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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - December 11, 1918, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Education for the boys. Why 8ons of Small Farmers develop managerial ability. The education acquired on the Small farm Broadens citizenship because it is a Many sided education and gives Correct impressions of Many phases of life. All Over the world the Small Independent Farmers Are stanch supporters of conservative government. They Are intense a lovers of Home and opposed to Radical changes. Ultimately the Small Farmer learns to keep a Reserve of Cash against emergencies and these aggregated accumulations become very important factors in the capital of the nation for they Are More reliable than deposits from commercial sources. The vast sums of Money necessary to carry on the business of a nation Are not derived from the deposits of capitalists but from the aggregation of millions of Thrifty Small depositors. This is especially True in England France Germany and the United states. It has been observed for years that the sons of Small Farmers develop managing ability. From their earliest years they Are compelled to do things and to act independently. It is from this source that the greatest number of managers of the various enterprises of our country have been drawn. The great value of educating and training youth for agriculture is so universally conceded that it does not require discussion. The necessity of presenting and impressing better types of husbandry upon adult Farmers through demonstrations under their care is rapidly being accepted by the american people As a most important Means of education for the Rural masses and necessary to any general and rapid advancement. If All is considered education that a leads out a develops or trains the individual then the amount of education acquired in even the Best schools is Only a fraction of what the average Man must know to succeed in life. It is then of the highest importance to the state that this greater mass of knowledge should be Correct Broad conservative and elevating. Liberal provision has been made for schools by the state by churches and by individual gifts but the molding of this greater knowledge to the Best interests of society has been mainly left to the Caprice of individual Effort. The state can with propriety specially Foster such conditions of society such lines of Industry or such occupations As evidently tend to mental and physical vigor to breadth of understanding to the Best citizenship and to the stability of the state. For these ends no More potent influence has been found than an intelligent prosperous and contented body of Thrifty Small Farmers. Picking and packing apples. The Harvest of the Apple is Here and will continue for some weeks. Here Are some suggestions that May assist the growers pick into baskets. They should be about half Bushel and round with drop handles. The baskets should be smooth on the inside that is. Free from strips around the inside or Bottom lined with Burlap to prevent bruising and a Short Iron Hook should be attached to the handle to suspend the Basket from the limbs so enable the picker to use both hand. The great advantage in using the Basket lies Large in the fact that if harvesting the Apple crop. The apples Are carefully placed in the same they Are not bruised. Apples packed from the table and immediately placed in cold storage if they Are to be put into cold storage will give by far the better results. This method adds two to four months to the keeping qualities of the fruit. You cannot afford to let your fruit lie under the Trees or in a building for two or three weeks before you barrel. Fruit grown in a warm latitude or harvested during a warm september or october must be quickly handled. But when properly handled at picking time there will not be much room for complaint. A Good barrel is essential if you wish to store your fruit have it keep Well and sell. A tight barrel is the Best and the better it is made the better results you will have. There will be less loss from shrinkage of fruit from rats and mice and. Other causes. In hauling barrelled apples to the car and in shipping Lay the baffles on the Side. Never stand them on end if you wish the fruit to remain tight in the barrels. Keep celery growing. Celery should be kept growing rapidly and without interruption. A Check in growth will often make the Plant go to seed instead of producing edible stalks. Another Case of Faith. A i wrote a medical Friend of mine in London about a curious discovery which i made recently quite by Chance but which i shall never publish to the world through the scientific said a Brooklyn doctor Jast week. A not Long ago this Friend sent me about fifty Little dark coloured pellets and he wrote me that they were a new combination of drugs that he had found particularly Good in cases of brain fag. He asked me to try them on my patients and report during the next month or so i doled out the pellets to several of my patients who came around complaining of tired nerves. All of them said that the Medicine did them a lot of Good. Yesterday however i was going through my office desk and discovered those pellets from London intact in the Plain envelope in which i had placed them. A hurried but anxious investigation disclosed that i had been administering to