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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jan 21 1920, Page 5

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - January 21, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia F and Garden treatment of seed Corn. Proper methods according to Withington authority on the Cereal. In Farmers bulletin no. .�15, on Quot seed com a c. P. Hartley one of the Corn experts of the United states department of agriculture asserts that the same Day seed Corn is gathered the Huske ends should be put in a Day place where there is free circulation of air a / Experiment farms value. They open the eyes of Farmers to the possibilities of their land. The demonstration farm is just As necessary to the agriculturist As Are Tho open air Encampment and the Sham Battle to the militiaman. The Reading a of military tactics can never teach a Man either to stand steady under fire or Tov capture an entrenched enemy. We know this because of the Many instances where even a Brief visit made by some neighbouring Farmer to these fought in the Trees. Curious Duel Between a palp of firs eating frenchmen. In the swashbuckling Days of Tho Early part of the nineteenth Century the dueling hero in France was the Marquis Merle de Sainte Marle whose affairs of Honor were almost incessant. One of these is said to love been so ridiculous that it helped to net in motion the current of feeling that has since made dueling so much less Hon Experiment no farms has utterly Chang Oracle than it once was. Cd practices which have existed for it appears thut ome Day there called generations practices which during upon the Marquis one Pierrot do Issac himself a famous Duel 1st. Now in French. Pierrot Means Sparrow and Morle Means Blackbird. Do Lase truck himself on the Chest with emphatic dignity. A Marquis some seasons have proved fairly successful and which have caused absolute failure Only at intervals. For example shallow blowing got a Black Eye during the season of drought and placed in such a manner that the Beu the farm01 s noted the result at sold he. A i am a Nind you ears do not touch each other. This is a the Only Safe procedure. The writer has repeatedly seen Good seed ruined because it was thought to be already dry enough when gathered and that the experimental stations of deep plow Are a royalist. Moreover. I am the ing aided by frequent a Lialios Cultivar Sparrow and you Are the Blackbird Tion a method which kept Corn Greet it seems to me that there is one Bird without Wilt and produced a big crop. 0f us too Kwh the e it a t0i nothing of a i quite agree with you Monsieur Quot keeping the potato plants Green and politely replied the Marquis Quot and my healthy until a Normal crop was matured. The Early planting of such extremely Hardy vegetables As carrots and onions which with them assures a Good Start because of the invariably copious rainfall of Early Spring was Only adopted when dry weather set in earlier than usual and we by this method had assured ourselves a crop. In like manner the spraying of fruit Trees annually systematically and thoroughly was Only brought about in the neighbourhood by. The extremely healthy appear Choice is pistols and As is appropriate for Birds of our species let us Light in the Pierrot d Issue was agreeable to this unique suggestion and As if it were not a sufficiently ridiculous thing that one Man should Challenge another because his name was Sparrow and the Othef Blackbird the Duel was actually fought from Trees. The seconds stood on the ground below. At a Given signal the pistols were fired and there was a rustling among Anco oif the Small demonstration or tile leaves of one of the Chestnut Trees. Ideal method of treating Corn prom bulletin of unite states depart. Ment of agriculture the precaution mentioned above was unnecessary. Many Farmers believe that their autumns Are so dry that such care pc. Superfluous. Seed Corn in Vefik it cavity gathered at ripening the will be benefited by drying As suggested. If left in the Husk Long after ripening it May sprout or mildew during warm wet weather or become infested with Weevil a. A the vitality of seed is often reduced leaving it in a sack or in a pile for even a Day after gathering. During Nam weather with some moisture to to to Blind. Kernels the ears heat or a j / Short time. A he Best pos state treatment immedi i in is shown in the or twine wu1 Srp draft aet or Twenty Eara on a