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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Dec 22 1920, Page 5

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - December 22, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Farm Garden making a stave silo. Directions for building this safety Deposit vault for Stock food. We have had so Many inquiries for specific instructions As to the manner of constructing a stave silo that it has seemed necessary to have driving a made to illustrate Hie most important items said an article in hoards Dairyman printed several years ago recently reproduced in that paper. The Cut on this Page is intended to represent a silo sixteen feet in diameter Twenty feet deep. The hoops Are of five eighths Inch round Iron two i stave is . From Hoard s Dairyman at the Bottom then one two feet above another three feet above the last so on the spaces increasing regularly to the top. Each hoop is in two pieces these pieces Are joined in the rear just the same As in front by passing through Hardwood blocks As shown with washers nuts so As to loosen tighten As May be necessary. The Staves should be to inches thick May be four six or eight inches wide but the narrower they Are the better. It is not at ail necessary that they should be Twenty feet Long As they May be easily spliced saw into the ends that Are to come together insert a narrow piece of galvanize 1 Sheet Iron say two inches wide As Long As the Staves Are wide. Neither is it necessary to Bevel the Staves but set them up with the inner edges close together they will swell Lake a tight joint. Many prefer to Bevel the Staves set them together with dowels. Doors for taking out the ens Ilage Are provided for every space except the lowest. These doors need not be Cut out until the last thing then should be Cut Beveline at the top Bottom sides largest All around on the inside. A strip of building paper tacked around the edges will Supply the waste of the saw. The pieces forming these doors should be firmly permanently fastened together by cleats or bands. In the diagram a represents one of the hoops b one of the blocks through which the ends of hoops pass for tight Inlang c the cleats for holding the doors together. a splice in the Staves e the doors. To erect such a silo build a foundation some in or eight inches larger than the diameter of the silo High enough so that the Earth May be graded up so As to turn All surface water from the Structure level the top of Wall set up the Staves using lath or any thin stuff to hold them in place until some of the hoops can be put on Ana tightened. After the silo is filled has swelled settled to place permanently Bank up on the outside at the Bottom with Cement. Put on any sort of roof to suit fancy a even to poles and Dairyman. Danger to potato crop. Agriculture department issues warning against use of foreign seed. Although Home grown seed potatoes Are Selling at High prices foreign grown potatoes should not be substituted for them. The following statement on the danger to the american potato crop from the use of imported seed potatoes is issued by the Secretary of agriculture a Europe has several potato diseases not now known to exist in this coup Moo in skins cd potatoes raised Feoli treated american seed. Try which if introduced might be the Means of greatly reducing our annual yield of potatoes. Should these diseases become prevalent throughout the United states the Cost of producing future crops might be very greatly increased. not therefore under any circumstances use foreign grown potatoes for seed either at the North or at the South. The sorts which Are coming to this country at the present time Are late sorts Are not adapted to planting in the South where Early potatoes Are the main crop. Neither Are they adapted to planting at the North for they will not produce a satisfactory yield. They Are not adapted to a it or soils or to our climate will not yield profitable crops but the danger of introducing diseases not now present is inf if cheat reason for refusing to Plant advice on Flowers. How various sorts May to planted to not Best results. For a sunny exposure the California poppy Eschscholt Zia will endure Midsummer heat drought without flinching. The colors vary from pure White through yellow Yagge to Scarlet with the Satin Sheen Peculiar to the poppy tribe while the foliage has a whitish cast which is especially in Harmony with the blossoms. For a boutonniere there Are few blossoms which equal the old fashioned Bachelor s Button in White the various shades of Blue. It hns the Happy faculty of keeping fresh for hours of never becoming unsightly even when wilted. A for