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Big Stone Gap Post Newspaper Archives Aug 11 1920, Page 1

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Big Stone Gap Post (Newspaper) - August 11, 1920, Big Stone Gap, Virginia Whim of woman it Cost her her life in the wreck \ of a submarine. Drowned with her Fiance. The magnetic Needle. Story of a pathetic episode that wat intertwined with the tragic loss j with All on Board of the French torpedo boat Pluviose. Underlying the tragedy of the loss of the French submarine torpedo boat Pluviose Frith Twenty seven lives a when she was sunk in the Bottom of the English Channel by a collision with a surface steamship on May 25, �e1910, was a piteous episode involving the death of a Beautiful and Brilliant Jyoung frenchwoman. The French government suppressed e Story so thoroughly that to this by the name of the Young woman is Tot known save to those in Paramount authority in the Navy but american aval officers say the fact of the Hap pening has become known to other naval men All Over the world. The Pluviose and a sister submarine Iliad gone out from the Navy Yard at Calais about 1 of clock in the afternoon for a series of Maneu vers. She was Jabout two Miles from Shore and was distorting in a series of dives and Ris rings to the surface. The feat known Las a was being accomplished with great skill the submarine a being entirely responsive to every turn of a directing wheel in her machinery. The act of a is an imitation of the action of the porpoise in its leaps above water and prompt disappearance immediately afterwards. In the submarine the Man Euver is made for a the purpose of scouting the boat be Ling brought toward the surface sufficiently for its Periscope to protrude out Lof water when the officer below is end tabled to make a general circular Survey of the water above him. Then the boat dives out of sight. In Case of War a he would have sighted her enemy and Ibe enabled to proceed closely to a battleship or Cruiser and discharge torpedoes directly at her foe. In the act of thus coming to the surface the Pluviose came up directly under the Channel steamship Pas de Calais. The keel of the Calais struck the submarine and Tore a huge Hole in her upper casement a rent fifteen feet Long and two feet wide. Into this the water rushed. The submarine Stag gered Alon with her Hull just showing 1 a above the surface her engines Dis j tabled her Crew unable to do anything to Check the Inrush of water. And she went Down. She had a Crew of Twenty seven men. Commandant Pray was the senior officer. There wer4 two other officers. Which one of these three it was whose sweetheart was aboard is not definite Fly known to the american naval officers but they declare there is no doubt of the fact one of the three officers listened to the pleadings of his Fiancee that she be allowed to make a trip in the submarine with him and share with him a the peril that his duty so often required him to Brave. must have had a consultation with his brother officers and got their consent to Wink at it for the regulations of the French Navy strictly forbid women to make any a trips in submarine boats. Perhaps the very fact that it was forbidden that if she succeeded in making a journey to the Bottom of the sea in a submarine she would have enjoyed an experience the like of which no other a frenchwoman might claim actuated her. But whatever the conditions that brought it about the Young officer did escort her secretly aboard the Pluviose. She wore a Long Oilskin coat and Sou Wester hat belonging to her sweetheart which sufficiently disguised her sex to admit of her going aboard without being challenged by any of the sentries patrolling the Quay where the Pluviose Lay tethered on the Day that she was to make her fatal trip. And the girl smiling Over her Triumph climbed Down the ladder into the Little gasoline filled room and heard the orders Given for the battering Down of All the hatches the firm screwing into a places of these coverings and then perhaps fascinate Day watched the dial indicator As it told How the Pluviose was sinking deeper and deeper into the sea. Divers who went Down after the Pluviose was sunk carrying below steel cables with which ineffectual attempts were made with huge derricks above to bring the Pluviose to the surface reported that they heard mappings in the Interior of the submarine. In any event when Days later the was raised and tugged into shallow water none that had been aboard of her was alive. She had filled completely with water. As she was raised the water poured from the great Gash that had been Cut in her steel casement by the Channel steamship. 