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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Jan 1 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - January 1, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Honvo been Loyal to god Trio awful results of disloyalty so that none of theia nitty Over attempt it i say our world having finished its Mission May thud go out of existence Trio Contra fires of the world which Are burning out rapidly toward the crust May have reached Tho surface by that time and Tho Bible prophecy be fulfilled which declares that the Earth and All things that Are therein shall be burned up. The ransomed Hututoi race at Tomt time on Earth will Start unhurt in those chariots of fire for Tho Grent Metropolis of the universe the heaven where the redeemed of the lord shall talk Over the famines and the plagues mid the wars we Ipoh this Earth suffered and against which we struggled and prayed As Long As there was any breath in us. Glorious consummation 1 the Hast and the West. May 10, lbt Lii was a memorable Day for then was Laid the last tie that connected the two rail tracks which United the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Trio Central Pacific Railroad was built from California eastward. Tho Union Pacific Railroad was built Westward. They were within Arm s reach of meeting Only one More piece of Tho rail track to put Down. A great audience assembled mid continent to see the last tie Laid. The locomotives of the Eastern and Western trains stood panting on the tracks close by. Oration explained the occasion and prayer solemnized it and music enchanted it. The tie was made of polished Laurel Wood bound with Silver bands and three spikes were used a Gold Spike presented by California a Silver Spike presented by Nevada and a Iron Spike presented by Arizona. When All Heads uncovered and All hearts thrill aug with emotion the Hammer struck the last Spike into its place the Cannon boomed it amid the resounding Mountain echoes and the telegraphic instruments clicked to All nations that the deed was Dene. My friends if Trio laying of the last tie that bound the cast and the West of one continent together was such a resounding occasion what will it be when the last tie of the track of gospel influences reaching Clear around the world shall be Laid amid the anthems of All nations the spikes will be the Golden and Silver spikes fashioned out of the Christian generosity of the hemispheres. The last Hammer Stroko that completes the work will be heard by ail the captured and piled up galleries of the universe and the mountains of Earth will shout to the thrones of heaven Quot hallelujah for the lord god omnipotent Rei Guetlin hallelujah. For the kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of our lord Jesus Christ Quot thu semite would t mind. A group of democratic congressmen in the cloakroom were discussing the attitude of the Senate with respect to the Tariff Bill. Some of them were in favor of agreeing to the Republican programme and adjourning without doing business in order that attention might be focused on the Senate. They thought that this would hurry up the Senate in the final disposition of the Bill. Quot it won t do anything of the kind Quot said congressman Terry of Arkansas. Quot the Senate will go ahead in its own Way and pass the Tariff Bill in its own tonic. In will be totally indifferent to Public opinion. It reminds me of a Man wit i a wooden leg who used to he n neighbor of mine. As he went Down town every morn in g he had to pass a Garden in which was a noisy dog. Trio dog would run to the Fence and bark and snarl until the Man finally grew tired of the annoyance. One morning As he went by the Garden lie opened the Gate and stuck his wooden leg inside. The dog flew at it and chewed it to his hearts Content. Now said the Man. I Hope you feel better. Von have had lots of fun and you did t Hurt me a Little Quot the Public a said or. Terry Quot will Chew on the Senate s wooden leg. A a Washington Post. Tolstoi As a chess enthusiast. An interesting piece of chess news is sent from or. Petersburg by the correspondent of the Louden daily mail. says that count Tolstoi who is now staying in st. Petersburg takes up from time to time a new Hobby and devotes himself to it with astonishing Energy. Chess is the latest of these and the count is now san dying openings combinations and end games with great Assiduity. Visitors to the House where the great Anthor and social reformer lives in striking simplicity May frequently find count Tolstoi and his wife and children