Strods Grid a in the manner illustrated pm a Arlly the Best place to hang these firings of ears is in an open shed or loft. Permanent seed Racks with a separate compartment for each ear Are More convenient than the use., of Binder twine and when they Are located in a dry Breezy place the eyes dry successfully. Chords at the experimental stations the Farmers saying Little but being Quick to note the dark Green of the foliage and the handsome appearance and juiciness of the highly Flavoured . B. Fullerton in craftsman. Graduate your hired men who ill treat your Stock. Espea Aey the Day vows. Send them out into the world with their diplomas of discharge. Strong. Farm sled. Easily built. And substantial without Quot a earns or mortise. A writer in the Rural new yorker from which the picture shown herewith. Is taken says that every farm should be provided with one or More goods sleds and one b8t As shown in the drawing will is be my satisfactory. It is easily built and substantial an there no tenors. To make nor mortise both of which require much labor and. Seriously weaken the sled. To. Frame of the sled is a he Storr of made of 4 by 4 excepting the blocks a feta marked a which Are 4 by 6 by. Inches. Of Pydi these blocks rest crosspieces a a a and upon these the upper part of the sled Frame rests Veinger bolted together witty half Pierrot do Issac came tumbling to the ground a like a Ripe Chestnut a As one of Salute Marie a seconds expressed it whereupon Merle de Sainte a in a facetious mood began to clip triumphantly in imitation of the song of the Blackbird. Do Issac waited till he had recovered from his. Wound and then challenged Sainte a Marie for the chirp. This time there we amp nothing amusing about the encounter. It was fought with and Sainte Marle was badly Wou Deci. The Sparrow bad avenged himself on the new York Herald Forbes Quot great feat. A a hts to a amp a Al my it Lojec a go l. ? there Are no unsightly Ash heaps 2 on the farm of the Man who knows their fertilizing value. Keeping away moles. I have noticed that moles will avoid tarred Corn put in holes. It occurred to me to guard pumpkins Squash and. Similar crops in this same Way. I tarred stones chips and Corncob. Well with Gas tar and placed the about a foot below the surface so the root3 did not come in Contact with the tar and for several years in have had no trouble with moles busts or american agriculturist. Pot itry pointers. Forcing the Molt by starving the hens is not considered a Good practice. A a lean the coops thoroughly before you put them away. Get them under cover too if you can. They will last so much longer. Two parts lard and one part turpentine will often cure a climber neck in the afflicted Bird if discovered in time and the remedy Given promptly. Ducks intended for Breeding should be separated from those intended for Market. It will be an advantage if they can have plenty of Range and swimming water. Cut Hay into about one Inch lengths and pour enough hot water on it nearly to cover. Allow it to stand overnight and feed in the morning. Feed about three times a week during Winter. Warm wheat for breakfast makes to amp a biddies Shell out the eggs. Fresh air is All right for the Bens but not when it is sifted through Knothole and cracks Between the boards. Meat meal and beef scrap Are Rich in protein and Mineral matter and especially desirable for melting hens and pullets kept for layers. Where insects Are not abundant meat some form should Supply a port5 of the rations of laying hens. If the Roost in the Hen noses a Are High the heavier Birds Are almost sure to suffer from bruised commonly known As this is caused by jumping from the a gust to the hard floors. Han2jr farm. Sled. From the Rural new yorker Inch bolts. Besides the bolts spikes should be driven through the blocks x to prevent their turning should the bolts become Loose. Next come the Diagonal a Brace b and the crosspieces at the. Rear end of the sled just behind the standards. The top of the sled May be floored Over if desired. The Tongue is bolted loosely on top of the Quot front crosspieces and braced with chains or heavy strap Iron braces. Iron sores should he used if possible and Good ones Are easily made of old Wagon tires. This sled As described and shown in diagrams should give satisfactory service but it May be made higher if desired though greater height is not needed unless to be Vised in Stony or stumpy Fields. Crosr5pieces xxx May be 