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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1920, Page 5

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - August 18, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Peninsula Enterprise John w. Edmonds editor and owner. Too Oman court Hubb a. In tread at the poet off cd at Aco Omae o. A. Va., u second Clau matter. Saturday. October 14. 1911. Everybody wants Good roads and ought to be willing in some Way to help to secure them whenever the Opportunity is presented. In the work soon to begin for the Extension of the Stone Road from Accomac c. H. To Tasley station that Opportunity is ours and it should be the pleasure of All of us who daily use the Road and will be benefited by it to help by carting the material free of expense to the county of which it is to be built. If we will do this a fifth of a mile More of Good roads and its Extension almost if not to the station is assured. In this connection it is Gratifying to be Able to state that scores of persons have expressed their willingness to help by carting from fifty to ten tons of Stone and no one ought to refuse. Let us All help and make this Road an object lesson which will inspire others in every Section of our county to take up the work of Good roads and push them Forward until every Section of our county is blessed by them. Judge j. W. A. Blackstone. Resolutions adopted by bar of Accomac. For re it for year 1912 the farm owned by Tho j. W. Gillespie hairs now occupied by w. T. Dix. Apply to w. F. Gillespie or g. W. Gillespie Mappsville a. For Sal re Home grown Irish Cobbler seed potatoes grown from Northern grown cold storage seed. Get your order in for delivery Between 16th., and 25th., of october As Price will Advance after they Are stored. Call write or phone. E. R. Phillips Massey a. Lost september 30th, White handled 44 Oal. Colts Frostler revolver Between Temperanceville and Parks Ley. Reward. Or. 0. E. Uber. Notice the trespassing of mrs Sterling a turkeys and other fowl on my premises is hereby forbidden under penalty of a prosecution. Jas. D. Scott. A very few people seem to be surprised to learn that president Taft was the guest of or. Bryan at Lincoln the other Day that they chatted amiably together for fully two hours and that no Black eyes or loosened Teeth resulted from the encounter. It is a Happy sign of the times that two men so diametrically opposed in their views As or. Taft and or. Bryan can meet on Friendly terms and with no necessity for summoning the police. Forty or fifty years ago when politics were More heated and politicians More vituperative such an occurrence would have excited astonishment perhaps suspicion and resentment but the time has gone by when sensible men expect to gain any advantage by vituperative bitterness and personal enmity. The people at Large will be glad that Taft and Bryan met Shook hands talked and enjoyed their visit neither have lost anything by the encounter and both May have gained much and the incident closed each is free to pursue his course and voice his opinion unaltered by the fact that they met on common ground As gentlemen and sensible citizens of the greatest nation on Earth. There was a meeting of the members of the a Comyok bar and the officers of the or out court of Accomac county in the court House on the afternoon of wednesday october 4th., 1911, the object of the meeting being to prepare suitable resolutions upon the death of the late judge John w. G. Blackstone. Judge James h. Fletcher was elected chairman of the meeting and j. Brooks Mapp Secretary. Benjamin t. Gunter Stewart k. Powell and 8. James Turlington were appointed by the chairman to prepare appropriate resolutions. This committee offered the following sketch of judge Blok Itoney a life and resolutions of respect upon his death the Community of Accomac was startled at the death of John w. G. Blackstone sunday evening. September 24th., 1911. Only a few hours before he had been seen on the streets if the Village and it was not known that he was not in usual health when found with life extinct. Or. Blackstone was born near Accomac court House on the 3d Day of october 1858, and spent his entire life in this Community. His Early education was received at a private school conducted at mount on Stib at that time the Home of his father John j. Blackstone and the neighbourhood private a chop. When quite Young he attended Roanoke College and gradual tid from this school in two years with the degree of b. A. And received a medal in mathematics. From Roanoke College he went to the University of Virginia and pursued his academic studies for several years i Ater entering the Law school at that institution taught at that time by that famous Law teacher John b. Minor and graduated in two years with the degree of b. L. Tho bar in july 1881, As a member of the firm of Gillett Gunter and Black. N a a a a Stone and at once took High rank As a ill hello 01lly trial lawyer. Or. Blackstone , been at the bar but a Short time be anyone Deal thug to make fore he was retained in Many of the Winter purchases cannot of do not read this. It is none of your business. Big sacrifice Sale. Beginning with tuesday october 17th, the undersigned will sell its Large and Complete line of