1 once in shallow water it was the work of Only a Little while to remove the covering of the conning Tower. In that Tower they found the Young officer. And dead in his arms with her own arms tightly clasped around his neck and her Young face resting against Bis breast they found the Young York world. Fish at Billingsgate. Fish is sold in London shops at a stated Price per Pound but the retailer in getting his supplies from Billings Gate has to Purchase each kind by a separate weight or measurement. buys soles by the Pound plaice by the Stone Mackerel by the sixty cod by the Box eels by the draught Haddocks by the Steamer trunk crabs by the barrel lobsters by the score White bait by the quart and periwinkles by the Globe. It is quits often very far from being True to the pole. A True As the Needle to the pole a like Many another popular saying conveys a distinctly erroneous impression. In order to keep itself duly informed As to the unfaithfulness of the Needle to the pole or technically the a variation of the Compass from the True North our government maintains a division of terrestrial magnetism. Not Only does the magnetic Needle vary at different places but the variation changes from year to year and even at different times in the Day. On magnetic Survey charts those places which at a particular time have the same amount of variation Are connected by what is known As an isotonic or equal variation line. Through these Points on the map in which there is no variation of the Needle from the True North a line known As the Atonic passes. Iron deposits and Mountain ranges modify the action of the unknown causes of the periodical variation and cause these lines to become even More. Crooked than those which Mark equal temperatures known As Isothermal lines. Isotonic charts May be accurate today and full of Small errors in a few years. The famous Mason and Dixon a line Between Pennsylvania and Mary j land which was surveyed in the years 1763 to 1767, was run by the stars and not by the Needle a great piece of foresight in that Day. If it had been surveyed by the Compass in 1800 it would have shown a deviation in some places of two Miles and had the line been run by uncorrected Compass a Hundred years later in 1900, the variation would have reached nearly Nineteen Miles to the South and the Rich Coal Fields of two Maryland counties would have been thrown into Pennsylvania. The discovery of the magnetic Needle s shortcomings is believed to have been made during the voyage of Columbus. The disclosure constitutes a High tribute to the scientific perceptions of that Day even though it spread consternation among the ships Crews. A harpers. Pressure of air. It May readily turn the thermometer into a Fibber. The boiling water Point. A swell new hats for fall. Paganini helped her. The proper place. A i understand that the leading lady and the Prima Donna had a violent Quot How did they Settle it a Quot of they went to their dressing rooms and made Home companion. Not reassuring. Quot do you think you will like married life As Well As you do your club dear a a yes quite sure a Are you so very fond of your club a a not very a delightful metaphor. A now a said a famous Irish speaker in a political debate a i come to dangerous ground. In fact i know i am skating of the thin ice of a burning Volcano a. A the great violinist did no to play the miser on this occasion. The following Story places Paganini in a better Light than this musical miser was accustomed to appear. And really one is led to wonder which is the True Paganini the miser or the kind artist giving his Talent to assist a poor servant girl. One morning the maid who waited on him in Paris came to him weeping and told How her Lover had been conscripted and sent away to the War and she of course was too poor to buy a substitute for him. Paganini resolved to Aid the girl and took a unique Way to do lbs procured a wooden shoe and so fashioned it that it could be Strung up and played like a fiddle. Then he advertised that he would give a concert and play five pieces on the violin and five on a wooden shoe. Of course this strange announcement Drew a Good House. The violinist had Given the girl tickets to the concert and after it was Over he went to her and pouring 20,000 francs into her Lap he told her that she Ronld now Purchase a substitute for her sweetheart and with the remainder set up housekeeping. also gave her the wooden shoe that had brought her such Good Fortune and told her to sell it of course this curious instrument brought her a goodly sum which she added to the amount which was to bring her Domestic happiness.