2 by 6 instead of 4 bar 4, when two bolts at each joint can be used and the Diagonal Brace b be dispensed with. The Bottom of the sled Frame is nine feet Long and the top from Standard to Standard is twelve feet. The place of the thinking Fanner is just the opposite to that of the a let Well enough alone Man. The Fertility of his farm the yield of his crops and the general appearance of his place improve every year. Kis newspaper Story of the last Day of the commune. One morning after the siege of Paris when the atty was believed in London to be Stilt in the bands of the commune sir Ohn Robinson in anger of the Day news of London reached his office to find the late Archibald Forbes lying in the floor asleep his head on a Post office directory while the printers were hard at work on his manuscript Paris in flames a a most description of the last Days of the commune. A Forbes had telegraphed from Dover announcing his coming a said sir John Robinson a the printers had been waiting and thus the country heard of those terrible Days for the first time. A London was ablaze with excitement. Bouverie Street was impassable through the newsboys shrieking for copies and in parliament or. Gladstone was questioned that afternoon and could Only say he hoped the Story was exaggerated. A when Forbes wakened from his slumber amid All this turmoil what a spectacle he was his face was Black with powder his eyes red and inflamed his clothes matted with Clay and dust. He was a dreadful picture. He had been compelled to assist the communists in defending a triangular space upon which three detachments of the Versailles troops were firing and had actually aught take citizens How t build a by Aid of Dummy dispatches addressed to lord Grain Tlle and the Queen Forbes escaped from this threatening Triangle and wrote no the Way to England being the solitary passenger ont the mail boat. Origin of an expression. A if this court knows herself and 8he thinks she we frequently hear the expression a if the court knows itself and it thinks it but few persons Are aware of the origin thereof. The individual who gave birth to it was a Pike county missourian named Blackburn who flourished in the West Many years ago. Blackburn ran away from Home when he was a Mere boy and sought his Fortune in the West where he grew to manhood us an Indian a fighter Hunter trapper and Mountain guide. Although not an educated Man he was possessed of great acumen to which was United u keen wit. When Gold was discovered in California Blackburn was one of the first to proceed thither. The miners As a sort of joke elected him Alcalde an office that combined the duties of mayor and Justice of the peace. The first Case coming before the new Alcaide was that of a Gambler who while drunk had Ridden his horse Over a Young mexican woman. She was seriously injured. The trial took place in the largest Cabin in the neighbourhood. The Gambler who was Rich had retained Able counsel to defend him. Alcade Blackburn called the Young woman to the witness stand. She told a straight Forward honest Story. When she had finished the Alcalde peremptorily ended the trial. The attorney for the defendant protested vigorously but the Alcalde disposed of his protest thus a if this court knows herself and she thinks she do i Fine you $500 damages and assess upon you the Cost of Puttin this Young woman in Good condition when asked what he meant by a Good conditions the Alcalde replied that the Gambler must pay the doctor a a Bills and All other costs of the Young woman a . Mozart a untimely end. Sad finish of Tho career of to great. Musi Oai Genius late hours unwearied to tails everlasting labor the effects of Hills Damp and exposure in the hard life he led a life alternating Between Brilliant passages and the most loathsome Drudgery Between Rosy anticipation of Fortune and inevitable and eternal disappointments had their effects on the vigorous Constitution of Mozart. His lamp of life Burnt out untimely. While still a Young Many Only thirty five years old he fell into ill health the symptoms of which were a fitful restless nervousness a craving for inordinate excitement and a rapid decay of the physical stamina of his Constitution. Unfortunately for him in the absence of any Strong influence at Home which might keep him in the path of duty he was tempted to seek recreation abroad and fell into the company of a dissipated set of men Hunters of the Heaters and taverns of Vienna the