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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Feb 12 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - February 12, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Disciple of Melchisedec. It Raul a store of a Ca my a Sug Gokton by the Llcy Callou. Franz Miller the Hermit of Scarritt blurt is �111 original old character who is living in Solitude for Tho Sake of his own Peculiar religion. To Calls him self a Follower of Molch Seik a Tho Quot King of says the Kansas City world. To was born in Alsace Lorraine til years ago. When lie was it years old. To came to the United states nod followed the profession of Shoemaker until the War broke out when he joined the tenth United states infantry regiment at Newport Barracks by. To fought through the War and the terrible scenes 011 tie Battlefield led hint to thinking. To imagined lie had done wrong and that repentance would to the Only Way to salvation. He started to do that by carrying what he called the a a Black Cress Quot for 1.1 veins. During this Timo to was to have no fixed abode to accumulate no property to make no friends and to shun Mankind. He wandered Back and Forth across Tho country and then one night the a spirit Quot appeared to him while lie was walking Between a Luo Nalale and Kos Cdale. He saw satan in a great red cloak standing on the blurt. A moment inter the Shadow of enveloped him and Miller knew he had been promoted to the Quot red Cross order lie settled Down and ran a Slio shop in Kansas City near the Junction. Tin n lie lived a hermits life in Weston. Mo., and three years ago he took up his abode in a Cave excavated in the Mearritt Bluy. To Lias lived there since alone Ami Happy. Sometimes he says lie earns As much As 15 cents a Day by picking rags and ibis sum indices to buy bread and Coffee his Ilief articles of sustenance. He says lie never begs. Tho nurses in the Mearritt Hospital would provide for him l it lie does not accept their hospitality. His aim in lie he says is to be at peace with the world and atone for Bis sin in taking part in the War. He never reads the newspapers because they a Jug Gest worldly thoughts to him. If Miller lived in a Lucre civilized Way lie would be a handsome Man. As it is his Long hair and tangled Beard together with an evident dislike for soap and water make him look the Ideal Hermit. Ill cycling on the Stoa cd. There Are very few people of Tho farming class who if properly approached will decline to take you in for the night provided yen Are reasonably Well dressed a gentlemanly looking personage and Are not Trivic Ling in a company of More Titan two. Including yourself. You ride along through the Day and toward evening conic upon some attractive looking farmhouse. You approach and ask the mistress if she will take you Ami your Friend in for the night adding that you Are travelling of a tour from such a Point to Saeli a Point that you will gladly pay for what rest and food she can give you. In Niue cases out of ten she will take Yon in after a Short talk. An evening spent with the Farmer and la wife end family if you enter into tie spirit of the thing is one of the most enjoyable of evenings and at the same time one of the most valuable methods for picking up a Koiv ledge of tie people of Liis country who live out of your immediate sphere. Toward bedtime they will probably want to put Ycu in the spare chamber which in such Homes Means the one unused room of the House it Yon decline and take one of the poorer but frequently used rooms Ycu will tie happier. In any Case the mistress of the House will probably think More of Yon and charge you less. Often in the morning when you set out to continue your journey the Furmer and i wife will laugh at the idea of payment. In that ease it is due to those who come after Yon As Well a us to yourself that when you return Home you Send them some big in the nature of a present or remembrance. In this Way some very pleasant evenings Are passed and some attractive acquaintances made. New places Are discovered and new features of old places found out from Day to Day and Over and above All it is the most inexpensive method of travelling afoot or wheel that can bound table. _ education s ,>1,1 growth in slyly years. Quot books co years ago were few in comparison with now a writes William George Jordan in the ladies Home journal. A the Public libraries of the United Stutes Ull put together had Only half a million volumes in 1837. This is less than the by Stu Public Library contain.