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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - December 4, 1907, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Accomac Couitt House a. Saturday april 10, Lse 7. Entered at the Post office it Accomac o. H., vu., As second class matter. The election returns this week from Many cities in Ohio Chicago Aud Detroit seem to indicate a remarkable change in sentiment at those Points since lust november. The Homes of president Mckinley senator Foraker Aud even of Ross haunt did not escape the democratic tidal wave which swept Over those sections. Canton the Home of Mckinley went democratic the Republican plurality of 20,000 last year in Cincinnati the Home of sentor Foraker was displaced by a democratic plurality of Over 7,000 and Large democratic gains were made at Cleveland the Home of Ross Hanna. The result is attributed to various causes and loss of Eon Lidelee in Republican Bosses Aud the growth of free Silver sentiment Are mentioned among them. They seem to have found out that they were duped by the republicans Aud to by willing to Correct As far As possible the mistakes made by them in the fall election. The probable result of these elections in state or nut Iona politics it is too Early of course to estimate but it May be accepted As the forerunner perhaps of what tin Republican party has the right to expect in psf a when Congress is again to be elected if it can succeed no better than it has done in fulfilling its promises to improve Industrial conditions and cause better times the Maryland annual conf Renet of the methodist protestant Church which met in Baltimore wednesday has elected Rev. A. D. Melvin president in place of Rev. Or. , who has held the Olliee for the last live years the limit of the Church. The position is an important and res Pousi ble Oue combining As it does the duties of the Bishop Aud presiding elders of the methodist Episcopa Church. His duties Are not confined to the churches in the state of Maryland As the name of the conference seems to indicate. But extends Over the Large Aud influential body o. Christians of that denomination who Are members of the churches in a comae. Rev. E. M. Peter son one of the most eminent divines of the m. E. Church South is dead. passed away at his residence in Petersburg last saturday after a Long illness in the Cath year of his age. Few men were better equipped for their work or worked with greater Zeal or Energy in the cause of the master he served. entered the methodist Church when it was comparatively Young in Virginia Aud for half a Century he stood by it and participated in All its struggles and triumphs. Christian people of every denomination recognized his Worth and feel a loss in his death. Hon. We. J. Bryan is the Centre of attraction at Washington Aud Vicinity at this time. visited Alexandria last monday was Given a Public reception there Aud made a speech of an hour in favor of free Silver coinage. was in Washington tuesday to argue a Case before the supreme court and his Effort before that body it is stated indicated the highest order of Legal ability and made a splendid impression upon the court. seems to retain the same fast hold upon the people which he had during the last election. They follow him in Large crowds everywhere. Hon. William a. Jones has arrived at the conclusion after a Long and careful consideration of the subject that it would be a mistake to Call a constitutional convention at this time. His views in the matter Are published in another column and because of his great ability and High standing with his party should go very far in convincing those who have no definite opinion on the subject what their duty will be in cast ing their votes at the May election. A message sent to Congress last wednesday by president Mckinley urging Relief for the regions of the Mississippi Valley recently devastated by the most destructive hoods that have Ever visited that Section was followed by the adoption of a joint Resolution passed by both houses appropriating $209,099 for the Purchase and distribution of supplies. The annual meeting of the Virginia division daughters of the confederacy will be held in Richmond april 22d. A Large number of lady delegates from All parts of the state will be in attendance Aud the meeting bids fair to be of great interest to the member of the organization. Sex governor Mckinney is seriously