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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - February 6, 1918, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Vimini filicina1 a Hom it a w v1ho� 1awo Lite Mohos f 81 001 till i volume xxviii. Accomac c. H., va., saturday september 19. 1908. Number 13. Walter Mapp. .1. Books Marp. Mapp a Mapp. Atom eth at Tiaw. Of files Orangeville killer stud a comae c. H., practice in All courts the Eastern Ore Virginia. Otto f. Meah9. Attorney a t Law Oft less a Atville Northampton aunty and Accomac Tourt House practices in Alle Ntilis the Eastern lore Virgili la. B. T. Gunter president. W. C. Parsons. Cashier. Vernon Burton asst. Cashier. When Betty came Home. I by c. B. Lewis. A a United depose Oki John 8. Palt Sond attorney at Law acc Piuac courthouse \ a. States government Ley a. A�?T111 practice in All Courta and norths Plou counties. James to Yungton attorney it Law. Off Ceet acc Piuac c. Aud hair Oaka a. Practices in All the courts the astern Shore Virginia. Customers extended every accommodation consistent with conservative banking. Strictly a Home institution. By u. And j. 11a it to v Kew attorneys at Law. Offic Acoma . At acc Piuac c. H., Eiery the smallest depositor receives As prompt and courteous treatment As tiie largest. A copyrighted. Imp. But associated t t literary l re a. A a a. A. E e e e e e e i a satisfactory widowed managed entirely our Home people. It practice in All the court the will Eastern Shore \ Irmia Hoy d. White att Oniey at Law if faces Parksley and acc Piuac c. Practices in All courts acc Piuac ind Norba Uptou counties. Prompt attest Lou to All Hus less. We pay Tel at private Sale. Interest time deposits Eben t. Guntek attorney at Law a Codiac 0. U., it a. Will practice in All the courts no Urtha Uptou counties Waltzek ame8, Alt Iuey at Law acc Piuac . Audo Aucock. a a a Gracile in All the court ii aug Norba Uptou counties. No 1�?mv House and lot in Onley. One Hundred it. Front three Hundred Back with Good eight room dwelling and necessary outbuildings. Ano. 2 two acres land in Olliej within two Hundred Yards c. S. To 3�?fifteen acres land in do a it a it inti in it let Road Between Ley and fas con two Accomac ski Zta Nottingham jk., a attorn e y-at-1 Law Franktown a a Pacile is Luff uru be e.aal.111 Shore \ Irginia la at Eastville Aud accor Arne c. very court Aud at w a a la every w wednesday. L. Floyd Nock. A a Ronky at Law a Copic c. H., a. Practice in All the court the Shore \ org ii. Ley station with two room 4-farm cd Hurt a Road tabling 52 euros. With room dwelling with necessary out buildings. Tills farm is n Cood state eur Tiv Atlon a no mile from Onley Lasley Static. ,1 1 a thirty Ivilue acres land mile from Onley about five acres cleared balance in no. 6�?five1 shares Eastern life Assurance company \ Irginia. Inc. And five a hares Farmers and merchant Nat. Bank Onley a even a Liares Peninsula fair association Tasley a. Will a Ell All a ttys part ii inter-.,�1 write me at Only. \ a. Established in 1882. Schermerhorn amp son receiver. Shippers dealer Grain Hay and Mill feeds Yeti outs lius Eert Meni Colton seed meal gluten Tad. No the do tint poultry feeds. 129 cheap51de,. Baltimore my deed 127 am near Pratt Street. E. W. Polk ent de j f Parks. Do. D. Lull Luton �>knt18t.Accomac court House �? rat the hours from a a. M. To 5 pm. Will at Parksley every iut Day. Or. W. M. Turlington veterinarian carriages. Merchant tailor Pocomoke City my. Toca. A will visit Accomac c. Ii., every court Day. Farm and household supplies. It it ii Enlil sly. Consisting dry Tio Oas it it it Market Price Usu Anine general mob �handi8e, consisting a clothing Ore Erie �c., we also he i options. I Stock hoots shoes hats Cap. Fair Oaks a grocer in n to Pool i carry the most Complete Quot a it a fencing Hay. Still files lie bricks Boal Fine up to Date first a. Geed an farming implements vehicles the Shore. Lvery Usu n a part Fonow incr cry is guaranteed by a pota0 planters i it i a her Row Spike har. Reference past patrons. Can be called by phone Day lug he. W. G. Emmett notary Public Belle Haven. A. Who build them for me Call and examine them at my place Over f. A. W est s hardware store. Shed. E. Kckd1ueh cob a a a i b v k y k acct Mac a a Ner. Lus . Log a tco ascus my county. W 111 meet All engg Wrentt pro Puy Paul Dewees plumber steam and hot Ater fitter Pocomoke City kill e. 0. F. Mis. A Onancock. A a. Haile to Carriage buyers. Having Contra Teci Call