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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1920, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - December 15, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Ramar Irso it a 1, 3 Init Inu iia. til i Fox s auction 20 22 24, 26 s. Paea Street Baltimore my every wednesday is the place to buy your formation upon a request. This is very desirable As it is necessary for the state Highway department to keep posted As to conditions existing in different counties in most of the state Aid Laws the initiative in obtaining state Aid rests with the county or township authorities. This is a Wise provision because in the first place the local authorities Are in better position to know what roads it will be to the greatest advantage of the county or township to improve and in the second place they Are Best Able to determine the extent of the county s ability to share in the expense of such an improvement. Another consideration of great importance in this connection is that if the initiative were to rest entirely with the state there would be a certainty of conflict of authority Between the state and the counties resulting in the ultimate failure of the state Aid plan. The Only Case in which the roads can be built by the state without the full and Hearty co operation of the counties or townships is where the state pays the entire Cost of building and maintaining the roads. Most of the Laws provide that state Aid shall not be granted until the application of the local authorities has been approved by the state Engineer which enables the Engineer to exercise a sort of supervisory Power Over the selection of the roads to be improved to the end that the various roads throughout the state shall conform to a general system. All surveys plans specifications and estimates for state roads and Bridges should be made by the state Highway engineers of lace thus insuring uniformity and a High degree of excellence. All improvements to Cost Over say $2,000 should be let to contract As it has been found that this Means Economy both in time and Money and with proper supervision will usually give better results than could be obtained otherwise. Some of the states provide that the whole Cost shall be paid in the first instance by the state the counties or townships being required to reimburse the state for their share at a fixed time after the Road is improved. Bridges and culverts should be considered As a part of the Road and the state should Aid in their construction within proper limitations in the same manner As for the Road itself. When the work is let to contract the contractor must of necessity Advance Money in the performance of his contract and is therefore entitled to receive partial payments thereon As the same progresses but not Over 85 per cent of the contract Price of the work should be paid in Advance of its full completion and acceptance. The state Highway Engineer should be required to keep All roads built by the Aid of the state in proper repair the total Cost of such repairs to be paid by the state the counties and townships to reimburse the state in the same Man her As for the construction of the Road. The reason for this is that Road maintenance is of As great or even greater Home Cours earm Ltd Garden Road making dealers in hardware paints 0 1b and varnishes time great mans in Range cast ranges Cook and heating stoves farming Imp Dnn its Mill feeds middling com and Oats bran and Chick fed bricks Liquie Cement laths amp a. Sash doors blinds Mante a Cabinet mantels Stair rails and All kinds mouldings. Special attention Given going to build. Will see you in person or furnish estimates on manufacturing co., Parksley Virginia. Cabbage Root disease Aid la Road improvement. By Logan Waller Page director of lace of Public roads United states department of agriculture. Copyright by american press association. 1912. In buying land the main thing is to get the right kind land with the proper top soil and with a Good red Clay Bottom land that can be permanently improved. I know this kind of land have Farmed it myself and shipped while farming More round potatoes than any grower m Somerset or Worcester counties. I have now several farms of this character for Sale. Write me the size farm you want the Price you wish to pay the amount you wish to pay Down and i will Send you by return mail a description in detail of some farms that i think will suit you. M. L. Veasey Pocomoke City my. C. A a Rhode Island reds exclusively. I have selected from 2,755 Birds 125 of my Best Birds to fill my Breeding pens. From these Birds i offer eggs $1.10 per setting or 15 and $6.00 per 100. Day old Chicks $12.00 per 100. Indian runner ducks a specially. From the thousands of ducks i raised last year i have selected the Best for my Breeding pens. From these Birds i offer eggs at $1.00 per setting of 12 and $6.00 per 100. I Trust my customers Rea ize there is a difference in Stock and eggs from selected Breeding pens and the free Range flocks of fowl where scrubs and All Lay together. Eastern Shore poultry farm Trower a. New York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. R. In effect March 18, 1912. South bound train. No. 49 no. 87 no. 45 no 41 no. 47 leave p. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. A. M it jew York . 9 00 12 38 3 38 8 00 Philadelphia 11 17 6 35 3 00 6 57 10 00 a. M. Wilmington \2g2 6 47 3 44 6 53 10 44 Baltimore 10 00 4 10 1 35 4 o5 9 00 leave a. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. P. M. Delmar 3 to 10 40 7 02 to 16 136 Salisbury 310 10 50 7 1 to 10 27 1 48 p. A. Rasley 4 3f> 101 9 2\ Quot jape Charles b 16 4 8. 10 40 4 old Point 8 to 6 20 a go or foil arrive 9 05 7 25 7 25 a train a no 44 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 no. 46 leave am am . P. M. A. M Norfolk 8 00 6 15 8 00 lid Point 8 45 7 15 8 45 ape 1 Herlea 11 05 9 30 6 00 11 2�?�� . Tasley 10 to i 31 103 a. M. Salisbury 7 34 1 35 12 25 9 42 8 19 it Elmar 8 01 2 00 12 54 1015 8 56 arrive a m. P. M. A. M . Wilmington 11 22 4 35 4 05 7 4i Philadelphia 12 08 5 22 6 00 8 26 Baltimore 12 40 7 03 6 of 9 5o sew York no. 2 48 8 05 7 32 in 18 trains 49 and 50 air a. Trains 37. 45. 41. 47. 44. 48. 80 and 46 daily except bund a k. Kooke r. V. Massey. Traffic manager. Superintendent. Virginia experience and Adulca on Motoda of combating Post in describing the cabbage Clubfoot disease which has inflicted injury on the cabbage growers of Virginia the agricultural Experiment station of the state says when a Field is badly infected with this disease it May appear at the seedling stage As a dwarfing of the Young plants but the Fields Are not usually badly enough infected the first season to Manifest the disease until the cabbage is half grown. In districts where the disease bus just begun to get a foot bold the grower notices that the plants which Are being infected show a tendency to Wilt on Bright sunny Days although at night they recover and do not Wilt on the following Day unless it is again Bright and warm. Such plants May succeed in making enough growth to produce a scalable cabbage although it is somewhat undersized and slightly the principle of state hid and state supervision seems to offer the Best solution of the. Road problem. The first state to adopt state Aid was new Jersey a Law having been passed by the legislature of that state in 1891. Since that time about two thirds of the states of the Union Hare adopted some form of state Aid or state supervision in order to receive the Aid of the state the counties or townships Are required to pay a portion of the Cost this amount varies in the different states from 25 to 50 per cent but in some of the states the whole Cost of private sales assortment in tote state. Best assortment at private Sale on tuesdays Day before the auction. M. Fox amp sons co. We w8iit each boy and girl in Accomac and Northampton counties to five us five Good reasons Why people should carry fire insurance and for the beat reasons we will give the following prizes first prize your Choice of , not to Cost Over one Dollar,.in the store of any merchant who insures with a. Second prize any such article not to exceed the coat of fifty cents. A third fourth and fifth prizes six soda checks on Ary drug store in the county who insures with us. write your rea6qps with pen and Ink and mail to us. Don t bring them in Verbou. All reasons must be in before june let 1912. The contest is open to All boys and girls living on the l astir st Ore of Virginia order a lie age of fifteen years. Your parents or adult friends May suggest one reason but you must 2 to an the other four yourself. If you win we will give Ycu a printed list of the merchants who insure Edh us and you can go out and select your present or we will Send you the Lesert in Cash. The prize win ers will be published in the paper and the five reasons which win the first prize will also be published. Three disinterested men will award the prizes. There Are no strings tied to the proposition. You pay nothing to try. All we ask of you is that you Tell your friends about this contest and Tell them that we Haye the largest fire insurance business on the Shore and represent Vyr a dozen of the old line companies. In addition to the above we will give to each child who