dubbed her in other times. So is still Beautiful but lie who runs May rend her age in debretto a Tun there is that still Lovely dowager the countess of Dudley a grandmother but with us Many Moths fluttering about the Light of her Blue eyes As would satisfy Many a debutantes heart. She is going to marry again so they say and she is still a Beauty. Lady do Grey is another instance of Trio apotheosis of Middle age. The most talked about woman of her time is this tall countess and one of the most envied. She holds the future As Well As the past of italian opera in London in Tho hollow of her slender aristocratic hands. What she says or suggests at covent Garden opera House a goes Quot Aud when she is displeased Tho very gods letter in Chicago chronicle. To Klinl Trio Furru wheel. The department of concessions of Tho Omaha exposition has received an application for space for Trio erection of a mechanical device which will equal if not surpass the great Ferris wheel in Novelty and engineering ingenuity. It resembles Trio framework of a Gigantic umbrella More Thau any thing else which might to mentioned. Tho part corresponding to the stick of Trio umbrella is an immense Eye louder so feet in diameter constructed of steel plates firmly riveted making a a standpipe a which rears its head 250 feet above Tho level of the ground. At the extreme top of this Cylinder Aro fastened 12 Long arms resembling the ribs of an umbrella. These Aie steel trusses reaching almost to the ground. At the lowered of each of these ribs is suspended a ear for carrying passengers each car having a capacity for 20 persons. These monster ribs Aro raised by Hydraulic Power acting by Means of steel cables operating through the Cylinder aided by a mechanism greatly resembling that portion of an umbrella which comes into action when the umbrella is opened. By Means of this mechanism the Gigantic arms Are raised until they Are horizontal the curs in the injun time being Carris d outward a Mil upward until they Rench a Point 250 feet above Trio ground the diameter of the huge Circle formed by Tho suspended curs being also 250 feet. When the highest Point has been reached another mechanism comes into play and the suspended cars at swung slowly a round in a Circle after which they arc lowered to the ground. The sides of the cars Are formed of windows from which a View of the surrounding country for Miles May be Beo. A surveying camera. A surveying camera Sty cd Tho Bridges Lee instrument is being introduced in England. It resembles an Ordinary camera having a brass bound Box with rapid rectilinear Lens and double backs and Tho usual ground Gluss screen. Tho camera body turns of a horizontal Plato having a graduated rim Over which slides a Vernier attached to the cum Cru for Reading horizontal angles. A clamping screw fixes Tho camera body to Tho Bottom plate which Plato is mounted on a tripod head provided with leveling screws. On top of Tho camera Box is fixed a rotating level and Telescope mounted on a horizontal Arm mid fitted with n rack adjustment and scale permitting vertical angles to be taken. This Telescope has a vertical wire which bisects the picture on the ground Gluss screen and is cop Luvary with a second vertical wire inside Tho camera. This wire casts n Shadow which is clearly disc Rumblo on Tho sensitive Plute or film when developed and thus Marks Tho Center Lino of Tho Pio Ture. Behind this wire is a Compass mounted of u rack inside Tho camera by Means of which when a photograph is to to taken it Gnu to moved Back until it just fails to touch Tho Plato. Tho graduation of Tho Compass card is carried oat of a tical strip of Traus in Cut Mac Raul through which Tho Light passes to the plate thus photographing thereon Trio Compass bearing. A horizontal fiber is also placed inside the body of tic camera similar to Tho vertical one which when Tho instrument Lias been properly levelled indicates Tho Truo nows. _ a Story or Trio Fet Orsburn mine. General Horace Porter tells Tho following anecdote of Tho explosion of Tho Petersburg Rnic in his a a campaigning with Grant Quot in Tho Century a surgeon told us a Story our of Tho Many echoes of the mine affair about a prisoner who Hud bom dug out of the Crater and carried to one of our Field hospitals. Although his eyes were bunged and Bis Faco covered with bruises to was in an astonishingly amiable Frame of mind and looked like a pugilistic hero of Tho prize ring coming