my nerve weary patients some Wistaria seed that my wife had gathered put in a Plain envelope and Laid inadvertently on my office . A dropped the subject. A a fire thousand dollars for a dog a he exclaimed As he looked up from his newspaper. A do you believe any one Ever paid any such Price Marla a to a sure i. Done to know James a she returned without stopping her needlework even for a moment a does the paper say that much was paid a a yes. There san article on valuable dogs and it Speaks of one that was sold for $5,000. I done to believe it a a it May be True James a she said quietly. A some of these Well bred animals bring fancy prices and there a no particular reason Why the paper should lie about it a i know that Maria. But just think of it just try to grasp the magnitude of that sum in your weak feminine mind you done to seem to realize it five thousand dollars for a dog Why hang it Maria that a More than in a Worth a a i know it James but some Are Worth More than she went calmly on with her sewing while he fumed and sputtered for a moment and then dropped the subject especially the weak feminine mind part of it cosmic dust. A particle of dust one Hundred thou Santa of an Inch in diameter is held in its place in space by the Force of gravitation but a particle smaller than this is pushed outward into space by the weight of the suns Light because As the particle becomes smaller its surface which is subject to pressure becomes greater in proportion to its weight. The suns Corona the zodiacal Light the Aurora boreal is and the comets Tail Are All composed of these infinitely minute particles in some cases White hot and in others merely illuminated by the Sun which Are being constantly driven away from the Sun by the pressure of its Light. In the Case of the Aurora boreal is there is a movement of the Light both away from and toward the Sun. This is explained by the theory that the weight of the suns Light presses the particles outward into space for a car Tain distance and that then a certain number of them cohere together until they have sufficient weight to be attracted toward the Sun once More by the Force of Madler a theory is that it is the Star Alcyone. The Center of Gravity. Rarely disturbed. Two spiders who dwelt in different parts of a Church chanced co meet together in the aisle one Day when out for a constitutional. A How Are you getting on a said spider no. 1 to spider no. 2. A ooh moderately a was the reply. A i done to feel very comfortable on sundays. I live in the pulpit under the Cushion and on that Day the Parson comes and Bangs the Book and sends his fists on the Side and i have to keep very close or else some Day i think hell hit me. He Bangs with such a Force that i know hell Squash me to a a ooh you come and live with me a said his companion. A a in a never troubled. In a always comfortable and never disturbed from one years end to the a indeed a said the other spider. A and where do you live a a ooh i live in the Poorboy a was the weekly. Antiquity of fishing. Probably no Branch of Industry can Lay claim to greater Antiquity than that of fishing. Its origin would seem to be Coeval with the earliest efforts of human ingenuity for the oldest monuments of Antiquity show the Fisherman in full Possession of the implements of his calling and even those tribes of Savages which Bave Learned neither to keep flocks nor to till the Fields Are skilled in the fabrication of the Hook the fish Spear and the net the earliest civilization of the Eastern Mediterranean was begun with fishing. Sidon w hic Means a fishery a was originally a fishing Village and its enterprising inhabitants devoted their attention mainly to the collection of a certain kind of molluscs. From which they prepared the famous Tyrian Pur pie. Prize More highly for the Richness and variety of its hues than any other Dye known to the ancients. The Aurora boreal is. Whatever May be the cause of the Aurora boreal is its height does not appear to be limited by the atmosphere. The rays sometimes touch the Earth in Scandinavia coming Between the observer and elevated places but Flogel years ago obtained data showing that a Large Aurora seen in Northern Germany must have had a height of sixty Miles and that the rays often Rise to 450 Miles their Points glowing with red Light. Seeking for danger. A a in a going to lick a Why a a the said i was a horse thief and a a did he prove it a a then let Well enough alone and done to get him any Leader. Imperilled treasure. Indignant wife that new chauffeur has Only just brought the children and me Home and now he a taken the Cook out for a spin. Husband great heaven he does no to half know How to manage a car and she a the first decent Cook we be had in a life. F either Way. Happiness merely consists of getting the things we we ant a remarked the Wise Guy. A for of not getting the things we done to want a supplemented the simple it ecord. The cosmological question. The business of life allows no spare time any More. One cannot get Rich nowadays in office hours nor become great nor keep Tel graphically informed nor do his share of talking and listening. Everybody but the plumber and paperhanger w works overtime. How the Earth keeps up a necessary amount of whirling in the old Twenty four hour limit is More than we can understand. But she Caus to keep up the Pace much longer. She must have an extra hour. And