enters the contest a Little remembrance. Feed your working Stock Purina Stock feed and your laying hens Purina and your Milch cows Protena Dairy feed we Are jobbers of Hay Grain feed Lime hair Cement poultry feeds a specially. Mail orders Given our prompt attention. Y c. S. Schermerhorm amp son 127-129 Cheapside Baltimore my. Kelly amp Nottingham general insurance. Onancock a a Dollar saved is a Dollar made photo by Virginia agricultural Experiment station. Well developed Case of clu8boot. Loose. The earlier the Plant is infected with the disease the smaller is the head produced. If the diseased Plant is pulled up one fluids that it has a swollen and contorted Root in place of the Fine fibrous roots of the Normal Plant. This explains the wilting when one re members that the soil and its dissolved food substances Are taken up through the fibrous roots. When the plants Are infected at the seedling stage they Are usually killed before the season is half Over and the infected areas May be seen but rely Bare of cabbage. The swollen contorted roots which have robbed the Plant of its food material begin to decay in the soil in the latter part of the season and continue the process of decay aided by frosts and soil bacteria so that nothing of them is see the following Spring. The disease is caused by a fungus and the following methods of treatment Are recommended avoid introducing any material into the Field which May carry the germs of the club Root from diseased Fields. Guard especially against diseased soil and diseased cabbage plants. Practice crop rotations which will allow at least three years Between crops of cabbage rutabagas or turnips. Apply stable manure to the crop which precedes cabbage but not to the cabbage crop itself. If acid phosphate is applied the same Rule would bold. Lime will More successfully counteract the club Root disease than other substances. Apply it at the rate of 100 bushels or More per acre one or two years previous to planting the cabbage. A Are you thinking of building this Spring if so come to see me and save Money on doors windows blinds paints and oils Cement plaster Paris Terra Cotta piping of All sizes plastering laths shingles of All grads and sizes building material of All kinds. We also carry in Stock at lowest prices furniture stoves Hay and Corn hog and poultry wire Best in world flour at $6.25�?everything in fact usually kept in a first class country store. Save Money by coming to my store. Doors windows blinds Cement Lime hair flooring ceiling facings siding or moulding of any kind if so write or Phon Ashburn amp King Pocomoke Maryland Ben <3. Johnson Marsh Market. A. Family Fina Ciering they Tell me 3 of work for a Dollar a Day How is it Yon clothe your boys on such pay i know you will think it conceited and queer it. But i do it because i Ama Good financier. To Gere a Pete John and Jim Joe. William and Ned a half dozen boys to be clothed and fed i buy Fot them All Plain victuals to eat. But clothes i buy on y for our son Pete when Peters clothes Are to Small for him to go on my wife makes them Over and gives them to John when for John who is ten they he a c grown our of Date she just makes them Over for in who is eight when for Jim they have become too ragged to fix. She just makes them Over for Bill we o is six and when for Young Bill they will no Lonny r do she just makes them Over for lied who is to. So you see if i get the for it the the family is furnished with clothing Cut Mph the. But when Ned got through with the Clochi a. 1 and when he has thrown them aside what do j of do with them Why once More we go round the Circle Complete and begin to use them for patches tor Pete. But where dear Friend can you buy clothes that Wear. From Pete Down to Ned without a rip or tear. I go Down to go icky so his Stock is the Best he can suit the whole family my wife and the rest. They have a full line of everything thoroughly seasoned and ready for shipment. / your Trade solicited. We wish to say that we keep at All times for Sale at the lowest possible margin of profit the following goods Glick amp co the new Busy Corner feeds Corn Oats Hay and middling. Flour we Ore now working on cur second car Load Bince february. Building materials shingles laths Lime bricks and Cement. Farm implements planet or. Cultivators and Standard sprayers. We have a Complete assortment of Bizet and values in screen doors and window Sere is an screen wire. A our Stock of general merchandise is Complete a a Well selected. Onancock Virginia a state Road in Connecticut. Airt it a wort ii. Standard and registered in volume xvii a. T. A out of town lady 3 11$ from the family of Nancy Hanks. 