and get our prices. Rogers a amp Boggs a. Quot with a. Wrenn my for Sale storehouse and lot at Bloxom station a Call me for 5� a a hav a a a it t a. We. P. Bell i co druggists Accomac c. A. Va., agents for Waterman a Ideal Fountain fens Stock always hand. Finest line stationery Eastern Bhore a. Them but with everything a a a so she re a t which we offer cheap for Cash. Bros., Hay delivered to any Downing Mapps Burg. A. J. W. 1jaltnks Bloxom a. The was nil around. Mrs. La Nordlu. To Mother by Lier daughter Hetty nil Uin Dana to upend july Nad August it a Seart Aniio Rosopf. Quot in Len Ridln. Hie son Neil his Collego Ella run. Archer were to keep Bac Lielnors Lull in the Long Island Manor House. The Coll fill old a Ernaut who Hud Nannt is Cook for Many years part was willing to remain to Enre for their wants and keep the Lious from a Quot lug turned into n Auble. But she was Given i two Mouth off with wages mud told to Luuke herself scarce i All went Well it Home Aud at Hie Benstian for a Moat i. Then the time was Ripe for Soiu Othling to happen Cuil did line Lien. The Mother Mot with n fall. Miss Telly Hist the Euly Young Man Worth ill Riplog with nil the a Ltd exime so near Lieng Droit Noil in the surf that she threatened to quit her Job unless be Muy retired to u Safe distance from the lbs hotly wrote her brother Viii Titiev a Vul arrive Home u car Tan Dale Aud the into was put fur Emigh Uliosh to enable the two Emp ers to get the dishes Washil up Rel their fish pc Les removed front the parlor. Hut Flint is the use writing 1, tiers to n brother Quot to does t go to ill a. Payoff pro for Runau the letter arrived nil right but was not jelled for. Then the afternoon the evening which Tho to Guy were to us Rlou Home. Will Hud to go up to Crook Lya pressing business. It was Mill Ilg lil lie font the Young indy gave answer to Bis pressing question nil it was two hours inter k forc he dropped off n freight train it the country station Lulf a mile from Home. Archer was left to us the time away Cook his own dinner nil go to Iasi at any hour that suited Lite Eon scale no. That hour was ii clock nil hold sixty minutes to get to a Loep Quot Hen the family arrived. No will appeared it the de a t to meet them but fortunately they found a conveyance and fortunately mls it Eity bail Carrut to bar into key away Milti l Ltd nil Vonlil now Pukt use it. A the hour Vivai into us True Yaju Wnm ted kit a Kurt a around Jan a us Ogle to. In Santl Suhd that brother will Wisn t lit his bed and that it a Mil l take two robust women two Wei is to put the booze in its former tidy shape. The arrivals had been need for two hours when Archer woke up. was Inream Faig that he and hooked n Fisli five feet Ion Fifo a a a a Roumi Hawtur a off a w 10 a is Eves wide open. Lie Felt that some noise Hal disturbed him. Then had Becu n great Deal the Quot Hall less business in the country. Tho churns had talked the mutter Over and decided Flint was to be done in Case he invaded Tho Bouse under their guardianship. Thev were armed Aud they were to do their Best to kill capture him. One chum and one revolver Beta absent Hus occasion made a differ enc. Blit nevertheless the chum the spot prepared b. Die for Host. Getting softly out bed nil Paryj dressing lie soon ass Rol him Sci that will hint up yet no turned lust thin he dust Netly Beard a noise in the quote a r part the House Tho full some tic. And effected no Entrance and blundered Over n Calr. The student chemistry hesltatr.1 to longer. Ii softly opened ids door. And. With a Llsup in one hand nil a revolver, e other to stepped out into the Hall to de seems the san los. There bad certainly been a noise in noises in fact. Mother and a ugh a ter occupied room at Tow front Tai House after sleeping for n couple hours the Mother had awakened in a nervous condition nud Tau guitar. Tuts Warf num Liec one. The daughter had ans Vered. Mix a knocked tin nil i and. Wal Perod Quot tin so arc All. 1 Bao Len very lioness with Yoti. We Are not keen for jewelry. Now wont you please got a will Yon Tell to whom i m speaking to a a was int to us Tho girl cd Uthi tied to hold out her hand with her ear Bent to hear if her Mother was stir Flag. A tin miss a great Kootte with n gasp. Theu you must be will a sister. Lot inc say to you that 1 nmn a a let isl you Are Knoll est . Rallies ofe Ourse. Please please go away. I wish we Hall twice us much to be robbed . But you will have to lie a at idled. Here ill put Tho things in your coat Ihie