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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Dec 22 1920, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - December 22, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Peninsula Enterprise. John w. Edmonds editor and owner. Accomac court House a. Entered at the Post office at Accomac o. H., va., As second class matter. Saturday May 25, 1912. There i9 every indication that Congress will pass a joint Resolution providing for a constitutional amendment restricting the presidential tenure of office to a single term of six years. The Prospect does not please third termer Roosevelt who designates the idea As but a poll of both houses shows an overwhelming majority favourable to such restriction. The sentiment is shared by a Large mass of sensible citizens who Are alarmed lit the possibility of the establishment of a third term precedent the natural sequence of which would be a fourth fifth and sixth term or a life tenure of office. The National humiliation we Are suffering from the barnstorming performances of a president and exp resident of the United states is a potent influence in shaping sentiment favourable to a condition which will make such exhibitions impossible in the future. The revelations of the two aspirants for the Republican nomination As to the use of Federal patronage in dictating the nomination of a successor help the movement along. There is objection in some quarters to lengthening the office to six years but very Little aside from the natural diffidence of Teddy to the proposition of eliminating All danger of Ceesar ism. In support of the proposed change it May be said that Many of the republics fathers strongly favored just such a restriction in the making of the Constitution. Exactly How it failed to become incorporated in the document is not quite Clear. From time to time numerous presidents and statesmen including Thomas Jefferson James Madison and Andrew j Ackson have favored such an amendment As is now proposed. In these Days of insane ambition and unscrupulous methods to consummate it there is stronger need than Ever before existed to erect a constitutional bulwark that will save this Republic from treading the path of Rome. Baptist sunday school convention. The twentieth annual session of the Baptist sunday school convention of the Accomac Baptist association will be held with the Hallwood Baptist Church tuesday and wednesday june 4th and 5th, 1812. Tuesday june 4th. Morning session. 10 00-r0penlng exercises j. Bloxom. 10 15�?reports from schools. 10 45�?organization. 11 00�?reaching the Home through the Home department and Cradle Roll b. B. Kirby. 11 30�?open discussion. 11.45�?the discovery and training of teachers Joseph t. Watts. 12 15�?open discussion. 12.30�?appointment of committees and adjournment. Afternoon session. 2 00�?devotional exercises v. S. Dietrick. 2 15�?the sunday school a teaching and training Agency for the Church w. C. Foster. 2 45�?open discussion. 3 4x>�?tliesuhdayschool, an evangelistic. Agency l. Ritter. 3 30�?open discussion. 3 45�?the organized class the Maraca and Philathea e. W. Robertson. 4 15�?open discussion. 4 30�?adjournment. Evening session. 3 00�?devotional exercises . Warren. 8 00�?sermon, c. E. Allard. Wednesday june 5th. Morning session. 10 00�?devotional exercises Benj. Thomas. 10 15�?child conversion Ernest Hemming. 10 45�?open discussion. 11 00�?the worker and his life or. A. B. Dunaway. 11.30�?open discussion. J1 45�?annual Sermon w. T. Clark. 12 30�?miscellaneous business and adjournment. A afternoon session. 2 00�?devotional exercises s. F. Rogers. 2 15�?reports of committees. 2 30�?attitudes essential to sunday school Success . Watts. 3 00�?open discussion. 3 15�?the Outlook. Two or three minutes talk by superintendents and representatives. 4 00�?praise and prayer led by a. C. Newman. 4 30�?miscellaneous business and adjournment. The House has adopted a joint Resolution providing for an amendment to the Constitution to permit the election of United states senators by direct vote of the people. The Resolution had already passed the Senate and now All that remains is the formal signing of the instrument by the president and the issuance of a proclamation to the states to signify their wishes on the proposed change. The amendment will have to be ratified by three fourths of the states to become effective. Therein lies the possibility of defeat. The Southern states do not take kindly to the amendment to the original Resolution which gives the Federal government supervision of elections. The danger of negro domination assisted and encouraged for partisan reasons by the party which loudly boasts that it a freed the niggers a is no Idle dream in the Southland. They have not yet forgotten the horrors of reconstruction Days and they shudder at the thought of possibilities of a repetition even in a lesser degree. There