chief spirit of whom was one Schikaneder a Low coarse Man of neither refinement nor Talent in company with this Crew the glorious Genius whose critical state of health demanded the utmost care and attention from Loving hands flitted night after night from tavern to tavern in Vienna deluding himself with vice under the idea that he was gathering the Secrel spirit of brotherhood for use in Hia opera. A the magic flute a on which he at that time was. a private Rife of great to a a a a a tenth in their stomachs. A whatever it May be that the lobster and the crab rapacious never Dainty Are eating they always see something else that they want and can to wait until they have Mastic ted the first before attacking the second. But they done to give up the first not by any manner of Means. Nature hum Oring this rapacious Bent has fitted the lobster and the crab with Teeth in their stomachs and they Swallow their half Mastic ted food and finish the chewing process with their stomachs while it produs. A copious and continuous they seize Aud Crew the other the to Supply of rain a a that has attracted them. Lobsters and the. Rain tree of Peru grows tory Bava no Teeth in Belr a a a tuba Large is Rich in loaves and is called f the it Chew with their claws what they by Tho indians Tama Caspi. It has the curious. Peruvian tree. Dairy doings. Most trouble in raising calves comes from use of dirty pails acid troughs. Give the calf clean water and clean food that does no to vary in Quality from Day to Day. , by built up faster upon the Dairy Ataii flan upon any other kind of a Tom. / dried Brewers grains Are valuable to with Silfee to milk cows on growing Stock but cannot be recommended for fattening purposes they should not be fed alone but-1 should be mixed with heavier Quot and More concentrated feeds like gluten and cottonseed meal. Yot never can Tell Aba cow is doing Best until you beg a to weigh and test. A Good cow never Diessn. Debt to her owner. Power of collecting the dampness of the atmosphere and condensing it into a cent Nous and copious Supply of rain. In the dry season when the Rivers Are Low and the heat great the Trees Power of condensing seems at the highest and water of nulls in abundance from the leaves and oozes from the trunk. The water spreads around in veritable Rivers part of which filters into the soil and fertilizes it. These Rivers Are Canali Zed so As to regulate the course of the water. It is estimated that one of the peruvian rain Trees will on the average yield nine Gallons of water per diem. In a Field of an area of one Kilometre Square that is 3,250 feet each Way can be grown 10,000 Trees separated from each other by Twenty five it meter. This Plantation produces daily 385,000 liners of water. If we allow for evaporation and infiltration we have 135,000 tigers or 29,531 Gallons of rain for distribution daily. The rain tree can i be cultivated with very Little trouble for it seems indifferent As to the a Oil i in we hich it grows. The tree increase rapidly and resists both extremes of moderns. Have time to and hand the unfinished Job Down to their stomachs to do the rest of the chewing. Dollar Bills from All Over. A that Dollar Silver certificate you have there has been gathered together from All Over the world a said the Bank cashier. A part of the paper fiber is Linen rag from the Orient. A. A the silk comes from Italy or China the Blue Ink is made from German or Canadian Cobalt. The Black Ink is made from Niagara Falls act Tylyne Gas smoke and most of the Green Ink is Green color mixed in White Zinc sulphate made in when the Treasury Seal is printed in red the color comes from Centra. America a a new York Sun. The Gold was there but Mark Twain my Arad it by Juat Ona pail of water. With Steve Guild a Printer of whom he was fond Mark Twain went up into Calaveras county to a Cabin on jackass Hill where Stevens brother Jim. A lovable picturesque character the Quot truthful James Quot of Bret Hart owned mining claims. Mark decided to spend his vacation la pocket mining end soon added that science to his store of knowledge. It was a Halcyon Happy three months that he lingered there. One Day with Jim Gill los be was following the specks of Gold that led to a pocket somewhere up the Hill when a chill dreary rain set in. Jim was washing and Clemens was carrying water. The a Ocolor Quot become better and better As they ascended and Gitile possessed with the mining pass Loq would have