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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - February 4, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Plumber steam and hot water fitter s. J. Bulls is the place to buy your Peninsula a Enterprise John w. Edmonds editor and owner too Oman court House a. Suat the Post office at a conic o. R., va., As second class matter. Saturday february 18, 1911. The voters of Virginia concurring in the views of Hon. We. J. Bryan As to the fitness of Hon. We. A. Jones for the a title of senator a should and doubtless will answer in the Affine a tiie the following query propounded by or. Bryan in a late Issue of his paper the commoner a will the state of Virginia affix the title of senator to the name of Hon. William a. Jones the commoner is glad to learn that he has consented to become a candidate. is just the kind of a Man we need in the United states Senate. His Long service in the House has demonstrated both his capability and his Fidelity. is industrious and always at work for his constituents. is democratic to the Core and adheres to the rules Laid Down by Jefferson and Jackson. is courageous and does not hesitate to risk his All in defense of what he believes to be right and he is incorruptible. When senators Are elected by direct vote of the people we shall have More men like William a. Jones in the Senate for the Honor of representing the state will be the prize awarded to those who have demonstrated their fitness in lower or. Jones is entitled to our support for another reason not Given by the commoner. has Ever been the implacable foe of the a a machine in Vir Ginia and is now in open warfare against it. And we will rally around him in the fight which he will make in the next few months if we would rid ourselves of the few a Bosses a who a run things in Virginia in their own interest and in the interest of those Only who according to their boast a speak the language of the the democrats of the House in caucus have again Given a Good account of themselves and demonstrated a commendable sense of Devotion to the Public interest by formally pledging themselves to vote for Canadian reciprocity. That the sentiment in favor of the reciprocity treaty was Well nigh unanimous was indicated by the vote 90 to 22. The majority of those few democrats who did not favor support of the treaty took their stand on the ground that there was no occasion to Rush the Taft treaty through without amendment because of the Painti King work of Tariff revision that would soon be undertaken by a democratic Congress. A few of the dissenters were such in the interests of their local constituencies who foresaw some slight disadvantage to their sections in the pending treaty. But the vast majority of democratic representatives viewed the whole subject from a Broad patriotic standpoint a blinded by partisan advantage and Unwar Ped by selfish considerations. The support of the democrats insures the passage of the reciprocity treaty in the House. What its Fate May be in the Senate is problematical. Later advices Are that president tafts reciprocity a agreement with Canada was ratified in the House of representatives tuesday night through the support of an almost solid demo cratic vote. The Mccall Bill carrying the agreement into effect was passed 221 to 92. A majority of the republicans present voted against the Meas ure the division being 78 ayes and 87 noes. The democratic vote was 143 ayes and Only 5 noes. A majority of the Republican insurgents present voted for the Bill. While it seems certain that Hon. We. J. Bryan will not soon again be called upon to Lead the forces of democracy the following letter sent out to the old Bryan democrats through out the country indicates that he is keeping abreast with Public sentiment and wishes to exert his still great Power in favor of real popular demands based on investigation of what the people really want first what is the political situation throughout the country second who in your opinion would be the most available candidate to Lead the progressive forces third suggest a plan to arouse progressive democrats and get them to act before delegates Are selected to the next democratic National convention. Or. Bryan is still and will Long continue to be a powerful Factor in the fortunes of the democracy. Like other great thinkers he lived ahead of his time and enunciated doctrines which were scoffed at by the politicians pop Listic and reactionary. Yet these same doctrines have been appropriated and made use of by High Republican National officers and have come to be regarded by the Public As part