rapid growth the Kudzu Vine excels Well established plants sometimes attaining a height of fifty feet in a single season furnishing a dense Shade. If grown from seed ten or twelve feet is perhaps the limit the first season. The Calendula will endure More frosts without complaint than any other annual offering a pleasing variety of the different shades combinations of yellow. If you wish to conceal the Garden Fence Plant Sweet peas or a Row of hollyhocks. Portulaca is Fine for covering a sunny spot the succulent foliage being a most successful resister of drought. The Call Lopsas is showy when grown in masses the Long slender stems rendering it admirable for cutting. The branching varieties of Aster Are preferable to the compact sorts. Lavender White make a charming combination while Pink appears without a Quot rival for third Homes. Agriculture. Agriculture the oldest of occupations is also the most important the value of that which comes from the soil surpasses in value All else that is produced by human labor. The Prosperity of. The Farmer is coincident with the Prosperity of the nation fundamentally the welfare of All the people depends upon the cultivation of the Hadley of Missouri. Hay feeding pen. May be used in supplying fodder to Stock in the Fields. A great Many Farmers turn their Stock into Fields in the Spring feed them Hay from the stack. Often they haul out the Hay throw it on the ground. While the Stock May get a Good Deal of it they will necessarily trample a lot of it into the ground or so be foul it by tunning Over it that a a Good Hay pen. They will refuse to eat it Here is a Good plan for making a Hay pen into which the Hay May be thrown set four posts into the ground one at each Corner of a parallelogram g by s feet. Nail Strong 2 by 4�?Ts to these posts every foot from the ground to the height of three feet. Leave a space wide enough for Stock to get their Heads through easily Nail another 2 by 4 or attach Strong barbed wire in its place. This will keep the Stock from jumping into the pen. If 2 by 4 pieces cannot be obtained Strong poles secured from the Timber trimmed at ends so they can be nailed May be used Homestead. Among the chickens. If you would have an egg to hate make the Mother of that egg scratch for the Light of life in the egg will if the Hen gets Lazy fat stale a Rural new yorker. Drinking vessels placed in the Hen houses should be put on a shelf that is raised at least six inches from the ground or the fowls will scratch a lot of dirt into the water. Ducks Are fond of a Mash usually constitutes the bulk of the food Given to them. When grown however except in the egg laying season they thrive do Well on a mixed Grain diet fed dry if Access to a Stream is Given. There is nothing better than soda water for fowls Quot whose droppings Are not in Normal condition. The soda water is made As follows use three heaping teaspoonfuls of soda bicarbonate to one pint of water Siake Well. Dose teaspoonful to each afflicted fowl. Follow with a one Grain quinine Pill each night for three nights in Progress. For the horses sore shoulders. If the horses shoulders should show signs of becoming sore the skin being unbroken a very Good application is sulphate of Zinc one half an ounce sugar of Lead one half an ounce water one quart an excellent lotion for hardening the shoulders even when they have not yet shown any disposition to become sore is powdered Alum one ounce sulphuric acid one dram water one quart. Sheep in the Cornfields. One great advantage in keeping sheep in a dry season when the pastures Are dried up closely eaten off is that we can turn the sheep into the Cornfields As soon As the Corn is Well Silken out this without injury to the Corn. The sheep eat any grass weeds among the Corn also the lower leaves on the Cornstalk without detriment to the earing of the Corn. Lime. A Limestone soil is a Good soil. This proverb states a Rule to which the exceptions Are so few if there Are any that they need not be considered. Lime is More generally needed than most of us Are aware. Try a few bushels of Lime on the Fields you Are about to sow to Clover see if it makes a better fireside. There never was a time when people appreciated the real merits of chamberlains cough remedy More than now. This is shown by the increase in sales voluntary testimonials from persons who have been cured by it. If you or your children Are troubled with a cough or cold give it a trial become acquainted with its Good qualities. For Sale by All dealers. Ito in mines. First pro tidal of Davy t safety Wai drama to. If you i i it Ltd i re looked at pictures of Coal Laust live noticed that the a in represented with Peculiar