�?17. Francis Gates in a anecdotes of great % wanted regular work. A farm hand had worked in the Field from Dawn till darkness doing the chores by lantern Light a a in a going to quit a he said to the Farmer at the end of the month. A you promised me a steady a Well Haven to you got one a was the astonished reply. A no a said the Man Quot there Are three or four hours every night that i done to have anything to do and fool my time away Magazine. A gentle hint. A but look Here snip a said slow pay a you Haven to put any pockets in these trousers. What a the matter with you to Quot a Why or. Slow pay a replied the Man of clothes a i was going to suggest that in Case you Ever had anything to put into them you Send it up to us to keep Foj a harpers weekly. Not True to life. A How very few statues there Are of real a yes its hard to get them to look Light a How so a a a woman remaining still and saying nothing does no to seem True to a Boston transcript his curiosity. Stranger i noticed your advertisement in the paper this morning for a Man to retail imported canaries. Proprietor of Bird store yes sir. Are you looking for the Job stranger of no. I merely had a curiosity to know How the canaries lost their tails not Worth bothering about. Customer confound you that a a piece of my ear Barbera Only a Small bit sir not sufficient to affect the a earing a London opinion. Look not mournfully into the past it comes not Back again. Wisely improve the present the Mandrake legend. There is an old legend connected with the Mandrake which states that when the Plant is uprooted it utters a piercing cry. The forked tubers Bear a fantastic resemblance to the body and legs of a Man and from this fancied likeness there grew the belief which was widespread during the Middle Ages. Heine and Hugo Heine had a preconceived idea that Victor Hugo called by him a the French poet in whom nil is false a had a Hump on his Back. was delighted when he was told that one of Hugo ships protruded owing to malformation in. Caustic. Delighted Mamma of a professor what do you think of Little Arthur As a violinist professor i like the Way he puts the fiddle Back into the cases Chicago news. Happiness is the natural Flower of Brooks. On the seals this is marked at 212 Dagress but under certain Condi tons it May be several Hundred degrees the critical temperature j on an Ordinary fahrenheit thermometer there is Wal Tseu opposite 212 degrees a Bolling Point of water and opposite 82 degrees a freezing Point of neither of these is Correct except for a certain condition of the atmosphere and that is when it gives on the barometer about thirty inches or fifteen pounds pressure to the Square Inch. This is the or Luary pro sure at what is known As sea level and to this All thermometers Are calibrated. In a mountainous Region the pressure is hardly Ever so much As fifteen pounds and water bolls at sometimes As Low As 200 degrees. If water is boiled in a diving Bell where the pressure is forty or fifty pounds a Square Inch its temperature will be several Hundred degrees in Stead of 212. If water is boiling in a near vacuum the temperature is so Small that the band thrust into the water would actually feel cold. What has been said about tie boiling Point applies to some extent to the freezing Point but Bere it differs for different materials whereas the remarks about the boiling Point of water apply to the boiling Points of All liquids. Some substances when they freeze become larger while others become smaller. On this depends the freezing Point at different pressures of atmosphere. Water expands on freezing so do Type Metal and some other things. All other substances become smaller on freezing. Water pipes burst when the water freezes. Coins of Gold and Silver Are stamped instead of being folded for the metals grow smaller on freezing or solidifying and consequently the Coin would be wobbly. It has been found that the things that expand on solidifying As water freeze at a lower temperature when the pressure is increased while the others freeze at a higher. When a substance that expands freezes under higher pressure than usual it has to exert More Force to shove the pressure away and consequently has to use up More of its heat Energy thus losing More heat and becoming colder. Take the Reub stance that contracts when it solidifies. The pressure will help it to get smaller and consequently the greater the pressure the less heat it has to lose on attaining the solid state so it will freeze at higher temperature. If the pressure is great enough it May freeze or solidify at a thousand degrees temperature which is High enough