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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - January 8, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia A furious sword fight. Air Valona skill an Ltd san a displayed at the Rina Duel in in Arlen. On Tho very sumo Clay that the Cor Bett Fitzsimmons match was fought at in Sou City English fashion Tho parisians enjoyed a fatuous Light French fashion in Tho Duel Between Tho Groat italian fencing master Tho Chevalier Pini Aud Al Thoi Neguch. A renowned parisian so Olsman. A Brief mention of the affair wus cabled to Tho newspapers hero in which it was treated rather lightly. But la reality it was a desperate Light in which marvelous phase s of fencing wore displayed. It was a nine bout Battle Aud lasted More than 40 minutes. Its Semi intern Tihomil character gave it considerable additional interest. It was witnessed by a Host of sightseers All gathered near Tho stand of Tho Saint Guen race course. Xuy Tho crowd were Ninny photographers taking snapshots Aud o no of them had a a duct scope which took in Tho combat from Start to finish just As in Tho Case of Corbett and Fitzsimmons. The cause of the Duel was trivial and it is now admitted that it was a Case of mistaken identity. At about 2 p. In. Tho principals with their seconds Aud surgeons arrived. Pini was first upon Tho ground. To appeared to be delighted Aud warmly Shook the bands of Many friends Whilo the photographers opened a Fri upon him taking him in front in the rear and on the plunk. Immediately afterwards Tho Mcguck appeared. To was smiling mud like Pini greeted his friends Whilo Tho snap shooters aimed at him. Tho grave responsibility of directing the combat or in other words acting As referee fell upon i. Georges Breitt Mayer. When the Swols were crossed and the usual Quot go gentlemen a was pronounced Tho tight began. Al Tho Mcguey in a threatening style held his weapon Well in Lino and advancing made several feints for an opening. Al Pini remained on Tho defensive evidently watching for a Chance for a deadly riposte but Fortune did not favor him. Nevertheless in this bout he disarmed his adversary. saluted his Salute was returned and the Battle was renewed with vigor. Evidently the men were evenly matched. Tho second bout was without incident beyond giving us exhibition of splendid swordsmanship. In the third bout Tho Mcguck fancying that he had wounded Pini in the Arm lowered his weapon. The surgeons rushed in and found that Pini was not touched. Tho fourth bout was furious. With lightning rapidity Pini drove his weapon at Bow Guex s Chest but a vigorous Parry sent it to the ground. The Point landed on a Stone. The sword was Bent like a Reed Aud rendered worthless. Another sword was handed to the italian professor Aud the fifth bout was a without incident. Tho combatants Wero a a i used. In the sixth bout the fight was stopped by the seconds who believed that m. Pini was wounded in the Arm. wus unhurt. Tho due lists now faced Racli other for the seventh bout. They bounded at each other lunging with wonderful Force and parrying with equal skill us til Tho Point of Pini s weapon reached the guard of Thomey next a and for the second time the former a weapon was Bent. After a Little time it was repaired and the eighth bout was begun with furious attacks on the part of Tome guck. Pini gave ground watching for a riposte. Apparently his Chance presented itself and he seat in a terrific thrust at Thome Guex a breast. Some of the spectators shuddered and Many of them thought that the Man had been run through or at Lea t badly wounded but a Parry Itiat is described As Quot Sozio thing marvelous Quot by the experts who saw it saved him Aud when Tho seconds Aud surgeon rushed in they found him unhurt Aud smiling. In the ninth bout i. wus wounded in the right Check. declared that it was merely a scratch and insisted upon going on but the surgeons declared that Tho internal Haemorrhage interfered with his breathing to such a degree that he wus in a condition of inferiority. Al Brit Mayer Theu stopped the combat. The Chevalier Pini advanced toward i. Tho Mcguck Aud offered him his hand. The latter grasped it muttered some complimentary remarks and Tho two men left the dueling ground fast friends. A new York Dun. Father of thirty nine. A family so Large that not All of them arc acquainted with out another. Dave Vititoe 10 years old a malarial patient at the City Hospital is blessed far beyond the a verage mortal in the ties of blood. is much been Milieu. La fuck though Dave is acquainted with most of his Brothers Aud Sisters there Are two or three to whom he has never received an introduction. When it is known that the children of his father a wealthy Farmer and horse Trainer in Breckinridge county ky., numbered at last reports 3�?