up smiling in Tho Twenty seventh round. He said a a in la jest bet Yon Tomt after this ill be Tho most unpopular Man in my regiment. Yon see i appeared to get started a Little earlier than the other boys that had taken passage with me aboard that Volcano and As i was comic Down i Mot the rest of Mem a Goniu up. And they looked As if they had kind of soured on me Aud yelled after 11 mrs. Grants Book. 61io Calls it Quot in Loilta a unc declines to Dovo it 1 Ria Tecl interest in Trio ceremonial at new York has created n new demand for to Story of Tho life of mrs. U. S. Grant completed by her three years ago. Publishers have besieged mrs. Grant for the privileges of Tho work but thus far she has declined All offers. In speaking of the coveted manuscript Tho no Pablo chronicler said today a i really cannot coup inc myself that it is absolutely interesting. I have my maid read extracts from it to me a Mil i think a How entertaining a then i change my mind and the paragraphs i thought delightful. Others i think will fail to see in them All 1 modesty characteristic of this woman who Lias played such a prominent part in Tho history of her country threatens to Reserve la or her children and grandchildren knowledge ibo people would reverently claim. The volume which has lately been rewritten in Typo Aud carefully edited by to author is Sho said Quot arranged in 12 Little books each telling of experiences in different parts of Tho world. I have called one in India but Tho title of Trio whole is not yet decided her childhood and girlhood at a Doar old White Haven Quot give a charming pastoral sketch of Young Days of Tho farm in it. Louis county Toad Hor earliest acquaintance with her Soldier sweetheart. As Trio wife of Quot the lofted aut a us she is still pleased to recall him narrations of service in Trio Field thrilling in interest with flashlight confidences that illum Iuo incidents that history but dimly outlines spirit edly follow. Motherhood with pretty stories of Tho tender affection of her famous husband for children and Home a a eight years in the while House a brimful of anecdotes of noted persons Aud amusing contretemps demonstrating a Kee Ronso of fun a four years of travel a in which she was presented at every court with not Only her reflect ions of the conventions and marvels of other nations but characteristic quotations from Tho Liero Are other divisions. To last pages Bear most gracious appreciation of generous Courtesy and lavish hospitality. Days of sad courage Ami Bravo love where with agonized Pride Sliu pictures the last triumphs of her beloved Comrade Over pain and the filial Victory of Tho grave All find a place in this Little Book that Tho world would have for its own. The Quot Story of Tho married life of general u. S. Grant a that appeared in a Magazine in Lis Uland attracted Little attention owing to its being signed a ape Belopo Graut a instead of Julia Dent Grant As forwarded by the writer gives a pleasant for Tasto of literary style. A no our Lyls read Tho said mrs. Grant a except myself Aud my she declines to give extracts from it Aud is not yet persuaded that she will Oliaro to smiles and tears it provokes with Tho country that honors every memory of her letter new York Herald. A it it it. Thuro is n Beautiful old scandinavian legend which save that our bodies and minds and souls renew their Beauty and freshness Aud Power in the magic springtime. The Story is told of some great mythical hero who lived when the evil spirit of strife ruled Tho world. This hero conquered Many kingdoms and made them his own and one fierce and bitter Winter he entered into u mighty contest with the Only remaining country he had not yet overcome. But Tho bitter North wind wrestled with him and finally Laid him Low in its key embrace and Trio hero slept Long Imd did not move nor come to life again until the Sweet and gentle Spring in Beautiful humility came stealing softly through Tho world Aud left her loveliest blossoms Aud her deepest sunlight at Tho fierce North winds feet her winsome Beauty and her tender caresses won Tho North winds icy heart and with tears in his eyes he hurried away and gave up his powerful reign to Tho gentle Sway of Spring and when the great hero awoke Iris Wrath against Tho country melted away Aud his Bravo heart grew tender with love. The gentle Beauty of Spring had changed him too and the smile of his Faco was Liko Tho Radiant glory of a fair april morning