dry goods notions shoes hardware and ready made clothing at Cost. He came to reason for doing so is that a from now on we expect to we have been attending to our business in Baltimore and Northern cities and have returned with a fall line of. Millinery dry goods notions shoes and the latest creations in ail dress goods and hats. Home to our grand opening on Friday and saturday sept. 29th and 30th. A genuine Surprise awaits Yon. W. W. Lytle. Mrs. Annie Mason head Milliner. Millinery and notions. I am now Home from the Northern cities with a full line of up to Date millinery and notions. Call and inspect my Stock before purchasing elsewhere. Opening Days october 5, 6, 7. Miss Edna d. Justice Horntown a. Majestic Range demonstration at our store one week beginning october 16th. Keller a. Italy a declaration of War on Turkey has caused the Quot sick Man of Europe Quot to sit up and take notice but is not Likely to hasten his recovery. It is hardly probable that Italy would have taken such a step Las invading Tripoli and establishing an armed patrol of the Mediterranean unless she had received assurances that she will not be in referred with by the Powers of Europe. Still there is the Chance that unseen complications May precipitate an Embr oiling of other and More Power i 1 nations. The peace of Europe has Long been suspended by a slender thread and May fall like Damocles sword at any moment. Italy wants Tripoli and thinks she May get it that is the secret reason of the present hostilities whatever May be the avowed ones. But watching the performance other Powers May develop an irresistible appetite for a helping of the Turkey dressing and if so the outcome May make decided changes in the map of Europe. Most important cases civil and Crimi-1.a.nal tried in courts of the Eastern Ford to h11ss this Opportunity Shore of Virginia while not in any t0 Purchase from a Large and sense of the word an orator he was c a j a Public speaker of Force. Clearness c0mpl6t6 11116 of hew goods and Perspicuity marked his addresses saying from 25% to 50% on on All occasions. He rarely repeated himself in an argument and dwelling a amp in Purchase. Only Long enough to make the Point j a even under our hand this Clear so a Rule he consumed but litin., tie time in the argument of his cases the la Ltd Clay 01 act Oder before court or jury. His logical j9ll. Mind his knowledge of technical Lawa and the rules of evidence made him a a a a 1 _ _ _ dangerous opponent in the trial of a a. X v. Case. Early in life he took an Active interest in politics and was elected to the Senate of Virginia representing Accomac and Northampton counties in this Branch of the general Assembly. In this body he served two terms during the last term he was chairman of the committee for courts of Justice and a member of the committee to receive the report of the re visors of the code of Virginia the Revi airs being judges Staples Burks and Riley pet haps the most distinguished j members of the bar of the state at that time two of these gentlemen had been members of the supreme court of appeals of Virginia and the third later became an honoured member of that body. Several times or. Blackstone a name was prominently mentioned for Congress from this District and once at least for attorney general of Virginia. Or. Blackstone was a Delegate to the National demo cratic convention which met in Chicago in 1896, which convention the american red Cross society both a Noble and efficient institution As was demonstrated in its promptness in Rushing to the Relief of the Little Village of Austin pa., wiped out by the breaking of a dam near it a few Days ago. It was several hours after the disaster occurred at 2 30 of clock saturday afternoon that athe outside world heard the dreadful tidings yet by ten of clock that night red Cross representatives were on their Way to the scene and supplies medicines and nurses were hurried Forth on the first available train from the Headquarters at Washington. The people of the United states have every reason to feel proud of the american red Cross and to generously support it in its Noble work. Judge William r. Barksdale according to a news item of general circulation is being urged to become a candidate for Congress next year from the sixth District in opposition to representative Carter Glass of Lynchburg. By whom it is not stated but the information Lack ing in that respect could doubtless be supplied by the political machine of the state. In other words the machine if it would speak out would say Glass marked for defeat by the organization and judge Barksdale has been selected As the strongest opponent of or. Glass in the sixth District and As most Likely to win out in the contest Henry c. Stuart former corporation commissioner evidently is not of those who believe that the Quot office should seek the Many but is in that larger class who believe that if you want an office you must go after it and be Early in the game. He has already announced i personal letter to a Richmond Friend that he will from now on be an Active Candi Date for the democratic gubernatorial nomination. It is expected that he will make his plans Public at the state fair this week. His silence during the late senatorial contest is now explained. Sale of valuable Timber and land. I will sell on november 9 the 1911, in Horntown Between the hours. 