How to snatch it from the Tail end of eternity burning cosmological i festoon. A Dallas lore Sharp in Atlantic. A kindly inquiry. Fairlie Jack have you that ten pounds i Lent you the other Day Flyn tie not All of it old Chap but what i have will do me a Day or two longer. Jolly kind and thoughtful of you to inquire bits. A the Bow cannot possibly stand always Bent nor can human nature subsist without , j according to Tho astronomer the principal Star of the pleiades is Tho body around which All created matter within our key a revolves. It has been the dream of All the romantic astronomers since the time of Copernicus to prove the existence of a Central Sun says Lawrence Hodges writing in the new York Tribune. By this is meant a heavenly body As much larger than the Sun As the Sun itself is larger than the Earth round which the Sun with All its planets must revolve. It has been proved that the Sun and All its satellites Are Rushing Forward through space with enormous velocity but whether the motion was in a straight line or a circular path was not proved for some time. But even if it was proved a curved path and that there probably existed a Central Sun that transcended the Earth a lord in size Why we see it the Only answers Are that it would have to be no Luminous or else so far away that the Light Hadnot reached us yet. But if All the stars including our Sun were children of this big Sun just As the Earth is the child of the Sun and the Moon of the Earth they would have had to have been Flung off from the big Sun with a greater velocity than that of Light in order for the big Sun not to be visible and still be Luminous also the big Sun would have to be Luminous if any of its children were for that is the invariable Law of the heavens. So the problem simmered Down to finding a Star or group of stars that would take the place of the Central Sun. The motion of the solar system having been settled As to fact Quantity and direction astronomers set about to find the Center of Gravity of the we Hole Astral system for there if anywhere the Central Sun was to be found. An astronomer named mad Ler thought he had found the Star to satisfy the necessary conditions in the Constellation known As Taurus or the Bull. A closer search proved the special Star under examination to be lacking in some of the conditions so this one was left and the search begun anew. This same astronomer persisted in his search with a wonderful Faith in his theory and at last found a Star fulfilling in the most wonderful and Complete manner the necessary conditions. Every one is familiar with the Beautiful Little Cluster known As the pleiades or seven stars. The Telescope however shows fourteen stars clustered about the Beautiful and Brilliant Star Alcyone which is the optical Center of this group. The proper motions of All these have been determined with great exactness. They Are All in the same direction and Are All nearly equal to each other and what is still More important the mean of their proper motions differs from that of the Central Star Alcyone by Only one thousandth of a second of arc in right ascension and by Only two thousandths of a second in declination. Here then is found a magnificent group of suns either actually Allied together and sweeping together through space or else composing a Cluster so situated As to be affected by the same apparent motion produced by the suns progression through the celestial regions. But a Extension of the limits of research round Alcyone exhibits also the wonderful truth that out of 110 stars being within 15 degrees of this Center there Are sixty moving South that is j in the same directions in full accordance with the hypothesis that Alcyone is the Center forty nine showing practically no motion while Only one single individual that moves at All contrary to the computed motion. Thus was Madler a profound speculation justified. Furthermore assuming a1-. Cyone As the grand Center of the millions of stars composing our Astral system and the direction of the suns motion to be As before mentioned. Mad Ler investigated the consequent movements of All the stars in every Quarter of the heavens. Just where the swiftest motions should be found in accordance with this Assumption there they actually exist. This either demonstrating the truth of the theory or else showing a. Well nigh impossible series of coincidences. Therefore the conclusion Given out by Madler is that Alcyone. The principal Star of the pleiades now occupies the Center of Gravity and is at present the great Central Sun about which the universe of stars and All created matter within our Ken is revolving each entity in its own special path. Stenographers notes. Perfectly intelligible Only to the ont who wrote them. A my stenographer was taken ill suddenly a said a Well known business Man the other Day a and As i had dictated some important letters to him which i wanted written at once i took his notebook to a stenographic institution and asked for a Man to translate the notes. Judge of my Surprise when i was informed that no matter How Good an expert a stenographer May be he cannot read the notes of a a this is a common complaint of men who know nothing of stenography and have never studied said a shorthand reporter recently. A it is True however that no stenographer can accurately translate another a notes. This does appear strange but it must be