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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1920, Page 5

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - February 25, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia R fight Thi wild Carrot. This Weed is a great spreader but not very hard to eradicate. The wild Carrot familiarly known As a a Birds a nest or a Queen Annex a lace a 3 is found on wild land and along the roads in the Eastern half of the United states and Canada. It came Here from England. It produces Flower stalks from Oue to three feet High and has tall slender hollow stems and a finely Cut Leaf. The Flowers Are White and the clusters with the stems resemble an umbrella. It has a very Strong suffocating odor when in Bloom and this with its nectar attracts scores of insects. It blooms from june to september. The Large number of insects which visit it make Polle Niza Tion almost sure which partly accounts for the readiness with which it spreads says farm and fireside. It is a biennial and the first season it produces rather Low vegetative growth. The second season it sends up Long Flower stems. The seeds Are very numerous and if the Flower stems Are Cut Down before seed has been formed new stems will come up. This Weed is a Demon to spread but not very hard to eradicate. Good Cul made from scrap Iron. How some old material May be turned into a useful tool. On every farm there is sure to accumulate in time a considerable amount of old Iron. This is always saved with the idea that some of it can be utilized for various purposes and with the knowledge that the remainder can be sold As old Iron. It is Good Economy to save this material and it is a Good plan to sort it More or less closely so that similar articles ig.2 photograph by Iowa state College of a of culture. Wild Cabbot. Tiva Tion will keep it out of cropped Fields especially where there is a rotation including one or More cultivated crops. In permanent pastures along roads and in other places not cultivated it should be Cut Down with the scythe. This must be clone repeatedly to keep the new Flower stems that Spring up from carrying their seeds to maturity but persistent cutting will kill the Weed out generally in two years. If the weeds Are not too numerous they can be killed off individually once and for All by cutting the Root underground with a Spud Sharp Spade or other Handy implement. Recent tests have indicated that the wild Carrot is vulnerable to several Weed killing sprays. Oue solution that is recommended is sodium Arsenite one Pound to t Wenty six Gallons of water sprayed on when the plants Are dry. A a. A to w. When we have repaired the buildings where our live Stock is kept through the Winter would it t not be Well to visit the a school a House on the Hill and look Over a the buildings where the children y spend the Winter Days tobacco stems for fertilizer. Tobacco stems Are sometimes sold As a fertilizer. If comparatively dry they contain something Over 2 per cent of nitrogen a Trace of phosphoric acid and 5 or g per cent of Potash. They usually retail around $14 a ton and Are Well Worth the Money american agriculturist. Advice to Coen growers. Unless there is an experienced and successful Corn breeder in the Vicinity it who makes a specially of growing first class seed Corn every Farmer had better make his own selection from his own Field or from the Best Fields of neighbouring farms. Try peppers for profit. Peppers May be easily grown in All parts of the country and Market prices Are generally quite Good. Foreigners consume them in Large quantities and americans Are using them More extensively than a few years ago. Pruning note. Currants and gooseberries May be pruned As Scon As the leaves fall or the work May be loft until Early Spring. Cut Back one third of last years growth and thin out surplus diseased or a Thrifty shoots. Iti i i it air j. A a it there Are thousands of dollars oct every year by sowing poor seeds. Do not expect a Good crop when poor seeds Are sown. Seasons Good cultivation and proper fertilization will not compensate for seed from in a Ferio Quot plants. Feeding Mangels. The use of roots and especially Mangels for Dairy cows is still much practice in Nany portions of the United states and Canada. The English Farmers set that Mangels should not be fed until they have been stored about three months for the reason that during the period of storing the Mangel gains Mucor in Dairyman. Chemicals with manure. This is the Way some of to because manure when fertilizer is logo on the crop a Load of manure is put in the spreader and thirty to forty pounds of the chemicals scattered Over it. The result is that the whole thing is evenly new yorker. The Way with weeds. Possession is said to be nine Points of Law. This is certainly True of weeds. When they once get Possession of a Field it takes about nine times the labor to get rid of them than would be needed of they had been held in Check from the Start. Useful in making wire joints. From the Kansas Farmer May be together. Use for something from this scrap