~j, this circumstance will not. Seem remarkable. The elder Vititoe has been three times married. His oldest son is 47 years of age. That is Ulso the ago of his present wife the Mother of Dave by whom to has had 22 children. There Are 13 children younger limn Dave. Dave a private opinion is that the total number of children is 40, Asho has not heard from Home for some time. Of this immense family 27 children according to Dave a Host recollection Are now alive. Just How Many a ire boys Aud How May girls to is not Able to say but to is convinced that the boys outnumber the girls considerably. All Tea boys except the very Little chaps Aro earning to Weir own living though Davo says the old Man is in a position to support them All should it become necessary. Lost of them Are jockeys or horse trainers having inherited Tho fathers love of horse flesh Anu having As Dave says Quot grown up with the Colts in the three of them Dave Joe and Hunter arc connected with the st Louis fair association. One remarkable feature of this mime Uso family is that there bus never been a duplicate birth. There Are no twins triplets or Othir combinations. Dave is a dark skinned curly headed handsome boy Light of Frame As is necessary for a jockey mud yet seemingly fairly rugged. came to the Hospital three Days ago suffering from chills. All the Hoys statements regarding the remarkable size of his family no fully substantiated by 8. Al Ross in other patient a Cigar maker Whoso address is 1301 Washington Avenue hut whose Homo is in Louisville. knows the father Aud Many of the sons of this remarkable family and knows Tho total number of children to to 30, us represented. mud Davo occasionally engage in discussions As to Tho Uumo of some member of Tho Vititoe family of whom they May Liao occasion to speak. Dave says to has us t �11 his Brothers and Sisters save three who live in . Louis 15c Public. Was it Italy s Queen 1 Mac. Its Ali Elk a tolls h mysterious l Irwin stories of Cuming Ali Sustor. Ulme. Do Thebes Tho Well known psalmist took part in n curious us ecu Turo daring her recent visit to Home whither she had been summoned by a mysterious personage of High rank who desired to consult her in regard to Tho future. The Story goes that soon after her arrival it Wetue she entered u Curri Ugo mud drove to the address of this mysterious ter Stnage. The Carriage Drew up in front of a very modest House and the psalmist alighted and entered. Presently she found herself in the presence of a lady Whoso face was concealed by a mask Aud Whoso hair was covered by a Mantilla. Tho lady held out her baud and Liuio. Do Thebes told her but she Road in it. The lady betrayed no emotion but site asked the psalmist never to divulge what she had seen. The psalmist gave the required Promise whereupon the lady said Quot minimums your reputation is not unmerited. Fly somber presentiment let to simply been confirmed by All that you have told Lutc. Do Thebes Theu left the House being still ignorant As to to name and rank of the personage who had consulted her. Being questioned on the subject later she said Quot i fancy that i know who Tho lady is. For i Road in her hand that Slot is destined to take part in Many grave Public events. But univ Promise to her Hinds Uto Aud i cannot say u word about what passed Between us. A then she Utu do a most remarkable statement. Quot i examined one evening a she said a the hands of some of the most distinguished persons in Rome Aud on the following Day x examined several More bands belonging to All classes of society. Well in a ill those italian hands i saw premonitions of Battle of ruin of bloodshed and the impression irresistibly took hold of me that Rome is on the eve of Torvi Blo events perhaps of a revolution. A a remember i do not claim to to a prophetess. Human will is so powerful that it can mollify to u Largo extent Tho destiny of each human being us stamped on the left hand. Yet it seems to