Big Stone Gap Post in Big-Stone-Gap, Virginia
13 Feb 1907

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Big Stone Gap Post in Big-Stone-Gap, Virginia
13 Feb 1907

Read an issue on 13 Feb 1907 in Big-Stone-Gap, Virginia and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Big Stone Gap Post.

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - February 13, 1907, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Accomac court House a. Saturday june 13, 1s9g. Entered at the of Stoffle at Accomac 0. A. Va., a second Cluiss matter. Contested election eases now eur Gage the attention of the House of representatives and fairness and decency do not seem to bother the majority of the republicans controlling that body. The Rule now is to declare a Democrat a not entitled to his seat Quot if a Republican wants it. A report favourable to a Democrat retaining his seat by the Electious committee is not Only disregarded but the minority in the House is not even give a Chance to tile its views upon the question. Murray a negro from the first South Carolina District was give the seat of or. Elliott from that state last week for no better reason than that the census returns showed a negro majority in that District. Martin populist from North Carolina was voted a seat saturday to the exclusion of or. Lockhart the regularly elected Democrat from the sixth District from that state without giving to the democrats of the body even the Courtesy of a hearing. Or. Tucker too of Virginia it is said must give up his seat because one Jacob Yost wants it and general Jim Walker the new convert to republicanism thinks it would increase his chances of re election in the ninth District. The elections committee of the House has reported almost unanimously in favor of or. Tucker but that is not expected to count for anything. Republicans who Are so for the loaves and fishes cannot do without them and the average Republican is usually willing to help them along that line. There Wasno Justin location for the unseating of Elliott or Lockhart and none will be needed for putting or. Tucker out of his sent if thereby some advantage is to be obtained either for themselves or their friends. The Victory of the Silver its at the Staunton convention so far has not led to the dire disaster to the democratic party which Many predicted would follow such an event. On the contrary Harmony not Only prevailed at the convention but the action of the convention since seems to have been accepted gracefully and loyally by most of the democrats of the state whatever their views on the currency question. In fact there was nothing left for is to do if believers in the democratic doctrine that the majority should Rule but to fall into line and support now the action of our convention As it will Beau duty later to accept the platform of the Chicago convention whatever its action May be on the currency question. We Are for the democratic party first last and All the time. Hon. T. Spicer Curlett of Lancaster is willing to serve the people of the first District As their representative in Congress and has published a card to that effect. He is out not Only a unsolicited by friends a a but has selected a platform for himself and pulled himself upon it. Hon. T. Spicer wants office has always wanted it and with such a competitor As the Hon. Win. A. Jones is Likely to continue to want it. He would doubtless agree to stand upon tue platforms of All the political parties if his political aspirations would be promoted thereby. He Calls himself a Gold Man and with the help of that Metal probably Hopes to win. Hon. T. Spicer though Quot can to get there Quot by the Aid of that or All the others but the thought will be consoling to him perhaps that no other Republican in the District can. Boies and Daniel seem to be the favorite candidates for the nomination at Chicago in the event the Silver forces control the convention. A ticket composed of them it is believed would be supported by All the Silver men of the country and would have a splendid Chance for Success. A ice president Stevenson until of late a prominent candidate is no longer considered As available because of his silence on the Silver Issue and senator Teller prominent As he is As a Republican Silver Man could not of course be the nominee of a democratic convention. Boies and Daniel Only seem to be in the race if a Silver platform is adopted at Chicago. The Republican convention meets at st. Louis next tuesday and or. Mckinley seems to be so far ahead of All of his competitors that it looks now As if no other name would be presented to that body. Senator a Edfield Proctor of Vermont will probably be chosen As the vice presidential candidate. It will not be so easy however for the republicans to agree non a platform and it will require All their skill to Frame one which will be satisfactory to the Gold Standard men and free Silver advocates in their party. Their declarations on the Money question will be looked Forward to with interest. Maryland heretofore counted Only As favouring the Gold Standard seems to have been swept by a free Silver wave. Contrary to expectation