playing chess As if their lives depended upon the result. The tables in the various rooms Are nearly All marked out As chessboard and even the dogs and other family pets have been Given names of chess pieces Rook Knight Pawn and so Forth. An i it Caloud Fisli. An Esca loped Tislim which miss Purl a gives As an Especial Dainty at her cooking classes is made the proportions arc easily doubled for a larger Quantity from a pint of cooked fish free from Bones and skin a teaspoonful of Salt one Quarter teaspoonful of Pepper a tablespoonful of butter one half Teaspoon Ful of flour 1 Gills of milk this is a Little less than a cupful and 4 tablespoonfuls of grated bread crumbs. Season the fish with half Tho Salt and Pepper. Put a generous half of the butter in a Small Saucepan on the lire. When it is hot add the flour Ami stir till the mixture is smooth and Frothy. Boil up onco and stir in the rest of the seasoning. Put a layer of the Sauco in a Small baking dish alternating with the fish having sauce on top. Sprinkle Over with the bread crumbs and Dot with the rest of the butter. Bake in a moderately hot oven 20 minutes. The caution was added that any dish made with sauce and crumbs needs that the Lieut should be moderate at the Bottom and Strong at the top. The difference Between dried a breadcrumbs and stale bread Gru Tedus also accentuated. In this dish Tho latter is York Post. Composer Tours. English papers announce Tho death after a Long illness of behold Tours the Well known musician and composer. Or. Tours was a dutchman by birth having been bom in Rotterdam in 1828 to studied at Leipsic and Brussels went to England in 1su1 and for a Good Many years served As a violinist in Costa a orchestra. For the last in years however he had occupied the responsible Post of Reader and editor to the great firm of Novello amp Quot co., in which capacity he did an immense amount of useful work in the a a reduction of orchestral scores to their pianoforte form. was Ulso a voluminous composer of Graceful violin pieces us hymn tunes anthems and Church Ces. Original gullibility Pic must have been created Gnu remarked the observer of men jugs Quot when it is a matter of rec the first glad hand game wus by so poorly equipped a swim i Serpent. A a Detroit journal. Colonizing nations. So i country so such Sittl As Groat Lar i Tain in k>lab1i-Uug colonic. A japanese paper the Yorozu Coho asks Quot Wlms Pray Hugo Trio Angl saxons done when colonizing where Are Tho tasmanian How Many a Blok Fellows and Mauris Are alive today where Are the wretched inhabitants of Trio islands along the Eastern littoral of British North America a Micro arc Tho Lurous Iroquois Meagles clip Ewaa Cone from the face of Trio Globe. Yes the Anglo saxons have been successful colonizers. Their simple custom is to sweep away Trio Ali original inhabitants of any desirable site and then cts Couch themselves in Well earned Content on the such is the opinion of a journal of Japan. However this May to England is today the Only european government except Holland which has a larger colonial than a Homo population. The total population of Trio British or Norire including British protectorates in Asia and Africa. In a 82,000,000 by Tho bust census while the total population of great Britain by the same census was Only 88,000,000, or 10 per cent. In other words Tho colonial possessions of great Britain were Dino times larger than Tho Home count to in respect to population. Russia Luis extended to the East and South its Imperial boundaries. Franco in concert with England has acquired new colonies in Asia Anil Africa. Portugal Denmark and Holland have retained big colonies abroad though Trio extent of the colonies of the first have been declining of late years Liilo the proportion of colonists to Home inhabitants in Holland Lias declined during the last two centuries. But England keeps steadily increasing and of late there Lias been an addition to Tho number of English colonies while on Tho other hand Trio Spanish colonies in respect of area and population have been declining. Curiously enough. Italy which has a overflowing population and has contributed to the United states to Tho Argentine Republic and to other american states thousands of Hardy immigrants has in fact no colonies of her own and the Effort to establish a protectorate in Abyssinia has ended disastrously. Still another european country which would seem to Hugo Many facilities for colonization is Austria but Oliero Are no austrian colonies and no serious expansion of Tho Empire in any direction. There is no accounting for Tho