remembered that stenography is by no Means a perfect science. In fact it is most imperfect and there is great room for improvement. Therefore every intelligent person who studies stenography after he gets through the rudiments of it begins to improve it in his own Way invents word signs and characters and changes or alters those he has Learned. As a result every stenographers notes Are stamped by his own individuality a mystery to another and therefore with the exception of words most commonly used. It would be impossible to read another a notes York her and. Eye of the camera. The longer it looks the More it sees within certain limits. Often the Eye of the camera will decipher documents of which the writing had been substantially obliterated by age says a writer in Nordens Magazine. I have successfully copied with the camera the utterly faded photograph of a classmate of forty years previous. Changes in the pigment of the skin undiscovered by the Eye appear with distinctness on the sensitive plate and it is said that ample warning of approaching disease has been thereby Given. The camera takes pictures of subjects which cannot be made to appear on the ground Glass and of those which the Eye of Man has never seen. The human Eye can penetrate space no farther in an hour than in a single instant. Yot the Eye of the camera will gaze into the sky for hours looking deeper and seeking More with each second that passes. Through this attribute of the camera a great Chart of the heavens is now being made. In this work distinguished astronomers and photographers throughout the world Are to operating. Yet not one in a Hundred of the stars already plainly pictured by them was Ever seen by the unaided Eye of scientists. Breakfast fruit. Tho Best said to be oranges grapes and fresh olives. Of All breakfast fruits the Orange is deservedly the most popular. It is a food that is distinctly health giving. Orange juice aids greatly in reducing the amount of putrefaction found in the intestines of nearly All persons who Are submitted to clinical Laboratory tests. Grapes Are another fruit that should always be eaten freely when obtainable apples Are preferably eaten before retiring and two Are about twice As Good As one. The Apple habit persisted in often works rather surprising results with persons who Are naturally listless. Lemons can hardly be eaten As a fruit but lemonade is a valuable beverage. When used As a laxative fresh figs should form the dessert. When not obtainable the dried figs form a Good substitute. Of the value of bananas there seems some reasonable doubt. Many persons complain that they find them indigestible. They Are quite Likely to reach this conclusion if the banana be eaten frequently As the needless complement of an. Already Hearty meal. On the other hand there can be no doubt that the growing popularity of the fresh Olive is fully deserved. It surely ranks with the Orange and the grape and is of course much ahead of either in cases of sluggish into Stines or constitutional . Irving Hancock in Good housekeeping. Cordwood counsel fee. A Barton county Farmer Sright advice from a Golden City attorney about suing his wife for divorce on the ground that she did not agree with him on a horse Trade he had made. The attorney advised him and the Farmer agreed to pay him for it in cordwood. A few Days later the wife and one of the Little children went to town with the first instalment of the Wood and unloaded it in the lawyers City Star. The color scheme. A Why do some lawyers carry Green hags a a in some instances they expect to bag that kind of York press. Self inspection is the Best cure for self . The Best proof. Little ted seven years old was sent to the bathroom for a a Good scrub before dinner but returned so quickly that his Mother declared he possibly have washed himself. He replied a truly 1 did Mother and if you done to believe it you can just go to the bathroom and look at the . Too complicated. The reason we say a a you instead of using the reason commonly Given for the substitution of the second person plural for the second person singular a a you instead of a a thou a that it originated As a fad of Courtesy May explain its origin but its Universal adoption is due to a deeper reason namely that the second person singular of the verb is a complicated and difficult form while the second person plural is simple to the last degree. A with every principal verb in the language and with every auxiliary except a a must the pronoun a a thou requires a special change in the form of the verb which is often the Only break in an otherwise uniform series. Thus in the present tense of every verb with the single exception of the verb the pronoun a a you employs the unchanged Root form of the verb As a you love have can do. Shall Etc., while a a thou requires a change of form As a thou Lovest. Hast canst Dost Shalt. Etc. In every such Choice the unchanged Root form has always the right of Way. Thus a a you has become everywhere current in the Busy activities of life while a a thou is carefully Laid up in the museum of Antiquity or the shrine of c. Fernald in harpers Magazine. Just the same. A what is your name a asked the judge of the prisoner. A Casey yer Honor a answered the prisoner. A your full name a asked the judge. A just the same scr Honor a answered the prisoner a full or Home journal. Cutting. Miss Home Leigh perhaps