and doubtless to the great disgust of the Baltimore Sun a Strong sentiment was developed in favor of the White Metal at the primaries held in several counties of that state on last saturday. Maryland however can us ways be counted upon As one of the democratic states in a presidential contest and it is Gratifying to be Able i that she is getting in line and v. Ii but n to accept the Silver i it forum which is Likely to be adopted it Chicago. Stack ton convention. Virginia democrats declare in juror of free Silver and the unit Rule. The Virginia democratic state convention in session at Staunton on thursday Fth inst., by an overwhelming majority adopted a plat form declaring for the free coinage of Silver at the ratio of 10 to 1 and by n vote of two to Cue instructed the delegates to the National convention at Chicago to vote is a unit for candidates for president and Vic president who endorsed the Froe coinage proposition. A Resolution was passed declaring that the democrats of Virginia would Hail with enthusiastic Delight the nomination of senator Daniel As one of the candidates of the party on the National ticket. Delegates at Largo were elected As follows John w. Daniel w. A. Jones Claude a. Swanson and h. S. Morrison alternates a. O. Hartla Way Roger Gregory George b. Keezell Frank Hume. The electors at Large Are a. B. Mcllwaine. Of Dinwiddle and j. W. Marshall of Craig. Peter j. Otey was chosen for National committeeman. Tine of the features of the Day was the speech of 1 United states senator Martin made during the afternoon while the platform was being waited for. He declared himself Forth free coinage of Silver at 10 to 1, and surprised Many by making a bold assault upon president Cleveland whom he characterized As a Quot party the senator s utterances along this line were received with mingled applause and hisses. Congressman Harry Tucker s de Fence of the principles of sound Money was another feature of the Day. This speech followed that of or. Martin and in it or. Tucker indirectly deprecated so severe a criticism of a democratic president in such a place and reminded those present that they helped to elect or. Cleveland. Krak Coix Auk a intr Virit. Senator Daniel read the majority report of committee of resolutions. To e senator was cheered to the Echo As he read the Feitli of the Silver its signed by 2� of the to committeeman. Hon. B. B. Munford of Richmond handed in a minority report signed by himself de. Echos and judge Atis of Portsmouth declaring against free Silver without International agreement and opposing the unit Rule. Senator Daniel took the hour opposing the minority report and made an eloquent Silver speech favouring the unit Rule. The senator said that England with her vast Gold mines in India and Africa was yet after More Gold and that was the venezuelan question and the Transvaal trouble. John Bull wants to depress prices in America because we furnish him with wheat beef and wools and this was disclosed by Balfour s speech. Senator Daniel reviewed the prophecies of Sherman in its. When the ohioan said that a coinage of $50.0 10,000 of Silver would drive Gold from the country when Presto change wages Rose in two years 12 per cent and Gold allowed this Way. Later it was said repeal the Sherman act and Prosperity will will come. Quot i was in favor of replacing re pealed Republican legislation by democratic doctrine Quot said senator Daniel. A have times become better at last the Issue has gotten beyond the politicians and the people love taken it up. The present financial system is organized rain. This is Light no dress Parade the minority report on resolutions was voted on and lost by a vote of 1,270 to �71. R. C. Marshall a Silver Man opposed the unit Rule in the majority report but even the unit Rule went through by a vote of 1,075 to 5-12. The platform. Quot the democratic party of Virginia in convention assembled declare As follows 1. We adhere to the principles of democracy As announced by Jelter son. Madison Monroe and Mason and the patriots of their Day that this is a government of and for the people and we deprecate the growing in to Deuce of trusts and great combinations of capital As dangerous to the welfare of our people and fraught with disaster to our institutions. 2. We Are opposed to Mckinley ism which proposed to tax the poor Man for the Benefit of trusts and capitalists and we favor a Tariff tax for Revenue limited to the necessities of an economically administrated government and adjusted so As to throw its Burden most lightly upon the great producing classes of our Conn try. 3. We oppose the Republican party because while professing to protect our Labouring men and mechanics they Are in practice filling their mines and factories with pauper labor from Europe foreign to oar Laws and language and inimical to our institutions. We Point to the fact that that party was the author of ail the acts of financial legislation which stimulated the panic and brought of hard times to the country and that it has utterly failed to suggest any scheme of Relief. 