2 04. Etc. Axtell 5183 3 2 12 William l. 4244. Sir of ozanam2 07,Elsire of 12. Loree 2 08$,7 in 2 10,Etc j Lou. F Axworthy 24845 3 2 15$ by Mambrino boy 844. 0 sire of Hamburg Belle Marguerite. F Kentucky Prince 2470. 1 201 Hail worthy dam of 6, including sire of 41. E 2 05$, Gen. Watts 3 Marguerite a. 2 12$ i Young Daisy. O 2 06$, Tom Axworthy Grandam of Margaret by stride away 294. A 2 07, Guy Axworthy 0.205$, Etc. Dam of 3 in 2 20, Etc. It 4 2 08$, Etc. Wilton 5982,2 19$ f George Wilkes 519, 2 22. 9 sir of 9in2 10 in crud it sire of 83 dams of 209. It ingeudora2 05$, Wil Alley by hambletonian 10. A lie Benton 2 05$, will dam of 3 in list Etc. Town lady Leyburn 2 06, Etc. Record 2 11$. Kadijah. F red Wilkes 1749. Dam of lady worthy record 2 28$. A sire of 178 dams of 268. 2 11$, town directly dam of town lady i our Mary. 2 15$. 2 11$. By leaps thoroughbred Delijah 2 11$,Grandam great Brood Mare of lady worthy 2 11$, town directly 2 15$. 4th dam Nelly Harry Patchen. Dam of 4, including Mike Wilkes 2 15$ Grandam of 2 Kirtley a 5tk dam Sophy Grandam of Nancy Hanks 2 04, Etc. By Edwin Forest 49. 6th dam Brown Pilot Parker a. 7th Bertrand 8th dam. By Lance. 9th dam. By Gray Dungannon. Town lady record 2 11$, dam of lady worthy 2 11$ and town directly 2 15$, washout of Kadijah 2 28$, also dam of Delilah 2 11$. Her dam our Mary also produced american Jay 2 21. The next dam was Nelly by a dam of Mike Wilkes 2 15$, Ira Wilkes 2 22$ sire Adrian Wilkes sire and boswelljr., sire. The next dam Sophy produced Nancy Lee dam of Nancy Hanks 2 04, Etc and Rivulet dam of 2, Etc Axworthy 24845, 3 2 15$, sire of Hamburg Belle 2 01$, Hail worthy 2 05$, Gen. Watts 3 2 06$, Tom Axworthy 2 07, Guy Axworthy 4 2 08$, Alta Axworthy 3 2 10$, Etc. His dam Marguerite also produced Marguerite a. 2 12$ dam of 3, including Margaret 0. 2 05$, Axt Ellion 2 15$, sire King Darlington 2 16 sire of Kingmond 2 09etc. Wilton 5982, 2 19$, sire of Eudora 2 05$, Willie Benton 2 05$, will Leyburn 2 06, Vera Capel 2 07$, Bessie Wilton 2 09$, Dorothy Wilton 2 09$, Brownie Wilton 2 10, rubber 2 10, Moquette ,4 .2 10, Etc. Sired dams of Gayton 2 08$, Dorothy Redmond 2 09, Silko 3 2 11$, lady worthy 2 11$, sister Francis 3 2 11$, Etc. Importance than Road construction and the Best roads if neglected soon go to ruin. It is utterly useless to establish a state Highway system without at the same time providing an adequate source of Revenue. Unless there is u surplus in the Treasury for this Pur pose a special tax should be levied or a state Bond Issue should be authorized. On the theory that automobiles Are destructive to improved roads most of the state Aid states provide that the proceeds of automobile licenses aver Ami above the expenses connected with issuing such licenses be applied to the state Highway fund and used for the purpose of constructing and maintain ing the roads. Fence you can shift feet Quot a Iron Fence cheaper than Wood. S. Hopkins a amp co. Tasley. A. Useful in enclosing temporarily Ryloh bit of pasture. Rather than Cut a Rich piece of fodder to be gathered and moved away a to the sheep hogs a r a i or other Stock it a a is often More economical to pit Sture it off a. Small piece at a c 1 time. The Lack of e "1 a suitable Fence. V often prevents Javk this., a portable r Fence May b e a Iii l i w built according to i 1�?�?l�? a a the plan shown a in the drawings exc Post herewith. It re a quires but a few panels of this to enclose sufficient Flold for a Days cropping when it can be shifted to hew ground for the next Day. If sheep with. Lambs Are to be folded in this Way an extra Board will be needed at the Bottom of each Spring and summer goods. And mor of them than Ever before and of better Quality especially ingress goods and shoe departments. A our line of notions and of Ceries always Large and the we also carry Fuh line of matting ail grades Agri a cultural Impieri if hts feeds of All kinds. Amer or i a ican steel wire Fence 39, 41, 47 and 53�?