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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Aug 26 1908, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - August 26, 1908, Big Stone Gap, Virginia At Tho table and put her head against 1 or wrinkled bund Aud say a Well to fact is 1�?Tiu too rival to cat. A Long after she might have delegated this duty to others she would not to satisfied unless she attended to to matter herself. In fact we All preferred to Havo her do so. For somehow things tasted better when she prepared them. Somo time ago in an express train 1 shot past that old Homestead. 1 looked out of the window and tried to peer through the darkness. While 1 was doing so one of my old schoolmates whom 1 had not seen for Many years tapped me on Tho shoulder null said. A de Witt 1 see you Are looking out at Tho scenes of your a Oil yes a 1 replied �?o1 was looking out no Tho old place where my Mother lived and died. A that night in Tho cars the whole scene Camo Back to to. Thero was Tho country Home. There was the Noonday table. There were the children on either Side of the table most of them gone never to come Back. At Ono end of Tho table my father with a smile that never left his countenance even when to Lay in his coffin. It was an 84 years smile not Tho smile of Ina Tiou but of Christina courage and of Christian Hope. At Tho other end of the table was a Beautiful benign nut hardworking aged Christian housekeeper my Mother she was very tired 1 am glad she has in Good a place to rest in. A a blessed Are the dead who die in the lord they rest from their labors Aud their works do follow them. A _ trapped by n . Only lunatics Are so unreasonable As to get furious when some Ono disagrees with so the manufacturer and jobber can have their Little differences and still be on the most Friendly terms and respect one another a opinions. This puts me in mind of a Story of a Clergyman told me recently. He was visiting an insane Asylum Aud was told by the Man who was showing him around Tho institution that he was going to introduce him to a patient with whom to must agree no matter what absurd state Mouts the Man might make otherwise be would be furious. The first thing the insane Viau said to the Clergyman was "1 suppose you know that the Washington Monument was totally demolished by n Thunderbolt last night a Quot yes a said the Clergyman a and 1 Felt very sorry to think that a work that had taken so Long to Complete should to destroyed in an the insane Man next said a of course you read m Tho evening papers that Queen Victoria had decided to abdicate in Tavor of her Sou the Prince of Wales a Quot yes. A said the Clergyman a and i am not at All Quot did you read that Tho president had been impeached a Quot yes. Aud 1 think i would Havo been Only fair to have Given him a Little longer said the Clergyman. Beu Tho insane Man locked intently non that Clergyman Aud said a Lyon have Tho air Aud the garb of a Clergyman but you can Lio like to Devil. A a Iron age. _ Lihaug Chang and the Bible. Or. Coltman. Missionary physician at peking is Tho medical attendant of i Hung Chang and not Long ago found Bis distinguished patient immersed in Tho perusal of the new testament a handsome copy of which had just been sent to him by to Rov. George Owen of the Louden Mission. He asked or. Coltman whom headdresses in chinese us Ilau Tai fun if be really believed the Book and if it was not All Rumor and report. Assured that it was True he asked what the evidences were an interrogation which Tho missionary met eliciting from the great Man the remark a a Why i believe that you would like to to turn or. Coltman replied that it would be the Best thine lie could do the same condition applying to the pc Jug Titi Peir lev a .4 people. Quot we have replied i Hung. A you have Jesus. They Are pretty much one thing. Quot having admitted so much Anil becoming really interested in his new Bible the Chance of his conversion in the opinion of or. Coltman is not entirely hopeless and would be the highest achievement of missionary Endeavor since their work among the chinese began. Quetu Mutry t Jeuter. A the court jesters of England is the title of an article by Amelia Wofford in st. Nicholas. Tho author says John Heywood Tho poet and dramatist sometimes styled Quot the was Jester to Queen Mary. He had been a great favorite with her father King Henry Viii. To whose court to was introduced by air Thomas More and Bis acquaintance with Mary was from her childhood. In those Early Days to contributed considerably to Tho Little Princess amusement. He was manager of u juvenile company that