was no necessity for the Senate amendment and if it was put in for the deliberate purpose of defeating popular election of senators no More Subtle a a joker could have been contrive. The democratic convention of Virginia opened at noon thursday in Norfolk with James r. Caton of Alexandria temporary chairman j. N. Brenniman of Richmond temporary Secretary and e. Cunningham of Norfolk temporary sergeant at arms. These appointments were made at the meeting of the state Central committee which also adopted As the democratic primary plan the provisions of the Byrd primary Bill enacted at the last session of the legislature. Congressman James Hay was elected permanent chairman. According to the latest advices eight delegates at Large will be elected to the Baltimore convention Vii senators Martin and Swanson governor Mann and congressman flood of the organization Harry st. George Tucker Richard e. Byrd r. Tate Irvine and Alfred b. Williams Wilson men. The returns from the presidential primary in Ohio indicate that col. Roosevelt won Over president Taft by a plurality of 25,000, and will have 32 of the 42 District delegates selected. The result Means says Roosevelt that Taft is out of the race and that he will be the next nominee of the Republican party for president. Taft on the other hand claiming 570 delegates to the Chicago convention or 30 More than enough to assure him the nomination says that Victory is not Only in his grasp but that a to make Assurance doubly sure will tour new Jersey to get some More delegates. It is immaterial though As to which is the Winner As the democrats will elect the next president of the United states whether the republicans nominate Taft or Roosevelt. The Southern Baptist convention at Oklahoma City decided to raise $1,000,000 for foreign Mission educational work in commemoration of the Centenary of Adoniram j Hudson the Pioneer Baptist missionary who sailed from America for India in 1912. Floyd Allen has been convicted of murder in the first degree and will go to the electric chair for his part in the Carroll county court House murders and a like Fate doubtless a Waits Claude Swanson Allen his r on trial tor the same crime. Farmers Mutual Exchange. At a meeting of the Board of directors of the Farmers Mutual Exchange held at its main office on tuesday May 21st, 1912, it was ordered that a general meeting of the Stockl holders of the Exchange be held at Exmore va., on thursday May 30, 1912, on arrival of midday trains for the following purposes to wit 1st. To take action on the plan of reorganization of the Exchange and the settlement of the indebtedness of the Exchange due shippers on the basis of 50% in Cash 40% in preferred Stock and 10% in common Stock. The $50,000 Stock Issue heretofore ordered by the Board has been subscribed and provided for except $15,000, which amount is being raised. 2nd. To provide for the election of general and local officers directors agents inspectors Etc., for the present year. 3rd. For the consideration of any and ail other matters properly before the meeting. All stockholders and All persons interested in the reorganization and continuation of the Farmers Mutual Are urged to be present. F. A. Shield secy and treas. Or it car performance. The letter which follows is a copy of that received by our Philadelphia Branch. C. C. Perdue dealer in or it car9, a lifter Accomac co., a. Salisbury md., March 26,1912. Or. Henry , mgr. Or it motor car company no. 211 Broad st., Philadelphia a. Dear sir or. Grier and myself arrived in Salisbury with the or it car at 1 18 a m., monday morning following one of the fiercest journeys we have Ever experienced from a Road standpoint you no doubt have noticed in the a Good roads Magazine illustrations of some awful country roads but i have yet to find anything to compare with the conditions that we put the Krit through yesterday water and mud up to the hubs and running Board of the car even it filled the Sod pan but the or it never failed us. She certainly stood one of the Best tests that i have yet experienced and in All or. Grieras experience of the past six years of driving cars All Over this country and Community he stated that yesterday s Road conditions surpassed anything that he had Ever seen or experienced and that the actions of the or it car under those conditions were the Best and she proved herself at the end of the journey 100 per Cenec car. Also As a Hill climber i can frankly state that she is second to none taking All the Hills from Philadelphia on High gear and never faltering for a moment and i can safely say that she is one of the Best mud dogs that i Ever drove in. She seems to enjoy sticking her nose into it and after getting there seems to enjoy pulling herself out of it. Her motor did not fail us for a moment. I can truthfully say that sometimes she would absolutely leave the ground a fall fours and Landing Start out As Good As