pile May be found almost daily. For instance an old Wagon tire May be Cut straightened out and used As the connecting Rod on a Wagon Brake. _ in the Cut shown herewith there is indicated a Way in which a very useful tool May be made from the half of an old strap hinge. This homemade tool is for use in making wire joints or couplings and the picture shows pretty Well How it is used. As the Loop on the Ordinary hinge is generally too Small to accommodate a two or three strand wire the picture is drawn to show this Loop Cut off and the end of the hinge Bent Over to form a new one. Before this new Loop is made a Section of the hinge should be filed away As shown so As to give a grip on the end of the a Nice smooth wire coupling or splice not Only adds much to its appearance but increases its life As Well. A Good joint does not pull apart and with the Aid of this tool it is just As easy to make a Good smooth joint As a poor one and it lasts. A Kansas Farmer. It the Dane buys our cottonseed t and linseed meal and exports a butter keeping All the Fertility 4 on his soil. Can the Dane teach Al us anything 4 method for old Orchards. Professor w. N. Munson recommends for treatment of old Orchards to plow As Early As possible in the Spring Harrow at once and apply about 500 pounds of fertilizer to the acre then Harrow about once in two weeks until the Middle of August when a cover crop of Rye or Spring vetch should be sown. In working among the Trees he finds the traceless harness of great value. The exact time and method of tillage Are not so important As to be sure that a fair if count of tillage is cultivator. For tying up shocks. A Handy thing to use in tying up Corn or fodder shocks bore a three eighths Inch Hole in a Broomstick pass through this a piece of clothesline six inches Shorter than a Hay baling wire. In the end of the line tie a three Inch ring. Go around the Shock with the line and stick place the stick through the ring and pull it through. Then you can tithe Shock with baling wire. For an underground tank. We have the Assurance of the scientific american that the Best material for an underground tank is heavy Black Sheet Iron thoroughly painted with Iron paint or some preserving compound. This is said to be More durable than galvanized Iron especially in some soils and where electric currents exist. The hum of the hive. The principal products Honey and Wax were never in greater demand than at the present time and beekeeping bids fair to soon take a higher rank among the productive industries than As hitherto been accorded it. There is but one kind of Lioney for the Farmer to produce for Liis own use and that is a pc Funk a comb Honey Cut out of the Frame and put into jars to be kept. When a Queen is no longer Young some instinct teaches the bees that they should look ahead and prepare for future contingencies. The doctrine so frequently enunciated a keep Only Young Queens a is simply a lesson taught us by the Wisdom of the bees. The Long nights May be turned to Good account by the Handy Man in the mending of supers etc., that May not be in use. The work can be done thoroughly As there is no hurry As in the summer when the whole of the parts and fitting Are upon Active service so to speak. Done to set the hives in neat scrws with the entrances All facing one Way. They can be placed in pairs but the pairs should be scattered As widely As possible. This is an important Point Blit it would take a Page to explain All the whys. It is Well to open up and ventilate the Bee cellar occasionally for an hour or to after dark and to sweep and gather up Auy dead bees that May have accumulated on the cellar floor. Why be Content with ten or Twenty pounds of surplus Honey per hive when a Little careful manipulation will mean seventy five or even Ico pounds from every prosperous Colony in a Good season _ possibly. Or. Briggs Here san article my dear a very interesting article in which a prominent doctor says that a certain cure for nervousness in women is silence Complete silence. Mrs. Briggs promptly a ill bet anything some fool of a Man doctor wrote that a Cleveland Plain dealer. Easily attained. A i am determined to live in luxurious surroundings and eat and drink the Best the land affords a said the frankly selfish Man. A that ought to be easily arranged a replied miss Cayenne. A fall you have to do is to get a situation As a Butler a a Washington Star. Wishing them a Safe voyage. A Mabel and George after much quarrelling Over the arrangements for their honeymoon have decided to take the trip in an a Well i Trust that when they get above the Clouds they wont have a foiling out a a widow. Japanese Logio. A teacher of English in Japan recently gave As an examination question a what is a ventilator a besides the number of answers that were approximately Correct there were two which indicated that the students must have been absent either in body or mind on the Day Ellen the schoolroom ventilator had been discussed. The first was a the ventilator lives in the mountains a the second a Columbus was a great when occasion offered the teacher