2 and 4 of clock p. M., two tracts of Timber and land. Fall millinery. To my customers and All who Are interested in a new hat or anything in the millinery line am just Home from the City with a new Stock. Call and inspect before purchasing elsewhere. I am yours to please mrs. 0. A. German Hailwood a. Of 1st containing 60 acres be the same More or less. 2nd containing 125 acres More or less to be sold As Fol in ii Aipuu Iuo i or. Blackstone re it a Timber will be sold first then the land then As a whole and the Way it brings most will be consider r de a Sale. X Reserve the right in re nominated William for presi Jet no any and Aub do millinery and notions. I have returned from City with a full line of a millinery and notions and now have same open for inspection. Public cordially invited to Call be fore purchasing elsewhere. Patronage solicited. Respectfully mrs. C. Byrd Keller a. The property can be seen by calling on w. J. Gibb. Horntown. Terms made known on Day of Sale. W. J. Gibb for heirs. Dent in August 1896 judge John w. Gillet who died a Short time thereafter resigned As judge of the county court of Accomac and or. Blackstone Wab appointed by governor oharle9 t. Of Ferrall upon practically the unanimous endorsement of the bar of the county to succeed him. Judge Blackstone at that time though Young was in the prime of mental vigor and As judge commanded the respect and Confidence of the bar. Courteous in his treatment toll who came before him firm and Quick in his rulings prompt in the i discharge of his duties he enjoyed j an enviable reputation As judge county court upon the death the Cameron air cooled cars of 4 of judge Benjamin t. Gunter judge a cylinders and Cameron patented Blackstone was elevated to the or. Transmission unit court Bench and continued automobiles. Air Cooling that cools. Unit court Bench and continued As i t to Vii Tan leu in circuit judge from february. 1898. To Hresc a alg no uss a nigh in april. 1908 it is the that Iii health Stock for Sale and Exchange c. C. Perdue Painter a. Overcame him soon after he became circuit judge but for the greater part of this time those same faculties of mind which made him such an acceptable county court judge made him equally As acceptable As circuit court judge. He was _ at All times fair and impartial in hib rulings and possessed great Powers of discrimination and logical analysis. Many times have the writers been convinced of their own error when ruled against by the logical reasoning of the judge in disposing of the Point. Therefore be it resolved by the members of the bar and officers of the court first. We request the circuit court to permit this Brief and imperfect sketch of the life of the late John w. G. Blackstone to be transcribed in the order books of the said court. Second. That a copy of same be furnished to the two papers published in the county with the request that they publish same and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to Thomas w. Blackstone brother of the deceased. Judge James h. Fletcher j. Brooks Mapp. President. Secretary. After the adoption of above resolutions judge Fletcher gave an appropriate talk upon the life of judge Blackstone reviewing their boyhood Days at mount Anstis and the times spent together when they were later students at the University of Virginia and the Many years of close companionship that existed Between them As members of the Accomac bar. A great Slaughter not of men but prices. $4 50 30 25 35 25 25 Best flour per barrel Best flour per sack. I pork sausage meat 2 lbs. Menus fleece underwear 3 pairs menus Hose 7 Parrott amp Monkey yeast powder All Cali Coes per Yard Canton flannel per Yard ladies a slippers Coal Oil 5 Gallons per Gal. Hake fish per Pound _ Best meat a a Best lard a a Best Coffee a a Best Pepper a a Best cabbage a a Best granulated sugar per Pound Best Manilla rope per la. Best menus rubber Duck boots Best plastering Lime per bbl. Best hair per Bushel. Large Stock of new goods just received prices and Quality too numerous to mention. All Back Bills must be settled without further notice. Thanking ail for past favors. Mears amp co., Mears a. 50 9 4c 10 12 19 15 -2 n 9 $4.00 1.05 25 fall and Winter millinery. A. I am just Home from the North i cities with a full line of a fall and Winter millinery. Come and look before baying else where As i can please both in styles and prices. My opening Days will to next tuesday and wednesday october 3d and 4-h. Respectfully miss Clara e. Duer Painter a. Opening display of fall millinery g notions hats in almost endless variety of every shape and size trimmed in every conceivable a style to suit every face. No matter what your preference you la experience no difficulty in selecting a becoming hat Here on opening Day wednesday october 4th. Mrs. P. D. Yingling Parksley a. The great and grand Majestic Range their Ane to with a reputation made in s3l.l. Si2es and styles. I Majestic Neyer Burn Cook Sho in in Center has Small feet which of main vessel shown on left at the right can be used As an Ordinary Cuer Steamer Cullender and i admits water at the Bottom. Nothing e same time draining off All the water Lender. It also fits on top of main ves. Drainer the perforated cooker can Burn. Food can be. Lifted out the Steamer or Cullender shown on Jel and is used As a Steamer. Jolt i the Majestic extra Navy stamped Iron Marble i in de Kettle Complete with cover Quot i and handle that holds on cover. The Majestic 18-oz. All the Majestic i of. All Copper Nickel plated to a Copper Nickel plated Coffee Kettle. Handsomely Nickelet on pot. Handsomely Nickelet on outs de. Tinned on inside. Outside and tinned on inside. The Majestic Marble the Majestic Patent two Majestic Patent a cd enamelled pudding . Never Burn wired dripping never Burn wired Drippin made specially Fine for the .