Ever. Not Only is she an Atto Mobile ranking in class a a a but i really could term her also As a Marine automobile As at some sections of our trip we would strike roads that were completely submerged for a half mile or More in a stretch and the water was nearly up to our Radiator but she never faltered ploughing through it just like a Revenue Cutter. At this writing we have a Man working on her putting her in shape and she is beginning to look herself again but when we arrived Here last night or Early this morning she looked in a deplorable state even the inside of the car was plastered with red Clay Sand and water and it was impossible to use the wind shield under the terrible Road conditions. On or about 9 p. We ran into fog coming Down the Peninsula and the lights were of hardly any use to us. The Quot washouts in the roads were terrible Bridges washed away so that it was necessary for us to hesitate and think of some feasible plan of getting across but the or it was there All the time and As stated above she never failed us a moment. We replenished our gasoline at Seaford del., which is about Twenty five Miles North of Salisbury. This was done about ii of clock sunday night so that our gasoline Supply at Philadelphia lasted us about thirteen hours which i think is pretty Good. Of course it was necessary for us under the trying conditions to replenish our Radiator As she was getting pretty warm necessarily from the great Strain which she was put under. In dosing i wish to state that she is the greatest proposition on the Market Selling under $1,200.00 and i sincerely Trust that we will far surpass our expectations in the Way of sales this season. We Are now looking Forward to the arrival of the a a Kra roadster and i know she will cause a sensation in this territory. Thanking you for your Courtesy while in Philadelphia i am very truly yours signed Lawrence e. Edgecumbe sales manager. Public auction of valuable real estate. Eastern Shore of Virginia produce Exchange. Incorporated january 20. I too bin t. Gunter _ president. A. J. My Latif secy and treas. V. A. Durton. Gen. Ply for. Resolutions. Resolutions adopted by Chincoteague Baptist Church a Rev. C. Kelly Hobbs has resigned the pastorate of our Church and is now pastor of the second Baptist Church of Alexandria va., where he served As pastor before coming to this Field. has served us for two years and five months and in that time has endeared himself to each and every member of this Church and to the Community generally. His work among us has been wonderfully blessed of god in the salvation of souls and in the up building of Christian character among the Church members. Unity and Harmony prevail in our midst due to the untiring and faithful leadership of our pastor together with the co operation of the Church As a body. In brother Hobbs we find the combined qualities of an excellent preacher and faithful pastor. knew his people in their Homes and they Ever found him a consecrated Christian gentleman always about his masters business. In consideration of the affection and esteem in which he is held by us therefore be it resolved first. While we Are deeply grieved Over the loss of brother Hobbs for we feel that our Church is stronger and More United than at any time in its history yet we submit to same knowing there is also a great work for him elsewhere. Second. That in the going of brother Hobbs this Church realizes that she has lost an Earnest energetic worker a kind neighbor a faithful Friend and a Man of god. Third. We most heartily commend brother Hobbs and family to the sympathy Confidence and affection of the Alexandria saints feeling that our loss is their gain and praying that the richest Blessing of god May rest upon their Mutual labors. Fourth. That a copy of these resolutions be furnished brother Hobbs As a reminder of our esteem for him that they be placed on record in our Church Book and that they be published in the religious Herald and the Peninsula Enterprise. Done by order of Chincoteague Baptist Church. Committee. A card. After june 1. 1912, i will open a music studio at Chincoteague to teach piano and orphan lessons and will also teach in Temperanceville and Vicinity. Lessons taught by most progressive method. Special attention Given to beginners. Those desiring my instruction please write me at once. Thomas r. Young North ave., near Charles st., Baltimore my. The Estey Organ and Plano company of Baltimore have made arrangements with me to teach several music lessons free to those who buy an instrument from us. The Steinway pianos and Estey organs Are too Well known to Call for any Public comment. Write a letter for Fuller particulars to Thomas r. Young care Peabody Institute May 6 1912. Baltimore my. By virtue of authority vested in us under a decree entered in the chancery cause of William t. Mason of a a by it als is. Mary s. Masons curators it als pending in the