reminded his class that attention and application Are requisite for acquiring knowledge and seriously asked them Why any Oue should have Given an answer such As tie one concerning Columbus. One of the Best spokesmen in the class essayed an explanation somewhat As follows a Columbus brought new ideas Back to the old world he changed the current of thought Aud opened a great door into the new and outer world therefore he was a great youths companion. N washing your hand when you go to the washstand and carefully Wash your hands with a generous application of soap Aud Bard Brush do not think for an instant that your hands Are clean. The tenacious microbe refuses to be disturbed and clings to the flesh throughout the whole operation. There Are some chemical compounds which will dislodge the Busy Bacilli to a certain extents but not entirely. According to the investigations of a medical authority of the prussian army the Best results in the direction of giving the hands a sanitary cleaning Are accomplished by the use of alcohol. A Bath of pure alcohol will remove about 99 per cent of the germs. Where it is desired to clean the hands hygienically it is recommended that the hands be not first washed with water for this will so adulterate the alcohol that it cannot accomplish its work As effectively As otherwise. The Story of a famous hymn. The famous hymn beginning a god moves in a mysterious Way a Kii own As a a Cowper a hymn a had its origin As follows Cowper was All his life the victim of melancholia and More than once attempted suicide. One Day Bent upon destroying himself he got into a cab and ordered the Driver to take him to a certain Point on tie River where he intended to drown himself. The Cabman noticing his strange appearance and feeling that All might not be right with him drove him about the City and finally stopped in front of the poets door. Stepping out and recognizing the old familiar surroundings and shocked at the thought of his narrow escape Cowper exclaimed a god moves in a mysterious Way his wonders to perform a and. Rushing in immediately composed the immortal hymn. Not a a Royal i a Royal Maggot i am a Soldier i come from the people i have made myself am i to be compared with Louis xvi.? i listen to everybody but my own mind is my Only Counselor. There Are some men who have done France More harm than the wildest revolutionaries the talkers and the rationalists. Vague and false thinkers a few lessons of geometry would do them quoted in a the corsican. Cards on sunday. Pepys the diarist was greatly scandalized when he first saw cards flayed on a sunday. A i did find the Queen the Duchess of York and another at cards with the room full of ladies and great men which i was amazed to see on a sunday having not believed but contrarily flatly denied the same a Little while Small things. We Are too fond of our own will. We want to be doing what we fancy mighty things but the great Point is to do Small things when called to them in a right spirit. The tank. Frioud to confirmed Toper a i done to Bee How you can drink so much. Its shocking. Toper it shocks me too. It surprises me. I suppose its just to give awkwardly is Chu lishness. The most difficult part is to give. Then Why not add u smile a la Bruyere. A would be widow. 116 who has just proposed a i Hope you done to think that i am too old for you she of no i was Only wondering if you were old bits. Queer comparison. A Briggs reminds me of an a smart a a no transcript his Clerkley Isnit this earlier than your usual time for going Boise Barkley be but my wife said if i came out by the 3 45 shed meet me with the Carriage. A i did no to know you kept a horse and a her of cry its a baby and one marked difference. As we understand it the difference 1 Between grand opera and the other kind is that there is very Little of the former that can be journal. Keeping the actors clean. Some years ago when playing in Leeds i started a swimming Competition among the members of my company and to encourage them offered As a prize a Silver Loving cup won by the Way by the late Edward Lon Nen. The event apparently created some interest in the town and a Friend heard two men engage in a discussion As follows first Many i say Durst to know this a Ere Terry a Given a Coop to bes swimmer in company second Many Aye. What a that for first Many of i suppose its to keep them play actors Terry in Era annual. Iceland in summer. When the Sheen of 8uneet Greet the Golden glow of Sunrise. Iceland the name itself la a Barrier to tourist travel. But let the tourist ignore prejudice and embark at Copenhagen or Leith and be will and a delightful voyage Over a smiling summer sea if be should go during june july or August he will be hardly More than two Days out of sight of land the Farreau Chang Roe bound coast of Scotland or the Snow crowned Peak of Iceland but the journey across will occupy about four Days. For Bis amusement the dolphins will Tumble the whales will bout the Seal will swim and the sea Birds will Fly and there will be glorious sunrises and sunsets with hardly More than two hours of night