gone on regardless of the rain. Clemens however protested and declaim that each pall of water was his last. Finally he said in his deliberate drawling fashion a Jim i wont carry any More water. This work is too disagreeable. Lets go to the House and wait till it clears a lulls bad just taken out a pan of Earth. A bring one More pall Sam Quot he pleaded. A i wont do it Jim not a drop not if i knew there was a million dollars in that pan a they left the pan standing there and went Over to Angelus Camp which was nearer than their own Cabin. The rain kept on and they sat around the grocery and barroom smoking and telling stories to pass Tho time. Meanwhile the rain had washed away the top of the pan of Earth left standing on the slope of jackass Mil and exposed a handful of nuggets pure Gold. Two strangers bad Corn along and. Observing it had sat Down to Walt until the thirty Day claim notice posted by Jim of Fla should expire. They did not Rabid the rain not with that Gold in sight a and the minute the thirty Days were of they followed the lend a few pans farther and took out $20,000 in nil. It was a Good pocket. Mark Twain missed it by one pall of Post insurance maps. Announcements. To the voters of me Tompkin magisterial District _ i take this method of announcing myself a candidate for the office of Constable for said District for the next term subject to the next dem-1 socratic primary to be held next year and hereby Robt respectfully solicit the support and influence of the voters of said District for said position. If elected i Promise to discharge of Baid position in a Tain Foi Aud energetic manner to the Bestol my ability. R hoping it will be your pleasure to give me your support and influence and thanking Yon in Advance 1 am very sincerely y oars William t. Mason. S Parksley va., nov. 30, 1910. Ask your bankersab0ut the financial standing of our companies. I Over seventy five per cent of All fire insurance a a com Anies organized in America have failed or business Confidence to be justified should rest on knowledge. You should know the financial condition of the insurance company on which your pecuniary welfare May depend and its record for equitable treatment of claimants. In insurance As in All else the future can Best be judged by the past. It costs no More to get the Best. A talk with Kelly amp Nottingham a Onancock Virginia. In Hanify quids for under write is fixing Premium rates. Many persons must have noticed when making application for fire insurance that it is the practice of the underwriter to examine certain maps before he will fix the rate of Premium or accept a risk on property offered. His lithographic surveys marked off in diagrams of red and yellow and other colors Are always in evidence. Sometimes hound securely in dozens of Large to times on other of j Caslon Laid conveniently in piles of Loose sheets for Kandy reference. Few persons realize however that these maps contain All the information which the underwriter desires to know about the building he is asked to insure and that in most instances More matters Are explained to him by a single glance than Ajaj. Applicant could make even though be be the owner of the property. As a matter of fact the details sat Forth Are most explicit. The map maker has a imaged by colors characters and stg a to give a full description of the Coop duct Lon. Equipment and occupation of the building everything which Over fifty years of this sort of surveying has proved to he of any possible interest to the insurance Man. It is so Complete for instance that an agent in new York City can readily form a Good idea of the character of a risk situated in some town in Missouri or California or vice versa agents in towns in these Western states can likewise Tell the character of a risk in new York on nothing. Away up in the air far beyond the Mountain tops the great condors will hang poised As motionless As if perched on solid Rock. True their wings Are outstretched but even through glasses not the slightest motion is perceptible. They remain in this Post Len for Many minutes sometimes for an hour making n careful ski tiny of everything below them in their search for prey. Then with a slight Tilting of the wings they Flap slowly away or having found what they were seeking Dart like a Bullet towards it Toje Eagle Hawk and other species this same faculty of posing air by on nothing. Family Fina Ciering. They Tell me you work for a Dollar a Day How