played before her he composed songs for her sometimes making himself the subject Aud on her eighteenth birthday to wrote a poem in her hour in which she was flattering by described. On her marriage with Philip be composed a Ballad for her and at her Coronation when Tho grand procession headed by the new Queen Clad in Blue velvet and seated in her gilded Chariot drawn by six horses approached the Palace her old Friend Heywood greeted her with an oration. Heywood s influence with this morbid and sullen Queen was most Happy Aud was undoubtedly due to Long association and pleasant memories. To was often summoned to cheer her with his music Aud wit and her last illness was lightened by Bis songs recitations and readings from his plays. Quot his merriment were so irresistible that they moved even the rigid Muscles of Queen Marv Quot says Ono old writer a and her sullen solemnity was not proof against his songs his rhymes Aud his jests. Deplorable George Eliot tic great novelist lived for some of her later years in to Buff populous land of artists which lies Between Witley and Haslemere in Surrey. Her residence was on thu Heights overlooking that vast Woodland Sceau which Birket Foster Lias reproduced in Many charming illustrations. Atli la a Rural Surrey Folk the novelist was by pleased and their dialect seemed to it her As Rich and racy As that of the mid Lun Shire rustics of tier Early years. She would repeat with flee Ono quaint Surrey villager s remark a ooh a am a what i have gone with my husband he is so in dedicated. He Uever had a Tai coat in his Germany Book importations. Germany imports .$5,000,000 Worth of books yearly. Of this Austria Hungary furnishes $1,800,000 Worth Switzerland 800,000�france, $700,000 Holland and great Britain $400,000 each Russia $780,000 the United states $160,000, Aud other countries Obj Usu. Overne Arti la Bookstore. New clerk Havo you Over read a the last Days of Pompeii a mrs. A Eurich no. What did Hydie new clerk some kind of an erupt Hon. I it news a disastrous musical bar. Twelve Tim coulis not la Lay with their no one. There is a Down town theater in st. Louis which has Linail a new cello player every week since the season opened. Every one of Tui cellists who Havo been dismissed Quot fell Down Quot on Tho same piece of music a hungarian a nude of some eccentric but Catchy sort no matter How Good Tho cellist might to in rending music at sight lieu Over lie Camo to a certain important passage in this composition Bis Bow Vonlil fall a Nitoly by his Sido. His left hand make a frantic but vain Effort to linger Tho strings mud his eyes Staro As if he saw a ghost. Week after week Tho hungarian dunce was a fizzle. Tho Leader got mad Ami Tho cellist was Tirril. Tho Othor members of the orchestra began to Call to piece Tho hungarian Hoodoo Aud looked for its reappearance us if it was u Tho Leader was very proud of the Hung Triau dance because he had transposed Aud arranged it himself Aud was determined to Muko it Quot go Quot before tic season ended. A cellist of sovino renown arrived in Tho City lust week Aud to was promptly employed. When to showed up for rehearsal there on Tho programme As Luck would have it was the hungarian Hoodoo. The Bass fiddler alone took pity on Tho Young cellist and whispered in his car Quot better take a look at to dance before Yon tackle to cellist took Tho cello part Aud ran his experienced Eye Over it tried Somo of the difficult passages and played them with ease. Suddenly his Eye fell non Tho fatal passage. His Mouth of Pound the Bow fell Bis eyes popped. The Leader was rapping to begin. A who arranged this cello part Quot a i did. Why a Quot it can t be played us written by any Normal Man unless he fingers this Bass note with his nose. I do not use my nose and i done to think it can to done a a a Mozart did gasped the Leader sparring for wind Asho examined the passage. I a a but that was a protested the cellist while the musicians crowded around Aud giggled it to Leader s discomfiture. To hungarian Hoodoo was omitted from Tho Prog amnio the cellist was not fired and the piece will be . Louis Republic. A joke on general Lee. Mrs. Cleveland eur Guys a joke As much As her husband Aud has a Good memory. Ono of her first remarks after she knew that Ruth Aud Esther had 11 Little brother was that Tho Good news should Straightway be telegraphed to general Fitz Hugh Leo. Thut gentleman who is now on Consul general at Havana was in this country at the time but his name did not appear among the list of persons who congratulated Tho sex president and mrs. Cleveland upon to birth of their son. The reason was that