Ket. Now go tiptoe. You a Iii leave the Lump burning after you through robbing downstairs a my i la come Down after in Nush softly. Young Archer wanted to Stop and exp Uhi. Bill she kill one mud us Shon Lilor Aud urged him along and Tho la re to thing lie knew to was it the foot the stairs and a Wyllo wind was being waved to him from the lop. Where should he go what should he do there was an awful mls Rako but How was it to be rectified will had said that he would Boback the i clock train no had missed it. But a Light is expected at any minute now. The first thought was to go outdoors and Walt for him. Iho dec Otid to turn out Tiu Lump and a it Down in the Library and Walt for w ii wow thing Ltd re oni Boay in come along and befriend him. This second decision was i in. stood in the halt turned the Light out a had somehow lie Felt that Eye were upon ids movement. Ensconced in n big leather chair he had paused away half no hour 111 fall Long himself name us hankering after 111 chum Scalp when he heard a faint Rustle outside tile window near which lie sat. 11c cocked his eur toward it. And a moment inter lie knew Turnt a Ouie in outside had 111� hand the Sash. Sixty seconds had not gone past when the catch was thrust Over w Ith a Click and Tho Sash was carefully and slowly raised., Young Archer was excited but he a a a a in game. It looked As if a Klud a Al Dunco was sending a Ltd Filea to h.,0 him out his fix. Rose and stood beside the window with his Pis Tot in hand he meant log Hoot the intruder if he stepped into the room but a sudden thought made Blin change the weapon end for cud. The report the pistol would arouse the whole House mud he had tacitly promised the girl up talks to keep very it lit Tho Man who had mined the Sash waited thirty seconds and then stepped Over the Sill to meet n blow that dropped him like a log lie had Julit fallen when w 111 i Larlu opened the front door and entered. Ash scratch cd n match to see us Way upstairs to noticed Tho lamp the Hall tree and lighted it and next in a tent Hub Lster Betty Como re unplug downstairs to gasp out a a a a. Will Hall to corny and Vou did no to meet us and Mother is very bad a nth Raffles has been Here nil robbed the House nude a a a rals Quot interrupt us the brother. A hut it a a rely we hath a 1 called him . Rallies and to did t deny Bis identity. I gave him All jewelry and then he came Down for the plate he acted real Vulcu mothers Tho Library door stood in rely open Nad course Young Archer had Hoard nil. Now was the dramatic moment Aud be came Forward and showed him self. A the Gill uttered an cd Claudia thou Ami shrank Back lie Sikl will there Lias been a comedy errors with something like a tragedy to end up with. If your sister will go upstairs and you will Couie la Here. 1 think that Ull can be a and All wan. It was done in sections Aud methodically. As a first move the arms and legs the Man the floor who was beginning to revive were bound. When Tho mask was torn from us face they saw that Bowns indeed the Raffles who had ter the minor houses for Long kits Iii typhoid if you pull through gives you a new stomach. Good even in rheumatism. Other humbled the Prince. Fall the her builders material. Carriage Emporium now open at Belle Haven a. A with a Fine line top nut Les. Surveys Phaeton. Runabouts. Speed karts. Single and double wagons follow greater and greater grows the Sale Gluck a a great sate i pie county. Ermi y in a Tait Mer and Flash out in a few Days it we formulated to hold Public interest f e interest for we this week beginning this very Blic interest lug Truon aggressive and progressive we have a Largo line Al lands Blu Khz material Mentz. Brackets laths bricks hair. Lime. Cement. A. Trial order will convince you that be Cao have you Money let us a Ive you our Pricen. Now ready for a to ers Ned s3 Saab a get my it Loeb a y oars Trul l Geo. W. Abdell a Belle Haven a. 5m�?