existence of a a colonizing spirit Quot among nations. One extends its Powers and authority a adjacent country does t. Sweden for instance has for Many years maintained colonics in various parts of the world. Norway which adjoins it never has though the norwegians Are perhaps better sailors even than Trio swedes. Holland has always been n colonizing country and attestation of this is to to found in Tho City of new Yorac. Belgium wus not a colonizing country until recently and when the two were associated together the Belgium provinces of Holland contributed but few colonizers. There have been Many immigrants from Switzerland there have been no Swiss colonies. The Mohammedan arabs have extended their Rule the Mohammedan turks never have. There have been greek settlements but no greek colonies. The Anglo saxons however outrank All ethers in respect of colonization the English and scotch especially. A new York Sun. Sonio inca Stamps. Stamp collectors will be interested to know that Korea has issued a new stamp bearing a curious combination of hieroglyphics which Are interpreted to to symbolical of life and death night ind Day. General pie Rulu celebrated his accession to the presidency of Bern by issuing a new stamp with a Vul but looking bearded Warrior. Uruguay has a new one that is similar hut a Little More Gay. Portugal celebrated the seventh Centenary cd st. Anthony with a new stump bearing a picture of that quaint monastic Ait. France has recently issued u new series for Madagascar. Perak Luis a new one carrying a Tiger with a very Large open Mouth. The grand Duke of Luxemburg has published his portrait in Tho Shupe of a stamp. Brince Boris of Bulgaria Lias followed his example. Mauritius has a new series which instead of the portrait of her majesty which ornamented the old one presents its own coat of arms consisting of a key a ship and something that looks like a Lighthouse. The finest works of Art in the stamp line Are those issued last summer by Greece to celebrate the olympic games. They Are embellished with pictures of the acropolis the Mercury of Bru Viteles Aud other interesting record. Ian Mcclur Cut Creed. Some one curious in Oriental Loro has discovered that Ian Maclaren s Ucli admired Creed is really taken from a Indian formula dating Hack 70 years at least Aud probably us much further As anybody cares to go. There is no proof that it is not in substance As old us the Rig veda or the institutes of Mauu. Whatever its origin or Antiquity get is a generous and Liberal minded declaration of Faith Aud neither the Pope nor Tho grand Lama of Tibet ought to find buy fault with it. The scotch Brusby try is against it and threatens to Turu or. Watson out of Trio Church but if it does almost any denomination will to glad to take him in and will not care in Tho least whether his declaration of Faith dates Back to the Days of old or whether it was entirely of a Druin Toch to evolution of his own verbal York Tribune. Dincov Colua id a Cuco. A remarkable Rouzo statue of Bosch Don nearly life size and attributed to Tho sixth Century Lias just been discovered by a Fisherman in the sea Neur mount cite Crun. Of being taken out of the water the body of it was found to have suffered a Good Deal from rust but the head and Beard Are intact and Tho hands Only Are missing. A magnificent Marble Pedestal was also discovered bearing an inscription showing it to have stood in the Temple of Neptune. The statue has been placed in the museum hero and has caused much interest among archaeologists who Uro inclined i to class it with the Jupiter Olympus of dispatch to London Standard. To a Akca interest. Two High class German Art journals com Fels Zum Meer and moderne Kunst a of Berlin have recently printed beautifully illustrated sketches of president Mckinley Aud his family by c. Frank Dewey an american writer now living in Berlin. This is Only one of Many indications that intelligent people in Europe arc coming to take More interest in american affairs. Victims if the Duel. Critics tiie and the villain had a Dut 1 last night on the singe. Friend who got Trio worst of it critics the . Or. Jekyll and or. Hyde. A London Ito torn Stan Foo anti onto two Cwirla in Olio a Young girl who is two different persons in one hotly has just been exhibited by do. Albert Wilson to to members of Trio clinical society of London and this most interesting Case of dual states of consciousness is exciting much attention in the medical world. Trio girl is 14a years of ugh and there was nothing unusual about her until ill 18115 Slio was attacked by influenza. It was