four years previous general Lee had been royally laughed at All Over the country for Prein Aturo enthusiasm in the matter of such congratulations. The democratic convention of Virginia was in session and its hundreds of delegates were engrossed in the electioneering contests Aud the platform discussions which usually absorb the attention of such a gathering. Somebody up in Massachusetts set in motion what is known in the newspaper profession As 5 a fake dispatch a to Tho effect that a Sou bad been bom to or. Aud mrs. Cleveland. Wien this information reached Virginia general Leo did not Stop to verify it or wait for its publication in any responsible newspaper but at ouch demanded to attention of the convention while he read a series of resolutions which by rising vote were adopted and telegraphed to or. Aud at Buzzards Bay. A went so far As to designate the putative youngster As Quot Grover jr.,�?� Aud said Many things in the course of an eloquent address which did not sound either Wiso or witty when found to be builder on a fake. General Lee was severely ridiculed Forbis indiscretion Aud to probably considered it the part of Wisdom to refrain from entering Tho lists upon the More recent occasion of record. A convict moral code. The leading article in a recent Issue of the monthly record published at the state prison is entitled a the Borderland a and is written by no. 18 hand has a decidedly religious tone. Five rules for conduct Are Laid Down and the author says they Are principles by which Bis life is governed 1. If possible be Well Aud have a Good appetite. If these conditions Are yours the Battlo of life is already half won. Many soul and heart troubles arise really in the stomach though it May seem strange to you. 2. Be Busy. Fill the hours so full of useful and interesting work that there shall to no time for dwelling on your troubles that Tho Day shall Dawn full of expectation the night fall full of repose. 3. Forget yourself. You never will be Happy if your thoughts constantly dwell upon yourself your own perfections your own shortcomings what people think of you and so on. 4. Expect Little. Expect Little of life not too much of your friends. 5. Trust in god. Believe that god is that he really know what is Best for you. Believe this truly and Tho bitterness is gone from courant. _ Huxley. Professor st. George Zivart the eminent English scientist who is a roman Catholic pays this tribute to the late professor in Ley in to nineteenth Century a though 1 attended his lectures for years never once did i Bear him make use of Bis position As a teacher to inculcate or even Bint at Bis own theological views or to depreciate or assail what might be supposed to be the religion of Bis bearers. No one could have behaved Moro loyally in that respect Aud u proof that i thought so is that i subsequently seut my Sou to to his Pupil at South Kensington where his experience confirmed what bad previously been my own. As to science i Learned More from him in two years than i Bud acquired in any previous Deo ado of biological Black Napoleons. Tutu kill Quot i Havo Ali to Conil Omni a to a Milf Mist. Helena. Onco again by. Helena in become the prison of great Britain Tiev mity two years ago Napoleon cur Ort to on la six years exile there Irett lie and fuming in Bis Suji Erb Liim lines. Wit nothing to Survey but those m a forty Square Kiili we it Laud is Compo i d of. Too i lets live in exile there namely m Zulu the Sou Nila Buko and ten a a Tho brother Ami half Brut Birny i Zulu get Etayo. It is nut the n. Of st. Helena being thu Prisi i t i. Makes me speak of to exiled e 1 a a Black Napoleons Quot for to Zulu Sii a to beginning of to Century bail Buvit. To greatest Warrior in sooth Africa. When the English first landed at port Natal Chaka the chief dominated the whole of to Southeastern Seaboard from to Limpopo to Capo Colony Chukalas killed by Bis Broth r in 1828, mud succeeded by another called bin Gasau. Who warred against the Boers Anil was Defeated by them in is3s. To Cape government took military Possession of the country in 1841 and Felt bound to blot out to zulus under Coto Wyo in 1883-4. When the great chief died or was poisoned in 1884, the quarrel was continued by Bis Sou , Aud in 1888 1m Aud Bis uncles Wero banished to is. Helena. All the exiled chiefs Uro married Dinizulu having actually two wives. To wives of the elder chiefs Bubo their hair dressed in Tom Cane which is Tho per tier coff no of Zulu Norri d a Union. This however cannot lawfully be done till All the marriage rites Aro duly completed nil As this was impossible in Dinizulu s Case Bis marriage