and tic flush in Tho Rosy East was not More Rich and Beautiful than the Clear color that Stolo into his Pale cold Cheeks. The Dew starred violets were not More sparkling than his Happy eyes Asho filing his mighty arms above Liim and cried out a the world is Beautiful when hitter strife is gone. My enemies shall be my friends Aud those i Hugo despoiled shall be comforted with a fourfold a Utemark nmn Languit. J. Vane Lewis coloured who will he graduated from the Chicago College of Law this year is a Ruiu Kublo linguist. Six years ago lie could barely read. Since then according to the Chicago record he has acquired a Reading and speaking knowledge of German French Aud Spanish Aud is also accounted a Good English scholar. Iio takes up to study of languages As a diversion and proposes to study the hungarian and russian tongues this year in connection with a course in International Law. To also Hopes to get a know logo of several Oriental lung mics in Tho nest few years. Municipal intolerance to Spanish Mulca. A Bishop s Coachman must not swear especially when he is of Hie Box Aud the Bishop inside. There is n certain Placo in Spain called Corrales. It is in the province and diocese of Zamora and the Bishop of Zamora recently went in his coach Aud four but they euro mules to hold u confirmation at Corrales. When the children of Tho diocese were duly continued the mules being confirmed already in stubbornness and original sin refused to Start Aud backed the Carriage with Trio Bishop inside it against the churchyard Gate thereby making a breach in the Sanctuary of the churchyard Wall. At this Point Tho Coachman is reported to have uttered one of those thunderous Spanish curses in which the language of Spain is so infinitely Superior to Tho laugh age of France Aud which even a Bishop must feel Lias the dignity of Power. Unfortunately for himself the mayor of Corrales see or Tome had just taken leave of the Bishop and was standing by the Carriage when Tho word reached him. He sprang Forward Aud fined Tho Coachman 4 pesetas of the spot for blasphemy end profanation for in 1 Spain Tho mayor carries the court with him wherever he goes. The Bishop also got out and dismissed the Blasphemer of the spot. Then the mayor got on the Box Aud himself drove Monsignore Back to his episcopal residence. The confirmation Lias Ever since been known by a title which May be ire in translated Tho Blue blazes confirmation of mall styles in menus neckwear of car novelties in in rat the Fob Loffl for this in relent Seit Iwin. A there was never n Sonson that brought Forth fewer novelties in neckwear a said the Salesman a and Tho 111 111 who is looking for some style that is entirely new will have logo somewhere Elso than live York to find it in you he can get it in Loudon hut i i doubt that for up to this Lime there has not come to this country Tho least indication if anything novel there. This season s fashions Are Only Little changed copies of Liat preceded them and in All that have come under my no Liee there bus been nothing distinctly novel. A i should say that Tho most striking feature of the styles this year is the determined Effort to make popular Tho ties of silk stamped with Indian designs which made their appearance first about five years ago. Ever since that Tinio tiny have been regarded in London As Tiu smartest sort of Scarf u Man can Wear. The same Vogue Caius to this sort of goods in Boston hut. Hero in new York the stuffs could never Hondo Moro than moderately fashionable. This year a larger Stock of Ali so tics has been put of thu Market than Ever in fore. Tin Cheek after an enormous popularity seems to have about Hail its Day. In Silks and linens it has had 1 to Field for four years now but this summer there is Likely to to less seen of it. A variations of Trio Indian patterns Aro found in very striking contrasts of rather crude Blue and red designs usually in squares lint Tho Small circles and mottled patterns still remain Tho Best in these goods. Last summer a great number of Tiu vivid striped ties worn by the English a Bletie clubs As Well As the regiments wore brought to this country Ami although there were not enough of them to make the fashion very popular it undoubtedly had ils effect. This is Plain enough to to seen in the scarfs this summer Aud these English stripes in colors less vivid and in considerably abated Are on the Market. The firm that imported these striped ties last summer has