ill at his Home at Farmville and it is stated that while there is no immediate danger of dissolution that he cannot Ever be a Well Man again and the end is probably not very Remote. has been 8iiice about the second year of his term As governor. The constitutional convention question. The following interview of Trio Richmond dispatches Washington correspondent with . A. Jones appeared in that paper of the Atli instant 1 asked or. Jones what he thought of the proposition convention Aud he replied that after Long Aud careful consideration of that subject lie had come to the conclusion that it would be u mistake to Call such u convention. The democratic party and press he said were divided a to the propriety and desirability of holding the convention and inasmuch As the party had declined to take Auy position in regard to this most important question he thought democrats were making a mistake when they agitated the subject. There was great diversity of opinion too he said among the advocates of a convention As to the object to be attained thereby. Some desired to change our judiciary system and Reform our Eon Uty organization whilst the Paramount object with others was to provide for an educational qualification and thus restrict the suffrage lie had 110 doubt he said that our judicial and county systems could be improved upon but everything that a constitutional convention could do ill this regard could be equally As Well equally As expeditiously and far More economically accomplished through amendments to be submitted by the legislature in the manner provided for in the present Constitution. Restricting Tuk sask rank. As to restricting the suffrage or. Jones said lie was opposed to Auy educational qualification of a prerequisite to the right to vote. regarded educational As Well As property test of the right to vote As us democratic Aud besides said he Auy advantage that might accrue to the democratic party by tie adoption of an educational qualification would be of a most temporary character Aud sooner or later would bring disaster upon the party. Most of the Young negroes in Liis Section he said could read and write Aud they constituted the most disorderly improvident and objectionable element of their race. The older members of that race were by far the most Law abiding Aud conservative and entertained More Friendly feelings tor the White people and they were generally speaking entirely without education Aud would he in the Luau the ouly negroes who would he affected Quot by the adoption of a educational test. There were Many reasons he said Why he was opposed to a convention but these were in his opinion sufficient to justify his position. Many of the most substantial and Best citizens of his Section men who had fought the Battles of the confederacy Anil who had been unswerving in their support of the democratic party would have this most deeply cherished Aud most wisely exercised right taken from them by an educational qualification and have their mortification intensified said or. Jones at the spectacle of Voung negroes who had no Conception at the obligations of citizenship Aud no regard for the rights of those who the taxes and support the government exercising a right and a privilege which they were supposed to be unworthy to enjoy. Mrs. Samuel Stamm of Logau Tou pa., bore her thirty four years of suffering with courage and fortitude. Her trouble was rheumatism in the knee. In consequence her limb had become so stiff that she could hardly walk. Or. Stamm is a Well to do merchant and had spared no pains or expense to relieve her hut with Little Success until one night when it Glew so painful that she could hardly endure it he persuaded her to try Chamberlain s Bain Balm. The effect was magical. The first application relieved the pain and its continued use has removed All stiffness Aud Given her the free use of her limb once More. If you have a Friend who is troubled with rheumatism insist on their giving this remedy a trial Ion Cun do them no greater favor As it is sure to give prompt Relief and if they Are a Little patient it will effect d cure. For Sale at 23 Aud 30 cents per bottle by Blackstone amp Bell Accomac c. H., ya., Aud w. Parker Onancock a. Announcements to the voters of Lee magisterial District if the voters of said District feel disposed to nominate me at the democratic primary if such lie adopted and re elect me to the office of j ustice of the peace for said District i will serve them to the Best of Iny judgment Aud ability. Thanking them for their former support i remain yours Levi r. Boggs. A Cashville april 0, 07. I will he a candidate for the office of Justice of the Pence for Pungoteague magisterial District this coming May election. G. E. Winder. Pungoteague va., april 5, 1897. 