to change most substances to vapor under Ordinary atmospheric pressure. This is one of the reasons advanced to prove that the Interior of the Earth is solid for the Assumption is that the Core is made up of substances that contract when freezing and there is of court an enormous pressure a few hundreds of Miles below the surf ice. In regard to the boiling Points of liquids there is an upper limit to the Point at which a thing bolls that is changes to the state of vapor. It is called the critical temperature. No matter How great a pressure exists on a substance. If it is at a temperature greater than its critical it will change to vapor anyhow. The ignorance of this Point held Back the making of liquefied gases such As air Carbon dioxide Many years. The experimenters tried to Liquefy gases at Ordinary tempera Tures by eur finous pressures whereas if they had just cooled the gases below their critical temperatures before applying the pressure liquefaction would have ensued immediately. This is the method employed today in making liquid air. The air is compressed at first and then allowed to Issue from a Small orifice thus expanding and Cooling is then pumped Back and compressed by the pump allowed to go through the orifice again thus Cooling still More until at last it is below the critical temperature when the compression caused by the pump liquefied it. A Lawrence Hodges in Chicago record Herald. Respect of dead Royalty. Dead Royalty was treated with scant respect at Holyrood a Century ago. C. K. Sharpe the Friend of Scott writing to Robert Chambers in 1825, recounted some of his experiences during his wanderings among the tombs in holy Rood. A i remember Many fragments of the Royal bodies shown in the Chapel of Holyrood House one entire saving the hand. In later times i paid a visit to the Chapel after the Royal vault had been closed. A of 1 Man a said the female in charge a if be had ram Here a while syne i cud Hae showed be Muckle Mair in this place King Lames the fifths shutter shoulder and lord Darnley a a thigh Banes and a Gude bit of the Earl of Buchan a Quot a London chronicle. A style to please your fancy of a shape to suit your build in a color to match your desires at a Price you want to pay is Here awaiting your selection. Practical. A my Good woman a said the social reformer a your children seem to be slightly obstreperous. Have you any clearly defined theories about bringing up your Little ones by scientific methods a a no i Haven to Madam a answered the much tried Mother As she firmly grasped a squirming child in one hand and her Slipper in the other. A a in a bringing them up by a Baltimore american. A terrible storm. The most violent storm that Ever ravaged England occurred nov. 26 and 27, 1703. The loss in London alone was $10,000,000. Eight thousand people were drowned in the floods. Twelve warships with More than 1,800 men on Board were lost. Trees were uprooted�?1,700 of them in Kent. Eddy Stone Lighthouse was destroyed and Winstanley its contrived was killed with several others. Information Johnny the right Way to spell Fri ight is he go Isnit it auntie yes dear. Why do you wish to know Johnny Chuse in a writing an English composition about the Hyena. Digestion and assimilation. It is not the Quantity of food taken but the amount digested and assimilated that gives strength and vitality to the system. Chamberlains stomach and liver tablets invigorate the stomach and liver and enable them to perform their functions naturally. For Sale by All dealers. Hats Are a great Hobby of ours and this season we have outdone All previous efforts. The styles and qualities we show Are finer than Ever. Stetson a $3.50 and $4.00. Hawes $3.00. Schweble $3.00. Other makes $2 and $2.50. Right now is the time to come to see them. I. Merrill co., one Price clothiers Pocomoke my. 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Twenty years of fair dealing should justify anyone wanting a Tomb or Monument on this Peninsula in writing to Laurel del., or seeing our local agents t. G. Kellam Onancock. W. A butt Temperanceville Geo. W. Badhia Belle Haven. I. Drummond Orangeville. C. S. Waples with we. Waterall amp co., front and Mechanic sts., Camden n. J., manufacturers of combination and Universal mixed paints White Lead roof paints Etc. For Sale by j. W. Rogers amp Bros., Finney Boggs amp co.?. Powell amp Tuples Martin Mason co., Rogers Bros., Rogers amp Boggs Melfa. A. Marsh amp Bros., Chesconessex a. G. F. Byrd. Me Songo a. Baltimore office Fiu am pin building Hii Loest Grade flour. Ask for it when you want the Best. R. E. Megosh amp Bros. Baltimore. Don t blame the gook a if your bread and pastry is the foggy indigestible misery making kind. Its dollars to doughnuts that the flow or is guilty of the offence. Our flour makes Light White delicious bread and pastry always. 