of the progressive necessities of the country. Senator Owen of Oklahoma uttered words that were As truthful As they were biting when in speaking against the ship subsidy Bill he advised the Senate to adjourn and go Home. A this Congress has been repudiated by the american people declared senator Owen a and yet it continues in session in an Effort to put through the discredited legislation like the ship subsidy Bill. The people repudiated the party in Power because of its advocacy of ship subsidy other subsidies and its subservience to the special the dignity of such eminent statesmen As vice president Sherman senator Lorimer and All the horde of discredited servants of the special interests was considerably ruffled by senator Owens Plain talk. The truth frequently hurts. The tenth annual convention of the Virginia anti Saloon league will be held in Newport news february 21 and 22. Virginia new. Rev. Or. W. F. Quot Dunaway of Lancaster who was so ill for a time is up and out again.3. Testing of cattle for tuberculosis has been resumed under the direction of the state Dairy and food department. On the ground that his Good name had been injured and his business damaged by the publication in the Richmond news Lender of a certain letter l. V. Curry of new York has filed suit against that paper for $25,000 damages. The Virginia anti tuberculosis association has sent out 800 eight Sheet posters which will be placed in cities and towns showing the cause and prevention of consumption. This is a part of an organized War fare upon preventable diseases. Tazewell county citizens at a mass meeting have decided to Peticia a the court to authorize an election on a void Issue of $600,000 for Good roads the meeting was addressed by st. Lulien Wilson state Highway commissioner and others judge Tomas e. Blakey of Essex and or. Pc k. Bauman came up on Steamer Friday night. They Are both enthusiastic Jones men for the Senate and say that a Martin Man is Seldom found in Essex and is a curiosity in Lance. State senator Don p. Halsey of Lynchburg announces his candidacy for Congress from the sixth District. The incumbent Carter Glass is a candidate for u. S. Senator. Halsey has been Active in the state Senate during during his term of office. Representative c. C. Carlin effectually blocked the plan for placing the reformatory of District of Columbia in close proximity to it. Vernon. By or. Carling a labors no appropriation will be made. Or. Carling a amendment prevailed by a vote of 112 to 42. It is understood that if there shall be an extra session of Congress ordered by the president for revising the Tariff that governor Mann will appoint Sena or Swanson to serve till March 3,1912, that being the period intervening Between the calling of the session and the convening of the Virginia legislature. The resignation of Rev. Jas. Cannon jr.,As superintendent of the anti Saloon league of Virginia has been accepted at a meeting of the executive committee. It will become effective at the first meeting of the committee following the convention to be held the latter part of this month in Newport news. It is reported that representative h. L. Maynard of the Norfolk District whose term expires March 3, is to be Given a Fine berth. President Taft is said to have in mind the appointment of the representative As a member of one of the National commissions at a salary probably equal to his income As a member of Congress. The first Accident of the baseball season at the University of Virginia occurred tuesday when Guy Herbert a promising player was struck in the face by a batted Ball. His Jawbone a broken in two places and be will be out of the game for some time. Herbert resides in Marshall Fauquier county and this is his first year at the University. Rev. Or. Berryman Green who was elected Bishop coadjutor of the episcopal diocese of Virginia at the episcopal Council in Richmond tend Guys ago was stricken with paralysis at his Home on Seminary Hill near Alexandria Friday of last week or. Hugh Mcguire reports that the left Side is affected but that the stroke was slight and it is said or. Greens condition has greatly improved. Tiie grand Lodge of masons in Virginia convened tuesday evening at 6 Fly Alfir a 111 Momii i Tom t-.1 n Penl this list has been specially priced for your benefits we want you to get acquainted with the Low prices and the Good service at our store. Also our entire line of Wall paper to be closed out at half Price. Buy now and put it on later. We need the room for our increased business so the Wall paper must go. Specials for week of feb. 201b., Only. Peroxide. 