1 announce myself a candidate for tie office of Justice of the peace in Lee District at the May election and will if elected discharge the duties of the office to the Best of my ability. Respectfully s. K. Nelson. Onancock va., april a �?T97. To the voters of Atlantic District i hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Justice of the peace for said District subject to the democratic primary. Levin t. Bunting. Belinda va., March 30, 07. To tie voters of Pungoteague election District 1 take this method of announcing myself a candidate for the position of Constable in this District at the ensuing May election. Ii it shall he the pleasure of my fellow citizens to elect me to the position of Constable 1 Promise a most Earnest diligent and faithful discharge of All the duties appertaining to the position to the Best of my ability consist enl with discretion and an unswerving obedience to duty. Respectfully we l. 1 i m Uon p. Pungoteague va., feb. By 97. At tie request of my friends i announce myself a candidate for the office of a supervisor of Pungoteague magisterial ibs Triel promising in lie future As i have done in the past to discharge the duties of the office to the Best of my ability. E. S. Wise. Having Learned that or. Spencer f. Rogers positively declines to he a candidate for re election to the office of supervisor for Lee District i yield to the request of numerous friends Ami hereby Usu ounce myself a candidate for said office for the next term subject to the action of the democratic party As to primary Nornie nations should any such action be taken it elected j Promise a faithful discharge of the duties of the cd lice. Respectfully Ali red j. Lilliston. March 18, 1897. To the voters of Pungoteague magisterial District after much solicitation from Many friends Ami Long deliberation on my own part i announce myself a candidate for tie office of Justice of the Ponce for this District. If elected i pledge myself to perform the duties of the office to the Best of my ability. Where my duty leads i shall follow. Yours truly tuomas b. Ross. Fellow citizens in obedience to time honoured usage i adopt this method of announcing myself a candidate for re election to the position of Constable for Pulgo Crague election distal Chat tie ensuing May election. Conscious of having discharged my official duties in the past with honesty Fidelity and impartiality 1 am inspired again to ask my fellow citizens to re elect me promising if they will Kimelly favor and liquor me with their Suffrages and re elect me that 1 will Endeavor to discharge my official duties in tie future As in the past most faithfully Aud impartially but at the same t Ime i will be governed by a spirit of leniency and kindness to All consistent with discretion. 1 now throw Down the Gauntlet to my opponents and competitors and defy Anil Challenge a most rigid Seru tiny Aud investigation of my past record during my official career and in this connection 1 am emboldened to avow Aud proclaim that if my official duties have not been Hen to the line regardless of whore the chips hew i will doff my hat and As gracefully As possible Bow myself out of this canvass. Now my follow citizens i Tagalu humbly ask you and Appeal to you with a grateful heart to support and sustain to in this canvass As you have so kindly and flattering by done in tie past by your votes and 1 Promise to deserve Well the Trust which you May so kindly confide to my keeping. J. C. Wescott. To the voters of Lee District notice is hereby Given that 1 am a candidate for re election to the office of Justice of the peace at the Usu aug May election Aud will if elected discharge the duties of the office in the future Asiu the past to the Best of my ability. Guo. F. Parker. To the voters of Lee District 1 take this method of announcing myself a candidate for re election to the office of Constable in said District at tie coining May election and will if again elected Endeavor to discharge the duties of the office faithfully and efficiently in the future Asiu the past. Tank g. Killam. 