having taken place Only during Bis exile ilm brides bad to be contented with a partial ceremony and will Only be Able to dress their hair on their return Home Niter the remaining observances have been gone through with. With Tho chiefs in exile there is an old Man Paul Mtimkulu a catechist from Cape town who was invited by Cetewayo Many years ago to Settle in Zululand Ami teach Bis people. A Hen the chiefs Wero exiled Quot or. Paul Quot As the zulus Call him. Accompanied them of Bis of n Accord Anil bus since married a st. Helena Wondmu. It May be mentioned that Diu Zulu writes an excellent baud Aud can speak Aud read English with facility and write it tolerably Well. The Zulu attendants Ivhon us conic it anted the party or Wero seut out later by Tho government All came of their own free will. Those who Havo advocated the release of thu chiefs argue Tuat they will lie welcomed by thu whole Zulu people who have never ceased to sorrow for to woes of their Roval Bouse. It will have to effect of coup icing them a conviction they Aro by no Means slow to accept that to Queens government Means to Deal fairly by them. As or. Escoube said Somo years ago. A there is not in Tho whole of her majesty s possessions a race More Loyal Aud More wronged than to . Wieri tie Art of Quot a milling is lout. Teachers in to Board schools of a Large City Bear Many stories Somo of them amusing some of them pathetic. A Young woman who teaches in a kindergarten non learning that one of her Little pupils was ill went to visit her. The teacher had been to Katie s Homo before Anil so had no Difili Clute in finding the two Little rooms at Tho top of a workmen a dwelling House where Katin Aud her Mother lived. The Mother was absent mud Katie Well wrapped up was sitting up in bed. After the usual inquiries Aud condolences the teacher noticed Tomt the Little girl seemed to speak with sumo difficulty Aud said a a Katie i am going to Camino your a a yes in a responded the child dutifully Aud miss c. Began to a Moscu to child a Nightgown. After removing it she found layer after layer of Fiu Hucl which she unfastened with Somo difficulty. Satisfying herself that there was no danger of pneumonia she began to replace the child s dress when Katie began to cry. A my Mother la be awful angry at you when she gets Home Aud finds what you be a Why Katie what have i done Quot a a Yon to unfastened All my flannels and a had ust got me sewed up for the tit bits. Care or House plants. Tran Turnt a it. Insure it h. Ill uni litre a a a Winter. A probably one i i. R a st i lib cuties with which a it to contend in keeping plants in tie la Junto is that marching dryness of the Atmon Hur most noticeable in steam or Furnace heated houses a a writes Robert r. Mcgregor in the Home companion. Quot this urn Litou May lie overcome to a Cert Iii extent by placing jars i or pans of water on to radiators or swinging them in the pipes just below to registers thus furnishing u constant Supply of moisture to the air by the evaporation of Tho water. Gas and dust Uro enemies to plants. Tho former must be proven cd by proper regulation of to Hunting apparatus and Tho latter by regular washing of Tho foliage. In spraying or sponging i to foliage do not neglect the under sides of Tho leaves for it is there thut insects first Mako their appearance Aud regular sponging will prevent them from starting or spreading. A Tho temperature is another matter for consideration. In to average living room Tho temperature should to from �8 to 70 degrees f., which for Tho majority of plants will do very Well but there Are Somo such As carnations violets primroses callus Etc., which will thrive better in a room where the temperature is from 8 to 10 degrees lower. At nil times guard carefully against placing plants where they will to sub diet to cold drafts which Aro injurious und often produce mildew if Tho foliage is Damp. A another important Purt in the cultivation of House plants is the watering which influences to n great extent Success or failure. To Lay Down Secilio rules for watering would to a difficult matter. Too much water will rot to roots sour the soil Aud Stop to growth of the Plant Aud not enough will starve it. The general tendency is to overwater. Supply water liberally when necessary then withhold it entirely until the soil is in condition to to watered again. Tho soil in to pot should not to allowed to become dry like dust but just so it will crumble nicely in the band. Avoid by All Means Tom ruinous practice of watering Tho plants daily whether they need it or not. Plants in Small pots usually dry out quickly but this May to