is it you clothe your boys on such pay i know you will think it conceited and queer but i do it because i am a Good financier. There a Pete John and Jim Joe William and Ned a half dozen boys to be clothed and fed i buy for them All Plain victuals to eat but clothes i buy Only for our son Pete. When Peters clothes Are too Small for him to go on my wife makes them Over and gives them to John. When for John who is ten they have grown out of Date she just makes them Over for Jim who is eight when for Jim they have become too ragged to fix she just makes them Over for Bill who is six and when for Young Bill they will no longer do she just makes them Over for Ned who is two. So you see if i get the Good clothing for Pete the family is furnished with clothing Complete but when Ned got through with the clothing and when a he has thrown them aside what do you do with them Why once More we go round the Circle Complete and begin to use them for patches for Pete but oriere dear Friend can you buy clothes that Wear from Pete Down to Ned without a rip or tear. I go Down to Glicks so his Stock is the Best he can bit the whole family my wife and the rest. Glick a amp co., the new Busy Comer omm cock Virginia. To the voters of me amp Tompkin District. 1 respectfully announce myself a candidate tor Constable of said District subject to the democratic primary it nominated and elected it will be my pleasure to discharge the duties of the office Tau Turiy efficiently and in the Best interest of the people solicit my your support. Very respect Ulaj o. A. Lankford. To my friends and fellow citizens of me Tomlein magisterial District at the solicitation of Many friends i hereby respect Uii announce my sell a candidate tor the office of Justice of the peace tor said District subject to the democratic pm Are to be Neid the Cuming summer. Ine office of Justice of the peace is one 01 considerable importance to the masses of the people Ana i Promise 11 elected to discharge the duties to erect honestly impartially and fearlessly always acting fairly and squarely Between Man and Man. I banking my friends in Advance Lor any assistance Urey May see lit to give me Lor re Nice i will always Leel grate ii 1 am very sincerely yours Teacie l. Is via. Mappsville va., nov. 23rd, 1910. I am a candidate tor the offic of Constable of me Tompkin District subject to the democratic primary and take this method of soliciting the support of the voters of the District. N nominated and elected i will Endeavor to Merit your Confluence by mail Hill and efficient the duties of the office. Respectfully James u. Walker. Xiomy friends and yellow citizens i hereby announce my sell a candidate for the democratic nomination Lor Constable of me Tompkin magisterial District at the coming in Inary. Ii elected 1 pro noise to energetically Anu Lait Luuy Lenorm the unties of Saiu office. 1 will Diana. My Menas Lor any interest which they May manlies in Luy Bechait. I am very respect Turiy George i. Bruton Parksley va., dec. Ii 1910. Kempel amp Armiger exclusive merchant tailors 14 i. Charles st., Baltimore my. 1 All the latest weaves and fabrics. 0 or m any customers throughout Accomac county attest to the Superior workmanship and fit of our garments. O or , or. D. S. Hill will be glad to show you through the line. S. J. Thomas amp co., boots shoes and trunks. The shape the Wear the Quality of our shoes amp ave made us popular for three generations. S. J. Thomas amp co., 240 main Street Norfolk a. Varasdi in rounding a it our of the weight of a r the tendency to shift to the. Of Aln is invariably counter of thigh to tilde wheels. To of a curve 1ft itys than the of Ifju in. An sex aug Sideney the outer rail a Brave Toreador. No apology necessary. A i congratulate you most heartily said the nearsighted guest at the Ding a on this Happy of. I beg Yot fac Pardon i thought i was speaking to the a a a a that Sall right a the other a y plied. �?o1 accept your congrats a Hiir i am the father of the bride.,. Tsettos a higher level the Elevation being Ness of Eva. Proportion to the Sharp-,.,b curve As determined by the 2s3& of engineering. If both a curved track were of exactly me Elevation a train would not round it at High Speed. The. A lbs. The Farmer driving through Tow with his prancing horses drawing a Fine Rig is the Fanner on Parade. The Fanner in the Field Beland the plow is the Farmer proving his right to be on Parade. Winter keeping of vegetables. The