1 take tills method of announcing myself a candidate for the office of Constable for Pungoteague magisterial District at tiie May election. Those who support me May rely on me giving my entire time and attention to the duties of the office As 1 shall not engage in any other business or Pursuit but devote my whole time to the interest and service of people. Respectfully j Bon Bull. Keller. March 15, �?~97. To the voters of Atlantic District i announce myself a candidate for the office of Constable for Atlantic District subject to tie democratic primary in nominated and elected will discharge the duties of said office to tie Best of my ability. Respectfully Benj. F. Groton. Jenkins Bridge March 3, 97. To the voters of Lee District the announcement is hereby made that i uni a candidate forthe office of Justice of the peace in said District and with tie Promise of a faithful and conscientious discharge of the duties of the office if elected respectfully solicit their support at tie coming May election. Geo n. Trow or. To my fellow citizens of the Eastern Shore of Virginia through a desire to represent the counties of Accomac Aud Northampton in tie Assembly of Virginia and believing that 1 could represent the interest of the people of the Eastern Shore in a manner that would prove highly beneficial to their welfare and Prosperity. 1 humbly Aud respectfully beg leave to Anu ounce myself a can i Date for the Senate of Virginia promising you my fellow citizens in chosen As your representative 1 will Endeavor to have legislation enacted that will mete out Justice to All and partiality to none Tomt i will use untiring Energy and Zeal that your in Terest and cause May Ever be my interest Aud cause and above Ull tilings i will do everything in my Power that will redound to the Honor and glory of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. In making this announcement 1 desire to state that 1 am in favor of Auy Mode of nomination that May be adopted by tie democratic party. Very respectfully John it. Rew. Parksie va., March 17, 97. At the request of Many friends. 1 announce myself a candidate for the office of supervisor for Atlantic District subject to tie democratic primary Anil if elected do Promise that 1 will discharge tie duties of the office to the Best of my ability. Hiram . New Church March 9th, 1897. Through the solicitation of tie Public i declare myself a candidate for the office of supervisor for Pungoteague magisterial District and if elected do positively Promise that 1 will discharge the duties of the office on economical principles for the Best interests of the people. Respectfully Frank 1�?T. Stockley. To the voters of Atlantic District i take this method of announcing myself a candidate for the office of Constable and Promise if elected a faithful and conscientious discharge of tiie duties of Tiu office. Soliciting your support i am yours very respectfully e. Thomas Ross or. For the House of delegates i hereby announce myself As Floater Delegate in represent the count leu of Northampton and Accomac in the House of of Virginia subject to a primary election if elected i will Endeavor to carry the following platform out to make the railroads running in the territory of our Commonwealth their District school Tux to modify our present game Law to leave the Fence question to the people As it. Is a local Issue to pass no Law or Bill without first find ing out if it is in Accord with the wishes of the people for John Warrick Daniel for the u. S. Senate to give Justice to All and special privileges to none. We. E. Thomas . Business notices. Notice having purchased All the Oyster rocks from Charles Byrd formerly belonging to major Barnes All persons Are hereby forewarned from trespassing thereon under full penalty of tie Law. Isaiah Johnson. Foit Sale a pure bred single combed Brown leghorn eggs�?10 for 76 cents. E. deman Parks Ley a. For Sale a cheap mute. W. J. Ayres Accomac c. Ii., a. Notice�?1 will make my usual an anal trip through Accomac and Northampton comi ties this Spring for the purpose of handling Colts and horses. Parties desiring my services i use write me to Nassawadox a. Goo. W. Turner. For Sale Hoffman and Tennessee prolific Strawberry plants at $1 per thousand. C. If. Savage Only a. Notice All persons Are hereby forewarned Funni harbouring my Wile Margaret Gardner under penalty of a prosecution to full extent of Law. We. 11. Gardner. For