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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Dec 1 1920, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - December 1, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Pythons As pets. Harps Are costly. They were tots of schoolboys some not in their teens. Too Young to Wear swords 80 the midgets were armed with Dirk knives instead they were fighters though fsr isgut and Porter being in Battles at the age of twelve. Something More than a Hundred years ago the midshipman was indeed the a that he was popularly called tor he was but a mite of a lad usually receiving his appointment before he reached his teens. Admirals Farragut and Porter were midshipmen afloat and in pitched Battles at twelve years of age and Goldsborough was appointed when Only seven years old. Nowadays however the midshipman la quite a different person. He cannot enter the naval Academy under fifteen and is therefore when on a regular Cruls so ship after completing his four years academic course usually a Well developed Man physically mature and athletic and with a trained mind. He is far better equipped mentally than the lieutenants and Many of the captains of even seventy years ago. The. Old time middles were Mere schoolboys. All the warships of any size carried in their regular complements a schoolmaster whose duty it was to give the lads As Liberal an education As possible in the Odd periods Between strictly professional duties. This rating of schoolmaster was abolished in fact Only about Twenty years ago but after the establishment of the naval Academy in 1841, these officials devoted their energies to the Sailor apprentices Only the enlisted boys of the forecastle. Even these now obtain their education on Shore. There is a tradition that the three brass buttons the midshipman wears on the sleeve of his full dress coat during his four years at Annapolis originated a Century or More ago when their presence was needed to discourage the youngsters from brushing their noses with their sleeves. This is probably a base slander modern research indicating that the buttons Are relics of the Days when there was a cuff Flap on the sleeve. At All events the extreme youth of the used to be his most conspicuous characteristic. Instead of the full sized regulation officer s sword that he now carries he wore a Little straight bladed Dirk about a foot Long. He was to a Large extent a messenger for carrying orders about the ship but he also took charge of boats and commanded men despite his youth. He was frequently placed in charge of a prize captured in War. Taking her into port and not infrequently suppressing mutinies among the prisoners on Board. Farragut was a prize master at twelve and got his prize safely in. The title a a midshipman a is an ancient one. He is above the seamen and the Petty officers Forward and below the commissioned officers in the wardroom aft hence there was formerly a higher Grade called passed midshipman but this was abolished before the War Between the states. Then the Grade was restored but called midshipman the former midshipman being designated As a Cadet midshipman. In 1882 the title. Of the latter was changed to naval Cadet which it still remains and the midshipmen were merged with the ensigns. Accordingly the time honoured title of midshipman no longer exists officially in the United states Navy. While officially a naval Cadet that Young officer is still regarded and often referred to verbally As a midshipman for he is the same creature As of old As far As his duties go. But by the Side of prototype the twentieth Century Quot middy Quot is a savant. Trigonometry was about As High up in mathematics As the old timer Ever went. The twentieth Century lad goes far beyond. He goes through analytical geometry of three dimensions differential and integral calculus applied mechanics gunnery a Hundred years ago was Little More than loading aiming and filing at Short ranges it now involves metallurgy theory of he combustion of powder gases stress and Strain mechanical engineering manufacture and preservation of Complex explosives and other abstruse subjects. In All of which the midshipman of the present Day must be proficient. Midshipmen were conspicuous in All our Early wars notably those with the bar Liary states with the West Indian pirates and with the British la 1812. They were equally conspicuous during our conflicts with the Spanish and filipinos. Midshipmen naval cadets had charge of the extremely hazardous Pliket duty in the Santiago blockade close under the Spanish batteries and often under musketry ire from Shore. Cadet Powell ran his open launch right into the Harbor of Santiago after the me rime remained All night under the menacing guns of the inner batteries and. Steamed out again under their fire in the York press. The men liked them but they were not appreciated by his wife. An englishman who