-�?finches High amp lamp Yampey a flour a specially. Let us show you and we will get you As a buyer. The Stewart Iron work co Cincinnati Ohio 1 the largest of Iro Fence in the world have purchased enough raw material to make 5,000,000 feet of Iron Fence and have allotted 10,000 feet for Thea territory which we Are authorised to sell at a Price never before heard of. Now is the time to 44 fix up Quot take advantage of this Opportunity and put up a neat Iron Fence in front of your Home. Iron Fence for All purposes 1 residences. Schools churches cemeteries grave lot enclosures Etc. £0oter 200 designs to select from. For Best Price Call on or address e. H. Howard proprietor Parksley Marble works. Arctic Marine plants. The inhabitants of the Ocean like those of the land Are affected by the climate. Arctic land plants cannot nourish at the Equator and in the Arctic and the Antarctic oceans Marine plants Are found that Are unable to survive in warm water. Among the most remarkable of these cold water plants Are the Laminar aclae a kind of seaweed which sometimes attains a Gigantic size exceeding in length the longest climbing plants of the tropical forests and developing huge stems like the trunks of Trees. Investigation has shown that these plants flourish in the coldest Waters of the Polar seas and that they never Advance farther from their frigid Homes than to fhe limits of a summer temperature in the Ocean. The genial warmth destroys them just As a Polar blast shrivel tropical Flowers. Onley a panel of Job table Fen col these panels May be built twelve or fourteen feet in length and must be thoroughly braced to keep the Fence Al rms a from end Wist juj&m1 pieces at the Bottom of the upright should be Long enough to keep the Fence firm Sid Wise. The upright used for the portable base should be 2 by 4 inches with Iron Hooks driven or screwed in at proper intervals to receive the end boards of the american agriculturist. The end of the world. Although our Earth cannot in any vital sense last longer than the Sun it May last less Long for intrinsic cause. Life is dependent not Only on the Sun but on the presence of air. When this air departs life will depart too. Now the Earth a air is going slowly but firely evaporating into space. A if it All goes before the Sun becomes extinct the Earth s surface life will lapse while the Sun still shines. Both processes the evaporation of the air and the Cooling of the. In no will require Long eras of ,.but the second process will be much the slower of the two. So we May expect the last inhabitants of the Earth to die of Lack of breath rather than from want of Lowell in youths companion. This stallion though Young has proven to be a sire of Speed Well made Colts with Best of qualities Good size suitable for any purpose. Quot Ward Axworthy had Only three Colts two years old in Spring 1910. Owners statement two of these showed quarters in forty seconds As two year oids. The other in Spring 1911, As a three year old showed a half in 1 09$. In 1911 several of his two year old Colts showed a 2 40 gait and one As a two year old from owners statement and others out of a Rod Oliver mar showed a mile in 2 31quarter 34$ seconds. Tiok at his Colts convince yourself As to their gait qualities size and conformation. Will stand at Onancock or. Henry Mason Bloxom and or. W. H. Taylor Temperanceville. I will Send him any reasonable distance for service. Fee�?$25.00. For a sound healthy foal. E. E. Miles Onancock a. Where there a a farm ther should be a Bell Telephone the progressive Farmer surrounds him-self1 with modern Advt nth Al. I j Hie too appreciates that convenience minister to health happiness Progress it a and wealth a a a Vij a a what does he do with other neighbors he a tarts a Rural Telephone line. Enough said. Write to Day for Booklet. The Diamond state Telephone cod a. R. Hearn agent Onancock a. Virginia. Orchard and Garden notes. My Jack will stand at Exmore from april 15th to May 1st, and at Eastville from May 1st until May 15th. F. C. Lewis i Hopkins a. If air slaked Linie be in Earth in which plants Are potted it will keep Worms away. Most growers using Flats sow one and 8 half to two inches apart. The seed need not be covered with More than one fourth of an Inch of Soll water thoroughly immediately after sow log and do not apply More water than is absolutely necessary. Over watering High temperatures and Jack of ventilation Are responsible for swindling plants. Mats of some Hind must be used at night for the Protection of the plants in hotbeds and cold frames. These should be removed is soon As possible in the morning w Hen the Sun is shining and replaced on the Fra Mes not later than t. Of clock in the afternoon. Some Ait should be admitted tothe frames every Day if the weather will permit naj Tipoai Stockum and is rms. I manufacturers of Marble and Granite monuments headstones Tubi lets amp cd a also dealers in Iron Force. I e. H. Howard proprietor Parksley a j Why he was late. Quot what made you so late Quot �?�1 met Quot Well that is no reason Why you should be an hour late getting Home to Quot i know but i asked him How he w. S feeling and he insisted on telling me about his stomach Quot did Ycu Tell him to Tike chamberlains tablets Quot sure that is what he sold by a dealers. J

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