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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jan 23 1918, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - January 23, 1918, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Accomac c. H., va.,7 saturday september number 11 a John 9. Hah sons Atto Tioy at Law a Accomac courthouse a will practice in All court of acco Iii at Ami North Upton county a. 8. James to la Kiln Utah attorney at Law. Own eat Accomac c. Aud fan Oak a. Practice in All court on the Shore of \ in b. T. Gunter. President. W. C. Parsons Cash ice. Vernon Burton asst. Cashier. Farmers j2jo and j Hanky a Vii. Attorney a Attar a. Romcea Accomac c. Ii. And Park a. c. a very wed i practice in All the courts on the pastern Shore of n Ibisi United states government depositor on Ley a. Roy i. White a attorney at Law a t Oncea Paskaley and a combo t. Practices in All courts of Accomac and Nortina Uptou counties. Prompt alien thou to All bus Lenaa. A a Knelt Ames attorney at Law a of Lea Accomac . Audo Aucock. At Accomac c. Every wedge Day Dull practice in All the court of Awo Wacando Northampton g a Quot John k not tiny Ham j�., a att hey at Tiaw Frank Touti in practices in All the courts on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Will at in Stville Aud Accomac i. First Day of every court and at Law a Ville every wedge stay. Oth a f. Mear. Quot Iuler 1t meath a Mapie , of Lea East Ville Northampton Teruty and Accomac a court to Mac practice in All court on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Customers extended every accommodation consistent with conservative banking. Strictly a Home institution. The smallest depositor receives As prompt and courteous treatment As the largest. Managed entirely by our Home people. Heart to heart a a talks. By Edwin a. Nye. Copyright in. To pm win a Nye. To was a a wire but was also a hero. Choosing a husband. Ito you it ver Sto it to think my curl. I How e i a it May to for you to make a great Inland in i n husband wits the there it studs a Young Man of they say the words Are awkward Lim Roll it 0 a years u Lanuel maybe. Hut. Lilt a neck. Corduroy the words of the old thriving sons Jiri 8tultv<, Ulto cow to Hoot or. Forever to the,111110. The g # Gobelj Hal a my Ler a Starr Lilge is comply us ,ll0k is in one hand and reverent memory pm in a tit u of Lull it multimillionaire As not Man a or woman put asunder la u.,.wllred in later life would have the Divo Cement of words and Mil. T. # Duffert it Tiki pro a frock coat. I i a Ltd a in a i a a a a his a Nusis Izmir shown a Niue Rem a a a a i it Itolia attracted. It May Fiat have lived Long together ought to Sukon Hose and High Bat lie i a �."un.,�?~ Man. I u m1 1� Rood be forbidden. But the other is the Rea. A in. In. T that his Wii Bent iut cution doubtless the a mini before i pay interest real estate at private Sale. On time depose tsp v0 1 pm i House and lot in Onley. One Hundred it. Front three Hundred Back with Gootel eight room dwelling and necessary outbuildings. No 2 two acres of land in within two Hundred Yards of k. R. Station. Us. D. Lilli9tox, Pesti st. A Accomac court House k tulle air from9a. M. Tos p to. W til a in at Parksley every Lues do it. L. Floyd Nock a attorney at Law Accomac ., a. Practices in All the court on the a Lorn Churco \ Irginia. Or. W. M. Turlington veterinarian fair Oaks a. Reference past patrons. Can be called by phone Day or night. Established in 1s�2. C s. Schermerhorn amp son us Seivew shippers do Lent Ilc Tyr cd a a amp tid of , la Weeti meal Cotton a Send meat gluten feed. No Ftp fifteen acres of land on unit Fly to 1 liner but irs id Lite i 1 i till if ted. Quot a Road Between Onley and los 127 and 129 Cheapside. Baltimore my. Ley stations with two room dwelling., no. 4�?farm on Ohnich Roll. <011 tailing 52 acre with to. A a. Room dwelling with inces mry i fell lilt. A to i t. Outbuildings. This farm is n Good state of cultivation one mile from Onley or Tasley stations. No. 5�?thirty-nine acres of land one mile from on lev. About live acres of cleared balance in Timber. No 6�?five shares of Eastern Assurance company of v a Ginia. Inc. And be share of Farmers and merchants Nat. Bank of Onley seven shares Peninsula fair association Tasley a. Will sell All or any part. If interested write me at onlfc.