in�.,. A stuck in their Caps. The e no ice ova a Ilia Davy safety lamp. The entirely surrounded with very wire which permits Cunt hair to enter to keep the Lump Uli Glit. Hut la too Fine for any flame to pass through it the dangerous gases in the Coal mine can enter the lamp Burn but the flame cannot get out before this invention the miners often worked in absolute darkness As it would have been madness to carry a Light into any Coal mine where what is called fire Damp is common. The safety lamp was invented by sir Humphry Davy a famous English scientist but the wonderful thing about the Story of its invention is that no one could be found who would dare to carry it into a Coal mine to test it on Jan. 8, 1816, John Hodgson a minister who lived near Newcastle in the North of England which is a great Coal mining Region volunteered to go Down into the Hebburn Coal pit with a lighted Davy lamp in his hand so As to Settle for All time whether it was really a safety lamp or no. The first Miner who saw him approach was nearly beside himself with terror screamed prayed for whoever it was to put out the Light before it was too late. But the minister walked steadily on confident in the truth of the scent if fact upon which the lamp was built until he got close enough for the Miner to recognize him. Every Miner in the pit knew the Parson their Confidence in him what he told them was greater than their Faith in the lamp much As they desired it but for the bravery of this Newcastle preacher it might have been a Long time before the lamp came into use if at . The american Flag. Its Star spangled Canton la a Union. Not a Union Jack. Those who speak of the Star spangled Canton on the american Flag As a a Union Jack Quot do so erroneously. It is righty called the a Union a but the term a Jack Quot is applied correctly Only to the similar Canton on the British Ensign in which the crosses of so George so Andrew so Patrick Are superimposed. The number of stars in the Union of our Flag is regulated by the Law passed april 4, 1818. Which provides Quot that on the admission of every new state into the Union one Star shall be added to the Union of the Flag thut such addition shall take effect on the 4tb of july next succeeding such the Marine journal says that the origin of the phrase Union Jack is Uncertain but that a the weight of evidence is to the effect that it was derived from Jacques or Jacobus the French latin names of the Stuart King in whose reign the superimposed crosses of so George so Andrew were placed in the Canton of the British Flag to indicate the Union of England Scotland. In that generally accepted View of the Case the name appropriately belongs to that part of the British Flag but it is a Misnomer to apply it to the Canton of the american Flag with which a Jacobus Bexy certainly had nothing to do unless simply to set the example of placing a Union Emblem on the theater audiences. The tricks of theater audiences have been remarkably similar in All Ages. Alc Iphron who wrote of the later attic comedy shows that the plaque was known then also a Young men of the town Quot who took a malicious Delight in hissing a play off the stage. Theophrastus who died in 288 b. A. Sketches among his a a characters the Man of Superior taste whose Pride it was to Hiss when everybody else applauded to clap when the rest were silent the annoying person who would hum or whistle an accompaniment to every tune that pleased him. And Aristotle himself refers to spectators who brought out provisions during the Dull parts of the performance. Margaret wore a Beard. Bearded women have been very numerous. The most noted of the number was the famous Margaret of Austria appointed by Charles v. To be governor of the Netherlands. She had a Long stiff Black Beard conceiving the idea that it added to the majesty of her appearance was very careful of it so combed trained it As to make it seem much greater than it was. Her help. A the fact of the matter is i never amounted to anything before i was a then you give your wife credit for awaking your ambition a Quot no for making it necessary for me to get out and record Herald. Then he faded away. A Orleigh chaperone Are a nuisance Arentt they miss in Hayres of not always. If it was t for my Chaperon some men would hang around me All trans Ralpl in the wrong place. The Meek looking Man walked up to the Book counter. A i want something to keep me Home at night show me my faults Tell me How to spend my a Quot hold on. Old said the clerk a you re in the wrong department. Marriage Bureau on the left three aisles record. Good advice. A Sewickley father recently gave his son some excellent advice. A now that you Are married my son a said he Quot listen to a what is it dad Quot a try to be a husband not merely an Post. Stung. A yes Waldo appearances is deceitful Here i hollered a Guy wot looked like a millionaire ten blocks to git Dis Cigar butt it ainu to no think but a a two Fern after Orleans Picayune. Sarcastic. Chollye do Yon know. In a sometimes inclined to think Clara encouragingly Why done to you do it Cholly its not such a difficult thing if you really try. A a life is too Short for stupid quorate a a . 