circuit court for the county of Accomac on the 12th Day of april,1912, the undersigned special commissioners will sell at Public auction to the highest bidder in front of the store of Boggs amp Rogers at Melfa saturday june 1, 1912, at 3 of clock p. M., the following two 2 tracts or parcels of real estate situated lying and being on the Road leading from Onley to Bobtown and being the farm on which the late Mary s. Mason resided and sold in two 2 parcels As follows tract which is located the main dwelling House and out buildings containing fifty five and eighty one one hundredths 5& 81-100 acres of which Twenty nine and Nineteen one hundredths 29 19-100 acres Are cleared land and Twenty six and sixty two one hundredths 26 62-100 Aeres Are Woods land and is bounded on the North East by the j Ames land on the East by the land of r. Dennis Hart on the South West by the land of Henry Powell on the Northwest by tract a a a a hereinafter described. Tract seventy six and ninety nine one hundredths 76 99-100 acres of which Twenty eight and sixteen one hundredths 28 10-Kki aere9 Are cleared land and in addition thereto eleven and fifty six one hundredths 11 66-100 Aeres of cleared land Rin a lot at the Northern end of the farm and Twenty five and sixty three one hundredths 25 63-100 aere9 of Woods land in the main body of Woods and eleven and thirty nine one a hundredths 11 89100 acres of Thicket land in. The Corner of the Field where the Road from Savag Eville to Bobtown and Onley to Bobtown intersect and is bounded on the North East by the James land on the East by tract a a a on the South West by the land of Henry Powell on the North West by the main Bayside Road. On this parcel there Are two tenant houses with outbuildings located on the 11 56-100 acres of cleared land. G. Walter Mapp Benjamin t. Gunter special commissioners. General office Onley Virginia. Growers Agency and set potato j v onions Beres for Choice \ peas Etc. Operates at All the principal shipping stations and Whan is in Accomac and Northampton counties. At5 Trot a improved grading and packing of goods. Proper distribution Jud uni a markets. The establishment of Home markets and everything that tend a to higher p Cea for farm products and the better condition of the Farmers. T. White. A White. Write to us for estimates on doors Sash blinds Stair rails and All other kinds of building material hardware paints amp a. Stock Large prices Low. Or. R. D. L. Fletcher will be at Accomac c. The first Day of every court to receive orders for the firm. Cape Charles ice and lumber co. Write to us for anything in the building material and hardware line and you will get the right Price. Onley building amp Supply co., Onley. A. I for Sale. Try our l. E. P. Dennis amp son High Grade fertilizers for an Early White and a big crop of Sweet Pota toes. Six horses 4 to 9 years old. Hay Oats Mill feed coals All kept on hand for immediate delivery. We handle most everything carried by the retail merchant direct from manufacturers. Apo bananas a pies cabbage and other fruits and vegetables. Glad to have a share of your patronage at the lowest Market prices. Harry t. White amp son wholesale grocers brokers and manufacturers agent a. Mckemie Park j. A. Kernodle practical Tinner slate and Sheet Metal worker and sanitary plumber now located at Parksley and respectfully solicits the patronage of the Public stove repairing of All kinds done at a big saving Heaters of All kinds rebuilt and lined with Best of material at a great saving to owner. Estimates cheerfully furnished and satisfaction guaranteed. Wood endurance imported Hackney stallion registered of dark Bay color weight about 1,350 lbs., 8 years old will make the Spring in upper Accomac and at any Point upon application for his services. Ill be at Jenkins Bridge on every thursday and saturday far service. is of Fine conformation and his get splendid farm and Road horses. Terms $25.00 to insure. For further particulars apply to Ashton Fletcher Jenkins Bridge a. Geo. W. Tull amp co., wholesale produce commission merchants 95 Park place a h York. References a Aetna National Bank new York Farmers amp merchants National Bank Onley a. Bradstreets and dunes agencies. Selling agents e. S. Produce Exchange also Southern a produce company. Norfolk a. Feed your working Stock Purina Stock feed and your laying hens Purina scratch feed and your Milch cows Protena Dairy feed. We Are jobbers of Hay Grain feed Lime hair Cement. Poultry feeds a specially. Mail orders Given our prompt attention. C. S. Schermerhorn amp son 127-129 Cheapside Baltimore my. It. Amp co. Special Sale of ladies suits and skirts of extraordinary Good values at greatly reduced prices. In order to reduce our Stock we will inaugurate a special Sale of ladies suits and skirts beginning monday morning May 27th, to last for one week Only. Public auction of valuable real estate at Horntown a. On saturday june 