prevented by placing them on trays or saucers on which there is an Inch or two of clean Sand. Quot As to Tho Best location in the room for plants Plain than where they will get the greatest amount of fresh air Light a Mil Sunshine which is usually about the windows. Flowering plants should be Given All thu Sunshine possible. Foliage plants do not require Sun slip uus that is it is not absolutely necessary but do not consign them to a dark Corner for that reason. A professional mending. For some time a number of women in new York have been doing professional mending. Expert Ess with to Needle is the Only preparation necessary for this business. The menders Aro missionaries in a Way for they seek out bachelors at their boarding houses apartments and hotels Aud make a contract to keep buttons on Coats vests Aud trousers to darn hosiery and to close up rents in clothing. The Price charged for such service varies according to the size of a Many a wardrobe. According to tic new York Yuu this scheme of a Perambo plating repair shop appeals to the average Man for it Means Money in his pocket. Tailors charge Good round sums for Odd jobs Aud a woman fixes up Many things that to tailor would not touch. It is easier to have a woman drop in while a Man is away at business Aud rid him of All to worry about the condition of Bis clothes. The mender visits her customers at stated intervals. N Inicie rom . In Tho single Pennsylvania town of Friendsville. Near big Linton. Thuro Are 20 persons Over 90 years of age and five Olio Hove pasted the Century Mark mrs. Mary Cullen is 104, John Gilson 102, William it Rby 102 mid mrs. Ellen Garcy and mrs. Philanen Gollen Are just Over 100. They Are All Little Anil Hearty. The women yet knit stockings Aud do Kitchen work and Tho men chop Wood Ami build rail fences. Thu town thus hubris an unparalleled record fur longevity and it appears to be harder work to die there than it is to get a living in most other places. France enjoys Tho largest share of Tho Commerce of Colombia. This is owing doubtless to the Largo French outlays for the Paumina canal. There Are Only three negro Telegraph operators in this country but they Are All first class. Somehow Black people do not take kindly to electricity. Quot closed of account of sickness till monday. I am not expected to live Quot was the notice found recently on Tho door of a Small laundry in Utica n. Y. Newfoundland is remarkable for its lakes and pools. They Are of nil sizes shapes and Depths from tiny pools to immense sheets of water Over 60 Miles in length. Out of every 100 Young men called i ont for military service in Italy in 1895 52 were excused for physical unfitness or other reasons. The United states now buy from Venezuela annually about $10,000,000 Worth of pc ducks and sell to her Only $4,000.000 Worth. Plants growing near to sea have thicker leaves than those growing Inland. Apparently the sea Salt is the cause of this phenomenon As plants cultivated in artificially salted soil yield Thieker leaves. Not Long ago a professor of Tho University of Chicago advertised in a morning paper for information concerning a Exadactylos or six fingered people. He received 155 answers from six toil or fingered people. The cod fisheries of Newfoundland have been followed for nearly 400 years. They greatly exceed those of any other country in the world. The average Export of cod is about 1,350,000 hundredweight per annul. Artificial Flowers. The artificial Flower Trade in which thousands of women and girls Tiro employed both in London Aud Paris is of the eve of being revolutionized so say Cassells family Magazine. Hitherto the petals Havo been made of Muslin silk Satiu Aud even of velvet coloured after nature and most successfully manipulated into Tho Sam Blanco of Beautiful blossoms. A substance has been discovered for Flower making that puts the most delicate textile materials Ever manufactured completely in to Shade and will probably take their place Aud reign supremo for its particular purpose. It consists of the thinnest of thin shavings from the inner pith of an Oriental Palm that grows in Formosa and can be compared to nothing so Well As the almost transparent Petal of a White poppy or a Delicato Tea rose1. A Lily pot Al is robust in comparison with this marvelous subs Lance which has All Tho Sheen and and even Tho slightly frosted appearance seen in some White Flowers. It can be tinted far better than silk or Muslin Aud is practically indestructible. In wet weather it gives and Falls a Little Limp just As Raul Flowers do but when the Sun comes out it crisps reasserts itself Aud takes a now lease