rent for year 1898. Two farms occupied this year by George Chaco and James t. Fosque. For terms apply to James n. Turlington Fuir Oaks a. Fou rent for the year 1898, my farm near Onancock at present occupied by John Young. Money rent wanted. Apply to i. W. Bagwell or Jolius s. Waples Onancock. Notice i will make Iny usual an anal trip through Accomac and Northampton counties is soon As the weather permits for the purpose of handling Colts and horses. Can Renli me by mail at Pocomoke City Mil. Geo. W. Hancock. Corn for Sale in upshure a neck Price $2 per barrel six months credit will lie Given in purchasers of 25 barrels or More. S. S. In Parramore acco Mac o. H.,or . Jones upshure a neck. For Sale Huff Cochin s eggs at 73 cents per setting of 15. Cockerel is each. Also a few thoroughbred Poland China female shouts. A. W. James Locustville a. I Zilic auction the undersigned executor of la Corv a. Leatherbury deceased will sell at Public auction on Liis Laic premises it Onancock. Friday and saturday april 23rd and 2-Ltli, valuable personal property of decedent consisting in part of household and Kitchen furniture horse hogs cow marriage cart Bank Stock. Town Hall Stock and general merchandise. For full particulars see posters. E. J. Winder executor. In a letter to the manufacturer messes. Davis a Buzard of West Monterey l�?Ta., say a Chamberlain s cough remedy has cured people that our physicians could do nothing for. We persuaded them to try a Liotto of it and they now recommend it As do the rest of for Sale at 25 and 50 cents per bottle by Blackstone a Bell Accomac c. 11. Va., and w. Parker Onancock a. Foit rent for the year 1898, my farm in Custis neck at present occupied by l. O. Watson. Share rent wanted. Apply to thus. F. Floyd Onancock a. Notice came to my place Noveau her last a dark Brindle Heifer. No Mark. Owner please come prove property charge Ami take her a was. We. K. Voung Modesto we. Vu., March 17, 97. Notick round potatoes and Corn delivered at Kendall Grove and stations Corn $1.50 per barrel. Robinson Nottingham sr., Eastville a. For sale�?500 barrels of Corn at 1.50 tier barrel delivered at Ayresville Landing. A Hamilton Eastville a. Fott Kent for 189$, my farm near Tasley station at present occupied by i. Thomas Lilliston. Resources abundant. Mrs. E. F. C. Garrett Accomac u. H., a. Notice the undersigned has for Sale the following varieties of Strawberry plants Tennessee prolific lady Thompson Bulah no. 5, and Leeks Early each at $2.00 per thous Audi also Hoffman at $1. 19 Perth us Audi All True to name. Juo. J. Hopkins a. Notice several thousand dollars t j lend on real estate in amounts not less than $500, at conservative valuations. T. B. Ijuin by Onancock a. For Sale Light Brahma eggs at 30 cents per setting of 15. My Stock is Well known. Alice m. Johnston. Wachapreague a. The example of w. W. Brewer Esq. Justice of the peace nud prominent citizen of it. Jewett pa., is worthy of emulation. Be says "1 never leave Home without a bottle of Chamberlain s Colic cholera and Dir Lima remedy Anil always recommend it to my friends. It is the Best 1 Ever used and never fails to give immediate for Sale by Blackstone a Bell Accomac c. 11. Va., Aud w. Parker Onancock a. For Sale a boat by foot keel to feet Over Ull built in Waukegan 111. This boat Lias two rigs Cut Aud Sloop a with awning and air tanks Forward and aft built of White Cedar Copper fastened. She is the Ablest and Best boat of kind in Virginia. Will be said very reasonable. Call and see her. Elliott Johnston Wachapreague notice i forbid All persons from Hunting on my land with gun or dog either in my Woods or on my farm. Auy one caught will be prosecuted to the full extent of the Law. 1. W. Bagwell. Notice housekeepers compan Ion Cook Book compiled by miss Bessie Gunter can be bought at Enterprise office or w. T. Wise s drug store Onancock. Suitable for Xmas presents and All the proceeds from same Given to charitable purposes. A Spring millinery and a suitable for both Spring anti summer Wear now opened out and ready for inspection by customers at my place of business at miss Piantes a Triin Merleigh by recommended by Dowell Helm amp co., Baltimore Lias been engaged and i can con i Dontly assure my patrons that site can give them in lire satisfaction. A cordial invitation is extended to ovo Ryone to Call Early. Vliss l. A. Seville. I v �5, cd amp i take this method of informing my friends