�, v a. E. W. Polk merchant tailor Pocomoke City my. J. F. Parks. By a will visit Accomac c. Ii., every court Day. Onk of gods heroes. Ito was a mexican lie with a labourer lie wore mused Dot lies lie was Al Quot it it hem. Philip Orlita mexican in wire. Employed As n we ton haul Oil Situ Francisco Branch Ltd of the Simla flt in 11 r on it 1. One Jay after w rising on a Alceo of the thu k one Man of 11� gang we i get Lui ilm is it we i to Remote from Hette Aih the tails n heavy Jack forgot to lie to. Thu heavy Lam Llyl came thundering a Long Olti a Tomt if the Jack remained where it . Then in Ghi l e u fright fill wreck. Wit lout Eon i my own peril la leaped Fenrch it on the Totels. Hast lit Toto jink from it. Place and Hurh d it aside the next instant to was struck by the engine and i us to old e the train swept on its o Pant bed toss of the int Ighel t by that Lay the Side of the Trie k on Board the limited the Pic i scr a uatte.1 Atid lolled Amir i and smoked. A u of the a t that the a Clit Many a life Imd a even for Iholts. Well v. Is Only a it in a a but there s More of it Ision in i Sini l Viii a in Mexico lie Man and u Volfe nil in Iren a though n i��-1. wins Omi Quot. Tut Igent and Hidu Sarlon it lie was constantly a Elvig self its from i out and a wry proud of i Little family bad sat .1 quite n sum of Money. In intended 1 at to a Home town in a few tiny to eng a in Visna i to edit c Ite ids children want but in it at can to a the p tilt of tin pity of it All. V. Irh n re or picture a in the heroism of a mesh in u la your iti Eidal 1 w be enough to know that g i hath o a of on. Blood All l e nations to dwell together on Tho fun Quot of i Quot Irish i in your be i a thrill of Pride in the death Sac Fleo of a brother in Brown then take off your hat to the bloody bundle of rags by the be of that Mil Road track at d to 1 t a a Tan i the it und r the 1 pro Krisl skin of Tomt Little mexican mice beat the True k Art of one of got Lieros. Lie was a mexican. Looking and Uve Rhyd the fact Flint til Sharm. R is weak. You esteem him i v of Bis showy Quill Tley and a i. T to take into account the qualities tilt endure. And just there you May Malm a great mistake. The careful Young mini will not err in that Way. May lie with with Tho Best intent Lou doubtless the historic homely words ubut a a Conno Mou sch is and Samly Bottom have been changed by these women who have substituted Tho lines of Dixie land 1� Tho land 11 glory. The land of her used a one and Story Good real Mackay. Lie was a Man before was a Millona Ira. The statue docs credit both to Fataei and son. The Pride of the Sou in the father who won Success with shovel mud slut Hig Cradle is commendable Aud worthy of such n sire. And a the rugged figure stands in its place it is nil Ever Ubl Diug Index to Tho substituted words Are in that Way. 11� May to full a noted attn enough in thur Way. Hut it is Safe to 1 g la v to u eve a. Lyrl in Quot aug she is pretty or Viva declare they will never permanently Phi. I Nulty of labor. I pm. 11 irresponsible or pm pled to the old time. Thu a Lack Tho you i1w Many such object lesson. Native flavor of the old words. A to need to Reallo that the Only Noble there is a lot of a a go in the old Worell. 0f record is the nobility of words As there is in the old music of t j Dixie.�?