4 Luff any a maa would be Only too Happy to Wear ready to Wear clothes if they would Only fit half Way decency. Are you one of the Many possibly you be never looked around enough gone to enough trouble to a find Good clothes. Perhaps iou Are an easy going fellow one who does no to like to make trouble. Regardless of what kind of a Man you Are unless you Are deformed you Cap obtain a perfect fit in Quot Merrill a clothes.9�?T they snug up to the neck hang gracefully Over the hips wont wrinkle across the Back. Next time you buy a suit done to pass these excellent garments. Just As simple to get them As not to. Wear clothes that fit. They Cost no More than those that done to. I. H. Merrill co., a one Price clothiers a Pocomoke City my. Acetylene Home made Gas Light for country Homes stores manufactured automatically by a Davis acetylene Generator. A in a class by itself just As convenient As electricity push the Button the Light is on push again it is off. Davis Carbide feed generators Are built on radically different lines from other generators they feed Carbide into water. They feed a a Lump Carbide which yields 100 hours More Light per 100 pounds than the finely crushed 1-4x1-12 in size the Gas is of Superior Quality. Or. Prospective buyer it is Well to consider this great saving. They have Independent Power for feeding Carbide which insures uniform Gas pressure reliability. They have outside purifiers drainage Chambers making All parts accessible. They Are cylindrical in form giving the greatest compactness strength. They were awarded the Gold medal at the st. Louis exposition. Think of the pleasant Winter evenings acetylene lighting in fires. Think of the Eye sight it prolongs saves the valuable Reading it encourages the social advantages it Means the Contentment at Home of the Young folks. Think of the years of lamp cleaning it saves the Ever present risk in carrying around lighted hand lamps which it precludes. Then reflect upon this when once installed a Davis acetylene Light Plant will give you As much Light As you now get from kerosene at a third less Cost. In this Way in the labor saved on lamp cleaning 365 times per year a Davis acetylene Plant pays for itself while being an asset As valuable As any part of the House Good for 40 year so service. Write or. L. Kellam Belle Haven a. . Henderson . . Tay Lor Pungoteague a. W. G. Ayres Pungoteague a. Capt. W. K. Read Harbor ton All Light their Homes stores with a Davis acetylene plan the Davis Generator also furnishes Light for the Homes of the Hon. We. Bryan senator Claude a. Swanson besides thousands of other Homes of prominent men too numerous to mention. Write me to Day How Many rooms you have to Light or How Large a store i will Tell you How Little it need Cost to install a Davis acetylene lighting Plant for your individual purpose. W. Hardy Taylor Pungoteague a. Dealer in Davis acetylene lighting plants for country Homes stores Davis town lighting plants Sash doors blinds. Co., Spring opening. The Price is the thing. Each every department is Complete we Are ready to meet All Comers. Menus Young menus boys suits of All the latest fabrics shades. We carry the largest line of shoes on this Shore can suit everybody. Dry goods in Large quantities. Ladies gents furnishing hats cups. Also several departments which Are too numerous to describe. Come to see us we will save you Money. Glick amp co., the new Busy Corner Onancock Virginia. Agents for Schloss Bros. Amp co., merchant tailors. The largest in the United states. Parksley manufacturing dealers in hardware paint oils varnishes the great Maits in Range cast ranges Cook heating stoves farming imply or its Mill feeds middling Corn oath bran Chick f de bricks Lime Cement laths &c., Sash doors blinds mantes Cabinet mantel Stair rails All kinds mouldings. Special attention Given to anyone going to build. Will see you in person or furnish estimates on application. Parksley manufacturing co., Parksley Virginia. New Spring summer goods. And mor. Of them than Ever before of better Quality especially ingress goods shoe departments. A our line of notions groceries always Large the we also carry full line of matting All