of life and Beauty. So admirably Dup cd Aro rates and carnations Mado of it for buttonhole and other bouquets that when fairly on the Market they will most Likely Mako a considerable difference to the florists As to Fadeless Flowers never really Droop and will do duty Over and Over again. Quot a inter lilo Inion Ontl. Tho oxalis in its Many varieties is Ono of thu prettiest mud most satisfactory window plants to have Aud owing to its Easo of cultivation mud very Freo flowering qualities should find a Placo in every collection of Bouso plants. Among to Best varieties to grow Are the Kow ii a very charming variety having Strong heavy foliage and bearing Largo Rose coloured Flowers Vor Sicol or Tho closed Lowers of which Aro very delicately marked Bermuda Buttercup an improved yellow sort with Largo Flowers Lutea Plena double yellow Floribunda Pink and Floribunda Alba White. All of Tho above varieties Are grown from bulbs which May be planted in a for or live Inch pot thus securing a Good Bead of foliage Anil a larger number of blooms in one mass. Keep the plants in a warm sunny window Whilo Blooming Anil water them Well As often As is Home companion. K Sadiq Gold. Speaking of the Klondike Tho Engi Neering and mining journal says a a when Tho ten millions or so of Down from there next year done to get excited but remember they Aro the Solo product of a years labor of from 0,000 to 8,000 ecu who cannot afford to work gravel that yields less than one ounce of Gold per Man per Day. If those who think of going to the Yukon Conn try to get Rich will work As hard and undergo As Many privations Here at Homo in Tho Pursuit of Money they will to have do doubt be Richer at the end of five years Here than will be the average of those who go to Klondike. Tho Klondike is not nearly As Rich As California was in 1850 nor As Many districts in California and Somo other states Are artificial silk. The silkworm is threatened with Tho loss of its occupation. Tho insect it seems just dodder ugly mixes Mulberry Leuf with a Gummy substance Aud Beu spins its thread. A French inventor claims to have discovered that by reducing Mulberry leaves to pulp by machinery Aud adding a Gummy substance silk May to made in half the time Aud of More Brilliant Luster than that produced by the silkworm. It will Surprise Somo people to know that during the busiest time of Tho Atlantic Cable Between 10 and 12 o clock in the Forenoon an average of 900 messages pass each Way every Day. Travellers in Sweden report that the Street cars in that country Seldom Stop for passengers. Both men and women jump on and off Whilo they Are moving and accidents Are scarcely Ever Beard of. Go to for tale we Are the recognized builders of carriages where a n on can save Madair and get a Fine Grade of work. It is not like the cheap Grade that is. U the Market d �65.00 buggy of us you get a $08 00 buggy not a $37.00 buggy i. R $05.01 we my ure a a Mey. Phaeton top and to top buggies of All Desnik Lions and he finest Daji to n in United states for the Money. Quot write for Price list and catalogue. Novelty Carriage works second French . Tio Iasi. Iitc�1u urdu lecturer of Sash doors blinds mouldings Newels Cabinet mantels balusters &.c., it amp Church fur Hurt pews Newels altars fails Etc. Plans and specifications Muile und estimates tarnished for All classes of build huge. _ factory a Salisbury my. Correspondence solicited. Hay Coal flour Terra Cotta piping general merchandise amp a. In building a material we have Cypress shingles framing and fencing in Terr a cot tapping to have the following sizes to 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20 and 24 bought direct from the kilns Aud sold cheaper than wholesale City prices. 18. 20 and 24 Inch for Well tube will Cost about the same As Cypress tubing Superior to it in Quality and will last a Century. In general merchandise our Stock is always full Well selected and in great variety und we carry in addition to above also plows cultivators 14 tooth harrows and other farming implements Hay flour goal &c., also j. 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Clothes hamper 4c., Cocoa dippers Coffee Mills Curry Combs corks dusters faucets. Fish Hooks and lines flour sack alters flasks inn Caps ice Cream freezers horse cards keepers Ink Keg lamp burners. 