� a family at prices simple irresistible. Full Une it 11 York dry goods at Baltimore prices go Ember the name and place i c k amp c o., Onancock Virginia r Ulli i5usy Corker. Groceries. T g t Benson amp co. William Anil Mary. A re Lnla i Uvis i n t5�p two Hundred and Fly tenth my a Niber rth. We. J a two a Ballum he toyed a it with porn a is pure a. Til cuti��1� old a. A a a a in urm tuition Fri dl1 la a mss Lyon g. Tyler Vijo it m. A. Lud. A new line Staple groceries just received and for Sale at Small margin our motto a Quick Sal and Small your patronage solicited. Jas. S Drummond shoes a her Grangeville a. I even re . The a Ole j a Jar Siidam $3.00 s3.50 sold by amp is mint autos �4.00 a a looping draft awl. off the a inn to the flir thl 1.1�and brought Young Ardour from 1.1, room into Tho ban. And he was jct in time to encounter mass Ite Tatj is sly was a Robin count she was it Natl he. Jul to Wnm startled As Wolt. They wore not ten feet apart. And As Tho stood there staring at curb other she forgot that will was m have his Sohura with him. Nil it went clean out he head that will had n Mother and anywhere Earth. Some girls under the circumstances might not Luve Isson the first but f sh0 not Load Flie Man Dunn the h ill. And when lie could Back up no further a he advanced nub rinse to him and whispered a a Mother is very nervous and if a he knew you were in the House the a Hock might kill replied Archer la some won Dot the Quot is some Silver Plyle Dovon atals. But i m its not Sery Good. Do Yon take Lilc a Horne if a there Are a few pieces in the Paris Worth your bother. Wont you pm a a a sep Down and take what you want leave us alone up Here a a hut. My so mba Quot stammered ate ror red weeks. Then miss Betty a a a brought Down and formally Lute Oduca a a to Archer. Jim this time a lie had exchanged her wrapper for Nome thing More appropriate for receiving company. Thou the so Leti Jewely was restored then the nearest country police station was telephoned to and Raffles was unmoved. Then the Mother awoke Ami a Aid she had ind a Good night s leap a nil Felt Well enough to come Down to breakfast and she did t fatal away when told the doings the us get then As a sort closing chapter to the events Burn he Wolfl uak Vucu we liter to by whom but into rib a Henifi Bon and when they were hidden from sight the Bouse he turned her Mill a Aid i. T i _ a Sis. Y-4 Ven 1-Ricitt-a. Regular i yes Quot she smiled. A and. Frank is a Brick a regular by5 i and by the Groat Horn spoon if ton to bricks Don t fall la love with each other nod give Ulius to Uio for a brother la Law in uru Quot a and Theu Betty blushed Aud laughed and ran away. That painful affliction keeps miseries out the system and is a promoter Long i for blessings colds and smallpox. To How truck Down by disease seems a most undesirable thing yet there arc Many living today in the fullest enjoyment very excellent health who but for an attack some disease would have lived a life almost per pot Al misery. These people were first All victims indigestion in its worst form and Only those who have experienced it know what True Ludlow ton 1�. Struck Down by typhoid fever they came through Tho trying ordeal cured indigestion for one outstanding eccentricity typhoid is that it you pass through no attack a by it gives you n new stomach. To fact after an attack typhoid Tho victim 1� usually left with a stomach like an Lafaut. That u Tho grand Chance offered to Ono who has suffered it May be for Long years from acute indigestion. If Only lie take care after an attack typhoid he need never know indigestion again. it remembered thut any one troubled with severe indigestion is not advised to go Hunting around for typhoid fever. That might prove to to a disastrous course to follow. A chronic cold is just one those tilings which none us want yet even n chronic cold has ii Good Points More especially if you happen to to get up in years a bit not too old course. People who Are up in years Aud who suffer from chronic bronchitis seem to get remarkably Well. It keeps the mood in Good circulation for course Tho victims have to cough and that gives the heart n Jerk and sends the mood coursing nicely through the Elus and arteries. If the cold lie not too acute old people derive considerable Benefit at acute attack the other loud May Cut off in old Pierson in n Day two. It is the chronic Type Only which yields Benefit. Smallpox is a dreaded Scourge to Niue up to that if it to reported that a Case exists in a neighbourhood a Ali Roll passes through Tho whole Community. Yet those who Miff from smallpox and recover usually live to a Green old age. It seems to renew life in some mysterious Way by thoroughly purifying Iho blood. If. However you desire to attain to a Ripe old age you cannot get at nil bling about grumbling nil the Day about their Bones and joints. In All probability these old people would have been in their Graves years before but for this very rheumatism. The reason 1� that if rheumatism is in Tho system it keeps other ills out it makes a grand fighting