4. It is the unwritten Law of this Republic established by the custom and usage of 100 years Aud sanctioned by the example of the greatest Aud Wisest of those who founded and maintained our government that no Man should be eligible for a third term of the presidential office. 5. We denounce As false and slanderous the charges made by the republicans against the democrats of Virginia As to the reason which a counted the general Assembly of the state in submitting to the people the question of holding a constitutional convention. We Point to the Public school system to the settlement of the Public debt Aud to the Good will that exists amongst All tie different races and sections of the Commonwealth us evidence of the Wisdom of democratic Rule. 0. We Are for sound Money the soundest that the world has Ever had or Cun have the Money of our Constitution the Money of the people the Money of civilization through the Ages past Aud destined to be such As we believe for Ages to come. This sound Money should consist of Silver and Gold and of paper redeemable in Silver or Gold at. The option of the payer the units of the whole mass to be kept at parity by coinage rights and equal Legal tender fuse Tion the Only method by which the parity of the two metals Lias been continuously and successfully maintained. 7. We hold to the use of both Gold and Silver As the Standard Money of the country and to the coinage of both Gold and Silver without discriminating against either Metal or charge for mintage. The immediate and Complete restoration of the bimetal ism of Money which existed in the United states from 170 7 to 1873, is in our opinion demanded by the interests of Commerce manufacturers and agriculture which Are alike suffering from the continuous fall of prices Aud the consequent embarrassment or bankruptcy of those engaged therein. And in order so to restore it we demand the full Aud unlimited coinage of both Silver Aud Gold at the ratio of 10 to 1, without waiting tor the assent or you Carrence of any other nation it cannot be that tins great ratio a the Foremost of the Earth in riches and in Power is unable to form a financial system of its own Aud while we would Welcome an International agreement that would Settle Trio vexed question we Are unwilling to defer action or make the interest of our own people dependent upon the course of others. We warn our countrymen until Silver be upheld As Money of redemption and sustained at parity with Gold Liy equal privileges it the mint Aud by equal Legal tender functions a further contract Lou of the currency and the further accumulation of Public indebtedness will be inevitable. We have four dollars less per capita in circulation now than we had in november 1803. When the Sherinan Law was repealed and in the present strained condition of our resources the deficits of Revenue und the fall of prices each further con traction of Money and accumulation of debt would paralyse business lower wages and bring upon the country widespread panic Aud ruin. We hereby instruct All of the Dele Gates from Virginia to the National convention at Chicago to vote for the platform declaring for the free and unlimited coinage of Silver at the ratio of 10 to 1, Aud for candidates for president and vice president who openly advocate that vote on the to Xit ill la. The vote on the unit Rule in tile convention was considered the most important East and showed the de termination of the majority to have their wishes carried out. In the first District the vote was As foil of for the unit Rule Accomac 2s Caroline 7 Essex a 1 ant ister 1 1 Mathews. St Middlesex 7 Northampton 10 Northumberland 1. Wet mor Elaml. 7 spots it in. My Richmond. 0 Fredericksburg 7 against Accomac 7 5 Gloucester 8 King Ami 1, Ueo 7. far s Ivy f. \ v. H. Lune 7. Be turns Trio 11 uni Prim i pics Ami mass a Eili h Tom Tell halt Georgia yester d y i Ili Eli e i Mol Oele gales to the in m it Natie 8rtc a one Hanm Citaku ii kit the majority Chosei Are for ree Sii ver. I a r in Elc i Lilli Lisi i l i Repov. Used i Ong Rossmati la Urner. Gli Simul Arti Inni a carried tilt Day. La the Scoini District it is pro Balde Tomt Byron b. Bowers sound Money candidate for Congress los been nominate i to Sec evil representative Russell. A hot tight los been waged in the Difili District in wet Meh Atlanta is situate i Between Livingston and Charles i. Bram Titi. Living Stop s seems Eer Tui. In tilt englith District cd Gressman Lii Sou. Gold Standard appears Troni Zuconi plate estimate received so far to live yield Bis seat against w. M. Howard free Silver opponent. The majority of counties Wahidi meted on the senatorial quest pm w in for Charles f. Ltd risp for senator to it succeed go u. John. B. Gordon. No split in Texas. Houston Texas. J n in still a democratic primaries went almost solidly Lor inc coinage and the present a state government was endorsed for re election with Only one exception Baker. Land commissioner sound Iuo Uey running far behind. Goldst audard men participated quite generally Ami the threatened split amounts to nothing. A prominent Western newspaper recommends lax seed Tea As an excellent remedy for whooping cough it May be Good but it is not to be compared with Chamberlain s