-, today. Three of our american libraries have together More books than were in All the Public libraries of England Ireland Scotland and Wales when Victoria ascended the throne. Ignorance was general. Forty per cent of Tho men and �5 per cent of tie women of gloat Britain could not write their own mimics when Victoria became their Queen. The National educational system was but three years old its Money Grants amounted to Only $300,000. Uncle Sam now spends 1-10,- a your for teachers and superintendents of our Public schools. A Gemma Multan a. Muko German Mustard from this rec pc Aud you will keep it perfectly Sweet and Good for a year mix together 8 Tubac spoonfuls of Mustard 4 table spoon Fuls each of Salt and White sugar a Salt spoonful of Cayenne Pepper 4 table spoonfuls of melted butter the juice of a raw onion i squeezed through a Lum ii squeeze Raud mix All to the right consistency with vim Gar. Press into pots for Exchange. Ills Iron red. A i am afraid. Mrs. Hush Croft a said Tho new lodger Quot that i was under a misapprehension when i told you that i would Assi Juas not have an Iron bed in my a yes a replied the Boose mistress with Laud Ladylike caution. Quot yes. I was under the impression that you merely referred to the a Indianapolis journal. Cunt let sex lib a a. After july 4 the convicts with a Good record in the Kansas state Penitentiary will Wear suits of Cadet Gray instead of striped suits. In referring to the matter the Warden of Tho Penitentiary says Quot i believe Tho change will have beneficial results. When 1 made the imn Otince meet to the men of the proposed change they seemed highly delighted with Tho Prospect. Since that Timo i have observed a difference in the Demeanour of Tho prisoners Aud the class of offences has been of a More trivial character. The Stripe is older than the Penitentiary in this country. It came across the Ocean. Tho Loeks Trp came with it. To associate both with Tho Penitentiary and in the Public mind the chief Mark of disgrace in going to the Penitentiary is the donning of the stripes. The convicts know this Aud hence the Opportunity to kick out of them is seized upon by All my suit to prison especially by men who Silil possess Hope and ambition to u something better Thuu convicts. A not Biros of Freedom a i Ostal in Turfler ror Licitr the Tomb of Wensl Iuston. On Tho trip of Tho delegates to the postal Congress Down the River to mount Vernon i gently a Strong wind was blowing off Shore and jus before the boat reached mount you Tho Recze wafted a very boil odor to the nostrils of the distinguished foreigners and caused the ladies ill the party to produce their perfumed handkerchiefs and the gentlemen to puff fiercely on their highly Flavoured cigars and cigarettes. When Tho delegates Hud arrived and were walking about the Bountiful grounds Aud taking careful unto of everything they saw Many were noticed to cast their eyes heavenward and Point out to one another Tho half dozen or More Large Birds which were sailing and circling above their Heads. His excellency the Deligato from Austria was one Whoso attention was directed to these Birds. To approached or. Robert Hatcher Tho american Secretary who had won Tho admiration of the delegates by his Lucid of All things seen and unseen about which they inquired during their stay in Tho City and in Chico Fruch remarked a a Mousie the Secretary i am glad. Monsieur i am delighted i am satisfied. I visit the Hou Ieca Tho Gront american Geue Rul Georgo Washington Aud above to in Tho Beautiful Blu of your summer sky i Seo circling Tho Noble american Eagle. Monsieur i am to be Quot Geo Whiz a said or. Hatcher in an aside. Quot what us i to Tell this Mau a equal to this emergency however As he has always been to any in Tho past to assumed his pol test air and according to his own statement he is the pol test american , and Suid in Good but sorrowful French Quot alas Monsieur the honoured Delegate to the postal Congress Universal i have the Honor to inform your excellency that the Birds he sees flouting so gracefully in the air Uro not american eagles. Alas Ana alas Monsieur they Are Buzzards Turkey Buzzards. I respectfully refer Monsieur to Bis Eucy Clouedia to learn to character of this or. Hutcher heaved a deep sigh and the Delegate walked away with a sorrowful but puzzled expression. This made or. Hutcher even sadder Aud calling to the Delegate he suggested a but Monsieur May say that he has seen american eagles at Tho Home of Washington. There will to none to dispute Bis statement. A the Delegate s face brightened to grasped or. Hatcher by the hand Shook it warmly offered him a cigarette and then bowed himself away Budiu diplomatic Luu fungo the incident Niue be regarded As Post. Dut mail the Deer. Donald the Deer was for several years the pet of the Quot Auld forty Twu a the historic regiment of highlanders known As the Black watch. He went with the regiment to Dublin where one Day without any previous training he took his place at the head of the troops alongside of the sergeant major and marched with them wheresoever they went he did not cure for Maneu vers and evolutions and was often a mile away feeding while the troops were drilling but when the time came for going Home he was always found at his Post. When the regiment had the duty of Gna Diug Tho Castle Donald went with them making his Way through the dense crowd of Dublin idlers As one who could Tako care of himself. Ouch a rough offended him. Donald instantly singled out the Mau and based him through the crowd. Fortunately for himself Tho rough escaped for Donald had an unpleasant Way of using his but Lars which though Cut were still formidable. On the