a very bad attack accompanied by delusions Ami hallucinations and at such times she manifested great strength. As Tho mania passed Tiff lick mental condition was found to have changed Aud among other things she gave fresh names to those around calling her father Tom her Mother Mary Ann a no doctor Jim and another Sam physically she improved. The sight got much hotter but she remained paralysed ill Trio logs. After the fifth week the curious condition of dual personality began to show itself. While sitting in bed playing with her dolls Slio would say Quot it is coining a Aud push All the toys to Olio Side. Then there would be a shaking of the logs then she would turn a somersault and sit up in a new personality generally calling out Quot hello Quot As if she had just arrived. In this abnormal condition she called those around by ilm nicknames she and Given them at the time of Trio mania which suggested some connection Between this abnormal state and the mania which had preceded it. During this abnormal or a stage Slio talked baby talk clipping words Aud not recognizing Tho names of things. This stage lasted from 10 to 50 minutes and when she recovered Slio was dazed for two or three minutes when Slio would begin playing with her dolls at the Point where she had left off. Tims As or. Wilson said a the a. Or Normal stage is continuous and the a or abnormal stage is also Emit in Boas. But a knows nothing of baud b knows nothing of after two or three Mouths the girl was almost As frequently Trio girl b As the was the girl a. Up to Tho present time when she is in her Normal or a state she knows absolutely nothing of what occurs in the abnormal could Tiomi. She is a Good and honest girl As a while in her b condition she has stolen things. One Day. Outside a shop she took an Apple. Of seeing a policeman she put it Back again. Last january she became quite Blind Aud imbecile and had to be guided by sound and touch. But a Little Luter on she improved much in health so that she could walk Aud could see things at a distance of about three inches. During the abnormal Stato there wus a certain protrusion of Trio eyeballs which however disappeared when she returned to the Normal mental state. The Hospital mentions a particularly curious symptom of Trio Case. Although in the Normal she was not known to have any knowledge of drawing Slio made some rather Clever memory sketches while in the b state clearly from remembered fashion plates and some of these she Drew when Stone Hli Uil and when a Book was placed Between her eyes Aud the paper so that the influenza which treated her so wickedly seems at least to have taught the poor child to mail. The jetties of Galveston. A there is not in All Tho world anything in the Way of Harbor improvements at All to lie compared with the great work of jetty construction that the United states engineers have just completed at Galveston Quot said congressman Hawley who bails from that City Ami is Ulso the Only Republican in the Texas delegation. Or. Lawley who is one of the leading Imsiek is men of the Island City was lolling some friends about the results of Uncle Sam s munificent expenditure for deep water at his borne. A there Are two jetties Quot said to Quot Ono seven Miles in length and Tho other five and the distance Between them Clear out to the open sea is about 7,0u0 feet. They Are built of Sandstone and Granite in the most thorough Aud substantial Way and they will stand us a everlasting Monument to the skill and Wisdom of Tho engineers. They Uro a unqualified Success. We have now 2 1 feet of water of the bar and in a year s time can count of 20 feet for Trio work of scouring goes on constantly. Quot Trio practical benefits of deep water arc shown by the fact that in 18 to Trio value of exports from Galveston Harbor was go per cent greater than for any year in its past history despite Trio Low average of prices of All kinds of products. I do not believe in View of Trio great tributary country behind it that it is the View of an enthusiast or visionary when the prediction is made that Ere Many years Galveston will he one of the greatest Murts of Commerce in the United states. From this time Forward there is no limit to Tho expansion of her shipping interests for with ample sea room and depth of water she can accommodate the merchant Cruft of All countries. A a a Wash . Cupper sent Hal Rush Euger Couch. A Type of passenger coaches finished with Copper on the outside rather than the usual paint and varnish is being put into service of the new York new Haven and Hartford Railroad. Tho advantage of this