spent much time in Bengal tells in Blackwood a Magazine about a couple of pythons that were kept As pets. He says a one hears a Good Deal about the snakes but one sees very Little of them at any time and in cold weather nothing at All. Indeed the Only snakes i saw were two great pythons which n planter kept in one of his indigo vats for his private delectation. He loved to watch them and feed them and poke them with a stick and see their Flat vicious Heads drive at it with the Speed and Force of a steam Hammer. A this wife liked them less because one of them had once escaped from the . And wandered into her bedroom. It was daytime and she was resting from the heat and hearing it Advance breathing heavily she thought. It was her somewhat Fox terrier and told it to lie Down. As it seemed to be making for her bed instead she looked up to find that it was one of the pythons looking for n warm place in which to lie. Her screams brought her husband who annoyed by this escapade of a pet which his wife had never properly appreciated thoughtlessly seized it by the neck with the result that in a twinkling it had knotted itself around his Arm and nearly pulped it before his bearer could arrive and get it by the Tail. A two men it seems can Deal with a Python fairly effectively by grasping each an end of it thus preventing it from weaving itself into the Colls that crush. But no single Man is of much use for the reason that he cannot in the nature of tilings grasp and keep 1 taut an eighteen foot length of Writh i Long muscle. The plaster told me that As it was his Arm had turned Black and Blue All Over As if it had been squeezed in a heavy door and it was weeks before he could use it. But he still loved his and 80 Are their Faney cover and curious looking trunk. Every Harp should have a cover for its Protection from dust and dampness and these covers Are made sometimes of Canvas or Waterproof stuff but usually for Home use of Canton flannel of Felt or of Corduroy. These covers Are not simply Loose bags to cover the Harp but n each Case tailor made to flt the individual Harp. Such Harp covers Cost from $2.50 to $10 each. Costlier Harp covers Are made of silk of any desired color to harmonize with a room or its fittings and Cost perhaps $35 or $40. New harps of american make which Are said to be the Best in the world Cost from $500 to $2,000, while secondhand harps May be bought at $125 and upward. Most new harps Are shipped by the makers in wooden cases which Are made to flt the most costly harps Are now shipped in Harp trunks in each Case made for them. Harp owners who do not own a trunk May have one made to order so that the trunk shall fit the Harp. Harps weigh fifty to seventy five pounds each. A Harp trunk weighs about 150 pounds and costs $50. The Harp is placed within this trunk in its cover and the trunk is so padded within As to hold the Harp securely. There Are made Many Odd looking trunks for various special uses but a Harp trunk is about As curious looking a contraption As any of York Sun. Shrines in Japan. Blood and fir. A French editor anxious for sensations. Name into his office and asked his Deputy what had happened. A nothing Quot be was told a except that a Many a nose had been bleeding in the place de la concorde and a Chimney is on lira in a enough a said the other and wrote the placard a blood and fire in Paris a hurry and cunning Are the two apprentices of dispatch and skill but neither of them Ever learns his masters . S Alik but different. The teacher had the letters a at on the blackboard and was trying to teach Little Pansy peevish to pronounce the word but Pansy could t come it. A think Quot said the teacher. A what is it that has some whiskers and comes up on the porch late at night when it is cold and begs to come into the House Quot a ooh. 1 know Quot exclaimed Little Pansy a great Light dawning. A a it a papa a a Galveston news. The trial heat Ethel engaged a week a George and i have never had a quarrel. Maud of i think you ought to Bave one before you Are married. Otherwise you can to be quite sure whether you Are going to Hare your own Way or not a Exchange. An offset. A you lost Money on your Chanty Bazaar did no to you Quot a yes but did Yon Ever see such love-11 costumes a Clevend Plain dealer reformed by a song. Nordica saved her jewels and made a thief an honest Man. Mme. Lillian Nordica the Singer once upon returning from a concert tour decided to go straight to her Villa in France accompanied Only by her maid. She knew there were no servants there at the time but Felt no alarm. They arrived in the Early evening and enjoyed being Home again. At nearly Midnight they sat softly talking together with Only the Mellow Moonlight flooding the rooms when they heard a window off the South Balcony being raised and an instant later Steps were heard in the Hall. Almost paralysed with fear no one to help no weapon at hand there flashed