to that when so May individuals hear in their hands the signs of a common destiny their United wills cutout on this one object Aro Boid to produce a stupendous result. Here is a historical ,t which is surely significant lost of the men who played a prominent part in the great revolution had in their hands indications of a disturbed quarrelsome life in which there would to Many dramas. For those reasons i would not be astonished if Italy Wero to become a Republic before very i. Gaston Mery Lias written a lengthy article for be Libre parole on ulme. Do Thebes experiences in Rome nud he does not hesitate to express the opinion that the masked Italy concerning whom Tho psalmist s lips ure sealed wus no other than the Queen of Italy. Quot who knows who asks Quot if mute do Thebes did not play by the Side of Queen Marguerite the role which Gagliostro formerly played by the Side of Marie Antoinette a a new York Herald. A costly portrait. Tua Price made him a Ftp. But or paid Gnu a said nothing. Some years ago when Benjamin con stunt came Over to this country a special la to paint the portrait of u Well known new York woman several other persons took advantage of his being hero and gave him orders for their portraits. Among these was a Well known Man. Shortly after this latter likeness web completed a wealthy Westerner who happened to be in this City was entertained at the House of the new yorker. The Westerner saw Tho portrait Aud much admired it. A a my wife wants to to get my portrait painted a he said. A that s one reason Why i m in new York. I wonder if this French fellow do mine his Host assured him that in All probability Tho a French fellow would he Only too delighted. Before Long the Westerner was experiencing All the glory and Honor of Quot sitting for his one Day some time after this but before the picture was finished the Westerner was Aguin entertained by his new York Friend. The portrait was naturally referred to. A by the any a remarked the Westerner a How much did he charge for your picture a a forty five Hundred dollars Quot was the answer. A Why a but the Westerner was beyond speech. Pule and breathless he leaned Hack in his chair and when to did speak it wus simply to gasp Forth Quot forty five Hundred dollars a Quot forty tvo Hundred dollars in Over and Over again. It transpired later that he had made no inquiries As to terms nud that to bad never dreamed that the portraits Price would he Toro Thuu $150. What worried him most was what his wife would say. But Tho old fellow was game. To first bound the new yorker Over to temporary secrecy after which to proceeded to go through those sittings to the hitter end without a murmur or a qui Tsiou As to the ultimate Cost. Benjamin constant never know that the Bill for $5,000 the westerners portrait was larger than the now yorker s that was presented later caused Tho slightest Ripple upon the emotional surface of his Patron. But in n certain Western Homo there today hangs a painting the Price of which has a Over yet teen revealed to the mistress of the York Sun. Georgia s Colton Lilg. The Augusta in chronicle says a James i. Smith of Oglethorpe Georgia s greatest funner has just broken All records of Cotton sales from a single Plantation by Selling to Al Teton Cotton buyers in one lot Over 2,000 Bales of Cotton of his own raising. The Cotton was Eold on a basis of 7 cents for mid tiling Aud when it is All weighed mud shipped or. Smith will receive a chock for about $70,000. This would to a tremendous crop even if Xor. Smith raised nothing hut Cotton hut when it is re item Bra a that he grows similarly Large crops of Plain and buy and that Cotton is Luis surplus Money crop after producing All the provision crops lie needs then Cue can grasp some idea of the scale on which colonel Smith farms and Seo the Justice of calling him Georgia so Otto King. A up Tate dog Ger. It is frequent the Custon for Mer a nuts in ser tin Titi Toltus potatoes when in the ground and to until crake the lifting and carting. For this Purpore Uliey Eftin wit i a Man in Are Lulu a Rulli in a Galler takes a gang m Youing Kunou a i t to assist As the a Rishi uni some of the Tiesi workers in he to. I. . In Arlen or a a j1 a thing a life i hit ii hit a i not a a it in a in lilt r fit uus ice. Age Cuil climate. During Tsuli the death of 1ss persons Over 1 0 years of age�?14 of them being Over 