intervening. When he finally reaches Iceland he will see the Sun set about 11 40 of clock and Rise again shortly after 12 of clock the Golden glow of the Sunset mingling with the Golden glow of the Sunrise. All these delights cannot be assured to the Winter traveler to Iceland. In fact he will be obliged to keep his lamp burning until 10 30 in the morning and then Light it again at 2 of clock in the . W. F. Crafts to Christian Herald. Volcanic Monument. Wonderful old a slanting Rook Noar Portland Oro. One of the most remarkable rocks in the world is that known As the a balancing Rock a which stands on the Bank of the Willamette River a Short distance above the City of Portland or. Rising from a Broad base is a Small column roughly round in shape. Just above this is a huge mass of Reck bearing a tree on the Summit the total height of Rock and column being about a Hundred feet. Although n great Deal larger and heavier than the pillar on which it stands the big Rock is very accurately balanced. For How Many centuries this Odd Freak has stood not even the Wisest scientists Are Able to determine but it has evidently been there for a very Long period. The entire Rock is of a volcanic nature and the most singular thing about it is the fact that the Knob and pillar Are entirely disjointed from one another. Wind and Wither no doubt Are slowly wearing uie a balancing Rock away but the process is so imperceptible that falling some unforeseen catastrophe the Monument Wilt probably endure for Many wide world Magazine. The menus Kletske. Out of loyalty to i own Star the manager of the to Oman a suit department discharged his Young woman stenographer and hired a Man. The first Batch of letters dictated to the Man were written to about a Hundred old customers whom he invited to examine privately n lot of exclusive garments before they were placed on Bale. The Day after the letters were mailed the women flocked into the store but the fire that burned in their eyes was the fire of the Avenger rather than of the bargain Hunter. One word which each woman had underlined in her letter explained their Wrath. The garments so the manager had meant to say had been designed for women of Stock figure such As they possessed but the Mulc stenographer had drawn on the alphabet and had written it a no woman on Earth would have been guilty of such a mistake a growled the manager the next week the girl stenographer had her Job Ledger. Great men tall and Short. A recent investigator has attempted to show that Lombroso and his follow ers were wrong in asserting that men of Genius were of Small stature. Of 230 individuals of Eminence he found that figures were obtainable for 103 of these sixteen were of Middle height fifty eight above and Twenty nine below. Americans particularly combined greatness with inches. Jefferson and Jackson were More than six feet tall. Sumner was six feet four inches and Washington Lincoln and Beecher were More than six feet. Among famous foreigners Tolstoy was a Large Man and so were Thackeray Bismarck and Darwin. On the contrary Many of the worlds greatest geniuses were undersized and even deformed. Napoleon Poe Pope Alexander the great Nelson Blake and Caesar were Small men. After All is said Genius is no respecter of York american. Telephone your telegrams you Are a Bell subscriber say to the operator a a Telegram and Che will connect you with an office of the Western Union Telegraph co. Which will immediately transmit your Telegram night letter or cablegram. Bills for Tol Grams will be included on your regular monthly Telephone Bill. At night on sundays or holidays when the local Telegraph office May be closed the regular charge for telegrams will be made. The Bell company will connect its subscribers with an open Western Union office without additional charge. Telegrams night letters and cablegram May be sent and paid for Fri pm Lisic telephones. Tell phone agents in charge will explain the method of payment every Bell Telephone a Telegraph nation a Unn it making up an motor. In in King up an Amateur actor should remember that As Little paint As possible should be used for while it is easy to disguise by a thick mask of pigment the heavier the makeup the the Man with a cold. The sympathy in to the Man with a hard cold is purely perfunctory. We know or at least we think we know that he will not die. We know that he is thoroughly wretched yet we Are equally certain that in three Days or so he will be coming upstairs two at a time. This does not Comfort him though he May know it himself. He therefore feels himself an outcast a pariah. He is Cut off from the Ordinary human relations. If he so much As kisses his wife or child he is a blackguard mentally self convicted of it. Nobody loves him and he May go out into the Kitchen and drink cough transcript. Doing chores. Ear there is cessation from toll on a farm. It is different in Winter that is All. The Days Are Shorter the work rougher. Of course much depends upon the character of the farm. Considerable Leisure is possible where few cattle Are kept and general trucking done. But always