matter of keeping Irish potatoes cabbages onions beets etc., All Winter for family use depends on climatic conditions. Irish potatoes As Ciao Quot beets should be guarded against freezing. Beets and carrots can stand. A Little of it but Are better off when kept from it cabbages stored in the cellar should be wrapped separately in double thicknesses of newspaper folding and tying it around the Stem. Hang each head upside Down on the Side of the Wall or from the beams overhead cabbages can stand some freezing but not too much of it nor much freezing and thawing. Onions to keep Well must be put in a Cool dry airy and fireside. Some Farmers say they have no use for the Experiment stations or they care nothing for practical in formal Ioia hut the Man who keeps posted and is always trying to get something better to improve his farm and Slock is the Man who gels the Price for what he has to to sell. Getting after Hawks. A Young Farmer near Dover. Tenn Lias devised a unique device for catching Hawks. He has erected a pole about thirty five feet High and set a steel trap on top. This being a new Perch the Hawks in invariably Fly to it could be useful. A Mamma says that if you could make up your mind to go into Papas business Arthur he would very Likely consent to our engagement a but my Darling girl in a a poet a that does no to matter. You could write advertisement rhymes for our a ,Blatter. La one. Of the most thrilling incidents of the Bull ring. The famous Spanish Toreador reverte figured in one of the most thrilling incidents Ever was messed in the Arena. I it was at Bayoune. After disposing of two bulls Lio Vorte. Had twice a Bis sword inti a third of great strength 1 and ferocity., and As the beast Cointin used career wildly the Gan to in fes reverie for bungling. Wounded to Tolje very Quick of old Pride the spaniard shouted. �?T�?~0.1 q is slain and. Throwing a is to pig 1 sword Sank on one knee with t older Aruns fit the Middle of the. Chr a a was right or it he bad Sot adv or the margin of Accident. Tate wounded beast charged full upon High but the Matador splendid to the a st Knelt motionless As a statue we Alic the spectators held their great d in horrified suspense. Reaching it Jis victim the Bull literally bounded at him and a he sprang he Sank �7death with his last Effort giving Art 3 fearful lunge of the head that drop e a Horn into the thigh of the knee ring Man and laid1 Hare the hone from the knee to the j Obj. Still Revette never flinched but to emailed knee to r. Exultant in Victory but calmly font my thous of applause till he was cd away to heal him ref Hia . Very l i cky., Quot i done to get what 4es�vjokes a walled be my a a you re Lucky a a spa j ,. Pathi Zed i whom a Mas Faile declares himself of Back on oaths he i of arguments. A stud i a it was a a Beth a and if of the drama. Performance of Quot Mac. Athree weird Sisters had. ,.amelr first appearance and near uncanny incantations a handsomely dressed Intelli Gervit Thoj eng woman to the turned to her escort and inquired a Owlia Tok the idea in having those Condor hearted youths. Sympathetic old lady you re kind hearted boys to help that poor fellow up. Here a a Quarter for some Candy. Enthusiastic Small boy helping fat. Man worse for liquor a thanks missus but jest hang around a minute and watch the fan when he Falls age in. A new York times. Accomac va., dec. 22nd, 1910. Messes. L. Len lil Listi Gnu amp co., general instr. Me agents Accomac a. Gentlemen a a Sno 00. In settlement of loss under 1 at May a its a in onto no 1002 which occurred on the 15th inst. A a amp its do a As fore Given you it he u.8v �?�eb.8�?T the fire i am in receipt of your draft and hereafter shall Avaya specify the Springfield fire amp Marine insurance company. To acc Vout earliest convenience and write me Perl Kyles upon to oaths building and will gladly notify Yon of ill other a in fixin i asap in and manner which Yon May de Yon Are sire and i that i pays Ovbey Toser amp nce Inola it Ablahed companies especially when it costs the same. Yby by combo opera milkmaid. Quot i thought i would introduce a real cow into my comic Quot How did it work a a did no to work at All. The milkmaid frightened the Herald. Chanted when. Wietor new York press. I. Deserved to get it. Quot of a ant to ask you for a bit of advice a said tie insinuating Man. A win t is it a �?