March from Oue town to a other Donald would become foot sore Aud get out of temper then woe to the Hostler in Tho stable Yard who interfered with him after a tiring Days March. Quot Donald and another failing u great liking for alcoholic liquids Quot writes Archibald Forbes in his history of the Black watch. A a his particular a Onui ties were whisky Aud Sherry. At Limerick As soon us the officers dinner pipe sounded he made Bis Way to the mess room windows which were of Tho ground floor in search of Strong drink until at length a severe Lino had to to enforced of any enc giving it to a when the regiment went to Corfu it wus or rugged that Donnld should Bavo the Ruu of a Nobleman s Park As his temper made it inexpedient for the pet to accompany the troops to a Laud of strangers. He was tied put into a cart Aud carried off bleating pitifully and even shedding tears. In the Job Leuieu s Park he sought out of Tho Way places and declined Intercourse with Man or beast. He attacked All who approached and finally Hud to to shot. The separation from Liis beloved troopers made him a Pessimist. Now ii Korud the Conler Cleinm. A Chicago Man by the Way came Down hero two weeks or 60 ago to signify to the Powers that to Liis patriotic willingness to accept Tho Burden of a Public office. He fell in with us other Mau of the train who also was of his Way to Washington and the two struck up a smoking room acquaintance. The Chicago Mau was armed with a letter to Congress Viau Belknap of Illinois from Biff Hall an important letter which he was Aux ions to present. As soon As he arrived in Washington he West to the Capitol. Congressman Belknap was absent. He went again. The congressman was Busy. To went several times but failed to Seo the congressman though several times he met and bowed to his acquaintance of the smoking room. Finally the two Shook hands. Quot who Are you looking for Quot asked the stronger. A Why i want to Sec representative Belknap a said the Chicago Mau. A live got a letter from Bill Quot from Biff Hall a exclaimed the stranger. A a Why did t you say so in a Quot the Deuce Yon Are a Siil Tho Chicago Man and they Nedjo urged to the basement to Mako up for lost Washington Post. There were ducks. Quot one morning not Long ago a says Tho Philadelphia record a when the servants of the Cleveland household came Down stairs for their Day s work their astonished gaze rested upon ducks by the score. There Wero ducks before the porch and ducks upon Tho windowsills. Whole flocks of ducks nodded from the branches of the Trees surrounding the House and still others squatted upon the Lawn before the front of the dwelling. Little streamers of ribbons Ami flags fluttered Gayle in the morning Breeze. The of cuing of windows and doors had no disturbing effect upon the flock of Birds and a mom Cut a investigation showed that they were All Decoy ducks with which some industrious Young Nimi had decorated the sex presi dents premises during the night. The men about the place had a half Duy s work in collecting the decoys from about the House Aud from off the Trees. A praying bicycles. a re a a a or who cd to tie ii atm of their machine. La to Bic Yolo is now employed to nid the pious Buddhist in praying with greater ease Bat yet As he Hopes with Grent effect. It is from the ingenious and enterprising country of Japan that this now departure is reported. Tho Buddhist has always done his praying with Tho assistance of a wheel. Tho prayers Are placed inside Thow Hoel which turns round following Tho direction of Tho Sou Cuil delivers up to heaven the Pru yrs of the owner or of All whose thoughts Are fixed upon it. Some enormous heels Are capable of praying for thousands of people. This Mode of worship Tuny seem somewhat irresponsible to Western people but Tho Buddhist who is a Subtle Reasoner would Bouble to explain Why it is satisfactory. In various parts of the vast territory in which thu Buddhist Faith is held different motive ski were lire used in prayer we och. Somo Humble persons turn the wheel by baud but not if they Cun help it. On Tho Hills of Tibet a great stronghold of pure buddhism the wheels Uro usually so built that to wind turns them. In other places they Uro moved by water Power. But it is obvious that wind must fail occasionally and that this May happen when Tho Buddhist is particularly in need of copious prayer. Water Power too. Is often lacking. So the ingenious Jup now attaches a Small prayer wheel to Tho Hub of Bis bicycle and of lieu he takes a Rido to combines worship with Reese Tiou. By giving a Glanco at his Pedometer he can Tell just How much praying Holins clone. To can also keep an accurate daily record. A bib will enable him to toll after a number of years just How much prayer stands to Bis credit. In this Way buddhism seems to Havo Given a zest to bicycling which no other religion Cun York Jou Ruul. Birds and disease. An authority who think. Birds incapable of carrying contusion. Persons interested in Birds Havo recently been debating Tho question whether these creatures Are a Pablo of court acting diseases front human beings or of