there Are the a remarkably elastic express j Slos that a doing it May mean much or nettle. Some Dairy Farmers for instance whose serious business in life is milking cows May Potter around the farm after the mornings milking and taking the mornings milk to the Creamery or Railroad station cat their noon dinners mend some Fence look Over the harness or haul s. J. Thomas amp co., boots shoes and trunks. The shape the Wear the Quality of our shoes have made us popular for three generations. S. J. Thomas amp co., 240 main Street Norfolk a. More difficult it is to convey sensitive emotional variations by the changing out manure Potter around some More to and then say a guess its about time expression of the face. If it is possible to arrange ones own hair in a Way suitable to the character so much the better for though it May in no Way seem More real than a wig. It will prove infinitely More comfortable. When the actor looks As much like the part As he possibly can without the Aid of artificial disguise he begins to apply nose paste paint and powder Boll win rating one characteristic and accentuating another painting the eyebrows out and redrawing them changing the color of the skin putting shadows around the eyes and sinister lines running from the nostrils. He adds a roughly shaped Beard or Mustache of Crape hair if the character demands it harpers weekly. N credit dept. Wonderful hats. On one occasion Lincoln was presented with two Fine hats each by a different hatmaker. Neither knowing that the other had made such a con i Tributino. In the course of events they called upon the president and it so happened that both called at the c same time. When both found them i selves in the presence of the executive Ujj they asked How he had liked the hats j they and sent him and taking Adan j Tage of the Opportunity of securing at in statement of superiority of one or the other make the president was asked to state his preference. To Many men Ujj such a question would be very Embar f passing. But to Lincoln not at All. He \ to do the chores a meaning to milk two dozen cows or so the real hard work of the press. Believed them True stories. When Dante published his a a inferno the simplicity of the age accepted it As a True narrative of his descent into Bell. When the a a Utopia of sir Thomas Moore was first published it occasioned a pleasant mistake. This political Romance represents a perfect but visionary Republic in an Island supposed to have been newly discovered in America. A was this was the age of discovery a says Granger a the Learned Budaus and others took it for a genuine history and considered it As highly. Expedient that missionaries should be sent thither in order to convert so Wise panties organized in America have failed or a retired. That Many readers were convinced ii Silliss to d6 Justl Lisci us oui test that Guin Iver a travels were fic Titinik Edge. You should know the financial condition of the Blackbird Day.,&Quot insurance company on which your pecuniary welfare May Jan. 30 and 31 and feb. 1 Are famous do gild amp and its Tacord for dec Uita,bl6 try amp Tell Lent of claim at constantinople Brescia and along ars in insurance As in All else the future can Best be the Danube and the Rhine As the a i it to. _0�,f a Blackbird a curious legend judged by the pcs ask your banker about the financial standing of our companies. Ove seventy five per cent of All fire insurance com a pm a Omni in in urn a nil late a a of Varl says that originally All species of Grack Les blackbirds were White and that they became Black because during one year in the Middle Ages the three Days mentioned above were so cold that All took the hat one in each band and a Joe girds in Europe took Refuge in the then replied gravely but with a mis Ujj chimneys. At Brescia the three a Days it costs no More to get the Best. A talk with Kelly amp Nottingham Onancock Virginia. A Chievous twinkle in his keen eyes a gentlemen your hats do mutually surpass each other a r an honoured pig. A four footed discoverer is honoured in the town Hall of Luneburg Prussia. It is u memorial to a pig that breathed its last 300 years ago. This consists of a handsome Glass Case enclosing a Ham in excellent preservation and underneath a Black Marble Tablet with the following inscription in Gold letters a passersby. Here you behold the mortal remains of the pig which acquired for itself imperishable glory by the discovery of the Salt Springs of Harvest time. Teachers now. Earlie Tell us when is the Harvest season earlier from november to March. Teachers Why. Earlie i am surprised that you should name such Barren months who told you they were the Harvest season earlier a. He a a Kee Nevis. Both recovering. Friend a. Doctor How did Yoo make out with that Cranky patient of yours doctor of we re both on the Road to recovery. He s Able to be about and i am suing for my Exchange. Nature fits All her children something to . With the Beautiful Bridge popular love of Art May be carried1 too far. The author of a a Chirtea Bour Bon Constable of France a tells us that on the occasion of the