�?size of 14h in. X 20 in. Pans. Size of 9 in. X 12 set. Made specially for the Majestic set. Made specially for the Majestic set. Set of Ware free. If you Call at our store during our Majestic demonstration week and allow us to show you the Many advantages and Superior qualities of the great and Majestic Range and will Purchase one at the regular Price we will give you free the Beautiful and useful souvenir set of Ware illustrated in this advertisement. This Ware is made to match the Quality of the Majestic ranges and we know All ladies will see the Beauty and Utility of this set especially the first three pieces which i Are entirely new and cannot be had alone by Purchase except at a very High Price. The prices of Majestic ranges Are the same but we give the set free with each Majestic Range bought during the demonstration week Only. Reasons Why the great Majestic you should buy. 1st. It has the reputation of being the Best Range Money can buy. 2d. It not Only has the reputation but is the Best Range made and we will prove this to you if you will let us. 3d. It is constructed of malleable Iron material you can to beat and of charcoal Iron material that resists rust 300 per cent greater than steel is riveted together air tight. No heat escapes or cold air enters the Range thus uses very Little fuel to do perfect work. 4th. The Reservoir alone is Worth the Price of Range Over any other Reservoir made. It boils 15 Gallons of water is heated like a Tea Kettle with pocket against left hand lining and is movable and sets on a Frame hence cannot Wear out. When water gets too hot it can be moved away from fire. Majestic ranges use less fuel heat More water and heat it hotter costs practically nothing for repairs lasts three times As Long bakes better easier to keep clean and gives better satisfaction than any other Range on the Market. If you know positively that the above statements Are True would it you buy a Majestic at once. Come in demonstration week and Well prove it to you. Parksley manufacturing co Parksley a. One week Only. No Ware Given after demonstration week. A swell new hats for fall. A a style to please your fancy of a shape to suit your build in a color to match your desires at a Price you want to is Here awaiting your selection. Ill Iroemy. Co operating with the state ant tub Ercul Osis associations the state depart ment of health is preparing to launch an aggressive Campaign for a fresh the department has in press a Large edition of the Virginia health bulletin devoted to a discussion of fresh air its advantages and benefits. This bulletin which will soon be ready for distribution to those who desire it will inaugurate the Campaign it will be followed by wide publicity during the red Cross Seal Campaign this Winter. Some of the Farmers around Williamsburg and Toano on the Little Peninsula of the James have gone into Cotton raising this year and reports from it Are enc our of Fig the picking season has begun and it promises to be very profitable. Business notices. Notice All persons indebted to me on open account and notes under a $1,000, unsecured must Settle by november 1, or same will be placed in hands of an attorney for collection. J. W. Barnes Bloxom a. For Sale second crop Irish Cobbler seed potatoes Fine and True to name. I can furnish in car Load lots or Sidgle bag or barrel also other varieties of seed potatoes a Strawberry plants ringlet barred Reck cockerel from prize Stock. John w. Hall. _ Marion station my. Notice houses moved by Day or contract on reasonable terms and satisfaction guaranteed. James j. Hartman Locustville a. Phone in House. Notice having had six years experience with All the latest implements for pulling stomps preparing new ground and moving houses i now offer my services to the people of Accomac and Northampton counties by Day or contract strict attention Given to All business. G. H. Gravenor bos. A. J it smok leis and odourless broiler for Home use one of the greatest improvement made in years in the family Range is the device furnished with coleus hot blast Range for broiling meats game fish and Ham slices. This device consists of a broiling Box which is set before an upright Grill in the front of the Range which forms the front of the fire Box. The odor and smoke from broiling is carried through the Ange and up the Chimney. With this modern method of broiling thle juices in the meat Are saved so that none of the flavor is lost. No grease can drop on the coals and the smoke and gases from the fire cannot come in Contact with the meat and taint it. It this is a patented device which can be used Only on coleus hot blast Range. All up to Date