grades Agri a cultural implements feed of All kinds Amer ican steel wire Force 39, 41, 47 53 inches High amp lamp a&c., flour a specially. Let us show you we Werli get you As a buyer. W. Rogers amp bro., on lev a. James s. Pratt representing James Sawyers produce commission merchant. Receiver wholesaler distributed. Member App e shippers association. Established 1875. A no. 222 do a street�?2336 2933-2940 Market Street Philadelphia. Penna. References a Centennial National Bank Philadelphia a Ridge Avenue Bak Philadelphia pa., bradstreets commercial Agency Dunn a communal Agency the prot Dice r Porter the Trade generally. Agents a a t. Wescot Painter a. L. Mears Keller a b t Parks on Ley a. A. Frank Barnes Parksley a. S. E. Hickman the Best flour in the ma3ket is the cheapest most Satis Fae tory. And if you will ask experienced housekeepers which is the Best most of them will Tell you they have found Golden Star flour the finest they have Ever used. Order a sack learn the reason tor their enthusiasm. Harrington milling co., Harrington Del. Parksley Marble works manufacturers of Marble Granite monuments headstones tub lets &c., also dealers in Iron Fence. A h. Howard proprietor Parksley a free presents for boys girls. We was it each boy girl in Accomac Northampton counties to give us five Good reasons Why people should Early fire insurance for the Best reasons we will give the following prizes first prize your Choice of any , not to Cost Over one Dollar in the store of any Mereha t who insures with us. Second prize any such article not to exceed the Cost of l Ift cents. Third fourth fifth prizes six soda Cheeks on Ary drug 1 store in the county who insures with us. write your reasons with pen Ink mail to us. Don t bring them in person. All reasons must be in before june 1st, 1912. The contest is open to All boys gals living on the faster Ore of Virginia order he age of fifteen years. Your parents or adult friends May suggest one reason but you must a tub the other four yourself. If you win we will give you a printed list of the merchants who insure us you can go out select your present or we will Send you the i insect in Cash. The prize winners will be published in the paper the five reasons win the first prize will also be published. Three disinterested men will award the prizes. There Are no strings tied to the proposition. You nothing to try. Ali we ask of you is that you Tell your friends about this contest Tell Quot them that we have the largest fire insurance business on the Shore represent Over a dozen of the old line companies. In addition to the above we will give to each child who enters the contest a Little remembrance. Kelly amp Nottingham general insurance Onancock a. We wish to Call special attention to the above machine known As a the Standard sprayer which has been sold by us for the past several years with perfect satisfaction to the user further that we now have in a Good Supply can fill your orders promptly. Best machine on the Market for distributing Paris Green on any crop. Let us have your orders. Greenbush mfg. Co., Greenbush a. We wish to say that we keep at All times for Sale at the lowest possible margin of profit the following goods feeds Corn Oats Hay middling. Flour we Are now working on our second car Load since february. Building materials shingles laths Lime bricks Cement. Farm implements planet or. Cultivators Standard sprayers. Tit have a Complete assortment of sizes values in screen doors window screens screen wire. Our Stock of general merchandise is Complete Well selected. T. S. Hopkins ask co., tax Sley a. Orb Ron in b hurry Quot of o h doors windows blinds Cement Lime hair flooring ceiling facings siding or moulding of any kind if so-wr1te or phone Ashburn amp King Pocomoke they have a full line of everything thoroughly seasoned ready for shipment. Your Trade solicited. There a a doctor on the other end of every Rural Telephone line the Call that rings farthest brings help to the Farmer quickest is the Call by Telephone. When the doctor is needed for Man or beast the Rural Telephone will get him get him Quick. Illness fire blight Many other farm emergencies demand the quickest action. You should learn about Rural Bell Telephone service. Write to Day for our new Booklet a what Uncle Sam says about the Rural its free. The Diamond state Telephone co., h. R. Hearn agent Onancock a a Virginia. Martin amp Mason co. Call attention to to Weir Large Stock of. Sash doors blinds mouldings builders hard Ware shingles laths Lime bricks building material generally paints oils painters supplies. We Are prepared to Cut House Bills to order also to manufacture barrel Staves Heads of Good Quality. Our