transmitting disease to human beings. Expert opinion seems to to divided. Chi Tho Oue hand or. K. Rulf director of Mcfie Dorte Welt in a recent letter to Tho president of the acclimation society asserts that tie transmission of any disease from a Bird to a Man and vice versa is absolutely impose Aible. Says or. Half Quot for More Thuu 30 years i have been occupied in keeping observing and raising exotic Birds of plan Mug consequently i have had occasion to Donl with them when ill. Every Bird tent has died has been examined and i Hare thus dissected during about 30 years several Hundred parakeets. I have always kept these Birds during their illness sometimes for a considerable period in my apartment which is somewhat restricted in size being composed of Only six rooms for four grown persons mud four children. During All this period i Havo not had a single cose of sickness in my family although the Birds Hugo Bud All possible kinds of in ladies. I am also confirmed in my belief by Tho fact that i Hugo allowed no Opportunity to pass of using for information on the subject from tie principal dealers in Birds at Hamburg Cologne London Liverpool Antwerp Amsterdam Rotterdam Marseilles and Bordeaux whenever they Hud sick Birds in considerable numbers. In no enso was i informed that any one either a member of the family or in employee Bud been attacked in Tho House of one of these merchants and i obtained the sumo information from Tho directors of Tho Grout zoological gardens at Paris and London. No contagion and i cannot insist too strongly on this Point would Ever be these however Are All negative facts and would fall to stand against even one authenticated cose of to transmission of disease to or from pet Birds. Such cases it is believed have been proved to exist by or. Lubou Banc who communicates an account of Bis investigations to the bulletin of to acclimation society. Fish with wings. To bpm scaly Filer. Are plentiful in Tropic deep Waters. Tho flying fish loves deep water and is found throughout tia length and breadth of tropical seas. To is fond of feeding near Tho Golf Weed of Tho Sargasso and deposits his stringy Glutinous spawn on its yellow branches. Vessels bound from new York to Tho crib co islands upon reaching to Quot horse sometimes encounter vast Quantity a of Drifting Weed Strung out into Long ribbon like patches tout an eighth of a mile apart. Among Tho Golden Weed with its Delicato leaves and glob blur seeds exists a carious family of cuttlefish crabs molluscs and Small fishes. Upon these Tho flying fish preys and they in turn devour its spawn. Every plunge of the Steamer As Sho plows through tie Blue tropical rulers frightens dozens of flying fish into Tho air where they Scutter in Ull directions with Tho sunlight glistening on their Gauzy wings. The flying fish of the at Cutie it turns a length of nearly one foot and a breadth to tween Wing tips of 11 inches. He has u round compact body about about one Inch in diameter eur the pectoral fins or wings Thero is Ulso an auxiliary pair of ventral fins or wings not nearly so Large us to pectoral pair. Tie wings Are formed by a thin transparent Lembruno stretched Over a delicate Bony framework and Are either Black White or mottled with both. The upper half of the entire fish is a metallic Blue in color while tie lower portion is a nacre us White. Bluck prominent eyes a Small prehensile Mouth forked Tail dorsal a Dudul fins completo the picture of one of the most interesting Little fishes in All Nutre s vast aquarium. In flight he darts from Tho water to a height of 20 feet mud goes scudding away before the wind Beuting the air rapidly with both wings and Tail. He us ils straight away for 1,000 feet or even More occasionally touching the Crest of u wave mud seeming to Gaiu a now impetus by the and Stream. Supplying All wants. The pedal Era i have Tho most excellent Silver polish. Tie lady of the House done to need it. I Haven t got any Silver. A a Well then it will take Greaso spots out of Wall paper Quot Haven to got any Wall Quot then it will renew the curl in Cut hrs Quot Haven t got any a a a Well then it will Mako Oil paintings look like Quot Haven to get any Oil Quot Well then u Little Tukan internally will make Ycu feel As if Ycu had sovino of these things. answers proud of Charles. Story of h Vermont Man Olio la carving ills Way in non York. An uncut Luu Guzio was under Tho Arm of the Pale Young Ruihui who sat in Tho elevated train and two morning papers Wero lying across his Knees. To had in his hand a crumpled Little newspaper one of Tho kind which is left in soak Over night Aud priv cd on us old Timo Washington hand press. It was a Little country paper and the Amo Vermont could to seen at Tho top of to pug Asho turned it Over says a new York writer. There were big advertisements upon it which proclaimed Flint Quot Chorion Lino of dry goods had been added to our Stook. Come Only give us a Call and no trouble to show Thero were the stereotyped of arcs of the country phys Einus who announced that they wore both a a medical mid Thero was a line in big Black Type which said a religious