is that the cars Are More readily kept in a condition of cleanliness mud brightness and when it is necessary to Send a car to Trio shops for a exterior overhauling it is ready for the service again in half the time required to paint Aud varnish it. All Tho Wood panelling and sheathing Are made in precisely Tho same manner and a Light coating of Copper is formed around the Wood fitting closely i Itu All the curves Aud Corners. Each Pic co of shut hug Aud its strip of Copper Are passed through the machine simultaneously Mill come out ready for use with the Copper wrapped tightly around the Wood. After the shouting Aud other parts Are covered or plated with Copper they Are applied to the body of the car in such a manner that the exposed surfaces ure not punctured by nails or other fastenings so that when completed the casual observer would not notice but that the car wus finished with paint and varnish. All joints Are completely water tight a mining Aud scientific press. Public auction of valuable real estate non Finney a a wharf. Acc Mac county Virginia. By virtue of a deed of Trust dated july 1st, 1801, exocet of by Isaac t. Wright to me As trustee for the Benefit of John t. And Charles p. Finney and now of record in the clerks office of Accomac county va., and by direction of said John t. And Charles p. Finney i will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder in front of the grand Central hotel at Onancock in said county on Satrian in 221 Lay of Lay about 3 o clock p. A. That very desirable tract of land known As the John a. White farm purchased by the said Isaac t. Wright containing 104 acres Moro or less and described in said deed As follows situate lying and being in the county aforesaid bounded on the North by the slut kill neck Road on Tho East by leather Bury a Branch on the South by lands of William Thos. Rogers and Spencer f. Rogers and on Tho West by Dinghy a a Mill Road dolls Road this property is located at the head of slut kill neck Aud 11 Miles from Finney a wharf and two and half Miles from the town of Onancock and but a Short distance fromn. Y., p. Amp n. R., thus giving exceptional privileges for shipment of produce. This farm is productive now in a Good state of cultivation with abundant resources in both Pine shuts and Woods soil. It is convenient to churches Ana schools has upon it Good and commodious dwelling Good outbuildings two tenement houses and Fine Shade Trees. Its location is very desirable one of the Best on the Eastern Bhore. Terms of Sale Twenty per cent of the Purchase Money to be paid in Cash on the Day of Sale with Liberty to the purchaser to pay As much More on that Day As he May desire and the balance not paid on Day of Sale to be divided into two equal instalments payable respectively at one and two years from nay of Sale with interest thereon from that Day to be secured by the separate Bonds of the purchaser with personal Security thereto to be approved by the undersigned trustee and waiving the Homestead exemption and the title to be retained As additional seem Ity the premises Are to be at Tho risk of the purchaser from the time they Are bid Oit by him and lie is to have Possession of the premises on january 1st, Isis upon complying with the terms of Sale and the rents and profits for the present year will not pass to the purchaser and the taxes and levies to january 1st, 180s, will be paid by the party receiving the rents or by the undersigned and upon payment of the whole Purchase Money the purchaser is to receive from the undersigned a conveyance of the premises by deed with special warranty of title upon the same properly prepared at the purchasers expense being tendered to the undersigned for execution. For further information apply to the under my hand this a the 22d Day of March 1897. Spencer f. Rogers trustee. Go to Fitt Lierly Pride. Quot Young Joycy seems to Ali Ink that Aew Flaky of his about tale most important creature now in tale a i guess so. insisted of paying full fare for it when they came of hero from new free Bress. Clue of Mil tour a biographers says that nearly 20 years elapsed Between the sketching out of the plan of a Paradise lost Quot mud the completion of that work. The actual labor of composition was condensed into three years. There is a smaller percentage of Light Gold coins afloat in London than anywhere else in the United kingdom. When Schumann was in love he Mote Quot i wish i Vertre a smile that 1 Light play out Yrne i irks. Quot peat Bargai by buying your of j. Adelstein. Onancock a. Practical watchmaker amp jeweler. We carry a Large and