8, 1912, at 2 p. I will sell at Public auction at Horn town that valuable real estate known As the Pettit estate and consisting of one store House a dwelling about one acre of land and one tract of Woods land. 1 the dwelling is two stories High and has six Good rooms the storehouse is a Good stand for a live business Man there is a Good barn on the lot and All the property is id Good condition. A general warranty deed Given. Terms one Liaf Cash reasonable. Time Given for balance. W. L. Nock agent. A wed a Tess and ted school shoes Are made for All purposes in the a Tess and ted line of shoes for girls and boys we Hove a style for every occasion. There Are styles suitable for the Dainty misses sunday Wear to styles suitable for big boys who Are out in All kinds of weather. You can clothe any girls or boys feet with a pair of a Tess and ted school shoes because they Are made in All leathers and weights for ail kinds of Wear. We have a big Stock of these Quot better shoes also a display of them in our window. We would like to show them to you a Tess and ted school shoes Are members of the Quot Star Brand family have the a a Start Traile Mark on every Heel and most people know that Quot Star Brand shoes Are s. J. Bull Onano Ogk. A. For Sale. Eggs from pure bred barred rocks Large Strain. My flock has been carefully selected. I have the finest flock i have Ever offered eggs from. They Are excellent in laying qualities and unsurpassed for table purpose. Price $1.00 per setting of 15, $5.00 per 100. A limited number of Berkshire pigs and shoats males and females shoats will weigh about 150 lbs. Each All High class and due to Register. Only ship Good ones. Also a pair first class mares of the draft Type Large Bone will weigh Between 1,100 and 1,200 lbs., each 6 and 7 years old this Spring straight and Good workers in All harness. R. S. Young Onley a. The Hen that lays is the Hen that pays. S. C. White leghorn Wyckoff Strain. The never failing layers. I keep no other kind. Eggs 75f per 15, $4 per 100. Baby Chicks $10 per 100. Infertile eggs replaced. Robert e. Smith great removal Sale. Do not fail to Call at Glass great removal Sale. 1.00 will buy $2.00 in merchandise. Done to miss this rare Chance. We have an up to Date line of furniture carpets matting and All cooking utensils. Sale begins -. May 25, 1912, and lasts 21 Days. Glass Bros Pocomoke City my. Black Blue Tan and Cream Serges and whip Ord suits fancy and Plain lined with guaranteed silk and Satin and voile Panama and venetian cloth. Skirts some Plain some trimmed. Suits for $20.00 instead of former Price of $26.50 a a 18.75 Quot a a a 16.50 a a 13.50 13.25 12.25 11.25 10 25 9 25 skirts for 4.50 4.00 3.25 t h a a a. Ii ii ii a ii t u t it 25.00 22.00 18.00 17.50 16.50 15 00 13.50 12.50 6 00 5.00 4 50 ail these suits and skirts ate this Spring s make and styles and offers an exceptional Opportunity to Purchase a Good value for your Money. A t. Mason 8 company Central agricultural fair. The fourteenth annual coloured fair of the Cental agricultural fair association will be held at Tasley this year from tuesday August 22d to Friday August 2511. 1912. For information address J. Hall. Secretary Onancock va., or b. T. Coard jr., asst. Sec., Accomac Vul. Truck farms for Sale. In buying land the main thing is to get the right kind land with the proper top soil and with a Good red Clay Bottom land that can be permanently improved. I know this kind of land have Farmed it myself and shipped while farming More round potatoes than any grower in. Somerset or Worcester counties. Have now several farms of this character for Sale. Write me the size farm you want the Price you wish to pay the amount you wish to pay Down and i will Send you by return mail a description in detail of some farms that i think will suit you. V L. Veasey Pocomoke City my. Attention Frog and Turtle shippers. C. O. Hobbs company of Baltimore md., the largest receivers and shippers of the above sea foods solicit your consignments. Highest Market prices and prompt returns guaranteed at All times. Remember we handle shipments of fresh fish hard and soft crabs also and you can depend upon getting top prices and prompt returns. References National Marine Bank National Exchange Bank and state Bank of Maryland. Reliable agent wanted at every Point. For Sale at private contract. I offer for Sale at private contract my farm known As the a Susan Floyd farm a containing 73 acres More or less fronting. Burton a Bay and about one mile from the Village of locus Tville. Included in the Survey Are natural Oyster rocks and Clam Beds and the location of the farm is convenient for All kinds of gunning and fishing. Upon the premises Are a Large new dwelling and necessary outbuildings and an abundance of resources. For terms and other particulars write or see j. T. Burton locus Tville a. Notice to buggy buyers having contracted with a. Wrenn amp sons of Norfolk