4 by. A 10c Vanilla flavor 4 ofj8o. Lemon flavor 4 of17c. Black Pepper 4 of05c. Red Pepper 4 oz., 08c. Lowneys Cocoa 15 1b. 08c. Bakery a Ooola j la. 20o. Eagle milk 18c Challenge milk 10c toasted Corn flakes 10c. Postum 15c. And 25c. Mothers Oats 10c. Cough syrup. 4 of. 15c. White Pino syrup 4 of. 15c Lithia tablets 5 or. 25e. Mountain Herb Tea 15c. Boker razor regular $2.50, $100 hair brushes 25 Par cent. Off. Sweet heart soap 05c. Of cts it a soap 06c. Octagon powder 05c. Ool Gates talc 15o. Listerine 2 in. Dikes hair tonic 50c. Sulphur 5 la. 25o. Our new Stock of Garden seeds now in. Highest germination guaranteed. That a the secret of Good seed. We Are Selling agents for or. Hess Stock foods and have on hand All the time the Complete _ line As follows or Hess Stock Pood or. Hess poultry Panacea. Or. Hess instant Louse killer. Or. Hess Healing powder. Or. Hess worm powder. Or. Hess Hea powder. Or. Hess hog worm powder. Or. Hess Colic remedy. Or. Hess distemper remedy. Or. Hess dip amp disinfectant. Call and get their free Stock Book. The 1911 e. If. $1,000,00 highest Trade. Price paid for eggs in Allaband a Parksley a. Mail orders promptly filled. For Sale at private contract. I offer for Sale at private contract my farm of do acres. More or less about equally divided in cleared and Woods land situated at masons siding with two settlements on it. It is Weli adapted to the growth of trucks of All kind9 and is situated in a neighbourhood of Thrifty Farmers. Its location at station makes it de Flanders 20 $700. Better than Ever. They represent the combined experience of tha most skilful manufacturing experts of the age. $7,000,000 invested in the largest and Best equipped group of automobile manufacturing plants in the world. Their capacity is 80 pm Fps and 125 Flanders 20 cars every working Day. They employ 12,500 men to build these wonderful cars and every Man is an expert in his line. Since the fall of 1910 Market conditions changed very radically. Material took a Tumble and came Down to a business basis. They were first to profit by the change and contracts were closed for enough raw material to insure them almost indefinite production and then they lowered the Price of their product to correspond with the change in conditions. Now something about the e. M. F. 30�?� for 1911. We want to thoroughly impress you with the fact that this is the same car we have been making for two years have never found it necessary to make a single change in the motor but you will find it now has prettier body Lin s and a better finish for $1,000 than it had for $1,250. No car built has any better material in it than the e. M f. �?o30.�?� old Bullet the 9th car turned out from the factory has covered 73,000 Miles and is still in racing order. The writer has had the pleasure of thoroughly inspecting old Juliet and found it in first class condition and still ready to race anything in its class. Write for booklets giving guarantee and full description of the several models. If you want something cheaper than the e. M. F. �?o30�?� remember the Flanders �?o20�?� for $700.00, Holder of worlds record for the longest none Stop engine run regardless of Price. This Little car adhered nearly 11,000 Miles without the engine stopping once. Write for the record giving full details. Now remember you Gat a guarantee with every car Good for one year and we will protect you in every Way and see that your car is kept in Good running order. For literature and demonstration write to Cape Charles Auto co., Cape Charles a or j. T. Kellam local representative. Wachapreague a p. of the new models will appear just As soon As we can get them from factory. New cars 1011 models will be at Cape Charles about March 1st. Annual White ale of clock in masonic Temple Rich sizable to those wishing to engage in mrm i in ire a a a merchandise or other business. Terms Liberal and made known it application. E. Roy Byrd Bloxom a. Mend in its 123d grand annual communication with grand master w. B Mechesney of Staunton in the East. As it is the custom for the grand master to serve for two years it is presumed that there will be no change in the officers and the election will be a Mere matter of form. Experts on the care of children selected from All parts of the country Are scheduled to meet in Richmond during May to discuss the child problem in Virginia and to devise better methods for the care of the children of the old Dominion. This conference will be held under the state conference on charities and corrections this meeting will not take the place of the regular annual con Terence on charities and corrections which has been scheduled to be held