Over the Prima Donna a realization of her Power of song. A it has moved thousands a she thought and with trembling notes she began to sing what had been uppermost in her thoughts before the Entrance of the intruder a Home Sweet the exquisite voice grew steadier and it rang out in its sweetest purest strains. Then followed a old folks at Home a hut her audience had gone. The maid saw a dark figure creep through the window and steal across the Lawn and out of the Gate. Some weeks later Nordica received the following letter dear Madame on the night of the i entered your Home to relieve you of All your diamonds jewels and Money but an Angel song rang out in the Sweet words of mothers songs and my hand and heart were arrested and i vowed never never again to do aught that would sorrow that sainted one. I am now engaged in honest work. God bless you a ladies Home journal. Each otherness. Nothing is of real value in the world except people never Hurt a pers ii by a wrong thought or by word or by act. Never Hurt each other. Then go on a big discovering expedition and find each other. Never say a that person has nothing in him a for that Only Means that you Haven to found it yet. Then last of All never think you Are the Only person. You Are just a part of a each you Are not somebody and the rest of As everybody else. We Are each other. Life is each otherness not . Nicholas. Graves in Pawn. In times of financial difficulties the look hogans residents of the southwestern Islat ids of Japan sometimes Pawn the Graves of their relatives. They Are always redeemed however failure to do so meaning family disgrace. The Turtle Back shaped tombs usually located on a Hillside facing the water Are elaborate a stairs of Stone and Cement and their Cost and Upkeep often bankrupt the family. Hopeless. A Why done to you make up your mind to cease permitting your wife to Hen Peck you a. A i have made it up half a dozen times hut it does no to seem to do any Good at All. She refuses to concede that i have a Tribune. English As she is spoke. French chauffeur to deaf Farmer on a Maine Road a can you Tell me Sare vere i get some of be Mazzoline Farmer with his hand to his ear a hey French chauffeur non non non not be Hay be Mazzoline. Ziss Eez a motorcar not a horse. Harpers. Peculiar. A one of de mos curios st things about a fool a said Cycle Eben. A is de Way hell holler and git mad if you done to let him show off his a Washington Star. Her strikes. Or. Benedicta do you know my dear i think we have a pretty Good Cook. How does she strike you mrs. Benedicta for More wages about once a bits. Showed it. Dora do you think it would be conceited of me to say i made this dress myself Grace sweetly a not conceited dear Only superfluous. London watch dog. Children Are much More Likely to contrast the contagious diseases when they have colds. Whooping cough diphtheria Scarlet fever and consumption Are diseases that Are often contracted when the child has a cold. That is Why All medical authorities say beware of cords for the Quick cure of colds you will find nothing better than chamberlains cough remedy it can always be depended upon and is pleasant Acyl Safe to take. For Sale by All dealers. Those within the guarded Gates of Asa Kuse Temple. A was abuse Temple is dedicated to the goddess Kwa non a tiny image of Gold about two and a half inches High a writes a traveler in Japan. A at the Entrance to the Temple grounds on either Side of the immense Gate stand two Large and fearful looking figures guarding the sacred precincts. Hanging outside the wire grating Are a number of sandals for their use if they wish to take a walk and Rice is sprinkled about. Each worshipper before entering the Temple Calls at Small building and after contributing a Small amount washes his bands and rinses his Mouth. A in front of the main shrine is a Large aperture in the floor covered with lattice work into which the worshipper casts his gift after clapping his hands to awaken or attract the attention of the god he kneels but his prayer is Only Brief. While there is one chief shrine there Are Many others under the same roof. A one shrine especially attracted my attention. It was made of Wood and quite disfigured and worn through the constant rubbing of hands on the spot corresponding to the afflicted portions of the sufferers news. Horseshoes in Turkey. In Many parts of Turkey horseshoes Are simply a Flat plate of Iron with a Hole in the Middle. An extraordinary method still obtains in portions of the ottoman Empire of a Boeing the horse. The Farrier doubles a Long rope and knots a Loop at the end to about the size of a Large horse Collar. This is put Over the horses head after the manner of a horse Collar and the knot rests on the horses Chest the next step is to bring the two ends of the rope Between the animals legs each rope then taken by a Man is hitched on the fetlock of the horses legs and brought through