brought Over this year three or four times As Many and in u number of Tho ties these stripes Are to to seen in a form More adapted to Trio customs of new York life hum Trio colors of an English athletic club. Elioso original ties were very popular for country Wear although they were worn As Well in new York. Not Only in the Scols Aro these imitations of Tho English ties to to found but in other string tics As Well. A a in the Linen Wash lies the Stripe or the Check is not an important question As the colors arc rarely marked enough to make the pattern distinctive. I should say though Tomt the Man who wanted to Wear what is most in Accord with the summer fashion would he nil right if lie bought the red yellow and Blue India silk materials in Tho narrow string ties Aud Tho Bright coloured stripes in four ill hands. In the usual Blue and while summer scarfs there Are this year some tasteful variations effected chiefly by an unusual preponderance of White and the use of a sort of japanese effect in the pattern. But Tiu old polka Dot effects and the Blue ground with the Small White figure Are today smarter and in More demand than Ali so new patterns in the same class. They never vary very Niue Winter or summer save in material year after year Ami the Man who clings to them is not Likely to he faraway hmm Tho Best Tasto my the Best style. The Gay strip died Silks Are occasionally worn is scots but this is not an easy fashion the colors being so Gay As to Lauko an effect too striking l or Gard form save of a Roro track or a Crutch. A a with the Blue and White these English str Pul four in hands and the narrow string ties of in Iii silk a mall May lie fairly Sun that lie is Well dressed so far As his neckwear Gois and that is not an unimportant part of new York Hun. Go to for the to to qty years of growth in Trio South where the proud City of Birmingham stands today there were in 1stt Only we rout ii ids. Chattanooga was a dilapidated Village. Atlanta still sat i i the ashes of the War. Florida was almost As much of a wilderness us in Tho Days of a punish Rule. Texas had made no impression upon the worlds markets As a Cotton producer. Tho states of Louisiana Mississippi and Arkansas were in poverty and despair because of the Mist Ries of the reconstruction period. The Coal and Iron mines of Tennessee Alabama and Virginia Scro practically undiscovered and unopened. There was no serious Competition by any Southern port with new York and Boston for the Export and import Trade. With a single exception there was not one great Railroad system in the South Aud that did nut touch Tho Southeastern part Twenty years ago Tho manufacture of Cotton in Trio South was wholly an infant Industry and cities now known As textile working centers were Mere trading posts at the Crossroads. The fruit and vegetable of Florida was so Small As by a tract Little attention while the fruit mud Melon business of Georgia did Irot exist at All Southern banners then bought their Corn and meals instead of a a rising them As they do now and the Rotten crop of Georgia notwithstanding the comparatively Low prices and notwithstanding Tho cities have us Orlind so much if the Rural population is twice is Large us twas then. A Macon to it graph. And always to obtain the lowest possible prices Reisinger wholesale and retail dealers in All kinds of furniture carpets Oil cloths Matt bugs stoves refrigerators baby carriages and All sorts of House cd Mimms. We. Reisinger amp son 012 Columbia ave., and cell to 023 port lamp st., Cor. Greene st. Baltimore Mil. City Ami suburban ears pass the door look us up it. Will pay you. Represented by s. Gladding. Cd d a o 3 of o a a o o it w and jewelry repaired on Short notice. I have for Sale is clods Tea dry spectacles to c glasses and silverware in Many styles and at lowest prices. Pm. Sartorius Poco Noke City. My. G3p\vill be at Accomac c. Every court Day. In Iii. \ Hob Folk i i Oil in effect May Ostli 1897. Quickest Aud Only Dally line Between Boston new Ork phila., Norfolk Anil Gui Point Comfort. Northward menu manufacturer of Sash. Doors blinds mouldings Newels Cabinet mantels balusters &c., amp a. Church furniture pews Newels altars rails Etc. Plans and specifications made and estimates furnished for All classes of buildings. T. A factory a so Lisbury my. We vhf correspondence solicited. If Vou want a a a a �5 s a get to or rns. A a ,1- a Ltd it st get it at coving Tom a. You will find them