cough remedy. This preparation will allay the violent fits of coughing and make them less t request and less severe. It also liquefied the Tough mucus making it easier to expect rate. Complete recovery is much quicker too when this remedy is Given. There is no danger in giving it to Small children As it is a pleasant syrup and contains nothing injurious. For Sale at 25 and 50 cents per bottle by Blackstone a Bell Accomac and w. H. Parker Onancock. for rent for lsr7, House and lot in Onancock occupied by or. Thos. W. Taylor. H. T. White Broomtown a. For Sale Corn delivered at Kendall Grove station Box tree Landing of Seaside or my lauding on Wayside at two dollars i$2i tier barrel. Ronin son Nottingham eat Ville a. Notice a positive cure for rheumatism. Anyone suffering i rom rheumatism can be cured by writing unit giving full particular of their suffering with the dreadful disease. Address Ai letters to the Millsboro drug co., Box -12, Mills Ioro. Del. Goods at go is. The undersigned administrators of Emory ,deceased, late member of the firm of Lankford amp Chase. Mgt or Seville a. Offer for Sale the entire stud of merchandise of said firm at Cost and for Cash Only. The Stock is such As usual kept in a country store. Yll persons in debt de to said firm by accounts on its books Are requested to pay same on or before the Day of August 1813 James f. Lanka Opp tackle u. Citak administrators. To the Farmers and tsp Ucko a is of the Eastern Shore. The undersigned respectfully solicits your patronage and Trade this season More than Ever before owing to our recent heavy loss by fire at Parks eve and the additional loss of being insured in a worthless company. Help now will enable us to tide Over our losses and get on our feet again. For past patronage and your sympathy words cannot express our Heartfelt thanks and we will Endeavor to deserve oui favors in the future. All orders filled on shortest notice. Respectfully a. F. Mears agent manager of the Mears factories. Farm of 200 acres for Sale for $2,500. This farm is situated at Jenkins Bridge within 21 Miles of Oak Hall and Bloomin town stations known As the a Richard Fletcher the land is High and of a Sandy soil and could be made a Good truck farm a Large Thicket and plenty of Wood Mould thereon also a Good pasture of Marsh for Stock. Two 2 tenement houses which rent out for fifty five dollars per annul. Dwelling with five room Sand in Good condition. Apply to d. , Bloxom a. Or 1�?T. E. Fletcher Jenkins Bridge a. The undersigned will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder on the premises on saturday the 4th Day of july Isio at 2 of clock p. The above farm if not sold at private Sale before that Day. Terms made known on Day of Sal a. T. E. Flat cube agent. Henry 1�?T. Beyer. 1,. F. Whitaker. Beyer Whitaker amp co., to ssi a i merchants up a it a Sweet and Irish potatoes onion egg poultry die. No 225 i Ivlev wharf i 3 Kokk >11�. let tits b. W. M irk sales a in i prompt or Turikis re it mice Cali. I r. Winchester amp co., successors to Winchester amp Hunt fruit Ami produce commission Mercle my Southern produce a specially. 120-123 commercial and i Boston. 11-03 Richmond streets. I prompt attention to nil consignments stencils and shipping instructions furnished on application Itelia Nee fourth nut. Bauk. Boston g j. Spady. Gen. At tor Virginia and North Carolina. If. A wider Alex. Bin j co., gom Missun to mimis. A dealers in fish oysters clams a and country produce. Irish amp Sweet potatoes specialities. .19 Hollingsworth st., Baltimore my. Shipping letter barrels. To my patrons and the Public i hereby inform my patrons and the Public at Large that i will be fully prepared to furnish truck barrels of All kinds and size1 at reasonable prices and solicit your further patronage. Very respectfully w. M. Needles factory a Frank a City a. In the circuit court of the City of Norfolk Benjamin t. Gunter who sues amp a. Plaintiff is John h. Chandler s administrator a l. . La chancery. Office of Samuel t. Ross 1 Accomac c a. A. June sell Lehi. To Benj Iruin t. Gunter George c. Watson administrator with the will annexed of John h. Chandler deceased James Chandler and Aimer Smith infants Edward r. Baird jr., guardian and item of the said infants defendants James Chandler and Aimer Smith Edna Bayly James White Jennie Fuller Mary , Susan a. White. Douglas Chandler John Edmond Chandler Catharine j. Chandler Ufa my Mason. Jack Chandler Edmond Chandler. Missouri Snead Ifni in White John w. Gillet. Charles p. Finney and All others concerned. You Are hereby uoti hed that in pursuance of a decree entered in the above entitled cause on the 18th Day of May. 1-390, 1 have appointed the 2uth Day of july next at my office to take an account of 1st. The indebtedness of the decedent John h. Chandler with the priorities of said indebtedness. 