100�?was recorded in great Britain Aud ire Ltd. It is a somewhat curious circumstance that the average longevity is greater in it of land than it is in a tag inn and greater in Are lamp than in Scotland Tho birth rate being largest in England and least in Ireland. Of a thousand a persons won women mud children resident in England Tho a rage number Over 00 years of age is 72 or somewhat More Tlam 7 a Quot cent. In Scotland Uto proportion Over u0 years of ago is 7.7 per cent Cuil in Ireland it is 10.5 per cent. Ireland stands second to Franco As regards the longevity i its inhabitants Tho proportion of Nien and women in Franco Over tit years old being Liy to Best census 12.7 jut cent or 127 of each 1.000 of population. Tho Obi Oil figures of the census report show that longevity is to a considerable extent regulated Liy climate that is in countries within Tho temperate zone the duration of life is greater than in warmer or Genii tropical com tries. The average number of persons Over 00 years old in 1.000 inhabitants in the United kingdom is 77, Aud in Tho German Empire the climate of which is similar it is the same. In Collaud it is also 77 in Denmark 84 in Sweden 88, it nil in Norway 00. In Russia Tho longevity of the inhabitants is greatest in Tho Northern provinces Aud lowest in the Southern ones. Tint average of european countries in Tho North temperate zones England Germany and uollaud�?77 in 1,000�? Falls to 71 in Austria Cuil in Portugal. In Spain where the climate is generally Milder than in Portugal the number of persons Over 00 years of age in 1,000 is 58 Only and in Greece it is 50. In Tho East indies its far its there Are any authentic figures the average is Only 40 in 1.000 inhabitants. In a South America the average is about 50, though there Are of course Ninny exceptional cases. Tito United states does not stand very High in respect of elderly persons. Tho duration of human life is longest usually in old and least ill new new York Sun. Sonic Liuni a ret i Niemch. Greek proper names have been Tho source of considerable study to Tho Reading Public of the United states Sitter the greek troubles began Aud Tho pronunciation of the names of some of the officials who Aro prominent in Athens at the present time hits been the subject of controversy. A Man who is Well versed on the sub Jeet said that the modern greek Pucul purity was to a great extent Tho accentuation and Gate As an instance the Uumo of Mauro Mehales the greek Secretary of the Interior. Tho Nanto is pronounced mov to Tuic Balis with Strung accent on Tho second syllable. The Secretary of foreign of fairs Alexander a Koncs pronounces Luis name Skou xes with Strong accent on Tho the name of Philip Vur Vogles minister of Justice is pronounced Vur to Cholees the Quot ohm in Tho third syllable being hard like the German Nicholas act axils minister of War has us easy name for foreigners hut the minister of Marine Levities pronounces Luis name la ice thes. The president of the chamber of deputies writes Luis mime Zaimes Cuil pronounces it a i mis with accent on Tho second syllable. Cunnis the Fleet commanders name is pronounced Cun arcs with us cent on the first syllable. Tho name of Del Yucuis appears in print every Day and most readers have ideas As to its pronunciation. His greek neighbors Call the Premier Delec it macs with accent on the second syllable. Like Tho russians the greeks it no no family names except in the higher walks of society and a Man Whoso name is Gregorious will Call his Sou Gregoriades pronouncing the a a do much like Quot to lib in though. The Sou of Demetrius is called . One of the most common names in Greece is Pappados Yioulos which May he assumed by any nit i whose father was a priest and a Matt instead of taking the Utilie , May rail himself Ity the longer name if bather Antonin was a priest. Thu a cd Quot in Anto hides Puppa Dopolos and in till names where it comes before a Vowel is pronounced like Quot Lite in York Tribune. The Nikiti Illiff knot. Perhaps the most impressive Point about Spring hats is the lofty knot which perches upon so May new chup Elux. You Seo it in ribbon Aud lace and sequin used net and it interests you to wonder in what fabric next it will Greet you. These nodding decorations possess Tho a a harm of plumes Aud Long stemmed roses. They yield with every inclination of Tho Hetty. Some of them Aro Only