and the Public generally that i have arrived Home from the City with a full line of millinery. A dress goods factions. &c., and am now ready to exhibit them. My opening Days this Spring for the display of beautifully trimmed millinery will be on wednesday thursday Friday april 14th, 15th, 10th. Both millinery and dressmaking establishments filled with goods to suit the most fastidious and i will take pleasure in giving satisfaction in All respects. Thanking you for past patronage Anc soliciting a continuance of same. Yours respectfully mrs. E. A. Merrill Onancock a. Spring millinery. Will in opened at the store of mrs. Br0ugh1 on amp co., Onancock va., about a fill instant. Stock will be full select Aud furnished to customers in latest and Best styles. Dressmaking. Also continues to receive their careful attention and a perfect lit guaranteed to everyone in this Branch of their business. Notions dress goods &c., in Stock front which to make selection. You Are cordially invited to Call and see us. Mrs. Broughton amp co., Onancock a. Millinery and dressmaking. The undersigned will open millinery Sun dressmaking business at Keller station on 1st of april and respectfully invite the patronage of tie people of Keller and Vicinity. Mrs. Mary Winder is now in the City buying Stock. Fitting and cutting done by the Taylor system. Mrs. Mary Winder mrs. Nona Winder mrs. M. L. Lewis Parksley. A. Wednesday and thursday april ill i and 15th. When a full line of trimmed bats ribbons laces and easter novelties will be displayed. We cordially invite you to visit the exhibit feeling assured you will consider the time Well spent. Lbs. M. L. Lewis. George w. Elmore jr., Belle mav��\3, Accomac county Virginia practical House Painter. All work guaranteed to be first Elass Aud prices to suit the times. Training a specially Tracey amp Davis Chincoteague va., dealers in fancy and Staple groceries confection Aries tobacco be. Fresh meats Anil Best of every kind constantly on Laud. Ranklin c. Lewis Hunting Creek a dealer in dry goods a notions groceries shingles Cypress lumber a. Also agent for the gasoline boat which leaves his wharf every tuesday for Baltimore returning Friday Aud which is still carrying potatoes at 15 cts. Per barrel and other freight both ways at the same Low rates. Empty barrels furnished at 15 cts., Money letter free a saving in All to shipper of i cts. Per barrel. A is he1�e, Prillip Asilo. Are we. Rave just returned from Trio City of Crowson town. Or a a injustice Ville a with a full line of pretty photographs so that we can now serve the Public better than heretofore. Yours truly Mclain amp co., photographers Onancock a. We s. Rich Fisson manufacturer of ice. Chs am Marion station my. Anyone interested in the Purchase of Ico Cream will find it to their interest to write me before buying elsewhere. My aim is Best goods and will compote in Price with other manufacturers. Send me your order. Parties living on the Border of Pocomoke sound can if they prefer it that Way get their Cream by boat. I will deliver it at my Oyster House for them. With a full line of Cashville Bah the Cashville Cornet band is ready to furnish music on All occasions. Special inducements to churches. Address Cashville Cornet band clash Ville. A. T. My amp be. Produce 3 Oman is a nne South st., and a of Lye of wharf. Baltimore Sweet potatoes a specially. Shipping letter b House of itis Aimen Sykes. A. G. W. Glenn proprietor. Patronage of travelling Public first class. Horses fed. The proprietor offers his services also As notary up Bike. Dress goods and trimmings. To have also added to our Busine amps a Fine line of x for men boys and children and in addition to this we have a Complete line of samples for made to order suits All of which we Are Selling at prices to suit the times. Call and see our Stock and get prices. Yours anxious to please do Beta amp to Hay Coal flour Terra Cotta piping general merchandise amp a. In building material we have Cypress shingles framing and fencing Lime bricks amp a. In Terra Cotta piping we have following sizes i 8, 12, 15, 20 24, bought direct from the kills and sold cheaper because bought at wholesale prices. In fertilizers we have Baughs 7 per cent., for round potatoes Rogers no. 2 for sweets agricultural Salt by car Load direct from factory. In Goneh i. Merchandise our Stock is always full Well selected and in great variety and we carry in addition