As represented every time Ami gotten up a a to suit Home Trade. I have had s Many years experience and he $��3lieve i understand what Best a a. Suits the people. My work is gotten up for durability and will look Well for Many years. One trial will prove it. I have a Complete line of Frod Joh Ukon. Livery. Saie and Exchange Duff Mason. Stables the entitle passion. Husband Liing into to room a come out a Iii a wife what a the matter Quot Tim House is on fire and to will be burned to death if we hesitate a moment. Run run fur Vona life Quot yes. Ill be out in a minute. In be pot to tide up the room a Little so that it Mill look i rent when the firemen got me up. An expert tells of i instance where 4,000 Pearl shells were taken which yielded Las Luiu $50 Worth of pearls while in the sumo locality Over 80 pearls were found in one Day one of which was sold for $10,00 1. A Queensland company of a Amlin area got $0,000 Worth of pearls from eight tons of Shell. Only 11, Young to acc. 1 the Maidens who Are elbowed out of nil pleasure at dances by Young Matron will approve of the custom which obtains lit the court of Berlin where the emperor and Empress set the fashion of Oulu looking of. Elderly ladies do not dance at All and Young married ludic Verr rarely. The floor is Only meant for Young people of both sexes. Inoculation of Laud with microbes instead of expending Money on fertilizers is Tho latest idea which science has placed at the service of Tho British Farmer. _ Tho boiler tubes of a Large liner if placed in a Row would stretch nearly 40 Miles and the condenser tubes More than 25 Miles. Run in connection with hotel Mason., new Church station a Jon sox is Mason proprietors. All trains met and passengers Eoas eyed to any part of Peninsula at fair rates and with Comfort Aud dispatch. F. A. Davis i co., wholesale dealers in to slated am Fine clears n. E co Howard amp German its. Baltimore my. Represented by Frank w. Byrd. Lewis Nock amp co. Dealers in dry goods. Notions boots and shoes Hay Lime bricks Salt and general merchandise. Com Hay Aud Mill feed a specially special agents for Wana Zakor amp Brown clothiers. Hallwood. A. Tulion leave a. . Old i Elul i of Tufi a Job Uhm Les. A Jour ten a a �o4i�ba-�? Rcv Vilie. a us a a a. in i. Kex Karo. Tkv or tas la a a it to of uti or pvt Latcu. A a a a a Llis a a Creol. A Niimd tip Azuc. La Rouw a to jul. In Rul Iuah a a dulls jury. W a Lelih Lolk Lului. Arrived arrive. Uni Unior Usu ii. Fri Imit Twa. To in Roou it. ,.�?�? Trenum. Wurfl. Jim we Ork 91 Ulm Point Iff >6 in 4 ii while Chappell co Inq or piano jaggies also Phaeton surveys Day on track sullies Poad carts and tar Ness in All styles and a rices. My harness Are made of David Moffett a celebrated leather the Best in the world. Repairing neatly and promptly done on Short notice. Appreciate the patronage already Given Aurl most respectfully i. A of a. Respectfully ask a continuance of the same. Geo. W. Covington a new Church y. I 10 re 19 7 1 c ii. Us a. Asa. P. My. .19 1�o a 31.� in. 4 its us. S 10 a a. La. A is. 4 �3.� in a 6 a i 7 0 49 Loito. New Yotsu . Al. Diazo a i a. V. Urall Stout i Dai u a la . Thu ii Ifni so i 7 Uriah a a Lold to Lurf a huf. A a 5jp do a a t Jwj. Oil. A it a. 7 3 10 .0 in u by a Loavie Coli Una. A Liams. A Solis jury. A a a Fallu Tuil. F Quot it a f,1&Quot n Prius Oak Auno. U huge creen.-. Wjt 33-Ixaton a a a a puck nil re. 1-w. New a of a a Dlo Xora. A Portelo?.-�? my holier. App Toure. Kex Siuro. Hit dais Udo. Birus no it. A met cd Lihi Ugo. us Bra. Of Hariton a a a a a Tjio Ottarie a. Old Point Comfort Norfolk a. Portsmouth . a 2 x in 37. 3&�. -161 l 2 amp a. Bra. I. Of Al. To a my i 1 u 13. A. I 36 cd i i to 4 4 61 6 a a. 6 .2., 6 19 to it a a i it. Jack a 45 eos a of. Y of v la b . P m p. In -2 94 -2 63 -2�� 2 49 old us -3 20 3 2� j3j 3 ii a a a a us i Doit it a la -4 31 a 4 43 6i 4 65 6 la 7 us a to a m 6 1>. a a top for past Ngorn of of Gull to conduct a a Paliy except Bat Ida. M. E. Selby of a with Alex. J. Hart successor to Quigley amp Mullen Wilmington de1. 