rosettes others ambitious la pings. In any Cuso they Are serious phases of Tpring millinery. Public auction of valuable real estate near Finney a a wharf acc Mac county Virginia by virtue of a deed of Trust dated july 1st. 18 1, executed by Isaac t. Wright to me As trustee for the Benefit of John t. And Charles 1. Finney and now of record in the dorks office of Accomac county va., and by direction of said John t. And Charles p. Finney i will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder in front of the grand Cert Al hotel at Onancock in said county on saturday tie my of May a about 3 of clock 1�?T. A. That very desirable tract of land known As Tho John a. White farm purchased by the said Isaac t. Wright containing 10-1 acres More or less anti described in said deed As follows situate lying and being in the county aforesaid bounded on the North by the slut kill neck Road on the East by leather Bury a Branch on the South by lands of William trios. Rogers and Spencer f. Rogers and on the West by Dinghy a a Mill Road dolls Road this property is located at the head of slut kill neck and i Miles from Finney a wharf and two and half Miles from the town of Onancock and but a Short distance fromn. Y., p. Amp n. R., thus giving exceptional privileges for shipment of produce. This farm is productive now in a Good Stato of cultivation with abundant resources in both Pine shats and Woods soil. It is convenient to churches Anu schools has upon it Good and commodious dwelling Good outbuildings two tenement houses and Fine Shade Trees. Its location is very desirable one of the Best on the Eastern Shore. Terms of Sale Twenty per cent of the Purchase Money to be paid in Cali on the Day of Sale with Liberty to the purchaser to pay As much More on that Day As lie May desire and the balance not paid on Day of Sale to be divided into two equal instalments payable respectively at one and two years from Day of Sale with interest thereon from that Day to be secured by the separate Bonds of the purchaser with personal Security thereto to be approved by the undersigned trustee and waiving the Homestead exemption Ami the title to be retained As additional Security the premises Are to be at the risk of the purchaser from the time they Are bid off by him and he is to have Possession of the premises on january 1st, 1808, upon complying with the terms of Sale and tiie rents and profits for the present year will not pass to the purchaser and the taxes and levies to january 1st, 1808, will be paid by the party receiving the rents or by the undersigned and upon payment of the whole Purchase Money the purchaser is to receive from the undersigned a conveyance of the premises by deed with special warranty of title upon the same properly prepared at the purchasers expense being tendered to the undersigned for execution. For further information apply to the undersigned. Given under my hand this the 22d Day of March 1s97. Spencer f. Rogers trustee. Go to we fully recognize this is the nge of Low prices. Our Stock is Complete in fact we Are in a ranch better position to give prices than Ever before offered. We know we can make it to your advantage to Deal with us Aud All we want is the Opportunity. Please Bear in mind that we handle everything in the building material a line such ask doors windows blinds Mau Telf White Pine mouldings. Porch columns porch trimmings adjust Tible Gable ornaments shingles laths Blair Lime Cement and a full line of hardware Cook parlor gasoline and air tight stoves pumps Stone Well curbing Wall paper tin and Crystal Ware lever setting cultivators harrows wheel Barrows wheel Wood Coal paints amp a l.t.piba3�00, Parksley a. Cypress potato bed frames. Already dressed and grooved. Peas Glass fertilizers farming implements amp i at the lowest possible figures Call on us. Pure in Yeaples Onancock a. It Bargai by buying your of j. Adelstein. Onancock a practical watchmaker amp jeweler. We carry a Large and select line of All the latest style goods including watches clocks jewelry spectacles and silverware of All kinds. We have reduced our prices very Low to suit the times. Special attention paid to repair work on Fine watches. Clocks spectacles and jewelry of All kinds at greatly reduced prices. All work warranted to be first class. Highest prices paid for old Gold and Silver. Will be at Accomac c. H., every court Day for