Force and keeps most other enemies the hit Man Frame it Bay. Especially those the Gartu Type. Very naturally if you have such a grand for cml at hand you have to pay something for Aid rendered but the pain rheumatism if shockingly severe it time is not deadly and that is Why one gets so Little sympathy when suffering from rheumatism. Hut the Plain fact is that a slight malady always benefits you. Een if indirectly. As in example that any a very bad spell weather comes along cold and wet nud you contract a a Light chill. Wlms do you propose to do a by. To take the greatest care yourself and make As certain a possible that cold gets no Chance develop lug into anything worse. Now did that very slight cold not make its appearance and cause you to be sex tre Melv careful what you did there 1� no saying what might happen you nov due during n spell evil cold weather. You might have exposed yourself so much that a severe chill would have seized you. Followed by inflammation the lungs. Accordingly n slight cold May easily uni you from Many worse ills. In this was minor afflictions act As warnings that worse things Are coming along hut unfortunately Many persons quite a Gleet these warnings. A Man. For example has indigestion More less constantly. Yet pays utile Herd always expecting that it will disappear one Day. Now. If he had just paid attention to the matter at the beginning heeded the warning. In Short to int fit not Lii Ivo been lot in for a Storo liver attack later . Every pain every ache every heal ache All these Are warnings that something else is Tho Way and will let a along weekly. I Dusky Beauty from South sea Island Ono night John ,8h�hkit Walro it stud out at Many was in attendance upon a swell function at which the guest Horn was n dark skinned Princess to Hall from Ohio the a it Atli we uis mis. This Princess was by bedecked and in jewelled and her warm Olive complexion set off by a muss Black Kinky Mir Ftp ted ups. Snow White Teeth and. Black sparkling eyes Nundo Heri Tad Center the function. The Masc Ullic like germans swarmed about her like bees around a honeysuckle Vine and even dutch Feml Ulnaty could not discount be Charm her manner Tho Beauty a bit Ltd her person. ,1 John Sharp was introduced course and immediately upon Obeata a tag a near View the Princess i ids Southern instincts Rose to Tho surface and ills Southern blood began to watching Bis Opportunity he managed. My my there to get to the Beauty s Elfio. I ducts his voice to a Low Biff perfectly audible key. sent Tab a her a oui 1�?T tied ears this a lurking quo Ryt e q Rook Bere Lugger. Where Del. You a come from a. A panic stricken nud with All Jour Relf Possession scattered Tho alleged Jorli Coss turned upon her interrogator As a he heard the familiar tabulation the southerner and looked into is relenting face. Then she st�tafnrt�?~m1. Quot Kum South Carol Lay. Boas but for do Law s Sake done to Tell whether Juhu Sharp Raqi Eythl Tho pitiful plea n Southern in Gnu la a faraway land Aud permitted hey to continue her bold imposition credulous germans the Story does by Hill. But the fact Rem los that he a a Princess a realized that she wins fat the presence one who front intimate k How led go her race Ltd Del lid african origin Aud who could Only throw herself his mercy by Oil Torald. Quot a a the Bastille. Men and method in the famous old French prison. Tho Bastille is a prison was apparently better kept and cleaner Titan either Bietre the Chatelet. Aft la within its Walls Tel not. It we july seem Dishonour the prisoner life family. A great Many prisoners charged is mad. Aud under Alens tic term the violent maniac Henri Hilous madman the vying a Pojl Thrift the megalomaniac the reach air Tho philosopher a Stone by these cot perpetual motion �?o�11 the a tiresome persons might Tny and were 1 included. A a it a Quot a How Theu. Did these prof Miil a a us a d til the underground Pelly it a fins in the cells in the Tower Quot a run he Quot Casco according to till Sal Ltd a a Ned the Pete by night supplement the meager Duruh tire his prison Aud get a prove sum a i is Kiks. Very Favrod Pepin a Tiff i a their own servant if consent voluntarily to undergo Edn full moment Voltaire began to write How cur lady Quot As prisoner in rhe is stalk Abbo More let the Knny i Ortelli Speaks the great fortress is the Codle his Fame but we must to Mem Lite that it was perhaps not tub a Pablo to say much about his Bastille when Vou were still lev lug wet help Walls and that