in Roanoke during the fall. Business notices. Notice having had six years experience with All the latest implements for pulling stumps preparing new ground and moving houses i now offer my services to the people of Accomac and Northampton counties by Day or contract strict attention Given to All business. G. Gravenor Rne. Is i lots for Sale at Legato station Oak Hall a. Jno. S. Parsons 1 Accomac a trespass notice i hereby forewarn any person driving through my Woods or cleared land on my farm near Davis wharf or in any Way trespassing on my property. Any information leading to the conviction of any one trespassing on my property will be liberally w. Sturgis j Jan. 4�?z1911. Harborton a. You will be interested in the announcement that our seventh annual White Sain will commence on wednesday morning february 22d, and continue throughout the week including saturday night february 25th. Now comes a Long anticipated want we feel Suie of this on account of the Many inquiries from our Trade As to when we would hold our White Sale Xiru a e Are ready for a period four Days Only of under priced Selling of the greatest line of White goods that we have Ever shown. Everything White will be involved in this Sale. How the snowy Clouds of White merchandise will like the Snow which they out Riyal in whiteness under a july Sun. We bought widely for this Sale and Well. This our seventh Mann Mil and greatest yet White Sale will he for for Days Only. Wednesday thursday Friday and saturday february 22dl, 23d, 24th and 25th, 191. Come Early the Selling will be fast. And by coming Early you will get your Choice of the Many useful and Beautiful premiums that we will give All Cash purchasers of $10.00 or Over chg our White Sale. The interesting features of our 1911 White see Bottom of and. For full Premium particulars Sale consist of Broad assortments of Dur embroideries and laces bought direct from the st All Switzerland makers Muslin underwear. Many items in Noslin underwear will be offered daring this Sale for less than you can buy the materials White waists in advanced Spring styles. Also Many Natty tailored waists at prices that you have not previously seen or Beard of j new White Wala tongs new Spring White goods in Plain and fancy weaves. And a great lot of White wait lugs that Range in value from 16 to 35 cents per Yard. Major part of this lot Worth 25 cents per cd we will offer daring oar White Sale for the very Low Price of 12 cents per cd. Dress and handkerchief lineup Art and round thread linens suiting linens Linen sheeting Linen lawns waiting and vesting linens All will be marked at specially Low White Sale prices. T ble linens Dat Nav a and Napkin son these we think we will break All records for bargains seeing will be believing. Bed linens sheets Pillow cases sheeting amp a lace curtains curtain swisse towels Bureau and washstand scarfs Ems. And Art linens of All kinds Towel id by the Yard for Kitchen and Tea towels also Fine for hand Ems work. A also All Nanook Long cloth sheeting. Pillow casings. Muslims Cambric India linens mull Lustres , Vinarie Batiste. Chif Fonette Dimity stripes Aud checks Panama checks White apron Cheeks Linene Linen finish Killarney Linene White Plain and French Percale and All other White goods of every description. 1 Sale of cab wednesday morning february 22d, at 9 30 of clock Sharp. Anticipating the pleasure of your presence at this Sale we remain with Urdal of past favors very truly yours Leatherbury Belote amp co., the under Selling store Onancock a. N. will be extended to our regular charge customers As usual. Full Premium particulars Good for our White Sale Only a to All Cash purchasers of $10 00 or Over and under 15 00 in will give absolutely free As Long As they last Choice of a bolster Roll Copper Bottom Ham boiler Beautiful picture fruit plate Taborett Book shelf or 1 Doz Glass tumblers amp a. A fruit to All Cash purchasers of $15 00 or Over and under $20 00, Choice of a hamper Basket brass or weathered eat Furez a a a it look hand painted vase salad bowl amp a. R w a Nares Oas Mission to first purchaser Only of $20.00 and under $25.00, a Tali Mission clock and Magazine rack combined to first purchaser Only of $25.00 or Over our Best tall Mission grand fathers clock. No reservations made first come on the spot Only first served. To seen re any Premium amounts specified must he reached at one Purchase. There will be no deviation from these particulars. Store will be open at 9.30 of clock Sharp on first Day of Sale. F High Grade Strawberry plants for Sale. �o911-Spring season-1911 Ward Axworthy son of notice to creditors commissioners office Accomac o. H., a. February 15th, 1911. To the creditors of mrs. Rosetta Waterfield Onancock John d. Grant Accomac o. and George Ashby coloured Accomac c. H., deceased and All others concerned you Are hereby notified that at the re quest of the personal representatives of the said decedents i have appointed the 1st Day of March next at my said office for receiving proof of All debts and demands against the said decedents or their estates at which time and place you Are required to attend and prove your claims. Given under my hand the Day and year first above written. O same a. T. Ros8, Oom missioner of accounts. 