to above also plows cultivators 11 tooth harrows and other farming implements Hay flour Coal <3cc., also j. M. Masury a Best liquid paints. We buy for spot cast and sell at the lowest margin of profit. John w. Rogers amp Bros., Only a. John j. Guthrie with uhor s we a dlr us a 217 s. Charles Street Baltimore my. Shipping letter c. A a. Chas. Pape. J. W. Howell. A. A a re Sid Covollo. Ill. It if you want a goo farm Fence of Woven wire put up at 57 cents per Rod Lii fee of desire to buy a machine to build same with Call or write to trios. S. Bayly agent Finney. A. There has never been a time in the history of Man when goods were As Low As they Are to Day Aud we have bought very largely this season much More so than usual direct from tie manufacturers in the West for spot Keasli in order to meet tue wants Ottlie Trade at Rock Bottom prices for All kinds of wholesale commission dealers in fruits and produce 877 Washington gt., 430 amp 432 West 14th st., shipping number 500 new York. Reference new York county National Bank. Bui dim such ask doors. Windows blinds mantels White Pine mouldings turned pore i columns pore i trimmings shingles i Utilis. Hair Lime brie its Cement Ami a full line of hardware Cook. Parlor and gasoline stoves pumps Stone Well curbing Wall paper tinware lever setting cultivators harrows wheel Barrows wheel Wood Coal agents for Harrison Bros. A cons paints. A. A. Just received Acar Load of air tight Wood stoves two sizes. Must go at tiie Knock out prices of $1 Aud $4.59. Thanking you for your kind favors of the past and soliciting a continuance of tie same we Are respectfully yours , Parksley a. A Dollar saved is a Dollar if so. Write to the Mare Jujj t t 7 a. N t i a \ live Laurel dol., Davis amp bro., proprietors. For prices on head and foot stones Monument Iron railing and All cemetery work in general and save Money. Davis a bro., Laurel Del. Agents a. 11. Pruitt e. J. Winder Onancock we. T. Rayf Iklo Belle Haven. L. W. Groton. W. J. Doughty 8r8�0�o amp Doughty general two representing lint e ass f it. Life and Accident companies and building and loan associations. Onancock a Lewis. Nock amp go. Dealers in dry goods. Notions boots and shoes Hay Lime bricks sail and general merchandise. Corn Hay and Mill feed a specially special agents for Wanamaker a Brown clothiers. Halta Vood a. far All race. Entries for the free for All Pace and Trot mile heats Best 3 in 5, for Eastern Shore horses have closed. The race will take place on the fair grounds near Keller wednesday May 20th. The entries Are As follows w. C. West Whitefoot record 2 3 1. J c. Otwell regulus record 2 25.j. E. Roberts j. A. Record 2 3s. Joe Guy Little Guy record 2 31.j. R. Bull lamp girl record �?�2 35. First horse to receive 80 per cent of Alt Entrance Money second horse to receive 50 per cent of Gate receipts third horse to receive 25 per Cut. Of Gate receipts fourth horse to receive 15-per Cut. Of Gate receipts. Race to be called at 1 of clock Sharp. _. National trotting association rules to govern. go. Commissi a merchants in Early fruits vegetables terrapins wild fowl eggs poultry and All kinds of 122 Cheapside shipping letter John w. Hutchinson with Stevens Simpson $ co importers and wholesale commission merchants a fruits and 232 Washington Street new York. Members of the National league of commission merchants of the United states. Reference Irving Natl Bank n. Y a 17 to your own Lully interest and buy your building material from us As we guarantee prices to suit the times. We have in Stock a rackets i blinds Ricks Lime mouldings mantles laths moors Cash shingles and All kinds of building Materia. Goods shipped to ail Points of he Eastern Shore when requested. S. K. Martin sit co., Harborton. A. I. P. Justis amp co., commission merchants 8 e. Camden st., Baltimore Sweet potatoes a specially. Fruits vegetables and produce shipping letter a st agents for the Pungoteague and Cashville Farmers associations no drummers employed. S. B. Downes. J. 0. Downes establish lied 25 years. S. B. Doses amp co. Fruit and produce commission merchants 329 Washington st., new York. Members of National league of com Mission merchants of the u. S. Reference by permission Irving National Bank n. Y. Ism Koinm Horntown Accomac county �? u. E. Townsend proprietor. Board by Day week or month on reasonable terms. Meals furnished on Short notice

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