the Loop in front then by a hard steady pull the Hind legs Are drawn up to the forelegs and the horse Falls heavily on its Side. All four feet Are now tied to Gether by the fetlock the horse is propped up of his Back and the Farrier sits quietly Down beside him takes off the old shoes and puts on the new York Herald. What it really was. The District inspector was visiting the school and As this was an important event the pupils had been instructed to memorize a verse or two to recite for the entertainment of the visitor. During the delivery of his verse one Small boy was especially noticeable for the action with which he Acom paused his lines so noticeable that the teacher complimented him upon the ease with which he spoke and the practice which he must have devoted to the piece. A it was Fine Johnnie a she exclaimed in closing a and shows a Large amount of rehearsal. But How did you learn the gestures a a a a taint gestures a replied Tolje Young Genius with a twist a a it a the ladies Home journal. Training her. Once Little sister was not very Well and All Day Long she had been fractious and domineering. At last six year old johnnies patience came to an end. A Mother a he demanded a a done to you want sister to be a Good wife like you when she a big a a a of course my a Well then Why done to you Start her right you insist on my giving her everything she wants just because she a a girl and Littler a me but you re a great Deal Littler n daddy and yet every night when he comes Home you jump out of the easy chair and say a Here a your chair. John dear Here a the new Magazine let me run and get your slippers a a and before his surprised Mother could Frame a reply Johnnie swooped Down and Tore his cars from the hands of the screaming baby. A a she lube a terrible wife if we done to begin to train he remarked calmly As he strode from the room his treasures under his Arm. A ladies Home journal. Retort of a Bonaparte. The former King of Westphalia a Man of wit. Was one Day examining an in stand upon the table of some one we know. The writer at whose House Jerome Bonaparte was at that moment had brought Back from a trip to the Alps made in company with Charles Nodier. Some years before a bit of Steatite in serpentine carved and hollowed into an in stand which he had purchased of a Chamois Hunter of the Mer de Glace. Jerome Bonaparte was looking at this. I a what is it a be asked. I a my replied the writer. Then he added a a it is Steatite. Admire nature who makes this charming Green Stone out of a Little dirt and oxide.�?�. A i Admire much More the men a responded Jerome Bonaparte a who make an in stand out of this for a brother of Napoleon this was not a bad reply and he should be credited with it for the in stand is to destroy the Chuago. Tess and ted school shoes Are made for All purposes in the a Tess and ted a line of shoes for girls and boys we hive a style for every occasion. There Are styles suitable for the Dainty misses sunday Wear to 9tyles suitable for big boys who Are out in All kinds of weather. You can clothe any girls or boys feet with a pair of a Tess and ted school shoes i because they Are made in All leathers and weights for All kinds of Wear. We have a big Stock of these a bet a term shoes also a display of them in. Our window. We would like to show them to you a Tess and ted school shoes Are members of the a Star bran family have the a a Start Trade Mark on every Heel and most people know that a Star Brand shoes Are s. J. Bull Onancock. A is your watch on its last legs let us put your watch on its a a feet again and make it an accurate reliable time keeper once More. We have operated on and cured so Many sick watches that we guarantee every watch turned out to keep time por a period of one year. Bring yours in and let us make you a Price on the Job. No use to carry a watch around that is merely an ornament. Put it to work again. Better attend to it to Day. W. J. Neville. Onancock a Selling agent for South Bend watches. Don t blame the gook if your bread and pastry is the foggy indigestible misery making kind. Its dollars to doughnuts that the flour 1b guilty of the offence. Our flour makes Light White de Licious bread and pastry always. Quot poor Luck is unknown where it rules the cooking. It insures Good results because it is uniform in Quality monday tuesday wednesday and every Day in the week the Best. Candidly can you afford to go on using Hap Bazard flour when our Mill to consumer system puts our Superior product la your Home at less expense we Cut out the retailers profits. We sell you flour direct at whole-1 Sale prices. We will save Yon All those dollars that the retail dealer has previously pocketed. Try our method. You la never go pack to the old Way. Write us for prices. A Eagle Mills. Koa Catt Sash doors blinds. Notice to creditors. Parksley manufacturing co., dealers in hardware paints oils and varnishes. The great Mai sic Range