�. I Tho mud Sills of our Republic were i Iii lie does not want hint kind i for it wife is looking for a a girl one la lbs to i a a k001 wife and Mother. Tie Wise Young Man Tuny is allured n. It by the Lucid ii whose chief. Harms Are Lilii utome be Aires and Tig in enl i i s. Inn lug ways but when lie a Loose a thinks of marring will. A mis in who will make a Good Lum Soho t mid i g sol Mother. I ii to i afford to tie less cur fill . For inst me. Is fellow with Ordinary face or. It May even homely b. Mes. Hut lie is Strong Manly sensible and affectlouati1. In ,l lie Lias i him the milking of a us till mull a go Quot a Hus a us nil father. Ills Iii Litlo Are unt of it., d a a Hie sort. Not so big a us a. I Way. But in has the Virtues. V i a the Wear and b a of daily a a lug you. Tiu of a Toni to turn Down kill i of Sun i heart. X1. In who is quiet Aud. It May in a Linn Dull. appears at a Dis nov ants hearted speech. Former a ii Lilb a Hiat we l Emlyn. Ili May is a Little s or. But very Sun. And la ii a a a run lie May go ahead u More we Tiv. Easy mannered x 1. 1111 a a ii i Hal stamina the Elib f in a Man. I t i Chi j him b. Cause 1 not Intili f. A Jyh his imi., Lur a eat re. A a the Luri a a i. Irbid to a Avaio i i ii Lii Uunila v4 Wui a a i a a the song is almost As popular in the Aldor Flou wb0 a 0rtsl with their North us in the South. If you want to. A a a a a. hide Dull. It Piwars at a Dis. By tile be of Ilij a a lipid i x us fellow who is Rio ii my sure of himself. It Cut the thy u1 the and Ventur in of or it i car i Mist by fruit of Kali i. A Ltd a i an make 11. The clean Strong it a Wien in poor or 1 i. I i a a up the weak i a. B a a a a i Tenisi and a a Lii Illish my my t a we Quot you want to u husband is n Man _ to air y and Soli of a Nixie Quot the n. Of tin t a i Fisk Rale a Tilor Tif Amer in von a a Taluk in trying to of new to Wake tip any listless Utt Tenco anywhere in America Start the orchestra to playing no other slug will bring men and women to Belr feet with Lien Ting hearts and Rushil faces like the old song. Lot Quot Dixie alone. Ups that Are Long since dust have shouted Tomse a awkward Quot word. They arc pm Hokk cd in snored recollection. To change them would amount to no insult to Tho dead. This itch to change Tho words of our National songs Breaks out every so often. Not Long ago in attempt was mob to substitute new words for �?othe8tnr spangled it failed Anil deserved to fall because the on words of the song Are lighting words the won thut Al Nuiet up hot mud pay j. Front the swelling heart off Luis Scott key. To a linage Tho verses of any great National song is to do violence to historic sentiment. The Ehi Tipy. Staccato syllables of the dashed off in the Fervour of revolution forever belong to the wild weird music. The stanzas Tomt go with the a Low cadences of Quot the watch on the it line Quot will Ever lie dear to every Lover of Tho fatherland. Let Quot Dixie alone. Because you cannot change its holy without harming its immortal soul. The statue of a real Man. A notable statue was presented a few Days ago to Toto la no Ursley of Nevada by Clarence Mackay. It was the Slute of his father the founder of the Mackay fortunes. The statue is the Couch Opalou of a flue idea. The likeness of the first Mackay is shown is appeared in the Days when Laid the foundation of us Early fortunes As i Miner. Hand. The paths of the new world were blazed through primeval forests by men of toll. Bronzed Mitrovs with pick and Gnu fori etl Toto wealth that we enjoy front Sluice and Flinty Rock. We must continue to Imbior these men. We must have a care lest the Elma May come when. In our pro porous Pride to shall Coute to look with condescension upon the Man who earns his bread by the sweat of his brow and the labor of ids hands. We must impress upon our youth Tho lesson that the Man upor whose garments there is the stain of soil caught in the Effort of ills Dally toll wears a uniform As patriotic As the uniform of the harnessed Soldier that Tho gears on the hands of the loitered Are of honorable a the scars received to l fettle. All Hall the Mackay statue in our new american Art let its begin to fashion the statues of our great men not