�1 Wurt you to put yourself in my place cold me in yours and Tell me How a it Gnu would go about it if you wanted to borrow $10 front me a a Exchange. Rays and raise. A every body emits rays. An angry Annn Emi is Violet rays a contented person in its pinkish a sounds interesting. I wonder if my Boss won Ltd Emit u ten Dollar raise of salary f. I Ouist Lily courier a Ornal a a must have been a storm Steno. A was perhaps there May be some one who has not heard the Story of the dutch Painter i Tell it a says Ellen Yedder in the Atlantic. A a person calling on this Painter heard a Moat infernal uproar in his studio. Things seemed to be falling and brass plates flying about and there were loud shouts. A the servant came to the door in a state of great anxiety and told the visitor at once that the master could not be disturbed. A a a i a bold think he be Macb More than he said the visitor. A but what under the Sun is the matter a a a a he is painting a a a. Proof of her ability. The one i can to understand Why Yon imagine she has wonderful conversational Powers when As a mat ter of fact she talks extremely Little. The other that s just it. She show remarkable discretion in the select ii of things to be left non. A a prompt payment of fire loss. It �?�thoma8 w. Twyford. E. W. Polk merchant tailor. Pocomoke City my. Will visit Accomac c. A. Every court Dav. Vik Ijunia a at a meeting of tale Lurtis of do pfc a Login of Lue a mme of Oil tie 3rd Uay of us tour n. V., 1910. By virtue i Auto unto contend by an a it of Tiit general to Bemby of Virginia approved a Hay 14tn., 19o3, dec thou five of Bald act it 18 ordered of tins braid Fiat it Snail be unlawful Lor any person a to num Rill or capture in any manner or buy or Oner Lor Bale or have m Job Bession any Quail or partridges or rabbits Between me mite Euton Uay of january Ana the Rill Menifi Day of november due to track bunt Kin or capture in any manner or buy or Otter Lor Bale or Nave in pos Bebbino any Quad or partridges at any time Fine amp now 1� on the ground. A to Pye juju d. Grant jr., u. Is. S. Teft Yukky Piula. Amp no Hulk ilk. In it next Jan. Of i9il. Bouth noun Traux. No. 4� no. 37 i of. 15 no. 41 no. 47 leave p. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. A. M. New Vorns. 8u0 la 3� 3 3a 7 00 11 Zug 5 45 3 us 6 59 1u u0 Wilmington 12 u5 6 55 3 41 652 10 44 Baltimore Lugo 135 4 55 9 to leave a. M. Delmar 3 to Salisbury 31u Princess Anne 3 2s Kings Creek Foco Inoke 3 45 Teto Church 356 Naii Wood parts key in a Ltd 139 Keller a Bun Ore Sirats nest Kastule rape us Arles 6 15 old Point nor Ioil arrive 9 u6 a. M. 10 45 11 i 1129 11 34 11 by 12 14 12 39 12 57 i 99 126 14 3 1 ti7 2 11 �3 6 2u 725 p. M. A 57 7u9 7 40 7 45 8 in 8 28 8 48 9 o4 9 i 9 27 9 41 9 53 10 us 10 26 p. M. P. M. It 15 1 30 10 2� 148 111 56 2 09 11 us 11 15 213 2 82 430 6 20 7 26 North Fiona trains. No. 44 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 no. 46 leaved a. Al. . . P. M. . Norfolk 800 615 800 old Point 845 7 15 8 45 a amp be Charles u 05 9 30 6 0u 1185 Isas to file 952 623 1157 Nix do a nest 6 37 12 11 Kozmor 654 12 28 Keller 7 16 12 48 Tasley 10 49 a 31 112 Parksley 146 126 Hailwood 807 144 new Chur cd 828 208 Pocomoke 635 12 12 1142 40 217 Kings Creek. 655 1 0� 2 40 Princess Anne 7 02 108 1159 110 250 Salisbury 7 84 135 12 25 942 810 Demi or 8 01 2 co 12 54 10 15 850 arrive . . . P. M. A Vilm in ton 1122 435 405 7 41 Philadelphia 12 0� 522 600 8 26 Baltimore 12 40 6 52 601 950 new York n.8. 2 56 805 732 1118 trains 49 and 50 daily. Trains 37, 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, 80 46 daily except sunday. And 8. B. Cooke traffic my Nager. Elisha Lee. Gupt Rin pendent. Cemetery notice. Persons in Accomac and adjoin in Coon ties wishing to Mark the grave of a relative or Friend with a Monument Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now de so a a very Small outlay As we keep in Stock a Large collection of finished work of modern designs of the beat Workman a and at the very lowest prices. 116 n. Liberty st. Near Lexington Al to 314 s. Charles st. Gaddess Brothers established seventy five year. Baltimore my. Parksley and Pocomoke Marble works manufacturers of Marble and Granite Monument headstones Tab lets amp a. Edward a Howard proprietor. Parksley a. Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Davis amp bro., Laurel del., or seeing our local agents t. G. , Onancock. W. H. A Britt. Temperance due. Geo. W. Abdell Ball Haven. I. D. Dana forms garage Villa

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