As the Young Man turned that paper around there Cutno into View a double leaded article with two reversed blink rules at top mud Bottom Aud n Little garnishing of Fine Typo in Tho Middle which is always a surface indication of poetry. That was an obituary evidently. What net la Hud this Pale Young Man of Tho metropolitan prints when Tho Little country Papor had Como to Gladden his soul and to bring Back Tho memories of Tho Days in old Vermont when Tho skies were cloudless und there was so much of Sunshine that to never saw the Shadow the Faco of Tho Young Man became wreathed in smiles As lie rend. He Bent Over the Page As though Tho Ink daubed paper Wero Somo bit of rare damask. A triumphant look Sliomo in his eyes Asho glanced up fur a moment. To straightened up mud throw Back Liis shoulders. Tho guard called Tho Nanio of his station just then and he hastily assembled Tho Magazine Tho Motro Politch prints and his eau Anil scrambled for the Gates. He dropped Tho Little country paper Asho ran mud i picked it up. Thero was to Chance to restore it to him then. On the Pago where Tho a locals Quot appear was Tho following paragraph surrounded by n Blu Pencil Murk Quot while fun Newyl Ork recently to were entertain of by our talented Young Friend Charles. To took us to the Waldorf where a repast was spread which fairly caused the to nolo to groan Aud to which to did non pc Justice. Charles is whim aug his Way to fan and wealth in the Metropolis lie had a Case in court Tho other Day Aud Liis picture was in several of the daily papers As Tho Youthful lawyer who was assigned to defend Tho prisoner this town May Well to proud of Charles. To is u Bright Young Man and to will make his Murk Somo Day. Here s Luck to you Charles. A Churles Corno Aud get your paper. Colorado a Lilg Tunnel. Two gangs of workmen have just begun digging in Colorado the longest Tunnel which nine Over attempted to construct. Tho main bore will to 20 Miles Long and connecting with this ure subsidiary tunnels with a total length of 30 Miles. So in reality the Tusk that has been put under Way is that of digging 50 Miles of tunnels and every foot of this vast system will be Tudor pikes it Cak Aud tie mountains that Tower on each Side. Tho starting Point of Tho main Tunnel is at the foot of the Mountain leading up to pikes Peak near the old town of Colorado City. Titis Point is but n Short Dif Turco from the railroads which Span the country Between Colorado Springs Ami Manitou. From Here it runs no Roost do Southwest. Tho farther Edge of the Tunnel is at Tho Edgo of Tho mount Uius at four mile Creek Over in Fremont county cola six Miles South of cripple Creek and near the Little town of Sunol. Two gangs of men As stated Are working of the Tunnel our at each Edd. Just at present Lioy Are making Progress at the rate of 30 foot n Day. It is believed that Tho Mammoth task they have undertaken will to completed in seven years from the first of the present Mouth. The main Tunnel will pars directly under the Cone of pikes Peak at a depth of Henrly 7,000 feet Aud 2,700 feet beneath the town of Victor. Its average depth from the Suraco will to 2,800 Foet mud it is designed to test the Mineral deposits of tie territory it these great Depths. Thirty Tui los of Literals Are contemplated mud these will pass underneath All the cripple Creek District it a average depth of 2,800 feet. Cripple Creek Victor Gillette the various Small towns 1,000 mines Are to be made tributary to this vast system. Under present circumstances the distance the boo test Way from Colorado Springs to cripple Creek is 64 Milus. By Way of Tho in incl the two cities will be Only 10 Miles spurt. It is estimated by the contractors that Tho average Cost per foot of excavation will to $80. This makes Tho total probable expense of digging the Tunnel and its sub eld Iury branches $20,520,000.�?cripple Creek times. I Ivy Tombstone. It is a comparatively new idea to put up tombstones and monuments of Glass instead of Marble or Granite but it is a practical Oue and Likely to meet with great encouragement from those who desire these memorials to to lusting. Glass resists the elements and is to All intents mud purposes indestructible. Bono of Ull sorts crumbles mud disintegrates under the action of the elements. But Glass remains and will endure for centuries. It is therefore proposed that All memorial tablets monuments Aud headstones be made of Glass. Any color May to selected pure White of course having Tho first Choice. Lettering May be put on in any style Aud any device or pattern May to used. It has Long been understood that for Marine purposes thick plate Gluss is the culy practical and appropriate material resisting storms and seas As no other substance York lodger. Borneo marriage. The marriage ceremony practice by the people of Borneo is Short und simple. Bride and Groom Are brought before the assembled tribe with great solemnity and seated Side by Side. A Betel nut is then Cut in two by the Medicine woman of tie tribe and Oue half is Given to the Bride mud the other half to the Groom. They begin to Chew Tho nut Aud then the