cast ranges Cook and heating stoves farming imply nuts Mill feeds middling Corn and Oats bran and Chick f de bricks Lime Cement Lathi &c., Sash doors blinds mantes Cabinet mantels Stair rails and Ai kinds mouldings. Special attention Given to anyone going to build. Will see you in person or furnish estimates on application. Parksley manufacturing co., Parksley Virginia. J. K. Calloway. C. C. Bachman. W. S. Ashby. h. E White for Sale. Try our l. E. P. Demis amp son High Grade fertilizers for an Early White and a big crop of Sweet potatoes. Six horses 4 to 9 years old. Hay Oats Mill feed coals All Kepi on hand for immediate delivery. We handle most everything carried by the retail merchant direct Frorer manufacturers. Also bananas apples cabbage and other Fri s and vegetables. Glad to have a Shate of your patronage at the lowest Market Pricr s. Harry t. White amp son wholesale grocers brokers and manufacturers agents Mckemie Park. A. New York Phila. Amp Norfolk r. R. In effect november 26. 191. New York . 9 00 Philadelphia 1117 a. M. Wilmington Baltimore 1000 South bound trains. No 49 no. 87 no. 45 no 41 no. 4� p. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. A. M 12 33 3 38 8 of 3 00 5 57 10 of 5 35 6 47 4 10 3 44 1 35 653 455 10 4-� i have r i. Reds that Are red to the ski ii and White Wyandotte that Are White. Come and see for yourself. Eggs from carded fowl $1.00 per 10, from pure bred free Range reds 50cts per 15, $3.50 per 100 t. J. Kilmon Keller a. Leave i Del mar Salisbury Talley Cape Charles old Point a. M. A. M. P. M. P. M. P. I a the Hen that lays is the Hen that single comb White leghorn a Hwy Choffy Strain. The Large White kind. Eggs for hatching fifteen 75c. $4 00 per 100. Baby Chicks $10 00 per Llo. Pullets and one year old hens $1.00 each. Let me Book your order today. A Square Deal every time. Robert e. Smith Nassawadox. Virginia. 439 6 16 3 co co 10 40 10 10 56 p. M. I 01 6 2a 02 10 16 13� 7 10 10 27 1 4f 0 2i 10 40 Norfolk arrive 906 7 26 43 82< 7 2. North Boon i trains. No. 44 no. 48 no. 50 no 80 no. 4� leave a. M a m. P m p. M. A. M Norfolk 800 6 15 8 0� old Point 8 45 7 16 8 t Cape Charlea 11 05 9 30 6 00 11 ? Talley Salisbury 734 1 35 10 49 31 a. M. 12 25 9 42 . 1 u2 8 11 Delmar 8 01 2 00 12 54 10 16 s 5�?~ arrive Wilmington a. M. P. M. A. M p. M1 11 22 435 4 05 7 4l Philadelphia 12 08 522 600 8 2� Baltimore 12 40 703 6 01 9 5� Mew Yore . 2 48 805 7 32 11 in trains 49 and 50 daily. Trains 37, 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, 80 am 46 daily except sunday. It b poop to ask Visnu b. V. Massey. Re it. C. Rhode Island reds. Exclusively. I have selected from 2,755 Birds 125 of my Best Birds to fill my Breeding pen3. From these Birds i offer eggs1 $1.10 per setting o 15 and $6.00 per 100. Day old Chicks $12.00 per 100. Indian runner ducks a specially. From the thousands of ducks i raised last year i have selected the Best for my Breeding pens. 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Rogers amp bro., Onley. A. Greetings Aqil Kelly amp Nottingham Onancock Virginia. We extend to you and yours Best wishes for a a a Happy and prosperous new year. We thank you for a Large increase in our business during the past year. A talk with Kelly amp look to your interests Farmers buy your fertilizers of a reliable company the Virginia Carolina chemical Cote biggest fertilizing company in the world with brands for All crops of any analysis at As equal or lower Price. Delivered at All stations and landings on Seaside or Bayside at the lowest possible Price for Standard and reliable goods. Testimonials furnished when asked for. P. S. Write or phone Stewart general agent for any information Onancock desired. You can also get the Price and terms i rom agents m. S. Wilson Cheri ton a. T. Hickman Painter w h. Phillips Melfa r. A. Turlington Kller s. R. Belote Onley g. Scarborough Onancock Ashton Fletcher Jenkins Bridge j. W. Shrieves Cashville and or. John e. Nottingham jr., Frank town will also Forward orders to p. S. Stewart. Parksley Marble works manufacturers of Marble and Granite monuments headstones tablets amp cd a also dealers in Iron Force. E. Howard proprietor Parksley a. Commissioners office Accomac c. H., va., february 28, 1912. The following creditors of William j. Beloate who died at a Hopeland a near Mode town in this county about 1873, Are hereby notified that i have in my Possession about $240.60, which i am ordered by a decree of court to distribute pro rata among the said creditors their personal representatives or distributes Viz we b. Smith Aser shield John w. Payne Adelia Taylor Byrd amp Taylor Nathaniel b. Conquest. Edward t. White John t. Watson we. Nock. Joseph j. Ennis John w. Rowley Leroy c. Bullman m. Brady or. Francis West. Interested parties will k India communicate with me without delay enclosing stamp for reply. Given under my hand the Day and year first above written. Same a. T. Ross 2-t Virginia a in the of Eiko a office of the or unit court of the county of Accomac on the 24th Day of february a. D., 1912 Samuel j. Shield and wife and others contestants against Robert l. Shield and Frank a. Shield executors of Ohn t. Shield deceased and others cont Estees. Application for appear. The object of this suit is to determine whether the paper writing Par porting to be the last will and testament of John t. Shield deceased and admitted to probate by the clerk of Accomac circuit court is the True last will and testament of the said decedent. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendants Richard w. Shield and Lottie shield his wife Jennie Lind shield Mary t. Shield Louise shield Samuel k. Shield and Estelle shield the last three of whom Are infants under the age of Twenty one years Are not residents of the state of Virginia it is ordered that they do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is Neces Saljr to protect their interests in this 6uit. And it is farther ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door o. Toe court House of this county on or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John Grant jr., clerk. A copy Teste John Grant jr., clerk. John s. Wise and Wescott amp Turlington p q. 3 2,-12�?T-4t. Virginia a in the clerks office of the circuit court of the of Katy of Accomac on the 21st Day of february a. D., 1912. William r Young plaintiff against Willis l. Hale and get Gie e Hale his wife in tight of said wife defendants in chancery. The object of this suit is to enforce the specific performance of a certain contract entered into by and Between the said get Gie e. Hale and the said William r Yonng for the Sale and Purchase of a certain tract or parcel of land situate. Lying and being near Tasley station in the county of a comics and state of Viiginia known As a a Russell farm a a containing one Hundred and fourteen 114 acres More or less and bounded on the North by what a a known As a Beach farm a now owned by John p. L. Hopkins on the East by the land of the said John p. L. Hopkins on the South by the lands of s Oswald Mason and on the West by the land of miss Aroline Beloate together with All the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or appertaining and an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendants Willis l Rale and get Gie e. Hale Are not residents of the state of Virginia it is ordered that they do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect their interests in thib suit. And it is tur Lher ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week tor four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of a Comaca and that a copy be posted at the front door of the court House of this county on or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John Grant jr., clerk. A copy Hebte John Grant jr., clerk. Wescott amp Turlington and Warner. Ames p. Q. Virginia a in the of Erk a office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the 15th Day of february a. D1912. Charles h. R. Mears a creditor of Susan Drummond deceased who 6ues, etc., plaintiff against Susan Drummonds administrators and others defendants in chancery. The object of this suit is to partition the lands of which Susan Drummond died seized and possessed. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendants Rulie alien Amanda Allen Anna Allen and Edward alien Are not residents of the state of Virginia it is ordered that they do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect their interests in this suit. And it is Mother ordered that a copy Hereof be published Nee a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the courthouse of this county on or before the a next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John Grant jr., clerk. A copy Teste John Grant jr., c. A. Samuel t. Ross p. Q. Virginia a in the clerks Offit of the circuit court of the count of Accomac on the 13cb. Day it february 1912. Mirta w. Bull amp wife plaintiff against George n. Trower amp wife it als. Defendant in chancery. The object of this suit is to part Tion the land of which Kate b. Tut Nell and Mary t. Tunnell died seize and possessed. And an affidavit having been mad and filed that the defendant Cai Rie a Tinneli is not a resident c the state of Virginia it is order that she do appear Here within Fly Teri Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect her interests in this 6nit. And it i farther ordered that a copy Hereof b published once a week tor four sue lies Sive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published ii the county of Accomac and that i copy be posted at the front door o the court House of this county on o before the next succeeding Rule a from the Date Hereof. John Grant jr., clerk. A copy Teste John Grant jr., o. Of. Roy White and Wescott amp Tut Lington p. Q. 2-17-�?T12-4t

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