select line of All the latest style goods including watches clocks jewelry spectacles and silverware of All kinds. We have reduced our prices very Low to suit the times. Special attention paid to repair work on Fine watches clucks spectacles and jewelry of All kinds at greatly reduced prices All work warranted to be first class. Highest prices paid for old Gold and Silver. Will be at Accomac c. H., every court Day for repairing. B. O. Bell undertaker a Wachapreague. A. Keeps on hand a full line of g a s k e t s of All grades and sizes. Also a full line of hear Pine coffins i All Furui bed at the very lowest figuers. will meet All trains Aud boats at Short notice. For the Aud always to obtain the 251 lowest possible prices rej81ngkr, wholesale Ami retail dealers in All kinds of furniture carpets Oil cloths matting stoves refrigerators baby carriages and All Aorta of House Fornis Liinus. We. Reis1nger amp son �12 Columbia ave., Anil ill to �23 Portland st., Cor. Greene st. Baltimore Mil. City mud suburban Cura puts the door look a up it will pay you. Represented by s. Gladding. Fred Johnson. Livery. Ftp Sale and i Exchange l1 Duff Mason. Ables run in connection with hotel Mason new Church station va., Johnson 4 Mason proprietors. All trains diet and passengers conveyed to any part of Peninsula. It fair rates and with Comfort and dispatch. F. A. Davis a co., wholesale dealers in tobacco aah Fine cipro n. F co Howard amp German its. Baltimore my. Represented by Frank a. Byrd. Lewis Nock amp co. Aka fiktus in dry ggod8, notions boots and shoes Hay Lime bricks Salt and general merchandise. Porn Hay and Mill feed a specially special agents tor Wanamaker 4 Brown clothiers. Hallwood a. Free far Alt race. Kilburn Wagon entries for the free for All Pace and Trot mile heats Best 3 in 5, for Eastern Shore horses have closed. The race will Lake place on the fair grounds near Keller wednesday May 20th the entries Are As follows w. C. West Whitefoot record 2 30. J. C. Otwell regulus record 2 25.j. E. Roberts j. A. Record 2 38. Joe Guy Little Guy record 2 31. J. Bull lamp girl record 2 35. First horse to receive so per cent of All Entrance Money second horse to receive 50 per cent of Gate receipts third horse to receive 25 per cent of Gate receipts fourth horse to receive 15 per cent of Gate receipts. Kace to be called at 1 of clock Sharp. National trotting association rules to govern. House of enter a Imp Horn town a a Accomac county �? h. E. Townsend proprietor. Board by Dav week or Mouth on reasonable terms. Meals furnished of Bli Ort notice. no equal. You can see them everyday As there Are pal of them running in Accomac and Northampton counties a Large assortment of carriages at All prices. See our agents before buying. Rawlings implement co., Baltimore. For Sale by win. B. Supp Mapps Burg a. S. Nock Hailwood j. Doughty. Cape Charles j. T. Rogers Nassau Vado John d. Watts Parksley Arthur Saunders Eastville. A Iff �0rk, Pela. 12 Folk 8.1. Cd. Quickest and Only daily line Between Baotou new of in Philip a or Folk mul old Point Comfort. It Clell manufacturer of Sash. Doors blinds mouldings Newels Cabinet mantels balusters &c., amp a. Old i Jujj Usu i of. la a Lulu. Mucw1>uu�g-. Vitrit beat Sluk tilt Ului. Teliu re. . Kultur. Mulla. A a us Lye Ludicy. I curium cd �.-. Ali liar in nov thu lug Joi Iklo a Faiuu a i Juc Lulu a thu Lorous. A r Jou. a t a Bury. Vlf a mud a. a Arri a. Arrivo Kaiu inuit Tusk of it -.-. A Liila. Williw a a j a .uiuou,.�? Yron Tou. A a Wurl. A a of Zutic a. 51.�-.m-f. M a a. C .5 -7 us la a a in i Jimi a a a to a p. 5f. Re Fofi h a. In 33 it t. Id to la a in a r .21 it. I a �1 i u a i m -11 of. A �7 flu fcb a i 7 a a i i a j a 1 its. To. I a by 3. Ii a. 4 ill u. 4 1 a a t to. In a Quot Ltd. I us la iti in J a a a 1. I Lis . Fit a d. Church furniture pews Newels altars rails Etc. 1 la 7 it. A a it Suot the. To. I. 1 i i c Oil i Quot a a in a a lit. I. Liu. J . �-4 i. A. 1 Multi. 7 plans and specifications made and estimates torni sied for All classes of buildings. Luetory a Salisbury my. A correspondence solicited. is 1 unit i. A Xou. A vis. A Jim a. new yorilf.. a a a who War. A a a a Rulla. Is Ruul Luzj. A Juu or .4� Urt iti wort Muaulu. Sui our. 1 log to �?��?��?��?��?