old woman after some sort of incantation knocks their Heads together Aud they Uro declared Mau Aud wife. _ it we needed. Quot our Church Tower goes nearer heaven than the Tower of any other Church in town a proudly remarked a resident in an Interior town to a visitor from the City. Quot Well Quot replied Tho latter Quot i done to know any Church that needs it a Pittsburg chronicle. A Man is relieved and Gay when he has put his heart into his work Aud done his Best but what he has said or done otherwise shall give him do peace. Public auction of valuable reals estate. By virtue of a decree rendered by Tho circuit court for Accomac county on the 17th any of May a. D., 1807, in a certain suit in chancery therein pending Between Luther j. I outlier Biry it als., plaintiffs and Agnes Stephenson it Al defendants 1, the undersigned special commissioner will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder on saturday june 19th, 1897, 1 p. A in front of Benjamin t. Parker a hotel in Tho town of Onancock Accomac county va.,the following tracts or parcel of Laud 1st�?a tract of Laud near Savage Ville in said county containing sixty eight acres More or less and hounded a follows on the North by tie lands of George Guy Ann Bird coloured and Geo. W. White East by the land of Geo. W. White and Thos. P. In Sebeil South by the county Road leading from Savag Eville to fair Oaks Aud West by the land of win. Gardiner a heirs. 2nd�?the following lots in the sail town of Odane Ock namely lot a bounded on the South by main Street West Liy lot a North by lot a East by the Manilof or. Arthur Watson extending East and West co feet 8 inches and North ads month 210 feet on which there is Nice dwelling and necessary outbuildings. Lotko bounded on North by lot a East by lot a South by main st. And West by lot go extending East and West 54 feet 8 inches and North and South 210 feet. Lot cd bounded on North by lot a cast by lot b South by main st. And West by the land of George b. Fob que extending East and West 7 feet 8 inches und North Aud South 21� feet. Lot do bounded on North by lot a East by the land of or. Arthur Watson South Liy lots a b and Cund West by tie lands of George b. Fosque extending East and West 101 feet Aud North and South of feet. Lotez bounded on North by lot feast by the land of or. Arthur Watson South by lot a and West by the Laud of Geo. B. Fosque same dimensions As lot d. Lotfy bounded on North by lot a East by the Laud of or. Arthur Watson South by lot a Aud West by the land of Geo. K. Fosque same dimensions As lot d. Lot go bounded on North by lot a East by tie land of or. Arthur Watson South by lot of and West by the land of Geo. B. Fosque same dimensions As lot. Jagt the bounded on North by lots i j und a East by tie land of or. Arthur Watson South by lot a and West by the Laud of Geo. B. Fosque same dimensions As lot d. Lot in bounded of North by Kerr 8t. Ea6t by lot a South by loth Aud West by the land of George b. Fosque extending East and West 81 feet a inches North and South 225 feet. Lot a a bounded on North by Kerr st. East by lot k South by lot hand West by lot in extending East and West 50 feet 4 inches and North and South 225 feet. Lotko bounded on North by Kerr st. East by the Laud of Thos. South by lot hand West by lot a a extend aug East Aud West 5� feet -1 inches Aud North and South 225 feet. Lot cd a f. A ii and i Are sold subject to a perfectly free Anil unobstructed right of Way 20 feet wide extending along the Western line of said lots cd e. Of a h and i and for the sole use Aud Benefit of same. I. As executor of Perry a. Letulier Bury deceased will also sell at Public auction to the highest bidder at the same time and place the following tracts or parcels of land situated in said county and state lot no. 1�?a lot Zutl Esaid Tow of Onancock on which there is a dwelling and hounded on North by main st. East by storehouse lot next hereafter described and the Laud of Thos. A. Northam South by the land of Thos. A. Northam and West by the land of Frunk Aud Thomas West extending along main st. Ill feet. Lot no. 2�?in said town of Onancock. Of which there is a storehouse and bounded on North by main st. East by the lot next hereafter described South by the land of Thos. A. Northam and West by lot no. 1�?extending along main st., a distance of 53 feet but sold subject to a right of Way 0 feet wide along the Eastern Boundary for the Benefit of the lot next hereafter described. Lot no. 3�?in said town of , on which there is a storehouse and bakery Complete and bounded on the North by main st., East and South by the land of Thos. A. Nor team and West by lot no. 2, last above described extending along main st. A distance of 53 feet but sold subject to a right of Way 5 feet wide along the Western Boundary for the Benefit of tie lot last above described. Lot no. 4�?a tract of land situated about 14 Miles North of Onancock containing 48 acres by actual Survey and hounded As follows on the Northwest by the county Road Northeast by tie tract next below described Southeast by tie land of h. L. Crockett Aud the heirs of mrs. Catharine