repairing. B. O. Bell undertaker Wachapreague. A. Keeps on hand a full line of c a s k e t so of All grades and sizes. Also a full line of heart Pine coffins All furnished at the very lowest figurs. will meet All trains and boats at Short notice. For the and always to obtain the it a a lowest possible prices Reis Ingier wholesale Anil retail dealers in All kind of furniture carpets Oil cloths matting stoves refrigerators baby carriages Anil All sorts of House Mem we. Reisinger amp son �12 Columbia aw., Aud 011 to 62u Portland st., Cor. Greene st. Baltimore my. City and suburban ears pass the door look us up it will pay you. Represented by s. Gladd1nc. Adult Mason. The Milburn w agon hits i equal. Yon can see them every Day As there Are a Igi of l item running in Lecont Etc and Northampton counties a Large assortment of carriages it All prices. See our agents before buying. 20 s. Charles st. Hai i Mork. Rawlings implement co., for Stile by win. B. A Tipp mumps Birg w. S. Nock Hailwood h Doughty. Cape Charles j. T. Rogers Nossa Eudox John d. Watts Arthur Saunders Eastville. Jii. 7 l r. I cd a. M Fred Johnson. Livery. Sale and Exchange stable run in connection with hotel Mason new Church station va., Joh sox amp Mason proprietors. All trains met and passengers conveyed to any part of Peninsula at. Fair rates nud with Comfort and dispatch. F. A. Davis a co., wholesale dealers in tobacco and in cigars. co Hojaij amp German its Baltimore my. Represented by Frank w. Harp. Lewis Nock amp co. Aka Lens in dry goods. Notions boots and shoes Hay Lime bricks Salt and general merchandise. Corn Hay and Mill feed a specially special a outs for Wanamaker amp Brown clothiers. Hallwood. A. Quickest anti Only daily line Between Boston new York Philo. Norfolk and old Point. Comfort. Soni us it que us in. A . To the a. Old i ont Domizi i Daijit outta Ion. Coubs. A a a Puiq Lincile a Neal. We la Tow lox. I Cru it to. duly. A a Al in it now. Jts in to k1 Zuj in ii a a a a new Cimi Eli. Fino a Ivko. A he Ulvi. A a Nuez a Ion a. A Lou -. Frau bad. Salort a. We Lutua a a . Arrivo. A. in Orosi Uliuli million. Al Uulu Tali. Hilu. A Irvind Ai. Rill tip it. a. A Uwi. U2itiw Yir f.rt.15 y. A in acc amp a a. Put Kex a. 5�.�?T.,� my m _ 5 55 u a j 1j a 45 a a i Quot a a b 4�. in a i a 55ill hts. In 14 a i j t Lim id us it 11 Juio the ii 1 a Elj u 15 �1 or. Mi1�o Mili y -t10 i i Fri 47 a Rin ii a m. Let .11-. . A a j a a 1 m. Quot i to a i i a. i in a i i a 4 a a it i a i 1j in 5� t i a. I Ili la. 1 35 a re a i. Be 1 3 i a a list. 7 in to us i 5 i in Ltd "1 1. 5�-a. �1 r u re f a a a a 12 1�o a 3u. 6 fail i 4 is 1 7 a a 0a. $ a u us. La. I 43 �4m i a a 3 a . Nui. A Titi manufacturer of Sash. Doors blinds mouldings Newels Cabinet mantels balusters &c., amp a. Church furniture pews Newels altars rails Etc. Plans Aud specifications made and estimates furnished for All a a lasses of buildings. Factory a Salisbury my. Correspondence solicited. A. Mam Cocce held Leuvoy. Nov Yurt Newark. Lulu. Liiro Iid i. By Aloui a. Wuhu Lugton. A Lalu Iuorno a h us Liim. Kiltau Uryu. zip to i a lev Felt a a a l in Ceuta Aurum. Hus de rum. S-�0.j u Olio. New eur urea. Tjait.7cod.�?� -1a Ftp Usu car a Only a Kullorn a i i i it Lurge a Altus. . A Jiru i Noal. A i Acuil Vul a us. Of club Lillie a a cobol a a. A Lori ivus free or att race. Uil la. A a i. A we. I Hil Ftp a i i5 in 5j by Cir 1.13 in 5u. 0 5 7 3 a. 11 l ? in j7. I 33 to. Us. . I 02 it did 1 u0 Fli u t i i i .22. 36 a j i 2 33 la a.43 .2 41 y ,.5. ,1 in a. 4 in fou j 03 i 11 c4. A 1. .1 a -1 i y. -3 2. % a 3 �3 i .3 i7 4 a. 3. A a. _ .1 a a a a i. 1 a i ii. I to 6 of i. 4> 13 4 us. In 26. A w Ujj t m. A 3l Quot 5 a a. T �5 b 05. A a 1 u us. Usa a Ojo a 1 o 35. to. Flu _ a a. Harborton va., desires to Call attention of Farmers and truckers to the following excellent brands of fertilizers seven per cent., Virginius guano Sweet potato mixture sound ammonia ted super phosphate. All of the above brands for Sale by a f. Waters Nandua a. L. N. Boggs Mapps Eurg a. Both of the above will also furnish i ulers justly i Eubra ted zip Clit Sweet potato fertilizer. For further information address i Marlin or co. Jinai Bodin general agents. Itji a a s. cd i Dai . Or of. Tru Quot a re. 4.1 .r.