0 Martin amp Mason co. Call attention to their Large Stock of. Sash doors blinds. Mouldings builders hardware. Shingles laths Lime bricks and building material generally paints oils and painters supplies. _. We Are prepared to Cut House Bills to order also to manufacture barrel Staves and Heads of Good Quality. Lee perfect Bloomer firm productive medium Large Good shipper Early. Ship Many firm heavy bearer perfect Blossom extra Good shipped Large size medium Early. Hummer very deep red Fine Market and Good table Berry. 17 has filled a quart. Perfect Bloomer medium to late. A plants will be delivered to Tasley Onley Mel a and Keller stations cleaned up roots straight neatly put in boxes at $2.00 per 1.000. I have others but there Are my leaders and Best. F. G. W. Addison Onancock a. D. 124. Acme poultry farm for Sale gasoline launch 28 it Over All. 7 it. Beam built of Pine heart and White Cedar deep Sand Able 9 Borse 2 Cylinder engine. Will sell with or without engine. This outfit is quite As Good As new and in Complete order. Smith amp Wescott Mapps Burg a. Our grist Mill will run urday notwithstanding the contrary. Every reports sat to we shall at All times be pleased to show oar goods and invite you to Call and inspect our Stock before making your purchases and we will save you Money. I for Sale Diamond Prince coming 3 y6afr old Colt which showed 2 35 gait after training of 30 a lays last year. Sired by Sydney Price and own 6ister to Catherine Bell 2 24when 3 years old. Bargain for some one. Apply of. O Taylor. Boggs wharf a. Housekeepers companion the Cook Book of the late mi3s Bessie Gunter can no be furnished to All who wish to Purchase same for the sum of $1.25, either by mail or otherwise the Advance in Price is due. To increase of Cost in binding. Every Dollar received for the books after deducting expenses will be used for Church purposes. Mrs. John w. Edmonds. For Sale my Bay Maro seven 7 years old and perfectly sound also buggy and harness. Rev. E. E. Krauss Casville a. Martin amp Mason co Harborton a. For Sale. 8 to 10 Good driving and gentle farm horses. Do Well to see them and get prices before buying. Terms favourable. We handle most everything earned by Tho retail dealer direct from manufacturers. Glad to have a share of Rouge at lowest Price. Harry t. White amp son wholesale grocers brokers and manufacturers agents Mckemie Park a. \ notice houses moved and retired and new work done by the undersigned at any Points in Accomac and Northampton by Day or contract. Prompt attention Given to All Calls by letter or phone at my House. Jno. Outen amp son contractors and builders Onancock a Paul Dewees Pocomoke City my. Will sell my up to Date Plant at private Sale. Located within 1j Miles of Franklin City a. Reason for Selling my other business will not admit of giving it my Atten Tion. The Plant is compel a 3 three varieties of chickens Viz s. C. I. Reds it r. Or White Wyandotte and Black Minorca , and 2 two pens Homer pigeons 200 Birds or 100 pairs. 1 Fine horse 1 hauling Wagon 1 horse cart 1 runabout harness incubators. Brooder amp a. Correspondence solicited. Inspection invited. Major e. Selby owner. Carriage Emporium now open at a. Belle Haven va., with a Fine line of Toff buggies a surveys Phaeton runabouts Speed carts single and double wagons. For Sale by the undersigned at the lowest margin of profit. The vehicles Are All of Best maket Anu Price right. Call and see them and get my prices. Yours truly Geo. W. Abdell Belle Haven a. Axworthy 3 2 15r and town lady the dam of lady worthy 2 11l in judging a horse by a sire 1 look carefully at his Speed producing qualities from his sire and dam then 2 take in his own conformation and 3 lastly learn of his own get if be Bas sired any. In All three of these qualifications Ward Axworthy cannot be excelled. See his Colts see him and be convinced. Service fee $25.00 to insure in foal. Till st and at Henry t. Masons Bloxom va., and w. S. Nelsons Onancock a. For further particulars see or write. Nelson amp Miles a Onancock a. For Sale at private contract the following property my barrel House and lot at Bloxom station lot 45x70 feet House 40x70 feet Shingle roof Only 3 years old. 3 wagons and barrel drays. Two Good general purpose work horses suitable for any purpose. 