Poulson Aud Southwest by the Laud of Henry l. Crockett. Lot no. 5�?a tract of land adjoining the one inst above described containing 001 acres by actual Survey and bounded As follows on the Northwest by the county Road Northeast by tie tract next below described Southeast by the land of Benj. T. Parker and Henry l. Crockett and Southwest by the tract last above described. Lot no. Go a tract of land adjoining the one last above described containing g3 acres by actual Survey and hounded As follows on the North by the county Road East by the land of Geo. Scarburgh South by the Laud of mrs. Elis Liia Hopkins and others und West by the tract last above described. For plats and descriptions of All of the above named tracts and lots of land application can he made to tie undersigned. P. 0., Onancock Accomac county for to the county surveyors office. Terms of Sale. Ten percent of the Purchase Money to he paid in Cash on the Day of Sale with Liberty to the purchaser to pay As much More on that any As lie May desire the remainder not paid on the Day of Sale to be divided into three equal instalments secured by the Bonds of the purchaser with surety approved by the undersigned bearing Date on the Day of Sale anti payable respectively in a 12 and 18 months with interest from Date the property to be at the risk of the purchaser As soon As bid off title to be retained As additional Security until the whole of the Purchase Money is paid and upon the payment of the whole of the Purchase Money and confirmation of the Sale by the court in the Case of the property sold under the decree of the court the purchaser to receive a deed with special warranty of title upon the same properly prepared at the purchasers expense being tendered to the undersigned for Tecu tied Possession of lots no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3 sold by me As executor delivered on the Day of Sale Aud As to All the other property Possession to the delivered on the 1st Day of january 1838, and taxes after 1s07 to be paid by the purchaser the rents for the present year except said lots no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3 Are reserved for the Benefit of the parties entitled thereto and do not pass to the pure Ward j. Winder set Cal comm Palmier Aud As executor orig Croya. Vieau Yerbury Uoc cured. Fol w p m 1 id p y it. He the of �9 a.s.4 cd a Raj a i a to m a i�?1 o o Ltd i a in co and jewelry repaired on Short notice i huge for baie watches clocks. Jewelry spectacles Lye classes and silverware in Many styles and at lowest prices we. Sartorius. Pocono pc City my. A he at acc Oizae c. Every court Day. A 11 you want a a. Manufacturer of Sash doors blinds mouldings Newels. Cabinet mantels balusters &c., amp a. O Church furniture pews altars Newels rails Etc. Plans and specifications made and estimates furnished for All classes of buildings. Factory a Sali Bury my. Correspondence solicited. 0 Art or a Garness Tobi Fili a Folk e. R. Co. In effect May 2uth, 1837. Noe you will find them As represented every time and gotten up to suit Home Trade. I have had Many years experience and be Lieve i understand what Best suits tie people my work is gotten up for durability and will look Well for Many years. One trial will prove it. I have a Complete line of quickest and Only daily line Between -.n, a thu not �?T7 Boston new York phila., nor j Quot v1 Folk and old Point Comfort. Northward morning or piano Jig lies. Also a Jae tons Stu Una leave. Porta Morith. Norfolk a a old Puluti Ormord of Etc cd my i of. Whorl Tutt. Cobbs. Itu Ihle a a Honl also ii. It Moro. Alai Jaburg. Koller a a a ouly -.�?��?��?��. To Sloy lurked of a a a to oui. A Allwood. Uhf Hall. Now Burch. Pocomoke. Tosiou. Tins 3 Orvos. A Lucroes Auto. Lout to. Eden a a a a bail Bury. Williams. Delator. Arrivo arrive. Ilni More Uulopa Boot loud a. Willm Listou ill no. and a of st thou. Trou Tuu. Ilu work. 33 83 04 . A 1u acc esp plut a a. Is a. a. a a amp if5 m i he .7 45 7 in 8 40 in 10 1068 a 50 i 4 m l j it a univ _ Luul ii11 do �1.1 i 31. Flo in 1136 of d 3�?~i u 2 fio 1 u 1 no �0 1 47 i w. I 52 7.61 of �7 a st. A la 1/ 1 j Jil if i .3. Fol a. La i j i i x 3� 4 -111 3 i i j 6 10 Ilfe. I -4 i amp 13 0u 6f. »3 10. 1 34 to is 13 30 1 31 in 8\ in. 1 18 7 35 13 47 1 1 i 6 z e la. 1 Csc a 2 i la i0 i 31 i 1., 1 new York if Newark. Pulla. Road by by Aloui. Jialu Guoru of you a Taftt lonix.-.13 �o4. 6 1u. 3 38. 6 24 3 15-, 7 18 a 32�. 1 43 83 Utown j6 37 u.1tt-Sor l old a Olk Vogt pm a =. . Vaju. 832 . 7 25 10 a a. 13 in a to a a a. T l 4�?z Olavo. . a 1 a a a a Williams. Tel Bury j1�?o�&Quot la Fri and Meo. J Turi Tacosa Auto. Fit a plug s Creek. J0 3 33foco Moke. New Oak Hall. Hallwood. Parksley Tasley a Holto Mapps Burg a a a Khmoro. Nasca Waldox. Hird s neet. A Mach Pogo. Lasi lilo. A Tobba. Oberon. Capo Charles. Uldal him Comfort a Oriole. Porta in out. 6 6 17 old 1 b of Ultis in in m m 1 61 surrey.