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Cooke Geum a freight us passenger agent. Norfolk. Sivinia s4hf.iuts, of the Jsu amp a a Baltimore Chesapeake amp Atlantic railway company will run m follows a Reabor a a omitting Pavlu Bou a a term Ai 5.0u clock to. W. Us it fir i oct Sokk. Capt. We Wabi it. Tuna buy and Friday rur Flunoy , Law War. S. O. Belly. Undertaker Yach Areagus. A. Keeps on hand a full line of caskets of All grades and sizes. A also a full Lino of heart Fine coffins All furnished at the very lowest figuers. He will meet ail trains and b ats at Short notice. Jjo Tice. Of. C. Barnes has opened his wisely Iii 3si eat skip it combined at Parksley a. City Anil country made plan Ness kept constantly on hand also cart saddles All cheap for Cash. Horse Carls and repairing harness specialities and All work promptly attended to. Franklin c. Lewis Hunting Creek a dealer in dry goods a notions groceries. A shingles Cypress lumber a. A tic fully recognize this is the age i it of Low prices. Our Stock is Complete in fact we Are in a much better position to give prices than Ever before offered. We know we can make it to your advantage to Deal with us and All Ive want is the Opportunity. Please by or in mind that we handle everything in the building material a line such ask doors. Windows blinds mantels White Pine mouldings porch columns porch trimmings Adios Tible Gable ornaments shingles laths hair Lime Cement Aud a full line of hardware Cook parlor gasoline Aud air tight stoves pumps Stone Well curbing. Wall paper tin and Crystal Ware lever setting cultivators harrows wheel Barrows wheel Wood,Coal, Ofsei if Parksley a. Cypress potato bed frames. Already dressed and grooved. Peas Glass fertilizers farming implements amp i at the lowest possible figures Call on us. @ Vyn pies Onancock a. T.b.w�m&s0n, wholesale grocers. 129 Arch Street Philadelphia a. Also agent for the gasoline boat which leaves his wharf every tuesday for Baltimore returning Fridyand which is still carrying potatoes at 15 cts. Per barrel and other freight both ways at the same Low rates. Empty barrels furnished at 15 represented by car nai., . Fowl tip a. Ivv.mu-oi., in nov letter free a saving p Al Elton Powell Sto ton my. , �11.ju a it a to of Iii or o 9 cts per barrel. Carriages and other vehicles also bought in car Load lots by the undersigned and sold at the lowest margin of profit. R. F. Powell. A Aikui us i a a thursday leave Siuw i n. 6uj-.�?T, Juniou Volty a s us pc a a Btu i. Obligar Hall 9.5j, a ills we Iota 10, a Holu Vul 10 15, i Saunook 2 30m., Fil a Cyl a 3, tau2iorl8ian a 4.31. Cru jul u. To Niiler Kast Ken Slio Yuu. . To. In 1ux40jl War inc Iliyn a nil Auu Uliys tor Crl Mcinti Uii Bur Lou a Cedar a a or 2. Jun juju Cor Ltd. Jatoi Sulit a. A Jib Shields and Uduc 3, be to Wisla go in tvs a lieu 6 Iuliu Yso Auu Iri Lonya s. Shield .30. A , c in a a it coi Wrd 11, nun Dull 12 30, mow i. U. Bots 2.15, 3, Harbour a a 3.lo list culo. Six rum or t Ano Ink. Monadic in and thursday for Ford of bulb our Creek Uris Cui it Lunye a Jim anew a a Choi in Hui Ink Creek my Wop. La tick Lnu leave Wedis Casays a Milu Iwaji acc a Udo it 0. Hunting itt a. Sex 11. A a. Of Uricek. /.31, in indy a a Watuem a Cotini Buru Erok 7, f���1�?~ 70 crisis ii id Haiti Ori i Laa Cio in cram Orrei Cantada -. Rod tur nil a a a nuts on Tho a. A. Fella. A n no in Iuie Pocomoke b. It. Dally Boia Ottic. us jul Virtala railroads. Fosti Ivory no pro Ifim alter 4 a j a a 4ld Musi Leo Prei tid Utie it a a a i a .�?��-�?��?�3 Vuillard Trio Usui. Nov or a. T a it vat7 t j v0ur in pm interest a -1 buy your building material from us As we guarantee prices to suit the lines. We have in a took a jackets a blinds thick me mouldings , a jeers Sash shingles and a l kinds of building material. Get i it Els shipped to All Points of the Eastern Shore when requested s. K Martin i co., rat Bortot . A Tai i p a a. 0 Cor. Pratt amp it Aue. V. A a. Baltimore. My. European plan. Rooms 50 cts., 75 cts. And $1 per Day this House is now open is entirely new and is equipped with All the modern conveniences elevator Elte Trie lights electric Call Bells steam beat balls amp a. Berra he Kilt proprietor. Welly curd a a a if Ami Bui Are. Hic c. H., a. A work first class. Material furnish when desired. Plans and specifications pre pared on Short notice. Lowest prices on All first class work can the under bid. Woik done by Day or contract. Write to me or Call 011 me for estimates. G. Kelly Coard. Ill Lii i 1 j net by the Cashville Cornet band is ready to furnish music on All occasions. Special inducements to churches. Address cashv1llf Cornet band Cashville a. House Horntown Accomac county �? h. E. Townsend proprietor. Board by Day. Week or month on Reu it Honable terms. Meals furnished of Short notice

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