to sell 100 this season we feel that we Are now in a better position to t Ake care of our Trade than Ever. We have just unloaded 2 car loads and still have More Corning every Day. We also have a full line of Mower Low wheel Speed carts double and single wagons and a full line of Herry warns. All of which we offer at Small profit. Yours for business Downing Bros., Mapps Burg a. Parksley of Virginia. Notice to the Trade. Our buyer is in the Northern cities this week looking up bargains which we will give to our Trade next week. Look out for our bargain counters. We expect to fill them full of Good things next week May 27th to june 1, inclusive. Come one come All and secure bargains As they await you. Respectfully it b. S. Ashby. Jno. W. Duncan. Jeweler Onancock. Virginia., is offering an Large Slock of watches clocks silverware jewelry Diamond amp a. Especial attention is invited to his Supply of wedding presents and done to forget him when in need of spectacles. Ask your neighbor about his ability �0 prone Rev fit von. Tasley hotel Tasley va., p. O. Twyford proprietor. Board by Day week or month on reasonable terms. Livery attached. Millinery department of mrs. K. Twyford moved from Onancock to Tasley hotel. A. T. Doremus practical tin roofer and Sheet Metal worker. Pump driving and stove repairing. Specialties.1 patronage of the Public solicited. Accomac c. H., a. A bid for your Trade. I am bidding for your business at the very closest possible Price can be offered for High Grade merchandise. Our Young menus collegian suits also the Well known Lin Schloss Bros make in All the new shades. We Call special attention to our suits at s12, $15 and $20, single pants boys suits from $2.50 to $10.00. Our line of Straw hats is Large and Complete. We carry the newest shapes in panamas. Our line of shoos is up to the minute in All styles anti feathers. Ask to see our line of Ralston health shoes and the Well known line of regal in menus and women a in oxfords pumps Etc. We can dress you from head to foot at surprisingly Low prices. We cordially invite your . W. Callahan Pocomoke my. Notice to Farmers. We have constantly on hand for Sweet potatoes Tilghman a mixture Quot by fish mixture Baughs special 10 per cent. Potash Baughs Sweet mixture and fish Bone and Potash double Eagle and Standard Bone for Corn. 3 Dio line of Moline Acme and Auburn w agony Riding cultivators plows harrows Strawberry wagons heavy wagons buggies runabouts surveys Speed carts. We also have the a a Watson sprayer a in 60 and 100 gallon tanks All brass fittings no rusting or corroding will Spray Orchards for blight or any crop where it can be moved about and May be readily converted into a hand sprayer. We ire also Headquarters for fied Washburn amp Crosby Best flour middling Gold medal flour All kinds Chicken feed Oats wheat screenings dry Mash which they say will make them Lay or bust meal cracked Corn Corn and Oats All bought in car lots. Prices Are right. Will take eggs chickens meat Corn in Exchange for goods. Cash not refused. 250 bushels cow peas. A. W. Short Bloxom a. Can cancer be cared it can. The record of the Kellam Hospital is without parallel in history having cured to stay cured permanently without the use of the knife or a Ray Over 90 per cent of the Many hundreds of sufferers from cancer which it has treated during the past fifteen years we have been endorsed by the Senate and legislature of Virginia. We guarantee our cures. Phy8ician8 treated free. Kellam Hospital j 1617 West main Street j Richmond Virginia j special notice. A Cook with Gas. Look Good and read carefully every word of this Adas same will bring to your Eye and reason one of the most useful and needed inventions of the twentieth Century doing away with the use of Wood and Coal for the cooking of All food. It will also heat any room to any temperature in the coldest weather by simply placing one of these generating burners on the grate in the fire Box of your stove or Range. This wonderful invention of Man is now being demonstrated at Chincoteague and will be at my store Atlantic va., for the next ten Davs. I extend a special invitation to All to come and see for themselves that All i claim is True. This Bomer will be demonstrated at both of the county fairs and All the principal town of the county As soon As possible. After having seen and being convinced of its savings Over All other fuels for cooking and heating it can be placed in your Home at a Small Cost of twelve dollars and fifty cents each Cash where there Are ten or More to be installed in same town or locality the same Day. Most respectfully l. W. Massey p. O. Wishart va., sales manager for Accomac county. 2 car loads automobiles and trucks. Ramblers Mitchell Maxwell &c., 2,5 amp 7 passengers used machines Price to suit purchaser. For particulars write or Call a. Q. Meats Wachapreague a

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