~2 a a a Quot a i amp a a Lulua. Ciu Bury. 7., Fiu Juau a a a a a Loretta. Orr a . £11 a Creoli t a a Harborton va., desires to Call attention of Farmers and truckers to the following excellent brands of fertilizers seven per cent., Virginius guano Sweet potato mixture sound ammonia ted super phosphate. All of the above brands for Sale by a. F. Waters Nandua. ., l. N. Boggs . Both of Ilie above will also furnish a Jjo Toj s if Alert justly celebrated i special Sweet potato . For further information address it s. Ii. Martin if co. Jar Lorion. General agents. A a 3 to. L Cut Yoko. O now cur i -. Dalh Luli. Lug it Dpi. Tax Ruiey. A to icy. Us a Wurt. Ac.1er-. Labour Lamure. Ides tii Rrt o Alwi a. Us Vulto. A a a Wool. I4 co. It in. A. I. A a 4i -4lo t i a a a jul. 1j. A it a a a to. Cd a a i. I. T cd. Fco a j it a 3 a j i i. A cd a i. it i 4 a. I. I 4 of v. E. Selby of va., with Alex. J. Hart successor to Quigley Mullen us a to a a a f a Itco. Of a Ruiu. a Ollela. a a a a a a 77 a 1 Arrivo p a. v a tops for a Blu Luc Uduc daily Usu ii. Wilmington Del Nicholas superintendent. Cupe Charley Vul. B. Cooke uen i Rogut and tax Seeger agent Norfolk. A. I via to k is i kl�1 05010 Orricer. And dealer in cig sri anti tobacco Orff is Fil d on Day received Quick Iran Sis and lowest prices Mould commend us do the Patron ago the Peninsula a a a a re a. Of c. Barnes has opened his Quot to 03 a a o 4-3 cd o 1 o o pc 03 of a la he Baltimore Chesapeake amp Atlantic railway win Ruu to us Kiwi More a follow to Alber Poriol Tusiga a a Vii a we urn at 5.0� clock in a. St Mer . t. Us a a 111. �?�r.40�duyumi in a witty Fiat uyt a Huwui Cucic. a Ulai. Dar us a lloy Obol in. Foo us a and Sui get Ull. Us Usu Guys Mio thur away it ivc j till. A a. 6 3 ,pvci�uo�.ucll� i we a a t be it a a bout but tar Liefl it. Vul n t 10, a Holly Usu 10 15, i Llu uhf a Rcok in i. Us Alcoce a it Quot it. 3, i i Island ormolu 0. Thu Roday k Uii july fit Cam or Kas inks skim lib. . Hindu its tur folds. , Evan Lio a. A Liu uling Croll Zutl a a Ufa Silti Llma set a a Riuo a Ardara 7, a a like itis 7.15, us via a. Als 3 w. A Vii void , 12 a. Vine i Llin Jyh vi.g�, i.vaiia�?T3, ii Mboi ton . Oils Avld g. Foru s b. ro lords Ensslen Luis coriou., ,. Kt.ii.�. Huuki pfc a. A 1 attended to Uli i Momiu ugh a ii. M., Cuve it. A Imp to adv . Rul us v. A via a. Foj. I 1 Boll Irti i 2u, l to a. A 1 will Lold us Lake off Sll a i i loud tro Tili turn re. _ icily pc Fulk Cociu Iol Tobt Ari Vul of or Jui f or Ira in Tutu a a mite of a a. V., Falla itch Runvik. We. a i. In. Rulo. Boia v. Are Tujo tunic . Kali roads. Rofail Ivriy to in us Musi do to i a a our. It la of n. i cry t Iuit Luau Jar Hull Llou Siam. By a a Llu a. . A if a a a 2gtl Hei Isis Sll it combined at Parksley a. Ity and country made harness kept constantly on hand also cd Art saddles All cheap for Cash. Horse cans and repairing a mess , All work and jewelry repaired on Short notice. I have for Sale Wattjes. Clocks jewelry spectacle Eye glasses and silverware in Many styles and at lowest prices. We. Sartorius Pocomoke City my. A a a will be at Accomac c. Every court Day. It Willard Trio p. Clark Ohni Ajo a a i r v la e a Quot r t s a 7.�?� a a i ism u oor. Pratt 4 via Vert sts., Baltimore id. Of rope an plan. New Stu Rehfuse new Gogh a Low f 50 ref. �z5 cd. i it or to. Houck ii now Olfin is ii Lirida in a nut i 1 a i Jilin my wit i nil the a Toivi �.iviic�?elevator, Etc of i in i i is. Eit a Erie Eull its amp i j. Hard amp a. Kilt Profiri Etc Call on me at my Glor Eliouse ree Exil in enlarged Ana locked with new on goods tor a a i a Quot. A a a. Rvs a t. an. Martir incl groceries canned Good Yon. R it a. I other Fecit queries cigars and to a a a d. Lady veil Fly Bacco notions crockery a a Iyog t a it a it a hardware Wood and w u a a air �1 Udy Low Ware i rails and vegetables Iresh meats and Many other articles too nuts. Ii Iii eat. Intr ,.l Quot Pili a Etta ii j j la Cli in Ilet 1 ii.1.n, club a in its if it bites and i i it in cd Iro eyes. L or a a be by in run Ryles at a a Uius per Box. Erous to mention All Staple try or. Faily a t a Iii a a a re ers to lick work done by Dav or goods in fact with few except a it ral Itai. A f r., i Man one Titus. Respectfully. A a write to me or fall it respectfully it. T. Is s it d or Onancock a a new livery scabies now open at Accomac c. H., a. And first class service Guaran anted at Low prices. Passengers conveyed to All parts of Peninsula. Team ordered by wire or , sent to any Point on Short notice. E t. Coleburn Harry c0le5urn proprietors. 6. Welly Jug Ifird contractor and builder Accomac c. H., a. All work first class. Material furnished when desired. Plans and specifications prepared on Short notice. Lowest prices on All first class work can t be under bid. Contract. Of me for i for Sale b a Binck Stone 4 Bell acc i Mac c. ., an i v. Parker. Our cock Vul. Estimates. G. Welly Coard

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