-r. i Quot Ato in Lur jiiu4ktouiors of dig Al Tocoa duct a a a filmy of coir Dundt tar. Nicholas superits pendent. Cape Cit Arles Valt. B. Cooke Geum a freight Ltd Pas Seeger agent Nuri Oik. A. M till thu so Bdl i b of the entries for the free for All Pace and Trot mile beats Best 3 in 5, for Eastern Shore horses have closed. The race will take place on the fair grounds near Keller wednesday May 20th. The entries Are As follows w. C. West Whitefoot record 2 30. J. A. Otwell regulus record 2 25.j. E. Roberts j. R., record 2 3s. _. Joe Guy Little Guy record 2 31. J. Bull lamp girl record 2 35. First horse to receive 80 per cent of All Entrance Money second horse to receive 5u per cent of Gate receipts third horse to receive 25 per cent of Gate receipts fourth horse to receive 15 per cent of Gate receipts. Kace to be called at 1 o cock Sharp. National trotting association rules to govern. Baltimore Chesapeake amp Atlantic railway company l . Will Lulu Bujki Coati Tullu a Woal Liol per Litu ouse tar. A lib rial 6.1� veloce p. M. So Itier Pim . Cd air. Us w a us. A i in relay fur l a liquid . Iotis a us a no Ufa of Alf Lvuv. in Al met Dux jul lieu not i. A e i a i a. Josic it. . Aud tin few Mil. Us a i Umno a a non it it a it. Quot pm a .,., 1 a. Nim Lluis wiil 6# Fusoiu. La a a n a11�.-Dbulti Cedar Bui. . Nils Wuu. La. So Ollu Vul in 15, Midi Uchuck fun a t. A Fiuty a Raudt Laimund 4.30. Or Leitold u. N team or 51.stkkn it True. A capt. A. 11 Kayci in ctr do thud Hui Ujj fur pm Mirl to Tau Vii us. Ike a Cedar v new n us a pc it Rel. Jiuji adv Levis Tel i us of a a a we a. A c nil ,.kt>qn fill to la a sinus a eaves Kuo a d. Ills a lift of lulls ii Lula 101 inv i a. Shield a Davis a a of. U. I Coue urd it. Nail in is a. my a 1. y -�5 3, . Cd did minor tank Delili. Mott4ti5�ait.i�?Trir i a it to -. Promptly attended to. Tut ease via a a a a is a Quot to it 1, a. Uan Taa Cri. -. A a. ,e-�-. Tos �.�. Utt Xuc a. J in Iii. T. In-i1. A of Kkt a i a Aast Atairi Lott Toi Blo Vij cd -vnr.t. J Art Tzy. Jowl t it nil Taue pot. In st a a x. A Quot to Nantka a. X. Tall. Bet Quot a re. irra.t.i a a i Etilio . J a. U0ptt to it a a a a Quot a a a a , to a a -1 1 Iii Ito. Lott Nix in Elf. With Alex. J. Hart successor to Quigley �1 Mullen Wilmington Dei. Wholesale grocer. And dealer in cigars anti tobacco orders tilled on Day received Quick transit Aud lowest prices should commend us to the patronage of the Peninsula a Vvs it a up or i a of. C. Barnes has opened his Elfi Iii m is in its Ulivi combined at Parksley a. Cd it and country made Jar Ness kept constantly on hand 02 Ltd re o 4- i a in a o o k i and jewelry repaired on Short notice i have for Sale Wal clues blocks jewelry so Dacle Jeye glasses and silverware in Many styles and at lowest prices. We. Sartorius. Poco Raoke City my. Vill be at Accomac c. K. Every court Day. Siivo a. Stiles he Davis t a a a c��e.r.1 it. list Quot. F a View Icydell. Quot horse Caris and repairing harness specialities and All work f01 �?~ia.3� Auu a a Wutt a a a. A a a a a Crook urls a we. Klan by a a Creek u. .1 i g he a a new stables m i j 1 or. It it. A a vhf m a cd ssh Iafe 1 am it Mux to a a a it 3 a a a Vii lord Trio i us Ion Rel mute p. Pm new storehouse new Cor. Prati -2 Talvert sts., Baltimore my. Oil r of Kan plan. Room 50 it. 75 c a. A nil $1 per a it Titi a tit it. I now leu is Enrici. Now open at Accomac c. H., a. Aud first class service Guaran anted at Low prices. Passengers conveyed to All parts of Peninsula. Team ordered by wire or Post sent to any Point on Short notice. E. To c0leburn. Harry Goleburn proprietors. In goods. S. Well Jsmrd Low prices. A a a Al i contractor and builder Bouse of i a Iii Horn town a Accomac county �? h. E. Townsend. Proprietor. Board by Day week or month on reasonable terms. Mettis furnished on 1 Short notice. _ cull or. Meat rav storehouse enlarged Ulm stocked with new goods tor groceries canned goods confection eries cigars and tobacco notions crockery i hardware Yood and by �1-Low Ware fruits and vegetables fresh meats Aud Many other articles too numerous to mention All Staple goods in fact with few exceptions. Respectfully i. T. Onancock v u. A 3er a Aiu ilk ily per. Printer Accomac c. H., a. In a lib Iticia a All work first class. Material i Jan of a kit furnished alien desired. A a a ply Lotf i a a to a -1 a ill. .j�1 l y it. Quot eau Idy Brut tet Tilv �1 in it. It l Betsuin plans and specifications pre Ifni Airai a pared on Short notice. 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