100 barrels of first class second growth Irish Cobbler potato seed. For further information apply to major Mason Bloxom a. Highest. Middletown &0wn up for it when you 1 want the Best. E. Mccosh amp Bros. Baltimore. A a k. Townsend . Breeder of the american Beauty comb r. I. Reds. Stock and eggs for Sale. Eggs from first pen of Choice mating $1.50 per setting of 15 $5.00 per 100 Utility Stock $1.00 per setting. Kellerstraus Strain Crystal White Orpington. A limited number of settings of eggs for Sale at $3 00 per setting of 15 eggs. Fertility guaranteed. Horntown Accomac county Virginia. Removal. The Public will take notice that i please have a moved Back to my old stand next door to Bell harness co. John t. Robinson at. Singer sewing machine co. And dealer in pianos organs and sewing machine supplies. The patronage of the Public solicited. Spring styles stiff and soft. Stetson done to forget that new year presents in Fine imported vases and Ohina japanese Ware in Fine hand work and Nice line of chamber Seta at All prices also present for the Little ones dolls poll carriages wagons and toys of All kind. Headquarters for Good shoes of All kinds. Ladies Dolly Madison the Best woman a shoe made. For men Selz fall line acid Roberts Jackson amp Rands the Best heavy shod made also big line of matting at right prices. Come in and see. S. J. Buji Jwj Cor. Hill and main Street Onancock a. If your bread and pastry is the foggy indigestible misery making kind. Its dollars to doughnuts that the flour is guilty of the offence. Our flour makes Light White delicious bread and pastry always. A poor Luck is unknown where it rules the cooking. It insures Good results because it is uniform l Quality monday tuesday wednesday and every Day in the week the Best. Candidly can you afford to go on using Hap Hazard flour when our Mill to sons Amer system puts our Superior product in your Home at Lebs expense we Cut our the retailers profits. We leu you flour direct at wholesale prices. We will save you All those dollars that the retail dealer has previously pocketed. Try our method. You la never go Back to Tho old Way. Write us for prices. A Agle bulls Catt i. Merrill co one Price clothiers of Pocomoke my. Grand Bingen out of half sister Standard registered vol. Xix. To precursor 2 20�. Pepper family. From the Jessie everyone in anyway interested in the Light harness horse is familiar with the fact that Bingen 2.06has founded a family of Trotters different in Nany ways from that of any other stallion. Not Only is he himself airing phenomenal Speed Hia son Uhlan 1 68, being the Holder of the worlds record in the open for Trotters of any sex while scores of others of his get have seen red records from 2 04$ to 2 30. His Standard list being very close to the Century Mark at 17 years of age. His sons have proven that they possess the Power to transmit extreme and natural Speed. They have sired considerable More than one Hundred Standard performers with records ranging from 2.04. Grand Bingen is an extremely handsome Black horse. is a typical Bingen is every particular and from his Rich Breeding should sire phenomenal Speed. will be allowed to serve Only about ten or fifteen approved mares at a fee of. $25. For further particulars see or write l. 0. Ames or m. B. Ames. Pungoteague a. Keller will appear next week. 36169. Son of elect rite sire of 75, he by the great election Eer 125. 1st dam lady May dam of eight with records from 2 11 to on and Sisters to ers All full Broth Oliver. Brood Mare owners who Breed for All qualities Breed to Rod Oliver. They who Breed to Rod Oliver get All a he qualities at a fee of $25 00. Breed and win the following stake i will give a stake for Rod Oliver -2 20 foals of 1912 of $200. All Mareb bred to him in 1911 May be nominated in the stake free of any expense and no fee of any kind will be required it will be for Trotters in their two year old form to be raced Over Keller fair track daring fair 1914. I will also give a similar purse of $-50 for Rod Oliver two year Olds to be raced for this year at Keller fair. Money divided $25. $15, $10. Rod a an exceptional fast horse has trotted half in 1 04, Quarter in 30 seconds Bat for inexperience he would have a very Loty Mark. Tabulated Pedigree furnished on application. L. O. Ames record 2 204. Rod Oliver

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