grist Mill will run every saturday notwithstanding reports to the contrary. We shall at All times be pleased to show our goods invite you to Call inspect our Stock Quot before making your purchases we will save you Money. Martin amp Mason co Harborton a. C. S. Waples with we. Waterall amp co. Established 1869. Camden Philadelphia n. J., a in buying paints ask for water ally a Well known brands. Combination mixed paint. Universal mixed paint. For Sale by John s. Waples Onancock a j. W. Rogers amp bro., Onley a a Boggs amp Rogers Melfa 44 Lofland amp Dodson Cashville 44 j. L. Savage deep Creek,4 g. F. Byrd Sanford 44 s. F. Bvrd Poulson 44 n. W. Tawes amp son Crisfield my. fee too Iron Fence cheaper than Wood the Stewart Iron works co Cincinnati Ohio the largest manufacturers of Iron. Fence in the world have purchased a enough raw material to make 5,000,000 feet of Iron Fence have allotted l f,000 feet for this territory which we Are authorized to sell at a Price never before heard of. Now is the time to a fix up a take advantage of this Opportunity put up a neat Iron Fence in front of your Home. Iron Fence for All purposes residences. Schools churches cemeteries grave lot enclosures Etc 200 designs to select from. For Best Price Coll on or address e. H. Howard proprietor Parksley Marble works. New York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. R. In effect March 18, 1912. South bound Traine. No. 49 no. 37 no. 45 no. 41 no. 47 leave p. M. A. M. . . A. M. New York . 9 00 12 38 338 800 Philadelphia 1117 535 300 5 57 10 00 a. M. Wilmington 12 02 6 47 3 44 653 10 44 p. M. Baltimore look 4 10 1 35 455 900 leave a. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. P. M. Delmar 3 00 10 40 702 10 15 1 35 Salisbury 3 10 10 56 7 16 1027 148 i . Tasley 4 39 1 01 9 21 Cape Charles 615 4 30 10 40 4 30 old Point 800 6 20 6 20 Norfolk arrive 9 05. 725 725 North bound train. No. 44 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 no. 46 leave a. M. A m. . P. M. A. M. Norfolk 800 6 15 800 old Point 8 45 7 15 8 46 Cape Charles 11 05 930 600 1125 . Tasley 10 49 a a 31 1 03 a. M. Salisbury 7 34 135 12 25 942 3 19 Delmar 8 01 200 12 54 1015 8 59 arrive a. M . A. M. P. M. Wilmington 1122 435 405 7 41 p. M. Philadelphia 12 08 622 500 826 Baltimore 12 40 703 601 9 50 a new York . 2 48 805 7 32 1118 trains 49 50 daily. Trains 37. 45. 41, 47. 44. 48, 80 46 daily except sunday r. B. Cooke. R. V. Massey. Traffic manager. Superintendent. Notice. Pursuant to an order entered by the circuit court for the county of Accomac on the 8tli <1 a of february a. D., 1912, a in the matter of the application of the school Board for the districts of the islands no. 1, of Accomac county Virginia upon the question of borrowing Money issuing Bonds therefor a directing me i hereby give notice that on saturday the 8th Day of june a.d., 1912, a special election will be held on Chincoteague Island Accomac county Virginia to pass upon the question whether Bonds shall Issue or not for the sum of eight thousand dollars $8,000recommended by the school Board of the District of the islands no. 1, of Accomac county Virginia to be borrowed for the purpose of erecting a school House therein furnishing the same that said Bonds shall be a Lien on All the school property in said District. Given under Maliand this 14th Day of May a. 1 1912. John i. Grant jr., clerk. A Virginia in the clerks office of the Cir court of the county of Accomac the 15th Day of May a. D., 1912. Thomas a. A Blackstone w plaintiffs against John w. G. Blackstone Sadr. I others defendants. In chancery. The object of this suit is to i the office lot of late John w. Blackstone his interest in lot adjacent thereto situate in Dru mond town Accomac county v to Settle his estate. And a affidavit i Laving been nil filed that the defendants Rob g. Hudson Margaret i. I son his wife in right of said i James c. Bowles Elizabeth Rowles his wife in right of a wife Walker Joynes Belle Joynes his wife in right of is wife Robert Mealls Netta j Falls his wife in right of said i Robert s. Scarburgh Are i residents of the state of Virginia is ordered that they do appear i within fifteen Days after due Pul cation Hereof do what is Nee sary to protect their interests in to suit. And it is further ordered to a copy Hereof be published one week for four successive weeks the a Peninsula Enterprise a Auer paper published in the county Accomac that a copy be Post at the front door of the court hoi of this county on or before then it succeeding Rule Day from the i Hereof. John d. Grant jr., clerk a copy Teste a John d. Grant jr., c. C l. I Loyd Nock p. Q

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