sack of Rome the citizens refused to secure their safety by taking the advice of their Captain. Reuzov a Ceri and cutting the Bridges Ponte Quattro Cap and Ponte Sisto. The people declined on the ground that they wore a too appropriate. A a Youngpo is going to have his baby christened a How stranger a ooh i done to know. The youngster carny on the first of the puck. Life. Life 1s,.isot made up of great sacrifices of duties but of Little things of which smiles and kindness and Small obligations Given habitually Are Wii win and preserve the heart. Are celebrated with a feast called a i Giorni Della Merla a or a the feast of the transformation of the a prompt payment of fire Accomac va., dec. 22nd, 1910. Conscience. Misses. L. Len Lilliston amp co., it was de Quintey who likened con general insurance agents science to the whispering gallery in Accomac a. St Paul a London. A word spoken gentlemen a.,Ever so softly on one Side it the Vest 1 am today id receipt of draft for $300.00, in settlement of loss under dome Islo Uibo re echoed on he either Springfield fire amp Marine policy no. 1002, which occurred on the 16th inst Home is loudly re Reno a on the especially desire to thank Yon and your office Lor the promptness and in youth conscience chid him in sullen court 8hown me in this matter. At the time of the fire i had neither whispers in old age at the other end r6ceve j my policy or paid the Premium on same having Only the Day be a of his life gallery the same conscience Ole Given Jcu the business and naturally Felt a Little uneasy but in lest a poke of him in peals of Thunder. The than a week from the Date of the fire i am in receipt of your draft and a till Small voice Hleb the boy would he after shall always specify the Springfield fire amp Marine insurance Mot hear returned to the old Man like company. The crack of doom in terrible self re a i would thank you to Call to see me at your earliest convenience and the monster a write me policies upon two other buildings and will gladly notify you of a the other expiration As they occur upon my other property. You Are at Liberty to use this letter in any manner which you May desire and i shall be Only too glad to recommend the Springfield fire amp Marine whenever i May have an Opportunity. I am now fully convinced that it pay to buy insurance in old established companies especially when it costs the same. Y a Thomas w. Twyford. Preaches. Even Nero bad to Fly from the spot where he had a caused his Mother to be murdered. He Ign cled he was Bausted by her angry ghost that he Beard the blowing of a ghostly trumpet Aud Wallings Over her Tomb. What a terrible discoverer of bin conscience is a Christian Herald. Announcements. I hereby announce myself a candidate for sheriff of Accomac county by Bietto the democratic primary the coming summer. Four years ago when a candidate for this office i lost by 62 votes. Very Many who opposed me before promised me their support this time. These new friends together with those who stood so loyally by me before and whom i have every reason to believe still stand by me now make me feel very confident of Success. Thanking All my friends for the Many kind expressions that have come to me encouraging me to make the race. Very gratefully b. T. Melson. To the voters of Accomac county this in to inform my friends and fellow citizens that i am a candidate for the office of commissioner of Revenue for the lower Parish subject to the democratic primary and kindly ask that they consider this announcement As a personal Appeal co them to vote for me for this office As i shall be unable to see Allol the voters in person but assure them that if they give me their support it will be highly appreciated by me. Your truly Robt. P. Goleburn. To the voters of the Atlantic magisterial District i take thie method of announcing myself As candidate for Constable for the next term by eject to the democratic primary which will be held this coming summer and Promise if elected to discharge my duty to the Best of my ability hoping it will be your pleasure to give me your support and thanking you in Advance i am yours very truly o. X. Kelley. Mckemie Park va., february 9,1911. friends and fellow citizens of me Tompkin magisterial District at the solicitation of Many friends i hereby respect tally announce myself candidate for the office of Justice of the peace Lor said District subject a to the democratic primary to be Neld Che coming summer. The office of Justice of the peace is one of considerable importance to the masses of the people and if Promise it elected to discharge the duties thereof honestly impartially Aud fearlessly always acting fairly and squarely Between Man and Man. Thanking my friends in Advance tor any assistance they May see fit to give me tor Winch i will always feel grateful i am very sincerely yours Jeackie l. Byrd. Mappsville va., to the voters of Pungoteague Dis-1 Triet at the solicitation of Many friends i hereby announce my sett a candidate for the office of Constable for the said District subject to the democratic primary to de held the coming Bummer. If