As m. Mould fins reminded us. A the old spartans offered sacrifices to prisoner. Mow Over had to sign their release ail Ell orate declaration by which a hey swore never to div Lugo. Directly indirectly anything Tony might have Learned As prisoners concern Long the . Frederic Harrison in nineteenth i Century. The Glove the pole. A quaint custom in an English town a Longton. Is a proclaiming the Tho town obtained the Grant a fair from the lord the Manor Long age As u�7. And the fair a till retains some inc picturesque characteristics Days. The town crier d reared la picturesque uniform and carrying a pole decorated with Gay Flot Jers and no mind be a Laree Gilt Model a lie surmounted by a Largo Gilt n gloved hand publicly announces lilo opening the fair no follows a Oyer. Oyer. The fair begun the Glove 1� tip no Man Enn la it arrested till the Glove is taken hot coins Are then thrown among the Cifu. Dren. The pole nud Glove roui�hi�,dls-.i�,. Played until the end the Elf. . .11 in ii in How Hammer death struck old Parish Church lust Cut . Who had t yet got it through Hll that the family had returned in Quot Mac have two watches and three Diamond ring up Here. Btry crts Nam have Thorn let me get a hem. I won t he gone More than a nil note. Id i wish you would to very a Tate 5lr.e none for her. Quot Fop a a yes. My a when a person saws Wood it Means they suy nothing Don t it a a yes. My a and do women Ever saw Wood. Fix room Lille to th�6 a Twink Man s an idea business. A docs your titled Aon to Law know anything about bus lne a Quot answered . Cd Murox doubtfully a who has had a lot pet Leuco with promus Ory notes and be knows How to get a clock raised. Washington Star. In probably at least Yean. Old. Una Al Rte Tho picturesque churchyard a lied haunt the poet Bloomfield during his visits to shooters Jim a con talus a delightfully Choice a derangement one Tiese Quot master James Dat tag. Ngod 19. Teaches a lesson moderation during a Ithem a no in to the youth other Wood is a statesman. To make them smart. A a . Berta big k in Oldt me lightweight Champion. Simpkins you say that Little Man was formerly Tho lightweight Charm plan Tomk Tusk yes. Similus to Quot did to lose the title Tomk Lnu . To did no to lose To merely sold Bis grocery and news. The Cherry season to the youth milk ctr be fid . A a Fotu his Tombstone. Master a Arlhur exclaims the Hammer death was Alvo to Roe. ,. For eating Tho Char tvs off the tree. A Westminster Gazette. I. I to feign a virtue is to have its oppo Wake up for a thousand Johnnu Here miss. I i Don t want a a but see to Turli is Ami the blushing lid confused Yonng Man managed t articulate. A Dushl 114 believes in tic Rod to brighten up not . Got tired Quick Farmer hired a hand from town. Dull let Well in t Bat the natural Way t make them smart a the burned Church. regarding damage to Church by firc it a Good Job it Wasny to a factory Bill. Nill you re right mate. Only in re to xxi i sri a a is she raised her Nana Futua Nowc j a he i a lev is he . Re pm stood there. Fuck ung Aud looking like a Polit idiot for he n0it Quot a Petty a appear in. I did out time watches and rings her the Rule three. Stella what 1� the Rule Throe Bella to lat ofte ought to go. Home. The Ali st morning the now band went to work to accompanied Tho Farmer into Tho Bay Field. They put a Nad nil hauled it to the barn. By the time it was unloaded it was 0 clock. A a Well Quot said the new hand from town a a what will to do now Quot Quot what will we do now Quot roared the Farmer. A a by. Well to a a another Load Ommy. A Chi that Case said Tho from town Quot i will had its limitations. A scottish Farmer was1 proudly shot re lug a visitor an antique clock which Quot Bud recently come Lysio ills Isasa Stab -. A a Wisn t that a Gran clock to a a a a it a. "1 Bocht it at auction Sale la the. Too the Liber Duy aug gut a Rale win cull quota yes but docs it keep Good thenot the vols tor asked. A Ali icel. Its no Good Cugh a a catch a train that sort Mug. Hut Good enough to got a it t0 brew to. I i new band a budding philologist. Bobbie Ngod five saw a cd Fera tag in his Mother s Flower Garden and in outed a scat scat a the cow did t seem to be much to Tom dilated and calmly ate . Three Vear old Mary Dun Clug with excitement exclaimed Quot Tell him to Soow. Wobble toll him w a cow Quot Delius blur. A a a a in 11 a a ii a a a i a ii is a till Loffi a a a a Iii a 14 a �<1 a a a a 11 us

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