is these Nten were anally made hut As in the making. Because it will keep us from forgetting u hence we sprung. Curious old Laws. Some of the old Laws of Nepal. Lula. Were curious. Killing cons ratike.1 with murder As it capital offence for instance. Every girl at birth was mar Rod with great ceremony to a Betel fruit which was thou cast into n sacred Stream. As Tho Fate of Tho fruit was sneer to s the Girt inns supposed never to become a widow. To obtain divorce front a husband a wife had Only to place a Betel but under his Pillow nud depart. In Nepal the Day 1� considered to let Eglon when it 1� Light enough to count the tiles on the roof or distinguish the hairs on a Man s baud against the sky. W. G. Emmett notary Public Belle in Avn a. Elk Kate. Re Edler cot Sty so a Velvor a Codiac ., \ a. J Borot Gibly equipped a Ith latent and Otu by Iwori ice. To be citizens of Accomac Coutv. Will meet All engagements promptly Paul Dewees plumber steam and hot w Ater fitter Pocomoke City my. M p. Bell amp co druggists Accomac c. H., va., agents for Waterman a Ideal Fountain pens. Stock always on hand. Finest line of stationery on Eastern a it Hore of a builders material. We have a lose lne of 3,1 of builders material Aud cob save you Money if you will Call to see to. We name in part. 1 to. Bash. Bl1st�. mantels new bus. Cablk ornaments. Brackets. I.atii8. Bricks shingles hair. Lime. C ement. A. A a trial order will convince you that we can save you Money. Let us give you our prices. G. T. Benson amp co. Keller. A. Of t i i k great Majestic malleable and charcoal Iron Range one week at our crore a 1 Parks lbs beginning Man May it september the. One week for rent or lease. The Large airy commodious store belonging to and formerly occupied by w. I. Winder. Said building is 30x90, two stories High and has an Annex 30x72 and is located on the Corner of main and Hill streets. It is a first class business stand and embraces All the conveniences and faculties belonging thereto. A no. L business can readily be conducted there in any line preferred. Apply to w. T. Winder Onancock a frees $7.50 a set of w Are. With every Majestic Range sold during this cooking exhibition we will give absolutely . One handsome set of Ware As shown. This Ware is Worth $7.50 if it is Worth a cent. It is the Best the i can be bought. We done to add $7.50 to the Price of the Range and Tell you you Are getting the Ware free but sell All Majestic ranges at the regular Price. You get the Ware free. Remember this is for Exon bit Ion week Only. Were will not be Given after this week. This Ware is on exhibition at our store and must be seen to be appreciated. Come in any Day during the week. Make our store your Headquarters. Have Coffee and biscuits with us. Come if you intend to buy or not the information gained will serve you in the future. Facts Hadout tub great Majestic Range. It is the Only Range in the world made of malleable and charcoal Iron. It has beyond any question of a doubt the largest and Best Reservoir. It uses about half the fuel used on other ranges and does better work by far. The Majestic All Copper Nickelet Reservoir heats the water quicker and hotter than any other. It is the Only Reservoir with a removable Frame. _ the charcoal Iron body of the great Majestic Range lasts three times As Long As a steel body. Being made of non breakable material there is practically no expense for repairing the Majestic. As for baking it is perfection not Only for a few months but for All time to come. Ii Cir eat Majestic Range lasts three times As Long As a cheap Range but it done to Cost three times As much. Proof we done task you to take our word Kir any of the. .�?ztjm.lni. Hur if Vou will Call a our a Tore a Man from the a Hove a to. Majestic Ita ire Are made will prove to. Your Mitja Money can buy. Everybody Welcome everybody Welcome Parksley manufacturing co Parksley a. I i

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