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Nice truck farm for Sale at private contract. I have a farm of 282 acres situated on the Pocomoke River one half mile from Steamboat wharf with two steamers a week from Baltimore considered one of the Best farms in Somerset county one mile of River front red Clay land no ditches Marsh that pays $300.00 per year Fine fishing in front of farm Good Dock shooting and ail kinds of wild game. Wharf on farm House As Good As new Nice porches. Farm in Fine condition. Terms easy. S. Oooo Pocomoke City my. Notice to creditors a commissioners office j Accomac c. H., va., 1 september 15, 1911. J to the creditors of Samuel j. Mumford Chincoteague i�1 ind and l. James Phillips , and All others concerned you ire he by notified , at the request of the personal representative of the said decedents i have appointed the 4th Day of october next at my said office for receiving i oof of All debts and demands against the said decedents or their estates at which time and place you Are required to attend and prove your claims. Given under my hand the Day and year first above written. Same a. T. Ross commissioner of accounts. Virginia a in the clerks office of the circuit court of the county of Accomac on the 4th Day of september a a. D., 1911. A Warner . Against a w. E. Rue,.defendant. On an attachment returned levied &c., and removed by a Justice of the peace. The object of this suit is to recover from the defendant the bpm of thirteen dollars and Twenty five cents 13.25with interest thereon from the 1st Day of september 1911, until paid and costs of suit and to have the said debt interest and costs satisfied by the Sale of the real estate of the defendant attached in this proceeding. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant w. E. Rne is not a resident of the state of Virginia it is ordered that he do appear Here within fifteen Days after due publication Hereof and do what is necessary to protect his interests in this suit. And it is further ordered that a copy Hereof be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Peninsula Enterprise a newspaper published in the county of Accomac and that a copy be posted at the front door of the court Houi e of this county on or before the next succeeding Rule Day from the Date Hereof. John d. Grant jr., clerk. A copy Feste a Johnd. Grant,jr., c. C. Warner Ames a q. 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Amp Norfolk r. R. In effect april 30, 1911. South bound Traine. No. 49 no. 37 no. 45 no. 41 no. 47 leave . . . . . New York . 9 00 12 33 3 38 8 00 Philadelphia he 6 45 3 00 5 57 look a. Wilmington 12 02 657 3 44 6 53 10 44 Baltimore 10 00 1 35 4 55 9 00 leave . . . . . Delmar 3 go 10 45 0 57 1015 185 Salisbury 310 la do 7 09 10 27 1 48 Tasley 4 39 1 09 9 14 Cape Charles 615 4 30 10 26 4 8j old Point 8 00 6 20 6 20 Norfolk arrive 9 05 7 25 7 25 North bound train. Leave Norfolk old Point Cape Charley Tasley Salisbury Weimar arrive Wilmington Philadelphia Baltimore no. 44 no. 48 no. 50 no. 80 no. Id a. . p. . 800 6 15 800 8 46 7 15 8 45 11 05 9 30 600 11 35 p. 10 40 my 112 . 7 34 135 12 25 9 42 3 19 8 01 2 co 12 54 10 15 8 6b a. P. A. P. M 1122 435 4 05 7 41 p. M 12 06 522 500 8 26 12 40 6 52 6 01 9 50 8. 2 56 805 7 32 1118 William s. Ashby a with likes Berwanger amp co., clothiers 8, 10 amp 12 e. Baltimore st tailors Baltimore my. Furnishes fall trains 49 and 50 daily. Trains 37, 45, 41, 47, 44, 48, 80 and 46 daily except sunday. B. B. Of orb. R v. Massey. Teafile Manata. Suner intendant r. L. Colona bricklayer and plasterer Accomac c. H., a. Work done by Day or contract and satisfaction guaranteed. Ceme dead taken up Ana removed us cemetery. See me for Low prices before bargaining with anyone Eue. Luther t. Lewis Sailmaker at f. C. Lewis store Hunting Creek a. All repair work done promptly. Callahan a and Winter opening of clothing shoes hats furnishings Ltd a. They Are All in and ready for the inspection of the Public. We Are offering the greatest inducements Ever offered in this Community. We have marked our Young men s suits Down at a Price that will Surprise you. We Are handling the Well known line Schloss Bros and the Alco system hand tailored suits. These have no equal at Price. Leading colors Blue Grey and Brown. Our shoe department is Complete. Ralston health and Crossett being our leaders for men. Queen Quality and Fred s. 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