nominated and elected i Promise to discharge the duties faithfully impartially and fearlessly trusting that i May have your support and influence. Thanking my friends in Advance for any assistance they May see fit to give me for which i will always feel grateful i am very respectfully yours Thomas h. Budd Quinby a. To the voters of me Tompkin District. I respectfully announce myself a candidate for Constable of Baid District subject to the democratic primary if nominated and elected it will be my pleasure to discharge the duties of the office Faith Lilly efficiently and in the Best interest of the people. Soliciting your support. Very respectfully o. A. Lankford. To the voters of me Tompkin magisterial District i take this method of announcing myself a candidate for the office of Constable for said District tor the next term subject to the next democratic primary to be held next year and hereby most respectfully solicit the support and influence of the voters of said District for Baid position. If elected i Promise to discharge the duties of said position in a faithful Aud energetic Mauuer to the Best of my ability. Hoping it will be your pleasure to give me your support and influence Quot and thanking you in Advance 1 am a very sincerely yours William t. Mason. Parksie va., i am a candidate for the office of Constable of me Tompkin District subject to the democratic primary and take this method of soliciting the support of the voters of the District. If nominated and elected i will Endeavor to Merit you Confidence by faithful and efficient discharge of the duties of the office. Respectfully James g. Walker. To my friends and fellow citizens 1 hereby announce myself a candidate for the democratic nomination for Constable of me Tompkin magisterial District at the Cuming primary. If elected i Promise to energetically and faithfully perform the duties of said office. 1 will thank my friends for any interest which they May Manifest in my behalf. I am very respectfully George t. Groton see Bagdad from afar. Like most Oriental cities. Bagdad looks her Best from a distance. You miss the filthy narrow streets where two horses can hardly walk abreast and behold a vision of luxuriant Date Groves ont of which Rise Little islands of teen domes and Graceful minarets. In the Days of its splendor the East India company maintained in the City of the caliphs a resident,1 with a generous establishment nowadays we Are Content with the usual modest consular Spectator. Seeing and feeling. Bill which do you think the most reliable sense seeing or feeling Jill Why feeling of course. A Why so Quot a Well when Yon look at a girls foot you think it is Dainty when she Steps on your tee you change your a Yonkers statesman. They eat them. A so you Are raising chickens a Bald the Day Friend. A yes a answered or. Cross Iota. A what do you find the greatest men Ace to the welfare of poultry a a sunday life. Parksie and Pocomoke Marble wifi is. Manufacturers of Marble and , headstones Tate lets &c., Edward h. Howard proprietor. Presley a. If you have trouble in getting rid of your cold you May know that you Are not treating it properly. There is no j reason Why a cold should hang on for weeks and it will pot if you take chamberlains cough remedy. For a ale by All dealers. 1 Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument or. This Peninsula in writing to Davis amp bro., Laurel del., or seeing our local agents t. G. Kell am Onancock. W. H. Pruitt Geo. W. Abdull. Beile Haven. A d. Grange Ville. Cemetery notice persons in Accomac and adjoining Countie. Wishing to Mark the grave of a relative or Friend with Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now de so a a very Small outlay As we keep in Stock a Large collection of finished work of Modem designs of the Best workmanship and at the very lower prices. 115 n. Liberty st. Near Lexington also 314 s. Charles st. Gaddess Brothers established seventy five tears. Baltimore my. New York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. R. In effect Jan. 8, 1911. South bound trains. No. 49 no. 87 no. 45 no. 41 no. 47 leave p. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. A. M. New York no. 9 00 12 38 838 700 Philadelphia 1120 5 45 300 559 10 00 a. M. Wilmington 12 05 6 55 3 44 652 10 44 p. M. Baltimore 18 00 135 455 900 leave a. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. P. M. Delmar so 10 45 6 57 10 15 186 Salisbury 3 10 11 01 7 09 10 27 148 Princess Anne 3 28 11 29 740 10 55 209 Kings Creek 11 34 7 45 1100 2 13 Pocomoke .8 45 11 59 8 10 11 15 2 32 a a. P. M. New church356 12 14 8 28 Hailwood 12 39 848 part Sley 12 57 904 Tash y 4 39 109 9 14 Keller 126 9 27 Exmore 143 9 41 Birds nest 157 9 53 ea8tville 2 11 10 05 Cape Charles 615 4 30 10 26 4 �0 old Point 800 6 20 6 20 Norfolk arrive 9 05 725 7 25 North bound trains. No. 44 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 no. 46 leave a. M. A. M. . . A. M. Norfolk 800 615 800 old Point 8 45 7 15 8 45 Ca amp Echarles �05 930 00 1185 Eastville l9 52 623 11 57 p. M. 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