housekeepers will be interested in seeing it. Range in operation each Day at our store from 10 a. To 4 p. Call and bring your friends. October 23d to 28th. Parksley goal amp Supply co., p. Parksley a opening october 4, 5 and 6. Having visited Baltimore Philadelphia and new York and selected Many styles in fall and Winter millinery and notions i invite the Public to Call and inspect same. Thanking the Public for past favors i solicit a continuance of the same. A a mrs. E. A. Merrill Onancock a. Millinery. Having sufficiently regained my health i will again resume business at my old stand in Onancock with a full line of millinery and notions. Grateful for kind patronage in past i respectfully solicit it again. My opening Days will be october 2d and 3d. Mrs. B. R. Broughton. Millinery and notions. I am again Home from the Northern cities with a Large and pretty line of fall and a Winter millinery and notions arid respectfully invite old and new customers to Call and see my Stock. My opening Days will be tuesday and wednesday september 26 and 27. Mrs m. V. Mears Bloxom a. Hats Are a great Hobby of ours and this season we have outdone All previous efforts. The styles and qualities we show Are finer than Ever. Stetson a $3.50 and $4.00. Hawes $3.00. Schweble $3.00. Other makes $2 and $2.50. Right now is the time to come to see them. I. H. Merrill co., one Price clothiers Pocomoke my. Jno. W. Duncan jeweler Onancock. Virginia., is offering an unusually Large Slock of watches clocks silverware jewelry diamonds amp a. Especial attention is invited to his Supply of wedding presents and done to forget him when in need of spectacles. Ask your neighbor about his ability to properly fit you. Fall millinery. We Are now ready to fill All orders for millinery and notions and respectfully invite our old and new patrons to Call and see our select and varied Stock. The prices Are right and it will be pleasure to serve you. Misses h. And be. Belle Haven. A Tess and ted school shoes Are made for All purposes in the a Tess and ted a line of shoes for girls and boys we hive a style for every occasion. There Are styles suitable for the Dainty misses sunday Wear to styles suitable for big boys who Are out in All kinds of weather. You can clothe any girls or boys feet with a pair of a Tess and ted school shoes because they Are made in All leathers and weights for All kinds of Wear. We have a big these a a better shoes also a display of them in our window. We would like to show them to you a Tess and ted school shoes Are members of the a Star Brand family have the a a Start Trade Mark on every Heel and most people know that a Star Brand shoes Are s. J. Bull oor. Hill and main streets. Onano ook. A. For Sale at private contract. 500 acres of Marsh land known a tunnels Island Marsh. On it Are two pieces of High land which will grow Ady kind of produce. _ several coves and creeks run through it with As Fine oysters As grows anywhere and fish of excellent varieties abound in them also Diamond Back terrapins and muskrats. Fine shooting on the Marsh of Black and Mallard ducks. I know of no place better for sport or on which one can make a better living. Home and see it. Can show it to Yon better than Tell Yon about it. W. C. Lewis saxes a. For Sale a at private contract. I offer for Sale at private contract the Home now occupied by me with 10 acres of land in High state of cultivation less than i mile of courthouse one mile from Salt water two Miles from r. R. Station in a few minutes walk of churches and High school Orchard in bearing berries amp a. The dwelling is new with 7 room hot and cold water. New barn and outbuildings. Also offer for Sale 63 acres of land with four new dwellings Bam and necessary outbuildings part of land in High state of cultivation on i Miles from Tasley and Onley stations i mile of Church school stores and Post office j mile from Salt water and Good fishing bargains in All. Isaac b. Clark a a Accomac a. Free demonstration farming with dynamite drawn from actual photograph. Ten months later�?�800.00 Worth of celery per acre. Come and learn the modern Quick cheap and Safe Way to use the giant Lorce of dynamite to remove stumps and boulders. Plant Trees. Dig ditches. Break up subsoil and make old farms produce big crops. Red Cross dynamite will be demonstrated on the farm of h. A Bennett Parksley va., october 19th, 1 p. Red Cross dynamite is sold by c. P. Platt Parksley a. We wish to say that we keep at All times for Sale at the lowest possible margin of profit the following goods feeds Corn Oats Hay and middling. Flour we Are now working on our second car Load since february. Building materials shingles lathes Lime bricks and Cement. Farm implements planet or. Cultivators and Standard sprayers. We have a Complete assortment of sizes and values in screen doors and window screens and screen wire. Our Stock of general merchandise is Complete and Well selected. T. S. Hopkins a amp co., Tasley a. Wholesale established 1887. J. W. Hutchinson amp co., fruits and . St., new Vork. Commission merchants 315 Washington shipping no. 1 04 references Peoples Safe Deposit and Trust co., Jersey City. Bank new York bradstreets and done a men Aetna National errant file agencies

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