4c., Pulley lanterns Lap boards Lemon squeezers Mats measures Marine glasses mucilage oakum Uil cans Well buckets tubs 4c 119 South Street Baltimore my. 1s9s. The Sun. Baltimore my. 1898. The paper of the a Kopek. Poi1the people and with the people. Horkst it motive. Fearless in expression. Sourn in Erik Ciplik. is its Allig Iaeck to right theories and right practices. The Sun publishes All the news All the time but it does not allow its columns to be degraded by unclean immoral or purely sensational matter. Editorially the Sun id the consistent and unc banging Champion and defender of popular rights and inter ests against political machines and monopolies of every character. In dependent in All things extreme in none. It is for Good Laws Good government and Good order. By mail fifty cents a month. Six dollars a year. The Baltimore weekly Sun the weekly Sun publishes a the news of each week giving Complete accounts or All events of interest throughout the world. The weekly Sun is unsurpassed As an agricultural paper. It is edited by writers of practical experience who know what farming Means and what Farmers want in an agricultural journal. It contains regular reports of the work us the agricultural Experiment stations throughout the country of the proceedings of Farmers clubs Aud institutes Aud the discussion of new methods and ideas in agriculture. Its Market reports poultry department and veterinary column Are particularly valuable to country readers. Every Issue contains stories poems Nous bold and Puzzle columns a variety of interesting and selected instructive matter Aud other features which make it a Welcome visitor in City and country Homes alike. Une Dollar a year. Induce Meu a to Geners up of clubs for tie it Kly Bun. Both the daily and it Kly Bun mailed free of postage i the Guiteu Stales. Canada Auu i Leo. Payments invariably in guv uce. Address. A. S. Abell company publishers and proprietor Baltimore. 1 d. Notice. Is. C. Barn l c has opened his Wlee Fri amp lit harness s lop combined at Parksley a. City and country made harness kept constantly on hand also cart saddles All cheap for Cash. Horse carts and repairing harness specialities and All work promptly attended to. A Lyl j Jeg aired in i i have Wal Haull in tables i no is Elry a Hort notice. And always to obtain the lowest possible prices Reisinger wholesale and retail dealers in All Kinda of furniture carpets Oil cloths matting stoves refrigerators baby carriages and All sorts of tt2 or Sale ski jewelry c i id 114, Erwart at lowest prices. Toi Rius styles my. Mac p. H. Every 23?-w.-i pm. Safay j oco Niokie a be u Acci court in Between. A., nor Ort. A la so a hum. Is cd Oil a n effect not fib it Coil Yum Akita us Only Jwa Hii bos it a new you m a to Aud old . To Lac Ely . Ave r a a Otsus tbs Norfolk. Ohi Folco Ritari Apoc let a Over Iio a a Tobba. A. Fogt Vwg a a Ilad Lik Biru to a. A a Olti Primig a a a Oiler. A a Josifa. Otilja r&aioy.�?. A a Hal. Poco Iok a jugs Cick. Fri Coua Oue. Lorezo a Eion foul Izui. Filu Bury. William.�?. Olmar a. A arrive a a a a Ute a Jop i cult i 11 a Init of r a a uni Luijt a him. 6-. A Wuoti a. In Reutz us a Saih weird a Tours. S cd York let a for Kip Newark. Of Trenton. Ralla. Uroz i so Lloil. �?�vuml�8tou.j�. A a pfc a . Iai us Ore i Mou Ata Lonj a a 0 w Lea. Pm tumor 11 31 Wui Shoup. Laius Bury a a. To t Xuy Iuan. Loretta. A in Mcnobb Aono a a a elng�?T8 Creek .3 0��n.�? i of Coooke 1 new car ohm a Oak holi. T h Ull Wood a i a oxom. Park Biel. Only la Kelta. Toa a we. Rei8inger amp Sun Columbia ave., and All to 638 Portland st., Cor. Greene st. Baltimore my. Up suburban cars past the door 4. for the poor people at cheap Johnny a the poor Many a friends. Menus All Wool suits regular Price s12.15, cheap Johnny a Price $6.75 Neny a suite Best part Wool regular Price $5 to $3, for $2 gents overcoats regular Price $12, Lor nope suits not in $3 to $0, Lor $2.25 boy so overcoats Worth $7, Lor $3.75 Bojsa suits Only 98c. Menus slices Worth $3, Lor $1.50 menus shoes Worth $2, Lor $1 ladies shoes Worth $2.00. Cheap Johnny a Price $1.25 ladies sues Worth $1.75, cheap Johnny Price 9sc. Children s shoes Tiroui 18c. Up. A Sun of clothes hut or Cap under Aud Over shirt heavy drawers suspenders socks tie mud a pair of shoes for Only $4.20. The Hest Coal Oil 10 cents per gallon Aud All line it groceries correspondingly cheap. Good dress Gnu Ghazis 41 Cento per Yard Cotton flannels Neuvy 4i to i cents per Yard prints-4i cents per Yard fruit of tue loom Uius Liu 7 cents. 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Have paid for losses in acco inac and Northampton counties $25,085.00 in past three years. Onancock a. Jogan Henderson undertaker Horntown. A. Keeps everything needed in undertakers Stock Aud has Tho Best outfl1 South of Wilmington Del. O meets All trains and Steamboat on Short notice. 1 has caskets Alwa son hand

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