you wont believe it but a strange Man tried to i kiss me once. Miss cutting really Well head have been a strange Man if head tried to kiss you bits. A great Success. First Young wife do you find it More economical dear to do your own cooking second Young wife of certainly my husband does no to eat half so much As he punch. To Shock people is often better than to please them. The majority of Mankind need the . The whore is the pretty Girj you were making love to a year ago Tom of. She a married Long ago. A jilted you. He a a no worse than that. She married headache dizziness drowsiness Dull pains in the head inflamed eyes Etc. Are directly traceable to some defect in the vision. These defects Are easily remedied by suitable glasses. If you Are troubled with any of these symptoms we would be pleased to lit you with a pair of glasses. We carry a Large assortment and prices Are right. E. R. Allaband druggist Parksley a. A full line of Lowneys chocolates and Bon Bons always on hand. . Crop it or. T. P. Copes. We. N. Copes. Call on us if you want at lowest. Prices the Best building material doors Sash blinds mouldings Stair rails windows mantels brackets Newels balusters amp a. Builder hardware and builders material generally amp a. Phone in office. Prompt service guaranteed. Onley building amp Supply co., Onley a. South Bend watches Are accurate Tinie keepers. Prices from $6.50 to $35.00. W. J. Neville practical watchmaker Onancock = = a. Carriage Emporium now open at Belle Haven va., a with a Fine line of a top buggies surveys Phaeton runabouts Speed carts single and double wagons for Sale by the undersigned at the lowest margin of profit. The vehicles Are All of Best make Anci prices right. Call and see them and get my prices. Yours truly Geo. W. Abdell Belle Haven. A. Feed notice. Having installed new gasoline Plant we Are now prepared to furnish meal and All kind of feed crushed Corn amp a. Mill Days tuesdays and fridays. Meal and Hominy always on hand for Sale or Exchange for Corn. Prices right. Hailwood feed amp supplyco., Hailwood a. Corn and Hay Sale. Delivered out of car at lowest prices in a few Days. Middling ground Oats and Corn and other feeds in Stock. One gentle farm horse for 8ale or Exchange for a 1909 Spring Colt. We have a Tew cars of White Mountain seed potatoes. Equal to Green mountains in production. Harry t. White amp son wholesale grocers brokers and manufacturers agents Mckemie Park a. A the crisis. A now Tommy you must go and Wash a Ama. If you keep of at this washing business you la queer me whole Vaca Magazine. J menus lives Are As thoroughly blended with each other As the air they paint. Shalon paint is the Best painting material known to painters science. It requires one gallon linseed Oil to a thin each gallon of paint. Shalon is unequalled for durability brilliancy of color and covering qualities and is therefore the Best and most economical paint on the Market. Done to buy until you have investigated its merits. On firm is also Headquarters on strictly pure linseed Oil White Lead White Zinc creosote Shingle stain. Brushes darn paint Root paint genuine Pine Oil varnishes japans. Etc. For color cards prices or any other information write us direct or see our Salesman or. Fred Bradford at Melfa a. Mathews bros., manufacturers and jobbers paints and oils. Norfolk a. The Parksley manufacturing co., inc. Retailers and jobbers of All kinds of a builders supplies a please remember that the Parksley manufacturing co., inc., have moved to their new three Story Brick building at Parksley va., and now can offer the Trade a better line of goods than Ever before we Are Headquarters for Sash doors blinds Stair work and mouldings in tact everything in the building line. Our hardware can to be beaten on the Eastern Shore of a. Our stove and Range Lino is up to Date the Best that can be had. We carry also a line of Harrison s Best paints and painters supplies. Our Nickle Ware cooking utensils buttery &e., Are the Best. A Large Supply of Winchester ammunition Stevenson and Remington guns and rifles of Many kinds Are kept constantly in Stock. Our line of pumps and pipe is Large and will give satisfaction to the Trade. We Ake a specially of All kinds of farming utensils and machinery and in these never fail to please our patrons. Call when in town and see our store and goods we can make it to your interest to Call to see us. Parksley manufacturing co., inc., Parksley fire, life and Marine j at the right Price and on accommodating terms. It Confidence in the agent and reputation of the company Are two essential Points in selecting insurance. Our companies Are old established and fire tested. We guarantee our rates to be As Low As any reliable company. W e appreciate past favors and respectfully solicit a continuance of your insurance with us. Agents for the celebrated Oliver typewriter Kelly amp Nottingham agents Onancock a. Jno. W. Duncan jeweler Onancock va., is offering an unusually Large Stock of watches clocks silverware jewelry diamonds amp a. Especial attention is invited to his Supply of wedding presents and done to forget him when in need of spectacles. Ask your neighbor about his ability to properly fit Yon. Tax notice. To the taxpayers of Accomac county notice is hereby Given that the state tax and county Levy for year 1909 Are now due and in per stance of Law we will be at the following named