-. J nylons track sullies Licad carts and liar Ness in All styles and prices. My harness arc made of David Moffet s celebrated leather tie Best in the world. Repairing neatly and promptly done on Short notice. I appreciate the patronage already Given and most respectfully ask a continuance of the same. Respectfully Geo. W. Covington a new Church a. Fully recognize this is the age of Low prices. Our Stock is a a a much docs than _ know we adv amp st go to i want is their in mind everything in the o. Undertaker Wauhap Raguc. A. Keeps in hand a full line of pc a s k e t s a of All grades and sizes. Also a full line of he re Pine coffins All Furi bed at the very lowest Iii ices. To will meet till Tinius and by us it Short notice. To. A or �?oit8 s. C. Barn a Liucy Neh ask doors. Windows. Blinds Minitee White Pine mouldings porch Colli Mili porch Tiiu mics adjustable Gimble ornaments Shin glad. Laths hair Lime Cement and h full Liue of Bard Ware Cook parlor gasoline and air tight stoves pumps Stone Well curbing Wall paper tin and Crystal Ware lever setting cultivators harrows wheel Barrows wheel Wood Coal paints amp a cd a a a 1355. 3 it 01 u Oto a u 14 la. 4 id. 4 46 u 4a 4 10 4 63 4�7-6u6 i. % pm ses amp Parksley a. Eso has opened his Maitil harness 86ep, combined at Parksley a. City and country made har luf a a. T.&w1reback&s0n, wholesale \ Ness kept constantly on hand 129 Arch Street 6 13. 6 10 4 30 f6 36. -4�. 6 3j, 4 4x 6 43 Ibi a a to �5 a 63 .6 0s so v 8 1 0. A a pms0u�?z�00sly at Rivo s i. p. 51 p.51 in a tops tor passo spors of signal toc onigut. Quot Ooi it. Scop tin Lay. Also cart saddles Ull cheap for it Asu to it horse Carls and repairing Philadelphia a. Harness special All work represented by promptly attended to. Fulton Powell , my 1-Voninin f i on. a a Uwi Iao egy carriages and other vehicles also bought in car Load lots r h. Nicholas superintendent. Cape Charles a. R. B. Cooke Gene a freight cud passenger agent Norfolk. A. _ Simiti Ink so by a big of tiie Baltimore Chesapeake to it Atlantic railway company until runner notice. A i run As follows we Tabor permitting Oak lug South in. Bari at 6.0 of clock i it. M. Sui Jim a 104 . Gale to. Lle Waud. Uewl Ayaquil Friday for Crl Boeltl Tau Lorla Laud. Finoy , wharf Cedar Hakomi Obiji Tow Oire Ocomo Rocity. Matto Poul Aud Snow Mil. Petuh Ninon monday Aud ten Urafay leaves Snow he 5 a. M�?zma�aponi60jnk3on�uteeclty8,v wih a 33u Kef of win a Cedar Hull , 4110�?T Ali fun i 10, Sholl Twu 10 16, Chou cock 3 30 p. Ra., his Noyes 3, 4.30. Crl Atleed to. Nth anger Kakta us is Ioka. . H Kay Tob. and Auu Days ror ctr bid Harbor Tuu. Cedar View . Loada Leuon a it Cuni Hwy to Avci Leuon so tuesday anal in any 8, shield 8.3. Dave , Komly a of Lucord 11, Nauduz 12. A Cedar \ kw.u.ii�. Boggs 3.46. Evans urbuttun3.i6 oils Homo. Mesnier Tandick. Mondays Aud thursday for Ford l Rook Una Ileide Finney of Auto ,, limiting or cos and met Congo. Kab turning leave Vodus amp Duytu a d saturday Mcstott Gog. Hunting oreo a Kriloua Hooek ii Ouye a Ort Bllou tji com Journ Creek. Yore e 7.no. Ailston Terr save Crl Secco rot 2atti. Of More on an of last Dowie ram Toia Frimm paean a Quot re received Worall Iii Iii on to k. A. Rel la. Ted Boru to. A a a Loo food Mono b. B. Dal y. Fie swirl x Brj land and Virgin. Railroad. Positively no Froat Ujj a Ned must be prod Teu All Points exc pm a Robes. j North t Iril Road go to v. Jul Hunting Creek a dealer in dry goods a notions grocer is. A shingles Cypress lumber a. Also agent for Tho gasoline boat t 1 Ich leaves his wharf every tuesday for Baltimore returning Friday and which is still carrying potatoes at 13 cts. Per barrel and other freight both ways at the same Low rates. Empty barrels furnished at 15 cts. Money letter free a saving for the in All to shipper of 0 cts. Per barrel t i Lau to your own Jlou in interest and buy your building material from us. As we. Guarantee Price to suit the times. We have in stuck Racket a i Linds. Bricks Lime mouldings mantles Lac is moors Sash shingles. Ami All kinds of by the undersigned and sold at the lowest margin of profit. R. F. Powell. . Sgt is. Willard Thomson you a 51-v p. It. Clark it u i Aii Al Bui goods is the material. Pred to All Points of Shore i a a us. Cor. Pratt i Calvert sts., Haiti More my. A european plan. When re Martin a co a and Ali ays to obtain the lowest possible prices. Reisix6er, wholesale and retail dealers in Ull Kiuda of ii Muus ii be in actor a i Iii builder furniture carpets Oil cloths matting stoves refrigerators baby carriages and All sorts of House . Omac c. H., a. We. Reisinger amp son Ali v?., first class. Material furn it a when desired. 513 Columbia ave., and Gil to g23 a Portland st., Cor. Greene st. Plans and specifications pie run pared on Short notice. _ Jal lowest prices on All first class Baltimore my. Rooms 00 cts., 71 cts. And 1 per Day Morks Dell be under bid. Titis House is now Oren is entirely., contract City and suburban cars pass the door r,.�\r and is Seq ii Ppd with All tie w modern Couveau eur Cess elevator elec 1. We or cd i Obe for look us no. To will pay Yon. Ii i it plot air Call Bells steam. Trie lights electric Call Bells 6-eau. Heat Baths Ite. Bernaad Reily proprietor. Estimates. G. A Elly Coard represented by s. Gladding

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