2d. An account of the liens upon the real estate in the Bill and proceedings of this suit mentioned and described and their priorities and 3d. That the said George c. Wat son administrator c. T. A., of Jolius h. Chandler deceased do Render before me an account of his transactions As administrator aforesaid in rendering which account the said but Sou is required to produce All necessary papers and vouchers in his Possession or under his control relating to his transactions As such. And the special commissioner was directed to give notice of the time and place of taking the aforesaid accounts by advertisement to be published once a week for four sue Jessive weeks in the Peninsula in Tarp risk which advertisement shall be equivalent to personal service of such notice of the parties. Given under my hand As special commissioner appointed by the circuit court of the City of Norfolk to execute the said decree the Day and year first above written. �5. T. Ross special commissioner. Gunter is Buckstone p. potato farms for Sale. No. , a my cart str no. 2.�?has Sill acres 50 acres under cultivation. 30 acres in Pine Woodland. Land is High and level is improved by a two Story it room dwelling which is comparatively new with new outbuildings Young peach and Apple Orchard strawberries Etc., seven Miles from Pocomoke City in Somerset county a Miles from Steamboat wharf convenient to churches and schools. Price $1,200, one half Cash balance on time to suit. No. 3.�?has 1021 acres is in Somerset county 8 Miles from Pocomoke City 5 Miles from Costin station. 1 Miles from methodist and Baptist churches same distance from graded school is improved by a 7 room dwelling which is in Good condition outbuildings in fair condition. About 100 acres of this farm is High level land of Good Quality 10 acres set to Clover the Woodland is principally Fine and affords any Quantity of Woods manure As Well As valuable Timber. Young Apple Orchard. It is believed that a better truck farm is not to be found in this Section. Price $2,000, one half Cali balance on Long time. No. In has 33 acres 23 acres under successful cultivation�?10 acres is detached Woodland. This farm is beautifully situated on the suburbs of Pocomoke City with All the advantages of both town and country. Is improved by a Good six room building porches Etc., All in perfect order with All necessary outbuildings. This is a Beautiful Home where pleasure and profit can be combined land High. Price $2,500, Cash or All Cash at option of purchaser. No. 5�?is in Somerset county a Miles from Pocomoke City Lias 105 acres about one half under cultivation balance thickly set in Pine Woodland from which Woods manure has never been removed. Is improved by a Small tenant House has 1,000 peach Trees in full bearing. Price $2,000 a terms to suit purchaser. No. 0.�?is on the opposite Side of the county Road from no. 2 has 30 acres 10 acres under cultivation 14 acres in Pine Woodland land is High and level has Good Apple and peach Orchards a Patch of cultivated strawberries Etc. Is improved by one and one half Story 3 room dwelling. In Good condition. Price $000, one half Cash. Also 250 other farms suited for All purposes. Send for latest Price list to f. H. Dryden real estate broker Pocomoke City my. Public auction a of real and personal property. Pursuant to a decree of the circuit court of Northampton county entered on the 23d Day of april 189 1, in the chancery suit of John t. Parker is. Wra. P. Scarborough the undersigned special commissioners will offer for Sale at Public auction to the highest bidder on the premises of saturday 13th Day of june 189�, Between the hours of 1 and 2 of clock p. Iu., tie following real and personal estate situated at Willis wharf in said county to wit 1st. The lot of land now owned by the plaintiff. John t. Parker and the defendant. W. P. Scarborough containing one and eight Hundred and sixty live thousandths acres situated at Willis wharf in said county and bounded on the North South and West by the lands of h. 0. Johnson and wife and of the East by the Creek or Channel together with All appurtenances to said lot belonging Aud. 2d. The following personal estate also belonging to the plaintiff and defendant to wit two Oyster Flats two monitors and sundry measures Forks Barrows and other implements used in carrying on the Oyster business. Ran Terus see to stirs. Nathan Iki. B. Wscott Gilmou 8. Kendall. New barrel factory i love now open and in operation at my Mill near Oak Hall station a barrel factory with abundance of materials and coir Petrut workmen and respectfully solicit the patronage of the Public. Will deliver barrels at the Mill or Homes of the purchasers of Short notice Aud at usual prices. Will make Only Standard barrels. Can also furnish building Aud other lumber. Orders by mail promptly attended to. Respect fully g. F. Elliott Oak Hall. A. L. W. Groton. W. J. Doughty Groton amp Doughty a general a insurance agents., representing first class fire life and Accident companies and building and loan associations. Onancock a. A a Pocomoke City Wishek through this paper to inform his friends Anil patrons citizens of the grand old Commonwealth of Virginia that his Stock of men a boys and children�?Tsspri1cloth hats p j a and gents1 furnishings is Large and Complete embracing the latest and debt manufactured up to Date perfect fitting garments. Good values. Low prices. 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