places in the said districts at the times herein specified for the purpose of collecting said taxes and levies Viz appointments of a. J. Lilliston Onancock september 27, october 2, november 12, 13, afternoon. Cashville november 24, afternoon. Locustville november 23, afternoon. Keller october 25, november 20, afternoon. Painter october 16, november 26. Mapps Burg november 25, afternoon. A Accomac october 4, 5 and 6, november 27, 29 and 30. Let us Bond you in the american surety company. Capital $2,50%000. O surplus $2,500,000. The largest surety company in the world devoted exclusively to guaranteeing the Fidelity of persons holding positions of pecuniary Trust and to acting As surety on Bonds and undertakings required in the courts. Talk with Kelly amp Nottingham agents a Onancock Virginia. In. Polk merchant tailor Pocomoke City my. Appointments w. Pruitt or. Parksley september 25, november 26 and 27. Temperance Iii october 21, 22and 23, and november 29 and 30. Chincoteague november 11, 12 and Marsh Market november 18, morning. Basis november 18, night november 19, morning. Sanford november 19, afternoon and 20. Hunting Creek november 22,morning. Leemont november 22. Afternoon Justis Ville november 24, afternoon. Accomac o. H., 1st Day of court. Those failing to pay their taxes before december 1st, 1909, will have 5 per cent and an additional 3 per cent added to their tax Bills As the Law directs. All taxpayers Are requested to pay before december 1st, and thus save the penalties. Those who have not paid their 1907 and 1908 taxes Are requested to do so at the appointments most convenient for them. All 1908 capitation taxes unpaid by november 15, 1909, will be returned delinquent. The payment of capitation tax for 1909 will be required six months before an election in order to vote. Yours very truly a. J. Lilliston treasurer in. Pruitt jr., by. Treas. A Sec will visit Accomac c. A. Every court Day a Sec a Shic see amp Sassu a Bess Aab uses amp is Ssiss Sussi Crisfield ice Cream co. Steam manufacturers of 1 Plain and fancy ice Cream Frozen fruits and delicious Block Cream any flavor. F having just moved into our new Brick building we Are now in the Best possible position to fill orders the year round in a most satisfactory Mariner. We can ship by express to any station morning or afternoon or by boat to any wharf on the Peninsula. All orders Large or Small will have our prompt attention. Satisfaction guaranteed. No disappointments. Write for prices. Located near ice Plant. Carrol Crockett Ifa Mozec Cresfield j1d. V Irginia a in the clerks office of the circuit court for the county of Accomac on the 28th Day of october a. D., 1909. John w. Taylor plaintiff against Edward j. Sundick defendant. In debt. The object of this suit is to recover of the defendant a debt of $60.00, due by note with interest from August 30th, 1909. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant Edward j. Bundick is not resident of f 1 state of Virginia it is ordered tha he do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what May be necessary to protect my interest in this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week for four successive weeks in the a Peninsula Enterprise a a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the court House of this county on the 1st Day of november a. D., 1909, that being the next succeeding Rule Day after this order was entered. A copy Teste John d. Grant clerk. Fletcher amp Powell p. Q. Cadillac. Brush agent for the celebrated Cadillac Packard Buick Franklin and Elmore automobiles and the old reliable Lathrop gasoline engines. Quinby a. Sir 5 horse Power engine and fittings $125.00. Automobiles from $400.00 up. Parksley and Pocomoke Marble works manufacturers of Marble and Granite monuments headstones tablets &c., Edward h. Howard proprietor. Park six by Virginia a in the clerks office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the 20th Day of october a. D., 1909. James l. Planter plaintiff against Mary e. Planter defendant. In chancery. The object of this suit is to obtain a divorce a Vincolo Matrimonia. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant Mary e. Planter is not a resident of the state of Virginia it is ordered that she do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what May be necessary to protect her interest in this suit. And it is further ordered that a Cony Hereof be published once a week for four weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the court House of this county on the first monday in november 1909, that being the next succeeding Rule Day after this order was entered. A copy Teste John d. Grant clerk. Rew amp Rew p. notice. Persons in Accomac and adjoining counties wishing to Mark the grave of a relative or Friend with a Monument Tablet Tomb or Headstone a Marble or polished Granite can now de so at a very Small outlay As we keep in Stock a Large collection of finished work of Modem designs of the Best workmanship and at the very lowest prices. 115 n. Liberty st. Near Lexington also 314 s. Charles st. Gaddess Brothers established seventy five years. Baltimore my. A Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Davis amp bro., Laurel del., or seeing our local agents t. G. Kellam Onancock. W. Pruitt Temperance Iii. Go. W. Abdell Belle Haven. L. Ummond Grange Hlll

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